baby born badewanne otto

baby born badewanne otto

what's up guys it's collins key and for this video, it's lit so basically today, (laughs little bit) that's like the most hype intro ever, i am making a giant pool of oobleck and basically when peopleusually do this video, they only use a little bit of corn starch, like this amount here. they'll kind of dump itinto maybe a bath tub.

for me personally, i don't think this is quite enough of the corn starch and so what i'm doing for this video is i'm not using these little ones. *sikeeee* i'm using a giant 50-pound bag of it and not just one i'm using a whole bunch of 'em. this is gonna be 10,000 pounds, (crash) of oobleck. i can't do this by myself,i need some friends

to help me out so giveme one second, hold up. (yells loudly) yo, we got the wholesquad in the building right now. give this video a bigthumbs and subscribe up for the fact that we are about tomake so, so much oobleck and do some crazy stuff with it and if this video gets enough thumbs up, we might go crazy with orbeez and try some wild stuff. so thumb up this video right now

if you guys wanna see thatand comment down below if you guys want us to fill upan entire pool with oobleck. like this is a pretty big pool over here. i'm talking an actual like-- - you can do that? - i don't know, we'll try it though. and if you want to seethis entire pool of oobleck dumped on me, (everyone exclaims) the video is live onmy instagram right now.

the direct link to this video is down in the description below andif you guys like that post and comment on it #keypersquad,i'll be going through you guys' photos liking asmany of them as i possibly can so be sure to go check that out. for those of you guys who don't know, oobleck is this crazy substancethat's two things at once. it's a liquid if you justhold it in your hands, but if you hit it with alot of pressure really fast,

it becomes a solid, sowe're gonna be doing a whole bunch of challenges,hitting with sledge hammers, baseball bats, and at the end of this we're gonna see if we canactually walk on water. so without any further a-do, right now what do you guys say we get into and we make 10,000 poundsof oobleck? (cheers loudly) that's really heavy, let's do this. how this operation is going down,

you need one part waterto two parts corn starch and we have to be mixing it asit's all being added together so we've got ava and devan. they're gonna be the onesin the pool mixing it with their feet and thenbella and christian and i are gonna be cutting thesebags open, dumping them all in there, and just making10,000 pounds of oobleck. (laughing softly) that things really heavy,i'll take it, here. oh my god. (laughs)

let's go. all right guys, nextis to add the food dye and we've got how many bottles? we picked out a lot, we've got six bottles and this all food dye. it looks like a drink, you can drink it, but it won't be good. so i think i'm just gonna start adding a little bit of this in, here we go.

yo, we are making the biggestthing of macaroni and cheese right now, you know thepowder, look at this. it looks like thepre-mac and cheese powder and then you mix it in. devan and ava are the human noodles. i've never seen this much of one food at the same time in my entire life. (laughs) like this is so much cornstarch in like one area. yo guys, check this out.

it's starting to work,it's starting to work. look at this, its like a ball. (laughs) it's so cool. (upbeat techno music) this is a challenge, fam. i better not be orange tomorrow. (laughs) - [narrator] six and a half hours later. - after way too many hours, (laughs) this took a really, really long time,

we finally made it.- so worth it though. - there's so much oobleck. so here's what happens, check this out. so when you start off,it's completely solid. i'm gonna break this things,if i can even get it out. in the beginning it'scompletely, and then look at it, it turns to liquid, you guyscan see in the middle of that. but the moment you putpressure on it like this, it becomes hard and then itgoes back to being liquid again.

this is so, so cool. so i think first things first,here devan you can take this. i want to hit it with a sledge hammer.- wait, can you throw it? (laughs) - woah, that was so wild. all right, here we go. you guys watch out, i'm gonnahit it with a sledge hammer to see what happens.

here we go, three, two, one. (exclaims loudly) it puts like a hole in it. - [devan] this is liquid. - oh, that's so crazy. yo, this like literally powder-ifies it. i don't know if that's athing, but check this out. three, two, one. - it totally cracks it.- oh my god.

- i know, that's so wild. i think i'm gonna have tomake this up into a ball, i'm gonna pitch it up toyou, and see if we can hit it before it all dissolves. - [ava] oh, it's melting. - all right, i'm gonna tryto make this into a ball and you're gonna have to go quick, bro. okay, here we go. (calm techno music)

yo, that was wild. - that was so good. as you hit it, it stopsthe bat and you think it's just gonna fall andthen it just blows up. - all right, here we go. let me get a giant thing of it. it's so hard to keep it solid. all right, you ready? - all right.- bro, you better

get a good hit on this one. all right, here we go, three, two. you ready?- yeah. - one. dude, it hit me. all right guys, this is the55-pound weight drop. (laughs) this is a terrible idea,but we got the weight, so might as well do it. get it, get it, get it, getit, quick, quick, quick, quick.

i hope i don't fall off when i do this. two, one. - dude, that hit me. that like got to me. - yo, get a close up ofthat, that's so wild. - [ava] oh my gosh. - go for it.- it looks like water, but it's solid. - oh my god.- that's so crazy.

i'm gonna do a thingwhere when i'm in midair, i'm gonna chunk thisup and then you've got to punch it midair, all right? here we go, you ready? okay.- this is gonna be good. - punch it like that way. you ready? - like you want me here? - yeah.

ready, three, i'm gonna throw it up. two, one, go, punch it, punch it. - oh my god, it stayed together. it just broke, itliterally broke when it hit the ground.- i'm gonna punch it up, i'll punch it up. - yeah, punch it up, punch it up. and try to punch it upinto the pool almost. you're gonna punch it up, you ready?

(laughs loudly) it just broke open.- that was great. that was crazy.- did you get a shot of that? all right devan, what's the next one? next up, we have an axe? - okay, real quick disclaimer, please if you guys ever trymaking this much oobleck and go crazy with it,parental supervision is a must because my dad is here right now.

we are taking this veryseriously, so you good? - yes, i'm ready, bro. - [collins] what? - all right, this is theback yard windball team between ava and collins. touch rackets. this will be a fair match. collins, you serve first. - ah, perfect.

- i want no fowl play. - uno mug. - all right, uno mug.- i'm not good at tennis. - you ready? - and go! well, that was great. - well, it bounced. all right. (laughs) - oh, no.

- i'm gonna have to hit it really hard. (screams) that wasn't planned. - that almost knocked bella out. - it almost hit her in the eye. we're moving out of the way,collins has no opponent now. (laughs) your serve. - close out the game, thisis love, love, lot of love. here we go, i need to golike. (makes weird noises)

i don't know. oh my gosh, did you see that? - yo, that was crazy. - like straight up, i couldn't even do that again if i tried, but i'm gonna try. yo, i messed up this racket so bad. look at that, that's not theshape of a tennis racket. i'm gonna hit it now on thisside to try to even it out.

hopefully, it'll make it goback to normal, here we go. it is real messed up. - yeah, it's so messed up, dude. - oh no, no.- no, no, no, no, no. - dude, pass me a ball ofoobleck and i'm gonna hit it with the tennis racket. - oh, yo. - dude, do it one moretime, do it one more time because that one hit

on the bottom only.- that was crazy. - three, two, one. - and now the moment you'veall been waiting for, time to see if we canreally run on oobleck. - i'm so excited, bro. - christian start over and here's what we're gonna do, christian. you start over thereand see if you can run all the way across.

- all right. - all right, just one straightline all the way across and see if we can do this. everyone here we go,three, two, one, go for it. - wait, i gotta try that. - that's so weird. - what, that's so-- - yo, get out the way. - wait a second, hold up, wait a second.

- throw this on, i'm gonna jump on it. i wanna see if we can keep it up. - what?- dude, it's worth a shot. (gdfr upbeat techno remix) oh my god! - [devan] dude, you've got to get off. - yo, that's like the coolest thing i've ever done in my entire life. - [devan] wait, you'resinking, you're sinking. - oh gosh.

- dude, you've got to get out. - oh my gosh, i've gotlike platypus feet now. (gdfr upbeat techno remix) - you're sinking! - that was close. - what? - i'm about to attempt todo a back flip on oobleck. this is like the stupidestidea i've ever had. - no, this is the best idea.- a great idea.

- if this works, it will be legendary. if not, who knows.- if this works, this will be insane. - if you want to see me trya back flip on the oobleck making my feet get stuck,maybe i break my neck, or maybe it's the most epicpart of this entire video. that clip is on my instagram right now. the link is down in the description below. that link will take youdirectly to that post.

if you like it andcomment keypersquad on it, i'll be going throughyour photos liking them. and you guys, make sure you gofollow my friends right now, that would really mean a lot to me. show them a ton of love on social media, their links are all downbelow in the description. i love you all so much andi will see you again soon. that was crazy. we're doing one final jumpout on the oobleck, guys.

ready for this, three,come back here, two, one. go for it, bye anya coriano

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