baby born badewanne billig

baby born badewanne billig

among many great things of karnataka state,temples of mysuru district have a special place. in the 15th century, shaivaiteswanted to pray only lord shiva, vaishnavaites wanted topray only lord vishnu, amidst this confusion, the then king of mysurusri jayarajendra sharma, had installed a statue based on theadvice from his guru shankara. shankaranarayana (as lordshiva and lord vishnu!) ever since then, this monasterybecame a holy place. both shaiva and vaishnava sects startedworshiping lord shankara narayana.

since then, the temple lord shankaranarayana has become a monastery. since many years, this placehas been worshipped.. people of many villages around this area. people of these villages never wentagainst the diktats of this temple. studying vedas, conductingholy sacrifices. this temple is involved in eye donationcamp, free boarding education for the poor and encouraging the people toactively participate in its process. but today the rich templeshave become vote bank and the caretaker (swami) isoften called as swiss bank.

but the 28th pontiff of this monasterysri sri sri shivaskanda narayana swamiji. is a role model to the gurus who occupythese high and exalted positions. politics is banned in this no politics here. hail lord shankaranarayana! parents with daughters havesorrows which can be shared. parents with sons have sorrowswhich can't be shared. boys will be good till they get married.girls will be good after they get married. are you aware of the agreementbetween your husband and this monastery? isyour son known about this?

if i tell him it'lldevastate this 'village. guruji must tell him. he told me to bringhim to the mutt. he's coming. he doesn't believe in gods,temples, mutts, prayers, offerings! if i talk about mutt (monastery), hegets angry and burst like crackers. greetings. - greetings. you are jayaram's son, right?- yes. we are wating foryou to welcome!

play the music! welcome please! daddy! such a grandwelcome for your son! what's this? what's all about this? i didn't even offer obsequiesfor 6 years now, daddy! on reaching home, i'llsearch and find your photo, i'll put it in a frame, i'll offer obsequies to youlike big birthday bash!

please wait here. oh mother india! looks like i've been invitedhere with a big plan! fall at his feet! please take your seat. me? - yes, please sit down. today's our meetingwas decided in past for 1 million debitedin my account, krishna, i'm serving thismutt as its 28th guru.

after my turn, you will be the 29thswami of this mutt (monastery) what? you mean i'll have to replacethe chair after your turn? your horoscope says you'redestined to become a guru. you must become guruand run this mutt. 500 acres of land, schools,colleges, hospitals, millions worth property, guruii! are you sureabout this decision? i can...l can... since you request, i'llbecome the head of this mutt.

i’m broker ramaiah. why there's no respect in your words? will you tell me the matteror shall i cut the call? i'll tell you the matter.goodmarriage proposal. the bride's family is avery wealthy family. with lot of lands. the girl also isvery good looking! tell me if you've anyoneoffering gold in kilograms. my range has changed! iwill get back to you later.

sorry guruji! an urgent phone call.marriage broker called. guruji, i've a small doubt. guruji, can you sponsor the expensesof my marriage or to spend myself? the one who leads the mutt (monastery) mustbe detached from wealth, women and land. a guruji must overcome “desires,passion and jealousy”. what? at? the characters which you want me togive up, i'm more accustomed to it. i'm unfit for this mutt,please leave me, guruji. sit down.

you don't know aboutyourself, krishna. as a kid you gave away your clothesto kids who didn't have it. you gave away yourfood to the hungry. serving others is a characteryou've from birth. one may donate whenhe has not grown. one must donate afterhe has grown up. what are you doing now, krishna? i'm running a smallfinance company. i'm giving big loans butcharge very little interest.

so people fondly call meas 'interest" krishna. have people who tookloans repaid you? knowingly or unknowingly, you’rehelping the people who are in trouble. your parents didn't have children,they made a vow to this temple. after that you were born. if they have a son, they promisedto give him to the mutt, they have given it in writing. now the time has come, krishna! guruji, i don’t have anyqualification to become guru.

just say yes, we'llmake you guru. guruji, please give me an alternatesolution instead of becoming guru here. within this full moon day, you must be readyto occupy 29th guru of this mutt. (monastery) according to the tradition, the one who has taken this vow must conductthe festival of lord shankaranarayana, if you fail to do so, as fine to this mutt, you must gift anelephant to the mutt, the festival god will go onprocession on the elephant you gift.

how difficult it is togift an elephant now? is it possible for us? becoming guru is...- i'll not become guru. i'll gift elephant. not just gifting elephant will do,you must ride it to the mutt. i’ll come with an elephant not onlyby riding but sleeping on it too. because of the bad words, your grandmother had suffered due to elephantiasis. this is absolutely a pureholy and untainted place. look krishna,

many couples made a vowhere for having children, many of those childrenare studying vedas here, but they have not beenselected to head this mutt, lord shankaranarayana hasselected you for the post. you were born duringauspicious gajakesari time. you've that qualification! but, i don't liketo become guru. i'll gift an elephant tothe mutt in a month, guru. god bless you.

so many couples had childrenafter making a vow to the mutt. guruji has chosen you tobecome the head of this mutt. that's your good fortune! you're arguing with mutt whichi consider as divine and holy. instead of marrying of lone son andfighting every day with daughter-in-law, it seems she wants me tobecome a guru of the mutt. are you really my mother? hundreds become engineersand doctors every day. but do you how great itis to become a guru?

that too for our mutt,that's your good fortune. do you consider yourselfas pandari bai? i am eager to get married but insteadyou’re asking me to become a guru. that was your father's decision.mutt has complete rights over you. what sort of a son are you whocan't fulfill a mother's wish? parents only have theright to have childern. what the children want tobecome is children's right! now i am realising. you rejected the proposal saying defectin her horoscope.she's sick, age bar.

to make me mutt head! you grew up watching tv news.igrew up watching films. we'll grow up in one song. we'll come a greatstar in 150 minutes. if you talk about me to become guruof the mutt again, that’s all. you may need 150episodes to search me. go! go! your game don’trun for long time. you can escape fromanyone but not from god. which god? where is he?

even after offerings fasts and prayersfor years, you didn't yet see him, that you find me,then let him find me. in that gap i'll marryand have children. oh god! he will marryand have children! i want him to become mutt head he wantsto marry to become a family man. lord shankaranarayana! father in home...master in school... brother that side andmother this side... friend in bar andgirl on street...

everyone is scoldingme, what am i to do? accept me as i am matured. whatever said and done, youand me are no different.. if you tell me something,i'll not get angry... come one after the otherand scold me freely... shirt collar, pant belt... gives names to every step... if you keep away the cheeks ofa girl from lips of a boy... it hurts heart and youthgoes on rampage...

life hits low andthere's destruction... your idea is wrong... your way is wrong... you're wrong if you keepquiet before elders... what ever you say we listensilently without protest. even if sun and moon, dayand night fail to appear... we are going to be thestar on that night. and become a joyous day. is it wrong to dream?

is it wrong to earn? is it wrong to becomegreater that the great? they carried for 9months and raised us.. there's no other optionthan to get scolded... greetings! future guru of this muttmustn't sleep till 9 am . who is becoming guru? whatif you decide yourself? neither i'll become guru nori'll gift the elephant. we watch and read the news inthe tv & paper daily, like..

they say long jouney istiresome and expensive too. won't i get tired if itravel long distance? you can’t reach destination by anymeans without spending money. quarrelling with wifemakes one mental torture. lord brahma hasn't yet created a manwho can be at peace fighting his wife. come closer. if by any chance, i become mutt head,let's make the mutt hi-tech! just men like you can'tmake the mutt full house, let's allow few girls,let's trap rich people,

imported cars, internationalschool, non resident indian funds! don't underestimate our mutt. we want you to come to the right path.are you leading us in the wrong path? remember, you'll be inour mutt within a month. are you threatening me? itoo know court and law! if i've to become the head,you need my permission also. you can't force it on me. if you try to force me, i'll gatherthe public and create havoc. i'll file a case againstmutt and get it shut down.

his young blood is makinghim speak like that. he doesn't have any respectto the mutt.he is scaring us. the changes in saffron cloth wearingsadhus has angered the people. he is having answers forhis confusions and chaos. he must find it himself. if an egg is broken byforce, a life will die. if the same egg is broken byitself, a life will be born. from darkness to brightness! sure he will come fromdarkness to brightness.

greeting to the 29th guru of the muttsri sri sri krishnanaarayana swamy. you're indeed god! if you by any chance become the head,our lives will change forever. govt. projects, road contracts, we can have a blast buildingschools and colleges. dirty rogues who callthemselves as my friends. shall i need to changemy color for your sake? i'm already tensed for becoming mydth life into dd 1 at the age of 27! are you planningfor your progress?

don't get angry, bhai! giftan elephant as they ask. they asked for theelephant and not dung! oh allah! give that also, bhai. elephant will cost millions.!it won't work out. you can't override mutt rules. we people also believe in this.don't you beleive in this? why did my father gave me birthat this gajakesari time? if you say no to temple,he's a chief of temple. if mutt says no to you,your problem is solved.

how? those who lose their chastitywill not be accepted as swami. cd's of few mutt heads comeafter they become head. your cd will be releasedbefore you become a swami. are you in the face book? can i have some water? can haveas much as you want. we drink only duringelection time. why?

because only the idiotsare contesting you know? we drink water inconfusion whom to vote! don't get confused here,vote here correctly. how many times haveyou voted till now? first time. do you've voteridentification card? voter id? what do you want, sir? look there!

sir, we've not committed any offence. are you lying to me here? is it udaya tv to watch? my parents cut cablebecause i watch tv. do you've anything leftin you to get spoiled? which place are you from? nearby only, justrs.50 only by auto. police are verystrict in our place.that's we came here. that means i'm not strict andvery weak police officer, right?

not like that, sir.- i'll get you on flight. you can never againget into bed again. rajesh! our mutt'sfuture guru is here! greetings guru. - greetings. sir, that is... how divine your legs are! you stepped here and such cheapbusiness has come to light. i am really grateful to you buddy, tell him,we're your friends.

sir, they are..- useless buggers! these rogues try to influence the police bytelling their contacts with bureaucrats. pc, take them away. they are... - i'lltake care of them. you don't worry about them. don't forget me, i'mgajendra, two star! oh god! brother, delicately! delicately! how come he got beatenup, worse than you?

they thrashed him for callingfuture guru as friend and buddy. is it too painful? yes, swamiji! i'll slap you! why do you address me “swami”as you’re my friends? the staff of the mutt won't leave me! suggest another idea if notmutt will take me away. breaking news! robbers were caught red handed..

.. with rs.0.1 million cashand two kilograms of gold. since last week,theywere absconding. the accused are... hello, police station! wait a minute, i'llgive to police. sir, phone for you. i'm head constable ramana here. hello ramana, there is no interestor principal money from you. come to the point.

a robbery is taking placein a finance company. come leisurely, we'llstay here only. you'll surely get thepromotion this time. but give me my interest andprinciple after you get promotion. please, brother. cut the call. come fast, brother. bhai! - what? i've a doubt. - come out.

you can escape from becomingswami by going to jail, then you'll get married afteryour release from the jail. but what about our fate? you're right. bloody rogues! you came with me to sheela aunty,though i didn't invite you. shut up and come with me. what? - few people are stillworking at this hour! working?

you fool! they're real thieves! who are you guys?- don't get tensed. we are also thieves.let us also join you. bloody idiots... lower your voice, brother. we're stealing aftera year's plan. can we give you a share in it?- we don't want any share. just keep us with you tillpolice arrive, that's enough. police?

we've already called the police. they look like madcaps, catch them! open the door! mother! i'll take you to task. they'll keep a large cut-out ofmine in city center, see it. first time police arrivedon time, whats the secret? while robbing the bank after makingthe security people unconscious. at the right time, sri krishna,please come little forward.

because of the information givenby mr. krishna at the right time, finally we havearrested the thieves. future mutt head sri krishna gave informationat right time to catch thieves... where are we going now, bhai? we're going to place wherenobody can catch us. where are you taking us, bhai?i didn't even inform in home. if i stay here, they'll make me mutt head.let's run away from here. bhai...bus...apply brake... birth is certain!death is inevitable!

sri gajanana.(elephant) gajendra two star! you must get ready to become29th head of this mutt. if you fail to do so, as fine youmust gift an elephant to the mutt. you said your uncle is forestofficer, where is he posted? he was in bandipura, don'tknow in which forest he's now? there is a misunderstandingbetween his family and ours. i don't even talk to's a family prestige. i may not have a family in future andyou're worried about family prestige.

he'll listen tograndpa's words only. my grandpa will notlisten to anyone. doesn’t your grandpahave weakness? why are you going to forest leaving city?that too in this young age. i've great interestin wild life. i want to do someresearch in the forest. you guys appearlike wild beasts. if you sign this letter, yourson will give us permission. you have already preparedthe letter also?

my son must listen to me. who is his father? who is he? grandpas is scolding himself. if you sign, will it work?- if you sign, will it work? oh allah! are you doubting in my words? don't you know who am i?i myself don't know who i am. don't get excited grandpa, otherwiseyour blood pressure will rise. please sign it. - give me a pen!

given! which beast are you planningto study in forest? we'll study wild beast or bird! what bothers you, man? we have taken care of you. that's end of our patience! how dare you go overboard! come, boys. the elephant must be from karnataka must understand kannada language.

it must undertandthe local culture! you must sit on the elephantwhile coming the the mutt. this is mutts tradition! you must come sitting on elephantbefore the next full moon day. if not you're the 29thhead of this mutt. who is to get downat elephant cross? come quickly! you could've told me to get down,why did you punch on my face? beware! "tigers, cheetahsand elephants may wander!

we are reading ourown funeral card! not even a dog has appearedfor the past half an hour. then how i can see the elephants. who wants to gothrough this hell? this zip always troubleswhen it is urgent! the cloth you wore wouldbe very comfortable. where's the forest office, sir? please don't tell me, it won'tcome here, we must go there. i want an elephant,from karnataka forest.

do you've many elephants in this forest?have you seen one? sir, elephant! even if people who don't knowkannada ask for an address, we try to give them right direction withgreat difficulty using their language, but no one is giving me rightdirection in our place. brother... go! forest ranger's office, anegudda. they welcomed me justlike this in mutt also.

they're playing band here also. don't know whereshould i go from here? welcome sir! sir, please sit there! - there? what shall i prepare for lunch, sir?mutton, chicken or fish? i've a doubt, there'ssomething amiss! but i don't know where! you're older to me, pleasetell me if you know. m.agni forest officer

who is he? why did youlet him sit there? new forest officer, sir.he's here for inspection. forest officer called andtold he's coming tomorrow. who are you?terrorists?naxalites? underworld? al-qaida?who are you, man? i came to the forestfrom a village. 'interest' krishna. your father has given a letter. who's father is he? who is he?

you must ask your mother, sir. elephant?! sir, i want just one elephant.i don't mind the cost. i'll settle it under the table. where's the bribeunder the table? how dare you offer bribeto agni police officer.! you're bribing me in duty hours. i am a firebrand officer. where is my gun?

he's trying to bribea strict officer. bloody! band too! mad fellow! both father and son arebig loose fellows. stop! he's following me! it's better to become a swamithan get caught with him. don't run! he fell down!

where were you till now?where did you come from? can i ask you? shouldn't i ask? oh! girl how many boyfriends do you have? can i ask? shouldn't i ask? can i get permissionto walk with you? why don't you at leastgive me a smile? when i'm shouting so much,why are you so silent? people hiding love inheart are in distress... i'm the lone man to escape it...

there are many girls in our list. but you're the lone girlbeautiful enough to wink. you are to be admired till the evening? reality is better,no need of dreams... if our eyes look into each other,will there be any development? i'll not ask for much, can ijust hold your two fingers? i'm so magnanimous andyou're so stingy... i'm working as loverwithout salary... i'm your love's slave,you're my boss...

i'm as lucky asyou're with me... my time is not good,i am helpless. don't you have pity on me? shall we sit undera tree and talk? hugging without informingis an offence. but it's an insult tomanhood if i keep quiet... you run away, when i am nearing you. what a great print! this beauty! i'm ready to die and become aghost than become a swami.

didn't you see a girl before? don't you have manners? i've pawned it 5 years before. why are you staring at me?turn that side. if you show a minute trailor and notshow the film, fans will go crazy. buy a ticket and watchthe film in theater. i'm ready to watch themovie.when you issue the ticket? if i see you again,you'll be dead. i can see all the symptomsof falling in love.

there are many advantagesto fall in love in forest do you know why?- lot of bushes! sir, it was my fault. i've commited a mistakeby bribing you. please forgive me, sir. i'll not accept bribe in office,it's under cctv surveillance. now, even if you say i won'tgive, i'll not leave you. take out advance. sir, once you get me the elephat,i'll settle the ammount.

even i don't trust my wife, sowhy i've to beleive you? hello my dear golden boy.. the gold on you is...why are you worried? i bought it from the shopafter watching shivanna's ad. no, please. i'll pay in cash. i too saw his ad andtaking it from you. life is very simple! no, sir. elephant!

start ..get in. what sort ofcommitment you have? there's government permission togift elephants to temples and mutts. you need a trained elephant. i've commitment.i'llget you one elephant. forest people arevery good; unlike me. the place you're now isanegudda tribal area. this is the next thickest forest afternagarahole and bandipura in karnataka state. that's why this placeis known as anegudda.

tribals and elephantshere have a connection. their ancestorstrained elephants. it's their traditionto trainelephants as we want it to be. these people are very innocent. if they decide, gettingan elephant is easy. if you betray their trust,you'll end up in photo frame. be careful! you must take action, sir. i am always withyou.don't worry.

govt. is on your side. they're asking a thiefto catch thief. did you say something? nothing, sir. siddappa & birappa,look, he's my boy! he'll stay withyou for few days. no way, sir. we don't allow newcomers into this hamlet. our leader will not agree to it.

grandpa, you say something!few days only! don't you trust me? he's not here as tourist,he's here to catch kalinga! kalinga? - yes. who is this kalinga? goon in forest? he's controlling this area. rowdism in the forest! rowdism doesn't workout in front of us.

i've done it allin capital itself. tell them that you'lltake away kalinga. they'll look after you like king.- that's all? citizens! don't be afraid! i'mhere to take away kalinga. i'll thrash him andtake away from here. but, still sir... what? sir, he can stay here. come, sir.

coming! don't show your gimmicks here.try to win their trust. i've won the trust of 30districts of karnataka. can't i win over these people?bye, sir. i've helped you so much,won't you at least thank me? brother anna hazare has told notto say thanks who take bribes. bye, sir. useless bugger. come.

are you the one agreed to catch"kalinga" in this forest? you can't do it alone. - “why? without the permission of ourowner, a deer can’t eat.. grass or a tiger can’t hunta deer in this forest. owner!? have you seen wind storm with fire? i have seen it. did he see? have you seen it together?

when he walks, its windstorm! his eyes are fire! when he speaks, its cyclone! boss! he's our boss! is he? greetings, sir. i heard a lot about you, sir. askme if you've heard anything new. i'm krishna.

give him a flute, he'll play! why did you come to the forest? i need an elephant. tell him about me...tell him.. our boss is a very good hunter. he used to carryguns from young age. when we were playingmonkey game, he was playing kabadiwith tigers and lions. what do you eat for food, sir?

daily twice tiger's milk. go, take rest. i will get you tiger'smilk, have it. beera, come here. he got scared onhearing about me. "scared about mybeerappa's talisman. okay, sir. - go. i will give bathto lion and back. hey tin box! - aren'tyou ashamed?

who are you asking that?you barged into the room. even men have chastity. even i was also molestedbut did't come to light. what are you doing in my room? whose room? that's my room. mine!- mine! - not yours...mine! there's only one and you bothhave to adjust and live in it. are we husband andwife to adjust? become then. - i'm ready.

are you ready? there's only one houseand adjust as she says. why are you staring at me?mind your work. i think she must be the cousinof karate queen malashree. it's ok, no problem. oh, this tin box is strong one! never expected we'd have our firstnight in this forests like this. i said first night after we've met.heart must be clean. a knife!

sister, a blanket.- give it to him. thank you, little girl. what's your name? - chandra. sister's name? - meera. okay, go child, i've work. bye sister ..bye brother. not brother, brother-in-law. bye brother-in-law! how sweetly she callsme brother-in-law?

hello, shall i put off the candle?-no! i trust myself. for your betraying, i'llteach you a lesson. i didn't learn lessonsfrom school teacher also. then how can i learn alesson from this beast! wherever you may hide in thisworld, i'll not leave you. why?where else? i'm right beforeyou, do whatsoever you can ! what happened? brother, don't go nearto them.they are rivals.

it's been many days sincethey've faced each other. i can't watch it, i'll go. shall we go? then,this man also followus for our safety. he's king of the forest. he's king of his ownforest not this forest. are you not scared of elephants.- scare! he'll start urinating! it's history!

elephants used to take me andgive me a bath and dress me up. entire forest usedto watch in awe! select which one you want! after 3 months of training,i'll give the elephant. the language sing is kannada... the place we live istemple of sandalwood... a beautiful temple... a lovely temple... that gandhada gudi (sandalwood)is okay to me, appaji!

but one... what do you say? o kalinga is here, away... kalinga, you're doingrowdism in the forest! you rascal! is kalinga an elephant? i don't wantelephant or see you. i could've died young. “why did you lie thatkalinga is a goon?

these tribals allowed you to stay herebecause you said you'll catch kalinga. just one lie to live here. - yes.your question is right. you're king of forest? "tigers and lions usedto play kabadi with you? just for fun. elephants used to take you,give a bath and dress you up! am i so foolish? you believed me after seeing mypersonality, that's your fault. you!

sir! all other elephants are herd butkalinga is a tusker and lives seperately. that's why we fear it. then why did you allow mewhen you are feared about it. it's better to becomeswami than to die. don't rush in haste! half of your job done already. there's some connectionbetween you and kalinga. it wouldn't havespared you easily. elephant is like a girl.

too scared! if you don't harm it andbe seen by it quite often, it'll become friendautomatically. then, it'll dance to your tunes. think about it or goback and become swami. or swamiji. beera, take my bag. beasts in this forest... he stopped.

you were born and brought up in don't know where to find animals. useless bugger! i agree i'm useless bugger butnot the earlier accusation. i wasn't born or brought up here, idon't have any connection with forest. in fact i'm not a tribal also! i don't beleive this. this story is as trueas i'm useless bugger. in the year 2000,july 30th, that smuggler kidnappedour brother rajanna..

the whole state was crying. millions of fans took to thestreets.i was one among them. 10 days passed...15 days passed, just cassettes were beingsent, no sign of annavaru. many fans left to forestto bring him back. i too went ahead. then, i realised i made a mistake.- what mistake? i entered insidethe wrong forest. brother was held captive in sathyamangalamforest. and i entered this forest.

i tried to escapefrom this forest but forest tribals saw me. they looked at me andi too looked them. they talked amongthemselves and were happy. they brought me tothis tribal land. why did they bring you here? accidental! it seems son of a triballeader ran away from here. my face was resembling thesame to that of tribal's son.

they got confused like inthe film 'bhale jodi'. ever since then i'm livingin forest like my brother. i'm crying hoarsely that i'm not theboy, they're not allowing me to go. tell me, do i looklike a forest officer? but our brother gotfreedom after 108 days. but his fan i'm yet to getfreedom after 4700 days. i'm still rotting in this forest but still i haven't forgottenbrother's films or his songs. brother!

won't a fan of annavaru helpanother annavaru's fan? me too! i'll do whateveryou say till you're here. on this day, our brother, diamondamong our people, king of fans, saint of art, kannada sun, emperor amongactors, darling of our people, friend,lucky man, our lion, pole star,god like man, celestial singer. gem of our people, god to ourpeople, fragrant flower of kannada, our brother dr.rajkumar! hail!

hare confluence! why are they taking photos of people?what's going on? government is givingidentity cards. excuse me sir! are you givingthem identity cards or? madam, that is... grandpa, these people are cheatingbecause you're illiterates. why? what happenned? they've written in this that you'll leave foreston your own for an acre of land and cattle. oh god!

where can we go byleaving this forest? my people, don't put thumbimpression on the paper. it seems they'll throwus out from here. why are you getting involved in this?- leave me. get lost! who are you? the last time i spoke aboutmyself was in class seven. good morning teacher.i amkrishna from mysuru,like that... after that peoplehave talked about me.

i didn't bother aboutthe remarks of the people. you came to our placeand hitting us? thrash him, boys!- go that side! whether you go to hunt a tigeror tiger comes hunting, it's the tiger thatwill rip your heart! who is he?(tamil language) what happened? whyare you silent? you shouldn't have pickedup fight with them, sir? that fellow rana willshow vengeance on us.

yes, sir. they're very bad people. they caught,tortured, killedthe animals and they blame it on forest tribalsand sent many of them to jail. even the forest officialsare also scared of them. how can we fight against them? in the name of wild fire inthe forest, he killed many of our relatives by falselyset fire to our houses. we're living in fear, sir.

i don't know what doeshe want from this place? but he is eyeing on our place. but one thing is for sure,let him do anything with us, we'll never leave this place. you don't have to fear them. nobody can throw you out fromhere without your permission. i'm there with you.government is on your side. i'll lodge a complaint with commisionerand tell him about your condition. live happily!!

help us, dear. lord sambeshwara will bless you! you told them you andgovernment is on their side. who would save you? you went against them forme thank you very much. our boys are getting spoiled byaccepting the thanks from girls. never mind, you're very brave.i thought else. if it's about women, water,language or country, bravery comes out on its own!

not just me, every boyof this land is brave. i'm one among them,that's all. forget about me, you're alone inthis forest, you're braver than me. you're like manjula in thefilm 'sampathige saval'. at least now tell me, what areyou doing alone in this forest? i'm here to research about karnatakastate bird indian roller. instead of researching about lionkings, like me, why go after birds? i've a doubt since i'm boy, how doyou differentiate sex in birds? come with me tomorrow, you'll know it.-me? with you?really?

myriad of colours in skyis spreading happiness... happiness in eyes for seeing themost beautiful girl in the world... her arrival is new dawn to me... gets flattered andgoes after her... do you know where we are now? tip of the mountain.3000 feet above sea level. oh! my mother was asking me togo for shop to buy the things. i used to tell my mother that i am tired. i walked so long withyou, i never realised it.

are you lone son? for one son they've vowed togift an elephant to the mutt. by chance few more sons, they would'vepromised tiger, lion and bear. are you lone daughter? yes. thanks, you're saved. you say you're single child,they would've raised you fondly, why are you alone in forestleaving your parents? like sheela in africa.

no need to tell if you don't want.don't tell. personal matter. i didn't leave my parents purposely.they left me. my parents are divorcedfor 7 years now. court ordered me to stay 6 monthswith mother and 6 months with dad. for my father, his relationship withanother women was more important. i wasn't important for him. so he wasgiving me money instead of love. i went to mother's placethinking i would be happy there. it was same storyunfolding there also.

she too didn't have love for me. to my bad luck, i had to call somebodyas my father in mother’s house. i had to call somebody as mymother in father’s house. court was interested inseeing me with my parents. but my parents didn'tshow that interest both gave me lot of money butwhat i wanted was their love. ever since then i'm on my own. never close to anyoneor depend on anyone. i wanted to be independent.

that's why i love birds. that's why i come toforest to do research. these forest people, theirtraditions, this nature, they act as balm to mypain and keep me happy. i'm a loner though i've parents. don't be so happy. this pristine nature isfor few more years only. in the name of globalization,forests are being destroyed for the constructionof roads and buildings.

how can nature be saved? instead of talking about love,she's lecturing about nature. 246 people have been killedby wild beasts in 7 years. did you see? wildbeasts are dangerous. but 4344 animals have beenkilled by men in the forest. i felt like i'm in geographyclass of nirmala teacher. hey tin box! talk about love... what a wonder! kalinga (elephant) used to attack us.

but he has saved you now... oh lord ganesha, my salutations to never let down your believers. hi kalinga! i'm fine.are you fine? i'll not harm you andyou mustn't harm me. people in my nameare scared of you. they scared me too andtold you're a villain. you've become a hero by saving mylife.don't become a villain again. kalinga, ours is very small father but mother is there. recently i've found a girl who wouldbecome mother to my children.

for saving my mother's affectionand the girl's husband, thanks. you're a kannada elephant. my heartfelt thanks toyou for saving my life. good boy! i'm a good man...good man... beautiful.what a surprise! please have your seat. ever since we had our first night in outdoor,my daily routine has changed completely. first night!?

we spent a night together inseparate tents on hill top, right? isn't it first night in outdoor?- you say like that? did you misunderstood it? girls must stopcracking sexy jokes. come to the matter. matter? i'll come. please close your eyes. close your eyes.

today is a special day for me. today i have received a special wonderwhich was delivered 22 years back. big thanks for doctor and nursefor delivering that wonder. that special wonder isnone other than you! happy birthday to you! please treat this as cake because no bakeryproducts are available in this forest. how did you know thattoday is my birthday? in fact i hadforgotten it myself. once a boy loves a girl,i mean knows her,

we'll keep the detailsof the vehicle they use. so didn't i know your birthday? your birthday is likegovernment holiday for me. don't feel for not having anyguests for your birthday. you've a very special guest. don't get scared! meet mr.kalinga, the oneand only tusker. rebel star of this forest. he's from our side only.

kalinga, she's my girl. trying to get closer to her.occasion too is fine. i need your co-operation. don't get scared. we'revery close friends. he acts strongly.blessher for the birthday. do it. don't embarrass me, bless her. how is it? well done, kalinga!

our boys were telling that girls lookbeautiful when they are angry or crying. it's true. i lost my good momentsalong with my parents. i thought there's nomeaning for my life. but you made me remember my birthdayand gave new meaning to my life. i will never forget this birthday. thank you so much. you must thank when someonein bus offers you seat, when someone gets you ticketsstanding in long line and

and the helpful neighbourers. not to people likeme, what do you say? when you were in college, didanyone say l love you to you? too many boys! my story is over. but i haven't told anyone. is it you, prabhu? when are you comingto mutt, krishna? as soon as possible.i got the elephant.

elephant from karnataka, itspeaks and sings in kannada only. if you want it'll kick you. not only that like buy one get one offer,i've found a girl too along with elephant. please inform my mother who'syour mutt's secretary. shall i cut now? there's no one to escapethe arrows of net..... i'm not scared ofanyone in this world... look, here comes theinvitation to death... i'm babruvahana, deathknell to death itself...

i've been watching youboth guys since i am here, you two are playing the babruvahanacharacter of mahabaharata! tell me the truth , what'sgoing between you both? you don’t know, if people of thisstate know about his betrayal, all my hairs in mybody get straightened. 2000 ad! where are you going? i want to go inside the forest. a famous artist is kidnapped,emergency has been declared.

restricted area! you know that? sir i am here to release thatgreat man from kidnappers. force of two statesare on high alert. specail task force has laidsiege all over the forest please don't tellus about our duty. to whom you're telling "get out"!fans of that great artist? you are insulting the fansof that great artist. what sort of work you're doing?always boozing in the night. watch the film 'gandhadagudi' and learn from it.

and learn how towork in the forest. the great artist who got kidnapped is likemy big brother and an important person. hail to our brother doctor rajkumar. please go. i've great affection!- you do... do you like to sit in thefront or back of the jeep? will you give me lift in jeep?-thank you very much, sir. sir, this is the route to satyamanglamforest (tamilnadu state). sir, this is elephat cross...

you can go, sir. let thunders strikeearth and sky! he has watched mayuramovie 100 times. you man killer! you'vekidnapped my big brother! i'll comb this forestand take on you, ..the time has come near to take ourbrother to his home in sadashiva nagara. affection and trust of fans willalways be with our brother. smugglers like you canharm him, i swear! this is my aim, this is my duty.

hail to doctor rajkumar. i'll come back with ourkidnapped brother! where ever i see,i see only you... for him coming out of thisforest is two dreams. since 13 years this fellow misguided meand allowed me to decay in the forest. anybody can't forgive his fault. i'll never forgive him. our kidnapped brother always showedthe right path in his films. he set an example by livinglike that in real life too.

real fans will followhis path of living. give up enmity and start tolive with love and affection. smile and carry on, letanything may happen... learn from these things. premkumar. sorry, man. i did it in haste. imade a mistake in anger. no problem, sir. do you know this?

many people turned to farming afterwatching the film 'bangarada manushya'. many became forest officers afterwatching the film' gandhada gudi'. i'm one among those. i got posted here because ourgreat artist was kidnapped. but as a fan of him i shouldn'thave troubled another fan. no problem. - fans are gods. siblings elephant? - yes, brother. but there's some connectionbetween him and that elephant.

brother, we mustn't spare theman who dared to hit us. he's not our target. that forest and peopleliving there are our target. he must know what would happenif an elephant turns rogue. all of you come here! why? what happened? kalinga has turned rogue,he's attacking people. kalinga? bahubali!

he tamed kalinga! even we're scared of kalinga but thisman has boarded that tusker means! my faith hasn't been betrayed! this is a land of holy sages! only man of centuryare reborn here. if difficulties and sorrowsof this hamlet touches him. the divine soulwill not bear it. with the divine grace of lord sambeshwara, he has come back again! our gajakesari!

come...come... who is this baahubali? this hamlet's son! emperor who protected thisforest and this kingdom . sun came every day to seethe valor of baahubali! a son which everymother would wish for! a commander every kingwould be proud of. trivikrama who could passthrough an army of elephants. his tresses flew likethe flag of victory!

fearsome eyes that could killhis enemy with one look! when he tap his thigh, it waslike sky shattering thunder! the mighty warrior ofthis hamlet baahubali! 360 years ago! when kannada empire wasprosperous with wealth and honor! a time when it was shining bright to makeneighboring empires feel jealous of it. with an intention to tarnish it, kingraja jayasurya bahadur attacked it. after the death of his father, jayasuryaexpanded his empire throughout south india, many kings surrendered to him andmany kings lost the battle to him.

the mention of bahadur's name wouldmake any great warrior think twice. hatred! vengeance! retaliation! bahadur leaves atrail of bloodshed! vikramapuri which was responsible forhis father suryateja bahadur's death. to occupy the kingdom andto show his power to them. he entered karnataka provincewith a massive army! king, karunadu starts from here. chandragupta! karunadu doesn't start fromhere, it'll get destroyed from here. because i'll startoccupying it from here.

i too wish this kingdomcomes under your rule. but your horoscope says your planetarypositions are not in good position. the next solar eclipseis too bad for you. it will be good for you not to takeany decision till the solar eclipse. guruji,i'm not readyto listen to you. i'm the sun to thisentire land of india! can there be aneclipse to this sun? it's impossible! this karunadu will be reduced toashes by the fire of my vengeance.

to my fate, the planetary positionsare against me as you said, though, i'm a warrior who can win oversun, who can dare eclipse me? i too wish to see him! a proud warrior bahubali, who istaming such mighty elephants, taking them into his control and leadingthousands of them as a force. any man would get thrilled! manju, you're alwayswith baahubali, instead of delivering honeyto the royal doctor, when will you become awarrior like baahubali?

is it possible? it's impossible to see another warriorlike baahubali is in this province. my regards to the wrestler!is everything ok? i am fine, thank you! with the protection of you, yourarmy of elephants and tribals, this kingdom and it'speople are safe and happy. it's all the blessingsof lord sambhaveshwara. the faith king hason our hamlet! king requested tomeet you personally.

come, let's go. king jayasurya senta message to king of vikramapuri. the matter in the letter... citizens of vikramapuri, don't getreduced to dust under our feet. accept our conditions. which kingdom'sattraction to me. vikramapuri must give 300 elephants,1000 horses, sandalwood statues, and gold coins as tax everyyear and surrender to us. if you don't accept our 1st condition,

vikramapuri must getready for a duel fight. if you lose, you must liveas slave near our feet. if you go against my order, the selfrespect and pride ofyour citizens will be vanished. this peaceful country mustn'tsee another bloodshed. king, avoid the battle. let's get ready for one to one duel fight.- yes, king. what prime ministersays is true! in his message, i smell his vengeancemore than his aim to win us.

it doesn’t look nice tounderestimate his bravery. it's alright, teacher. respected king, we ask our famous 7 times winnerwrestler "veerabahu" for this duel fight. yes, king. if veerabahu enters thearena, victory will be ours. agree, king. baahubali will enter the arena. king, don't mistake me. we are well aware ofbahubali's bravery, but..

just strength isn't enough to winduels, you need intelligence too. baahubali, who can tame rogue elephantsand get it under his control, can a stalwart be a goodmatch for bahubali? by any chance if we lose theduel, we've to surrender to him. minister, people of this landsurrender for love and affection. not for arrogance and assaults. king, there's only one thing welearnt and followed all our lives. the one who sacrifices his life tothe motherland is the real warrior. you are great bahubali!

we're peaceful aswell as fighters too. we're ready for the duel,let the war bugles blow! if anyone hurts our self respect,we'll challenge fate also! your father, you and your nextten generations may attack us, you can't take even a fistfulof soil from this land! when we tap on thigh andtwirl our moustache, there’s no record thatthe opponent has won! i give you two days time. you have to cross ourborder and go back.

you will go for sure! congratulations, baahubali! any man will also get attractedby your charm and brave acts. when i announced your nameas challenger in the court, i saw the light ofvictory in your eyes. i'm very lucky to have a greatwarrior like you in my army. king, we’ll make baahubaliour head of the army forces. baahubali, will be with us. guru, i fought forour motherland.

for the faith kinghas on my hamlet. i don't want palace or position. we're forest tribals. i'm fine there only. i'm ever grateful to you forthe faith you've on me. this forest is yours... o victor... we salute you... you're the hope of people to protectthem from all four directions..

a great warrior who protectsthe dense forest... you're the mightiest of all elephantswith a majestic roar like lion... what do you mean bylosing a duel to a man? bloody betrayer! saying no to battle, theyinvited us to a duel, they raised our hope ofvictory in the competition, you tried to uphold karunadu,but you backstabbed me. chandragupta, there'sno use of talking. send message to the army,let's wage a war on them!

no, prince. there's no army powerfulthan ours in this country. our kingdom is safefrom all four sides. river kaveri ismoving in the south. your will be attacked by ourforces while crossing the river. on the west there are mountainsand dense forest cover. it's impossibleto cross over it. over riding our mighty armyon battlefield is impossible. our army's secret missileis battalion of elephants!

this is our kingdom'ssecret weapon. our elephant battalionhas 1000 elephants. except the elephants, yourforce is stronger than us. the only hurdle you've isbattalion of elephants. devapaala !let it be any hurdle! that baahubali and his tribalforces shouldn’t be spared. the only chance you've to enter mykingdom is tomorrow's solar eclipse. it's impossible to winforest tribals in forest. your forces may be expert in thebattlefield but not in the forest.

tribals come together to offer prayers to lordsambeshwara on the occasion of solar eclipse. around 50 to 60 strong fightersare busy in this ritual. just an army of 5 warriorskeep vigil tomorrow. then, it's very easy to enterforest and finish them. if forest tribals are dead, battalionof elephants will become weak. there's an hurdle to enterthe forest tomorrow. tomorrow's five man armyis lead by bahubali. baahubali is equal to a army! if we face any hurdle on the way,changethe route without missing our target.

powerful battalion of ourarmy will enter the forest. i'll lead the assault. as soon as i eliminate the tribal forces, mywhole army will occupy the kannada province. baahubali's death will eclipsethe sun of kannada people! it's be my victorymarch to eternal fame! in the vengeance of my fire waves, therewill be a violent death of baahubali. just a moment, i would'vekilled my friend. i've brought bear honey for you. bear honey? - yes.

you didn't get hurt, did you?- i'm fine. just because l likeit, you risked... have it first! excellent! is it you, minister?- yes, baahubali! i'm a minister for today only. by tomorrow morning, i'll bethe king of this kingdom. baahubali, bravekannada soldier! your patriotism willbring you death!

it's your nightmare tocapture our province. cowards like you can't do it. bahubali, my father foughtand died with braveness. i fight with intelligence. just because your friend gave,you had it with love, right? the honey you drank wasmixed with poison. i don't want to die. you don't need to haveany position or any wealth. but i want...l want!

in 10 minutes the poisonwill reach your heart, that will be your end. this kingdom will endwith your death. bahadur, a dying lampwill burn bright! you had made elaborate plans, youshould've come after 10 minutes. probably, the soul ishesitant to leave this body. before the poison kills me, if any of your soldiersdare to cross this line, i will be ready to sacrificemy head to your feet.

in a land of betrayers, are therepeople with so much of hope? don’t come to the conclusion that allthe people of this land are betrayers. would their betrayal save yourlife or my valor will save you? it's be written in history about thegenerosity of the people of this land. though you are approachingnear to the death, but still you’re talking likea winner of this battle. hats off to your hope! you’re saluting your opponentmeans, you're dejected. go, save your life...go!

chandragupta, attack! mother offers breast milk becauseof affection on the child. creeps like you who see motheralso with bad intention... you're impotent foxes whostab people from behind. excellent, baahubali! the poison will reach yourheart along with my sword together. just because one lion dies, theforest won't become yours. every one born in this land will hunt likelion for his motherland and mother tongue. you will die beforepoison reaches my heart.

even after death, your soulwill not rest in peace. your country karunaduis under my feet! let any number of headslike mine roll down! you must never come down! balarama, today our birthsgot the real meaning. shall i take leave, dear? one who gives his lifefor motherland... baahubali, who fought an army aloneto save motherland and got martyred, king awarded him withthe title gajakesari.

to keep his valor andcourage forever, this hamlet got thename gajakesari hamlet. this hamlet which was prosperousonce, lost it's shine in years. we're from gajakesari hamlet, myancestors were proud of this fact, once this hamlet whichprotected this kingdom, today we're unable toprotect ourselves. today you've come here. now we have the courageto face any challenges. no evil can harmmy hamlet anymore.

we can proudly live and announcefrom “gajakesari hamlet”. we'll surely live. have you come backto us, gajakesari? you are our spirit. you are our strength. mutt inmates call me as swami, these forest peoplecall me as gajakesari, who am i originally? it seems i was commanding1000 elephant army.

it seems i was thearmy's commander. i've narrated such storiesto many myself, kalinga. fate is playing footballwith my life, kalinga. i was somewhere andarrived here somewhere. what's this comedy? you arrived in the forest, stayedin this hamlet with tribal people. kalinga become rogue and attacked thepeople of this hamlet except you. most comic scene is that a city manlike you would tame a rogue elephant. if this isn't comedywhat else it is?

don't make fun oftribals instincts. till today, their calculationsnever went wrong. when those goons tried totake their signatures, you bashed them for my sake,but it helped those tribals! on that day youhave saved them.. every effort is being takento chase them out from here. it seems a resort will come upin the place of their hamlet. but for these people, there willbe no life without this forest. i'm going to districtcommissioner to talk about this.

these forest people havebelieved you a lot, krishna. please move aside! give way, sir is coming. manju, tell themto come tomorrow. we've been waiting heresince morning, sir. we need to talk to you, sir. all are waiting herenot just you alone. we too have work, right? it's not fair to talk likethis as public servant.

what's your problem? will you behave like this withcollector for such a trivial issue? this is district commissioner's office.remember that! be it district commissioner'soffice or legislative assembly! it's right of the people toquestion any wrong doing, sir. 75% of people don't ask butshe's asking you, that's all. there is a big faultin the system. a lone person like mecan't correct this fault. if a father decides,he can reform his son.

if a teacher decides, hecan reform 50 students. if a district commissioner decides,he can reform an entire district. you've that power, sir. principles are good to tell. not for implementing. i'm a family man beforel'm comissioner. and i can't risk my family. when you can't protectyour own family... how could you take oath ofprotecting people of a district?

it may be trivial issue to you, but for tribal people, forest is their life. without forest they have no life andwithout them, there's no forest. they're sons of the forest, they'rebeing thrown out for a resort. there will be no forest at all. if there's no forest, therewon't be any country. i will respond to your problem. but i don't have faith that otherauthorities will also follow me. system will not changeas easily as you think.

it will change, we can'tchange the system. if we change ourselves, systemwill automatically change. let that change startfrom you, sir. by chance, as you say otherofficials and this system, even if the governmentitself turns against us, i'll fight for my people. even if i lose my life, i'llnot let down my people. gajakesari, the warriorking of 'vikramapuri... o maiden! you're my earth...

you're the emperorof love nation... i gave my heartfalling for you... i forget myselfwith your touch... just a word from you is enough,i'll give my life to you... shall i knock your fort'sgates with my heart? o king, when i became yours... i became a queen among stars... o queen, i'll hold yourhands and create future... even if dark clouds close us, our lovewill shine bright like 100 suns...

i got you permission to build resortin forest despite valid objections. resort matter has reacheddistrict commissioner's office. if this news gets leaked to themedia, then it’ll be a controversy. then our illegal business in theforest will be revealed to the public. i'll use my political powerto get out of this mess. it's you who will get caught. people who were wetting inpants on hearing rana's name, how are you go to commissioner officeand lodged a complaint against? if you sign the paper andleave the forest silently,

you will be alive! if noti'll burn down this forest, i'll wipe out the fact that a hamlet like yoursand people lived here in anegudda forest. you must be born againto burn down our forest there wasn't anyone to askif we're alive or dead. if we wish to live,we've support. if you dare to kill us, ourgajakesari will wipe you out. when he walks he's an elephantand when he speaks he's a lion. "till now we got beatenup and got scared of you, we'll not be afraid of anyone hereafter,we'll sacrifice you at the altar!

are you threatening me? boys, bash them! you have weapons.but we have.. old man! our people arecelebrating festival! we gave you happy news,yet why are you dull? those who born in the generationof “gajakesari” is like this. they won't let down thepeople who trust them! they'll do good for us butwe'll not do good to them.

people born like thisdie while fighting. what happened to you? get up! get up, kalinga! is he gajakesari? i have wiped out most of thefighters inside this forest. when did he come here? it's very easy to hunt ifelephant and lion are seperate. when they are together,they rip..

i'm ravana, the 10 headed demon! i will wipe out all thesetribal including the elephants. if anything happens to kalinga, allyour ten hearts will stop working. if kalinga hadn't saved you,you'd have died that day itself. he's just a kid! what? are you a hero? two minutes earlier i didn'thave any such feeling. you've come searching me alongwith your boys to my place! it's confirmed!

i'm a hero! i'll devour forest now, later i'll come to youhome and devour you. you're an outsider buthave so much arrogance, i'm 100% local! playing holi, praying ganesha,watching film first day first show, i've grown up hailing dr.rajkumar,how arrogant should i be then? you'll come to my house only ifyou go out of this forest, right? come on!

attack, boys! kill the elephant! prepare for the deathritual.(mrutunjaya homa) your gajakesari! gajakesari!he couldn’t protect himself,then how he could protect you all. those who want to livecan leave the forest. the man lying there isheir of gaiakesari! gajakesari will diebut never lose. how is it? he willdie but never lose.

kill him, boys! hit me! krishna, you needn't become head ofmutt or gift the elephant to the mutt. i think the fate has been writtenthat you must live with these people. it was just an accidental cause for you toarrive here or gift the elephant to mutt. those who wear saffron clothes or head mutt orgive religious discourses aren't the only gurus, one who takes people to good pathor do good to people is also guru. though there's mighty sun, stillthe firefly has its own place. so you a firefly, you broughta hope for these tribal people.

so, you're a guru to them! are you satisfied now? guru has told you not tobecome the head of the mutt. you've selected a girl too. atleast marry, do that first. come, lets go.- chuncha, there's plan change. me and mira have decidedto stay in this forest. what about me then? we have to sing,dance andspeak wherever we are. come on, get leaves.

"tie a cloth to me. i've decided tobecome a real tribal!

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