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and you look at the one to collect nevergot to tell you that the ripe for two thousand dollar n n attitude toward the end of the that andthat that explain the act each and every couple ten twenty dollars for that matter that we really want tomeet you for question the government and the most money getthe chance of the few thousand dollars looked at the end of the show together to propose rolling on wall stso they don't know what's happening out

here back every day that they are i thinkthat he pointed out it is the lead that those animals and people are just out ofthe but if in fact the economics of thetrial itself and i stand up but i don't know who you are going to bea good job simply so that i have profound and ithink i think i think i'll be back in two thousand dollars ironic that i thinkthat is that uh... said

twenty fraud and other thought they werethe pipette olga committed yet brown eyes will be found at evening uh... i'm i'm sorry it's after you're onthe right track until they got no they knocked him out of uh... that became youknow that they would all ticket type economics as a family affair

side that i thought about that areaccurate that animal whose both david and none of that and wonderland aligned such architect that came out ithink that they had to be getting kopple onto the bed and whatever we think and and and and what i have the newest okay but let mego back so we can get heart tactile hard that act fight flat out at you and i i i thinkthat outback and that

product all arnett coupled with thewaiting room of stage so or if they don't know the secret word is there that entire we invited the lady barker's the programtonight and up before we went on the air our studio audience elected ms may buildtaylor their partners that married man mr thomas' so and have a lower court but i think that the other that untilyou get that i think that they think it was it but i thought about that when youlook back on the right thing to you all of that way

that made that i think that that the anduh... some of the trip there may be that bad value from the above mantegna that that opic and and and that's on the part of the marriedmen directed that you're only going to the patient on a for what you do it for me said pleasehelp me they'll along platform at all along agiven day

fifteen years caring about you met there this is a long story located on the fiftieth anniversarymeans that by the way from that point don't take advantage of that isn't that why you thing publicly defeated a whole new jersey buthe didn't get engaged in it it's all things that both of those effect at all

i was just saying that this whole thingthat you think you'll be able to get even would you mind bringing in theliving abroad but let me call you sweetheart and atall already that radiator offered a ok pas pat there pedal

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pan-africanist through an eighty senterprising may have heard old ball that reallyfairly with me evidently the only uh... pauline they wanted that he can get some guilt he did feet in front of the bill to limit thedamage getting a ticket you want me to figureout how much gold at the democrat there you go ahead and tell me exactly youknow i've been wages changing hands at

putting a cigar box ethanol girlfriend oregon and other joca he had no way toavoid form here yet that that and they don't want the but other than the otherguy the you know any more help perinatal so hopefully peanut for that matter group activity said wellyou know and getting older and when uh... they'll have a good faith basic principle to obtain a alreadyaircraft i guess i i think that they are thebloody but unbowed

all right now that i think that the lawand for what they are you doing make up the battle for the two thousand dollarsyou've got to go at the end of the team and then you twenty dollars in a more ofa multiple i can't say that the other couples wantthe federal program and all that the factor in this picture one twentyfive dollars anyday that the allies and as you pointed outto be selected nickname i think that that is the job category it by clickingon the for the twenty what is that family like that

you're going to go on a burlap dot thatis not one of the city of battle it out all felt that i find down there thathave carried out by a dollar dot they're going to do about dollar not know howmuch of the value-added products yes hyderabad by what they did know thatthey have a little bit in the world remodel paula reno nevada and factbitesinoperable practices that they have not had the mud singapore andfind requires that the colorado how did that but i think you have a couple afterthat it would in fact

pat them the advent of the in that that that is ok miserable about them we invited you to show that some professional golfers anthem singing teacher and just before we went on the air ourstudio audience selected

lucia little rat atmosphere carol runyon and when i come back i'dlike it plotted here that the life often if itif it would have all the instead hemingway something you always that way who she is loretta if any feature found a pretty goodrecord clearly fear they have anything thing unheard

i think they've learned for the delayedthe opening that envelope glue i think that well i don't know about five forerunnersmcafee again i'm sure everyone familiar with your name that history in a moment henyon fallout payday he often they do it again the the one that they prepare for what ithink that they have anything of that part of that you all a unanimity none and that the lieutenantgovernor both ron rapoport pontiac

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quite a lot of my father the but overall i think that the lady orfifth almost anything no cultural uh... it was a little babygirls they are obviously react about the sameadelaide a hehe hahahahahahaha long yesterday at twelveforty two point out well i think that that all the favoriteflower the endeavour not practicing occupiedcooperating hold

uh... regulation eighteen-hole seventy four sixty onefar-field bill clinton fielded about hillary they had a problem for me i think ninety five two hundred about the telephone from because of that old but many of the girls around in agreat deal of bipartite by colorado that may follow bio that you think that they will grow arrival high school i shoot aroundninety

associate a thank i decided i think if you haveuh... often doctor eleven twelve point lead overriding has taken hold hello up well under way without playing wellthe there not without being capital ample parkingare you might have a hole in your pocket or you might have a handy coleman ralphon devalued and making more frequently how did you know so much about that but tell me about that sent both workingagain

first of all you have to do it six allover fall all people what about the uh... if i thought it wasa well i think you could feel to get thewhole problem cupertino n and if i think that leaving the clothes colour eleven arafat all guitar for anumber of exciting moment to the professional golfers in the fall ofabout one one four all different though that many bodyyankee flat both exciting and

during the playing of the internationalfootball matches mine thought-out heartened by horton let them know if allof them an honorary before p adopt the high five and saw that on the top ofahead of the gentleman sitting on a campaign behind me read he had just read k_k_k_ called offthe policies that would be thank you for the ball that on the party that in thedropped off at the feet by giving shoppers a wound up throughout the doton the next year like my in twenty one thirteen ninety four balls and get themwe have had again had filed next year though i think the nineteenthirty thousand people down the bathtub

affiliated smith in a booming hooked onthe left side download the man who is apart from the camera popliteal municipal bonds is the nextyear is that the doctors don't need to move the wealthy thirteen year oldfavorites london within the manage your profile matches that he will get all theenormity raul and thewith long a form of updating all that the lady barbara mori records with twohundred dollars

here we all feel that you did for wallallegedly hopefully it by clicking on the political al-mal there what photos dot the landscape benefit rider a and it all about on the city of philadelphia dot and thesecond question home foggy alabama fall farm dedicated just awful

they got it alongside a playoff schedule that leavesrecord for the cattle a dollar ten dollars mark and are looking for a vote culinaryolympics issued by the pocket that you got it all fall hello i'm wondering what you wanna hangon the edge apau him aqua aren't like that all barbed wire ass

all it and i think and ship it worked out a lot for thefather n offense i feel i failed of itself i think the lady barbara mammaliamammals total of about got the job profile the holocaust cable a bottle of all he had also flewof all hostage it all but the bottom up but it is fifteenseconds if i don't think less of a

twenty but i think that the airplane offwelfare along if at all for all for the fallvery fast thought that he was the objective of theprob dot cab right after failing four thousand dollar pointi had a lot of money although talking about a all always a lot of time with an enemy ofthe tactical

some of the animal of all the wealthier one four thousand dollar allfall evolve only under two hundred to within the next twenty four thousanddollar exculpatory orifices of the little what you want orneed for a while people are flocking back but i think in fact about the dealthe over a lot of garden grove about crimeproblem how it looked like a car bomb plot on friday because we're going to break the martin the really your but your wife

greetings all men everywhere americarevenge how do i might be in your regular line brotherhood of man privately one and going to the laundry online that fulfill around all that may notcome on packet along and i'm a democrat thousandfive hundred dollar per one of our problems the night a lot of money going from a man who isworth a try for it we invited them pediatrician visual art

and just before we went on the air weselected doctor alonso cat is part there is a young mother from theaudience this is christina garcia mate groucho marx welcome can't be abetter life and one of you for this to get away witha hundred dollars immediately the commonwealth and you find on thehouse young mother and i think the efficientand with which one of the embargo and dua graduation live there pristine garcia

uh... you named after a ten cents a godyou know the do frequently a friend i'll call you christine and i want to go bernard right around you and i think i think right in front of the perfectly with and mr monroe thank ok brown working on plans law center

uh... allowing you to the matter and be the first i don't care what the religion of islamleader do now than i wanted you to a man palapreparing to do that our identity on ammonium whirlpool reichman let you go through the you don't have aover eighteen david among them and my baby faces old

omitted okay what do you say your location was anddon't tell me the last two weeks in august they need an area of yellowconvertible until all evening get elected my job location don't tell me the lasttwo weeks in august him on his ronan tried to live pediatrician and that philharmonic given about the writer data try to write but because i thinkthere baby or europe they deducted

length of the baby dot could be aboutthree years old word getting out of that uh... shows your mind i pointed out the doctors like to be called it doctor or now uh... might not that i'm intending toplug adaptor and work flow you use your ownbusinesses for fear of we'll learn from each of thefreemen he brought out on yourself dot if you have any impatiently their own athome

there for a fixture not patient not the operation that wanted an entrepreneur leonard whyit why is that my the the wanted not concerted effort to take care of yourown family vision that'd be kinda difficultcollecting the bellingham do uh... how would you have done and the suggestioninitiating it that's what got elected to do

he'll pull through how did you meet him and then the defense relief fund redeeming your father introduced you broccoli how he knew him and then you event todesign a maintenance man notify the drag on everybody thing as amatter of fact in private denom prabhu whitewater the baby's name vandals

yeah and you know that there is the reason why you chose that name battle bristol built to fit my father you get uh... he gets in the state fordragging him alot on how much of your baby way when i wasborn pretty the father and what is the way no thank you tom and a lot of late but i thought that theother way

separate indicators twenty one u_n_about two thousand briana that uh... timing crop areas uh... group christinethey're doing the right thing well uh... first job a baby gain weightand uh... uh... with st some cases the less jobs obama badcomitted your pride and joy eaten a decreasing that'd be food them you for part of the

at the party hardy cages and uh... when you buy them in thedanger of flying but de-mining applied and the baton blows martini bar but writing for the bottom for it to you and bruno but overall kelly elected palliser management at ballardannette something include that these people benefit to a plain diet but that dideveryday holcomb food like bottles and laughter but haven't paid the budget out

forgive now those little model of acalorie ali salary is the amount of heat that ittakes to keep a cubic centimeter of water to one degree though if your kid can follow that hehasn't had time to put dot what kind of a pediatrician are you well i belong to the blue shield warfarelike the blue shield virtusa national organization organizedby the doctors it the wrong for medical insurance planwhere the people preferred money month

rethinking procurement doctors refused motherhood likening uncommitted glancesinto paintings and i said well i don't defend for their first bro there have topay general who pay enough in or not them but what do you do it a pediatrician ferrari of particular barrier cumbersomefor him or development by mothers out there feed their babies and uh... youth there really is not open to beinggood

through the mother's forward movementmiddle heard dummy christina's a_t_r_ pediatrician doall this way can only fright he looked up the fat nimish out while we've all got to gosometime right here in a minute yeah can sell you know that glad to hear thatyou're doing them another way that we're going to hear you would you mind if ifeel some free advice i have a three-and-a-half-year-olddaughter

she left handed his drink it you know if you on all she wanted a business activity that my fifteen minutes dick if you don't like technical managers inthe morning would much ado about we're going to try to keep you felt but on prime are different runs and fortyfive

during the night he like to get up outof that every few hours out and i make a sleep right back here everynight buckingham road i don't think it would last for along history one and i would have left there do you think that would they be gimanacandy machu n around here some flooding and when i get home in today for nataliea one in five and i think that and i'm sure you pediatricians that contributinga great deal of the house of the

community found employment if you're going to tryfor the photo frame of two thousand five hundred dollar question everyday subtle plymouth either as anassignment that means service to you a mission to be with you trillionsquarely whether it be for a new car a used car or a simple repair job those few was simple word them for a whole way of doing business of business policy you might call it

by which more than three thousand istotal plymouth dealers across the entire country i've made a reputation whichfrankly is the envy of many other folks in the automotive business or in any business for that matter these dealers realize that it's goodbusiness ten three customers right to make courtesy an important part ofthe day's work of all our employees to tackle any job no matter how smallwith on this desire to please you knowledge that the kind of place youlike to do business with drive into any authorized his totalplymouth theater

but the the amount of pediatrician weget the chance that the two thousand five hundred dollars sentiment on theroad each of our three couples have twentydollars but as much about whether they want tobe true for question a couple learned the most money get thechance of the desoto plymouth twenty five hundred dollar question at the endof the show our other two couples arena waiting roomoffstage so they don't know what's happening out here illegality a heightened on the twentydollars you selected songs with

beverages in the type of that right did he fight but if you have pointed outhow much you going to try and talk right into the microphone what the name of the song played jerry not the math afropop when i got thirty dollars annually goingfor twenty five hundred dollar tonight how much of the thirty minute drive luke twenty dollar

that they view it and identified as one hahahahahahahahaha paragraph if the dollar how much of thefifty when you back humidified other song with a beverage inthe type of music play payment hahahahaha notify my coffee if everything forprominent on at ninety dollars idolatry whenever it met them in a few lessons tobe the other problem that i'm a twelve a ninety minute ride

winding up right funded by hoagycarmichael it's got a beverage in the type of thing don't hard-line out don daylight novel blogpart of it bank and a lot from the photo plan if itwas not on takeoff you might still be hyper than i can get the chance oftwenty five hundred dollar question raj overthink woodward is still bread france are next couple of site dot before we went on the air our studioaudience elected a shoemaker and i was like and here we are mr marvin babbittand mrs harriet mausoleum eat groucho

marx welcome party about your life and i wantto be fair the fate of lady went on a dollars in cash and simply at the commonway something you'll find around the house missus mostly isn't we reaffirmed if theentry method w what for for building they married mr bad

view i think you're the humansimplemented probably thinks you're fine palatable toheard did he ever done that you bet you have any they live at home thatweekend one along and have you been married missusmoser the reason for almost killed in that city what a i would confederation doing great

no i have to be part of a brutalconflict one of my own brody died you you have children play a harried yes uncertain whether i did twelve and thick and power bingo on diana directly call my number how did you make your husband harry a

beachfront effective treatment here that you are concerned about that doing clarifying them well you can'tblame it on hotel rooms partly i guess what heat that if they really think that someof them with are you sure that was his room pandered kidney anything like that the victim them and then with managing editor ofnational guide

and and he and i can see it enough they felt that that the holliman harry and i guess i'm a awhy was he going into the transmit via the cannon fodder never told me huh and their ideas and that your own ideas and minded todd how i feel like a just call you problem

re-elect the problem that forever but your well some of my fuses and but you haveheard collected typically do you do repair gisela neutrals who heals make repairs nevers you repair oppenhiem input any arousaladdendum a offenses now what do you you know jokeabout a felon admonition

leather on top of their feet with thatin on the ground that the london an unacceptably roadthen they can have it i might add are hard to get to the issue may get ifyou study at oxford no death a kind of a joke that you have you ever think you shouldthey be working i'd which is the heart of the repairmanrowen no-win shoes matures

lublin hotel ballroom fantastic news and jim styling the whitewater there was a fantastictime reasoning may buchanan might agree with him when he was then nintendo we may do better in fact the attentionof the worked on behalf of the please

if you really want to stop traffic triedgoing without but we're not looking carefully beforeyou go in reporting features that make them wear out i thought about a million and a old handful but ballina a but uh... by uh... handed covering for the animals never and manybut then i would advise negative identified well it's nice to be found in the workfor you and you can keep it doomed

you needed a distant family that kind ofleather d'amato i brought into the ocean avenue in pretty bad shape exactly whatwe did go to them they were really mark brown beat up repellent how many of us are plum knew well new heroes manipulated villain realnetworks like a new bridgesentirely worthwhile a vote on a trouble i'm talking about how i feel

a did then you can bring about a place in justby looking at the jews love what can you tell give us anexample intelligent man or woman the geomagnetic tlf a how do i get i camedown here chapman fried articulated together down i'm i'm sad i know i likeyou have a reunited reliably about the life of twenty fivehundred dollars you've been on a couple of minutes into the big question mike i can tell you how much the first coupleon the famine is all things remind our

listeners the pediatrician and the young motherand a hundred ten dollars every dollar film i've interviewedtwenty dollars you selected later than october job category here's a quick questions about twentydollars how much you don't trust with vice president of the united states haven't bought one although i don't think i was not goingto be going for twenty five hundred dollar tonight how much of the peggy leea try

with the chief justice of the unitedstates then sorry is that fred vincent all they have turned off when i got tendollars a just a question how much of the family practice welcome who is a senior senator from ohio whothought it was the president for that effective panorama again i a forty dollar valuethat when you get life tends to be the other couples come into the funny thingis that who was the secretary of state

teaneck incident crap highlighted for it plankton deadlock from the thought ofthem available on the moment when i was going on in the chances of two thousandfive hundred dollar question john who they have so far the pediatrician army young motherleading with one hundred ten dollars and the things that were you'll break we invited a number of models for theprogram tonight and dumped before we went on the air our studio audience joestalin three great for partners mr m a_k_ fell bergenartist and hit a rock four pts

meet groucho marx well content for that it's not up on theday lives including that weapon and when you said i think it would eventwo hundred dollars and simply the common way you'll find around thehouse mentality agreement that right you know the model there is a lovely one humanity yes i am d acquit right here you have any uh...little new models at home

well articulate three that thirty yes i do happily one final too with the got married on the bar mitzvah hateful and then mister making celebrated levels that where you're from uh... moneyliterally and i think that that's right value from new york originally yeahvideo the other

look a little drawn i didn't uh... do i didn't recognize the name of conductreview dramas bedroom dropped out of it we'll keep trying to get there are you married mac how did you meet your way coming up all the certain foods and sitting together did you go and then again and again nohis musical other good got out of

musical other right and you didn't line up that way carried out by pain did i hope that the only counting on youdidn't do property claim that you have time here brandenburg contestant up against that but you know not better just when you know that i know shmoe youknow and did many a glass about their i've done tonight that data have youever painted a portrait of your life

and at the front man and uh... that when you hang up a that would be doing and living room over the five right hidden in a warm and do nothing aboutthe pain that honors program whenever humans thatmany things on activation and gallery yet that has uh... electro country though video you are and lots of people defender ofthe reasons that the other thing

whether large take the print them out miss america will carry it home for did covered probably a frame up there copy telling someone about fifty found well i don't from i don't believe infelon there's no two things this would be a great vote of bingcrosby typically since his son is now pushing amafia away a

good i'll end up in the picture of uh...the i think so proper to provisions leviathan supervision are not interested what kind of a model audio and outsideof being a pretty fair looking this is an denoted nineteen fifty moderates outof that don't know from bumper-to-bumper a i would think that now i'm a photographic and uh... and when you do know model

i worked at karelian dedication a concern national you want to know places fairly reasonable and a what size areyou pattern perfect twelve okay what time you are you just pay fortheir while giving it more difficult part about modeling i would think that fact that we usuallywork this evening head

windup perfect absolutely for growth inthe middle of the program usually wind up on the beach areapplying remodeling pay day fifteen january or something renovating so thewinter dante will keep you warm worth it do alike and drained do that what kind of you for further work withthat paid c landscape themandate debbie all icannot become a do without playing i want you to disregard anything i saidabout the uh... professional reputation

it's a confide in me identified at the start of plymouth gainyou bet your life you be i want to couple who get a crack at a twenty fivehundred dollar question i can tell you how much they won butyour did not say to my knowledge the pediatrician when the young motherare still ahead with a hundred ten dollars every dollar kya hai committed twentydollars you selected maiden name had movies dot hill category issue fight question how much of thefunny when you drive

wanted missus humphrey bogart maidenname lara mcauliffe correct corporate or private thirty dollars rockyou know how much of the bed even a time money going for twenty five an analysisof england twenty twenty why did mr thrown powersmaiden name when that person is correct and potternow after a few dollars now you have fifty dollars a differentquestion how much would affect the fifty uh... twenty-five flaring up what is mrs walk away in his maiden name

down then down that interact we honor where they have seventy fivedollars i get seventy five in his u_s_ tend to be the other couples come intothe seventy five when you read lot of missus de leon has his maidenname lucille ball wholesale mud problem onehundred thirty five dollar and that means that they get the care ofthe biggest auto plymouth forty five p if you'll recall it's important to you to get expertservice at a fair price

you don't have to be told that but i do want to tell you but it pays togo to unauthorized it's total plymouth dealer whether it's an emergency or a routinecheckup from where you get expert courteousservice at the lowest possible cost uh... label to accomplish this becausewe have highly skilled mechanics in their shop and these experts work with specialfactory designed and approved school from a record they keep on your car areable to tell you for example of what

your engine is ready for a tune up fornew lubrication they'll tell you when you're tiredshould be rotated to add thousands of miles for their life sold for the best from your car thrive and we'll get the best asylum authorized risotto limit because and there's a model of the art of the winning couple already for the development of twentyfive hundred dollar question groucho

well you can you would have to payanything for a long time if you get this differently uh... illegal for twenty five hundreddollars radio-t_v_ fifteen seconds of the site on a single into betweensomething carefully and please will help me on as you know members of the president'scabinet or a point portfolio of one of these however expireevery four years which cabinet members time expires everyfour years haha

okay let me ask you to the side of thephone like uh... courier postmaster general all let me but the question actuallytruly way three thousand dollars when you watch the big money but the onehundred thirty five dollars in the clear congratulations and thanks to both ofyou guilt that your life to the donder delproduction pendrive in hollywood directed by bob mom embarrassment european partners really featured againand again that went behind the triumph of a doctor mark your fuel bet your life

regrettable bottom regarding thesettlement of the middle america and remember arbiters of elders other all ofthose help limit dole great part for product the recordthe corporation and over again next week the big question will be worth eight thousand dollars teleprompter riverbank progressovernight karl henry hanna dot please bill it goes beyond a doubton run up and i thank you counsel does it take a fall onmy personal

report from inside the office themreviled and it's not over a period from constable happen late in getting the speaker's words inmy view sugar s you g a off rap you'll back your life but it's not all of them a period ofamerica present groucho marx in your backyard life the comedy groceries for those intranscriber hollywood and here is the law of the or late diana

let me try from our back a lot and i am again with threethousand dollar for one of our problems and i thought for a man whose life we invited the milkman into bro massesfor the show tonight and just before we went on the air ourstudio audience elected milkman hard cram his partners brewer john whitegentlemanly groucho marx welcome again for the photo plan a daily unit one ofyou said that they could wait at any time he went on and i wasn't it become and what time do you use everyday

prominent uh... in no planned uh... ahologram right away from home uh... party montana it's a hop skip and jump yellowstonenational park that the only way you know but and and its allies say you are the brillmetadata well a from omaha nebraska planter from milwaukee

d'amato you know that you're going to be in theday of the download not many the u_n_ thanks alia leonard julio delightful aguilar map are and libya but for the life of meridian id with my room and i are going to how howmuch you how much the at hebrew in the

day for about nine or burrows and milkman on how much more do theylive in the day well i'd never around uh... five hundred fifty forty you deliver five hundred people withsome of the day i don't believe it one and he said he'll be a big brown eyesand mom d

and that means anything about it and ihave a new mistaken well yeah several things one for instance that my wife and i wasuh... buckingham street to the other day andnight and see one of my customers on the street and uh... i think they're howdy doody said youknow lifted me

didn't even recognize me i was uh... criticize and honestly yeah but if you recognize needed to do it onyour government teaches all of i didn't know it would beclose on but on that might make you live very happy i'm not guilty about not having youridentity unusually in combat

is remember one incident ah... permitfrom the trip number is the the fact that they thought the top ofthis country and myself if i can effect a bitter well would you say you know there butthat doesn't put any other than totally dryness away a you've been on that between only he didn't notice it with the illinois and i think you can dothat

play i think that make you feel that hewould shake hands another ninety-one enough just one minute and i have a chance tomake things i've not okay for many reasons it is a little plymouthleaders of america believe that their way of doing business as one moment your customer folks who will continue to be there that's because these dealers of theamericas most between few salience

quickly weather would be for a new car reviewscar or a simple repair job they've tried to be courteous all along well you mcaro owners of america seem to appreciate of this kind oforganization and the attitude of head toward so today in every city in everything thousands of smart car owners make surethey stop with the sign of unauthorized is total plymouth beware

but they have enough man of romance thatwill be the ones who get the sense that this is sort of plan at three thousanddollar question and excellent life as much of that what is a one in each offour questions couple that aren't the most money getsthe death of the three thousand dollar question of the individual our other two couples are in the waitingroom on stage so they don't know what's going on on the you select a famousfriends and companion video category that day

all right now you have twenty dollars onhuman today eighty-five but you bet ten dollars bythe name of runs the growth of faithful fed right is right although i don't think i was not jumpingon a type of three thousand dollars night how much of the same at his side whatever name of john on and good friend of fighting a confession dot but bonsai it was my family

we now have ten dollars live digipakquestion how much of a tiny donifer five phytophthora com site is best friendhuckleberry finn acai berry berry has a right kamath reply when i got fifty tend to bethe other couples come into the fifteen utilized bullet shell at home dr value excited dot you know a lot tome dot on domestic politics one my check to make the money to get the fun ride upand other ten dollars in cash and please approaches

but was buried in grant's tomb science and a lot from the start ofmanagerial is not that i don't know if you may be the ones that if they can fitthe three thousand dollars life doctor on the street where the fieldsugar perhaps our next couple of things just before we went on the air ourstudio audience selected an interior decorator mr dot hain i'd also like thatis our report site welcome welcome to you about your lifeand i wanted to say that the start-up and i think that what he was a hundreddollars in cash instantly

if the comment was sent to use every day audrey aside wavefront up and operatinguh... very pretty ugly your husband's preview dot quietmattered pretty much bigger than you are at the end well let me get back might have been delivery unusual and user-pic oracle effect on jindal genbank demise attackson china sherman or or i don't know i don't eventhrough five was so i don't know do you have an idea what

it the great delila on monster com you see in the elephant uneasy going on with me around the twenty eighth that they've got a paint via theinterior deco self-help play for him ajmal uses you know a mandate

did your wife in the army notice how did you make your life now brochure during in new zealand with herfather's we've been to the magician i went to a dunce fender i met her and looked at her and said can you see allthose beautiful eyes and he said yes and two weeks later we were meant it is that is that the customary approachanother day on

regarded as first really when i've everpreserved i think he did it on uh... articulate your husband mrs out looking at her brother frightening summer manages sometimes are fine and i'd rather have a very take place uh... allover they say it signage all over you needall of a rock concert

happy mine patch of land mine i came back to you mister fain and knowthat this man abandon all of the best k getting it did itself felt actually ended if there was a red pack that'd work pretty well days leaving the twenty eight

pop do metros and i want you melissa if uh... very angry act out inside them my brother little couple months later but he drive by that time but you do your decorating the thing i work for

bedroom declines in beverly hills well how much would you try to decoratethe therapist at the inside the average five rumor about four to five thousand dollars i mean a bill that i was i mean find out out of that chandelier outthere i mean how little could you do it for where we could do it through the flutetheir wells thirty five hundred or thousand dollars either

wouldn't recommend your position might have to make the vision is higherthan validity does would be a successful decorate it whatdo you regard as the most importantly climb well you have to know uh... properbalance of the room on the balance in the bank graham and i said thank god layout of the room i mean you shouldhave it

conversational grouping conversations with the nina financialsettlement document on bottom cast as the others as well youknow like the cricket you are well on the ground as well my balance in the bank is so badi cannot go on played and this is the thought that o_j_ hasn'tdone yet don t have you learned anything aboutinterior decorating founded that's it danes would you care to defend yourself

was that affected could decorate it cansave money with your price and that the presidentof the how did you say last year i began to decide what color theme theuser over effective cold room knew he was warmcolor who'd be better to put in a gasoline but a places besides the font sizes

this isn't too isn't it and what coloris your view of the it's scene about it uh... misbehavior the livingroom wall on how do you know a living room as wellmaybe she wearing long underwear tell us more about colleges that fitfascinating for example that what they did come up with the bedroom for what i would use them press goofy loud colors of the pin

we'll keep you awake missus feinstein what colors are betteroff epic battle other arranging sounds nice he obviously nandakumar orkut you say it and i like that i can tell them what they want the judgesentiment is not a dream i'll listen the milkman the brew master holden oldest couple view

here we go yet twenty dollars how muchinterest you selected live their lives cities inthe united states is your category that i italian about them now one of the largest city in the state ofohio you agree with that i'm sorry if cleveland haha you know that ten dollars grouchoelective when you've got ten dollars in any goingto three thousand dollars at the big prize and you know

now how much of it and i was a good time one of the largest city in the state ofmagic he cannot be tried as current well right now they are fifteen dollarsnow u after enough how much of the fifteen units right lot of the largest city in the state ofmassachusetts uh... boston is correct they're still finding they have twentyvalue on a twenty five dollars in new zealand tend to be the other couplescome into the twenty five even arrest

uh... cute select one of the largestcity in the state of missouri thank last why not let fifty dollars well thanks and good luck minnesota planas it was not just a moment our last couple of come up with that and thenwe'll all get the chances of three that profile the interior decorator landsliderelating with our fifty dollars embassy woodward is still sugar select couple will say in honor of valentine's day we invitedsome people have occupations in keeping

with the season and just before we went on the air ourstudio audience elected mister jack for a greeting card writer and his partneris responding brahma wedding director and they are for meet module mark welcome children herethat your life and wanted to say that it's not a planto take away when done and i was in cash and sadly at the common write somethingyou use every day a greeting card right and uh... awaitingdirect mister

you know the grading guide uh... right will be very different los angeles frankie brown that that's an unnamedprevail in that means really frances eleven oh movie uncle frank with youknow leave the silent victim not that i know well

thing francis is a new in the state on a player from frankie las vegas nevada if you have a husband yeah i dont ninety three thinking of you if you plan to remain inour main thank you and i know made them only twenty-two alveolar

twenty five ivylehmann no i'm not wetland add something about it finding out what your directly leading uh... callout and here in love they get nevada company managers have you engaged about fifteen minutes coming age of the united

he'll liabilities that uh... director you know i a rainstorm the yes ordinance the notices to their home town on papercan take the minister coming forward you sure you know if you know the rightnow remodeling directing forty mortuarydescription unit you're letting direct and while thereisn't too much different than they did on using it that way you can start yourown flowers one just

tell me about the greeting card in thefifth author who he was full well i do work for colonial greetingcard but the cordova several others reliability the greeting card right alright first you for being here me kindly write nothing but how do you know what the right well the simplest thing is the best

more you say you know what you mean thebetter dude but something like a congressionalrecord on alanna can anybody reiteratingcontractor state and federal pell deputy general looked at the civic for example if i stay here my black eyed regard for couldn't turn out to a blue eyedgirl

you could have the interest on it and i bernie shakespeare what are they caremark specifically on the occasionfor which you provided us with perot's where we have retired forty birthday ballantyne congratulations for starting a newbusiness congradulations for starting a business that threatens the bodyguard mahaloavenue dwelling on bhangra newburgh what

company but he leads they don't like to get thecommon do while you were in love with frankie hereagain and you want to send her a beautifulvalentine former allotted you fail go ahead with one well i couldn't before that i have tothink about it alone politically a couple days oh

at that time he is madison benefit outof my banget you know that i think that mckee's cakeout there budgetary to carry any of your epicsaround when you on our streets are the things out withthem overload under grandma darling but a dot banking frankly is setting up within the project it whatever pretty old-fashionedhaving anything much remind

yes i have a calming down time here yet the picture of a garter and stockingon it as a stocking said to the garter hook up with me tel high you can't change it d pubmed that'd be allowed lives may end pretty well used warning from all theseand the many lessons talked more about your job for a few things that were thepeople come from a good magnet chapel

well they come from all over the worldthe life and they get married in the yugoslavia reality cappers hannah montana yahoo doesn't confident it can be a largewedding your hometown in another thing nobody knows you know on how much do you charge for the grandlarceny good

you plan when you get twenty five dollardecline immidiately twenty five leo twenty five dollars you get eunice durden soaring learned alot premiums funky don't witnesses if youneed them no bride when i get the fifteen ba i'm probably not even that but when i get a fifteen dollar

references he gets the same thing who u for thetwenty-five dollars effect if you get and i don't know for fifteen danielle i bought unanswered twenty five plummeted a sunday at ten oh timeouts modifiedheader frankly was the largest number offlights dot here at governor saying a man

when valentine's day we had twenty-sevenready that would kill the organism water while you're waking hours on a joblike that we did i'm on-call twenty four hours a day well yes i like a fine and i a m flighton the grass pollen a box arrives in one hand de daughter natalie allen automatic youth who are practicallyengagement debuted at the chances are that sort of plan at three thousanddollar question

determinative competent get a crack atthe three thousand dollar question i can tell you how much they won thejudge's offstage remind our listeners the interviews decorated in the houselife ahead with here we go with the item that you twentydollars you selected colleges with your category or i canfind out how to get on a tribe will start with cam bard college is locatedat palo alto answered banquet right after five o'clock thirty dollarslighting up a dollar to many going for three thousand dollars night how much isthat even if that twenty-five what college is located atan offer

michigan university dollar fifty five dollars yeah fifty five years effect like anargument that the fighting on the telephone it like college is located at your head yale here catherine crier dollars identified allof those u_s_ can't believe you have a couple times none of the fighting alegal for monday place eighty eight

catholic what colleges the haves that larry l_ a r_ a_ m_ i_ e_ university one old lee hwy ninety eight holidays and that catholic campus autopilotrainfall the dollar question well nation of car owners in thiscountry and many others know the inside of ourfamily car as well as the back of our hands

others don't care about what goes oninside our car just so long as its driving smoothly in economically but whichever case fits you when you drive your car into a shop fora check out for some kind of repair job you do like to know what to drawing tobe done you like to know why and of course howmuch it will cost now here's one big reason why youappreciate the kind of service you get added the solo primitive the man who work on your car at a desotoplymouth beaters are servers expert

that have special training constantly they've special tools and equipment towork with but you won't find us to anywhere and on top of all these advantagesyou'll find a booker t_ is interesting explaining to you what will be done in your car why it's going to be done and you also get an estimate of what thejob will call

that's there is a myth wealth and this is one of the aims ofthe folks you only at the side of unauthorized desoto plymouth dealer and here's a greeting card a writer onthe wedding directive a wedding couple already but it's all open at threethousand dollar question ka jo alright here we go to three thousand dollars t_v_ fifteen seconds this item onesingle and for that when you something terribly and please no help me on

by several of our country was new york the three thousand dollars where was thesecond capital at uh... philadelphia pennsylvania that made the big question next week welike three thousand five hundred dollar body like the big money but you want toidentify dollars nicolas congratulations and thanks to both of you you all about your life is a john doedealt with friends rival hollywood

directed by bob bauman bernie's made music by gerry building be sure to tune in again next mondaynight in time for the groucho marx kill you'll sexual life reasonable more than reviled developmentof yours on it and remember all the other groups now that's a littlealso self limiting you'll break our ball but for thechrysler corporation and don't forget

next week the big question will be worth thirty five hundred dollars telecom intime for bing crosby felt that night bothering them back dot they cannot do it the audits aredone lamenting on the there's a couple of actual psychic alan look out for the driver who doesn't lookout for you there's a georgia signing on for themore than three thousand it's not open

appeal is from coast to coast gentleman the secret word tonight istable the the elise an pan let us not all part of the owners ofamerica revenge roger martz didn't know that your life countered with them rival hollywood andhere it is so wildly only a a fan of the knife as well that may notcome on

you know i a m again at three thousandfive hundred dollars alone about problems and i just found a man whosefive but to try and take away all his money we invited some high school student forthe show tonight and just before we went in the air weselected myrtle elliott and melvin moore and here they are fought me groucho marxwelcome kit for the thought of limited and one who says that they did what hewas a hundred dollars in cash instantly at the time and what time do you findaround the house high school students a it's nice to haveyou here

mabon and noah is that player from l for your case too eagle rock high schooler and before that they're ready for was born two blocks north of warnerbrothers studio in north hollywood screwed up with some of the leather and uh... where you want to live i don't work

like if you think of it and so myquestion that where you'll find idle workers with a high school their right the first time you know it minority leader and in our name higher when they feel it he couldn't seem to be in which is theonly real we came out with nero

we had to fill that you thought domestic prisoner co well but he will be the lavender and i submitted a man of theresponded so young and anthony this to a like what will you let them enough congradulations did better with graduate of misco whathe what do you plan to a goat for a job corporate you like

on renew meenu just graduated from high schoolnumerator i've been there he come with a diploma did we're commerce nineteen at a husband for nineteen years why did you do get marry when you werethree years old do many late night dugan married nineteenyears nua fourteen minutes trying something from do the

lately is all you are uh... mahalo life twenty six field three welfare down a lot better the patriot all you've got a husband andyou get a graduate of md from from high school eat you not want knowing that you know didn't really think that you reallythink you need to know that i owe you

weren't feeling dialogue with things that uh... too like the might mean i really thought larry c we may unity at least when dixon willbreak heeheehee he'd be eliminated feeling like this one like mad at him i look at it dissembling

bloody look under this coming over and deleted any of the high school busboyvitamins a c_ police with on and right about the future daksh here's the students in and what you'vedone as well east-central randy they're taking teens of resistant so i got a new clinic well you knowreally they'd done

fifty cooling line knew that going on but told me alot well what are your report coming in yourhusband blanket concentrates on the card isnecessary the fact the what kind of great did you get the them i know really like to know if you look at their ownfilthy through people like me yesteryear behind the

and it is my daughter leah dot malia failures in the d you know you've got a graduate of islandon that idea of what you like them dual telenet kohut daily all in a classoffices like this writer was about well manager festival and wondered about that one why don't they have about a minute thatthey set up a lot of the kidnapping out

all do family do they still ethics players onthe side vector festival ass down there on peanut the basketball managerial and how muchis your family don't get a salary but they do pay a lot and rebels and dothe elisabeth is on that well like uh... keep stork most to gain

uh... trying to gain putting the basketball green the gym floors who have a pretty important job the like a vice president of the timing is avery do like to do sort of high school a political and alitalia b_-thirty threetoby playground well-intended lightning having you to him i know may i sayyou're a remarkable woman than if you play it god right

pretty soon you'll be a pretty hisgrandmother in van nuys high school do and that's why many cuban again it getsa chance to try for this sort of plan at three thousand five hundred dollarquestion for groucho marx program friends isbeing brought to you by more than three thousand to start off limits the livesof america and our reason for presenting thisprogram is to tell you something about themselves to extend a cordial invitation for youto come in and get acquainted with them well they're sure once you pay the matfirst visit you'll be back whenever you

need anything pertaining to kar the reason they're so certain about thisin the bay and by bay i mean everyone bestowed opened at theaters place ofbusiness are off to see that you are satisfied no matter what make you cry you drive nomatter what year it is the folks at your desoto plymouthleaders will build their at most this week you'll fairly and squarely that bear creek that's your best reason for driving inwherever you see the sign of authorized

to start all plymouth theater k now if they have to high school pupilswe get the chance of the three thousand each of our three couples at fortydollars is as much about twenty of a one e twofour questions a couple returned the most money got thechance that the desoto plymouth thirty five hundred dollar question of theemotional our other two couples are in the waiting room on stage a little ishappening out here balik ko item that you twenty dollars you selected fellinto the funny that your category that i

think that scientology he plays questionhow much of the funny we get back and talk right up into the microphone that's on the fights popular nineteentwenty five what's the name of it that's right by and all right now you got thirty dollars ann_b_a_ going for three thousand five hundred dollars not how much of thestudy we did that alright canada five other songs likegary record all right you got that the about page byclicking on a cliff if you're going to

try forwarding forty dollars pleading identified as oneokay gary eight hiking and ninety allocationelectricity they have a cup of how much of a ninety state-owned one of the name of this song science and a lot of minnesota plan ifit was not stick around we'll knowledge you may be the one who gets a chancethat the three thousand five are not a question

ride on the street where it is stilltable perhaps the next couple of state weinvited them deputy district attorney thank you benefited financially to cut night at the vegetable at man doesn'tlook like an adult delight i think that we invited some deputy district attorneywell why don't you say that uh... video tonight and our people whether they areour studio audience elected mister bill red sea his partners on slide

missus million watkins and here they areplugged me groucho marx welcome welcome the event in life and iwant to be fair to say that lady madonna dollars in cash is the common waysomething you'll find around the house the district attorney in the house wasexactly the same thing the air uh... yeah i a m at antietam now i can make your life and remember you'reunder oath a well thankfully you know she's a minister of autonomy groucho

peg rail at about ten minutes ago do theminister's daughter and uh... not having to be taking the collectionwe needed did you take the hopefully a however there were two of us doing is better than do mere in the past the mediterraneansomething to the jury didn't turn in all of it color many of them for while taking the collection she uh... she asked me how it goes in the film

but a initiated a corrupt overt got thatway but nothing then yeah liable if a parent at their own and that he had everything going on i tell you married mrs martin you've been calling missus having called me missus do underneath your husband and this is likeyou know i was working at the denver dragged through the lady isn't it

the fire fell one day the fact that will want youto take them down to the winning a tremor so i went down i didn't hear the wind instruments comeback and finally at one of the fact that the abit where did that new delhi comefrom now i was very angry and i think the naileddown there cute dresses and i walked in anytime when you don't need to get somad area

might use it and could he come up maggie presentlyteaching brother jada papa domestic partner ladies dress now bill and hillary at the end to thisticket any guess what do you do on up the district attorney in statedistrict attorney the question was what do you do dot i donahue brought up what's the differencebetween the distributor and in a vista get anything hello i'm under thedistrict attorney

on place at the end a aliveness test they could be a whatare you doing missus industry today uh... i'm not an assistant districtattorney on the on the deputy district attorney al-jami running until what okay well you know it's not in the area oflow man on the phone calls liability deputy district attorney supply and done anything displayed bythe film and do we prosecute criminal cases i have abeautiful sight and a lot of the trial

divisions and you handled by juries have you ever been collected but when you get your birthday at youhaven't had minister delight corrupt one of them no about uh... ninety-five per percent of our business comes in fromthe police department in the county in thecourse of a few minutes and twelve sort of

anything going on in your neighborhoodthis is why i think that you'd like to bring to the attention of thedistributor we don't have that i think uh... youmean allah serene in your life yelling at anything you'd like to complain themath all the lady i might party-line cock much he keeps talking in there i suppose you don't get a chance to useit up you know i don't uh... sometimes him fifteen twenty minute what are theytalk about or she dollyt not ballot

i think we gotta casey at the video no play with the family for wiretapping well i've got admission if anybody wason fire nobody knows me better than i do what a great job that you see if anydoes for the fact that don't laugh at that declare me with a concentrated on aplane that like a three thousand five hundred up divvied out a couple of you get a chanceof the big question later i can tell you how much the first coupleon the pentagon states remind our

the thirty three-year-old high school girl and her partner one hundred seventythree here we go with the item that you twentydollars you selected capitals of latin american countries in europe categoryright alright yet twenty dollars how would youdon't have that info right into the microphone and while ten dollars tendollars eighty five question one of the capitalcity of pearl me reminds arrived poverty and

uganda that you've got about twentydollars is that right one of the capital city of argentina clean fairy sign it and you not fifty dollars now but the whole fit for the whole prettyalright one of the capital city of chile the age i a league aunt janet declining one hundred our ideology helike and to be they have a couple of how

much of the hunter would do that five out of the capital city of ecuador creek he tell us the out v banking deadline from the start of mymaterial and i will be on the following the collapse problem and then when all the get the chance ofthe three thousand five hundred dollar question panel there

the deputy district attorney and a housewife tool hundred dollars and the secret word is still table we invited some dog trainers and jumping out of the tonight here comatose elected to be on our showover the studio audience just before we went on the air mister kyle spence

and this is arnez mari meet roger martz bottom part of this out a plan of theirlives and i wanted to set the fate of lady madonna dollars in cash and sadlyat the common weight something a finer on up missus mario bedroom campaign is mariosay european occasion very effectively in the future i've been thinking of taking up thetiananmen do and this just a few other dog trainer

ondo have a mistake and different offering only got a darkened don't mistaken but stratification stag horn behind a bank in germany you must be at the right side uh... this says hi i a magnifying how hard you make your husband so

it was very unrelenting out on a man uh... mutual friends arranged a meeting differences we think he's to musiciansshould need each other letters he let his people either kenneth p did you have that in a move is acarryover effect on you that man d message that you know the other doctrineis that right so funny

a eleven thousand scratching doing now alan as your question his judgementis it still a barking dog net about it not as long as it's like palestinian did not have a definitelymind what's the best ages dot trainingdarkness to fit old buck it man you mean you've been trained us into aconcert down to atlanta

but then after all a direct ninety onevery well-trained yourself do a family camp they sort of some of thephysical on medical excuse to give students gave youcannot practice uh... heaven they found involvement popular nine hundred and oh starting deeply solvay

fees of the piano stockpile bungie what are the issues that you don'tusually get out of their lives in the the fact that no excuse i thought they might think she is methat it is not about a man on what makes one dog they shipped in onedog gentleman that fixes fundamental i don't think it's any dishitself if you're on the mental now that i wenton dogs head of the contract theapplication around

mad dog psychology which god make the best psychology but a did not live on occassion talkedabout the days when he was a kitten dot but in fact the uh... as you know thatyou think you could did teach me to play the piano right now yes i'm sure i could to do you think it's failed which usually means do it yeah alright nearly a one two three

amy uh... stand that haven't been defined the relies on night on a plane to the start oflimiting effect alive in the debate and i feel competent at the crack of thethree thousand five and a lot of questions i can't enamored they won the judge'sartes remind our listeners deputy district attorney in the huh they would know what they are highcambodia twenty dollars you selected

royalties your category that right yet right now not commented on a truck under the name of the emperor of japan purohit you know you go out i have thirty dollars a day dollarsmoney going for three thousand five hundred dollars tonight on the contrarywould you try excitement what is the name of the exempting abouthim backing me up with me up all the time dollars and fifty allegations thatquestion how much of a fifteen minute

drive you decide okay the little king of italy abdicatedthe throne in nineteen forty six and died a year later what was his name himand and and when i all right main aap seventy five dollars right after the final outcome into thefamily finally go for what is the name of the emperor ofethiopia has the left i'm so glad to have a live have and that means the deputy districtattorney a lot of life

step the fact that this off limits thirty five hundred dollar question awhile back i suggested that you folksso i've been in gaelic waiver that it's a little plymouth before while you're there visit the serviceshop noticed so far and equipment this equipment is there for you for use on your car everyday sawed off in a few has specialtools and equipment in a shop

the kind you won't find does anywhere these tools and equipment our factorydesigned and approval in the hands of skilled mechanics you'llfind these tools and things hours of time on the job they hope it is a little plymouththeater service experts to better work faster that of course means money in yourpocket as well as a car that serves youfaithfully and economically a mile after so visit that piece although plymouthfeel a real soon william

yet at all the folks in the office forthe men in the shop you'll find that this knowledge will be a big comfort in the followingcar model that lie ahead of you tomorrow driving with a sign ofunauthorized use auto plymouth theater all dealers who sell desoto also sells plymouth there is not like the deputy districtattorney the winning couple already for the development of thirtyfive hundred dollar question groucho alright here we go for three thousandfive hundred dollars

if it seems that that and one thing thelength of the twentieth of think kathleen please of me on there's only one active volcano in theunited states lot of is about a no what the n_t_s_b_ have decided upon ithink he gets molested mount lassen is end at that time he went to a thousand fivehundred dollars what do you know with all that money darling i know a lot of money like thathouses in the film over from top to

bottom dot gov wrote the three thousandon ongoing refer to it on and on what about you the a wait until themoney give that money back in the czech but even though it is locally and we have many youngsters yes and i'm surewe are going to have summing up collect their u_n_ three thousand fivehundred dollar plus two hundred dollars in the quiz daily between us in a graduation from the more than threethousand disorder plymouth dealer from

coast to coast you bet your life back your life the don goodell production van drivermolly was directed by bob blonde and very good music by going through beat your to-do in again next whendenied of the time mcgraw-hill market all your that your life reasonable autumn reviled and all ofthem have been recovered albeit without the quotes all of thoseare women

the required for product support fordelivery i don't forget one thousand dollars well it's almost time for bing crosbyfell denied both dot did not do it being yada da da planand and i everything from american political a highway is no place for a surprisepart always signal when the bomb slowdown turner change direction there's a george breneman signing offmore than three thousand of total

timothy layers from coast to coast

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