baby born badewanne rosa

baby born badewanne rosa

meredith: we would like to introduce you to the first new baby of 2000 extinct. the first baby arrives in downtown orlando. jim: they'll checked into the first delivery of 2016. reporter: 41 orlando

family, it is the first lady of the year, at a florida hospital. this is awesome. reporter: everybody, meet angel nikael laureano , born at 12:05 am on new years day at florida hospital.

it was a labor 21-year-old nikatiya reyes won't soon forget. labor was fast but painful. he 's huge. i still cant believe he came out of me. he's 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 21 inches long.

reporter: she says angel is her miracle baby. i lost my first one to still born to preeclampsia so this was like a miracle baby, thank god. reporter: during angel's delivery, she could hear revelers counting down to 2016. my mom got a voice mail of a

countdown so i was hearing that in the back ground while pushing. i kicked him out of the room twice, told him to come back in reporter: at 12:05, out comes this healthy baby boy. what ever his decision is i'm support him dad got plans for

him to be basket ball player really already. reporter: her fiance, angel who the baby is named after is man a few words but know this, greatest moment of my life, reporter: they hope to bring

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