wand wellen malen

wand wellen malen

(speaker) "the voice kids! every friday in sat.1 (german broadcasting station) - and on youtube!" (malte sings) "you want to go, i want to jump, when you talk i want to sing..." "... you put down roots - i have to fly and we hushed up the silence around us." "... where did the love go?" "... i'm feeling yound and you feel old, we are falling down, we have nothing to hold onto..." "... we have to move - i want to but you're against it..." "... we walk other paths." "... my heart beats faster than yours, they don't beat as one anymore, we are glowing brighter on our own" "... maybe that's the way it has to be?"

"my heart beats faster than yours, they don't beat as one anymore, we are glowing brighter on our own - maybe that's the way it has to be?" "maybe that's the way it has to be?" "... that's the way...." "... that's the way..." "... dum, dum, dum, dum." (malte) "hallo!" (lena) "what's your name?" (malte) "i am malte." (mark) "malte, how old are you?"

(malte) "i am eleven." (mark) "incredible." (johannes) "i turned around! i am johannes." (mark) "i turned around, too and i am mark." (malte) "hello mark!" (mark) "it took me some time to listen into this song because you sang it in a very special way." "... but then, when i was fully into it, it somehow just captured me - just like in andreas bourani's version (original artist)." "... and honestly, i thought you were older than eleven, because there was so much maturity and depth in your performance." "... really, really great, malte."

(johannes) "you conveyed so much heart and so much warmth when you even had to sing against a thick curtain..." "... we need to recognize this: it is even harder to perform good when you can't even see the audience." "... i stood behind this curtain myself once - he is facing a white wall back there. you have my utmost respect for this." "i think your performance was at least equally good as andreas bourani's." (malte) "many, many thanks." (johannes) "no - better. better!" (mark) "malte! when you join my team, we..." (johannes) "oh. we're there again." (mark) "this is still mark."

"... you will get a snapback that says "team mark" on it!!" "... t.m.!" (johannes) "wow, what an awesome point you've got there." (mark) "you know, malte?" (lena) "stylo-mylo! cappy-mappy! malte i'm going to join you back there." (mark) "malte watch out, lena is coming." (lena) "i'm coming for youuu" (johannes) "take a kiss from lena first" (lena) "hi" (malte) "hello!"

(lena) "you did it very well." "...well i suggest we lift the curtain first." (johannes) "let it down!" (lena) "the curtain drops!" (johannes) "please join my team!" "... please please please join my team!" (lena sings) "hannes or mark?? maaaark or hannes??" (johannes) "please join my team. please. please, please join my team." "... i was looking for a voice like yours."

(malte) "i'll go with mark." (mark) "thank you!" (malte) "i am dreaming!" (thore) "congrats!" (lena) "hello! is this the 'the voice kids' youtube-channel?" "look over here:" "... there's a whole lot of other clips for you." "... and down here we have the subscribe button. click on it to subscribe to the channel." "did you subscribe already? no?! well, hurry up, then!"

"...click it! click! click!!"

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