baby born badewanne real

baby born badewanne real

look at you, you're all cute, adorable!look, there are a lot of stars all over. we'll clean you, weigh you, youput some lotion, you'll see, you're will feel good. you saw all the babieswhat is here? wow, yes are all adorable! look, this is the center ofmaternity hospital. yeah, that's it. my sister works here.come on, let's take pictures. i want to to take them in pictures, they are toocute. are you sure you have chelsea right? there, i amnot sure. but if you'll see, do not worry not. hush, do not make noise, i'll gotake, quickly. with this great device! ok but do it fast because i believewe do not have the right. ok come on. oh, everything is cute!

she is adorable that one. you haveseen? she will be going out well. come on we'll take the other. i have an idea, and if we exchangedbabies? that would be great fun, right? and why do you want to do that? it's formake a joke, i bet you that their mom are not going to recognize them!i want to see that! oh no, they started cry, look! quickly, we exchange them. hurry up! yes darling, do not move. we will takeyour weight. that's it, i see on the screen. perfect! you have a perfect weight, my big one.yes, i'll let you have fun, okay. i come back right now.hey, chelsea? but what are you doing

the? where is your girlfriend ? do you want to talk to me,that's it? what's the matter ? i would like know, we have the right to take picturesbabies? oh no, no, no, chelsea you do not have the right at all there. ok ok, noit was to know. you have not taken pictures, i hope ?! no no,see you! sacred chelsea, i wonder what shedid again. okay, i'll go return to take care of the little one.yes my baby, do not move. ah, elsa! so, do you feel better?yes, i feel much better, thank you barbie. oh good, so you wantsee your baby. ah he's so cute that- the. it's my baby? no, no, no, it's notyours that one, but she's all

cute. yours is in the center ofmaternity. come on come. that's it, it's right there inthe pink bed. there is marked "daughter of elsa". ah, it's weird! she has changed a little?in short, it must be me. i must be a little bit tired again, of course. elsa,you can take it. do you want to feed her i guess? wait, ii'll go get her. yes, it's true that it has changed a little,i find myself too. weird, it's like it. come on! she is so is true that she is adorable. good go! go settle down and i'll gobring it back right away, okay? i go on the chair.

so there it is! you hold her well, like that andyou put your hand on his legs. like that. perfect. and now you cangive him something to eat oh no, elsa took the wrong baby.what did we do ?? you see, i told you said, do not do that! look, this hasposed problems now. but no, do not worry. we'll fix it allright now. but how are you going to do it? it's too muchlater. she took the baby. she believes this is his, in addition. i have to talk tobarbie right now. ah la la, what is that i did?!! this baby has an ideal weight. andshe looks very awake. tell me barbie, could youto spend a little lotion, please

and while you're there, check hispulse and heartbeat. of course, doctor. right now! it's thethird baby of the day. cous you are very well occupied with the other two!good job barbie! i see that i can really rely on you. thank you doctor. everything seems normal to me, when you have finished you can bring it back directlyat the maternity center, with the others babies.note all his information. good sure, doctor. i forget nothing at alli'll write everything down. all right, i'll go in that in the system. yes doctor. so, do notdo not move baby, do not move ...

seems normal doctor. the beats ofhis heart are regular. very good, so nothing to report on that side. very good!this baby seems to me in full health! but still, do not forgetto take his weight and all his measures.yes, of course doctor! and do not forget report this information, they arevital for our service. of course doctor, i will not forget. bravo barbie!i will go to the maternity center now. beep me if you haveneed me. yes doctor. do not move baby, i need youmeasure now. what chelsea, you again? i have too muchjob. but i need to talk to you

barbie. but what, is there a problem, what's going on? i exchanged babies! what!! but whatthat you did?!! it is not possible!! you exchangedbabies in the center? yes and now elsa believes this ishis baby when it's not his. he i need to talk about it right awaydoctor. but it's my fault, i'm really sorry barbie. i'm going to losemy job now, look at what you did chelsea, oh la la la! oh, i'm sorry! do not worry, it's me who will tell him all. chelsea, i have to go to see thedoctor now, that i speak to him about it. we can not leave it that wayunderstand. yes, i know i understand i

i'm sorry. we will talk about it later. come on! elsa, i'm sorry but what is what are you doing with this baby in thearms? but it's my baby doctor! who is itthat is happening? i was told it was my baby. i'm feeding her, i'm feeding hergive the bottle. but it's not your baby elsa, sorryit's not your baby there was a misunderstanding elsa, it does not happennever in our maternity center i you guarantee it.but i'm sorry, it's not your baby. but how's that, it's not mybaby !! i do not understand, but it's where so my baby ??? my real baby ?? wellyour baby,

he is in the other cradle elsa. thisis not that one sorry. look, he is there your baby. you see it's this-the! look how she looks like youtwo drops of water. well, it's true that that one looks a little less like me. but sheis all cute! yes, but it's not your baby. youhave to give it back, it's the baby of a other patient.sorry but i want to keep this one thereis so cute! we're really sorry elsa, you have tomake the baby! doctor, i'm really sorry for this problem. it does not matter barbie. in fact, we

was wrong, we exchanged babies butit's not our fault. but i am doubt, these are things that happen, whatdoes not matter, you do not have to restart. no doctor, we will not do it againno, we promise you! and elsa how she reacted? well, look, she has veryreacted well! she wants to keep both, it looks. yes my loulous, yes you are mine allboth, but yes ... but doctor, we can not not leave elsa with the two babies !!but no, do not worry, we'll get him explain. she will make the second encoresorry doctor. well, tell me, there is had some ups and downs in my servicematernity!

anyway, i hope the video has youmore and put a 'like' if it is. we will now see what is thebox that we used to make this it is. the box barbie doctor to the hospital with the two babies. and ushave a barbie doll and two babies. here is the barbie, she is dressed innurse with a notepad, a heart-shaped stethoscope, hoovesand a nurse's outfit. there is a first baby in his basin and a second. thefirst is brown and that one is blond. he there is also this mobile cradle toy,a changing mat and a basket with

accessories. and there, there are shelves.i hope you liked this little not forget the "like" and the share if that's the case. thank you and very muchsoon on madame rã©crã©!

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