badewanne barrierefrei preis

badewanne barrierefrei preis

narrow, often dark, stereotypical. that is how the wet areas looked like in the past decades. the best that can be said about those bathroom is to be functional. feel-good atmosphere, freedom of movement, comfort, pleasure for all senses - this is what a good bathroom must be able to offer today. for many the shower is one of the most important element in the bathroom. clearly it has an important function. such as a fresh-washed feeling in the morning or relaxation in the evening

having a shower means: feel comfortable but not only this the shower is also a central aspect of design in the room. it should make maximum use of the existing space and blend harmoniously into the overall scene. how should the new shower of your customer look like? will your customers be ready to lift they feet to enter the shower? will they hurt they toes and be covered with bruises for days?

wouldn't it be great to have a shower on the same floor level than the bathroom? wouldn't it be great to enter the shower without any barrier? aco showerdrain e-line offers new possibilities to a modern and attractive design of your bathroom so that your customers can enjoy they shower for a long time a careful planning, high-class products and expert installation is necessary.

with the products from aco and ardex there are reliable materials be available for you. namely with a view to design aspects, but also in processing. the necessary movements as well as tips and tricks for this can be found in this video. barrier-free showers in new buildings on the rising wall

according to length and height of the flanges the plaster has to be removed a little bit the purpose of this is to prevent an offset on the wall because of the material thickness of the flange, sealant adhesive and sealing tape. before installation of aco showerdrain the installation site should be cleaned. the surface needs to be tested for stability and strength. after that the edge insulation strips were fixed sourrounding. sound protection is very important for bathrooms in

apartment buildings and town houses. the reduction of noise to neighbouring apartments and adjoining rooms is an aspect of a comfortable bathroom. to prevent noise transmission and to ensure high standards of sound protection aco is provided very well. every aco showerdrain shower drain will be delivered with corresponding material for decoupling. these includes all necessary insulating strips

and decoupling platelet for a competent sound protection. this materials can be installed without any special tools. the supplied insulating strips have to be fixed on the back of the upstand and on the waste trap. the insulation strips are self-adhesive, so the application is fast and safe. the prepared shower drain will be positioned again and recessed into the wall.

after establishing the aco showerdrain the boreholes will be sketch out. the fixation of the shower drain at the ground with the feet serve as a mounting aid and to secure it against later movement or slipping. for a sufficient acoustic decoupling the supplied acoustic decoupling rubbers have to placed above the boreholes. now place the aco showerdrain on the acoustic decoupling rubbers.

with using screws the shower drain will be installed to the floor. by wing screws on the mounting feets the shower drain will be moved up to the desired high. if necessary the shower drain can be tilt slightly horizontally to adjust it to the local conditions. aco showerdrain is aligned and positioned in height so that the gradient with a maximum of 2 percent in the floor screed can be arranged to the shower drain.

after a successful alignment tighten the wing screws by hand. therefore it is important that the screws are not tightned too much. if the floor has motion tolerances, the shower drain can compensate these in vertical alignment. after positioning and fixing the shower drain, ardex ca 20 p will be applied along the flange to avoid sound bridges . after that the pipeline is connected. to ensure the drainage of water and the aeration of the pipeline, it is important

that the pipeline will led away from the shower drain with a slightly gradient. for sound insulation and to avoid condensation the drainpipes have to be coated, too. the tightness test is made by visual inspection. if the pipeline is mounted correctly, the installation protection will be placed back into the shower drain and it can be continued with the laying of the thermal and impact sound insulation. construction foil will be applied on the insulation as a separating bearing,

on this foil the floor screed is placed. ardex a 38 mix is suitable for this step. this efficient rapid floor screed is ready to use for further installation work after 4 hours. because of the short waiting time the completion of little or medium sized bathrooms is possible in just one day. during the installation of the rapid floor screed it is important to fully support the shower drain from underneath. after the drying time of the floor screen the edge insulation strips can be cutted flush.

now the sealing of all building components, the wall and floor with ardex 7 and 8 an the tricom sealing membrane ardex sk100 w. printed signs on the sealing membrane are helping a quick orientation and make a fitting possible without any tools. the use of ardex sk 100 w tricom sealing membrane guarantes an even thickness layer over the entire surface this means a maximum safety. after the sealing membrane is fitted and prepared the sealing adhesive ardex 7 and 8 can be mixed. therefore ardex 7 and 8 are mixed until they have a

smooth consistency. afterwards the sealing adhesive ardex 7 and 8 can be applied to the surface. during the processing it is necessary to wear gloves. to avoid capillaries at the edge it is recommended to use ardex ca 20 p. the adhesive develope its stickyness right away and protects the sensetive connecting area between the shower channel and the sealing membrane. the fitted sealing membrane are embed into the adhesive with the help of

a rubber blade from the centre to the outside. after the application of the sealing membrane an additional sealing of the edges with the tricom sealing-kit is necessary. the connecting joint or the adjoining components can be sealed with the sealing tape ardex sk 12 as well as with the prepared inside or outside corner. after three hours it can be started with the tiling work. for the assembling of big tiles at the wall we recommend ardex 77 microtec flexible adhesive.

the microtec flexible adhesives by ardex are developed only for this specific application field. they offer a special degree of safety during the application of modern bathroom tiles. they are easy to work with and develop a very good adhesive bond between the tiles and the subsurface. the tiles are pressed into the adhesive and then adjusted. the wall flange of the aco showerdrain shower channel have a 20 millimeter high platform.

this makes an easy processing of the sealing and the tile on top of the wall flange possible. for the application of the floor tiles we recommend ardex x 78 microtex flexible adhesive floor. its benefits are oriented towards a secure application of tiles on the bathroom floor it makes it easy for the tile setter to apply the tiles on the floor without almost any hollow space. this makes it very secure. the tileframe at the aco showerdrain is fixed and does not have

to be assembled with the channel. it makes an easy processing of the tile to the shower channel possible. the tile frame has a height of 15 millimeters and offers enough height for the most common tiles. during the application of natural stone tiles this tile frame can be heighten by the factory up to 30 millimeters. after all floor and wall tiles are applied the joints can be grouted. the selection of the joint mortar depends on the tile. absorbent tiles are well grouted with the

ardex fg flex. ardex fg flex comes with a long processing time. the joint makes a high quality and fine surface possible, which is dirt- and water-repellent. in the corners and connecting areas the shower channel needs to have flexible joints. ardex sn neutral silicone offers a maximum safety with a big color selection. the silicone joint fits perfectly to the overall appearance.

after finishing all the work the installation protection can be removed from the channel and the grate can be placed. with the different designs of the aco showerdrain shower channel and a wide range of grate designs almost every idea of the perfect shower can be realised. subsequent changes of the grating or the installation of lighting is possible without any problems. the aco lightline led modules have a battery and start glowing when they get in contact with water.

they come in five different colors. together with the products of ardex the installation is succeed perfectly. executed by an expert tightness and durability can be secured. so your customers will enjoy their aco showerdrain for a long time.

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