baby born badewanne video

baby born badewanne video

this next story came to us through report it.and as you're about to find out ... it's pretty amazing. this is mila she was born yesterday. mom went into labor in the afternoon. that's when- she and her husband got in the car and started heading to

bridgeport hospital. the mom -- calling her doctor on the way.but the baby -- just couldn't wait.especially in ã¡rush hourã¡ traffic along route 25. so- the doctor pulled over on the side of the road. the parents pulled up behind her. and that's when

the baby girl made her grand entrance. so we got behind her, opened the door, ripped off my pants because i was wearing jeans and the baby came out as my husband was on the phone with 911. i mean it was a beautiful birth i couldn't have asked for

actually for it to be more beautiful so if i was a rural setting ogbyn and nobody was around i could deliver a baby. mom says she felt like the whole situation was something out of a movie. little mila ... is perfectly fine.she will meet her two

siblings later today. as you can imagine ... the family with nothing but good things

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