baby born badewanne preis

baby born badewanne preis

we are gonna prank daddy i can't do it i can't so what we wanna do is have kayla go in the bathroom and lock the door and she is gonna pretent to take a shower and she is gonna fall or get hurt or something something and she is gonna make a ruckuss in there she is gonna start screaming she got hurt

and we're gonna see what he does yea so don't say anything good morning all youtubers tubets out there this is shawn from we are the davises and i am riding solo today well at least for the moment here right it's early in the morning its a school day and i get to do something that every father and every parent i should say

lives for when these moments come up we got an email from the school and tyler is getting an award today for being ultra trustworthy he'll tell the truth even when he knows he's done something wrong and he's going to get in trouble for it as a special recognition they're going to give him an award guess they're going to take him out for pizza

and all those other stuff so i don't know if i get to go out for pizza but i get to witness him winning the award and you know connie unfortunately wasn't able to make it because she's tied up with other stuff at least one of us gets to be there thank god i wish she could have been here with us and i'm sure she wish she could have been here too

but things happen but none the less i'm on my way to the school right now i'm so excited i'm so proud tyler you're awesome you're an example for all kids to follow be trustworthy never lie always tell the truth and you get rewarded for that type of behavior throughout life and that's just

good lessons i'm so glad the school recognizes that and they're teaching these types of values in addition to what values we teach our kids at home so i'm real excited so glad i get to share this with you all i'm on my way to the school right now and we'll see if they'll let us

video the award presentation so you can see tyler with his pride go yea that's right i tell the truth and hopefully we'll be able to get that for you we still got a lot of stuff that we're going to be doing today it's going to be a fun day and stick around because there's a lot more to come alright so the award ceremony is about to begin

and tyler gets to sit with me until they call him so yea say hi tyler hi so why are we here today because i'm truthful truthful trustworthy no i'm truthful you're truthful

truthful so you're not trustworthy i can't trust you but you'll at least tell me that i can't trust you because you won't lie to me that your trying to say yea yea cool anyways we're getting ready to get things started here so we'll show you the ceremony

we'll show you the world all of the events that takes place here in the next 10 or 15 minutes tyler's always honest and reliable to his peers and teacher he's a role model for us congratulations alright so tyler got his award good job buddy we're proud of you man keep up the awesome behavior i shook his hand

we caught that no camera everybody saw show everybody your award real quick what you got some icee stuff and then the big gun yea that's right there baby character counts man so good job we're all proud of you he's got to go back to class and now i got to go

take care of all the stuff i got to do so we will catch you all later so the kids are back home from school and we are rushing to get out of here because kayla has another cheer competition really we do yes it's called queen in dinial oh i didn't know that yea and it's going to be at the orange county convention center

which we've been too we were there last year so we're really excited to go we're trying to get packed as fast as we can because we should be on the road shortly we got to drop the dogs off you seen us go through these steps before the dogs we have like an hour to get out the door

so that we can get the dogs to their pet paradise location and there's a super special suprise when we go there and i'm super excited for it but it's a secret it's a secret until we do it so excited so it should be really fun we have other things planned

i just got my suitcase packed yea did you get yours packed actually i just i have the clothes but i don't have the shoes yet that reminds me that i have competition shoes my shirt's and my pants now my socks actually pick out my shoes and shawn which head bands i want to bring

alright and shawn finish packing his stuff which is good because he's back in his office working again and i'm dragging the suitcase i got to go tell tyler to pick out a couple items to finish packing their suitcase and i got to show you guys something because if you haven't seen it go watch we did this crazy bathtub challenge

and tyler and i got in this bathtub and it was like totally full of ice-cream not to the top but it had like at least 24 gallons of ice cream in it which okay if you put your finger in any ice cream and try to leave it there try to leave it for even 5 minutes you would be freaking out

you would be so cold you would not be able to stand it we sat in that ice cream and i have to show you what happened to me after we got out of that and it took a day i didn't realize i was so cold couldn't feel it but actually got frost bite at it was like a burn so i'm a show you your pinky looks really red too

i don't know if i can show you guys my food i'll show them my pinky toe is really red it got burned the whole side of my foot got burn and then the very the back of my heel doggies the back of my heel all the way up right there got burned

you can see all that it's been burning for almost a week now hershey and my other pinky toe got burned too so it kind of looks the same so my feet my feet got burned and i haven't been able to wear shoes since i happened i've been only able to wear flip flops

because it hurts to put shoes on i'm worried becuase i have to put well i don't have to but i want to be able to wear walking shoes while we go to the competition because we usually do a lot of walking so i'm bringing bandage to hopefully maybe cushion it i'm going to test it out but if it doesn't work

then at least i can put on flip flops because that is so painful adn so i got these i'm going to put these in our bag and then hopefully they'll help me to cushion the back of my feet i did challenge people to do that bathtub challenge but i'm just going to warn everybody now

to be very careful because it is so cold that you can get burned anyways i got to get back to packing shawn's going to wrap up his job the kids got to help me get everything out into the car and then we're out of here we're saying good bye pugs see themselves in the window and

there you go doggies good bye say bye bye i still have him with me prize here we just made it to the outback steakhouse and it is friday night

and really really busy menu and when i opened it it was huge and on the back there's a dinasour poked in the butt so tyler got a used menu did you get a used menu i can't tell

i'm sure this is not brand new but it's no one's colored in it so maybe i'll trade with tyler fair it's really busy here so we squeezed in our area so that we can get immediate seating and we bypassed our one hour wait and so the kids are actually sitting over here

on a seperate table and the waitress she said if we're really good we can get a sunday i wasn't supposed to tell you guys but i did oh so kayla's down here way down here hello kayla and your coloring did your menu got colored on too before you got it definitely not so it's just a fluky thing

but anyways did you figure out what you want to eat no haven't even looked at it girl look because it's really busy in here and they're going to pass you up so figure out what you're going to eat i think shawn and i already figured out what we're going to eat did you figure out what you're going to eat no figure it out

and then we got to get back on the road okay so kayla and i are hiding outside the hotel room right now while the boys are inside unpacking and we're going to prank daddy i can't do it so what we want to do is have kayla go

in the bathroom and she's going to pretend to like take a shower and she's going to fall or get hurt or something something and she's going to make a ruckus in there and she's going to start screaming that she got hurt and we're going to see what he does you think you can do it

i wonder what he's going to do let's do it okay let's go prank dad we finally made it to our hotel room can you guys see it so there's the beds and the bathroom think someone might be in that one oh i was just thinking we should say good night i hear the shower

oh my god kayla help oh my god what's wrong what wrong you broke the door what's wrong yea you were scream you said help dude you just got pranked door he broke the door

he broke the door oh my god we're in so much trouble daddy nothing will stop me from helping my baby girl if she's in trouble man you guys just pranked me i thought it was bad too oh my gosh what'd you think i was going to do you got schooled

i guess man geez now we got to buy a new door oops tyler why did you break the door dude how do you turn off this shower high 5 girl you got daddy we have to pay for the door now oh my gosh there's a giant crack all the way down

i don't know if that was there before you like moved the entire thing you guys are crazy man no guys if we just put the screws in they'll never know yea they'll never know you see the big old crack on it look at tyler first of all that's his magiver repair kit that he's got it going

anybody got any bubble gum maybe like a brown sharpie or something we could like blend it in you guys you guys better do some likes for this one because this one cost us some money we need extra likes on this one whooops i didn't think daddy would go that sorry hilton

my acting was really bad oh you were awesome i was scared guys we can't close the door now oh we're in big trouble we can't even close the door dad did you know that you were going to break it well as soon as heard like the door was locked and i heard her screaming in there i was like yea i mean i know she broke in like

had a broken arm i mean slip now how am i going to go to sleep i got like adrenaline flowing through me right now your the one that wanted to start doing pranks mommy's idea not me she told me to lock the door too we were supposed to prank tyler this has been a very long day i am now a little disturbed because

i don't know what they're going to do to us with this door being broken but we still have to get ready in the morning and the bathroom door is broken we'll just tell them and then leave like yea something wrong the door i don't know why did you put us in a room with a broken door jeez man don't you know we got like

people trying to get ready here in the morning yikes so anyways hope you guys like the video shawn got pranked oh my gosh i know it's going to cost us a lot of moneys oh man what's going rank for a door these days i don't know it's just the frame so hopefully

that's alright it's night time now you guys you guys got to get ready for bed kayla's got to do her competition tomorrow i got to fix a door we're in trouble i don't know what we're going to do but i hope you guys enjoyed this video please please like subscribe share this video with your friends and family

someone who bust down doors for a living yup until next time bye

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