baby born für die badewanne

baby born für die badewanne

put the whole hand into the water. that's really slimy. slimy. is that slime of snails? - slime of snails? eww, snail slime. just sit down in the water. you should not stand up, because you could slip. show me how slimy it looks like. this slimy.

put your hand inside and take some slime. take a bit more. really put your hand deep inside and take a lot of slime. can you put it in your watering can and pour the slime? come out, slime! it's so slimy, you can't really pour it, right? - yes. now the watering can is slimy. doesn't matter. we can clean it up again later. bah, slimy!

why does it have to be green? you could put some of it into the small bucket and pour with it. i think there are different colors available of this slime. we just got green. does this slime smell somehow? does it have a specific smell? yes, slime of snails. - slime of snails!? when i unwrapped it i thought it smelled like sherbet.

a little bit. oh, it looks lilac. - yes, inside the bucket. is it fun to play with this? - yes. - yes? better not pour it on your hair. it really looks green. very different from water. but it's still a bit just like water. only thicker than water. it doesn't matter if it spills over.

it's foam, too. soap, soap. soap is no snail slime, right? i don't think it's soap. i got to check the ingredients later. you can't wash yourself with it though. please not the hair. now wash my hands. but you can't really clean yourself in there, right? i can. - but it's just slime.

when i really put my hand inside it's really very slimy. - yes. and you like it. - yes. oh, there's something green. yes, those are slime lumps. eww, they are disgusting. would you like to play with it again? - yes. - yes? - yes. in a different color? in blue. - blue? can you put my hair away. - we will wash it in a minute anyway.

what do you think about it? it's very slimy. the slime balls are quite funny, too. and glibber. we finish the video now. let's say bye! - bye! wave! - wave!

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