badezimmer einrichten planen

badezimmer einrichten planen

we want housing! who has developed a new vision for the real estate sector? the 12 leading heads of the property industry the berlin task force for housebuilding all have been lobbying for the further development of the property market success feels good the mood is great the strategy: a focus on the upmarket sector and concentration on selected locations with above average potential for development

that means that berlin ist especially attractive, with potencial for rising rents the focus of the „deutsche wohnen ag“ are the tenants tenants become customers the consequence of this work is already being seen in the steady rise in income enough! we are facing a housing crisis more and more people are having to leave their neighbourhoods because they can no longer afford the rent many receive dismissals or face evictions

i have been evicted i live in a flat-share in wedding after a long fight, i had to move out of my longtime flat the problem is i had to move from the north of neukã¶lln to the south and its a huge difference they’ve demanded we clear the flat, but of course we won't leave the flat voluntarily! iâ´m another person when i'm down there for the few who own houses the profit increases

and that is only possible because of housing shortage evictions are only possible, because of the logic of supply and demand they know that for every evicted person, there are 1000 people who are ready to pay any price we don't want to live in a city, in which the competition and the fear of losing our flats makes us sick there have got to be houses for everyone, no matter how much we can pay, how long we live in the city, or whether we have papers or not houses for the inhabitants!

i am furious that i have been evicted from my flat after 30 years i am especially angry that the state institutions are working together with private owners to enforce the controlling interest of the landlords i'm livid that we as old berliners, that have been building up the neighbourhoods for years, have been displaced elsewhere… every eviction is one eviction too many. why am i angry? i'm sorry but i think that older people also belong to the city. for us the solution to the housing crisis is easy

i want no more forced evictions we want housing to not be treated as commodity we want housing for all! and we want no investment properties whether we're homeless, renters, or threatened by eviction, we’re going to appear wherever profit is being made out of housing wherever those responsible for the housing crisis meet

where the political decisions are taken everywhere we’ll demonstrate our anger and make our demands loud and clear!

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