badewanne acryl beschichten

badewanne acryl beschichten

stop! you have also already cut out a jointwith silicone? yes, then you probably know exactly how stressful and time consuming it was? if you still work with a sharp knife in sensitiveareas, then can be quickly scratched the top layerof the object to be processed. especially on glazed tiles, acrylic tubs orwooden windows, the risk of damage to the surface is verylikely. twin tool powercut pro is specifically designed for this purpose. three cutting heads of this knife are madeof steel and three others from a high-tech material. the shapes of the trimmers and the special high tech plastic.

are doing to prevent scratching of the surface. all elastic joints are removed gently andexplicit. together, the knife set includes 6 attachmentsfor matching purposes. with the adapter b-2 can cut all the sealsfrom both sides simultaneously. drive into the joint with the pointed edge and then intermittently with some pressure, you cut out the old sealant. with the adapters b-1 and b-3, you can cut out all the joints on one side. in some cases it makes sense to cut firstone and then the other side of the fugue. physically speaking, the resistance is reduced

by several times when cutting on one sideonly and thus requires less effort. the professional set allows eachan exact removal of all joints, even in hard to reach and tightspots. any remaining residue can be easily reworked with the essays b-1 and b-3. in shock-and scratch-resistant properties,it is recommended to use our metal blades. the adapter b-4 and b-5 operate identically to the articles b-2 and b-1. depending on your needs, you cut the material of two or only one side. when cutting, the silicone or acrylic almostjumps out of the joint. and here is a blade that is irreplaceablewhen renovating. the attachment

with the blade b-6/b-7 is specifically designedfor hard, outdated cement and mortar joints. with its chunky, complex carbide coating, old and unsightly tiled spaces can be rasped out easily. all attachments are tested and certified. you can always buy more essays, both individually and in a set. the perfect function, the foolproof replacement of the essays and the simple handling are making this tool indispensable.

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