badezimmer einrichten programm

badezimmer einrichten programm

hallo, today i want to... show you 12 3d sites,... where you can get stl files or... print templates. at the 12 sites which i show you donâ´t have to registrate and the print objects are free. ok then letâ´s begin with the first site. and after this we look to the other sites.

the first site that i show you is here you can search for objects, if you know what you want. or down here are different areas that you can select. what i particularly liked here on the side, is scanning the world. i will show you this at an example. i click here on it. and then happens this ... you can click on map. we have wait a bit since it loaded.

now on map. yes, and then you see here on this map, it need to build up a bit, i have make a cut here now you see various objects that available in different countries. so, let's go on ... london is too much for me ... let's go to denmark. now the map zoomed to denmark. and then you see that here in copenhagen are 59 objects. now get closer to copenhagen. and if we go now a little bit out.

then we see different places. if we go up to the place, then we see that this is the national art museum is copenhagen. this here is the royal cast collection. or the thorvaldsen museum. or anything of carlsberg. let's go to the national art museum, and then we'll see ... ...this one... ... different exhibition pieces of this museum.

if we take for example this centaur here. then you can see that this is probably a scanned object from the museum. so there things from all over the world. from various museums ... ... are here objects inside. i find it quite good. and if we want to download now, we go here on free download. first we can look what is below. so if you want to comment you must log in. this is i think in each side like this. and if we now download here.

one moment. ok, we see that the download starts now. it is a quite large file. and it is a stl file. then this was only an advertising prompt to register. but it works as you can see, even without. let's close it. and go back. and if we click on fanart for example.

then there are just normal things you can download. but this map thing i find pretty cool. okay thatâ´s it to let's get to the next. now we are at a 3d object search engine. this combines many pages and searches these sites for objects. so if we, for example, now say here, we want to search for the whitehouse. let's see if we can find something there.

this are the search results to the white house. and if we then go, for example, to this object, then you can see ... ... that it is at thingiverse and free. if we go here, you see that it is at tinkercad and free. here it is again thingiverse and free. tinkercad ... tinkercad ... here it is free at autodesk. basically, a search engine for multiple pages. and if you clicking here, then you will... i can show that. linked to the page. essentially... ... this is all. there also always popular things that you can look. so what people have been looking for. ok, that's all about so now i'm on the page should everyone know, i mention the page only briefly. because that's just the largest ever. i would say.

with the most choice and ... ... i've made a video about it, so ... ... just so you simply see. this is the greatest side of templates. those who do not know, necessarily look at this side. now we are on you can up here restrict ... ... to different topics. but not yet. below we have the first proposals on it.

let's restrict to miniatures for example. let's wait until the site load. and then you see here, on this side there is also buying objects. this is always displayed below. if anything can be bought, it have the color blue. on this page only one object you can buy. the others are free. if i click to download ... ... it opens a new page. and immediately the download window is opened. this means you do not have to sign up,

to download something. otherwise, you just have to know to what you are looking ... may find other things, as on other pages. ok, that's and then we'll go to the next. now we are on that's just a normal page, just like everyone else. and if you click on designs for example. then you can choose between the categories here.

if you choise for your home. then you get everything for home. and let's take the heart. i just want to show it. and if we click here to download, then the download window opens. there is no registration needed. yes, this is actually all to we come to the next. so now we are on

this is again a search page for different pages, so a search engine. as you can see here, that's on thingiverse, thatâ´s on turbosquid thatâ´s on grabcad etc. of course there can also be buying objects. depending on how the pages are built up behind it. but at thingiverse you can be certain that it does not cost anything. ok, if we now click here. and here go to download. then we will redirected to thingiverse.

there is nothing more to say. so now we are on i think there is not a huge selection. but maybe there is something funny for you. for example, i find this ... ... pumpkin alphabet quite funny. if you click here. then you can go to download here. and then opens a download window. so you have not sign up.

then you can assemble a string of lights, with the saying that you wish to. so the choice, as i see it at first glance, are 11 pages. that is not a lot, compared to other sites. but i just wanted to show you. so now we are on this is again a side with many, many templates. click here on 3d models. then you got different things. different topics.

suppose science. was perhaps not such a great example, there is nothing great. household here is a hook for the bathroom. and down here are the files you can download. also a scad file located here for a cad program. or a stl file. if i click here it is downloaded directly. there is no registration needed, too. ok.

we come to the next. so now we are on the forge. that seems to be a page from one who has created things. from zheng3. let's choose this. there we have a couple of mininatures. if we click on, for example, whatever that. then we can download it here. and also without sign up, you can download the file. the selection is not as big as on other sites.

but perhaps there are a few special things here that interest someone. ok, we come to the next. the next page is again, we have different themes to choose from. let's take for example hobby. then we have now rocket parts. it says here again free. here below are some that cost a little. but the... ... parts which are free, ... can download easy. now when i go here, for example, click view files. and then i get here again an stl file and i can download it. and the download starts directly. yes, that's it about now we are on the nasa site. and there are also printable models. much things from the nasa. any probes. or telescopes or impact craters.

and you can also easy download it. if we click on vespa. then i can here download the stl file. when i click here, the download window is opened. as you can see. whoever is interested in the topic nasa then here are a interesting things that can not find elsewhere. and the last page, i want to show is somehow from the us department of ... ... health and human services. um ... yes as depicted all sorts of molecules and other things. for me personally there is nothing interesting.

but maybe that is an area of ​​interest of anyone of you. perhaps you search for it. then you can find here such things. and if you go here to download, then you can choose what file you want to download. if you click here to stl, then you also download it directly. yes, basically that's it. the twelve pages i have presented to you now. i would make another video about pages where you have to register, but this was definitely pages where you not have to register.

thank you for looking.. if you liked the video, give me a like or a channel subscription. and then we see us at the next video. until then, and bye.

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