badeinrichtung für kleines bad

badeinrichtung für kleines bad

we are here now in metav exhibition in dã¼sseldorf. goratu is a company, which is more or less 65 years old and we are producer of two kinds of different lines of machines. all of them are cnc machines, one is the milling line and one is the lathes line. we are working under two different names. one is lagun for milling machines and the other one is geminins for the lathes. the philisophy of the company is to work more and more very close to the customers. we are open now the new markets in the new countries there are around europe, and there is for us also the future. one of them is hungary. we have started quite seriously in the hungarian market in the last 4-5 years.

we have started to working with one partner of us, with gordiusz alfa. and we have been reaching the first results on this market. one of our new developements of milling machines the market to the company asg. more and more the customer wants to have machines to get possibilities to reduce the timing ... ... and also to be able to produce the pieces in one setup or unless in the minimum setups possible ... ... to reduce the timing in the process and also to improve the accuracy of the pieces. now i will try to introduce to you one of line of the products ... ... with the travelling column with fix bet. in this case we are using the machine to fix the piece in the table, and the piece is not moving at all.

then the tool is making all of the movements. we are equipping the machines with automatic heads, in this case you can reach any angles as you want. and also different systems of atc to change the tools in the head. here we can adapt different accessories like divining/driving heads, zip conveyor to extract the tips, ... ... and different kind of possibilities that the customer will require. now we are reaching up to 4 meters in vertical travel and 1500 mm movement in traversal once. this is one of the philosolhies, but similar to this we can make some machines without this bed. then the column is moving itself along its own axis. and you can adapt in front of the machine different accessories like fix tables, round tables with movement.

and this machine in fact delivered to the hungarian market, to the asg customer. this is one of the last projects we have developed and i think or i hope, that they are satisfied with the machine.

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