badezimmer klein beispiele

badezimmer klein beispiele

oh dude what the heck man oh my god tyler wait a sec let me look we got to go to the hospital dude hey everyone it is tyler and connie from we are the davises and we are getting ready to go to our local swim park hopefully it doesn't rain on us

so far so good kayla just got home from a spend the night and i just pulled tyler outside we're sitting the car because he doesn't know this yet but i can't believe it's blood we're going to go to the park and we're going to act like tyler knocks his head in the pool

and his head is going to split open and we're going to prank shawn again yea we're going to we're going to get daddy he's going to freak out he doesn't know we're going to be no so so we got to like pull this off and act

how am i going to do that am i going to hit the bottom of the pool we're just going to walk over and act like you did it he's not going to see it and then you're going to have blood and you're going to be holding your head we're going to see what daddy does should we put the blood we got to go to the hospital tyler split his head open

should i put the blood in my hand should i put it on my head i'll just pour some on your head okay and then you go like this so hopefully we don't get in trouble by the life guards or anything so we're going to try to do this fingers crossed we can freak him out good i think i hear him okay

we're going to go we are on the way to the water park everybody seems to be in really good spirits yea it's like nice and warm out overcasted the sun should be beating down on us which is kind of nice because that sun can really i mean it get's you yea in florida this time a year

you never know what you're going to get it could rain for 5 minutes and tehn it could be sunny and then it could rain again so we're just kind of winging it and seeing hopefully we can get some time in at the pool without being kicked out because of the thunder storm

or anything like that we'll get time it looks like it's going to be alright so yes everybody is super excited yea going to the pool here we are found a spot to sit down and everybody is getting ready to go jump into the pool and it is turning out to be

still an awesome day yup perfect there's people here the slide fully you want to go down the slide i wonder if they'll let you bring the camera no they don't let you it's against the rules i tried it before i guess we can't video going down the slide but we can video them coming down the slide

we done it before it just depends on the life guard yea but usually they're mean life guard tell you that you aren't allowed to have it yea because like the life guard like it was obvious when i had it like i had it to my side run in she just didn't say anything about it because

she knew i was hiding it like she didn't see it and then when i got down she was laughing because it was obvious then but then the guy at the end because he didn't know what was going on what what uh and then i just swam away see you at the top

not sure but i think they're playing a game where you try to swim under each other under the water and shawn try to go under the kid's legs which that would be really interesting to see if he can pull that off so let's see if we can capture some of that i don't know if we've showed you guys this

before but not yet tyler's all excited look at him come on get the fake blood you want to go freak him out yes i want to wait until he's back over here because i'm afraid if we do it out there it's going to be right in front of the life guards and they're going to kick us out tyler's so excited he wan't to pull the trick on daddy and get him

back for that lego one but anyways i was going to tell you guys about this pond back here it's really really close to the swimming pool and the pond sometimes has alligators in it so i don't know if there's any in it right now but they have wild life signs around it saying be careful and caution because

of the alligators i don't see anything today but i would not walk down that hill so the place that we're trying to get right now we're in limbo we're trying to tye in a place to move into we don't have anywhere to live in california yet we're homeless we're moving there all our stuff is going there

and we don't have an address so the house we're trying to get right now supposedly will have a pool a big pool bigger than this one and then if that happens it will be so cool it won't be bigger than this no little pool

it would be cool if it was but it would be so nice to have a pool in our back yard get to do all the fun tricks and play and not have life guards yell at us yea i can pretend to be a life guard and yell at people if you guys like get you know it will be good want to reminisce about florida

keep your fingers cross we get that place we really want to be able to g swimming and not get yelled at one like equals one prayer which will help us get that place so make sure to hit that like button we need your help it will be like you guys will be like swimming with us because you guys will be watching us

and it will be like we're all together still it will be awesome this is so weird we're in the toddler dip in toddler pool it's got like a current it keeps on like swishing me back and forth oh yea i messed up it's kind shallow

to pull it you got to be deeper no i got it i can do it right here i've done it okay try it kayla want's to show us her moves okay you go girl we got the blood we put it in a syringe

uh oh it's already coming out it's already coming out tyler's already bleeding i got to be quick about this because get it on him this look real and we don't wan to get yelled at by life guards or have them run over and think he's hurt so i got to put it on him and he's got to hide around the corner here and give me one to run back to the

seats come on okay ow i don't see it because it's in my hair you putting it inmy hair it's not working i got to i know it's dripping okay add more put some in my hand it's dripping on your arm oh my gosh

oh oh it's dripping on my clothes okay let's see if i can do more i don't see it stop dripping it right there i'm shaking i'm like getting nervous i don't want to get yelled at oh god okay so that's what it looks like go to dad go to dad okay just stand there

because nobody else can tell kind to get some on my leg i got to hide that i can't look like have blood on me my hands are stained don't show him your hands okay sure felt good to go to the bathroom you tell everybody in the world that like i edit that part out that was a good one

what are you guys doing you got done with the swimming pool or what yea just chilling we're talking about what the heck what the heck oh my god wait a sec let me look dude that's a lot blood dude come on sit down tyler sit down let me look at it where you hit it

tyler right there are you okay how do you feel do you see anything feel dizzy oh my god he's knocking out oh dude oh god we got to pranked it's a pranl

just a prank that's messed up man look at him got blood all over my hand everybody is going to start running over here oh my god i'm all scared i'm scared that every body will notice oh god you think about that you can't prank your dad

with that kind of stuff man got blood all over my hands we i just killed a man well at least i didn't have to break down a door to save him this time blood like oh man dude don't scare me like that boy yea we got to clean that mess up before someone sees it

looks like a lot of while i was walking over here kids were like kids were freaking out let's walk over to the bathroom over here bathrooms over there and like put your hand let's see what people think oh my gosh guys was that convincing or what i think shawn was pretty freaked out if it was me that they did that too i would have been screaming my head off

and freaking out and all the life guards would have probably ran over because they wuold have heard this big disaster but i think guys are more mellow when it comes to that stuff kind of more like calm they don't scream like a girl so there's the men's bathroom

so just go in there and clean up before someone freaks out see you ha ha ha that was a good one quick and swift and painful so we got you good

yea got him got him it's not hard to get me like when you use the kids i'm so overprotective of my children because i love them so much man just when you do that i'm gullible i would not like question it at all

if my kids were hurt like i would be like what's wrong let's do this we got to like what are you going to do like that's not real seriously like if your kid walked up to you with a bloody head you would be like come on go away that's not real you have to check it out

alright pass out i dear you prove that it's bloody or real how were you feeling when i said i felt dizzy i was getting ready to like pick you up and like haul you out to the car like i was going to like now if it was the other way around i would have start screaming for life guards and then they probably would have gotten embarrassed

and went no no no these lifeguards are like 15 years old what are they going to do i don't know i probably have like more emt training than they do probably kick us out your banned you can't be setting bad examples

yea well you did good tye good job nice bloody like that i was so glad when mommy told me that it was tyler doing it and not me because i already did my fair share of making daddy scared well daddy like had to get pay back by tyler wait so everybody has been pranked except for kayla

i shouldn't be pranked because i'm the best that means you're just going to get pranked twice as hard then right because she's the best pranker last day of school that was both of us yea that was a kid prank that wasn't a kayla prank that that that was like a

both of them so it didn't count we got to do kayla don't touch my puppies they're gonna touch my puppies blood all over on them throw blood all over the dogs oh my gosh harley got hurt ooh bloody darn it

put some blood on the knife they won't play along shaking the blood off of her running around wagging their tails like wagging their tail alright guys we had a very fun filled day as you can tell yes

very fun i think we're hungry we want to go get some food yummy food i'm always down for food get me a nice cheese burger with some bacon on it i might forgive you bacon burger no bun for me burger no bun yes

no bun we hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe share this with your friends and family comment down below they should not prank me and until next time bye bye

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