baby born mit badewanne

baby born mit badewanne

[kayla screaming] [all laughing] is it spider? can i take my blindfold off? [music] hey everybody! it's we are the davises woooow! yes! i'm excited too tyler

good job man and today, the kids are going to take on what's in our tub challenge so to do that challenge they are going to be blindfolded and we're gonna sprinkle items on them and they have too they can either smelling it, feel it or taste it and decide what is it

that we do sprinkled on them wait! wait!! is it one item or more it's multiple ok yeah what really gonna take record all at once we're gonna take turns and in between the different items

you get like 5 or 10 seconds to guess what it is are you gonna like take them and show them up? yes whatever you wanna do you can feel it, touch it and then whoever guesses the most right is the winner so if i get it and someone says it's out of...

okay so you're gonna say it's either or not? no something tells me you'll know what if i pay you 5 bucks talk to me after the show all right let's get them blindfolded i don't like being blindfolded [kayla screams] it's gonna be fun

well, i'm gonna lick your finger ew! i put a little bit of cotton underneath just to make sure there's no little gaps so they are for sure they're gonna have to guess no cheating here today who be the first do not fidget

we're gonna find out [kayla and tyler screaming] there you go are you kidding me? what is it? wait cricket cricket? it's cricket

[shawn laughing] tyler, tell us what you think it is it's cotton it's like the stuff that is in my eyes kayla, what do you think it is here? i think it's cricket you think it's cricket here put your hands on it is it biting me

it's lizard it's frog [kayla and tyler laughing] okay she guessed like four different things kayla, put it in your hand i swear... no! i swear to god, it's not a bug it's not a bug

it's not something alive it's not something that used to be alive nooo! c'mon kayla ok, open your eyes it's can candy how could you think this was a cricket or something it's a cricket it's a cricket!! i though it was the cardboard

so i got it right? you got it right tyler won round one, tyler won ok so it smells weird guess what it is physically a crazy or something like allright yeah okay so work in oh wait okay talcum powder?

you want some on your hands tyler? here now smell it is it powder smell it if you need to taste it i wanna taste it now i know what it is it's salt

alright kayla what is it? salt you think it's salt too? it feels like salt is that your guess final answer? it was sugar i got salt it's awesome

it's one of your favorite things in the world it does taste like sugar how i wish i got that instead of salt so what do you think kayla? it's dried i don't know if the stuff is ever alive or dead you don't know? yeah yeah okay ready? can i have some in my hand?

what is it kayla? i know it's chocolate chocolate chips like those little tiny like that you put cookies those tiny ones like the sprinkles so what are they kayla? hang on

do you want more on your hand no! no!! no!!! is it rice? it's rice she nailed it hi5 tyler she's not happy with my... crop poor ability i'm switching

i think... how many more daddy decide more? [shawn and connie laughing] kayla is moving she's moving over to the safety of mummy now it's now on tyler, i hope you're ready make it rain i like your enthusiasm you feel it?

it's wet and slimy what is this? is it pee? it's chocolate sauce kayla got hers good job kayla what is it tyler? put some in my mouth

you want some in your mouth? that's syrup right, good job there are two winners it's chocolate pudding it's jelly i already know what it is stop pouring it chocolate pudding

i thought you needed more hands they both got that one it's gonna be awesome is it life or dead it's totally dead is it used to be alive? they're never used to be alive ever yes i swear

are you putting it on your hands or head? it's irritating my eye it looks like bread is it closed? i love this bread what kind of bread is it? i don't know oh, it's wheat bread it's cake

it's ice cream cake it's birthday cake it was bread can you take my blindfold off so that i can eat this is it good? that's sourdough bread mmm i know that's totally why i don't like it now you wanna eat?

no it's okay. it's all your buddy how's that kay you eat the whole thing? put it in my hands not my head there's supposed to be nothing in your mouth not your hands its chocolate milk i drank some

what's like this? ohh, what could it be? i guess chocolate milk because i drank some why? it's some sort of juice let me put little in your hands and youtaste it i can taste it can i drink the chocolate dad, where is the chocolate milk

i don't like it you don't like it? ok well, do you have any guess? i guess water you don't like water? or is it milk? no it's not ok, can i open it it's strawberry milk

kayla says yuck to strawberry milk tyler got chocolate milk right? can i have a bottle? no, tyler just drank it it's ice cream what kind? what! i have to guess what kind? of course

i forget what this is i use to love this you have cotton in there you're eating cotton chocolate you got it do you want anymore? nope she's good

open, open me good job ok, you wanna open i forget what this is called but i know what it is what is it? it is not strawberry kayla, i knew it was rainbow... bath cream my shaving cream are you sure?

mins is shaving cream positive did you smell it? no, this doesn't smell no smell? no fooling these kids a little more smack don't smack it are you sure of that?

i'm positive i don't have anything wow! i have worms with me it's spaghetti tyler has worms [connie laughing] that's why i switched it jingled so i thought it was moving

tyler got it right and kayla got it wrong so tyler is the winner [celebrating tyler] [tyler screaming] get them off all these little worms [tyler and kayla screaming] i thought this was a worm i wanna take a shower

can i keep on as a pet? look at it guys kay;a wants to keep the worms so, would you rather have the worms or spaghetti? worms these look cute look at the mess down here look at them, they're spreading all over the place ok guys, we hope you enjoyed this video

we hope you guys enjoyed it let me nice enjoy myfantasy like, subscribe share with your friends and family and some worms and until next time bye

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