bilder badezimmer schwarz

bilder badezimmer schwarz

hi hi hi hi hi you are on my pose? hmm? i'm taking my pose? hi my name is guilherme rocker, and today i'll be talking about a subject that many people consider a disorder if too much is a disorder yes but if it is just right then i imagine it to be considered a good thing

and i have it only once it was sick nowadays... it is good you know what is narcissism? narcissism is the fact that the person looking in the mirror to admire have love for your own image have a very large own love this is narcissism

have people relate it to people who are beautiful have the ego up there but it's not always so because many of these people who has the ego up there sometimes her ego falls and she feels like crap one of the difficulties that most had here that channel it was to make these videos of zoeira do not know if you've seen one that .. i take soda bath, and i'm dancing

then my hair is all honeyed i would never do a video this past because the hair would get treacle and you would get ridiculous appearance and i wanted to be beautiful in every frame, beautiful in my way but does not mean i think i'm beautiful but i feel good about myself not to have high self i always say i'm ugly i hate people who are beautiful, and say they are really beautiful

when you say that is beautiful, another woman that is much more beautiful than you and sometimes you think too you are thinking that is the last .. biscuit or wafer package to please both the locals who speak biscuit in brazil and the brazilians who speak wafer although i am paulistano but i speak cookie, but .. controversy i said biscuit, it is written on the package that is biscuit then i speak biscuit, but say that wafer is also true

so i speak biscuit or cookie, whatever (inside jokes from brazil) back to the subject .. once a girlfriend my i was making several jokes i was me hanging on the train iron upside down and she said "my not do it" "i'm sitting there in the chair because i call a lot of attention" "and if you do this everyone will look at me" then i thought "can not i heard this"

who said that you are beautiful? you are beautiful yes, but .. you are beautiful.. you are not spectacular where do you go everybody looks at you must be if you pass in front of a bar, all the drunks will look at you if you pass in front of a work, the builders will look at you now i want to see if the kind of people you like, will look at you

no! then i asked, "who thinks you're beautiful?" she replied "my mother said i'm beautiful" what mother does not think the beautiful child? there are many people who mocks the mother likes everything but it was no joke, she said it seriously so i hate people who think pretty i do not think me beautiful and i do not like people who have super high ego

the difference is that i feel good about myself only logical i'm not beautiful, there are days when i wake up that i do not get me i will not feel good each person has a different standard of beauty except that in my case i would not say beauty mine is more exotic, weird and strange than some kind of beautiful thing if a person does not have diverse taste she will comment on the picture of some people

beautiful, beautiful beautiful then this one is my photo rustic even when i take photo with people, i do not want to see the photos the person asks if i want to see how it was i reply that if the person liked the picture is good bye and hugs that's it put the person on the internet

to brand me on instagram i leave but if i have very ugly i'll picture it there and hidden and remove the marking but if the mark i lock again the person today is a very serious matter that i will speak in the channel and sometimes you have another person in the middle of all these people watching you have something like that i will speak it has way to take care of yourself so that this does not happen for you to get rid of this problem

it is something that is very bad is if it is just right, it does well everything ends up too bad so i will be talking about how i was formerly and i stopped being so the way i stopped being so, i was just watching me even but they were fads that were very boring manias that were boring because i was very but i see other people suffering for nothing

so i think that helps, because i do not have the problem of suffering for no reason whenever i leave home, i took a comb he opens and has a mirror inside and i kept inside my shoe is where i would have mirror, or some reflection i did not care because every time i was looking at my face i always sit in the bus at the bank that has a glass in front i get to see my reflection on glass

until then you must be thinking that you do it too but you will see, when it had the relfexo i picked up the mirror and stare at my face he had once had a glass, but this glass did not reflect had colors on the other side that were clear, it does not reflect only reflects when it is dark on the other side i picked up a paper, it was in school i scribbled pen paper filled the role of pen, until it is very dark, black

placing the paper on the other side of the glass hence reflected then i could look at my face in the glass this was something sick i looked always at some reflection, if i was on the train looking for a mirror, sometimes i had a plastic ceiling that reflected with my second girlfriend when i went out with her i took the comb that had mirror the shoe also and it is hence one of the worst things i did when i would embrace her, i took the comb from my shoe before

and put in your pocket and when we went to hug that her face was turned to this side i knew she was not seeing me i took the pocket mirror comb and placed here who was actually to look in the mirror so i stare at my face a bit while i was holding her

it was a very sickly, i do not have this habit, i find ridiculous still good, i do not do this ridiculous thing and detail every time i asked to go to the bathroom it never was to use the bathroom it was always to use the bathroom bathroom just to use the bathroom mirror even i do not like having male toilets that do not mirror sometimes i took the mirror in the bathroom and i entered the box i closed the door and stood there

me looking in the mirror for a long time and sometimes had people wanting to use the bathroom on the other side it was ridiculous, but it was going you must be thinking that i find myself super cute no! i do not think me beautiful i do not think, really i have a lot of ugly and the only thing i think of myself as well

actually i'm not beautiful i'm weird weird, different exotic anything, but if it is to have any kind of beauty it is an exotic beauty or a strange beauty nonstandard that staff are used ie'm ugly just that i like my picture

i had time before bedtime 23 hours at night, i went to the bathroom and was looking at my face in the mirror for 1 hour i was looking at myself in the mirror today it hit me what was i doing? even though i lost this mania it is something that disturbs a lot, because it is being boring to when i was in love with someone

on facebook then you think, i'll be looking at the photos of my passion example, a girl opens facebook boy click on his photo and will looking at the pictures of him when she is in love even you know? i did not do it i went on facebook the person looked at the pictures again and ready

already it was over, fast then i went on my facebook profile then i was looking at my photos, so i imagine what the girl was thinking when she looked my photo i was enjoying the person just that i was looking at my photos to imagine what the person thought of me it was a very great love itself but because i say that in a certain extent this is good

because when it happens some disappointment in your life you are dating and relationship ends you are in a dating and perhaps is betrayed i did not care it gave some importance only love itself was and is too large i desvinculava me very easy relationships if the person was not a good person to me if something happens that i do not like i was quiet

which the good of that? it is that you would not suffer so many people suffering, because it seems that the person is dedicated more to love someone else than having a self-love in fact we have to love and then we have to love other people as if they were us you can not do harm to a person if you will want this evil is done with you you have to have a love as if someone else were you to be a respect for the other person

besides all is, but even though i left this phase sick to pick up the mirror as she hug and stay on facebook looking my photos and that, if you liked this video, let your like if you have any strange craze so you know someone who has these strange quirks or similar leaves here in the comments of this video

i'll be reading several reviews to see the foibles of you if there are more bizarre manias, there must be certainly has the most bizarre manias and that is, a kiss leaves like in the video bye the message, and if you want to collaborate with this channel although i find it very difficult for anyone to collaborate with this channel

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