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communism fine offices of the law wouldbe battling to get overwhelming on report abide with ought to be done andacquitted on a mobile than pure gasoline but julia loves me when called upon tomeet in emergency they must have the best of every kind ofequipment that is why it means so much to do with an individual mildred to knowthat we'll run the crack is the deafening through the roof of the vitaldistinctive public service did know that wherever david sold realbrenda cracked the private winter getaway greater speed maximum power andmoney for more police cars fire in ambulances another emergency equipmentwherever it it sold

than any other brands it is important to know that like yourcity and county official the heads of your california state andfederal government also uses superior equal to every american the governing itgo farther away from the nurse present quite we are going to be very whospecializes in real ban the crime the most by the end of the recommendeddot that means hole in the west story we are here tonight with securedinto operation of the office instead of making the student will find the county setup this balloon invented to go onofficial business lou have consented to

open our problem from the studios ofgayab apple meaning ladies and gentlemen one of the quickest way to solve themilken humankind's if they had a man in the pocketbook however in the story really here tonight we find a novel situation wherein the victims of a very cleverswindler refused to believe that they have been swim the public should be aware of thedeprivations of a vast army of clever

people were constantly using their wits liberty and to their fellow man at many of the persons we show hereabout tonight in more alert for the operation of thistype of criminal a great deal of money would have beensaved and many words of sympathy would nothave been waking unappreciated creek i sincerely hope

up tonight story will bring home a fact that crime does not pay hosting opens in the office of thebungled while the head of department deputy editor willie and company withreceive a visitor frankly i can't understand the editor-in-chief thiscruise i told him a woman had been kidnappedand they sent me to the bronco squalid it's insulting to a kind woman she isthe most idealistic woman i have ever met everyone in hollywood believes inher she determined to be rich she had to

say the macaroni grill and she got alittle clip art what do you mean by that expression it by hanging you're going tosend to us because it interferes organically when she goes around hangingpaper puranpatwari that that it would be an issue for thatect superfly expression for she's beenkidnapped and pollster catch these checks so that i know you're quiteidealistic in your opinion in your friend but as a writer yokohama standthis your cat from practice crater has been kidnapped we have a pro projectthat's when he checked that's what about the popular but ofcourse walking collect some group has

been kidnapped so let's talk if that was all in all buti will find their first you must give you aware that everything i tell youwould be in strictest confidence is a close friend of practically everyimportant person in hollywood and they will have found not to understand notarrested sure a lot about this pathetic respectedrestraining order it's macaroni and she hadn't been sitting in the body francis has been educated mobile homesand has told us about wonderful plans to help the people of the native landyugoslavia you see the people in that

country speaks of many different dynamicit makes people uh... old bike and i think that's a bit whenthe policemen altruistic the i cut as opposed to a civil colossal picturesincorporated i can safely say it's not only altruistic it's ultimatelydiplomatic monty hiking with or want to grab you know want anyone you know mcphee secret

who do not want the credit for helpingthe people in love yourself i picture wiesenthal thought itwas taken into account it can mean you could i have all think heritage the type ofdoctor but that will not panic i wish to be btech one of my people i'mand have taken out week week you and the bullets which killed enough empathythink different dialects lifetime t before they can he recap

now haha dialects they should beoutlawed who could we take political set of acountry with pictures right now ok he loved the movie action and matt watching had pictures need for them in violentpopular dialect able to all-too-common syncope i said myit's not only colossal exp but with telephone haitians admission fund

cool that each english so they maychange i think they know that american film but i'm not so well you should begetting the academy award on behalf of thing and i had not my money and he would never tell us anything aboutyourself webiste fortune comprar my uncle and complaining in your book that yet dime and even i don't think i if tuningup my can only factory

all eight million dollars between a all very limit we'd have a fee to be cathode at antarctica is in danger of some sort unusable fortonight that would get around and she's adjusting to an interesting so alongwith almost anxious about an adventure just how much did you get into it how much did you report that is not thepoint even if i knew i would mention it we won't have protected is all i cantell you so i'd come back tomorrow and

expect to get some report of a from u ordo everything worked out and please remember to be there are a lot of april i don't knowwe're going to go easy why should she have killed the goldenpeace with that rubber paper the that's mixing medicare and see what the bank of accountingpaper to say this is that the other server earlier bybruce kruk every speaker manager maybe he was one of our people again partnerswho i'm going to find out what you're goingto do it surprised that frances craters

showed for congress works think riddles showed so much that bad checks all ofthe state bedroom of course you go for a moment i didn't check up on the spot inyugoslavia or think it would be insulting to her all right you just wonder of any of that

and one of our job anchor rubbers allover his best about a woman with a beautiful soul over six hundred andfifty dollar paper and it is no who are we have developed the spaghetti and meatball queen is macaroni and but says all those visiting for your bank that the other took someof the future aristotelian we're going to do anythingabout it you are that's fine that come right on that

about elevator doesn't believe in anyyugoslovakia senate voted on its way out of wine proprietor met all we need likethe only me the home of burger effectively implement noble of information yes good morning version of the home apprentice craterthat yes it is not in o_j_'s mother we're investigating her disappearancealliance of that who keep coming uh... so you know it uses here

yes i'm missing greg housekeeper so many other tend to be calling out he has not been than anyone i everworked for time is right as they are part of do you think anything's happeneddoing where we don't think so you know required well can you tell usanything about it might give us some idea where she is coming up witheveryone knowing about a fourteen she might be in danger dont affecting i'm really frightened didanyone ever have anything against it german animates online world everybody

when we're going to have to make anunusual request we'd like to look through summerpersonal effects letters and that sort of thing you know it might give us some clue as to whereshe is saying they don't come up here anything can happen to i'm going to be odot terrible with margaret and to administer them wait with everybody hewas just like a queen so we've heard there's anything else i can do just letme know our hero circling laura and we'd better go pretty easy

at least keeper figure out the bedspread why is it that every time i've been upwith the night before i'd rather work in our bedroom the next day follow up with his lawyers festive you've got to go up for the dresserdrawers you always give me any interest in word approach therefore yugoslovakia howeveris that this email riley's ladder identifiable although same story

and the signature look like the realmccoy uh... because europe richard burton'sinvitations to parties dinners and stuff if the evidence of a trip to europe right on top there but you can and we have recently who has borrowed it from my freshmanyear please passport every passport has the mexican to benotified gays accident see what that was a

well wired necessarily notes and so in california relationship dot uh... uh... up salad but i have some visitorseverything is fine for it annual that it wouldn't it on an issue as you can have it leftthe room approx uh... paper flip it unroll or alright he it wasn't drop of a not part of the cowboy

about unmarried white other side cheers for the time being isa writer for the paper that amount and yeah you got to work and oppenheimer young people across might some of them and everything uh... and take any of my not evensuggestion of a present uh... no frank crazy about her

you get the money winking of macaroniback implant repair disability for diversity addresses inchicago where your mother might visit i never know anything about a blockgrant that the addresses don't have to be in anyspecific classifications any place you might be it you know even with platonic friends ican give you a couple of advances air america of right

since it was the trouble to get aninterpreter requirement weekly addition welcomingcommittee practiced by grown april fifteenthnineteen thirty four this board repair child investigator for district attorneydirectives police to bring back the bond ideal upon her arrival time karen rentalfriend butler work the like winning the moment in the stock almighty yeah they wouldn't doubt likeeven now such astoria shamil equipment action excuse me i'm going to write theout like a story that excatly right

around the laptop dell passionate natoleading huh he got that not what all my here if time company motion that you have notforgotten at the end of my country humana weight they wish to hold my country one storydemat maven's enemy inoculation united on means witty coping well approval chia nursingwill be terrific it'll be a mother teaching the baby they say mama intoretirement the baby gets discussed admissions it

knots you might think that would againwith who what you call raymond the thought you find a cheap you knowwith putting didn't when i do not get the money of my own yet you wish to put me out of the week andkeep my people inherent team only don't you will be treated me deeply no matterhow pavilions we will not allow the police to evenchristian between crime on while you must to see this already v who's theplan i've already got the title the

integration bolo when the baby grows up in price to makea lot to the grueling in the bronco to get to the wrong idea and lead the on had thank you v curable but cannot help but havere-election i was like a parade should never go really under five thousand dollarsreal-time bigger ones again between the i'd love the idea one morning the important governmentwith furniture bond

received a personal message michelmcqueen the leading winners and well when youread d and global no more null i have denied it to end it all will put my body one-time monica rocket leblanc what i'm going

lines then not with me and he would return tothe woman's all on the life of me i can see why youdidn't turn it over to the homicides one be done with it nobody's been program in santa monicabay i think the and they really think that material equipment into uh... when they arrive but presidio andright reserve there was a mechanism

vietnamese and good morning oh or running leonard lauder so you remember let me know when it's over rigor that night he left the santa monica and didn't saywins even you have that proves it the picture was hiding in a stellar as he seemed unimpressed her saidreporter no than at actually think white gayhappy you don't serve in good spirits

just random for yourself well before shewilliam e visitors where grounded now why dont totally alone with useful said the above when we werehere before your cold and within a reasonable usually immediately she didn't drown of course he didn't he'd not open up to give a whitney we'reinterested in your personal opinion

government today but uh... you have any actual proof that youdidn't pride that if you got the continent weight butdidn't so far we don't know what the fifth wewould like to know what this prove it and we want to know but i've been tryingto tell you that they've been talking economist before missus uh... bookkeeperperfectly still and you speak to appease sounds very simple because she wanted identified by the endof the them like that until years frontal regulate theauthorities on transcontinental

womanhood whether she was bill but the enemy thebird native country over the people herself about being on speaking terms ofthe bodies with another project on june nineteenth nineteen thirty sixof the most likely once again called upon to the people of the intended withno style cause i still think she's innocent on the plane was doing but that's notthe point apologetic holland's related that's about as partners of their partwould make every possible amplifier we know he's alive he's been seen inchicago

what your words that we're informed thatthere are no macaroni factory there she complained fill them out friendly porter and theytolerated dollar princes they don't know what it's all about itshe is a wonderful character the fact that she can't fighting bespoke you can't find her is proof that she was killed by somesinister and people polled we don't need that excuse frontenac are great difficulty come from peoplelike you said whom wouldn't and won't

let us make a complete investigation ofthe game and that's what i came to see you about you promise not to publicize the case we have decided to release him from thatfarmers repeal if your publisher picturing detectivemagazines if you accept an unusual person someonemay have steven remarkably well or information about her that's a good ideairaqis and republican mind you we intend to keep moving statements oncewe find that

you will not be allowed to post so thisridiculous idea but she is a problem mid-october nineteen thirties it was alot of eliane emitters looms over the entire country toward leads into thebomb goes one offices good-looking long will be in question innew york harbor but are basically queue for the past work according to this export your name is harriet actually but thatcall how long have you been in europe i go until i

did you go directly to you that seventhe on how did you know i see so many different nationalities asa hobby of mine to guess where they went to a navy tempo at not my home and he defended well no matter how long and even in inamerica i can always tell where they used tolive now that if they give the mango something here that might interest you

rightly defined it i mean a great time enough please hangout there just a minute just a minute the picture here somewhere woman looksjust like you i don't remember the name as mention nine e best man at the costof course with a coincidence like this is tounusual to met password investigation i mean i must call at your attention she might be your sister i do not haveanything and i'm not going to be thinking that coincidence i think i'mout here it is is it

kaback you've got to admit it certainly lookslike you in a coincident an optimal memory madonna and i've just a minute this woman's name is francis craig a you mean to say that's not your name ora name that you nephews i'd told you my name is ashley

that all i have to think and i guessthat finishes that conversation she'll have to wait until i get thesefingerprints compared i will not trouble you uh... and fences way there well you know wanted by the californiastarted missus craig a but you won't have to worry about that he she won't have to worry about it tosix months because we're going to keep you in thefederal housing detention for that

period line all just for falsifying a statement thetask force after that to california sunshine willfeel pretty good even the they're a little bit you'regoing to get appropriate starting in the court fighting against being returnedautonomous francis baker was brought back once again with no suggestion of theblack jeep returning home that we can borrow almost brand

when her daughter had another beam many to be diligent who come to my arm on and on the end ofthat stuff mom i came here doctor you all the time tobreak my heart teach me dole lang candy happen not he need unit seems to have it what is that right and i have marrieddot to that way

and meeting in other words and the one that you when you are alittle well at least that one of them have barsaround it and magnitude shorts almost eight your son william bell mistake to it wasabout loan automobile in eight seven three years in a michigan from right and all that good in have mine

sand dunes that justin allowed ninety okay all-star elaborate korea came out i'm coming out there anymore and i don'twant you know not even ni right considerable weidel you may have all of a memorial with youcan take it europe-wide accompanying picked them up to yes myself other add a few years ago

with who have been hamare but i'll take your market canning hard not come up with the makebut doesn't make you feel about are antiquated ground labor support references according to my convo here we go elitewonderfully wonderful all the things they do because of pain

yuki and team the plants wanted you when indeed meet catch and sad not that we could get you had aidsvolume isn't being the big meeting being you've the parents too what do you think

with he which not even a cell no oneknows about the wilson what it would be and yellow everythinggoing to be told nylon just him you know don knapp oval weaponry my rockingham you friend this woman has been persecuted not only by the enemies are civilizationbut by then albeit them involving vindictiveness alone andarmies tons

trying to fix this business on the bitein the ames and his obvious noble jesus shining example below all those insignificant cells in theboulevard what with the laws in uh... crystal for that this woman has not never have had anne yugoslavia or anywhere else that people will bro that this woman came to america into thecity of los angeles of the total weapons

up bilking certain persons aninstitution up plans which did not like they've grown taller she had taken advantage of our friendsthe motion picture industry and in financial sector she has not and never have had any idea invent any and replant but they're not d that's right

on i was you'll stops just a moment wilderness concluding partregarding our problem the brief interval just reminding where or the complete protection of yourmortar this longer life real lou newest in finest broyles sold in the way or the maximum power speed in my life rio grande a cracker definitely not real police carperformance

deputies will be anthony with had builtup an airtight case against yugoslavian dollar prints she was sentenced to fifteen months inthe county jail to be followed by a ten-yearprobationary period reportedly paid her friends their lives definitely this was another crime butdid not juries years on it will go jano yes twohundred in organising version disease but disney's animal and we're

generator permanently venue goodnight or rio grande sue next week at this time real and it willpresent the case they abandon breakfast this is the columbia broadcasting system always all power copyrighted profilerecovery or brown brian on are and you know heartburn mthem grammar and red white black may bother

you attend all game model you'll see the referee in the captain ofthe opposing team go into the hubble the fellow in the black and whitebackground white market and public line into the air in twenty one of thecaptains and call it had been buffeted by depicting look atall gather getting up part of the localdepend a harmless enough form of gamblinguplifting appointed norway decide which napoli had the best have upped the running of the back ofyour modem

if you listen to those look at the linehottest bust nor the most about the game the privately cart fire engine and youknow that bill graham the crack is the all-around doubling the delivered a goodor more public serving emergency equipment reverend sold than any otherbrand tens of thousands of dollars do like theway we'll bring the crack charges the incident abolishment kept out of the old man with the speedof the wind if your machine have been picking grand better find out the old-timeall-american rio grande a crack

to play on your team it's the most bodyindoors governing followed in the west nodded again our pleasure to present kegame vide qualified with police department man who story we're here tonight was not a man and a legal sense he was only a boy if such was his reputation at the chairof the passion which he was born wired me they don't dare

would stop his career of prime the work of the police in this casewould have been aided materially if reports have been made to theauthorities of all cases in which this man was involved that many persons making him to be a harmless brower allowed the suspect to go on molesteduntil his actions became so violent that they could no longer be ignored by that time he had committed threemurders and had escaped

i wish to impress upon you theimportance of reporting to the police any case of a suspicious nature let the police officer decide whetherit's important or not that's his job the conclusion of the story actualreserved for the end of the problem lined almost a three nguyen king you know i've atlanta i'm just one girlwas amendments are money it just about how you are now

e something handy just standing therenow allotment you can make that by saying i get thing again why didn't know whatit was a i screamed many music you lose consciousness here hit me up on time i've got my on water not and out of theway i must have hated when i came to a candy it was choking

i got something they can and cannot walkme other women accommodate they started screaming to what thedemanded a money hipaa adequate attachment some deliberate business ricky hattonhas had and spelling it drops something just to be god-giventalent you take it easy lameta reported windup practice by officers right

system would not be that yes the country's badly hurt flamboyant omega report on this as soon as i getsigned off on what happened when did you discover the woman abouthalf an hour ago treatment but longer than that part ofit hurricane andrew beaded you see nobody eighteen around for acouple of days so we decided to investigate motion

because elizabeth partnerships forbackground unshaven freebie that you have any money havesoul crews were good if those promptly orchard basket which one havasu this press before or at blockbuster you say you haven't seen a for a coupleof days yes the she can come down to the north bay

down to a roomful here return conductwhat was wrong progenitor too critical of the pants small skin channel coveredwith blood so match every investigation you haven't touched anything not thing who promises are comparatively calledambulance and then from the police station was this broken windows and when you can

everything's just exactly the way itworks wingtips well table which incidently in fingerprints off oftwo-cent will ever get any points up the medicinal we'll keep in touch with the electionopening comes up but it's only strangers whether money ofthe day well if you see anybody mainlandersjointed look suspicious because out of well dave letterman guested in downtownhotel reported when my wife and i woke up this morning how window white herclient requires requirement excitement

label in upper manhattan on green baywisconsin later built by the red dawn broke it calc fourteen-day made a lot right there you okay banning buckingham palace him on it but not the rule

because faraday either he purchased tickets again the tell tale but would bomb abuilding with a crime engagement by and on the morning ofmarch twentieth bipin resolved a problem annable was coming up dot all brought back at me with you

well william hahaha you'll aren't or appear in the morning hours about beingyou weaken increment one or the pic wielding criminal it and on the morning mark twenty oven uponit incomplete alec baldwin ek or and cold-blooded call the police corporate headquarters

bday thank your pretty bad shape form conducted and you get a head of the endof the day i don't know outlined yay and kipling phony yet and managed to gain enough with the famed cmu

i had accomplished basin cuz i found out that you've been keepingthem how to get hurt why food and thinking he could be month-to-monthinside of one of those cases are and outside with the program window opens onto the problem at the high point and we don't have afigurehead when anything missing in place

another with corruption use the bathroom that's being the same way it was whenyou came in here first nobody sting nearly bc fingerprint on the witness in we'reright banach budget let me get a good look at that who memorable refinements magnus

man who made the spread of the carwasher don't bother anything don't touch anything and don't anythingup and i get a fingerprint monopoly the way i feel now i'll never complain fights for the quick that postdoc and on the morning of april fourthnineteen thirty seven apocalypse abandoned buildings liquidthat murder lieutenant of detectives patton tommybrian and his partner repeating this

customer spending more on this one case air and i would have looked at thereporter while ago albeit brief that cases of the senderreimi that'd as it is once the whole words of the fact that asfar as i can attend the it king and the same nature that's beencommitted an offense is the first year

they call it the right job going down to the same and i'm sureof it a method of operation at least and ofthe cases the first one of their minnesotahospital but in january and the second if ever a missus breckinridge discoveredneural network time for strictly our member that case on the fourteenth ofevery opponent ministry for that his hotel room been broken into in that case the brick that was left on the sixteen different medicationsaunty

goes on and i think i'm going to he hada brick that image and guys a bit player of the first order went so far that isup to him in the february hadn't killed anybody goldman's barkley wasunconscious for six weeks which would be quite the same for thefirst noted and i think the introductory that carrying fen-phen band-aidsk_-seven tampered they didn't somebody take a shot at ityet throwing a brick at end on may four wallets illustrates his report shows wegot three complaints from self-made levesque on on the twentieth of march two on thethirty first economic benefit march

on the five hundred reconcile paul entertain that playing in grandstaircase that's where you found the greasy fingerprints all over again and gas connection pictures that printbut of course that possibility planning who would belong to a very remote too indistinct classified he said he couldn't recall ofengineering you told me you were posted at themoment that private car washer if everything chemical analysis of thescrapings from the print

egregiously the same we also lol decreases not differentialrecognition grease and mentioned it in advance for yourinterest and i've definitely makes a car wash outof them and not a mechanic that's what we think we found that those different on a milkbottle work workplace rightly or wendell certain overall whenthe civil war on the best marketable that enough to bus to promote model

reinstate but i think that schools willbe able to do something with the families making preacher all right if weever did anything to compare with him right now jobless too big about runningthe card through the machine pull out all the car for the same ammo duringthat meeting we have a single case in our files other than the thirty in the schoolright here than anyone yet a description of thisguy news reconfigure after that uh... look for a car washer about six feettall weighing about a hundred three pounds of that solar panel

what's essentially can round up of asix-foot colored boiler c_n_n_ it could be the brick bat killer loaded into thenext best thing in roundup everyone of them that lookslike in the event of a description and we can compare every fingerprintretake from now on with those we have in this time i've got an idea acting on the production madonna brian often employees work my friend andcontact the kind of greece shown the chemical analysis of the fingerprint

reporting progress fingerprints taken compared with theprint bumped into the crime assembly man with eliminated allsuspicion removed from and brian converted to the detectivesphilip taylor who was actively working on the cake grandmother protected last night onplatter st report photo to break into a girl roman you woke up whispered away excellentwishers left a brick bat on the windowsill

yourself and i'd like to check with youtoo aptech limited the number of times theseattacks have been made in trying to determine sequences today'swith and yeah lelia or on something through on saturdaythrough on wednesday three on duty into on monday well apparently there's no better now uh... what a com averages one attackevery six days uh... exactly

this is the seventy figure you strike again about wednesdayof next week alright what you want to do i want every available man every carthat you can spare let's cover the district for st at least attention fromfigueroa central him and find out what we're gonna catch category killedsomebody else alright and if we have nothing to cover those districts we'vegot up tonight altman about one hundred andat the extra mendel bungled police homeless but not one of them have briani'll stop remarkable build even from

reading the op-ed and watched with amurder under the tobacco brought in forquestioning book of a hundred on public report and on the rest but deliberate that wheeling playersdetection kate taylor why don't we take thefingerprints regarding the regret he did you get the juvenile crime look coming you know it practically takes a courtorder to get that you can print out of the pilot well at this system i don'tlike unequaled friend should be availablelike all the rest of anger principal we

don't want to run the risk of some guywith a cop complex rafting coming up a round up because it could happen to bein police records rent and this guy goes around given and go to a brick bats ondont let this case ticket down coming anyhow you have no reason to believethis hillary to do uh... the funds that will how much longer you want the victim and but decided that birds it uh... than for weeks and things have beenthough here is the result was mail you keep the plan on a few peopleeconomically let me know what comes up

or you have anything in mind they let it work and uh... forming whoever shareholders we've department ina word from the united states that more than a dozen people might be a good at it is anautomatically one camera the and letter american to give us a report on everycase to the store they've had notified us that they have any other kids in thesame time and then we hear from any one

of these done we'll have a lead alrightwill send them out although the case of the fact thatplayer apparently was pulled the newspapers no longer heralded theexploits of a killer lieutenant mayank application is acted violently of the person or entity remotelyresemble but incumbent compared with only on file and to call him a letter which rundiscussed keep taylor like a particular political group whichthe convention in american fork in from chicago that sell what did he say

supplying your letter regarding brickbat murdered we received a report from the records ofthe whole program injure warning dr harmony mothers or the little boy like you shouldn't beabsorbed uh... on reminded me let's take a ride up the mailer

we'll see what the met you didn't sleep with your calls on them at work well well really ramana been added that it isa you wouldn't stop this that you locked the door jamming when itcame up that's great uh... right now

and you hear anything during the night what for the better might it didn't do anything room the quit out he y that right the the rule of the fingerprints are onthe placement on the mirror

the killer driven with lipstick thewords black legion game riveting another trouble there with ablack leaders about that time commemorative the premier writing with ared herring free detectable history yeah bradley stuck to it because theymade a couple of arrest but the new primer on anybody and but com this happened before our ownpage yet and i would be in way i figured with it the problem with that the other thingwhen we get out here and let's get to

school with that's right there waving to the most of what foranother case like this in chicago and then get on the job quick that i got up onto the became fromchicago we go on back there antisense he will be able to resist that brick batmania is very long man money when you put that needed and andand and are you doing in one minute

the meeting at the franklin lengtheningcustom letter last week was quite recentlyequipping them with a brick bat murders from uh... looking for but rebels going to happen making contended that to be a life withno me if i have co willing to meet at home in time to bethe paper the poem a small boy one nada en route

chicago illinois only they arrested thomas or mainlythrough car washer seven the suspect in the death of amoco triple room nurse whowas murdered on morning over twenty percent like unitarian read that story thathow'd and the bike you have no advocate onarrival in the evening remaining delhi was my hair one while

it began what you think you're going to givetheir gonna find out if we've got the fingerprints of thomas crosby we have amatch up with a certain printout that might not be flying to chicago tomorrowmorning why did i have a married you know howmuch time one apply panic about alvie selamat entirely against a brick batsand they have got a break here amanda horseplay come on come on what somefriends you got a fingerprint of thomas crosbycanton and we've got four hundred and twenty-five thousand fingerprintswithdrawing u_s_ report thomas crosby

pull itself together private at allabout where you please former card on commerce crosby mister ryan ideas alike crosby c_r_ as b_y_u_ crosby crosby what personal are part of the homepageare much thomas crosby and doctor dr uh... thomas crosby doable seventeen years old and have anineteen thirty seven vacancy uh... eleven forward that with thepickup in the night of the date that what the president well if he was picked up a ninetiesprints were compared with those we've

got no fire i've had added for protecting familyhumans is beginning to get my hair well my plan that will pray that theprints in the juvenile violent against into mourning alright alright do me a favor againsthim memos print we got from chicago on etcapplication in the woman was killed in the hotel little boy in bed with theidea that the ones are a number of her in the file meanwhile hello there havebeen an assignment yet no you didn't meant to me

soon and either cardona kidney crosby radiosinger none uh... brick bats layer so animal well i don't but he was picked up today in chicago onsuspicion of doing the same kind of job that are big bet murder was going oninto the kind instead of giving king that's where you coming miller who'scoming sure i did get my blood about my right eye that this man the guywe're looking for

give me a break and unlocked the bylet's compare the prince william going to be a whole lot of trouble with yourown regrettably a whole lot more trouble if i'm right and we don't do it we'rewant to listen hope this works out you've been putting a lot of time and onthe defensive they permitted here sixteen hundredsixteen months for pamela working on other cases ussethomas crosby answer thomas crosby you're all seventeen years old coloredwhooping there you know

okay we've got to work on it one coming about those beds yet on the cats ok at annida quest for the time gerald braided got something here thendoes that make the prints on this part of the month of may symptoms disgusting the day while economy going and comingup in the castle murder on the program britain while they're doing that i wouldhave had a time of the break that given given just how are you going to do thatgas to read them if they weren't

prepared or latent prints were got offthat milk bottle in adelaide street murder would be for the french let the dead right into place a log of those printsmcgrory live in a hunch on there's some good works were gonna break that killand so well i'm afraid their soul because in my opinion is latent printswere made by thomas crosby brian won't have bob or the discoverymade the multilaterally next day the pentagon's bryan letpreston but

integral republican and crying or sort of your wedding we began the thank you for got knockedone minute and a half ago drink upset was very important case does well isn't exactly a parking ticket does or partner that print man their is theman in the portraits print on the cattle case nice recruiter thank you achieve listed on the cases

before for run around all of a within a few days women reported goingto be at with the answer well frankly regretted curbs more of our unsolvedcases in the program lever rednecks room it was a reading with proper when i'mready anytime you up okay reverted from you don't mind of musiclovers were driven out visit was not at the park dr afterward baby-dog is calm crow another crack likethat that you are not the practical and

not u would you go him alert status of the street right now you guys place where we're meeting upwith where would you i'm talking about no i want most smallcracks about it on it because their case where you feelabout it my name is next all phoenix and unintended brian from north campuslieutenant b-school we've made a comparison of thefingerprints that we found at the scene

of a murder in los angeles with the one on your record card and they're the same one so uh... we wanna know if you're willing toadmit the brick bat effect we've had on the coast do i go back there clothes and hair sure middle we won over

you beat up that will mean group st at the won closed with a george audit through the wake of the no pickup so ithat i have it with a break about that murder and stanford ummel nothing about this you kill the woman her daughter uponknowledge tree that this beautiful adoptive at the one eager accurate

there without too so i just leave themin with a brick did you pick up that no problem edatel net were memo stated affect coming at you want to live you know deal with issues of news chicago cubwould like to know like that well you about that murder and that willthat quote union without them unit

remember that there were a little pillowor two and three one of the room alba we've heard about it that they had uh... him i've done that would certainly get around donji as should do then when we can start back below thankslol you're not going to step back

com yeah now would leave you in illinois uh... california you aren't you you just go to prison for well yeah yeaha little bit yet but in the lawyer it'll make adifference electrocuted alone just a moment chief davis will give usincluding facts regarding our probe why do you come into the microphone mayi suggest the best safeguard you can

give you a motor israel too the newest and finance motor oil sold inthe west and where the running mate for riogrande a craft the great police car performancegasoline the dispersed in public service the most highly recommended gasolinesold in this section of the country and now crosby alias nixon writing for county illinois on julytwenty eighth and found guilty of murder and sentenced to die in the electricchair

in a statement today to los angelesdetectives in chicago he confessed to the murder of missusvalve is he will be executed one week fromtonight companions which he had implicated inlater statements to our offices have been apprehended and will bebrought to justice again crime has failed but i think yougave us lamentably final returned home burnedand looted and burned has been hundreds of these things going on murder andlistening to music now and then he somu later at that time

billion that night real-time next week at this time rio grande they will present the case public swan thanks altaf copywriter program together by theresults and i cars and all garzon i bombing band andthen i amore an autobiography is an account of thelife of a man with a black belt

biography of the life story of a man thebut someone out and we're going to contain the online undue prejudiceanyone whose noses subject from agencies tells the truth without the robinsons'historically around the clock friends being written by outside of politics the medical field of your police caughtfire engines and has been other emergency equipment tell the truth thewhole truth and nothing but the truth about the opens the crackle them bytheir continued reliance upon this better more of your base pay realbranded cracked is the gathering of regional police car performance but bythe most of her qualified no rio grande

it cracked stocks quicker acceleratesmore smoothly and packed mosby power and body kit every gallon that presence ofthe story of the superior babbling historical but that itcompany state of california federal government official dot abide by the tens of thousands ofvoters look check the facts one of them if you haven't done so prove it toyourself dot at the by a police car problems real brenda crack at yournearest that invite rio grande estates in the morning and you'll understand whyisrael democratic is the most highly recommended public service companies andfolded over it

side test first has abut denied story was because thecontent of parts of the police department seattle washington with for up to twenty twenty was thereto prepare for it for our program good evening ladies and gentlemen there is something about a time bomb theboat was put spirit of the bravest of men

yet in modern police work cases such aswe are about to hear occur much too frequently for comfort in every case some officers the unsungheroes of the hour such was the case with captainmarshall's preferences able assistance rebel braden and frank times we probably will never know definitelyall of a crazed margins of the criminal and provide story arrived at the decision to attemptedcrime but we're doing all that the work ofcaptain scrap wood and asthma and saved

many lives and probably kept this nation away fromthe verge of war all they did this we shall see at theprogram unfolds our story opened a little town dotbeyond the canadian border seated on the porch swing a modest old man and womanpop what you mean about whom tonight thepersonal reason i don't know what was intending to present circumstances slipknot let's get married as we planned monthsago old pete cannot make it work

i don't want to let you know that we cando you want fingerprints on it at work and get my paper money with it i can understand what money has to dowith them out camp we fight how we together side bychina the point i don't want like i'm gonna hold mine pop today in abuilding up tomorrow everything taylormade is that it but in the day bluntly yet well take care love me at my kid willget the pink that one one what you want

i'll show you i'll make money i'll getit some way need should be happen any minute perhapsthe honorable gentlemen changed his mind i think not the did not have making muchmoney however it but you're arbiter generate twenty of mother she told mikhail alert them going on on was that there are a couple ofpreference ship strike

this problem was that there was peeking etc and i'm listening shacks x-cart scrap cac yet that first i didn't quite know what yousaid nazi now

but until begins the story of ralph or sod meantime happen models robert dot withbut basin using with a strange telephone call in the office with a list of the dayo'brien doesn't make sense that uh... because itdoesn't some crank and maybe a bit at the same igot a bunch of long for me ever trying to discredit orix the bombing of the time that few monthsago i wouldn't think so much of it but

makes me think it's just an crank we operated gooden placed the calleither forget it photographs to be what your brochure purport dynamite i suppose a but no other with firecrackers let's put down the boiler room or dropit on the back from a plane uploaded along side on the wrath

come on the fit of pique loans and said that's the way they're doing o'brien we're gonna stop is bombing stayhome that's at the crime and listen nine and ten to the heart of the currentcalling but that one chance we're going to investigate ok k family leftinvestigative issued in the harbor patrol a beach in docs wonder what ship it will be

if any paper other than a minute uh... with the president lantern twoships that might be possibilities and we'll have more mature restrict or limit the president leonardone of the other shippers in dr dark sure i'd really on the mir program arule by a mother say that's the one thing though thiscrap onto that must be the one you know they'reloading was crap randolph agreed northern back over there right away planto meet me there wait a minute

orbit more than anyone at the localamaro your time to get down to the presidentone of the possibility they might be loading scrap iron through ok kept them december's democrat and hammer the makerof the hardware store and find out where abandonment came from management board it we'd get a description of the bombersmidway what about the airport all of them watch two hundred going out a lotof pointed to well i'll let you know that finding pointer ever or what if iknow that they are not okay operator

uh... they're connect mirror kept goingnorton uniformed division pollutant about tony editor scrap it a lot six pro carve out the docks atseven o'clock six at seven great food without aboard ship on aharbor i don't know what time tonight all iknow it up dot this problem will begin appearing search of thedynamite annual robot was on the poor

it is impossible to know what time thebombing was blatantly every second counted items represented his desk every nerveattends waiting for the phone to ring waiting for a report waiting for the sound of an explosion we can than in quick succession reports begancoming in traversed beijing alamak

well defined nothing that all hardware stores via check to see that in a dynamitestolen by the c_c_c_ camps yeah that's a good idea it might've important the coma try that shriver link why don't i am mariah

allstate and don't let anything get pastyear yeah i support the captain has receiveda lot of threats but this one maybe there are a look alright time precious element but not the sleepslipped by it everything to the clock bringing depcloser and closer every second what's bringing destructionthe other apply the plot there was still no news than a few minutes later on that

you found it right back indelible i get this straight who ran walked intoa artwork i'd like to buy some dynamite how much do you want or about two thousand six well the only use it for mister near mybuddy here in time to make a little money blasting spencer tracy yeah

lasting stump solution two thousand enough and have to start we'll be back we needed more was once and for you or him when i gotnothing to do that you think of course resume right now hw nickname or even carry this stuff was nicknamedwe got a room just down the street we can carry it that far would be a truckpick it up tomorrow will have to make

several trips uh... hope you'll forgive me holloway monson graham on some of this error is no danger of it blown up there's a napright x-men we've got a lot of ground to cover forevery second that it because of the hotel good would find out there together district level

they're looking for a man in mclean you mclean another poet it they had afella registered here by that name but he checked out already mandatorycollected i don't know i guess not company checked out to be moved severalboxes or seems to me only had was a big problemcompton you know where the pentagon why he checked into seattle but bust t wellwe'll take a look at the room no sure i'll go up with him violent enrollment nothing but the empty packing but to thedynamited come in

well did you get a description of that argument lindfors for thirty years old yeah yellow black mustache only veristrat back has a high point locate about the kid mhm looks kind of dumb and don't saymuch that long dark hair that's supposed tobe calmed disorder and uh... and what else

big mouth uh... base little foreign but only got on him okay mac network it back here as bestyou can all-star taken from within it but now almost six o'clock interpretthat compelled happens peppered own officers mccarthyempire aboard the honeymoon and inform them of the latest developments and began a search for the prompt finally keep rooming house inattentive to come under the name ofthe plane their rigid now rhode island

home and ken dermota and had to get awayand on this remember we think that man this is a matter of life in downtowndon't rush around trying to think widget to transfer company or maybe a private every second count and she and i think it can carried out that theother there are a lot of practical right nowthat this time want to talk about renting care in acamp thank you humidifier with people about an hour agonot nothing you'll remember picking up at the stateof play tonight a little while ago that

tonight i've ever met by one minute drivebattle-weary that europe your day that you're going to cut picnic anticlimacticembedded in bogota migraine do what i thought you might have been hacked pilot the second street diplomats minutes that's involved in a plot optima cardinal cab driver wastaken at the hotel where the problem that unlocked

too often breakdown little was period outback happen but be careful careful and drop or at night lightbox helped overlook empty rumored to be

about a table back and the paper i'd like to make the bob here as a bright several pets uh... calipers in a pocket compass whatthat's for city isn't there who are an electric buzz in then detective as the battery bear the rest of the alarm clockapartheid in indiana and a really good

pair prior to everett michael to get out of the paper because rapid and get down to the doctorridable going to be while not dark but i might have beengoing on to man dot on the likely waters of puget sound thinking and the otherpeople walking on the boat my mother will beprobably multiple well the power of the two men will beinvested won't be long now like this do to whenone of you gotta worry about not taking any changes or maybe not but if we getcontact

take these clothes and put them over theand i think inlets to swim in the water in the middle of january how would youdo will take go broke and paddle out to thehyde the kids and still there uh... simon you'll ever get clinton been swimming everyday garden and myselfto it you got simply ringwood the

and did wrong and get on here back in the room let's drop the holtonand that might not be in leaves the room thousand dollars each one war for it with you decent boxcar children inside mytangible instinct folk hero national i hope everything goes wrong

weakening done compact wound up with thebridesmaids live about one thirty com do you mean uh... upon the captain of homesteaddivision todman ship who's going to be blown sky-high and i don't know if youclick right way to do that book i don't like comparable ok tomorrowmorning the papers of variable paid the pictures will be famous i don't want tobe doing it i think that you would just missing beatdown on the personal satisfaction and on my part

get them good luck mhm q right unbeknownst bunkpoint whom grow i can see from hanging on his return and then the make and model money help

kick homie help call them family out your i'd a contacted compact artistpad second weekend detectives searching and still no sign of the bomb oh dark colors off of the one of thesound

searchlight with a weird without war and and capital broken before that was pretty good pollack are eleven or defiant kadam that i'll be right down now we'regetting some great rightly indiana and i think anecdotalcase on

first i wanna know what you meanttelling the loss of your palate gone swimming well i didn't mean nothing you would swell and that's all i knowwere to pick him up apparently device found in the paper and running radio yougave artistic of everybody around the dark the system you know that's not the money theestimate within an independent whitten reprimand reacting rakebrand was in atities women and down the pony to let the legal yougood work what's your name

large george part which apparel name i dunno yoko now darla made export side forthright and that eminent they're doing what about this women in the surroundingthe anyway well he got drop in interest on the bondfund i tried to talk about it but i icouldn't it will explode twenty one am let me ask adding up know that there are other there underthe doc

in you know anything about the bombingtonight we'll meet yeah you no i have heard nothing about alive youknow i understand i don't know what you're talking aboutwhy did you or your power by two thousand sticks of dynamite diploma well answer me donovan alright i think i dot a dot inboat right uh... it

it will be a panel yet i think along with the go swimming i've been asleep in the fricken well is out there someplace he's got aproblem with him ellicott it looked closer okay keep whatever that bombs had to go up part overlap okay you're going on up andwhile it may be imminent for the man sweating out there someplacewith dynamite

the intent of blowing up a ship he realize what will happen to be prettydull i'll tell you thousands of innocent people will bekilled all the product crazy food and thinkwe're going elicited if you know anything about this tell uswhen i've been hurt you come on one thirty three

it lined up at one thirty three eleven-thirty thirty-three he detectedat what the buzzard it it always when offered one thirty three posing ablown-up intolerance suitcase untied or railroad time eats what about the titleof the propeller the ship three hundred and sixty-nine it theright to the diplomat hidden bible at the headquarters o'brien attitude thati'm but will be going up one on one of those cutters withheld by force otherwhatever his name is refine and target ranges between what dynamite there's only three hundred sixty ninestakes in this bomb the rest of program

around here somewhere maybe ten tacoma like the kids every cantake any chances what about that i am an arctic cat i did go on to try to getsome beverages predict and regatta searched the key to that ship when thesecond lieutenant getting city letters that you were that they would wait great but it's a little somewhere in the murkywaters of puget sound government spending with republican sixty-ninesticks of powerful dynamite but now almost public law

stop with this idea dot yet that the bombing must be stopped the second pushed for the first day longhold thirty one more off than a signal from the coast guardcutter g six scrapper dressed up with the doctor weekand hear the news good workmen fitzpatrick become a quote without when faced down about a hundred johnsonshow foresight

with bad cramps were bad heart dead that civil rights the like mister hirsch by foreign intelligence face were very but the dynamite hookers of it holysmoke no telling where exploding we've got to fight it goes off at one thirtythree little in the that's less than or home every inch of the water keep thosesearchlights plenty busy well or define

on the ball and still the place that wasinvolved want and the search for the people fit one fifteen i date installed on on important stepwould be able to secure the sound the crew of the high tomorrow abandonship okhla who committed to getting severalhundred people probably stoppard o'brien times and watches inhand waiting for the definition coming one thirty

demands to know forsyth dot but was coming from allright with the bill with a kid rollins and i think he knows so much about it was that was the brains apparently he made the connection to thetherapist at the higher ups that ought to be caught the worry about that over and the courtssooner or later minutes ago

one thirty one of them agreeable suspense is getting me neetu documents to prove the truth about therest of the diploma was confined in a around here plus i think they have plenty of money and i checked on it like you ask youths but they have any vases formister with all that's needed to get the we want you to get one of the ship'swhatever it was a lever collected no

one thirty two one woman than for the explosion it was shock frommiles around we better let down i will be no them theshame once i've had to die like that too good for him yet it goes and wanted it to me misconduct indicated line when my degree

scum of one thirty four maybe something wrong with the clock as possible might be any number of things i don'tthink it's going off univ you like a big load them lifted off mychest temperature went wrong i think that you were telling the truth water miscalculated someway which meansthat might still go up a jarring well and that's all over tonight

was interesting lives unnecessarily with it the hard going tomorrow they were to the rest lips pulled up andthen there was a wreck a article for the night to be taken apartin the morning every precaution we use abortingdynamite would be a constant menace dot com mechanic sharpening round-the-clockoptical primetime starcraft hospital purple rolling though to discover the suitcaseat the convent

carefully looking at but one of theguided to nearby one plan repeatedly opened will run in handvolunteered to open the ball your prayers mystic steadily o'brienmain costner playing that much money to me like to eat it was a baby grown up now what's up so the better scrape it off the catches and old briintimately that every though we can now link in a few minutes we'll be able to

and you captain advocates for himself rush me understand i'm not scared this cautious if you've never been juggling your liferegional now here goes mhm instantly book narratives three hundred and sixty nine sticks ofdynamite

economically capital has no quicksausage you look at the into that plan soaking wet salts while that and that's willing tostop the minute and of the clock at exactly one thirty one just two minutes from war pat in just a moment which would get theincluding but wellstone during this brief in evolving i say theverdict rendered by an impartial jury at the ball of public opinion is the riogrande it back to the gasoline of

all-around police car purple but it's colleague in maximum orderingthe byzantine israel too the one hundred percent hennepinbaseboard oil withstand any engine eat or cold weather and sales for the quarter report acutely aware and idiot orders attempt to bond with my mineral also i've paid with his life federal agents are seeking the man whoemployed him

and his companion has been held toanswer for his part in the plot definitely at the crime overall forsythfailed to pay permanently is going on mars attentionon mars against lesson on broadcast two hundred mid-december guarding thebombing disney's brown indians and resolve wearing there's a generator patrick glynn thathe knew goodnight or rio grande dame next week at this time rio grande theywill present the case of the portuguese group this as the columbia broadcastingsystem

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