badewanne baden bilder

badewanne baden bilder

hi i am philipp, i am johannes, we are twins and we are with our best friend eric we are the real life guys we have never really introduced ourself. we presented last year since we made and then for this year made all our craziest ideas finally implement. this is now our year 2017 at an old gravel pit we had found a more than 200 kilo heavy old steel rope we first stretched across a small quarry then across another lake after we have transformed our baths into a soap box that is also an amphibious vehicle, and with our self- buildet raft on the rhine which was stopped by the police and we decided to go to croatia with our best friend and our tandem from darmstadt to drive

we just made our way 1700 km without accurate route easy with the tent and sleeping bag, we have seven countries, traversing the most beautiful sunsets and the worst thunderstorms under the starry sky, we used to camp wildly in quarries under bridges or on the beach, and we always cooked at the campfire in the evening we got lost are stuck our luggage carrier we had four plates and eight cracked spoke we have old casings and bunkers discovered have passed through mining areas and have met an incredible number of helpful people and and all in only 14 days and for two fifty euros a day than we did then we returned to croatia first, we rebuilt our bike so that we could behind our self-built motor winds that could drive the water we've always wanted to hear the sound of a f5 jet in real life, and so we built one, screwed it on to our bathtub, so it's over the field

dangers and grilled sausages until we were caught by the police, but we could quickly inspire it how many of you have always wanted to go far away, but have so far neither the money nor the time, therefore, we have quite simply, on the internet flights searched the cheapest flight from berlin to new york for 120 euro booked and five weeks later from miami back again we knew neither where we could sleep nor how we should cover the whole distance and had no money for driving or although we were advised against any of these, we are the whole ones 2500 kilometer so the whole east coast of america up to key west in over 30 cars, we are with homeless with the driven in the auto have lived in the back of the truck bed of pickups in the middle of the highway but also with owners of golf courses who have always advised us against our crazy idea

because the trempen is illegal in most states, we were arrested eight times by the police a total of 15 police cars but we did not let ourselves be stopped were neither shot nor killed by the hurricane because we moved to miami when we were there, we found a nice place to sleep next to five days, mostly via couchsurfing for this we have built a shed, renovated a house, worked on a production line in a factory and fished our first fish we have trusted strangers and learned that there are still around the world so many good people we would never have met unless we believed in the good in everyone from miami to the cheapest flight then to oslo and because we always wanted to see the polar lights and now we were the sweden we spontaneously decided to drive with two friends and the little fabia further and further into the north or to the beach accustomed to miami we jumped into ice-cold lakes we slept outside at minus ten degrees, cooked on fire cooked a hole in the ice

bathing in it had to get a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere to be towed the most beautiful landscapes have seen wild animals and at the end finally seen the polar lights after two weeks we drove back and started to make crazy things again we have rebuilt our bike to a snowboard bike and remember that we always wanted to fly so we started to build the smallest manned hot air balloons in the world from aluminum foil after three try our go pro from 70 meters height crashed on the ice, but still has survived and we have worked on the balloon for weeks, it finally worked out even if we are not very high flown we drove all the way to hamburg in kliemandsland where we tested our aluminum hot air balloon one last time

a doll hung from it and proved that we could fly almost 100 meters high after that, we built our hot tub out of our bath tub and did other crazy things for them were perfectionist to make a video out of it we tried with our snowboard bike from the ice over the water to drive our self-made clutch did not work and so we never have it more than two meters over the water we made it back to spring and we were back in switzerland and france stopped and thought about buying an old bus with friends at our friends unfortunately something has come in between we have bought the bus anyway him a bit rebuilt and have asked you if he wanted to come along we sent hundreds of requests, we tried to find the right people and left two weeks later without any of you ever before

also we went to ninth without a real goal in the south we have everything looked at what we found interesting and have decided in pisa that it is too boring for us to do the typical tourists pictures. we have pushed our car to its limits, as always wildly cursed and cooked for all, at the campfire just before rome, our car was broken up and almost everything was stolen were invited by an italian who once again showed us that there are good people all over the world and have tried to see the whole thing positively because we just never managed to drive with our longboard behind the car, we decided to build the off-road longboard and learned hundreds of times how important it is not to give up if something does not work the first time and actually made it in the end

to drive everywhere because it worked so well, we developed a rocket propulsion system for our off-road longboard ball-bearing wheels screwed into our bobbycar that hanged on our self-built winch built a ramp and are thus spoken in the lake we realized that most of the time it's the small things that make you really happy and sharing the joy with friends is up twice as big we jumped from cliffs have found the most beautiful mud baths and almost killed by the lightning we discovered some old catacombs underneath the city and made a video about it shortly afterwards after the city complained about it, we finally started one of our biggest ones to realize childhood dreams and started to build a real submarine out of two bathtubs

we have it month long work and many tests finally managed to dive three meters deep then it has become leaky and we had to build the complete entrance again and because we did not want to dive into the dredging lakes, we spontaneously considered taking the submarine to estonia in a flooded prison we have invited you again to come and this time have received more requests as last time we met super nice people and drove in three days to the lake here, the snorkel was torn to a depth of seven meters and we realized once again how dangerous the whole action is nevertheless, we did not give up everything with tape repaired and at the end of one and a half hours were immersed in the prison all our work had not been in vain and we could hardly believe that everything worked out a few months later we discovered how scary the whole thing was when our submarine was unmanned and imploded at twelve meters deep

in the summer we remembered our first ropeway and then see a hidden 200 meter long steel rope stretched we were invited by oneill to berlin for the wakeboard world championship to build a wakeboard it actually worked and we finally learned how to wakeboard ourselves and because it was so much fun for us, we are with our friends on an old surfboard of bulky waste behind a motorboat across the rhine our canal has grown and so we finally have the opportunity we have planned to build a drone with which we can fly ourselves and have parts for it made for this purpose in china then, we made a road trip to poland and saw it on the way in germany landscapes of which we did not even know that these are here

we have explored old houses, in the east and admired the incredibly beautiful starry sky far away from any civilization we realized again how important it is to have good friends who show a new motivation to go out and seek new adventures. exactly one year after riding our first youtube video by bike to the north sea, this time we drove along the inner german border to the baltic sea we covered 600 kilometers in five days, we wanted to do a video about it, then our drone failed after 100 kilometers and we decided to enjoy this tour without technology back home, we used the waiting time on the rotors from china to build a glider with which we wanted to fly ourselves. after weeks of work we have built a real plane. we tested it despite a side wind tested are flown half a meter high and then have us on a field turn over we have everything repaired at the next test with the front wheel at 50 km/h.

we got stuck in the field again but did not give up and are determined to finish the whole project then we finally wanted to test the propellers for our drone stopped one at our bike and got caught by the police you had the idea that we should build a hovercraft. we have implemented the idea within a week have built a hovercraft. with which we can hover over the road and over our lake then we screwed snowboards with our yes-series to our bathtub and finally got the propellers for our drone first we hung potato sacks on it and because it worked out so well, erik decided on it and it actually flew because the focus was not quite right, we then built the whole thing out of a bathtub and went really well in a sports hall. next, we will test our bathtub drone outside when it is warmer. again, thank you for now already over 280,000 subscribers i'm sure that the next year will be even better than this we have in any case really pleased that

so many of you have been inspired to go out and do it for me because that's actually our goal with the channel exactly you always ask us: who actually belongs to the real life guys and that is not just us and our friends but everyone his life does not want to live virtually but but goes out and does it in real life

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