baby born badewanne amazon

baby born badewanne amazon

international seminar act like our true great self sep 26, oct 11, 2009france supreme master ching haiwearing "veggie fur" september 26, 2009france okay, welcome home. how is business? getting good?(yes, master.) and your mother okay? very good.

hallo! (hallo.) hallo, hallo, hallo again. hallo. yes, we are funny people. all we do is just sit there,looking at each other. and the longer the better even. we are like peoplewho just fell in love. holding hands and looking in the eyes. as if have never seen the human eyesbefore. a lot of good news, guys?(yes.) yes? (yes.)

i love those good news. because we have had it, right? we had it with the bad news, right? just like at home, we started eating,like, fruitarian, and the dogs also. of course, they cheat. they have vegetarian green bones and they have ready-madevegan sausages at any time for snacks and stuff. and the woman also cheats.

but the men assistants,they seem very consistent, eating raw and stuff. so i said to one of the assistants, i said, “you do it by your own will.” so tell me all the good news. any breatharian by the way? i’d love to try, master,but it's hard! it's not that hard. okay, first be raw.

rawism is easy as long as you havea good sauce and stuff. then be fruitarian,then slowly, if you want - if you don't want, it's okay, too.yes, tell me. there's a natural remedyagainst swine flu that has no side effects, and according to medical studiesit's just as effective as the regular medicineor even more effective. it consists of a plantcalled cistus incanus that blocks all kinds ofinfluenza viruses.

a german company producesinfection blocker pills made from this plantthat can be bought in every pharmacy. they are organic and suitablefor vegetarians and vegans. the company is called dr. pandalis, they even have english on this site. i've got a packet of these pills here that i can give to the centeror anyone. anybody has tried already before?(yes.)

it works? (yes.) you had flu? no! no, it, like, blocks the virus. infection. (yes.) any infection,or just this special h1n1? any influenza or cold. oh my goodness,it's like a pharmacy here! it tastes like fruits. how many years it takesbefore the viruses are blocked?

just immediately. you can take even as prevention. if you are exposed, you eat twoin your mouth and it stops. eat it? yes. leave it in your mouth.(like candy.) yes. there’s a lot here! you can take, maybe, 6 times a day if you’re exposed,two pills or something.. six times a day? okay.

but how many days? depends. as long as you are ill, it will help,maybe just one day, two days. i see. it will block the virus. block the virus. also a question. i would like to ask if it is okay toget the swine flu vaccination. i’ve heard that the original vaccineisn't vegan to produce.

the vaccine is madein the kidneys of monkeys who die in the process. i'm sure they would. i'm not sure how reliablethis source is, but i could verify thata lot of animal testing is involved in developingand producing the vaccines. i also heard that some doctors say that swine flu vaccination might beharmful to our health and that it has not been properlytested.

yes! that’s the rumor right now. yes. that's why half of the parentsin different countries do not want to risk it, to give their children these vaccines,because it's not tested before and whatever they have tested, they say the vaccine producesvery bad effects, even paralyses,damages nervous system, etc. no good, is it? told you.

first, no, i don't think we,as a spiritual practitioner, should take it, me thinks. but, of course, it's your lifeand your family's life, you do what you do. i don't interfereand i don't say yes or no. yes? you do what you want,i think should not. i'm also exposing myself,but i don't take vaccine. first of all, i don't believe in it. second, because it's testedon animals,

and taken from the animalsas they still do nowadays, i don't feel confident, i don't feel i have the heartto do that. i cannot supportthis kind of practice. and third, if it is true that the side effectis so traumatic like that, then who would like to? besides, they don't have enoughvaccines anyway, see what i mean? either way, okay.

see, first, we eat the animals, make them sufferand breed this kind of virus. and then now, we make another kindof animal suffer, like monkeys or other tested subjectsto suffer again to make the medicine, to test the medicine. so, it just makes more and morebad karma (retribution). so, whether this medicinereally works or not, i would suggest the practitioners,like you are, not to take it. if it's all made by sufferingfrom the animals,

what for do we enjoy it? you know, enjoy our healthor somebody else suffer? animals are also somebody else. they suffer just like you understand? suppose it were you. suppose it were you whohave been put in a cage like that and tested and pokedand picked until… suffer so much like that. i don't think we have the heartto take anything

from that kind of practice. understand me here? (yes.) so, no. if you ask me, it's no, okay? no, and no, and no. just makes more and more suffering! and more and more bad karma(retribution), no? they think, “okay,just eat the animals and then if they have sickness, then they go get another animalto test and then get the medicine.”

it doesn't work like that. we make more and more trouble,more and more big, big, karmic burden to ourselves. it's no, okay? but, most of us, i think, we are okay because we are vegetarianand we have protection as we turn our head towardrighteousness and compassion now, so that's where we are heading. so the suffering, the trouble,is behind us, it's in the other direction.

anybody who walks in that direction,still continues in that direction, will encounter that problem. yes? we turn our back already. we walk toward the other directionand we pledge never to make suffering for anyone else again,to animals or anyone. so we are out of this circle ofthe vicious revenge and vicious circle. so, of course, if you are onan airplane or in a big public area, then you take precaution.

put a mask on,but that's just about it. any more questions? one more. what can we do to help world leadersto adopt the right policies to stop climate change that is promoting the veggie dietor banning meat? it seems that it's not easyfor them to act quickly and take a strong standas there are some powerful lobbies that put the pressure on themwith that.

yes. i'm asking you,or everybody else, tell me what to do? i wrote letters, i give information,i talk on tv, i make conferences, and you go around handing out flyers,sos and information. and we, including myself, spend a lot of money advertisingon newspapers wherever we can. so, what do you want me to do? this question i keep asking myselfevery day; i know it already by heart.

what can we do to changethe leaders’ mind and make them decidethe right decision? i tell you, it’s a lot of sufferingright now for animals and humans alike. but it has been going onlike that on this planet. sometimes if i think about it,i could just scream. i could feel my heart piercelike knives - it’s terrible. sometimes i sit, i shake my head alone in my place,“oh, it’s terrible! how can this be?

how can this place be like this?” we just have to be patient,that’s all, and do what we do. do our best, as i told you many times. but i still have hope. who knows?things can change overnight. sometimes it’s like that,sometimes like that. european parliamentsupports reducing meat to lower greenhouse gases. ... reduce your meat consumptionor stop eating meat totally.

during discussionson greenhouse gas reduction goals, the climate committeeof the european parliament officially recognized livestock’scontribution to global warming and recommended a reductionof subsidies to the livestock industry to curb methane. the european parliament has adoptedits own position on climate change as an institution. and as a vice-president, one of the proposals i’ve madeis in line with your own;

which is that we should eatfar less meat because that’s one of themajor sources because that’s one ofthe major sources of greenhouse gasses. please eat less meat,and let's make taxes on meat. that's definitely one of the issueswe are talking about. i'd like to tell peoplewhat the cost is of eating meat, for the environment worldwide. my name is jens holm.

i’m a member ofthe european parliament. please, be veg, go green,save the planet! just like you guys, before you met me,you had just been eating, drinking and doing whatever you havebeen doing like everybody else. and you met thissupreme master ching hai this and that and you decide,“oh, i want meditation, i want to see god,i don’t want to eat meat no more.” and then you stop.

just like that. see?nobody tried to tell you much. i just gave one lecture,sometimes even not. sometimes you just readabout my lecture somewhere or got a small booklet, or the friend introduced,sometimes just a photo. oh god, so many things in this world,apart from the meat, the alcohol, the drugs, cigarettes,we are attacked from all sides. even the chemical you use toclean your house - clean the toilet or wash your hands

or the cream you put on your face - and even sometimes the food we eat,they mix with all kinds of stuff or gmo (genetically modifiedorganism), even - terrible! and they spray chemical fertilizerand all that stuff. i wonder how we still stay alive,you know what i mean? apart from eating meat, there are many other thingswe don’t want to eat, but we take into our body by chance or by not knowingor by just having no other choices.

it’s terrible. i feel so sorry for the humans’ lot. i mean, we are just like victims here. we are victims of all kinds of things,from all sides. oh god, and atomic falloutand missile testing, all kinds of chemical plants. and even the cars, transportation, the food we eat, they put pesticideand all kinds of stuff. oh my god.

even the newspaper that we read,sometimes you read it, you feel your eyes smart and you feel the breathing isnot smooth as usual. even those printing materials,sometimes they affect your body, they give you kidney failureand liver problem, cancer, all kinds of things even. imagine? so, i don’t know what kind of worldwe are living in. so if you are still sitting herelooking at me, and i am still sitting herelooking at you,

we count our blessings thatwe are lucky already. my god. the more you find outabout what’s around you or what’s in this world,the more you feel like, “oh my god,how am i still alive here?” you know what i mean? oh terrible.never mind, never mind, just continue to practiceand do what we can. we have a home to go back to.right? at least.

i am so sorry for you. many kids are like that, too. now, that’s why sometimesthey don’t eat too much but they get also very bigbecause of chemicals that make their thyroid stop workingor malfunction, or interfere with the liver systemor whatever, and make them just becomebigger and bigger and they can’t even stop. not because they eat a lot- it’s not true

that people who are fatare eating a lot, it’s not true. some people are very skinny,they eat 3, 4 times as much and never get anywhere -always stay like this. and some people, chubby a little,try to go on diet even, but they can’t even help themselves. it’s not about the diet. of course, there are some, of course, because of dietbut some are not. we just don’t win in this world,so, okay,

meditate, meditate, know already, right? nowhere else to go, no refuge. i don’t have a questionbut i have good news. yes, tell me. from my rabbit. i just read from the paper. this is the messagefrom my three rabbits and i. since we havesupreme master television, i have such a strong desireto find a simple way

to help myself and the peoplearound the world to find more peaceand harmony with each other. that’s the rabbits who talkor it’s you who talk? we both, me and the rabbits;they teach me. you and the three rabbits. (yes.)okay, good. first, they teach meand then i put it into words. okay, good. i listen to a lot of your teachingand read a lot of spiritual books and i begin to communicatewith my three rabbits

with your teaching and the help of… so it’s you who are talking now, okay. yes, it’s me, but it is an experiencebetween me and my rabbits. yes, okay. with your teachingand the help of three rabbits, i discovered the five states ofdivine love that all people have inside them. these two weeks

i did experimentswith these five things in me. my three rabbits help meto get in touch with this very tender, divine love; they told me that they are with mebecause it is their mission to help me to get in touchwith this divine love. they teach me in their own wayto use it, and they say it is my missionto bring it out to all humans. they say love is endless,love is eternity, love is everywhere. my rabbits and i encourage all peopleto adopt animals.

they will help you to get in touchwith divine love much faster, and they will tell you a lotabout the universe, about god, and about the creation. and they also tell thatyou came from their clan. oh, so i’m a rabbit now? very honored indeed. but what they mean isthat you are in every kingdom, and in every kingdomthey have a master. understand.

and she and i,we are both your disciples. i understand. what they mean is the love clan,the direction that we’re doing. they call you the gentle one. the gentle one. yes, i don’t know how to say itin english. german. they call you that way. yes, i understand.

i’m very gentle really, gentle, but this world is too rough,too rough for me, it hurts me all the time. the more i get in touch with animalsand communicate with them, the more i get hurt very easily too. yes, sensitive. (yes.) but like this, you’re more open, but then you’re more opento all kinds of things. yes, all right.

yes, what they have saidso far is correct. anymore? yes. since i think a lotand i am a very analytical person, everything i hear and read,i need to experience. so it’s you now, right? (yes.)okay. without an experiencei cannot believe. even if i blindly believe inyour teaching, i will not have peace in my mindand in my heart. my mind and my heart have togo along with each other in peace, (of course.)otherwise i cannot get over it.

i have their picture here too alsoif you’d like to see them. congratulations. i had a rabbit before.he is gone already, of course. white one, you know the picture. this one’s already died,but this one is still alive. so cute. thank you. beautiful. they love me;they say i am their baby. sure.

but we, the humans, always think their dogs or catsare their babies. it’s the contrary. they take care of youmore than you take care of them. yes? congratulations. hallo, master! you are so beautiful! thank you. we have good news from formosa(taiwan) to share with you. go ahead.

on september 21, formosan (taiwanese)environmentalists and artists held a news conference to launcha new lifestyle movement called “meat-free mondays.” one of the organizers said, “we used to think that we have todepend on a superman to save the earth. now we know thatevery one of us can do this work.” since then, we have seensome positive results. first of all, many non-vegetarianrestaurants answered the call.

with the help ofthe “meat-free mondays” platform, they changed a third oftheir monday menu to meatless dishes. this “meat-free mondays” platformwas first promoted in colleges and universities. so far, formosa’s (taiwan)top universities such as tsing hua universityand chiao tung university have taken the leadto join the movement. a well-known formosan (taiwanese)film producer, mr. hsu li-kong,

is now preparing to make a movieon the subject of vegetarianism called “eat drink man woman, 2.” ten years ago,because he ate too much meat he had a stroke. since then he began to eatvegetarian food more often. (yes.) now, he is very willing to stand outand call on the formosan (taiwanese) peopleto join “meat-free mondays.” on september 21, at the regulartaipei city council meeting, they passed a provisional proposalon the first day.

the taipei city counciladvised the taipei city government to make taipei citya “meat-free monday” city after 3-6 months of promotion. in related news, on september 25, while mr. wu den-yih,minister of the executive yuan, was answering questionsfrom legislator mr. lin hung-chih of the chinese nationalist party,a vegetarian, mr. wu said that he supportedthe idea of eating less meat and more vegetarian food.

now he eats vegetariantwo days a week. fantastic! two days! two days. i hope he will eat more and morevegetarian food. i remember that last week, a hero vowed to stay onthe vegetarian diet for a year. and now there is another herowho has decided to go meat-free for two days a week. in addition, many elementary schools

in formosan (taiwanese) citiesand towns have started providing nutritious vegetarian lunchesonce a week. this practice has receiveda good response from the schools, the studentsand their parents. one fun news is thathui lai elementary school in the huwei township of yunlin countyfirst did a trial to provide vegetarian luncheson tuesdays, but they didn’t announce itto the students and their parents. they just substituted the meatwith tofu and bean curd sheet.

yes. okay. a few weeks later, they conducted a surveyamong the students. the students were not aware ofthe change, but they all said that the food on tuesdays was the best.they thought the vegetarian food on tuesdayswas the best. really? right. then they should expand itand change the lunch menus for monday, wednesday and thursday.(yes.)

why not make the switchfor five, six days altogether? yes, yes. we hope so. life would be easier for themthat way. why do they have to keep track of itand do it on tuesdays? what if they forget? what’s more,a few middle school students formed a club to fight global warming after attending global warminglectures at their school. besides collectingrelevant information

they also went to the ipcc websiteto search for information. now, every month they invite a speakerspecialized in this field to give them updated information. after organizingwhat they have learned they share the informationwith their relatives and friends, and let them know that the biggestcontributor to global warming is not the transportationor the oil industry, but the livestock industry. (yes.) they encourage their familyand friends to be veg.

wonderful! okay. finally, we would like to thank masterfor your grace. we all feel that after the critical mass of the populationbeing vegetarian was reached, it seems that all of formosa (taiwan)and the whole earth is mobilized. they are mobilized. the veg trend (yes.) is gainingmomentum. more and more people arebecoming veg. yes. even though some only do itone or two days a week,

it’s better than nothing. (yes.) before, where could you findpeople supporting this idea? right?people would strongly resist it. now they accept this idea. even though they tookonly a small step, it’s a beginning. (yes.) later, they might take the 2nd step,and the 3rd step will be even easier. the first step is the most difficult. yes! very good!

you see, the situation in jeju islandin korea is also the same. jeju island. yes, yes, yes. a few places in europe too. it seems to be happening everywhere. yes. (that’s right.) that’s why i say thatwe still have hope. (yes.) we still have hope. we are hoping that,like you just said,

they will move fromone vegetarian day a week to three days or five days a week,and eventually every day. just start eating veg every day. then they don’t need tokeep track of which days they will eat vegetarian. yes. this way the earth will becomea vegetarian planet very quicklyand it will be successfully saved. yes! it will be saved. thank you for your grace, master.

it’s too slow. it’s too slow.but i hope it will happen. since meat is so harmful to the body,to the environment, and to the earth, why does anyone still eat it? we should eat what’s good for us. people didn’t know it before,and that’s why they ate meat. now they know,so they should stop eating meat. they already know it’s poisonous,but they still continue eating it after the first bite. they used not to know it,so they took a bite or two.

now that they know,they should give it up quickly. isn’t that right? (yes.) but those people have beeneating meat and drinking alcohol for too longand they can’t think straight. they are so pitiful. everyone did the same thing together,and one influenced another, so the whole planet was ledin the wrong direction. it’s wonderful thatthey’ve realized it now. thank you, master.

you are welcome. no, should have all the credit. you are the oneswho are doing the work, who are charging ahead. it’s all due to master’s grace. okay. yes. very good. some of the tragic tollsof alcohol: 2.3 million alcohol-related deathsper year worldwide cost of alcohol-related illnesses:

us$186.4 billion in the united states up to us$210 - 665 billion globally disease higher amounts of alcohol increasethe cancer risk. even half a glass of wine daily increasesthe risk of mouth or throat cancer by 168 percent. cancer of the liver, breast, colon,esophagus, rectum liver disease cardiovascular disease

metal toxicity brain damage amnesia and dementia brain shrinkage organ failure heart liver kidneys stomach

pancreas eyes birth defects children afflicted by anxietyand depression mental retardation fetal alcohol syndrome:stunted growth; facial deformity sudden infant death syndrome miscarriage alcohol-related violence

child abuse: 50% of cases violence toward loved ones:30% of cases violent acts: 40-80% of cases suicides: 20-50% of cases plus more... for more urgent information,please visit hallo, beloved master. hallo. i have good news from penghuto report to you.

in the last 20 years, the people’s representatives in penghuhave been asking for permission from the central governmentto build a tourist casino in penghu. at the beginning of this year,the legislation yuan approved. okay. in the end, they needed the residentsof penghu to vote to decide if tourist casinos should be builtin penghu. the voting date was seton september 26, 2009, which is today.

due to god’s love and blessings, the residents of penghu hada landslide victory in voting against building casinos. the number of peoplewho voted against it were about 4,000 more thanthose who voted for it. it’s more than enough. thus, in penghu they avoided a big disasterthat could never be repaired. it’s wonderful!

we want to express our deep gratitudeto master, because we know deeply thatmaster has been blessing and taking care of penghu. especially the two videoconferencesin penghu gave us immense blessings and encouragement. so we deeply believe thatmaster is all knowing and omnipresent. seeing that the penghu governmentagreed to build tourist casinos, we disciples deeply realized that we are in a countdownto saving the earth,

and maya will do all he canto lead people astray. for selfish reasons, a few politicians tried to leadmany kind-hearted people to greed, anger and ignorancethrough lobbying for the casinos. despite that, the penghu peoplemade the correct choice. that’s great! it’s the same as the missionof saving the earth. although it looks turbulenton the surface, in the end we will succeedand fulfill the mission

with master’s love. so again, we disciples thank youfrom the bottom of our heart for blessing and caringfor the penghu people so that the local citizens cancontinue living on this heavenly island happily. penghu is very beautiful. yes, master. penghu is really very beautiful now. it’s more beautiful now?

yes. thank you for your blessing,master. it’s more beautifulwithout the casino. yes! that’s wonderful. come and have a vacation. master, the trees have grownvery tall now. yes, there are many trees in’s very green. there weren’t so many trees before. it was difficult to grow trees before.

when they were half grown they would be destroyedby the typhoons. now they have grown very tall?fantastic! it’s very green everywhere. it’s all because you have practiced well spirituallyand have earned good blessed rewards. thank you for your blessing. that’s why i said that we can’tchange the external condition or blame the governmentfor any situation.

if we want to changethe external condition, we should first change ourselveson the inside. once we are changed on the inside, the external situation will changeas well. very good. congratulations! hallo, master. i have two questions. master, at this critical timeon earth, we need the earthly peopleto work together

to successfully save the planet. so i want to knowwhat’s the correct way for me to help save the earth? it depends on what people need. now we are making lunch boxesin penghu. you can print books and flyersto distribute to people. print flyers. yes. print books, sample booklets, or the information aboutthe benefits of the vegetarian diet

and the illness the meat diet brings. you can ask for the pamphletfrom foreign group and make copies. they have a pamphlet offive or six pages. you can make many copiesto pass out to people. for example like that. you can also postnewspaper advertisements for supreme master tv,or the vegetarian diet, etc. what else do you want to do? what about the restaurants, master?

should we continueopening restaurants? or, is it good enoughto make vegan lunch boxes? if you can afford it,then open a restaurant. if not, then make lunch boxes. if i open a restaurant i am afraid the business might notbe as good as expected, because the price of the foodwon’t be as cheap as that of the lunch boxes. of course.

if that is the case, should we go aheadand open a restaurant, or…? if you can do it, then go ahead.if you are afraid, then don’t. just do whatever you can. okay? some people can opena big restaurant, because they are rich,and they don’t care, and they enjoy it. some people don’t want to take risks,so they just make lunch boxes. you can also go helpwhen you see disaster victims.

the victims of disasters. normally, we work with foreign groupwhen they organize such activities. you can do that. yes. when you help the relief work,you can buy supplies for them. some monks in india or formosa(taiwan) have no money. sometimes i wonder how i can offersome money or clothes, etc., to the monks in india, because monks in indiaare really penniless. the monks in formosa (taiwan)have money,

because they have their own templesand they also help one another. the buddhist association, their master or the fellow practitionerswould also help them. but indian monks truly have no money. they travel around,so it’s difficult to even find them. they have a small kumbh melataking place every 6 years and a big one every 12 years. a kumbh mela is their grand assembly where all the renunciatesgather together.

it takes place at four locationsand they rotate. if you have a lot of moneyand you want to help them, you can go there and buy some stuff for themto keep warm, or give them moneyso they can buy it themselves. do it yourself. if you want to help,then do it this way. some spiritual practitionerscan’t work to earn money, so it’s a good cause to help them.

how can i do it myself, master? you go to india and look for them. it doesn’t matter what kind ofreligious group they belong to, right? right. or you can buy clothes for them. buy material things for them,instead of giving money? you can buy blankets or jackets. ask them what they need. buy things that keep them warm.

yes, winter supplies or shoes. or ordinary clothes. sleeping bags are okay? they don’t want sleeping bags.they want blankets. blankets. yes, yes. when they are on the road, they just carry the blanketson their shoulders, half in the front, half in the back. like shawls.

yes, like shawls.but buy the warm ones. you can also buy fabrics for themto make clothes, their traditional kind. i have been thinking about itfor a long time. i want to go there to do it myself. if you want to help,then you can do it like this. i think it’s a good ideato help the spiritual practitioners. not just those in india, there are some monksor spiritual practitioners

in ã‚u lạc (vietnam)who are also vegetarians. we should not discriminate. you can go there to help them. some of them live in a temple, some live in a small temple,and some don’t have a temple. indian monks don’t have a temple. not everyone lives in a temple. most of them travel around like that. there are so many monksand religious groups.

we can start with one group first. in india, most travelling monksare vegetarians. they won’t touch meat or alcohol. you see them mostly travellingon the roads of the himalayas. the roads in those pilgrimage sitesare full of wandering monks. you can give to them as you wish. you can try to find out where they areand where they normally go so you can go and give it to them. the wandering monks.

we normally don’t knowwhere to find them. we have to ask around. it depends on the affinity. hi, master. (hi.) i did an interview witha really popular tv show in china with a famous hostessand it was broadcast all over china. and i took the sos flyer with me. and the hostess asked meto read the parts on the flyer but i just read it anyway.

and i told them that livestock is the number one causeof global warming and we should be vegetarian. after the show,i thought it would be edited out because normally they edit it out. yes, yes. but they didn’t. but when i saw it on tv,i was really surprised. they let it all out. yeah, they not only kept all the parts

but they also put reallytouching music and the image of the ice meltingtogether with me reading your words. and it’s really, really powerful. and after that, a lot of peoplehave given me feedback, saying they began to be vegetarianand all that. yes, good, good. congratulations. thank you. you are very courageousalso very good. and recently, i did another interviewwith another tv channel.

and it’s part of a seriesof eight shows. all focused on vegetarianism. and the crew came to our veggie event and they said they know the pressureof doing such a show in china. (yes.) but they want to be the first one... and they want to really break the ice. and just to be the pioneers ofspreading the message. bravo. god bless them,buddha bless them. wonderful. and you, bless you, too.(thank you)

it’s just time, i guess. it’s just time, good time,correct time, yes. auspicious time. some of the benefitsof a vegetarian diet: lowers blood pressure lowers cholesterol levels reduces type 2 diabetes prevents stroke conditions reverses atherosclerosis

reduces heart disease risk 50% reduces heart surgery risk 80% prevents many forms of cancer stronger immune system increases life expectancyup to 15 years higher iq saves 70% of a total cost of us$40 trillion for reducing global warming

uses 4.5 times less land to grow food conserves up to 70% clean water saves 80% of the clearedamazonian rainforest from animal grazing a solution for world hunger: free up 3.4 billion hectares of land free up 760 million tons of grainevery year (half the world’s grain supply)

consumes 1/3 fossil fuelsof those used for meat production reduces pollutionfrom untreated animal waste maintains cleaner air saves 4.5 tons of emissionsper us household per year stops 80% of global warming plus more… china nowadays is not china long ago,so maybe it’s high time now. everybody knows about it now, i guess. at least supreme master television,

if they watch it, they have to know. and we are the only onethat focuses on this kind of thing. so, we are very hot. we are a big hit everywhere. we do it, so everybody is alsoencouraged to follow suit. i’m very happy. so maybe in the futureeverybody else does it and we retire, all sit there togetherand then waiting for the time when master comes for cookies,candies, bed time story every day.

not bad. i’d like the worldto take care of themselves. we can have more time for meditation,more time for us, together - barbeque,drink veggie wine, eat veggie salad. that would be nice. who knows? every dream comes true sometimes. maybe, choco? why not? other people, they dreamsome impossible dream, it comes true.

never thought we could go to the moon,and now, they went there, back and forth likegoing to a supermarket. long ago, they dreamed offlying like the birds and then they invented the airplane. and now, not only do they flylike a bird, but thousands people flyat the same time - big birds. like a big mother birdwith a lot of babies sitting inside. and well, many other things,many other things. long ago, we don’t have telephones,remember?

and now, we sit hereand talk to america and seeing each other face to face and we do teleconferencethousands miles apart. it’s no big deal anymore. the whole world became like a family,truly like that. so let’s hope thatthe people of the world and the leaders of the worldrealize that we are really a family, so there will be less war-likeand more peace-like. and less molesting of the animals- more protecting, loving them.

yes. it’s high time now. even if it’s not for the planet,it’s high time. i said to you many timesthat it’s high time that the human beingselevate themselves into the next level of who they are, step higher and highertoward their true self - loving, compassion, greatness. not sit here and thinking ofhow to kill the chicken and how to hook the fish and eat themwhile they are, suffering.

yes, it’s about time. it’s high time that we human beingsbehave in a more noble manner and not in a way that likens ourselvesto those that we call wild beasts, like tigers, lions. tigers, lions, they kill their victimquick and eat because they are hungry,because they can’t plant soy. but if they have a choice,they eat vegetarian too. you see, tigers, lions are justsimilar to dogs and cats that we have. they’re just bigger.

they all have fangs, see? the fangs are to catchthe other animals. but dogs and cats as we know, our dogs and cats are vegetarianhappily, healthily. so, same with tigers and lions,they had no choice. if they had a choice, they would be happily vegetarian;it has been proven many times. and now, also scientists alreadydiscover that. even some zoos,they give lions and tigers

and all those more vegetables now because they know they need it even.need it! not just because of moral issue,but they do really need vegetables, also they live healthier, even the vicious animalswe call wild beasts or vicious beasts. so, if we call ourselves humans, we should not behavein such a way that likens us to the so-called vicious beastsand wild beasts. it’s really not a very honorable thingto do.

we should not feel very proud ofourselves and call them wild beasts. what are we? i keep asking this questionall the time: if we do the same like them,what do we call ourselves? wild humanoid or beasty humanoid? or a wild beasty humanoid! when we come to think about it, isn’t that ironic that we do the samelike the wild beast and we call them vicious animals?

when we want to curse somebodyor humiliate somebody, we say, “you, you animals, you!” “you are like animals!” you’re like animals even,not even wild beast yet! and we behave like wild beasts,the way we kill other beings to eat, just like them. why do we call them “wild beasts”? because that’s the way they behave,see? because they don’t behavelike our domesticated dogs!

the tigers, the lions,they catch other animals to eat, so we call them wild beasts. vicious animals, yes. and we do the same! no? what’s the reason for calling them“wild beasts”? because they catch other animalsto eat because they are wild! they are not tamed like our dogseating on a plate - pellets or veggie bones - so we call them wild beasts, right?

opposite to our domesticated animals,pets; we call our dogs “pets,”rabbit “pets.” and the lions “wild beasts.” what will we call ourselves?you know what i mean? same, no difference. i think we are worse because we make them go intocramped areas. yes, yes! and put chemicals in them.

we’re even more cruelthan the wild beasts! yes, that’s right. the wild beasts, they eat onlywhen they’re hungry in the field, and they choose the weak and the old, the one that could not runwith the whole flock - that means the weak one- they eliminate that. but we kill anything! yes, we run deep into the sea tofish the fish up, we shoot into the skyto get the birds down,

we go into the jungle toget the wild beast to eat - wild beasts or non wild beasts,we eat them all! and then call the otherthe “wild beasts.” i don’t know who is the wildand who is the beast. all right.but let’s hope that the beast, whoever that may be,will turn around. we have a film called“beauty and the beast.” a gentle giant and he turned around,he became no more beasty. yes, so, maybe every dreamcomes true.

one day, one day… who knows? maybe tomorrow.(yes. that would be nice!) maybe after the copenhagen conference, maybe beforethe copenhagen conference, maybe a little while after, maybe shortly after,maybe quickly after! okay, whatever! we wait.we do our best and we wait. just like you plant a little treeand you wait for him to grow. every day put a little water,

a little love, attention, tlc,then he grows! what else to do? so, we all have to work like that,wait for the tree to grow. no? good. vegetarianism in religion the bahai faith “regarding the eating of animal fleshand abstinence therefrom, know thou of a certainty that,in the beginning of creation, god determined the foodof every living being,

and to eat contraryto that determination is not approved.” ~ selections from the bahã¡â€™ã­ writingson some aspects of health and healing buddhism … all meats eatenby living beings are of their own relatives. ~ lankavatara sutra (tripitaka no. 671) “also, after the birth of the baby,

care must be exercised not to killany animal in order to feed the mother with meaty delicacies and not to assemble many relativesto drink liquor or to eat meat…. because at the difficult time of birththere are innumerable evil demons, monsters and goblins who want toconsume the smelly blood… by ignorantly and adversely resortingto the killing of animals for consumption… they bring down cursesupon themselves, which are detrimentalto both the mother and the baby.”

~ ksitigarbha sutra “be careful during the daysimmediately after someone’s death, not killing or destroyingor creating evil karma by worshipping or offering sacrificeto demons and deities… because such killingand slaughtering committed or such worship performedor such sacrifice offered would not have even an iotaof force to benefit the dead, but would entwineeven more sinful karma into previous karma,

making it even deeperand more serious. thus, delay his rebirthto a good state.” karma means retribution. cao äã€i “... the most important thing isto stop killing... because animals also have soulsand understand like humans... if we kill and eat them, then we owe thema blood debt. ~ teachings of the saints

christianity meats for the belly,and the belly for meats: but god shall destroy both itand them. holy bible “and while the flesh wasyet between their teeth, ere it was chewed, the wrath of the lord was kindledagainst the people, and the lord smote the peoplewith a very great plague.” confucianism

“all men have a mind which cannot bearto see the sufferings of others. the superior man,having seen the animals alive, cannot bear to see them die; having heard their dying cries, he cannot bearto eat their flesh”. ~ mencius essenes i am come to end the sacrificesand feasts of blood, and if ye cease not offeringand eating

of flesh and blood, the wrath of god shall notcease from you. ~ gospel of the holy twelve hinduism since you cannot bring killed animalsback to life, you are responsible for killing them. therefore you are going to hell;there is no way for your deliverance.” ~ adi-lila, chapter 17 “he who desiresto augment his own flesh

by eating the flesh of other creatures lives in misery in whatever specieshe may take his birth.” ~ mahabharata, anu islam allah will not give mercy to anyone, except those who give mercyto other creatures. hadith do not allow your stomachsto become graveyards of animals! jainism

a true monk should not acceptsuch food and drink as has been especially preparedfor him involving the slaughterof living beings. ~ sutrakritanga judaism and whatsoever man there beof the house of israel, or of the strangersthat sojourn among you, that eateth any manner of blood*; i will even set my faceagainst that soul

that eateth blood*, and will cut him offfrom among his people. holy bible*blood: meaning “flesh” sikhism those mortals who consume marijuana,flesh and wine - no matter what pilgrimages, fastsand rituals they follow, they will all go to hell. ~ guru granth sahib taoism

do not go into the mountainto catch birds in nets, nor to the water to poisonfishes and minnows. do not butcher the oxthat plows your field. ~ tract of the quiet way tibetan buddhism the offering to the deities of meatobtained by killing animate beings is like offering a motherthe flesh of her own child; and this is a grievous failure. ~ the supreme path of discipleship

zoroastrianism “those plants, i, ahura mazda (god),rain down upon the earth, to bring food to the faithful,and fodder to the beneficent cow.” ~ avesta everybody knows that vegetarian dietis good for health and to save the planet. they will be awakeningtheir own great, compassionate, loving, self-nature. and then their level of consciousnesswill rise up automatically.

and they will understandmore than they ever did. and they will be closer to heaventhan what they are right now. meditation is important october 11, 2009france how is everyone? (good.) you all look good. children have come, too. master, you are so beautiful.(thank you.) i look beautiful because i dressed up.

i look beautiful when i dress up. i’ve said if you do some make-up,you’d look good. secret. it’s like that. master, i have good newsto share with you. okay, go ahead. i am an initiate from kaohsiung,formosa (taiwan). since april this year, our kaohsiung center hasheld many public events under the name ofour international association

to spread the message of“be veg, go green 2 save the planet.” we delivered the messagethrough fun and interesting games. this format allows many residentsin local communities to become familiarwith master’s books in a light-hearted atmospherewithout any pressure. we designed some quizzes for themto find the answers in master’s books. once they find the correct answersthey pass the test and win a prize. a prize? oh! of course!i also like prizes. is there anything left for me?

(yes, yes.) i am most familiarwith master’s teachings and books. that’s right. whatever question you ask,i can answer. i will prepare a prize right awayand have it sent to you by express mail. okay, so the prize winnersmust be very happy. yes. in this way,we attract many children. they bring their parents overto play the games together. at each event, we can attractabout 300-500 families

to participate in the games. in the event,apart from master’s books, we also prepared13 global warming posters. we prepared questions and answers based on the content ofthe global warming posters. the participants first listen toour instructor who explains to them the current severity ofglobal warming, the solutions, and the importanceof keeping a vegan diet. then they answer the questionsin order to win the prize.

in this way, we attract peopleto come and join our activities. we also prepare free vegan foodfor them to sample. free of charge? (yes.) i also want it. they not only receive the prizebut also free food. yes. we first providedfree vegan food samples. later, after we became popular, many organizations were eagerto collaborate with us. so we consolidated our cost byoffering cooking classes instead.

the dishes from the cooking classwere used as free food samples. why did they wantto collaborate with us? it is because our activitieshave been successful and fun, and they attract many people. we also had performancespresented by the teenagers. our games attract a lot of peopleeach time. some neighborhood leadersand officials of the bureau of social affairscame to observe us, and they found that our eventswere well-organized,

rich in content, and relevant tothe popular topic of global warming. so the municipal bureauof social affairs approached us and asked us if they couldjointly organize these kinds of events with us. so far, we are fully booked from septembertill the end of december. it’s a lot of fun! yes. through these kindsof activities, we help both adults and children

to understand the severityof global warming. after readingour global warming posters, some parents told their children: “it’s so important to eat fruitsand vegetables.” and some children would say totheir parents: “mom, when we go home,we should eat more vegetarian food because we must save the polar bears.” (right.) one ofthe global warming posters is the picture of the polar bearsstanding on the melting ice.

many children would stand in frontof the poster and look at it. on july 9th, we took the opportunityof the world games in kaohsiung and asked the games’executive director to forward a letter tothe mayor of kaohsiung city, suggesting that she promote“meat-free mondays.” in september,to our pleasant surprise, we found that at the end of july the kaohsiung city governmenthad already released

an official document toall the public and private elementary, middle and high schoolsunder its jurisdiction, asking them to develop a planto introduce “meat-free mondays” to the students. we didn’t know about thisuntil september. so we are actively preparingto contact all the schools and ask them if they are willing tocarry it out. we can offer free cooking classes to teach themhow to prepare vegan food,

or provide free vegan recipes. this is what we are planning to donext in kaohsiung. (great!) the above is the good newsi wanted to report. great! wonderful! it’s getting better and better. it’s just too slow. dear master, i have good news,from loving hut in orlando, florida. yes, the first thing about loving hut is we teach free cooking classfor the people.

when we started, we only taught thisin our restaurant, and then the people fromthe seventh day adventists came to us and then they saidthey wanted to work with us to teach more free vegan classesat their church, (yes.) so as to have more people. and then, we started workingwith them, and so far we have been workingwith them for five classes, and we have from 60to 100 attendees each class, and they are very enthusiastic.

some of them, they don’t knowwhat loving hut is, so before we teach them, we gave them a little presentationabout what loving hut is, and about global warming, (yes.) and how being a vegan is goodfor our planet. (yes.) and the pastor, after we talkedabout the message of global warming and being vegan,he was very supportive too. later on he was saying, “okay,be vegan and save our planet.” and the attendees,when we teach them the classes,

we also give them tipsand “how to cook vegan” classes and at the end,we give them free refreshments so that they can try what we justcooked and showed them, and they love the foods very much.(cool.) and they came backand they have positive feedback. (good. bravo.) yes. and then another thingabout loving hut is recently we also worked witha different pastor from the seventh day adventists.

he is the founder of acts. they are the main people who respond to natural disastersin the usa, (yes.) and what they do iswhen there are big natural disasters, they go there and they provide foodfor the victims, and they stay there for a while. and before, they only provided meat,non-vegetarian foods for them. and because the pastor,he is vegan himself, and he started to give...

give vegan food now. ... vegetarian food to them, (good.) and then he started noticingthat more people get in line to get more vegetarian food. (really.) yes. he started to knowabout our restaurant so he came to us, and then he askedhow can he work it out so that they have more recipesin case it’s needed in some disasters so they can serve more vegan foodfor them.

so we just work with them,we give them recipes because when they need it,they prepare food, like, 30,000 meals at one meal time.(30,000.) yes, yes, a lot of people,so we don’t have enough manpower, so what we do,we just give them the recipes, show them how to cookso they can do that, (yes.) instead of us actuallydoing it ourselves. yes. that’s good. (yes.) thirty thousand,all vegetarians!

(yes.) very cool. thank you, master. that’s all. hallo, master! (yes.)hallo, brothers and sisters. today, i want to share with youmy experience with the bean sprout dietover the past two months. i started to eat bean sprout mealsin august 2009. bean sprouts are good for you.they are very nutritious! the sprouts i eat arefrom green beans. i eat them once a day,and sometimes twice.

in august 2009,i had a fever for two days. after that, i couldn’t eatanything else but bean sprouts. so i have been eating bean sproutsfor two months till now. once or twice a week,i take my friends to eat at loving hut. one week.all right, and then what happened? i’d like to share with everyonehow differently i feel after this diet. first, i feel i can concentrate betterthan before. it’s easier to meditate.

i need less sleep than before. also, i have become more sensitive. this is number one. number two, i am more awareof my own mood swings. i don’t have as many mood swings as before after startingthe bean sprout diet. number three, my menstrual paindisappeared. number four,since i started this diet, i noticed that in the processedand cooked food i ate before,

it has a lot of emotions in it;it also made me feel heavy. yes, yes. yes, after i started to keepthe bean sprout diet, i could sense it very clearly. if you grow the bean sprouts yourself,it’s even better. yes, i do grow them myself. good. i grow the sprouts myself. i also use organic green beans(mung beans).

i buy organic green beans. you only eat green beans? yes, only green beans. you don’t eat other beans? i also add organic sesame powder,organic soy sauce and organic flax seed oil. oh, you mix bean sproutswith sesame seed powder and soy sauce to make it tastier. and soy sauce, organic flaxseed oil.

flaxseed is good for the joints.yes, okay. i have calculated thatit only takes about us$24/month to stay on this diet. you look like a bean sprout now. i have lost five kilograms. five kilograms. so those of you who want tolose weight can come to learn with her. i didn’t recommend it;she reported it herself.

each person is different. okay? if you want to becomelike a bean sprout, then you can learn from her. she looks very muchlike a bean sprout, thin and tall. what else? you feel better, right? the fifth benefit is very obvious:i rarely feel thirsty. i used to drink a lot of waterevery day. but now it seemsthat i can go through a day

without drinking any water. (yes, yes.) it’s obviousthat i don’t feel thirsty on a bean sprout diet. bean sprouts contain a lot of wateralready. okay. what else? the sixth benefit is thatmy body feels very relaxed. the most obvious is that no matter how many bean sproutsi ate in a meal, my gout never came back.

you don’t feel pain anymore.(not at all.) okay. i am very happy about it. it is because of the energypeople put into the food when they cook and process it. it happens to the food we buyfrom outside. previously, after each meal,i needed to take a rest until i stopped feeling full.sometimes i felt stressed. and now, no matter how big a bowlof bean sprouts i eat… you feel as if you haven’t eatenanything.

understand. it is becausethere is nothing but water in bean sprouts. also after eating,i can go jogging or working without feeling anything. so, i feel great. yes, yes, yes.who taught you this? did you discover it by yourselfor did you learn it from others? i learned it from the internetand supreme master tv. the author of the bookdiet for a new america

also promotes eating sprouts,many different kinds of sprouts. it’s said that this has curedthe sicknesses of many people. it is because your body needsmore energy to digest those complicated foods.right. that’s about all. i want to thank you for reminding usto eat organic vegetables. (yes, yes.) and also try to plantour own vegetables. now, not only do i feel thatmy meditation is getting better, which makes me very happy,

but my body is also gettinghealthier and lighter. you are very welcome. each person has a differentphysical constitution. each person has different needs. but actually, jesus said,“man shall not live by bread alone.” we can see that many peoplecan live without food. it’s just that we are usedto eating food and we are used to a certain taste. we like to eat this and that.

otherwise, we can live on simple food. i told you before that i used toeat sesame and brown rice, which was already too much. but it’s can experiment however you want, as long as you take care of your bodyand make sure your body can handle it. sometimes we think thatwe can only get enough nutrition by eating a lot of food -it’s not necessarily true. it’s really like that. sometimes the lighter the foodwe eat, the healthier we are.

it’s strange. the more nutrients we take,the more tired we become. sometimes our body is tired fromtrying to sort out different kinds of foodwe eat, like how to digest the carrots,how to digest the rice, how to digest the alfalfa sprouts,and how to digest the mushrooms. sometimes we cook too muchand too complex a dish for our body to knowhow to sort them out. it can also be very tiring.

once, i stopped eating fora few weeks, suddenly i just didn’t feel like eatinganymore. i once lived in a templeand ate one meal a day. at that time, i had just become a nun and i was very strict withthe precepts. i ate once a dayand i wouldn’t eat after noon. the abbot of the temple teased me,saying, “the amount of foodmaster ching hai eats for one meal is more than what we eatfor three or four meals.”

actually, i didn’t eat that much;he was exaggerating. he was just teasing me. so i said, “fine,i can also stop eating.” so i did. i wasn’t angry. i just felt that i could dowithout eating any food. if the food was good,i could eat it. and i could also stop eatingwhenever i wanted. so i didn’t eat anythingfor several weeks. the abbot became nervous.

he thought i was angryand i refused to eat. he kept nagging me to eat. everyone who ate stared at me, and i had not eaten for quite a while. and i didn’t get sickafter i stopped eating. i didn’t eat, but i kept doingexactly the same work. i felt very energetic.i felt very light and comfortable. later, they forced me too muchso i started eating again. when i ate for the first timeafter fasting for a long time,

i felt as if i had fallenfrom the clouds. i felt as if i was pulled down. it was very painful. the first meal was very painful. but later, i got used to it. it’s really strange thatwe can get used to anything. we can get used to eatingor not eating, suffering or happiness. it’s like that.

so what you said is also correct. the point is not the bean sproutsbut the body. it doesn’t need to processso much complex food. your feeling is similar to thosewho don’t eat. they feel very light and happy,but we pity them and wonder how comethey don’t eat anything. in fact, they feel very happy. this is because of the mindset,the concept. we have to change our concept.

it’s not that now we’re going toforce ourselves to stop eating and sit there pitying ourselves. it’s not right. that won’t work. you are bound to get sick that way. when poor people have nothing to eat,they will get sick or starve to death. they suffer becausetheir concept has not changed. they think that without food,they will definitely die. they think it’s pitiful to be poor. but those who voluntarily stop eatingare very happy and healthy.

it’s a matter of concept. that’s why shakyamuni buddha said, “everything is created by the mind.”it’s like that. but if you want to try something new,do it slowly. it’s a serious thing. okay, congratulations! if you are healthy, then continue.okay? it’s okay to eat at loving hutoccasionally. it’s true that your body will feelvery light,

but if you become thinner and thinner,you should be careful. don’t force the body too much. don’t over-extend your endurance.okay? do it according to your condition. if you feel strong, it’s okay. whatever we do,we should be careful and cautious. do it step by step. if you can’t move forward,then step backward, and after a whiletry to move forward again -

don’t keep forcing yourself. for example,we are traveling on a road and a big boulder is in our way. instead of fighting it,we should go around it, or step back to take a look. or find someone to join forces withto remove the rock. don’t go head to headagainst the rock. we don’t have to force our waythrough the rock, unless you have magical power.

how are you, master? i am fine. and you? i’m great. we want to report good newsfrom san diego center in the us. a few months ago, a sister and i organized a smallfree vegan cooking class. before the class,we first played a dvd and explained to themthe issue of global warming. (yes.) we gave them some information.

about global warming. yes, yes. some of them werevery surprised. they didn’t know that beinga vegetarian can save the earth. they were very surprised. they took meticulous notesand wrote down master’s website. when we taught them how to cook,we used organic ingredients. so, at the same time, we encouraged them to buyorganic ingredients. we also used vegan cheese,which contains no milk,

and we told them where to buy it. now the san diego centerholds a monthly cooking class in a rented spaceat the public library. the vegan cooking class is freeand open to the public. now more and more people cometo our class. last month after our class, a teacher who teaches on the internetinvited one of our sisters to teach vegan cooking on her website. so our center is preparing for thisright now.

good. congratulations! some of the diseases related to meatconsumption/production: q fever norovirus swine flu ebola-reston virus cured meats and fish increaseleukemia risk in children antibiotic-resistant"superbug" infections

from a strain of staphylococcus aureus blue tongue disease e coli salmonella bird flu mad cow disease (creutzfeldt-jakob disease,90% of the population at risk) pig's disease (pmws) listeriosis

shellfish poisoning pre-eclampsia campylobacter clostridium difficile diseases hidden inhealthy-appearing livestock some of the costsof meat eating: infertility eating just one servingof meat per day increases the risk of women’s infertilityby 32 percent,

with additional meat consumptionincreasing the risk. heart disease over 17 million liveslost globally each year cost of cardiovascular disease isat least us$1 trillion a year cancer colorectal cancer over 1 million new colon cancerpatients diagnosed each year more than 600,000 colon cancer-relatedmortalities annually in the united states alone,

colon cancer treatment costsabout us$6.5 billion. millions of people are newly diagnosed with other meat-related cancersevery year. diabetes 246 million people are affectedworldwide an estimated us$174 billion spent each year on treatmentin just the united states obesity worldwide 1.6 billion adults areoverweight

with 400 million more who are obese costs us$93 billion each yearfor medical expenses in the united states alone at least 2.6 million peopledie annually from problems relatedto being overweight or obese environmental uses up to 70% of clean water pollutes most of the water bodies deforests the lungs of the earth

uses up 43% of the world's cereal uses up to 85% of the world's soy cause world hunger & wars 80% cause of global warming some of the costsof milk consumption cowpox from milking cows bacterial microbes, pesticides,and enzymes found in cheese, derived from the inner stomach liningsof other animals up to 80 percent of the caloriesin cheese are from pure fat

breast, prostate and testicular cancerfrom hormones present in milk listeria and crohn’s disease hormones and saturated fat leadsto osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes and heart disease linked to higher incidencesof multiple sclerosis classified as a major allergen lactose intolerance hallo, master.i have a question. how do we use the love and blessings

that master gives us to help others?thank you. we should meditate. truly, i’m serious. we should change our concept. we should focus on the meditation. we must meditateand let go of all unimportant things. you cannot say, “living, walking,sitting, and sleeping are all zen.” you can remain in the state of zenwhen you stay alone in the mountains. you are not bothered by anyone;you don’t need to earn your living;

and you don’t interact with anyone. in that situation,it might be possible. here, if you want to help others, you should meditate for at leastfour hours, not just 2.5. two-and-a-half hours is just enoughto benefit yourself, plus sharing a little bit with others. if you want to help others,for example, you need to meditatefor at least four hours a day. bean sprouts is the best way.

you don’t have to spend much timetaking care of them. buy a bottle of soy sauceand leave it there. bean sprouts grow on their own. you put the beans in a water bottle,or a pot, or a plastic box, add a little bit of water,and they will grow. i used to do it in the bathtub. in the past, i needed to sellbean sprouts to earn money. at that time, i had just become a nunand had no money to rent a place. at that time, there were already 20or 30 renunciates following me.

i had to provide for them. we grew sweet potatoes in the gardenand bean sprouts in our house. and we needed a lot,so i cleaned the bathtub, put one layer of beans, and then covered itwith a piece of mesh cloth for ventilation, then i putanother layer of beans, and then another piece of cloth,and then another layer of beans and another piece of cloth, and so on. if you don’t have that kind of cloth,you can also use towels.

but it’s harder to take the sproutsoff if you use a towel. that kind of cloth is may use it a couple of times. if it gets too raggedand pierced through by the sprouts, then you can’t use it any more.that’s all. then the entire bathtub was full ofbean sprouts. they grew very fast. when we sold the sprouts on the top,the ones at the bottom had grown. the lower layers grew shorterand stockier. the upper layers were long and thin

because they had more air and spacefor them to grow. the ones in the lower layerswere squashed, so they became short and stocky,but they still tasted great. they looked short and plump,very cute. it was like that. but i’m not encouraging everyoneto eat bean sprouts. you eat what you want to eat. but you need to know clearlywhat you’re eating. sometimes the more we eat,

the heavier and more tiredour body feels. i talked about this in japan. in japanese temples, only the high monkswho have practiced long and who have good energy can cook. they don’t randomly letthe new monks cook for everyone because the newcomersdon’t have good energy. it’s truly so. the more you practice,the more sensitive you become,

and then you’ll know that a person’s energy can trulypollute your food. this doesn’t just happenwhen we cook food; the same thing happens whenthe food is processed in a factory. that’s why when we eattoo many things, our spiritual body will alsobe pulled down. it’s very scary. that’s why those greedy peoplewho want many things are really not that smart.

that’s why since ancient times,people like shakyamuni buddha and jesus christ didn’t even want towear shoes, because the less one takesfrom this world, the more relaxed and happier he is. that’s why they could practiceto such a high level. nowadays, we have so manymaterial things, that’s why it’s harder to practicespiritually. it is truly like this. i know this from my own experience.

when i meditate more, i feel better. much better, not just a little better,it’s like 90% better. right, around 90%, 80 or 90%. so i don’t have to takea lot of medication, just vitamins of course. and i eat twice a day,just a little bit, not too much. i eat a lot of fruit, a lot of fruit,and many raw fruit-type vegetables. they also cook for me. two very kind-hearted peoplecook for me.

but if one day they are nervous,or distracted, then i can’t eat what they cook. i would know that the foodwouldn’t taste good that day. so i would slice some fruit and eat,then i would feel much better. it is truly not because ofthe medicine. basking under the sun and relaxing,those are the most important. you don’t have to leave your family. it’s best not to do things with thoseyou don’t get along well with. for example,you want them to work on this,

but they want to work on that. when you ask them to do this,they intentionally do it slowly. it’s faster if you to do it yourself. they would help you but unwillingly,or they would look at your face as if they don’t know how to do it,but in reality they know. they just want to put it offor to attract your attention, like a child. they know how to do it, but they would do it slowlyand do a bad job

so that you’d have to do it yourself. avoid those people. don’t work with thosewho are troublesome or uncooperative, or those who don’t have a rapportwith you. no wonder shakyamuni buddhaand those great masters all left home to become renunciates. they said that the path ofhouseholders is very narrow. i’m not saying that the path for youis very narrow. i mean it for the majority ofthe people.

for you spiritual practitioners, being a householder is the same asbeing a renunciate. it is because you understandthe teaching, and your perception is different. also, you are in harmonywith your spouse. you have only one spouse,so it’s easier. therefore, if you’re sick, you need to pay attentionto these aspects. it’s not because you don’t eat enough,or you need to take medicine.

it’s because you have too much worryand stress. okay! the more worry you have, the worse your health becomes,and the weaker your spirit becomes. then even your immunity becomesweaker and weaker, then you get sick. the most important thing is notto be troubled. you can’t allow othersto give you stress. sometimes your loved onescan give you stress because they keep wantingto catch your attention

and they don’t know that they aregiving you stress this way. love has to be unconditional, okay? love is not to grab people. love is different from possessiveness. some people say that they love you,but they are very possessive and they make you feel very,very tired. because they love you, you don’t have the heartto say anything or to leave them. and you don’t knowhow to be separated from them.

if it were just betweena husband and a wife, you can talk to each other. it’s okay. but if you have too manyfamily members, and everyone demands different things,then it becomes exhausting. they are not doing it intentionally.they aren’t. that’s just the way they are. and it also has to do withtheir bad karma (retribution) from their previous lives. yes. those past-life enemies will come backto become lovers.

being a lover is also exhausting. stay away from them and let them workat a little distance. don’t let them share your workat every step. that won’t do. the more they help,the busier you become. the more they love you,the more tired you become. that’s it. it’s that simple. meditation is very important.this is the answer to your question.

you have to meditate. you must be determined to meditate. it’s not because master said this. it’s because if you don’t meditate,you’ll die. your spirit will die.your body will be exhausted. it’s truly so. i’m not joking. from now on, you have to know this. we really have to be diligentwith our meditation. whenever we can meditate, we should.

even five minutes or two minutes,we should focus. we should protect ourselvesall the time. otherwise, this world is too pollutingand too destructive. we can be harmed at any time. even though we are vegetarianand kind, we can still be affected. therefore, only meditation, and focusing our attentioncan we protect ourselves. especially during this time,there are many tests.

if the world doesn’t turn around,it will be destroyed very soon. therefore, we should do our bestto meditate. really, it is to help the world that i reluctantly let you go outto work. otherwise, if it’s not for preventingthe end of the world, i would have advised youto meditate all the time. because if we don’t meditate enough,we can’t help the world either. if the people around medon’t meditate enough it’s also very difficult for themto help me.

even if they want to help, they can’t. therefore, you have to meditate first. if you want to help others,meditate four hours a day. it depends on how much you wantto help others. meditate whenever possibleand as much as possible, so you’ll have some reserve to use.

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