badezimmer klein aufteilung

badezimmer klein aufteilung

karate kid remake of yes in nineteeneighty four film with ralph macho and pat morita this time we have gina smithmuch younger obviously he was i think maybe ten or eleven gina smith he andhis mom move from detroit to china where where his mom tragically hendersonhas taken on a new job angie didn't smith runs afoul of the police and he meets jackie chan who is themaintenance man who decides that he's going to mentor him in kung fu and uh... much much fighting andcommunities conference usa stick with the tail

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candy one i think what you think it'llarea from there he at leat once with its mission separate dining there have been wellfirst of all i want to try to keep him tonight because anderson with this movie i was shocked at howmuch i liked it actually i think it totally stands on its own you don't haveto know anything about the first movie to like it it's shot beautifully inchina it'd shot and looks like a good like a grown-up movie and um... i thinkthat jackie chan has a lot of urgency to it i think that the training scenes withhim work so much better than with pat

morita because as we know jackie chan isamazing uh... actually doing martial arts on i mean oppose the guys are samethere is a bit of a big problem with jane smith looking so small and thatwhich makes the romance stuff not really work that well his propose can be kindof uneven but i thought the it was caught early very sensitive a great lookat they had been a jeep in terms of the two something like a city it's not therearen't a lot of stereotypes involved in that and i've thought of you know it wastenzin if it's a long movie hits like over two hours while i was a fifteenminute long but the reg no was actually

like to set that endeavor i never ididn't having a deal with that long before iread it afterwards i was i was with it the whole time so i'mreally into it alrighty then matt you know prime of all-star offsaying i did like this movie archive where you are that i thought that higher from some of the price by howmuch i liked it because this was another movie that act you know like you saidabout eating the summary that i didn't think wereally need to be repaid and first of all

not as the karate kid because it's inchina and they can easily seem confident okay took the title right that's kind ofthing i think that being said is an adorable movie i did you had mefor the whole thing but there are some what i feel like big flaws i feel like jane smith is far too young thestoryline for a twelve year old didn't feel like iwas working for v sometimes in that into the bullies of park kicking the hell outof this kid they're all supposed to be like that's

sixth-graders jeannette meyers right butyou know i can't you know there's there's kind of the kind of a romanticsubplot between j_b_ smith and this chinese girl that i didn't buy it all because anytwelve-year-old boys to be growth at you know i don't care where we are that high-tech i think that's a littlebit and so one of the things that i bring that up because it to me it feltlike

it takes away from why the bullying case are so down on jaden smith right in theoriginal ralph mucho runs across runs afoul of johnnie because he's flirtingwith his ex-girlfriends is kind of a new punk kid for johnnie played so well bywilliam safire left-hand comes in is the a_t_f_ enhancement and you know it and i bring us up to the red as we startthis fantastic article in nineteen eighty club with that we talked about he saw something that johnny comes in

suddenly everything's trinity roadthat's part of why he hates daniel so much you don't see that in this one it's its you know the frame of the family is justangry that black it was talking to the chinese girls protective of okay i willoccur in russia and i felt like there was this you know undercurrent of being there methim 'cause he's lacerations visit racial i don't know and so that kinda bothered me

that that i had a problem with and yesthe movies to watch like do we need the helicopter shots of themtraining on the great wall you deleted goddam i'd guess i mean that way it'salways a lot of time and that exactly i felt like that was to log but that being said ultimately i did enjoy the movie it wasa good time and i think its it's nice to see jackie chan playing aserious problem seen that alarm clock is going to get it done a lot of catherinereleases the flesh out there that characters so much you know the lastinglast thing i saw him be so serious that

was crime story he's not mugging he'snot doing jackie chan clap that all the aiesec stuff going on on that he's not like kitty smiling butlet me know i mean greater will we really get one fight scene out of themanything really plays it down and there's a really dramatic scene you know not really giving anything awaybecause the plot does the very close to the original fell you know it's thus it's very similar tothe original film with pat really see where he kinda has the breakdown aboutlosing his wife

and there's a very similar scenes withjackie chan annual realize this tragedy at his past please very serious very effectively ifound that seem to be surprisingly good yet he's been is the only reason i likedthis movie it paul i had a profit all this by saying i goti'll mug karate kid growing up like i was twelve when it came out like i had abig crash i'm not much you know i want to be live at the huge a i went to fivep you a in warner center and will in hills snuck into the bathroom went back insideand i guess matter to me from my

childhood like the idea of a remake likecares at the fiber of my adolescence carefully the top of the things that looks tooyoung not much you is what like thirty-fivehead when they have their but he looked at sixteen realistically there table at a placeit's tiny in the original so it works and makes sense on the putting you know fight and having a romance teams that was twelve the he looksnineteen eighty four to go through the

verdict for a train montage his version of lax on website he still really and very tiny wielded you really tinyand selam it's sorted irreparable like the fightthat make sense the romance is not make says the whole thing with the grows verystilted on instigation if there is no chemistrythere are some it's again it's premature because there are twelve had that think people who

worked well that was one came out at the scene in our yet cuz it isn't it very traditional rousing crowd pleaser i can see how how people that people will like it and theywant a problem with it being really cranky sensitivity of this errorecological going with the latest answer and there are times deporting myself andi thought about it growing up here is not yet know and ithink that they

that paper feel like a certain level toreally shot themselves in the foot with the idea of remaking and calling ita remake a redo it of the original because they're suchaffection and the original such a fantastic movie and that's a lot to live up to it makeyou miss the mark a few places i agree with you although this cut identical that we've got asweep the leg moment writing exactly as i did write for strike hard numbers ifthere's no it's not looking at the cemetery said

i was with them as much as its long itwas counter with the whole time and i do also have to point out for better for worse gina smith is absolutely his father sideit's like watching a twelve-year-old wilson fraternity and he looks like inhe sounds like in it's because here in little exactly's almost to the point ofdistraction almost two point some of his jokes and some of his little asides inhis one-liners thinking either his father coached in through that or that's thekind of stuff is father says around the

house giving a defect in the d_n_a_charismatic and rights but he sounds exactly like his father which is greatit's not that saw that that you can there were sectors to emulate an willsmith when you had a great time one questions like do you think that parents will dislike like for me like isaid i feel like it was a real movie like they did do a lot of or theirsubtitles it's beautifully shot it's like a real story that i mean this muchas its long i felt like the pacing was alright i feel like parents beingdragged to see this are not going to be greeting dirty p_g_ altho it's prettysafe administrator for the preteen four

contact fighting redfin haven't beenapart well and i watch the antarctic problem right is when you get to the point where as inthe original there's a determinant from you're seeing thesekids go off and it's almost you know i'm i bought in two or three orfour years older but watch and twelve-year-olds hitting each other sohard they're flipping over at coming off the mat miserable at a very importantbroken leg yeah i think they don't get it in six months hearing even though herspace is getting better but i thought i'd like to say not rushing down to savehim you know what i think you know if

you develop it and give it some kind ofterm it with for contacted in this country a twelveyear olds abusing each other the way they did inthis everybody involved would be arrested certificate seriously so when they do afl murder the fresh hasa bellaire we now know who can star in it c_s_ fell our ratings to give it you know despite all the complaints i still thinkit was a good time an argument

six point five and you that i was surprised at how much of like if ideduct points for doing something to young and which makes the romance not workingquite as well but i would have this when i said he pointed well out a long timeand right now i'm getting at four point nine and without averages absolutely higherthan the average for eighteen ready to give it you can

average i don't know if nap six pointfive so when i come back and process and will be it's not just the young christywho didn't like it to you yeah that made me johnny and ralph the chevy adolescentme cries out but the ron on billions out there on the stairs that that the leak thatstates also has a good weekend we'll come back to reality to do thatand ten now and that next week we have to lead story three which is of course in three d because everything it bennettso then jonathan that is like that

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