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later jen this it would work tonight is door thedouble r really you'll vacuo light instructor marked in your that your life comic was there a little bit plans rivalali will and what do you want three thousandpages are open to people the dealers who bring you all america'smost talked about you paul the distinguished nineteen fifty threediesel

and the exciting new plymouth see them both but you're the soloplymouth theater and areas along the outlay dot charming fellow all that's me he ran a gamut two thousand dollars alot about couples roger we invited some drum major rightsto the program tonight and just before when they are our studioaudience here selected miss maryland

lots of her partner mr joe fox was uh... chosenfor so obvious reasons i think you'll see when it comes out here well todebate groucho marx sound welcome welcome for the disorderclinic and i say this is a good way aka but on a dallas it's a common way jeremy retirement it's something that you find out thehouse medicare q and

units kids efficient sticks to considermessage of park say that this is ridiculous nobody looks at much lately stated that looks awfully proud of this error looks like they are away from a greatbig beautiful harvard he told the south side of chicago today at the galesburg daylight hilarious how long ago did youphrase notice that you closely resembles

a segregate at some level whose name ican't remember what frankly the the resembles never did occur to me about two-and-a-half years ago it wascalled my attention couple of young boys walked up to breaking rocks out there lonely moved up to on urgent equal to the amazement you'vebeen sent to the concert local option

i guess they didn't expect to see himwalking about allies barge in public they thought i'd be carried around what sort of what to do all hope of the los angeles county parksrecreation department civil defense assignment working withthe uh... civil defense one service uh... you know you married yesenia

your friend schedule about your left yes quite frequently they do the uh... they say well the biggest problem is when peopleyoungsters walk up to me and say you graduate most the time i say no because i don't want be dishonest with sometimes just to just be different i say yes

well that presents a problem becausethey asked me to say something for me i can't i frequently have that same product i'll be back to this place prior to theminute uh... you minutemen what it what is it you do time again each year tremain but ive pretty limited work is not theirallot new march on the fourth of july you know i'm mygetting chemical sensitivity including com him

trail synergy and ki judging the recent stories you might bedot well how do you go about putting up atime is that a exploiting my stage u unit which is an indication of the lovethat of the year the office television talking a lot of about ups that you havea hit anybody but at the time

well okcupid around uh... listing on the beach play of the the well that can here well now a he decides he's on the otherteams the i guess that's a state of play thatcaught uses only emergency i missed a

fractious lyell fox could you getinterested in nevada almost works and you're forgetting andhappily married men x i questioned most of the council envelopes and more see it can't judge a book by its cover didn't pass the acid test hello i'm ashamed of you you turn your face and i guess wrote damascus riding around my face in it

dollars experience talking to you tooand i hope you at a reasonable amount of money and i wasn't just one minute you gotta playabout your life for a chance that the two thousand dollar question right now i want you to pay closeattention to a very lovely lady here we go lets a liability twentydollars you've selected largest cities andstates these figures were taken from thenineteen fifties statistics compiled by the bureau of sensors

is your first question how much would itthere clinical twelve dollars an hour what isthe largest city in the state of georgia bladder is right thirty two dollars bodyguard for twothousand dollars night how much of a thirty two dollars a live at any secondquestion twenty high twenty five what is thelargest city in the state of connecticut new haven one incident when you doubt that theissue of this error tops out at the time zone

typewritten uh... you know i have seven dollars kidhar seven dollars and don't getdiscouraged don't forget you still going for the bigmoney now how much of the seven would you try all right what is the largest city inthe state of iowa evelyn is right decided yet we have twelve dollars anissue i said to be the other couples how

much that's what i was interested flying here we go what is the largestcity in a state of tennessee memphis emphasis right fed up in the sorrow pranic healers we wind up with twenty two dollars we'llat three dollars to have to make a twenty five gradually invited some of sellinginstructors to show tonight and just before we went on the air our studioaudience elected uh... missus artist edwards

our partners a man with an interestingoccupation mister william e connelly folks would you please come in andthey'd groucho marx welcome to have actual i'd say that's agood way to provide a hundred dollars it's a common life something you findaround the house this is not a sandwich that misterwilliam connolly a message that lets you know you are selling tickets what would you like for uh... crosby in caramel nonpartisan syndrome

but something of a funny and that's whatyou keep a bust it is on the phone built on a very long time giving cancellation an idea about tenminutes ago uh... what do you teach these women newplaces out of the of soldiers before office on people's four hundred huh players take around you is fatally flawed

what sort of like you do mister kindlyi'm applied second europe i think that's a good idea letsomebody else by placing your flights now what exactly is a five-second well we get the ball is ready to go intoheidi repressed in between and so the removalof md content you want to manage but if you gobefore you became a five-second needed to be schism on e_s_p_n_ placing academia compelling apologist

and he stayed at my notes at that too what kind of a record that you have as afighter and i'm fifty-seven thanks melissa five in which the decisions helen in newengland middleweight championship travel what name did you find either then kindly inka yes but is the toughest fight youever had the topics but it was a bit tightclothes order middleweight champion

well he was a great idea could you tell us something about thetide of violence by limited mistake talking to him when i said didn't agree with him and hewent to work on i wanted to say don't let this arousesanger had to let them go to a place to live the pilot romantic and use it for abowling ball it's not very practical reason nine another wouldn't that maggie

beat the ribbons enemy the ribbons very nicely it was out like that nobodyever knock me out nobody had nelson supplier and i didmake an era selection too much and i'll get you inthat it was when we don't have strong it is what it took an interest rate atwhich is named he does does it begin in the church that's really was that the guys who wantto tell me that i'm going to go he says he didn't know it five minutesago antonella connection again what aboutthe deep which is four eighty eight oh

two actually still beating the good lordinevitably to kill anybody but silky mentally in a car item the left of the right hand and hitthe deck themselves and on time around but i didn't wantaround the place when he did pretty well because he wasone of the greatest writers of this error but i'd like to continue talking to youtoo but i'm getting pretty

night that i have a chance to win out about a month he paid out a couple can get a chance ofthe two thousand dollar question our first couple of a major of themister fox have twenty two dollars the secret wordhis door david garcia had committed twentydollars now these are all descriptive wordsabout articles of women's apparel i'll give you the way did you tell mewhat article of clothing and he fired what is your first question how muchearlier than talk it over

you know with its blended seventeenfifty music all right what do you associate with the white cardigan pickens on top that's right about this weather butthat's close enough graham at thirty seven dollars and fiftycents and they're going for two thousand dollars night how much of a thirty sevendollars and fifty cents when you try to this reform they defy

body was so she ate with the way down p_l_o_ allen a bombed sleeping pill sleeve is right declining at seventy two dollars andfifty cents each a question how much of the seventy two fifty would you try and seventeen what are you associate with the whitepeople came account cars right we now have one hundred forty twodollars and fifty cents last chance to

be the other couples how much would itback it that way all right what article of clothing toassociate with the word valera still about that's right is it to hundred eighty five dollars thanks a lot to decide on whether theyare raggio we have a grandmother in the manwith an interesting hobby for you now this is all about the cause of mrmichael would please come in and they groucho marx

welcome for the facade of private davisa_b_c_ dividing the five hundred dollars it's a complex of the of fine around thehouse missus alma bella davis your grandmother yes sandstorm said they thought gallup poll i said it is not by a grant the head of one ofthe age of we try to add a little cultivar

very few great shows a view that kindastuff i watch like i'll have missus davis pomegranate i'll be delighted to have a barrier fora minute bay sand seminar south carolina onsite and and uh... i won't have you been awayfrom canada offerings in montana state bans on ustonight that you migrated to california

uh... i don't know i'll stick and totennessee first by the people of a finds out thattennessee is that no comedy show than a graduate of the hat i have seen each other in convention revenge unit for quite a large family angiogrami still to be delivered all alone out here live with that one ofyour children thank you later in life and stating them my girlfriend sitting

database but i didn't seven four yearsold he should be with someone who could sought to keep an eye mansion is ninety two paraphrase ninety eight oh so tonight i shake out davis said sadie andrea maybe using a definitely u_s_a_ ever encountered any excitingmoments around the house like

finding a burglar that we've been talking about her thatwe came to the house on that money two o'clock says recently a not too long ago what we would say to another twoapartments leaky takes us people from different places dot com we deduced that what you can

we didn't know that the peak dot was notgoing to continue instead on that specific way so your your boyfriend over here aboutus but not a valid placard so we can get in downlink box at a garage put it on that one icouldn't get n_c_a_a_ happening about half way in suggested to get it done parts of the

she's a few days body maybe make a hello is the neighbor sent me favorite caitlin saying it patriot bhagat uh... if he got the doral all this i thought this was a former business hasn't had a nice dominant economy uh... there anything that around

step back at work a lol mall and launched my my name is religions expertise battling it cuts are alleged to have you noticed i home remarks about what uh... that'sthe spirit shop spirit ready to use elevator ghost riders inthe skies not only in this picture

while we saw all of a bit of thoseemporium the i'm not exactly and we sell unusual secures rare winds all brandy's and otherwise you better better dinnersand a by deal believe you would call uh... wind it sells at a hundred and eightytwo dollars and fifty cents a gallon bathtub gin which is now i thought i went out

uh... julia said senator says you havean interesting how the weather is it liable to a club called the wine andfood society it's an organization for gourmets what is the purpose of this book well purposely plans to stimulateinterest in food what is it on there a gourmet is really a is a pic there's a much better that we shouldmake for a maid blocking with latex either one

how do you go about their stipulating ininterest in full well we have the a dinners that year and we try to makeeach one twenty-eight years here those between meals snacks a rodeofisheries then how do you have a hobby site getcooking fancy dishes when you spend your life stuck in thewindow well my mom is can't single fathers has sent over a month

had called me for a minute and if youcannot be the job he was getting though but if you came here i said to my sevenup by this or a woman was obvious catching go how do you know about catching asculptors how is it your hobby well i have ashopping bag enhancing conservatives have hung out to and what happened here to myself open up the grandly here

at first go to that time i see it but ithas been i'm going to use in iraq and libyaactually manufacture gets to go for the next do you make a house-to-house says strange places has not would say that hegot this all these people possible development as a call for thatfamily raghavan dies candidates just karen

colin at but the price but pricey ourselves very appetizing then mikey do you suppose you can get dadgrandma idea book sounds like to get back on some nicelittle precious must also that they cannot do dofus imre rotating patriot place outline of his grandpa kennedy up atnight said the membership is full not surprisingly they eat

well i went well at the end of may when one of the members dot is data grandpa rates etc angiogram outlook most interesting conversation and quiteeducation i wish i could continue about his advice in canada i don't feel sogood eleven i suggest that a lot of money here on the twenty dollars a model orother couples do you get a chance that the two thousand dollar question

i can tell you how much you have to winthe judge is going to remind our listeners the sowing teacher in the price played arecord with two hundred eighty five dollars illegality i've committed twenty dollars from our list of twenty categories youselected number five the animal kingdom here's your firstquestion how much we get back to talk it over and talk i want to nineteen have been nineteen fifty whatis the name of the black and white bear

that comes from china and tibet i'm sorry it's a panda india sheila fifty cents you know that might actually have a lotof money i can i added fifty cents value going for twothousand dollars i said don't worry about it but you've got a better the secondquestion forty cents but is the name of the long neck down was widely as a beast of burden on perot

it's well as he was extensively forclothing bombers right ninety seven how much of it back something about itjeopardizes networking what is the name of a little animalwhose facial markings resemble a mask it always watches is forty four eighty michael record is right i think they're aboutthe same advance possible well about products we gave you that any

have a right to actually these thingsparticularly when there are a ninety cents adhesion letters every day at acouple of how much about it may be a lot of that and allah radio simple all right what is the largest over these thatlives in a few advocate it has a single shop on rhinoceros rhinoceros has arrived lined up with three dollars and sixtycents everybody give you one more

question you get this right it willbring you know weddings after twenty five dollars alright here we go walkwith a population of other mongolia in nineteen twenty three all of us the rock concert hehe indictment events and are i wouldn't want to make it to pleaseyou know harmony rings ave in tax-free ranksecond advance

frank says all right three dollars and sixty cents anadmitted that the sowing teacher of the prize fighter with two hundred eighty four dollars injust one minute get the chance that the sort of plymouth to files and otherquestions timeout now for some friends who wannaknow what's new do that nickname unlimited thorough doingwell well write me and and dot

but com well i think those are both at the startof whether pillar represents the new bit betrayed by the people on last week buti've been training in the state has been kind of guy they're talking aboutbi-monthly or beauty inside and out used by rain from the wheels upwonderful annual ride that gives you almost got risk of instability on eventhe robust growth it's a whole new concept of car design control balanceevent and they'd better weather state where cellmark pro balance that with alower rate of your life and control power been about a on your one-piececurved windshield and wider deeper

windows all-around all-around gold forpassengers and likely if the card as the evil are fifty-three w them up truly balance card in the low pricedfield along with the handgun under hand-out huh analysis all individual prize fighterall set for this sort of limits to files and dollar question rancho every opportunity i think i was i giveyou a fifteen seconds to decide on a single expert when you think campaignplays out in the audience here it is

one of the great storytellers of ourtime was born in scotland and spent the last years of his life in the south seas today lies buried on a mountain peak andsome are for two thousand dollars what is thename of his immortal novelist okay if i was the extra to have decidedupon bondi beach hotmail side correct answers robertlower status do you have a question actually for thewhite two thousand five hundred dollars right because the big money but yeah how much of it with a quick two hundredeighty five dollars and i wasn't bad guy

places and facts about the deal and all of our excesses on this showtonight they showed it to him again nextwednesday night at the same time for the not so much when the big question will be working five hundred dollars and on this budget was television showalso presented by the result of a leaders of america i remember the dealers who sell thedistinguished nineteen fifty three the

so-called also celebrated your book buffers truly balanced car in the lowpriced for you the solo tool great your car all products of the chrysler corporationwhen you drive and tom patterson midnight vietnam nineteen dave barry

based on can surprise the other driver use hands yellow that your lifetimes rivalhollywood has produced by john go down directed by robert lawmen bernie smith music by jerry field there's a george venneman signing offfor the more than three thousand e soto plymouth dealers from coast to coast ladies and gentlemen the secret wordtonight is paper p eight p_ e_ r_

really ural sexual act instructor remarks and you'll back yourlife regardless of its proposed intranscriber hollywood and brought the little more than three thousand e soloplymouth theater the dealers who bring you all america'smost talked about your call to distinguish nineteen fifty threediesel and the exciting new plymouth see them both major de soto plymouthpeters and i'll areas the locking the hard way that bought still hanging around allthat's me

here again the two thousand five hundreddollars for one of our couples where young married couple for you knowgradually bonded from our studio audience just before we went on the air mr mrs john roberts sweeney one-in-eight groucho marx well up in theaccess for the several private dealers said it's a good way and about a hundreddollars it's a common write something you see every day mr mrs rabbits me john roberts weight you know

that's even better missus sweeney what is your front man hella that's a nice name known issue hold you up but uh... albeit at your husband you up k twenty-eight that's a very nice age what is your hometown uh...

last call cholesterol loans we gotta go blessed inthat world reasoning and i believe mister she united mcgill would you like thesame with me i usually do that with anybody that's i have to say ascent for you heard me sing rylan don't tell me about it though thisleniently

what is your hometown mister sweeney sounds like the last two cups of watergoing down the drain but writer's block little soul on the focal planet while you were born on the played theclarinet technology that is one of the fightabout that leopold from scotland there you know uh...

this cuts on that nine before this morning i a m ninetyfour thirty and outside of this and use that they'renot get to know in case but my heart is your had enough andthat's really trying to say market not interested or not knowing before to theacross town in the across town in the political play a bigsurprise people think it's all a joke about manifest tellinglies but we will have to offer on that listyour resigned

well as or not they express and yet reform and had the well what if i taught me that soundedlike that many years he was a great day skeptically i think he was better but of course alot of people don't know about the harmonica two of them that indexed sixteens sixteen you think that the

how did you meet in thailand last year but the book wall uh... i was hours organizing ourbadminton problem after and admitting to a plan indigent people learned during the evening at to collectthe small subscription foster colitis

alan came along with these mutualchanging of the linkedin if you lose your job changing their mindfriends targeted weapons and scott doubts over there down what is a coercive like in scotland letter did tony thank you for excitement well elem while the sun time so one thing that you could do it wasn'tlike a

i guess is that my two young couplecondone a blackout intel at this week period what sort of what you do jim i'm adultsalong with the flu or population it actually the flu flew off if annual uh... cartilage laminator their contractors through their overfive million industry

you know any good scotch jokes at home no i hang up much the same to you may revive i still like to tell scottstewart allen did you hear the one about thescotsman that who had set out to him so he wouldn'thave devised family a television set padti haii like that like that one now i agree you said you don't have avery good sex all right you know that you have youknow any good scott's jokes

yes i know a few but telephone well valuables was a little about the scotsman at a time when the train darn thing going the conductor cable is another five shillings scott's inside on the same six

weapons as fuck showings of the place it's also says it does not want them tomore than three and six number eighty three and six sol i conducted he lost his temper s he sees the scotsman spirit poll thatlegal took the suitcase and yeah through it up and soul thespokesman he burst into tears he said first of all you try to do that one insix and to come in all your former young sort out the window

goteti at many more jokes like that taxcut watch local when you take the high roadnot taken our own i'll be in scotland yard be fought again alexandria pleasant u_-two kids and i think that you don't have awonderful life together wonderful children for the like you to which he realized that everybody says you're not a nice coupleof semesters romance not just one minute you gotta play byjuly third chance that the two thousand

five hundred dollar question right now is a beautiful girl wassomething important undermine now let's see how you want to get asitting if you plan explaining the rooms arecube that is much of your twenty dollars if you want me to four questions in acouple of the most money it's just the two thousand five hundreddollar question later on the show that they're replant all right now let's see how i can butyou twenty dollars you select the famous ships

is your first question how much would itthen nineteen ninety-seven nineteen minutes what was the name of the ship that thatlamonaca nine merrimack is right declined starting at forty nine dollarsand ninety seven cents they're going for two thousand five hundred dollars ninedollars at this time we have at this time the teaching

family to censor you wanted that theunited ninety five cents columbus set sail for america but thefamily ships to whatever that means i and i thinkthat what was the name of the page tent this constantly santa maria is right dot il est added seventy nine dollarsand ninety two cent stamp act and i think

dude effect my stomach is seventy nine ninetytwo one thing we're going to keep when sent in nineteen twelve the liner making maiden voyage struck an icebergand sent what was the name of a ship on titanic is right do not have one hundred fifty ninedollars eighty three cell

special access every they have a coupletimes it is something about that on other causes of the spanish-americanwar with the blowing up of the united states battleship in havana harbor offers an innovation times i wish i could help you assure anybody in the audience knows it the battleship main status for china culturally went broke

we can nobody leaves a broken the neither onemore question for twenty-five outside already whitefield road in a teapot teenager i accidental activists are out there thatthey have groucho i'd like you to meet missus natalie's offered she was chosenfrom our audience just before going on the air partner

it is rudolph florentine all folks formore than eight groucho marx while welcome here that's right famous sacred way and divide a hundred dollars it's acommon like something you see every day this is that stop it at least out i presume really are the housewife yes time a house fire uh... heat

but i'm not exactly a compliment now my brother artwork meritorious makesat the party are issues that right i know fully long uniformly so you would no longer you know how isit do not washington the senate and promise to be clean upthat day are going to be awake for natalie the california hollywood deadly haloincorporated

city wallets too which project if we squeeze in a way tocasey about this so does not happen well yes it worked mister ruled out for dinner say that's a very ufo neous name andthey didn't say is it stock deal for me as a matter of acrossthe queria from uh... rodolfo i'm from so missus lincoln still amongthe island i came to this country we must find waysto make let it you can do

well i came to me as the date fromsicily in the island of sicily customizable articulate and they areclear ruled out for lunch left new york city melissa young age of twenty three then i decidedto go to the argentine to become an argentine gumption seems a waste of time and money i became a graduate i said it had to goto argentina although i may be for this program isover

voices groucho you're talking about don't show of the argentine is the equivalent ofthe american public posses more romantic vigorous a great richmond and horsemanand a great musician and a great lover at all times it's a lot age would you say is a greathot agent eighty and argentine helpful from the argentinecenters is a great deal of ratatouille a greathorsemen and a great musician because you lovemusic and romance

value-added a is also a great life nowadays too by the way what influence your decisionto leave new york have become a graduate augusta jose all i wanted to follow inthe footsteps of that greatest mother and a history ofwell without balanchine i want to become like him so i became an argentine option i thought you reminded me of someold-time movie star however i think it went into

quite make you happy a life aftervalentino after witnessing valentina nineteentwenty one and for some of the apocalypse sub valentina played a partof the culture down the argentine tango right then and then i won't be comingdown to what did i do i went to south america to rosario to become and not jean jean dot and and uh... as you were

succeed cost became rudolph valentino double in thesun of the sheet maginnis a grudge with one look without valentino and the cinema women bill shrines to his memory it leftthe land lifetime they won their husbands to become like valentino can'tbeat that it's not easy

i'm trying all day it just doesn't work i'd like to go in talking to you to thebest time to play better life there are other couples who get a chancethat the two thousand five hundred out our first couple lost all their money and the secret word is paper every dollar i think i i i uh... i keepit that it when it up on abolished attorney categories youselected number ten weights remains is the first place and how much of itthat

okay tbart type or style a bit was taken fromcontracts by a famous flemish painter what is this type of vehicle bandai cataracts anuar thirty eight dollars any type oftwo thousand five about it tonight how much of the thirty eight even a risk thirty six but is that uh... expression that meansthe way the role should be played

comes from an english authority on cardschest and back down what is this expression you know i'm a card game against adiscussion argument hahahahaha coronado island discovery for dollars animal healthbecause the friday that seventy four dollars a ship that question how much ofthat to to seventy-two bacteria in milk hasdestroyed by raising the temperature of poorly this process was named for the printsizes who developed it was a cop louis

pasteur pasteurization is right you know i have one hundred forty sixdollars senate last activity have a couple times you did that the important whiteside along better shape knight wasnamed for its designer an american frontier what is this night call re long better shape knight was namedfor its designer an american frontier

finance notably night info of these people went broke watch ourvideo and you know unit is one question directly anyways ata twenty five dollars what color are the brew bouts ofscotland explores right taxing that laptop ltd the guards are just before we went onthe air or studio audience selected a buildingwrecker mr maurice wilson this partners

missus will report miller so fourpredicament plays in the groucho marx welcome welcome but minnesota primitive say the stateawakened about a hundred dollars it's a common way something you see every day mister murray's what's on your governoracting company this way from uh... grace i was born in thetwin cities and very popular acted when will you from marie well iwas born in utah but i came here from throwing as well

pilot on a political ideas articulate your husband then this is mylife all well privacy young actress and that hewas a job best enom are not all starts on got a bad reviews so you wanna do isdrugstore fired up about i guess just kind of messed up front for thesame dot net pretty close formula i think that we hadall of us no i was adults that's best

on tuesday at a little jerry all scale sending calistri and when i had sent assignment young mensinging here and i got to see hey maybe she'll also a nice easterpageant for goodness sakes who is that singing who had awful baseball ace and dot and he said by getting the melanie'scash pretty rough description of a groupsinging there like i did

feedback i using sound like your motherlike works for me to unite well how long before you never alums sometimes right before he got me well thanks for the correct do you like for her age the cleveland wrecking company how you it tonight we're adult kind of cutaway physicaleven wrecking ball here at buildings have all kinds of his frame buildingsapartment buildings industrial buildings

from coast to coast well how do you go by wrecking abuilding near tel aviv bloody mary is a vision can how we go about writing a building yeah prayer royal what do you do but well we start at the top him come down of the it's just building inreverse start at the roof can come down parts of the suffering building

restricted but i could be fun depending of courseon the shape of the frame reacting this time we talk to you you were introduces a club one what is that the exactly how you look atthat point what clubs you belong no i don't think that's not a kidnappinggentlemen but isn't that bad todd it's a good then and now i thinkit's again ragging and death a lot of the art

and they have to have to think tanks isallowed most a lot of the important cities united state let me get this straight as mothers were right is that what kind ofwriting do you do with marie all kind like ted danson plays and very thank you is your poetry any good well i have that

two books published to life allocatingverisign and the other is christmas bloom could you give us a sample of your boatremarrying where i was trying to adult cults aroundhere not too much assessment and you know well this is a lot the reaction is tothis this is just a little tiny little but there is a small quiet training will go on from that okay

then the big ones back home and surelyis not a in the middle of might undisciplined now looking old any stops shaking yourhead on to all of them out to be well in yet may never have had a pretty good i likethat but was it about kelly i don't know what was about he's got to be directly compliment

that was say that i could get a lot more damage iput project they have a very impressed mewith that not not not a cut in half of its shadow we got a kick out of the basic stuff which is money got a chance it around you twenty bucksno more than our other couples you get a chance that the two thousand fiveanother question that ever happened when the judge isgoing on in my list our second couple lost all their moneytoo

so these people have a clear for you it would also i think that you tried itout you select the famous office is your first question how much itrunning with that w or operator opt one edgar allen paul is right history five dollars army tank at threethousand five hundred dollars night imaging notified all of that in thesecond question you're the boss

come on you haha seconded by when in the basement como spotlight a homewrecker i've ever met trees is also famous as a star will drop the ball welcome i'm sarah is joyce kilmer of constant interruption did not havefive dollars investigators got used to live by the opposite effect question howmuch would effect

three end by are evident all were allpacked up my cat kidnapping kids at that uh... except by the hour admitted that the whole group occurs on the bed satellite i know that i'm not appalled helpful right catherine it wasn't it wasn't long soulless

it for my placement mine demand at about what you do not believe so thatwas so walt whitman and these people lost all their money that's right now wecan make you leave here without the money let me give you one more questionfor twenty five nobody's here bro get this right you bring your weddingsat the twenty-five approaching places a temple who was buried in grant's tomb

okay let me know propaganda and i askthat you are right away overkill all of our couples tonight lost alltheir money what this means it'll probably coupleswill be back in just one minute began a tax cut that two thousand fivehundred dollars a subtle but right now is one of our beautifulfriends with some news about the beautiful new de soto are you a call with three couples time for the chance of thetwo thousand five hundred dollar this on

top of the questions about your eachcouple will decide on a single answer and write it down on one of their carswe've given them all three couples got right will split the money among them hair editing seconds nineteen ninety-seven some nineteensixteen an eccentric mark excited powerful influence over the callof the star of russia this policy and that what he wasassassinated by a group of novels but two thousand five hundred dollars bywhat name do we know this man

talk radio address p o southern spectacle in the page one eight hundred and thirty threedollars and thirty three cents right yes plus nothing a quick thought havinga great congratulations and the more than three thousand e sort of whetherthey were supposed to cause you bet your life they sure to tune in again nextwednesday night at the same time groucho marx cio when the big question mark

thousand-dollar and all of this batch of television showalso presented by the peace autoplay dealers of america the dealers who sell the distinguishednineteen fifty three diesel also sell the brilliant new plymouth the first truly balanced carvalho pricep de soto joel grey you'll call both products of the chryslercorporation dr anton rajah sajid at

nightfall tonight i'm back see that nineteen fifty eight three this art the someone through a lot placard directed by robert bauman bracelet music by jerry fielding this is george frampton signing off morethan three thousand e soto plymouth

dealers from coast to coast ladies and michigan words and ideas for f onalready really you'll back you're alive that's not the ones that you that's more like but thought it was areasonable time transcriber hollywood and run with him on the revolves andinsult one of the women's the dealers will bring you america's mosttalked-about ewbal the distinguish nineteen fifty three de soto there andthe exciting new york women single multi through the solo plymouththeater

and all the rate is well one day all theway the has made up this morning rayburn warning me and reaganism or thatsomeone will mean iran lowering or andrea he went into the jungle were on a mondayis no not been riding around on a will read or write more right that's a sample of you want the wholething you can buy it on the better actor while he ran the gamut of thousanddollars for one of our club the real man with an unusual

motivation and the french were right forthem on mister frankel movement and this is blanche sons werecommonplace in the road towards welcome welcome for thesort of women there was a mistake in more than ever but a hundred dollars that's the kind words and then you findin that picture missed the mister frankel open and missus clinton dancewear mr logan yaa pretty tall how tall areyou

sandberg sandberg going to have this track no high uh... you know we have to you have to a p two hundred this idea that men are in the sincemissus clinton translator the and you know we've had a number of french war brides and the show rancher alone have you been married

i've been meaning eight billion uh... well one bright when jimmy there's billboard or went to groom dizzying baseball game what does he debatable who want to lookat the end hunters and i had a good friend and isintended to american ngo overdone will continue

if i may have been doing beginning with that before meeting with you removable thinking wrote that there were many in removal something estimate that there may not come out ofbusiness dealing with these two days he was going to get married lancelot misunderstanding o clockwork

yours wasn't acting and now missed a little bit networks or whatdo you do what is a group would you mind tellingus well in britain does the variety of jobs in a motion picture industry prisons in the last show i was workingon their own xanax a productions knows of human general eyes that we also have been trying tosort of the nation

means that they don't want in front of the lights in the screens inthe google ours is and make the moving shots for the camera use technical courses in front of bilbaopoodle or is it and from the land and did that now the snows ofkilimanjaro there's nothing worse than a group waslost is great there you have any nineties in

yes i do justices why for example basketball know how i mean as a culture spectatorover a distributor name thrown on people's who paraguay uh... soldiers but david is a player ruling the olivier playing basketball aluminium

i have to admit that forty two nadia managed to keep up with the kidsis in basketball pretty fast well with you use their legs but i use my experienceand play with my head you'll find that's an improvement over abasketball matter of fact rather than according toplan ahead a the argument going back to you over twenty five years

that's remarkable how do you account for the fact that youcan still play his game don't drink don't small uh... don't delve into excess i thoroughly believe in clean living may be going i wouldn't call it leading what

writing continue talking you withsomeone just one moment your honor play butyou're right for a chance that the house now aggression george document is something that no sense thisis a question i'm going to ask you a question why is the new nineteen fifty three desoto the most beautiful car of a bit quasi easy groucho because thisbeautiful new de soto is an entirely new

car the on the logo and of smart styling andfine in engineering it's longer lore and lovelier with new chrome i'm adding an extra practice marquis inside too the newly sold always beautiful andevery way there's a smart new instrument panel

richly grained and handsome bleach momagreat or dark lovely metro l'alma brahme the tremors in a variety of upholsteryfabrics the recorder harmonize with each otherand would exterior colors and there's a new magnificent door panela new chrome molding which i had so much to enter your beauty from any angle you agree that the beautiful new odi sowho was an exciting car distinguished and dramatic our car you know we will be proud to own

and dr george is right folks this beautiful itis so does the car of the year see you tomorrow would you this beautiful nineteen fifty three desoto is not on display at reduce overallplymouth dealers improve great series almighty de soto fired on the eight andthe brilliant piece although power master six stop in tomorrow and see thedistinguished nineteen fifty three diesel

and remember all dealers who sell desoto also sell plymouth well first truly balanced car in the lowprice for you prairie dogs there i committed twentydollars from our list of twenty categories you selected number forty cox and i say is your friends question how much we getback ruling identifies question you about aboutnineteen dollars and ninety nine cents

indicted theodore natural what numberwould come up seven-eleven seminar level priority or whoever it started outthirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents and recognize that in our nineteenninety nine who can all came codons and what did you try toavoid taking the queen of spain income biking once again parts oxes riot communism here in nineteen seventy

almond okay and cots in what game is a method ofscoring call begging and remove that's right with ourneighbors there really out that i have one hundredthirty nine dollars and ninety three cents one reason there you know record aggressive who'd aspartic it autographed power why do you callfive products in sequence of the same

soon straight-line straight price is right find out that a grand total of threehundred nineteen dollars eighty six and science and up into the summer of one oftheir lives gradually invited some women who workfor a packing guns in the program on the stand for what we are a studio audienceselected mrs helen bellaire reporters mister personalbillion would you please return the groucho marx renoir consider that a life sentence incould wide and about a hundred dollars

the camera is something you find in thekitchen mrs helen bellaire uniform packinghousesyou see talking maria from there entrapment throwdown spawned numb and i think the answer should not be someone thought about it financially

amongst the procedural petticoat vivien leigh first of all was right that the firsttime wholly invested early sixties businesses in the united states is thatmeans the these seventeen ex-prime their precisely the existing

that by juries exp and exactly forty two and that's a lie braverman in the world view that's right alone since you left warmed up for you let's get back to the packinghouse one of the package is played

well mostly will be in dance and sing through monday may and we would want thelone star in a hand of the without won't taking stinks europe and the packing a power now do you just got offthe stakes and throw everything else a way out

no new money back in town well they don't throw anything away no money using and here month online basically gonna come a we're gettingsome strange animals in art frustrating is doing wonderful things he said he wasevery part of the trial info about the mold

well not all but i guess he could beblamed the a rehab imagine here what your job it is there displaces common needs union represented a miserable and when you do it this way and uh... weeksunion rankin are used to know where they relied on use the play second fiddlewith jerry failing don't mean ugandan ugandan front units the government you're welcome

ranging in age and the finance committeeto make a fortune scanning the customer grandmama evening brain the it's a different but i have been dogand it's ninety-nine no with most danny thompson today boats and if you had one one are you whatsoever what do you do

yesterday and manager of the bob the other well i've been barred from any of it and when you do it where direct blame spoon and uh... there at nine o'clock in themorning usual routine scene to scene renew confidence in the electrician's onthe job sort of an overseer threw what some of the last word she's familiar with frank what is knownfor many women

that's wrong really in the meat industry why did youhappen to become epidemic when children's well you just crazy about popcorn whom i've been in show business eversince i was five years old i came to this country was so full ofbeing greeted when i started my own shakespearian company and on broadway i think i have been thelongest uh... i should say one of a repertoireof shakespeare in the history of

you drove by doing it i'd ideally it would you know has moment bank statement planalong those lines of any actor i've run here around although at times where thebrunt of power what do you think is the great isleading shakespearean actor most of it now what about me placing would you consider me living not exactly a stranger to the bar

remember of stage in all lamentably merely directives americans one man in this time please many bugs workshop administrators to visit banquet and present from thing that is one of the thirty five to stophim from the blanket was removed but the uh... i realize you didn't like it orthreatens individual

well i mean one about unity of grounds tonight and i don't know if youbruno pretty well but i thought that youstarted in habeas because it shakespeare got to do it hit me you know i put away did artisan over reminder suffer theslings well if they're interested and i hope you and i uh... reasonable amount of money because right now you got a play aboutjuly for a crack at the thousand out

west twenty twenty dollars no more than ourother couples to get a chance at the big money and send them a check to win the judgeis going to remind our listeners the french war bride and her partner one threehundred nineteen dollars eighty six cents and the secret word is fire here we go with the argument it went on

you selected standard romantic balladsas your category he's romantic songs that remain popularcorrea let's see if you remember here uh... one you are identified like and how muchwould it then you being ladies in the i'd sit in the ordinary into eighteenbillion dollar deal dollar okay whatever

they might have about twenty eight panoramic right you now have thirty eight dollars that cutting it out i'll be going for about another thing idon't have the best time with your assessment they get their own fifteen are activated but it's on way misterfailing

but does not mean that there's a lot oftime prenatal sixty-eight dot i haven'treally been on this when you bring a booth at last lindsay that's the pond playing with their name known you rodent end well

behind by you need something to remember you you know having biopic schwartz and howit is going to get these that before have you had three dollars you every dollar that i'm sorry ornearly three dollars million light has to be the probably don't be discouraged committee one of them argument of five of us are quiet gary homa

le month-long mum by this moment annual fighting with it but you can haveyou've lost all your money well nobody's maybe one more question anti-monopoly is not nearly as the u_n_issues for twenty five dollars in what state is omaha nebraska

that deprived rev wright clarified with all the person you know i have amillion remind me of something that i mean you know my name on it as a piece about me in the current issueof with managing that's the issue of court thatunderstands now so i tried to sell you're you're all right john michael we ask you some young people young people who were in our audiencethat yes on it and then no i i didn't ask myself i was askingfor you right now

well i know we have to these youngunattached people who were you successful in getting him yesterdaythere unattached known in the lovers to getting married some uterine we have the backstage here missvan gentleman mister williams with the navy and here i can on my animation rejected the seller of women dealers and to meetyou dictator went about a hundred dollars atthe time it was sending final again that uh... dalam

depended all sweeties bonior yes in los angeles redid local can't understand why they insist onbragging about our giselle products like this right plane slipped into concerned boy you going to be ignored and a

planning as that within reach goes back on understand my grandmotherthat young things working douglas elliman brady you connected with thiswith packing company wish there was bred here this can ever again martina houston anybody other than ayear i've tried mania you're on attached is that correct what kind of again you have in mind whenuh... perhaps i can help you will

well she will be a little girl thatregion hon i'm eddie he should be fair complected seems to be blonde madan old mike two things i like tointelligent may not be easy to find them with morethan two hours and want to do the things about the last night on airline that i thought what you do well i mean do you see a linux u_c_l_a_ played football team jayeshyou're doing

what he's doing well he he is completed you know i had the ab forty years but play a lot plumbing is added hermitage well i was going to be against sort of a longer ninety three thecommittee and so i decided to finish this is a job planning on having a lesion

do not want being you know and whether this was notmilitias there when it was rejected by unity title and began again and so uh...i decided i'd be a school teacher instead magnifying teaching many of those jobslike pulling teeth in it brought some unwanted you do were on and have a loner you can do can do you mean can do the magician

numeral radio ban canoe he and the that you do but the main can do let's marine corps one reads or we can do anything and again from we don't use marine call in the jurymaybe some sailors listening did what do you mean you can do anything where we will do anything for anyone atany time

for any reason this longest legalunethical what has to be legal unethical you must be stopping that energy medallas oddity argument has to do and until mister miller had to do is women a moving company assess and wanted us to attend one oftheir obsolete and three general grant k one in one taiwan on the army's obsolete and three tanks

me united companies are an unintendedwednesdays from management maybe you'll get together and theclinton you any twenty dollars more than ourother covered you get a chance of that i was not a question can tell you how much after when thejudge is going to remind our listeners the french war bride and her partnerstill lead with three hundred nineteen dollarseighty six cents as you know i committed twenty dollarsyou selected anatomical changes your

first question how much would have been broken making development teams thatmade by the white man you want to change thewhat part of the bombing going away in a thirty million dollarsseventy percent of the senate and magnifies his parliament when americaloves on my menu mention again thirty nine seventy five articularbetter that way the way that the ban on revised whatpart of the body wealthy and in

you know i have soni nine dollars andtwenty five cents denies are at the white cardiac becamesomewhat on the bottom line the heart of right you know i have one hundred fifty eightdollars twenty five cents without internet will be no okay buddies my bed all right the white adult pertains towhat part of the bottom or forty s that's been the and you'll wind up with three hundredsixteen dollars fifty cents

and that made that the french warbrought her partner with three hundred nineteen dollars eighty six cents injust one minute get the chance that is open at one thousand dollar question but i think that night company there right now let's pay attention to someimportant information about the beautiful nineteen fifty three years old and here comes our way and go over to mygrachev the french war bride new partner also for the sole open the files are nota question already recovered thousand

dollars every fifteen seconds to decideon a single answer between you think happened please open the audience edit in many parts of the world people stillmade daily use of accounting device that originated before recorded history has a board would be dot com is on it reptiles and all those waters asprimitive mechanical brain call marine and you do this time uh... recollections moderate and he'snot only in india in part because of

that live they shouldn't do it again and when i dothe same time the groucho marx kill when the big what you learn one thousand dollars and on this lantostelevision channel also presented by the way so it all going to be visiblemountain and remember that the dealers who sell the distinguished nineteen thatdegraded sol-gel also sell more brilliant new obama of course truly balanced car in the lowprice for you tool great new car

what products of the chryslercorporation we drive and john rogers and unite behind them nineteen have been very is about two hours folks there's a message from thenational tuberculosis association dry in the flight on t_v_ wide christmas eve you'll but your lifetimes biblehollywood as proposed by john dot l directed by robert baum and bernie smith

this is george fenton signing off morethan three thousand e solo plymouth

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