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the kraftfoods company presents thegreat tell this lady uh... do you think it that's the great job is slated starringhelper brought to you about a crap load company makers of a complete plan offamous quality food products for a fact mankiller sleeve is quite awalker but on that day is coming home from theoffice e sometimes takes the beeline bus they've done a lot of their b-dayslately and this is one of k offset but

what that's all you have a lot inprogress for stop but whatever you think i did partner all aakash the dough anybody overrides everything caller hello was two hundred financingavailability of crevice travel tickets of places

include private business in all four ought to be a law there yourself some other five guerilla happily ridingon the bus because my causes this is what has station part of me touh... i just have to be riding on it say what do you think of the election byacid that it's a mandate from the people my opinion exactly it by the way how is missus blair moshe fighting for a cat scan

and the address to the family and seem to trade around much latelysays we must get him in your boy together one of these days a defense witness say tell me go to sleep visual boy learning anything that schoolschool lawyer so what well i don't know why they did it sortof thing outcry it's been going to that schoolfor two years kaveri china breed of

moving for a cholesterol creates onlyhad to dispose all day like a dream when i was five it's this modern education given sleeve they don't teach me that you don't thinkso projects everything his projects everthing is too darn much fun was mad when i went to school we workedfor me to we really had a buckle down cassette discipline that's what'slacking these days discipline look that old hickory st sexy right here why do you know when craig was inkindergarten last year i found out the

teacher had been sitting on the floor on maps what kind of for ideas let of snooze in the world it might be we had guests inventionsthat are right we did kept our hands folded to we kept unfolding or elsegussa i hated school where to go to steer away through but by gary when i got out a new topicb_-two restarted

oleg was have a good time what kind of a school is left why did or didn't its commanders craigcomes home in its rude to his mother say grab a seat for somebody else cansit in on how you take it to my copy darn women the slide in the head of yourretirement i don't know what you're going to doabout it but i have a good money and craig out of there instead of a privateschool like the older boy i'll tell the truth i hadn't paid much tension yesthere's a lot of monkey business goes on down there go to sleep

you want to look into it via cell dothat glad you mentioned saying what do you think he likes it uh... decide as to that it's a mandatefrom the people the aggressors army what didn't do that just what i hadalso parking that there is although the plane can do it well bust airport that's all how cangive you probably have to take your calls yesterday surrounded looked at iti want and that's all this contract cleanup you've got a program a look atit wanted

community working here in montana method yes it does look at this levelwith them camera where your go go go where most telling that's awful hahaha avenue harlan county workers puke hitting then with the european comes

well of solace mysteriously leroy one of these cardswith all of the floor boroughs box but that's up on the pierall they were just playing the studiously your ideas maybe the to board had nothing to do yellow back in a statement out crazy nothing to do it laju upstairs doingyour homework simple it is is it

well we'll just see about that i want to do believe me i suppose you finished your homework toi did haven't until yesterday we're all you know so much what's the capital of me yes the capital of me who

what's the capital of you good luck onfinals one the at today please three ernest green reli cant seem to you're notconcentrating so or people right three px

come on come on four marjorie can usually with a capital mainstartling well can u all right with the capital washington and devastated watch leasing a space misstatements lets thecapital i'm asking you you not asking me you're supposed to tell me

off policy i was the trouble leroy you don'treally know you don't really know that's the problem with these modernschool they don't easily i was talking with mister board aboutthis a little i'm a little fall is your securities wewould look like it five short i mean to find out yes leroy why are you reading it dot that's that

digital imaging certainly not for you to a pipeline i'mgoing to others who would you tomorrow morning i'm gonna have a talk with youteach aren't you dark fill-up and then find everybody aunty i don't think mister when it'sgoing to like it if you go over her head start messing around with her teacherswho said anything about missing or not quantities of principle one after or idon't have a lot of mister review right

maybe i ought to pick it up her first petrol haven't seen the something might just run over the place to have todo i know it's it's a cars i know allows i'm going to go to the bottom of this i'm gonna find out whether she's gotthose kids tending to business or sitting on the floor

well don't get me wrong if this isn't myidea but my view these ua seventy think it's worth your attention and wouldn'tcome on over here i didn't recognize frankly stock marketi'm very tired of hearing people complain about the school read that the other problem teaches are overworked in their underpain but they're doing the best they can witha little bit and i think they deserve great creditfor also block is cindy don't misunderstandme

pricing plan to stand your ground war you are complaining because he really isit's not exactly the way you want is not so little hiding something are anything if we've learned all that was to be theend of the world in such a mess today i guess not school can take all the responsibilityfor charge you know

if you feel the rise in developing isthe show just possible that that is part of theblames the intellectual atmosphere around the home do you ever been weapons certainly i'm eager to children i read to themwell i read a christmas carol every year do you ever discuss things with therival all the time i mean besides his fault well i'm busy

delivery yourself not known whenever i can now will had told you even busy bc things throw martin p honest with yourself do you remember any of the things aregoing to college

art you try to keep up any of theinteresting happen garcia by came over here to talk to you about the iraqi ishas a great deal to do with levi this is very important and because don't you see yoni rise here he wishes sumit irritates me feelings here and that's a very great responsibility i guess i'm no good eve

yes i am justin drifter all witnesses against you must eat mealive metal blade you're wrong i want to throw because your hw doesn't really seem right that we couldshould be an attraction but nevertheless i'm awfully weak what

i sometimes think the only thing thatmakes life tolerable is the little weaknesses we share in common lighting will be here it's comfortably i've got another little weakness wecould see i think what and i'm afraid you're making it showsthat the whole thing will not believe me just the same whether to move over would you let me go over there because i'm not the subject nuts

everett plato's republic stock market food lesa dan and i said no i never reveal aren'tsure it's one of the truly great books in fact i believe it's included in thehundred grateful how great books of all time some universities drawn up in this topic three very worthwhile all the studentsare required to read read up on the books so i think everyoneshould be

it he has no blocks even if you join in the book ofthe month we only have three twelve you're not suggesting i should have didyou mean what you said to him do you want to be an example to leave or do you just want to tree i wanna do it egotism only kidding even only kidding time now

i'll do anything you say well why don't you just try useful just to begin i'd love to hate the republicans three hundred million nine pages i don't know you pissed looks kinda heavy fully grown chocolate earlier

you see there ninety nine othersdefinite that frightens you return one of the time maybe maybe we could read this togetheran out i think you'd get more out of it if youread it it there anytime you run into trouble with itlive come out and i'll be glad to help you is that a promise that's prob

side pretty interesting it's still a girl he by seward's of things about too a fine cook is always very particularabout the salad caesar's preferring to make them whenever she can with one of two famous products crabkitchen freshman a his or the popular miracle whip also made by crap now both of them scarce for some time inmiracle whip will continue to be very

hard to get because of the shortershortage but i have some wonderful news aboutcrab kitchen fresh mayonnaise now that the supply appliance eleanorwas more plentiful kraft mayonnaise has once again available and in reasonablequantities your dealer should have some soon if notalready kraft mayonnaise you know is a trulysuperior mayonnaise with a delicate flavor that comes from the choiceingredients that go into it find salad oil selected aids fragrantvinegar and spices and as a final touch of perfection fresh lemon juice is abit

and flavor is not all it's texture tohis super a special beater patented by craft gives this mayonnaise a creamysatin smoothness you could never accomplish in your kitchen for mayonnaise with a rich homemadegoodness a texture nothing short of marvelous choose whenever you see it kitchen fresh malays by-product now let's get back to the great gildersleep who is about to rebuild his life at the eleventh hour he's at least of thoughtful sufferingnow he advances in the delivery room

which is already occupied by his nieceand nephew margaret's sitting on the sofa readingand leroy of lying on his stomach problem radio which is planning a hotand i annualized right off that really highland fireworks recently marjorie doing a little more acknowledge homework with him practically in the loudspeaker

turn it off vegetables hahahahahahaha and must say marjorie would make you think you canconcentrate that musically doesn't now listen to me both of you but what doyou not learning anything in school khaled may be widely really isn't anyhow nobody could possibly studywithout radio planning out that it will rain for bob or whatever it is

dot played already allowed to playsymphonic music why can't we have a little culturearound here i'm glad to hear it plus what culture so you know i realize i'll tell you whatculture is young man is a lot for the finer things of life well-paid symphonies great books likethat resentful that i have for supper where book here

look at that plato what's about it is not an easy philosophy three hundred maybe nine pages of it you know certainly i'm gonna read it i'm going to enjoy it too

well i a m plato was one of the greatest thinkersof that live hamas mestre all you did a staffing complex on a glove at nothing to do with holding hands nothing to do with it physical laws played it was a very grateful awesome

above state some thinker margie i'm surprised you leroy does knowing that what you were inhigh school well from our weather on this housedifferently uh... you'll see the back your homework leroy ellery okay lose the there's nothing funny about

so it should be the steve special introduction dissected skip that i can use it somewhere else our cars adults also mel children can't we all bequite enjoyable enjoy it xbox templar jumped out of life period to see something

see the joy of it translators introduction seems to be a lot of that too state bicycle as it will be subject stir the public first the about page fifty each one create warm use those done under the rules ofnumerals for all that introduction

c still three hundred and eighty nine t senti all fine great stuff deep though the determined low justice he's you know it from an asylum status of justman caresnothing for processing dishonorable man loves only wealth

with more of a man love justice it doesroadside liquor tended to use a component parts andtruth influences the offices of dishonor thus the wisest man was determined thatgentleman's a philosopher sleep maybe i could get a little help onthis first few people i know what you were at myboy i'm going out for the best instruction asked it yet see promise to help me with plato i'll see you later ok becky cathy

wooden it'll probably doesn't work anyway must be home lighted apres k k our market didn't come right in the parkbut he has forwarded mail might as well do it i guess uh...

fired the fireplace cozy for somebody army at about seven thirty bracknell it didn't he seriously if you think it works uh... dot expecting someone else thatway tell about the cut but he'd you said you'd help me with mystudying

your shop copping out mind if i take off my coat no booklets deepti hot okay

that's all i know satisfy passages that helped the stockmarket city is right about that contracting you know you didn't belong to me elicited one of played up what do you think speech stuffy how much i think that you re

you need how many pages yet well i don't know exactly thatintroduction is pretty low pageant backpack it's an x an explanation of the wholebook it is that i saw it and he started in the beginning the bookone yes i couldn't make it a believe uh... tractors with long preteens running around talking to each other

what's all about struck morton looked me in the arm what for i want you to tell me the truth you've read one single page of the bookslight detour look me in the on figuratively hahahaha what's so funny on inside i will help you saw morton but you'vegot to make a real f effort to help

yourself areas alto sax and try again read the introduction constance released and then be the first one page twentypaces that's a lot introductions along to alright ten pages three defense ten pages if you don'tunderstand the camel from will talk about but if you give me a little idea whatit's about the economy right now before

i start i've got to go on trial who with i don't believe him he's a teacher at the normal school going to some concert i suppose mental as a matter of fact we're going to haveyou seen do you of or or club

okay sa back no elective well suppose i could take another crackat with my book right let's any care will stop staring at me who wanted to work kit you finished what your geographyyeah busted history cannot tamanho says none of that to get that right now andget it done

when you're finished alexander tries where was i wonder who that guy is she's going up too translators into that is a long distances works they're telling me by the devil is is that the people onthis point

john usually right i left sounds like apple if you might drop byback which i came from quizzer receiving well let's get aradical at the c_n_n_ had just thinking that yes satellite in the fact that you have thisin to all that stuff bella there because field and coming to see if you do thisstep

denied really clear i think you can doing a little over and see surely want to save you know dad's it led to concentrate have a check tell me what you been doing well i who's been leading plato's republic iwas last exit like the little philosophy if you think when you're in the mood for philosophy

yet the plato you've been reading yes precipitated it edit it he do later it's allow others majet homeland or tell me it's a lot on it no practical value whatever

wife in the head with a lot oftheoretical stuff you're never going to use am i right horse but i a m abide in atext susmita westchester polite vanity slowly wrote to you what transplant lax about reducing you've done practicallynothing needed to know if that is to book learning to understand dept pasta

julio homework you here eleven or your amazon this awful who said he wanted he he heidi to move fridge to you for the we began very sharp well the frost is on the pumpkin andthanksgivings almost here if you're planning a special salad forthe big day top it was real glamour

craft kitchen fresh manages yes thisfamous in superior mayonnaise is once again available and inreasonable quantities now that the supplier find sellable ismore plentiful craft is making a fair amount of craft kitchen freshman emma'sand your dealer should have some sort of thought now yes it's good news for this is a man isfor the delicate flavor are homemade goodness that only choiceingredients can get fine salad oil selected aids fragrantvinegar and spices and as a final touch of perfection

fresh lemon juice it's texture to his something to beproper kraft kitchens fresh man is his velvety smooth and creamy so smooth youwonder how it was ever accomplished well a special beater patented by craftis the answer we're happy to tell you craft kitchenfresh mani's is back rightly right then the thirteen colonies see but i have imperfect yeah perfect

gosh well next massachusetts morality allied induct new jersey vast wealth way well i'll be done go to a bit too lucky boy dvd denied close

play alltel written by john whitman sam moore of themusic is by jack nicklaus included in the cast on water carefullyas we arrive louise alexander the girl who doesn't plot what about the similarliam and all those words judge workers are arrives this is jonlange say goodbye to the craft was covered in fighting in listen again nextwednesday for the presidential is of the great gilder slate all panorama and it's one of the finest desserts you canimagine

yes rich velvety smooth ice cream madewith for his that's f_ r_ i_ z_ z_ prisons the new craft product women areraving about it makes real homemade ice cream that has plenty of milk and creamin it just add water a little sugar and freeze according to directions on thepackage phrases made by an explosive process that retains the fresh creamflavor gives you what i scream that freezes smoothly flavor variations from vanilla r_t_c_six generous servings from one package of friends la

this is an bc the national broadcastingcompany the kraftfoods company presents thegreat carelessly uh... didn't he pittsburgh regular slave starringmarlboro brought to you by the grappled companymakers of a complete line of famous quality food product eleven himself beatings flight highcommissioner i'd like to do with little hickok flightand friends shake the impact uh... credit could take a right nowcommissioner you'd like to come back to me and youcan take years nobody here

had an appointment what do you mean appointments for thecustomer he called up since when do you have tohave an appointment it's broken down and for you multimedia that nonsense family one of those magazines there you can sit there if you want acommission of i'll have to ask you to get out of the chairman mr bala comeswith not take it easy listen my fine feathered friends

how would you like it if i were to takemy trade someplace else okay with me you don't care how you look throughout the best barber in the worldto know major worries he's down the street there floyd are you going to cut my hairaren't you i'll just sit here are commissioner you aren't going to bea dog in the main time not budging out of his chair for boone or anybody else least of all the way

for foster listen bullet may be a fourth questionwhen it comes to trips at least you don't yellow rose of oliver path path path just talking about you lose your sleeveunnamed productive was later alluded to already quite a simple a_b_s_ air nowaiting for more information about the height ofthe first

over the short list to go to sleep forseven hours on on on on on unions dot on him here now no point in any way that'salright i was like provide go-ahead always well as from forest service is only fair allowance very nice of you have tobelieve that i could not only sir organizing it alliances that you had anappointment with you were here first either religions interested maniac dot perhaps

thank you for slowed uh... thanks verymuch like that through the snow here just make a quick trip realty visible sweetie relax commissioner ankara turkey to tight i think that mister there's littletyphoid he thought he did this void uh... things over to us

coming from side here i hope it's nothing same old problem servants terrible problems i don't know what we're going to do problem for the whole country cerveza going on in these days to set up barbers to

i've watched it slowly uh... we had a girl talk ignored in this review broader forcefrom new york rooms lovely lady was that her name was it was well anyway she walked out of this thismorning formal reasonable i'm sorry to hear thatbothered me review of your first result from every other sunday but just because missus for us to washout a few things

where swivel you can do an awful disavowed course missus bowler does know the firstthing about cooking she's never done anything that sort of self they'll tell you what to do what youwould you like to go to our house for dinner tonight to or we couldn't do that anduh... now why not roles late tomorrow night this tomorrow night well i don'tknow down since loved it

you have no cook we have british by notwhere i don't know who support feel right about leaving little craig at homealone really look real and love to have a bureau short would be two months notat all pretty loves company the more the merrier all but home of new kitchen against must be some of the ultimate pang

mostly the jury hanging around here largest love there so i think three-fifths of all thank you judy intoat the home a good evening brady the levy evenings decide sooner goals circulating around here folks

both use including ideas number he said together for ready ho but i really roll you'll be late forschool don't forget to take its course go elsewhere lets you use by the way prettier been meaning to talk to you

uh... you would are you happy these days burdened she learned asl where mister hinson everything's alright here is it i mean you're satisfied with everything your life you mister gacy you knowanything about it is that is inflicted

you're quite a philosopher pretty as well as a wonderful cook but what i mean is i noticed lead the application to thelast night yes and that was then cn left the bullets and stan yes this evening summer

misunderstanding i presume yeses and some of it listed how'd they don't look too much there could be done lots of a good job running an elevator don't have to go to work until afterbreakfast just to go home at six o'clock saturdays and sundays off just two weeks vacation in the cyclewith p

in a very important to note that canada neverland ready must be pretty easy were drownedelevator of awfully monotonous you go crazy doing that kind of weirdready well also goin crazy anyway certificate that evidence benefit the approved late that he notonly are saying messy would directly lol

by the way moved missiles productive speaking of interpreting your thatwould've been terrible uh... what was it you know most of theirslipped my mind completely yes i submitted before but i a m dinner's ready yasser as he moved by this vehicle the boomers dinner no-good excitementhere i know we got a lot of company latelybut this is different

you see the bowlers if your friendlylady walked out on their blaming t_v_ then if they can walk out on this they took advantage they had to do inthe long on top of everything else when they told us she would have to whateverit was how do we know that we had a working also along without an invitationlet me ask you to do the laundry to act like brats at the post of the bands likethat phoebe broken in the house during that timework for story i i i want to live in we will have the bullets over ready

i'll call it up might have both been in the studio citywanted to have you know i nobody i know i suppose reports that my mind if we get it woohoo years but nobody i wouldn't thinkof it he retired you've done too much you know what i think i think you ought to take a vacation is against me what what i would have acase in that way you only had one week all summer long practically cooking

that'll house-cleaning that's hard work u_s_ air i don't think i don't appreciated ready i think you want to take a week offright now everybody hello place to go whales don'tgo anyplace and stay here seeing your room sleep-wake enjoy yourself the children i will do the work we'llget a loan yes the parallel brady do as i say but what about the budget battlecommendable result a commodity

you're on vacation understand begin in right now alexis clean up the breakfast hesuspects that a more billy wright electricity but certainly the most enjoyable eveningit was really invited yes indeed well i think it's beenterrible never community ordering figures hepburn's

you my dear you know it's not breakdown in communities and his number masand saying meticulously it will think you're angry had nothing to write a lot iowa michael you gave mine to be nobody nobody but you must notdeliberate

make a belated if he doesn't like disrupted everyday check how to get situated justgive me all the weight of the airline says oh no i invited to add let go onand he's it's mine you apparently got a lot of so and so suddenly misquoted did you get it on you justin hearing their here take my map

from sitting down and everything youlisted once the cheque and harmless wherein you would say so classic isaac the sierra what the feud why do you have any money on lesson over leroy view time-lapse

the government money any money tonight well thanks and i guess i'll have to letit go beyond the end of it if you will among other places i think that uh...certainly idea you agree with you money nick murnian is silly of me coming offof that my money and uploaded home so we agreed to

how much do you mean you know how muchis the check you mostly female a ten dollars would make it i've got tenmyself priests prices in senegal not care okay units they have a lot banks are returned money right away it'sgoing to have said leroy over with morning all over anytime through the great pleasure boats illegal as just as i would say prices may have risen would give themtime

although it's like you have a dinnerother pleasure was mine is will supply would be for fleischer honey like the way uh... fumbled me onthat chick it's really a pleasure to homemaker suchgood news your holidays salads can once again betop of the famous mayonnaise good hostesses prefer craft kitchen fresh male names yesalthough miracle whip salad dressing is still fairly hard to get because of theshorter shortage crab kitchen fresh maintains his back

and in reasonable quantities since the supply of fine saldivar wasbecoming more plentiful crap cannot make a fair amount of thesuperior mayonnaise and shipments are going out everyday look for a badge or dealers he shouldhave some silver's gone already with its delicate flavor it's ritual made goodness crap kitchen fresh mayonnaise doeswonderful things for any salad only choice ingredient school and work

fine salad oil selected age fragrant vinegar and spices and for the final crowning touch fresh lemon juice is at it no wonder kraft mayonnaise has suchdelicate perfect flavor as for texture who had to his somethingyou could never accomplish in your own kitchen the special bigger patna by craft

here's kraft mayonnaise suppressingcreamy smoothness you'll never bothered to make their ownas long as you can get craft kitchen french mandates now let's get back to the great illnesslabel is facing the problem of birdies vacation like a true executive that is he has assigned duties to eachmember of the family reserving the supervisory choice forhimself leroy it happens has been assignedbreakfast the first day you're always heaven's sake pretty sweet

and join the ranks quiet will be right now really margarine leroy pretty industries this the down inthe kitchen for over now overhead and being around down there so as a good spirit you must remember to give him creditidea okay timothy skelley table looks good

wool duly micro alcock for greatness in toto that'sright let's make it as a family just like a banquet i mean you see here orange juice just kind of election's religion

the was supposed to sit on cd's michael it doesn't matter this time repeatedly duties your brothers really does have made it and never expected anything like thisfrom little rock scrambled eggs harming others are better thanks

helps maisie they called what's the difference as i said hotline were climbing in the car and make our could make it markets it is a

for the end it's a car fairly limited way after show me appreciate what he saidculture have someone he isn't even though i havean accent that's not too much fee suitors actually sacramento from what it said and other signs out my plane as it onlysomething yourself

cannot i make my life just how much it thesis taps they have found out there this money was sent forms as all right but kinda sandwiches plenty ellie well i think point westerns my pocket todd rash i gotta go to

counties their deliciously right an estimated asthey certainly a m rewrites in such a wonderful job in the breakfasti'm going to tackle a supper has access to straighten out relative okay headed by it they would designed subdivisions

children to us move to the streets orange peels eggshells milk bottles really put that camp that goes on thisthing what do you saw these plots and plansfor what's this an unsuccessful batch of aids yes peanut butter now how could he still gently all overthe stills

left everything wide open when done kid he's got to learn to get this thinking that we will beable to fix it asap pics crash sections of the day's top look ladies vahini

yes scientists have a pretty goodwedding cake to this house no longer do you enjoy your excitedabout yet delia at that within a million years where that was apparently says where the devil is to keep the brew broom closet i suppose that we got a broom closets

well you cited by the if you could bring know just tell me why you keep it you know you come down very is supposedto be taking life easy please don't feel the greatest isflexible articles of have thanks selected covering up beating up a little bit youknow i insist buddy i see you all dressed up to go off i won't even allow you to kids

are likely to clean up the studiouslylet's nothing brady rewrite if you have everything thismorning i have everything spock less than five minutes well it is justabsolutely idea like indications of a have ready lives so far for that time to look around and theycould go to movies etc and that's the stuff well have a good time becky said goodbye definition ofidentity minority industry and i can do for you

axiomatic families in here saddam lateron saddam isay beginning my journey iran hai yet many separate bt he faces up with something nineteen give you something to eatdinner when you get the car traffic live in a mood equipped when we got beat

besides drugs him in a position to offer you a choiceschanges sandwiches but sources say at times and c_n_n_ and everywhere leverage side for the other guys the rei just can't believe they were right you said you had a choice when we have it on their prime time livepoultry

and that's all and mcalinden family digestion what else to do that widescreen staffing land for a vastly expanded the menumeticulously and misuse carefree few vitamin tablets you'd com father peter i city duty to run asandwich color or not run it

is the worst place deacon tom ranjana well it is somehow now creativityconvenience for my custom and convenient some convenience of less than three little wordssentences on whole wheat scenery family visits to me and their animals and we've not beennight intriguing fragmentation

matters very sick she's taking a vacation rooms every year for a is it you folks think you'll be coming herefor temporary overnight parking is having a holiday heaven for victory decide if i can count on it right in the and

treatment we're going to do all you get homemostly as a matter of fact we plan to havesuffered on the night only well we decided not to i marvel and shops i did not marjorie was supposed to be decided it'sover ask you to watch the caps for a fewminutes class at the table will allow iraq to follow are trying to make andnot suffering in spite of the whole thing marjorie i

what happened to have to extractbreakthrough center two dollars with a lamb chops you're a nasty memories families kitchens a mess so it all over everything have a tennis ball the flower it wouldn't bar not not dot elvis finally stepped on one peter sent

on channel on it and some instead do get notes also somebelieve the misunderstand maybe nothing andrea you've got a lot of work to do when youget home managed care for a paper napkin nerolost nine take it doors locked cult i told you not even i scream i wasstarting high-skilled coat

was the decision get one i wiped date you don't suppose breaded chicken that that's a verylimited zero three as it is not enough well a mess we leftthe hold everything no time at all as fixing some of those thought to be soi just thought i'd see it now relaxing does not leave of

opposite glamorous at this one but that's still in theicebox you must don't move very don't move almost it someplace leroy ok slice of breadmargarine ok very all you didn't it that's a fact ready to back unite goodness that's since they'llsimply wonderful you tell me that was in the iceboxold-time british yes it bears all of knowing where thingsare

here we put up two dollars little andsouth try to get dinner with all the time were you doing in your own you use to beout having fun we're well this is your vacation for heaven's sake don't youenjoying it well that's pretty good and we think isnot about presenting a vacation source travels jisme open around bymyself but you gotta come back to where itcould have an extra week three hurt relax everybody reads

play will be with us again in a fewmoments compliments on the salad to serve evenfrom the most particular guess art easy when those sounds are made with famouskraft mayonnaise so it's good news i have for you homemakers this truly superb kitchen freshman ismade by craft the supply of fine salad or that'sbecoming more plentiful and crap to make some not all we'd like of course but ifthey are supply of the mayonnaise you've been waiting for kraft kitchens freshmanners with its rich homemade goodness

it's delicate perfect flavor kraftmayonnaise is far superior because of the choice ingredients that go into it of perfection fresh lemon juice is outof another thing you'll notice is it'smarvelous texture a special beater patten the by craft gives craft miamisurpassing smoothness gives it a velvet cream you know it's hard to duplicate we are proud to be able to tell youcraft kitchen fresh mani's is again available uh... jets that provided

fidelia horace we have the mostwonderful to assist you further darren thank you just passing by greatly and here upset rallied scarcelyfor weeks now the christmas you know viewed christmas there will be a problem issue evereverybody with prices so high and all and i thought to myself why don't we just keep christmas for thechildren why don't you worry every not to giveeach other any presents this year ivy

does a very good idea cachet tenzin wish each other and merry christmas andthen take a look at great agreed and it's a deal shake on interstate five that's that how many are okay know that i think remember i don't give you the president and youdon't yes at sidebar step developed

this and that if you'll go to present dvd speaking of christmas presents i'll tell you what i'm getting this year an album of phonograph records disturbing for kids and rolled oats two good for everybody the album is called it

bush attacks against it the album is called stories for childrentold by the great builders levy the experiment is still a you know we made an album of children'sstories last year this is a new one the brave little taylor and hansel and gretel let's put it this way it's no worse than any other album you didn't

unite for for a few hours later flight five simplified dot please and travel kind of a contrived jack mckay included in the past our watereffectively while believe that i at monterey antolia laptop hydrocortisone democratic contributor dot lights and the private bathroomcompany and inviting you to listen and

again next wednesday for the furtheradventures of the great gilder sleep all head the or it's a trait that's always your firewith the whole family ice cream made with friends the new kraft products yeah sprayers makes delicious velvetysmooth ice cream right in your own refrigerator realize cream rich with plenty of milkand cream just add water at the little

sugar and phrase according to directionson the package and fruit juice flavoring or coffee forvariations from vanilla prayers is made by an explosive processthat retains the fresh cream flavor ask your browser for foreigners f our eyeseasy six generous servings from one package war this is an days even actual broadcastingcompany win the graph loads company presents thegreat feel this way uh... if you do

that's the great gilder sleeves starringhalcrow brought to you by the crap boots company makers of a complete line ofpayments quality food product now let's join the great illusory it's a saturday night and somerfield andso we find him as usual occupying one of the best of the rickety chairs whichbrought us the jolly boys club up above floyd monsoons barber shop at the moment judge cookers the onlyother member present when to everybody is i can imagine

seems like we were having troublegetting a quorum here lately maybe the club needs something passively but we do judds right now maybe we could be a call if somebody club may be getting in or out maybe we ought to take on some newactivity likes a bowling and think about it

all of that it might help you uh... become somebody bloomsday iron it down a bright man videotaping a baby let me again with aspokesman for the entire if divided the outfit expert because of the addressee further thatyou feel leslie garrison flight out for drinks and asked me to get it

and that any review it plane decided to spend the evening newsis the let's not wait for a job in a way tobaby nanti enough room actually vijay youprobably don't have to explain what's going on down here five-day-old come join frightened shedid you see that man on a dime anyway he did hydrogen engine but is only one night a week levy

no wife in the world wants her husbandhang around every night lindsay yeah sure you'd be surprised whensomebody else coming upstairs we had a quorum yet boats that cheat icd region vb tarrant county lest you think element detainment doesn't seem like the oldgang gets down his properly seized was floyd for instance

need me too because it is that in our simple thatfollows the not chat could you let the game wait just alittle while well roland see somebody dropped in think how it looks cards all over thetable everybody's smoking nobody's gonna drop in and one judge distributes its divvied up so we did goin colors please

was a personal paper i head out lawyers failing any red blooded ithought i'd like to make high-paid five of an all new boys up at a clothingand other defectors hi judge wright chief and i'd probablywaiting for out that i like the game but i need the money accounting advocates like he should upmore than a minute judge before you do what's on your mind anyway see well on aas to certainly in the bathroom residence in iraq

all nobody minds what about all user friend of mine start beating around the bush alleviatenew alone on my guess don't you on or broken even the preacher naomi after church on sunday he said hewanted to talk to us few minutes eg as you said around eightthirty see if you might have given us a little warning

well maybe i should have been i was afraid you wouldn't come i want a warmer blue silk that'sascension and found him to think the on a projecti'm doing french t_v_ or maybe if it's just tooforcefulness belligerent problem bottles eliminate saba heights had a little money stuart now which we put it uh... right over here institutemcclatchy okay

we all over the winter two votes this is smelling like a joint here allotment for a man mister gilmore says why don't you throwout that cigar all right within we dump these airspace just like you might clean up the placeonce in awhile and i know a preacher was coming injecting wind and cold carry outa little more upbeat he said in the alley

yes it's him you don't look great but approachgovernment data sure they like he was come inspect the sundayschool do me a favor watch your language william so worryabout me i've been around lots of preacher setup it is not criminal we were just having about your order ofpriority destiny where etc deducted

please jealously relieving to all of you gentlemen arching in that initiated it's apleasure to have you with us doctor eleven years old thank you and mister preview the goodapothecary i'm glad to see when you going to be sure we can meetand i think that got him a deal on a lot of everyyear there for eight months are doing prettywell i think you know made up for me to michaela dot the top while other

of cromwell i have a very high regard for dr dotweller interview or whatever his flock to but that's not what i was a fine man isindeed one of the best i would share doctor there here's a good to enact it nice comfortable and high i think uh...does it mean straight your thinking modified inflation and improve thespirit her and that is comparable to a broom toadhere in israel

quite proud of our quarters well it was just thinking a lot of theshop i was glad to make it available free of charge for that so u_n_ being sogenerous flight you could make any money renny i'd liketo know why i couldn't no facility uh... it certainly has pulled out fromout of the documents relevant to the ears how long was your plugged in in thedistance man's over but

two years as it's honest i recall we organized in the fall offorty-three how many members do it is is that just the five nicolette exclusive and may i ask just what is the purposeof the club d_e_a_ u_-shaped purpose stockton what is the purpose of your club well we don't exactly have any purposedoctor it's just a thought leaders get

together once a week in raising releasessocial dr at his medical los angeles as agar itseems to me i've heard the club there's some kind of musical interests all attwo of you know what kind of a musical sitting down at the end of this is notmuch of the end of the i have a wimbledon home good enough for this gang we just singlebarbershops on the fact that uh... i loved singing uh... used to seeing myself when i was ayounger man new still saying doctor however do take a right to have her onsome of those games on sunday with their

lives let myself go to germany but when i was a divinity school we used todo some real singing i can tell you jemison number the old mills streamdeployed no i don't remember down by the oldstream but uh... there was another song love me and the world is mined at p_l_o_biomass yatin uh... dream up all the stars that shinefetch abit we tried that once a doctor there you gentlemen will permit andoutside the home page of yourself that

way doctor you're one of window is drawn follows the uh... and and it's assets p manuel their and eliminating 'em here yes indeed

i thought that was lovely luxury another round dot no thank you matter of fact i came here with apurpose gentleman i wonder if you know the work of thesummer field office so that's where they'd take care of theauthor of this show up for you mister munson is quite right the often it's takes care of betweentwenty five and thirty off into the

present moment but they're desperately in need of fundsfor all so uh... i've been going about appealing tovarious organizations where a i wonder if you guys are the gentlemanwould be interested in adopting a lovely baby dr perhaps i've put it to alarmingly he wouldn't actually adopt this childinto the contribute regularly to the

alternate in her behalf and you would accept as a group theresponsibility for homework the name is christina she's eight months old lovely child do you have any figure in mind that ten dollars a month no i don't want to gentleman to give meyour answer right this minute

i want you to think about it if you care to you may go out to thealternate envisages a christina think it over and that they have nodecision think i know the answer you will find inthe house thank you jim i'll get your code dr pandemic i told you was a nice form he nicely preaching on home

for sure is a nice fellow see at this club is ten bucks a month tothrow around i don't think we are brought on a baby brought up one of the pool table floyd haven't you got any heart friendlyi got a hot it's only two dollars a month the peace make the money as aprincipal when i'm in favor of the doctors proposition what do you say to you the dvd always wanted to hear

find for us well for you going to be a spoil sport for just what i was watching a big steelare you a big for all those follows what's the jolene ward what a doctorneedlepoint repeatedly restoring each other names heiden quality body names let's think about what the doctor saidfollows we shouldn't rush into this we should look at my remarks

would you do one thing before you decide would you go up there with us and lookat the little girl little christine welcome on four that's fair enough log on and then we'll decide well all right but not a lot of people mayplay poker for the rest of the email the the legal advice

at the chips fall where they may you know it's a real pleasure to tellyou that famous kraft mayonnaise is once again available yes although miracle whip salad dressingand other craft product you've been waiting for continues to be spearsbecause of the shoulders shortage kitchen fresh mandate is is back finds out of all is becoming moreplentiful and crap can make a fair supply of the truly superior mayonnaisemost of you remember superior because it's made from onlychoice ingredients find salad oil

selected pigs fragrant vinegar andspices and as a final touch genuine no wonder kraft mayonnaise has suchdistinctive delicate flavor such a rich homemade goodness it's easy to see why the mostdiscriminating hostesses choose this particular mayonnaise for flavor andfour surpassing smoothness especial beater patented by craft givesit a velvety texture you could never accomplish in your own kitchen yes you will be taking bows when youmake salads from famous crap kitchen fresh mandates

now available in reasonable quantities out let's get back to the great gildersli can come to mind shots to articulate white gradient knocking on your mind is right for themit was an organization's ends well only striving that always make leroy how many times and i told you mustbe the funny papers amma right began a good time at the club last nighti think they had a very lovely meeting

leroy b_ trying to crawl into thatblessed can be done identify molecules principal politelyfullback somersaults remember this is something okay then we had a very nice meeting lastnight to learn dot the meeting was there doctor needed to talk what's a strange about that levy goes on down there work torn down there on time

nevermind is for grownups u_n_ is that what you're going to change who helped that affected something that mightinterest to children i'd like to have a baby to take care you've carefully delegate darby

even four things for the baby and rest quietly we had contracts themselves contest market they are notso we're not baselines you know so i dont webcam like i'm probably i'm coming to that if you just listen

slowed your money grady do you weigh in with the of the thatkind of steve that were all who are were instructed the side great that'll area no making way for a break we're not going to have the baby here do you want some let me explain you okay this is an idea of doctor needs

he thought it would be nice if differentorganizations rama style who teach undertake to provide for some child outof the children's full as sort of sponsor it may be a godfatherto it and favorite subject next year odd because of the owner and he hassimilar they can do it then we're gonna go out there the wholedeception and look over the years proposition as a matter of fact one of our membersjulia houck nevermind aplomb

that's not the way the clubs or runleroy telecharger was try to be moredemocratic besides we care from adios to clobber still sleep how old is this baby you're talkingabout well i believe about eight months pretty season will be a they as they can be there to get arespirator subroutines itself but i think that would be lovely ever to children might like tocontribute a little something to hide

your last fears of christmas gestion twenty five cents munson why do you have to work week if their lives so you have an interestin it i don't have a black well i've uh... ls very generously and let me see you respond that waystevenson as well and see myself yes all they can succeed

tennessee in a museum christina are on right against eh... why christine no comment that spread dot right before how well you know christine is in the she was born with myboy you get used to it

how much a part of the color chrissy uh... c wellhead cast that vote and not about scrapbooks readilyglancing around line-ups at gmail out of mellon three that would be a verygood idea not you see this is a club friend besides so many people who wants might scare the baby we once cameras muje who will keep

dot and the chief of police how would youlike to see leaning over your career viertel love each other i can't wait to go this time but when iget back i'll tell you all about as that told your margin dogs better alrightytourette cigar judge whether we need thanksgiving

pain can damage competence i don't know that we have a smoke inhere commissioner lineup with your phone conference at the home on fire when his handy don't think it'd be a good example forthe children there are many children around dual outside please justice in thewouldn't look chief is right

old smoke myself the mystery of it and superintendent asmoke popularity slow climb like that you're going to make it so i feel you myword in nyc just the same i almost didn't you should have seen me trying toconvince lobby i was coming out here this afternoon to see a baby

says we hold was a baby lucia plunder a brunette still don't think she believes a mafia i don't believe in myself well what we do not just sit down and wait anxiouslynicotine induced sleep p_d_ for what we do a disservice to wakes up fill them there's some sports

uh... well i feel kind of foolish but we do in here anyway redknapp system you guys got me into this maybe it's like doctor needham sydneysermon today fluorine children bring out the best in people native acting and crime an argument

but don't look at me you're the one who's holding outsideheart now don't get me wrong another medium skins com for kids like oh this is your chance to provemalcolm a shelter to put up or shut up gentlemen that baby to sleep used on the nurses changers commissioneri don't think we have to work report may talk effort after all he camehere this afternoon night think we can take that to mean lol noyou don't sheaf

i said i'd come here and i think that'sall enjoy an old baby syndicate like i said before if you want to have aclub what we have a little fun once usually figures to you after you commissioner jet excuse me good exp date just out of meetings

merits saying i am distant pie background along a little something forthe baby can be reindeer don't think it in her tears that's very nice to have you back i really don't think she ok enlisted research langston bennett first the rest of thisand they said that a lot of the stuff

i'd be dead heat thinking that you know pivotal issues on the would you breakfast at least i'll just go ahead if you don't mind andsee if she still awake all right miss he he he you without is the first time i was ever in anorphanage develops a band

that most of us that he did nice motherly thank you well i don't know she's not some other leads the uniform it's online food coded side new ones sanjeev images team fifteen

mca well you know view you community are and you know you know i think she looks a little likeyou commissioner she's got to a double chin it is susan c we gave you the rental old extendedoccurred

villains blvd rattle christina blvd level that mcclellan air and light years just lies there staring into everything when you make of all this pristine well do you make of all this heat andand yes we shall meet d that many doing leave me alone hello there

christina can really say oh tanniru kind of course not she will go to sees only eight months old now and i'min a city inhaler she moles that's pretty good freakin only eight months old bigoted

says he's a smart girl floyd icbc refuges or you better back off their commission she'sgonna cry for movie to be even cried with you christine we look atthat little bit clip from in terms of uh... said it needshere fair let me try

automatic it out theater iran sees not interested in the rattles likepati smiled at westminster my outside and we began baby do that when you have a problem itwas so was my listeners on colonists and what i tell you tell me i don't know about babies as he goes again i think they can likes me or whywouldn't answer

slowly they hate touch and then shegrabbed hold of my finger world leader and sure let go of it either some of the gun level my finger magazine has like you are right for long little some of them famous you know as well as i can hold it for aminute

mad that are not before we go home let's settle this follows what do you think so that's a smart kid you not as one of the smartest kids i m asophomore age chain like most babies just lie there chica personalitymillimeter smart to unit gentlemen it's moved and seconded but that we don't have to be saidnon-formal about the issue although the

motion all in favor of have opposed motion k baby adopted the great job is leaving the jolly boyswill be back again very shortly setting an expert homemakers wearing abig smile these days malachi cancer of the family super special salads madewith the famous mayonnaise which is once yes it's really true craft kitchen fresh malays is back andin reasonable quantities

grabbed my attention or is it trulysuperior mayonnaise major only choice ingredients find salad oil selected figs fragrantvinegar and spices and as a final touch of inspiration fresh lemon juice is that with its distinctive homemade goodnessits rich delicate flavor kraft mayonnaise glorifies any and every salad it's texture to is something to beproduct a special beater patented by crap hiskraft mayonnaise of though but

smoothness almost impossible toaccomplish your own kitchen in fact it's mayonnaise nothing short ofperfection kraft kitchens fresh maintenance wonder where everybody is i can imagine this is just as bad aslast week differently become somebody that's used to you

flight parolee others based on the stand on tonight with thewife about the seeds into referee in a kidbasketball game now to the white div and he's going straight home i gotta be gone myself work yeah gotta let me waiting for me downthe car well again satellite wait a minute stickaround him clarity monday night on the movies give her a break for a change

let's go ahead but we do jazz maybe we should call if somebody you know something that baby clue was flown united forbes the great gumbis labor's played byhoward it was written by john wavelengths andmore

music is by jack mcgann included in the past and what exactly isleroy louise alexander's monterey and william randolph was great judge workers are a lot of sandrakilograms mr peter this is john lang saying goodbye to thegrass roots company and inviting you to listen and again next wednesday for thebrotherhood ventures of the great killed this lady all alone now it's really true

you can make a real which velvety smoothice cream in your refrigerator just ask your grocer for the craft product calledprayas have our eyes easy one package make six generous servingsof ice cream and very economically you simply addwater a little sugar and freeze according to their actions onthe package and fruit juices or flavoring forvariety pres contains plenty of find cream andmilk made by a process that retains marvelous freshness of flavor difference from yarborough dealertomorrow surprise the family with

homemade ice cream tomorrow night sending you see the nationalbroadcasting company

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