badewanne beschichten frankfurt

badewanne beschichten frankfurt

the keshe foundation, an independent, non-profit,non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer mehran tavakoli keshe is introducing to humanity the science of the universe, plasma science keshe foundation develops

universal knowledgeand space technologies that provide solutionsto major global problems, revolutionizing. agriculture, health, energy,transportation, materials, and more. the applicationof plasma science in the form of specially developed plasma reactorsand other devices, will give humanity the real freedomto travel in deep space. plasma science existsthroughout the whole universe. it is here and it belongs to you.

our knowledge, research and developmentregarding the plasma structure has progressed to the point of enablingeveryone to participate in the process. become a creator and understandthe work of the universe for the good of humankind on this planet,as well as in space! the use of magravs, nanomaterials,gans, liquid plasma, field plasma and other plasma technologies have come as a new dawnfor humanity to progress and work in harmony with the universe. conventional technologyapplications are wasteful,

damaging and cause pollutionto the planet and all living beings. plasma science provides solutionsand improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspectsthat touch the lives of all beings. plasma is defined by the foundationas an entire content of fields which accumulateand create matter and it is not definedby its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. also, with plasma science, we understand how we can convertmatter back to the fields.

quoting from mr keshe, “magrav stands for magnetic-gravitational,which means plasma absorbs or gives. and every plasma has the both,it has give and it has take… and when they can't find the balancethey distance themselves until they find the balancethey can give to the others that they can receive whatthey want to receive and give further.” certain atoms and molecules release andabsorb magnetic or gravitational fields. released fields are availableto be absorbed by other objects. the keshe foundation has developed a wayto gather these free flowing fields

from the environment withina resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matterwhich m.t. keshe named gans. the first stepof the process of the formation of various basic types of gans,is nano-coating metals. this is carried outeither chemically by etching (steam coating with sodium hydroxide) or thermally by heating(fire coating by gas burner). during either coating process, gaps between the outermostlayers of atoms are created.

the residual coating is oftenreferred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layersof nano material, which build up duringthe creation process of the coating. nano-coated metal in interactionwith other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,creates magrav fields. these fields then attract availableelements to form a specific gans, which collects and settlesat the bottom of the container. this gans is formed from independentenergized molecules (like little suns) that can be usedin various applications.

the keshe foundationis extending an invitation to medical doctors ofany practice and specialty, to apply to the foundation's privateweekly medical teaching workshop, this includes medical doctors,dentists, and veterinarians. scientists at the keshe foundation developed different typesof plasma therapies, and cures, that utilize advancednon-invasive plasma technology. the weekly privatemedical teaching workshop educates doctors to theplasma science behind the therapies,

along with the functionality and operationof revolutionary plasma medical devices. the goal of the private teachingsis to add plasma health knowledge to the profound knowledgeof medical doctors. the weekly class is broadcast liveover the internet through a secure private channel, every wednesday from 2 to 5 pmcentral european time. presently the classis only offered in english, however you are free to bringa translator to the class. if you can't participatein the live broadcast

you can watch them laterat your convenience through a private internet portal. every patient's casethat is discussed in the workshop will be kept anonymous and private. this includes cataloguedfindings and data, gained from the analysisof the patient's health issues. any medical doctor in the worldwho wants to participate can do so, by sending an email to :

in your email, please state yourwillingness to participate in the medical teaching workshop. if you're planning on bringinga translator to the workshop, please state this in your email as well. after we receive your email, we will contact you with the instructionson how to apply to the workshop. as a part of the application process, applicants who apply,

including any translatorsbrought into the workshop, will be required to sign the :keshe foundation's world peace treaty, which can be foundat the following web address: all applicants will be required toprovide proof of their education, and ability to practice medicine, and will also be required to passan extensive security background check, before they are granted accessto the teaching workshop. healthful plasma technology is here now.

the use of which is increasingexponentially on a day to day basis, on every continent. we encourage you to come and learnabout this revolutionary technology. apply today! the keshe foundation is extending an invitation to experienced farmers, agricultural specialists, and researchers, to apply to the foundation's privateweekly agriculture teaching workshops.

if you fall into 1 of these categories, and are interested in plasma technologyintegration into agriculture, you're invited to apply. scientists and agricultural practitionersat the keshe foundation, continually develop and applynew methods of food and fiber production, soil fertility management, plant and livestock health management, and increased farm productivity,using the most advanced plasma technology that is taught at the keshefoundation spaceship institute.

in the teaching workshop, you'll learn the scienceof plasma technology and it's applications inthe fields of agriculture, for enhanced andequitable global food production, while minimizing costsand external input. practicing farmers andkeshe foundation scientists will demonstrate their applicationof plasma technology in agriculture, and the ensuing resultsof such applications, thus deepening and enriching learning

for all participants inthe private teachings. participants are encouraged to demonstrate their farming practicesin the teaching workshop. the private teachings are broadcastin english live over the internet through a secure private channel every wednesday at 10 am to 1 pmcentral european time (cet). if necessary, you may bringa translator to the workshop. all applications are requiredto provide proof of their education and professional qualifications.

must pass a security background check. and are required to sign thekeshe foundation's world peace treaty, which can be foundat the following web address ( translators that attendmust also pass a security check and sign the world peace treaty. for details on how to jointhe private teachings in agriculture, send an email to: stating that you would like to participate.

include in the email your educationaland agricultural experience, and reasons for your interest in plasma technology. applicants will be contactedwith further instructions and details on the application process. welcome everyone to the 182ndknowledge seekers workshop for thursday july 27th,2017. and this is a production ofthe keshe foundation space ship institute, and today we'll havemr keshe with us intermittently, he's quite busy in the backgrounddoing a number of functions,

and he'll up, update us as we go on.oh hello mr keshe are you there? hello?(mk) yes, good morning good day to you as usual can you, can you hear me?(rc) yes thank you. (mk) yes, yes, good morning as usual,i'll say, "good day to you when everand where ever you listen to these" knowledge seekers teaching. today we have a special program, whichwill be in two parts, we start as usual, now. and then, in about 30 minutes,45 minutes, i have to leave. and then, we come back again,around about 12 o'clock,

keshe foundation is presentinginternational press conference ..., in presence of large numberof television and radio stations in ghana. this is in response,in what we are doing, and where the keshe foundationis developing its next step of science and technologydevelopment in ghana. this is in response to the expansion,which the foundation has taken to invest and expand intoresearch & development. the reason for this press conference is,that we show what we are planning to do here. and our speeches have, been written by...what we call governmental officers.

they have ... indicated to usthe interest of the government, which we respect, and at the same time... (mk) just there, just one second please!ask for them? and this is what we're going to do, we have been given guidelinesby the government officials, that in what we have to followin the presentation we do. and, that safeguards and encouragesinvestment and development in ghana. at the same time, ... we will lay outthe new developments we have taken, and we are going to do.

this will be with the support ofthe keshe foundation global structure, which we develop more ...scientific structure into the work of the four centers,which we are building up in ghana, in china,in italy, and in arizona. we have gone to the next stepof development, and in time to come, you hear part of it, after 12 o'clock,when you join us in the press conference. (mk) and part of it, in the step-by-stepmonday, tuesday, and wednesday, thursday of next week,it'll be unveiled, as we go forward. you will hear some thingsin the background, that in the,

in understanding of the technology,and the work of the foundation. going back to the teaching, we are very, concentrating very much,on the development of the, what we call, the space technology,the true non-matter condition, now that we have come to understand the powerof the plasma, and the field plasma. field plasma, if and once we startunderstanding in more depth, means everything to us. it'll be, become the essence of our energy,the essence of our existence, the way we absorb energyfrom the environment in space.

how we extend this, how we develop this, how we come to understand the capabilitiesof our own soul, is very important. it's important in two or three ways,because in the space, the way we are teaching, is one thing very clear, 'we do not needto depend on matter-state anymore.' the knowledge has been passed on...i'm teaching! the knowledge has been passed on, enoughthat we can go into the next steps of development of the technology. which means, we've becomeindependent of matter-state. which means we have become independentof hoping that somewhere down the line,

we will be receiving some matter-stateenergy pack, we call it food, that allows us to survive, now we have learnedthe secrets of the creation. how we interact,how we absorb these energies, and what we need from the energies,become part of the understanding of totality of the knowledge,which have been brought forward in past few months and years. what does this mean? this mean, ifyou wish to have the status of joy, you can create that status,because you know the strength. if you want to create a statusfor production of cells,

that it needs to repair an accidentto a arm or a leg, you still can do. if you come to the pointthat you reach a condition, that you want to develop certain materials,that satisfies the need of the point of manifestation of physicality,you still can do. the only thing is now, we have toteach is the filtering system. we have shown you how to gather,how to bring energies, you have learned how tocreate, or how to absorb. in yesterday's teaching,i hear people speak about how they can get energyby different rates of breathing,

which i explained you can do itfrom the energy source of the creator itself. and then, once you do this,how do you convert energies? how do you convert itto the cell of a body? how do you convert itto a material for a chair? how would you convertthe condition of understanding, to a table, to something tocreate communication line. these all become a reality. which means, we learn how toconvert fields, very much, now that we have received it,now we convert it into what we imagine.

go back,you know this technology very well, you desired to have an arm, you create itthrough the understanding of the need of it, and the brain, through itsstructure accepts, and delivers. you expect the structure the moment you get on a computerand you draw a 3 dimensional, then youcan go, then you go on ... let's say, 3d printers to develop what it is,and then you have the material in your hand. when the man matures tounderstand the conversion, he'll find out that he can dothis with his own thoughts,

with the strengthof his own thoughts. with understandingof his own thoughts. you do not need to sculpture, the sculpture comes fromthe state of the mind of the man, which means we becomevery powerful in our desires. what we desire,what we wish to have, we can achieve. what we want to achieve,and what we need, at the point of demand, is become their limitation of the soul of the manand the conversion of the material. so, when you see something in space,and you want to replicate it,

as long as you understand it,it should be no problem. in time, we learn how to divert fields,how to absorb fields, how to give fields. the essence comes, that we have to learnfrom the structure of our own physicality, it's the same brain, and thenin different resistance, or interactions of the fields,we change it to different emotions, to different part of thephysicality of the man. if you think of it, many times,many of us must have wondered, 'how come the body has all of these organs,all arranged, the liver, the kidney, and everything else?

'what was the desire to have these?what was the initiator? or did somebody come and plana 3d man, and then, the, the structure was put in a,what i call, like a cd recorder? in fact, you'll learn, in time,as we develop the knowledge of the transfer of the fields,in different strength, that the systems lead to the creation and the generationof the other systems, to balance themselves. what this means?is once you desire to digest a food, which you need, or you thinkyou like to be able to ... digest?

then the system of the bodygoes into operation, to see how this food can be digested? what enzymes it needs, how does it needto change its production in stomach, that can satisfy the soul of the man? so, the body goes into operation,the stomach goes into operation of production of an acid,for absorption of this, this material. and then, if we do it enough,that brain continuously sees to satisfy the desire of the soul,finds an enzyme for that purpose,to digest that food.

and then, once you digest it,the system builds itself, that it can absorb it. then, at the same time,the liver goes into the process of storage facilities, for this special thing,otherwise it rejects it. because, if you need it,you have to hold it. if it's the desire has been to please me,has to be there. then it comes to the blood system,and filtration, and everything else, then the wholesystem adjusts itself. this is how we evolved, the evolution ofthe body of the man comes that way. so, in a short time in the space,we learn a lot about these things,

that our desire to have,to contain, to be able to enjoy,the desire of satisfaction, will lead the whole world field structures,to structure themselves, in a way thatallows the satisfaction. this is how our systemsin our bodies work. this is how our systemshave been evolved. in time, as we evolve,we learn more and more, as we understand theprocess of the radiation, the field transfer,the strength transfer.

then, we seen the transferin its position. therefore, what we understand,is how our desire, the need of the soul,in condition of physicality, comes to manifest itselfas totality of the presentation. it is important that we understandthese things, before we go into space. it's no use going to space,when we know how to receive, but we don't understand,in which way we can convert the material, to be able to sustain the existenceof the soul in this operation. and then, conversion of its physicality,what it means to create fields,

as a given strength, which creates conditionfor us to manifest ourselves in a dimension, which we appear, or we desire to appear. the soul of the man is a star. the soul of the manis a essence of the creation. the soul of the manis the operation of the totality. what we do with it, it's our desire. there is one thing, which alwaysstays in the back, that we have to remember, it's a beautiful word,it's a beautiful sentence, 'i made man in the image of myself.'

all desires come from the soul. then the physicality satisfiesthe desire of the soul, in the dimension of physicality. the point for all to understand is that,we always thought, "i wish", "i desire", "i want to have,and we work for it." now we understand that desire,the source of it, the essence of it, comes from the operationof the strength of the soul. this is going to be a lot of problemfor a lot of people, to understand this. this is going to be a lot of problem,in trying to test and trial.

how much field do i absorb, to sustainthe continuity of the work of the soul? and, how much do i give, from which strength,that it leads to creation of what i need? what is my hope? what is my desire?what do i want? we need to absorb enough,that we sustain the soul. at the same time, we convertwhat we need from what we absorb, to the desire of the soul, that what it be,my desire to manifest in planet zeus. so, when i reach planet zeus,i manifest myself to be shown. but, i don't want to be seen on the moon,and i don't want to be seen in the mars, because to me theyare no interests.

this is so important, and in manyof my teachings i keep on referring to the girl, which desired to play harp,how she changed her feature. now we understand more,now we come to understand more, now we come to the point to understand,that our desire is the giver, and the structure of our physicality. this has been the big problemfor many of us for a long time. if we understand,what dictates our feature, it's us who dictates our position,it's us who dictates the presenceand the manifestation.

then, we'll find out,many people will change. the balance of peacecomes when the soul is satisfied. the balance of peace comes whenthe interaction with the victims fields of the soul, the physicality and the emotionare in harmony. man always have been inthe race to survive, and in that race,he has forgotten many things. in that race man has forgottenexactly what he needs to do, to be at peace within himself. this is part of the workthat we have to learn,

to allow first of all,our own souls to be at peace. and then, in learning it,we teach the other souls, that it brings the manifestation of itin physicality. we got to understand, the structure of thesoul of the man, is the existence of the man. we got to understand, is the manwho decides through his soul, how he behavesin physicality. and then, the filtering isjust a change of operation. you got to realize something very strange,we don't hear, we don't see, but when we take, we consumethe body of another entity,

be it the lamb,be it the nut, be it a fruit, the soul of the manhears the soul of the entity. and, that createsa dimension of not-satisfaction, and then we seethe behavior with it. the closer the strengthof the entity in the field, to the soul of the man,the harsher the body will take. a slight deviation, creates a slightbehavior of the soul of physicality. man will learn very,very soon, in the space, that he needs very, very little,very little to survive.

man, he needs to understand,that in the future, when in space, these huge consumption offields of the energies we are used to as food, is not needed. because, we receive,we are in a environment that is balanced, and it has kept itselfin the balance of itself. and this brings a lot of peace,this brings a lot of calmness, this brings different behaviour. it's very much, is you are working very hard,you work till late in the evening, just the day before yougo on a holiday.

all is stressed up,"i have to finish everything at work, that when i go, everything is done."the stress will build up. and then, we just get on a plane,and we enter the holiday's resort. it's the same man, the mood changes,the need changes, the pleasures changes, the understanding changes. it's the same clothes,it's the same physicality, it's the condition of environment,which brings a different emotion. and, this is what we work, and this is whatwe look at, and this is what we understand. it's the dimension of physicality,in the position of the environment,

which dictates the reflection,and the motion of the emotion, how we feel,and how our souls behave. the day before, 10 hours before,so stressed up, in the office box, that it had to meet certain demandin that condition. and again, we go into another condition,again another box, we call it a hotel room, and we see the change,we change immediately, automatically. and this brings us peace. so, we have already seen this conditions,we already understand these conditions, it's just that we have had no timeto look at it, to understand it,

and finding out that it's us whodictates the position of our souls, in the physicality of the existence. then, if you do this,it's for us to practice, i want to be happy,i need to absorb fields, that it makes my physicality satisfiedin the condition of the existence. one of the biggest problems for man in space,will be greed, to have more. he will find outhe has a big problem with this, the greed of the mandoes not get satisfied. because, there are no fields to see,and to satisfy these kind of behaviour.

the greed to exist,to survive, will be with us. but, the greed to add more, does not come,because we do not understand. just one second, please! sorry about this, we are preparing everythingfor the press conference. this is one of the pointsthat we have to understand. so, in the space it cannot be,where we want more, and more. because, the soul understands,greed is not part of the structure. because then, you come to be consumerof the totality, and that does not happen, because the field is stronger than you,you stop receiving it,

because they haveto be in balance too. this is one of the beauties of this technology,of understanding of totality, of understandinghow we structure ourselves, according to our soul'ssatisfaction of the presence. what we see as the riches and poor,does not exist in universe. there are no jewels to dress up to,and there are no mansions to be in, and there are no cardboard boxes,to hide in from the cold. we desire, we receive,according to the condition. this environment is cold for me,i like to be at the point

that i enrichmy soul, is happy. two things happens,your body creates its own shield, or in strength, and it does not allowthe totality... yeah! … in this process, we understand moreand more of the same. this is part of the condition of the understanding of the progressof the single soul. so, once we go into that dimension,once we go into that strength, we'll find out that the totalityleads in the time of the control,

and finding out what that, what we need, allows us to gain what wehave, what we want to have. the environment is too cold,the environment isn't cold, or do we feel any temperature at all,in the depths of the space as a gans entity? you'll find out most of the time,we do not. the coldness, the warmthis a condition of physicality. till you do not acceptthe condition of physicality, you'll find outthese conditions don't exist. this is the progress in the total understandingof the work of the universe,

these are the fears, which manhas carried with himself, in the dimension ofphysical matter of this planet. space is free, the space is total,the space is accommodating, to the factorsof the satisfaction of totality. this is what we work with,this is how it works, this is how the understandingof the fields are. but, the problem is,how do we absorb these fields, and how do weradiate these fields? how do we accept?

we expect, at the present time, when wethink we need the fields, "i'm hungry." "the body has to get fields,that i don't feel hungry." it's not such a case,we have to learn what is needed, at the time it's needed,that my body absorbs. the, what we call, 'the tables ofluxuries', of food, will not exist. because, every second, every minute,we take what we need, according to the fieldsof what we need. sitting at the tables of lamb, and roast,and chicken, and fruits, will be the history of the mankind,that's something we carry with us.

and, the more we become educated inknowledge the science of universe, we come to regret. because, once you becomethe man of space, and your soul dictatesits condition of physicality, the soul is responsiblefor the feeling of the physicality, in the dimension ofthe manifestation. you'll find out, having food,the way we look for, the way we grow,is non-existent in space. you'll never feel hungry, you neverfeel cold, you never feel in danger.

because, unless it's a matter of accident,you do not receive what you do not need, what you do not like. and, this allows youto develop more and more senses, it allows you to develop more and moreconditions of acceptance of the fields, and with it, it satisfiesthe need of physicality. the structure is very simple. most of our fears arefrom a present time, conditioned to the condition of this planet,in space they do not exist. many times, when i lookat the excursions into space,

and i see astronauts and cosmonauts,they hang themselves to the chain, that they are inside, locked upto the earth condition. i say to myself, “why these people don't understand,let the chain go! you become part of the universe.” man learns very quickly,that the spacesuit he's carrying himself in, is the prison of his physicality. in space, if once the man learnshow to upgrade his soul, and it comes out of the fear, then,he will live within the spans of universe. this is the beauty of it!

many times, when i look at these astronauts,throwing a hammer, or a spanner, i say,”how, how stupid, they have not learnedthe freedom of the space?” if it was me, i'd let go,i'd cut the chain. because i know, in the deep space,at the point of survival, i'll survive. i know my soul will take the conditionof physicality of the environment. i have enough trustin the strength of my existence, to know that now that i'm away from thegravitational magnetic field of this planet, i'm free to dictatewhat i want to be.

the biggest problem is,how do i get out of this spacesuit, how do i get myself from the trap,i trapped myself into, to be chained tothe gravitational field of this planet? man has never hadthe time to understand. he always lived by the fear,of being something happening? and he never allowed himselfto test, and try himself. for himself to understand,how he changes things, how he is the dictator, how hedictates his own condition? our fear has made us more cages.

our fear of unknown, which is,we know fully, out of fear of not knowing, which we know from totality,has kept us the prisoner of this planet. "question to ask, 2why do we die,what's the condition of death?" "why do we reach to a point that we die,what brings that point?" "is death the end, or is the deathin the physical condition," maturity of the soul, to take its ownnew dimension, in the spans of the universe?” the latter is more correct! it's very much like a fruit,needs time to ripen, and when it ripens, it opens up,and in opening up, releases the soul of the man,

to a new dimension of its own,freedom without physicality. man has feared, fear of death, because of his lack of understandingof the totality of the creation. so many times i say, and i've said,“i'm ashamed to be in the body of the man.” it means, i want my soul to be released,that i can enjoy the freedom of the space. does not mean by killing yourself,it means, that i can be part of the totality, with respect to what has created me. when you commit suicide,you cut the line of respect, to the dimension. when you die, in a natural process,you have committed the separation,

it's like saying, “good bye!thank you for looking after me, thank you for nourishing me!” this is the difference. respect for existence,even respect for the mother of your soul, which is your physicalitynourishing you. in nourishing thesoul of the man. man needs to mature!man needs to understand more! man needs to have,to come out of this fear of death, to understand,it's a joy of freedom.

it's a joy, to be ableto interact at a higher order. as i said, in the other teachings, “it's like the electron,hidden within the center of the neutron.” this freedom brings more agile,more energetic, more powerful system,what we call an 'electron', where it stillkeeps in touch with its physicality. once man learns this,once with a man, human race understands, he will not yearn for death. but,he will yearn for elevation of it. to achieve freedom of physicality,where in the new dimension,

we obtain another physicality,according to the satisfaction of the soul, and the presenceof its existence. existence is sweet, if man understandsthe sweetener of the universe. how sweet it isto be part of universal community. because, there and then,man understand, he's not in a family, of a child, and a mother, or a father. but he's a family of heartof the totality of the whole membershipof the universal community. then, the family is big,it's just, it's correct.

in the progress of this development, different humans will choosedifferent path to the maturity. some will take into spaceships,some will take into the process of understanding theseparation of the soul, that they can control. some will go to the ultimate point,understanding the totality of the operation, which is the existence of the fields of theexistence of the universe. then, there is no universe,then you become part of the unicos, as you can travel the spans of the universe,according to the feeling. even the ray hasemotion and a soul.

go back with the book number 2,and you understand more. as i've said,“i have to attend a press conference.” we go back, and we come back around12 o'clock, when the press is set up. and, i hope you can join us. webmasters, it'll be nice,if you could have the introduction ... intro which you play usually first, that we can start the conference with that,if we can link up to you? that we could have it, that you play it,and then we start the conference. thank you very much!

(rc) ... mr keshe would that justbe the first video, or the first three or four videosthat we play together? (mk) just the first video. (rc) okay, thank you. (mk) it's so beautiful.thank you very much. (cdr) good morning everybody. i think rick is busy trying to make therecording ready for mr keshe's interview. (rc) hi caroline, i'm here. (cdr) good morning,i know you are busy.

(rc) lot's going on, that's for sure. yeah.we're wondering whether to start a new ... a new stream, when the interview comeson in a couple of hours, here now. we're just trying tofigure out whether we should restart the stream in order to ... recorda new video for the interview part. so, it'll be ready to goright after the ... the workshop. i finally...(cdr) i think that's a lot of work for you. if you can continue then, we canstill break it up in pieces i think. but, ... i think you better just keep on going. if ... if you can take a break somewherethen we'll see where we can fill it in,

but most probably we will not beon the time as we usually do. we can adjust, we can be flexible. so i think you... for all of youto be more peaceful, is to continue and i know you're gonna have to restartmost probably ... streaming on facebook. (rc) yeah, we'll have a,like a four hour limit i think, total. so, once we get into the interviewwe might only have an hour or 45 minutes or so,before we have to... before we're forced into...into ... restarting that stream. (cdr) how long doesit take you to restart ... facebook?

(fm) only a couple of minutes. (cdr) so, ... flint you can always addthose extra minutes to make it complete, that people don'tlose that space in between. yeah, the thing is we wanted to have thevideo ready right after the broadcast is. the way we understandit from mr keshe. so we'd have to... to makesure that's complete ready to go. otherwise it'll take several hours to ... to ... render it. (fm) that's no, that's no problem.that's no problem. i... i would suggest starting,restarting the stream.

that way you don't haveto restart at the 4 hour mark, which could be in themiddle of the broadcast. (rc) uh-hm(cdr) we can take ... a start... we can take like a breakfor one minute on the facebook. (rc)uh-hm(cdr) and then restart, that you can carry on.but we keep the zoom ... continue. (fm) yes. (rc) alright. (cdr) okay. so, we can always put the oneminute or two minutes silence in. and then.

(rc) uh-hm yeah, thatwould be perfect actually. i could keep the livestream going,that's not a problem, but i did think if i restart the livestreamthat should leave ... a separate video that we'd be able to...easily recover at the end as well, so that's another option. but, we don't want to lose our customerseither, the people that are listening ... if we restart it's always hard for peopleto get back in a little bit, you know. (cdr) yeah, if we takeone minute silence, then you can do all thearrangements in the background.

you just need to notify, when isthe best opportunity to do it and if you be in communicationin the background... vince to know when exactly ...this should be the best time, you can calculate it out then. i think that would be morepeaceful for everybody . (rc) yeah, if we have to we'll getmr keshe to kind of stall for us for a couple of minutes or whatever,for... with the, if there's something that can be done there.(cdr) yes... yeah. (rc) okay that sounds like a betterplan. you guys okay with that?

(cdr) you got time if you can figure outsomething more convenient feel free to share. (rc) okay we'll work it out in thebackground here. let's carry on then,i guess. (cdr) thank you very one of the videos, of the starting up videosbefore this program, i think it is in the firstor the second one when the lady is speaking moreextensive about the knowledge. the totality of the understandingis already explained in there.

if you really listen to these start upvideos which we are playing, it is amazing how much you can alreadyunderstand by just listening to the intros. if it sounds difficult, even this halfan hour with mr keshe as the start, we just trying to explain to you,that we gonna have to learn to reverse complexity anddifficulty into simple. simplifyingbecause it is so easy. and i get and i understand that alot of people are getting lost, especially the people which are educatedand have spent their life time working tryingto gather knowledge

and now you get confronted witha knowledge like from the kfssi, like the keshe foundation, mr kesheor the knowledge seekers your mind really gets on a carousel of"where the heck have i been?" "what have i been doing?" and it's verydifficult to see or to come to connect. but the simplicity ishidden in a simple way. don't make it complicated.don't use difficult words. it's just, we had to name the child, foryou to be able to identify what is what. but if you analyze, how easyand how simple this process is, even just to do your can buy it off the shelf in the shops,

you just need hot water,you need a plastic buck(et) you need some piecesof copper, of any metal but let's say we startwith the copper. you need hot water and thenyou just do the step by step as we've been trying andexplaining for so many times to get to your nano-coating processand then wash your plates, thoroughly and then place them in a saltwater solution, at your choice, and then,you create life. you visually see the developmentin your small box or big box.

and then, after this simple procedure,that a child of 5 years old can do, has done, has shown it, then youstart seeing all the applications which you can do, with what youhave created yourself. your creation. i'm trying to keep you, intothe very easy way of thinking. no difficult words, no "mumble bumble",no "acrabadabra", that a normal person cannotunderstand this language. mr keshe has made sure, that everysingle person can understand, can apply, although, of course, you have to keepsome safety procedures because you're working with caustic,which burns, and you work with hot water.

you get the steam, so don't inhale it,and don't get burned. but the fact is, stay in a simple,easy way of understanding. you then, canwith your harvest, after you even washed your gansesthat there is no more salt left, then, from that water, you can go andbecome a scientist, which you already did, because of, you produced have become a creator because you have createdgans, rather is co2, cuo, whatever gans you wantand desire to make. and then you go and explore that you canhelp somebody with severe burning wounds

cut wounds, all kinds of remedies,pain, all the problems which occur in the physicality because ofstress... because of imbalance. now, in the same process as i am walkingyou through, i am using the difficult words. you have becomea scientist, number 1. secondly, you have become a creator.thirdly, you have become a doctor. now we goto the next level. you make a magrav, becausethe blueprints are available. now you have become an engineerand an electrician at the same time. now you have becomea harvester of energy.

now you have become a teacherbecause you're sharing your knowledge. and now we go to the next level,now you're building a star-formation. which becomesa feeding station. now you have become a fullydeveloped agriculture specialist. you have becomeknowledgeable in agriculture. you don't need even to cook your foodto receive the energy from the food, now you have become supplierof food through energy, through what you have developedand you have created. in the last few days, we even have goneto the stage of how to create and see

visually your energy, how togenerate it a easier way. we have touched 3,4 different layers. we have usedthe mirror reflection, that you go and confirm, "i exist" tocreate that beautiful smile on your face. we have used the hands withthe stirring to see the fields emerging on your hands, plants, trees,wherever you want to create them. we have gone even a step furtherto generate the energy fields sufficient enough that you canbuild your own spaceship. now you have become anexplorer of the universe.

you have becomean explorer of fields. you have become anexplorer of humanity. you have become an explorer,understanding of your soul. and you're reachingso many other souls. and this is, in a very simple wayi'm trying to tell you... look in the mirror,if you are a knowledge seeker, you walk this path whati just explained to you, you're even going tobecome an astronaut which you're in factyou already are because

you're traveling on a spaceshipwhich is called earth. you're traveling through the universe...without a spacesuit! in full confidence you area space traveler, but on this planet. now you even been explained and taughtand will explore very soon, how you will be able to travel throughthe universes, galaxies and even beyond, to see the magnificent creationwhere you are originating from. now, i have compared whatyou have already achieved and you're on yourpath of achieving by using the dictionary words: doctors,scientists, space astronaut, agriculture,

doctor, physicist, whatever youwant to name it, creator, soul mate. so if we stay just in doing it,and giving, we share what we have learned in, what ashort time, 3, 4 years, some are just here a few months, some are here a few years,some of us are here much longer. even, if you just go to the first conceptof making, creating gans and understandingwhat the gans is. it usually takes a life ofa professor or a scientist to be able to gothrough all these steps. of understanding,getting taught,

be able to have the maturityto go and work in the lab, to do the tests,to do the analyzing then to dothe experiments, then to wait forthe results to come back. and you're all... you are all doing thiswithin a matter of a few days. so, the amount of time to reach atthis level, and i only brought one topic. in the other side, where it is verycomplicated and very difficult words to use and you have to have phd's and doctoratesand exams, and a lot of pressure and, not such a easy wayto reach that path.

you achieve it within a few daysand you can, you call yourself a scientist and you don't need togo through the exams and you don't need togo through any lab tests you don't even needto touch any animals. you don't needto kill no animals. you don't needto prove to nobody, because you're a walking proofof your own creation. this is how simplethe path of knowledge is. with this explanation,i'm trying to bring back to you.

you’re creators, you have all the abilitybecause you are already doing it. you're exploring inso many different platforms. some of you are touchingall the platforms and experiencingall the different levels. they go from the ganses, from nano-coatingto magrav's, to star-formations, to food, to agriculture,to whatever level you have touched because you got drawn to it,to learn more. you cannot, you could not, in this societytoday, learn this one lifetime. one topic, to have 'dr'in front of your name.

now, most of you,or at home you are already living your life,so will have the title some of you will not have the titles,but you all know the path, how to get these titlesor how you achieve those titles. now you have to reverse that,the word 'difficulty', 'not understanding', 'not being able', 'you don't havethe capacity', 'you don't have the money', 'you don't have the upbringing',to achieve this level, of all the titlesi just named to you. you already achievedbeyond all the titles,

because you have becomea human with soul. in full acknowledgmentabout yourself. in able to express yourself and to becomea giver, as you have become givers. because you'resharing in a non-difficult way, in a very simplicity and with joyand love and care, in a simple way, all the knowledge you have gathered within this small span of timein a very simple way. so, why would we make the path of the soulto go and travel in the universe and reverse the way we are usingour energy sources on this planet?

why would we make it so difficultto come to understand, that we can even,reverse that kind of process? when you are already above a professor,and a doctor, and i don't know any higher titleswhich i could plaster on it. which very difficultthings to achieve in life. actually they even portray themthat you might never even achieve it, because you don't have the background,you don't have the family, you don't have the financial support. but in fact you alreadyreached above that level.

but in the true sense of beingan explorer, a scientist, a doctor, a humanitarian,a soul, because you are usingthe ethos in the right way. and you are moving the earth,because you're paying it forward for all the children, forthe new generations, that's how beautiful youknowledge seekers have become up till today. be proud of yourself,you have achieved so much, beyond any man's dream. if you step to your childand say,

"you can reach all these titles within a few weeksand i will teach you," "and you don't need to go to school,but you will be a complete human," "in the right sense of whata human is supposed to be." would you not love to teach yourchildren this path within a few weeks? they'll becomesa bright shining light, that it can share this knowledge,beyond a professor and a, whatever youcan call the name. and he might only be six,seven, ten years old, and he... you will already havebrought him above the level

of one man's lifetimeachieving a doctorate. will you please now acknowledge,how beautiful you are? will you please now acknowledgeyou're capable of creating so much more? will you please acknowledge in the mirror,your existence as a creator. will you please acknowledge your soul,that you love and care for it. please. i think those statements,that you acknowledge what you are and how you are, should be writtendown in your soul and in your physicality. because, that's what i asked you to doin the mirror, to conform who you are, and how you exist and how youhave developed above the level

of whatever title you could never even getthrough the normal system. that's how fastmehran tavakoli keshe, as a universal teacherhas brought to all of you. and in the freedom to share it,with a five year old, a six year old, take it by the hand,you created that soul. take full responsibility of your creationand your path of... in what and how your gonna exist. and express it into your future children,how beautiful life is on this earth and how beautiful your souland his soul is.

thank you so much. can somebody, maybe addsomething to it please? (da) i am a beautiful soul. i love myselfand through that i will learn and will love everyoneand everything that i meet. (cdr) thank you. because now you're have become. (ym) hello?(cdr) hello paul? do you have a stable connection?(ym) yes caroline,

i think. can you hear me? (rc) hello yes(cdr) yes. (ym) okay. so, i have somethingto add and to share and ... what i have to share is going in thedirection of teaching from ... this last day. and ... the teaching of this morningand the past three days have touched my heart and my soul. and i was doing somethingwith some women. if you remember last time i wastalking about our traditional education

about the structureof the body of man? >from there we have learnedhow to disperse some energy we don't need, and how to activatesome energy we need. and i was educate,educated some women, and the women i was educate,it was specially for menstruation. where i show her how totransmute the menstruation, to didn't get the menstruation every month,but get menstruation what she needs. and in this part of educationwe get two points. how to generate the blood by mechanismof structure of body of man,

and how to disperse. and, when the process followin the right way, you can generate ton and ton of bloodsevery second, just by manipulation of your... the,of structure of your body. just like how to play with the fingersto generate some energy. so, i have now 20 women,i have shown them the process, and they have stopped to getthe menstruation every month. and with this process,she has transmuted their blood, and when they need to be pregnant,or to give life, they stop the process.

and in this way, even 80 years, 100 years,women can give life. i mean, there is no menopausefor these women. but, the process is very specific.if you turn it in the wrong way, you will get menstruationevery day. it meaning that you have touched the buttonof generation of blood instead of dispersion. and from there, we see these womenavoid lot of things. like the pills they was takento don't get pregnancy, and these pills was bringing to thema lot of illnesses. and from there they are protectedbecause she will not get children

when they don't need. and, in this process of transmutation,of field of energy, she stop and she can't contract anyillnesses in their life, unless they want. and if we regards the processlike mr keshe have shown to us, how to feed your body by willingfrom your heart to your soul. the, the bad thing is our internetis not enough good, because i need to practice, and showthe women how to transmutate this energy. and then from there she take their lifein their hands. we need strong connection,we need strong video to show the women

how to transmutate it, and she becomewhat they like, and what they like will be that.. (cdr) paul? it's caroline, i think you can set up a specialzoom meeting with the doctors, to explain this, and maybe sharethe videos in a different way. to discuss it with the doctorson the level of the doctors, and then they can bring it into publicwith all the explanations needed. so your informationdoesn't get lost. so you have to contact doc..(ym) no problem.

(cdr) you have thecontact of doctor klaus? please get in touch with himor doctor rodrigo, and they can work outa time frame for you, much easier. (ym) okay, thank you. (cdr) thank youvery much for sharing. has somebody elsesomething to come and to add? (me) yes, i think back to when i was injunior high school and looked into the mirror trying to see what it was,trying to understand what it was, and i see now, that when i lookedin the mirror i saw my beautiful self

as part of a giant spiral,that is all that is. (cdr) thank you for sharing.somebody else can step forward? because in fact, you are allhave become new parents, in a new dimension. how do you feel about this?especially mothers, if you start realizing the potential that you're more than graduated,already a long time. can you come and express, how you can seehow to pave your path for your children. thank you . (jw) good morning carolinethis is john here. as from last, beginning of last yearwhen i joined the students,

i realized, if we ever went to space,we had to stop breathing. i've always practiced thiswhen swimming, doing yoga, and i've alwayspracticed slow breathing. and this week i have managed topractically stop breathing at all. completely. it's a fantastic experience, you find,you only need to breath just to speak. which i imagine tomorrowwe learn how to use telepathy, and forget abouthaving to breath to talk. so i think all these experienceswe're all having,

this what paul has been telling us,can help so many women that have many problems,with their menstruation and their concept,their way of concepting birth. i... i see no limits to what we are learning.thank you. (cdr) thank you so much sir. have, or has anybody any questions? or come and share more? on the level how you became,how you're realizing what a beautiful knowledge seekeryou have become in your own path?

how you have touched souls? changed their lives, changed their path,changed your own life? (jg) good morning caroline. (cdr) good morning. (jg) hi, is jalal here.good day everyone. i have a ... i have a questionto the, the arabic community who is listening andwho is sharing with us the knowledge. if anyone from them is there andeven if he cannot speak or he cannot ... not available to him tospeak just write that "i am present".

we need to know how many of the,of the arabic community is there. even if he not speak arabic if he isorigins from arabic land just please write "i am present" that weknow how many and where we are touchingthe arabic community. thank you caroline. (cdr) you're welcome. it would be nice if we could havein the chat rooms confirming from which language or which culture orwhich nation or which native language you are and justposted in the chat

and say "i am present"with your name and your nationality andyour language please. it will show to all of you becauseyou can see and read the chats in the meantimeas we are talking from all the corners of the planet howbeautiful this picture is start forming that there are people hereonline which we have no idea from which corner of thisplanet they're coming in from. it would benice to have an idea. it would be nice to come tounderstand who you are

and not stay in the backgroundor join us openly. i've noticed that still a lot of peopledon't put their image on their pictures when they come into thezoom or the presentations. please do so. we don't hide our faces. we are proud tobe a knowledge seeker. if it doesn't put you inany danger of course. but if you are proud to be aknowledge seeker let us to know your face, let us to see your beauty,

let us to embraceyou with who you are. anybody wants to come andshare something maybe from facebook or from the otherstreams which are running, which vince and rick arekeeping an eye on the background or there're anyquestions or sharing? (rc) i can report on thelivestream and freed says "i am present",swiss german in holland. giodor says "i am present"lira for pleiades stella says, "here"

and then in the zoomchat there is quiet a few ... there's pia from denmark, raffaelfrom switzerland, peggy from the usa, mark from the us, sorayafrom... has syrian roots, boris from switzerland, giovanni from italy, eva from denmark and norway, birg from flemishand dutch sector, katja from switzerland, dietmar from,i think from germany,

pim from belgium, ruthy from china, marie from norway,adam from uk, martin from switzerland,bernhard from south australia, gã¼nther from austria, thomas from switzerland,zina from iran, iranian roots, frank from frankfurt, germany and toni from austria, paul from togo,ted from us.

gigvani from togo,alex from canada, sean from usa,theodor from romania, sybille from poland,sue from austria, virgil from romania,azar from usa and klaus says he is"present" and peter from usa. i think they are teasing me now caroline they're,every time i say one a new one pops up. rodrigo from usa,christian from germany, (cdr) it is nice because ... they ... we have sometimesso much silence. yeah?

but there's somany people present. so, i want them toshow "i am present" because this is a confirmation we aremore than just a few teams on the team. i want you to interact with usplease, to bring your experiences. don't be shy. you're all beautiful. you have all gone through a...same process as so many others. and we love to learn from you becauseyou always bringing something else which ignites somebody else and openthe door to something more

or something they didn't understand,now they come to understand. so, please step forward andshare the conversation with us because it gets boringwhen i'm only the one talking. i love the interactionbecause you always push buttons which then open to a new platformas we experienced a few days ago. didn't we rick? suddenly people startbringing things forward and we went from one topic to adifferent topic, to another topic because this is the flow, this isthe synchronizing of the information.

i receive a gift from you,you receive a gift from me and that's how weare going up, up, up, up. if you understand not to be shy,not to stay and just be a listener but to become a participant with yourknowledge you will see this teachings just go up throughthe roof of knowledge. because you're all igniting fromyour own position something new. if you can understand thispattern is like you getting ignited to share to elevate somebody else. so don't be shy ...

because you have thecapability of doing so. it doesn't matter how it comes out ormaybe you think you can't but you do. you don't have to have no fear,because your question or your input or your sharing bringsus to a higher level. this is how it works, becauseyou come to give something. that's what you have to realise. you come to give and then thatgiving, creates another part of giving. and this is what we arecreating and that's what we noticed inthe last few teachings.

and i think rick will confirm andso many other knowledge seekers which have seenthis pattern it works. we suddenly come so manydifferent topics and it's beautiful. so come forward, please. (ab) good morning carolina. (cdr) good morning that's azar. (ab) yes, how are you? (ab) i just have to ... just ... telleveryone that i sent out eight ... eight letter to all the officials.

since i have, i had...we were four ... countries. who... i mean four peopleworking in my office that they are from different countries,one from bulgaria, one from india, my assistant is from bulgaria,i have a assistant from russia, i have a hygienist from india, and ihave another assistant from uruguay. so, we sent eight letters to all thesecountries and we sent it twice actually because i sentonce and ... regular mail. so we went in and we tryto sent it registered mail so they can... they have to sign for it,but they wouldn't except registered mail.

so we sent a secondtime regular mail as well. so let's see what happens. (cdr) thank you for sharing azar. (rc) okay. zeena had amicrophone open there, zeena do you havesomething you wanted to say? (zm) yes good morning everybody. my name is mehrnaz,but i have another name which is zeena but it's me,and i'm persian. and proud of, i think like anybodywho's somehow proud of his...

always is, as sisters are. and i was this morning, i was thinking,i'm not maybe good enough, because sometimes i lack the technicalknow how with complete gist of. and, ... and then i thoughtall these things, are making me to be faster,to take out all the things i knew before. like the things i knew when i had,when i was not installed in the life. (chuckles) like, we don't have too,too many challenges sometime, and all that is making meto get it out,

and to become a more activecause person in my life. to cause things, to, to, when you go,to move faster, to exercise our mind and, and, and all these thingsabout looking at ourself i have no problemwith finding me beautiful, and, ... because sometimesthe surrounding, like i have a mother, nothing is good enough, like very a curious cult,... and i was not okay with that, but now i don't have problem to accept,i'm beautiful, i found, i ... i don't find really faults, there is, there area lot but i don't, but i thank you for... because i personally could do more,and i didn't have challenge.

so, all these thingsare moving me to have more, to show more my capabilities,to make a goal, how to achieve it faster and i'm really,i'm progressing anyway. and i'm much more certain then,we make it one way or another. i'm already.. almost,you see i don't dare to say 100%, but something like that, that we can makea beautiful world, and more than that. so i thank you, you havea nice way of talking and all that, which is reallya pleasure to be taught by you. and sometime i have problem with computer,in working with computer, like..

(jg) zeena?(zm) yes jalal? (jg) when i hear you, it make me joyful,so from your voice, its bring happiness to me. thank you. (zm) thank you. ...i think we are, we are special,we are special to be here. (cdr) zeena? (zm) yes.. my real name is mehrnaz,but people call me zeena. (cdr) magnes? yes i know magnes,i know the iranian names.. (zm) it's mehr, mehrnaz.(cdr) mehrnas?

(zm) yeah, like mehran.(cdr) ah, mehrnaz? (zm) mehrnaz, because i have a brotherwho is mehran also. (zm) so i'm mehr... yes(cdr) ah, okay. ...may i ask you since you are changing,how do people give you an feedback? in, how do you change? confirm to you you're,something is different with you? (zm) ... maybe they've seen..(cdr) have they.. (zm) yes. maybe...(cdr) have they noti... (zm) ... peace. (cdr) did you hear me?have they note that you changed?

(zm) ... have they no...?...outside the home yes. i think it's a matter of a little,i don't know it's like, it's ... people think i put in a lot of time,at home, i mean people, like, my, ...that i put time instead ofthis or that, and now i have to justbe more efficient, that's all. it's kind of, yeah ... but i have enough,but... but around me friend, others which i have given the patchor things for flowers, one day i said, "i'm not very useful".she said "don't say that with all the things you say my,my friend", she said, and she's a doctor.

she's a very, in service of all people,even though she's 72 years old. she's a good iranian person, and she said"don't say that, with all things you do you can never say that".so people think i'm useful, maybe? with my... i'm more tolerant, ...trying to make peace between people. that's, that's,i have noticed in me. (me) i declare thatyou are 100%. (zm) pardon?i didn't understand that. (me) i declare that you are 100%. (zm) 100% what?

(me) beautiful. you are 100% beautifuland there. (zm) well, i think i have a lot of work on me,because as said madame caroline, i, i'm "angry."do you remember? (me) i empower you to be happy nowfor all time. (zm) i think i'm angryas said caroline in one teaching, when i just started private teaching,and she said somebody was sick, and i say, "may i help you?"she said "yes." she said to that person, "you are angry".with that accent, english accent she said, "you are angry". and i think i am angrysomewhere, which physically bothers me,

but it's way behind maybe,so i thank god anyway because, because i think it's a historical moment,and i appreciate every minute of it, and i wish all people,all people peace. (me) and happiness is a choice,i choose to be happy. (zm) yes, me too. i let myselfto be happy and not. ...worry about things aroundwhich i is, i'm not okay with, ...because if she says if i can be happy,i can let myself be happy, means that she knows something,so i trust that i can be happy, with admiration.(me) claro.

(zm) i feel younger, i feel likewhen i was very young, life was to be discovered and,yeah maybe because when we think we are beautifulwe get younger... i don't know. (cdr) wow, that is a statement today,that is a real beautiful statement darling. (zm) because i really feel likewhen i was, life was, i didn't know what's waiting for me,i knew i want to, to be wed but, i mean, life was full around us,and i feel like that. because we, we think we are good,in... we are beautiful, so we can go and advent...continue adventure and not

be stopped because of, i mean likeif we think we are beautiful so we are agreeable for everybody fordoing anything, so we can go on [laughs] nothing stops us, nobody can say, "i don'tlike this person because i'm beautiful". something like, like when i go outi know i do something... nice for people, or smiling,so... so it's a pleasure to go out. it's a pleasure, becausei know at least i smile, sometime i choose, sometime peopledon't look at me to see my smile but people are thirsty for nice...... for nice things. really they are tired, they are tiredwhen they see some attention,

sometime where they're very old or...tired of fighting, they can't realize it, for a few minutes they can'tunderstand i'm smiling at them. but... normally people are so happywhen... their reaction is so... i know i am doingsomething good for them. so, thank you very muchbecause when we want to be... when we are in another environmentwe try... we become like environment. now... now we are becoming differentfrom environment with another knowledge, with another certitude, i think,i mean it's my opinion. i may be wrong. (cdr) you makethe change.

by your position you arealready creating the change. you have repositionedyourself in the society and you are aware of your pointwhere you made the change. that's why i was asking you,the people nearby you how are they respondingto your change? if they have noticed it. (zm) ah yes, i mean, peopleare very agreeable with me, and... i can absolutely talk toanybody on any subject! nobody says anythinglike you... they trust me to talk.

but like i have, i... like at home maybei put time [laughs] on the videos [laughs]. so maybe, i have to manage, dosomething at the moment which i [laughs] watch the videos because i have alot of things that i have to watch also other than,about different subjects; on health, on gans, gans of...fruit gans and things like that. take notes, maybe i... at the momenti can't organize my time but i know how to do it, if i have it,i have the... recipes of that. when i was younger i wasfiguring these things out where should i goto manage myself.

so that's one of the thingsi do that, to go batch and... clean the dust [laughs] manage,manage more, to do things faster.(cdr) thank... (ab) carolina(cdr) thank you so... yes?(zm) your welcome. (ab) i have a question for you,... if you remember... i was listening to mr keshe's...i was listening to a... some of the taping because i wasn'tpresent... keshe talked about the... he talkedabout the rays ... the rays coming from the...

they coming from some place,they come from the creator so... and then he says something...the creator, the origin and then ... some of the rays are from the origin,from the creator, but not all of it. my question is: ... so, not all of us are coming from theorigin then. so, where are we coming from? so, it could be some crappy rays out theretoo, so some of the soul are crappy... (cdr) stop, no, no, no...(mk) no. (cdr) no, no, no... [laughs](mk) no, no, no, no azar! there's no such a thing existsin the world, in the universe.

(cdr) [laughs] no, no...(mk) if you go back, if you go... sorry, i've got a few minutesi was listening, i'll come in. it seems i knew azar is coming in, so i hadto come in to ask, to answer the question. ...if you look at the picturein the book number 3, where the plasma comesand we see the... spin offs, the little plasmas which comeoff it, of the different strength. all do not come from the main,they come from the spin off, they still carry theessence of the creation. if you, if anybody hasthe picture of the book

we can put on with a big ... unicoswith a universe, with a plasma. you will see that, out of the reductionthey create their spin off but they still carry part... origin of theessence of the creation, the main plasma. so, not everything comes from the main,those are some, because as they interact, the division creates a friction, and thenthat friction creates division of it but they still come fromthe essence of the origin because that's wherethey came from. and, so we, all of uscarry within us, those who come direct from the lightof the origin, are totally different.

(ab) so is jesus...(mk) they carry the full knowledge. (ab) so is jesus the... from the main?(mk) you see if you read one of my papers i've written a paper, the state of thescientist as a prophet of the present. which means that now, the scientist,we call prophets, prophets but none of the prophetsif you look, as teach mathematics, astronomy, biology,physics or anything. they came to enlightenthe conduct of the man. we have the samemessengers of science which they come to enlightenthe knowledge of the man

in respect tohis environment. one tries to bring the knowledgein respect to the soul of the man and his physicality and one bringsthe environment and the physicality. one we call the scientist and onewe call the prophet of the soul. so, from now on, the ones who come outfrom the main line which they carry both, they understand the operationof the soul and the science. this is what i've written in a paperand it's in the archives, it can be found. that, from now on, the messengerswill carry the knowledge of both, because they have to link it,they have to be able to explain

what physicality leads toessence of the creation of the soul and the control of the soulin respect to physicality. so you have to have a full spectrum,we come from the origin, we are the origin. and this ishow it's carried, as... as you divide and... andmore and more you divide, you still carry theessence of the origin. because youcame from it. there is no, what you call it,as you used, "crappy ones". we're all perfect, it's how we allowthe perfection to manifest it's beauty.

to us, somebody who's handicapped orhas got one eye or has got a crooked nose is somethingwrong with it? no! because the physicalityhas decided for that, that there needsattention of mercy, or attention of joy orwhatever, in that point. in that none of is... we are spin offs and those whocome from the main, are the di... it's thedirect line of the creator. so this how, what they carry,the full totality.

each one of us, as we spin off, webecome more specialized, put it that way. we become a doctor andthen become a heart surgeon, then become a heart, a valve surgeon,then become heart valve opening degrees, sick patientand then it carries on. so, each one has it's own beauty,without that... (ab) mr keshe, i'm the beginningand i'm the end ...why my end and mybeginning so opposite? (mk) without the valvethe heart can't work without the heart the body cannot workwithout the body and they help, these are...

(ab) hello mr keshewhat happened to you? (rc) ... he was in the middle of talkingwhen you interrupted azar. (rc) yes hello mr keshe,back again. (mk) hello(rc) hello can you hear me? (mk) i'm there. anybody there [echo](rc) yes hello can you hear me mr keshe? hello... hello mr keshe...(mk) [echo sounds but inaudible] (rc) can you hear me? (mk) hello can you hear me? [echo](rc) yes we can hear you [laughs] can you hear me?apparently not... hello?

(mk) lost in the universe [echo] (rc) we have to let him knowthat he's not being... (mk) hello, hello. hello, can you hear me?(rc) yes. [laughs] can you hear me? (mk) hello.(rc) hello. (rc) can... we need to.. ...just make a note here for him. (mk) [echo] i got lost in theuniverse i go back. (rc) hello, can you hear me?[music] whoa... hello. hello, mr keshe, can you hear me?

i just keep trying here. ...i think he might have hadto restart or something there. hello, mr keshe? (mk) [inaudible] back again.(rc) can you... can you hear me? (mk) i'm back. i can hear you, [echo]no problem. can you hear me? (rc) yeah, we could hear you before,but you couldn't hear us. (mk) ah, ok. i went tothe planet zeus and back. there was something important to do.(ab) mr keshe, mr keshe! (mk) in so many ways... yes?(ab) i'm the beginning and i'm the end by the end of beginning i understandthat, but why mine is so opposite. 100% facing each other. (mk) why do you think you are,why do you think you're so special? (ab) no i'm not a special. i'm just(mk) you're one of us, yeah? so when you'reback to front you must be special, huh? (ab) what happened?(mk) we're all special. why, why, why do you think somethingwrong, you are back to front? maybe you're upside never know, but you're still ...

(ab) no i'm, no, i'm the beginning,i am the beginning and i'm the end because that's...(mk) yes. (ab) good, good because the endand beginning is different. but then when it becomestwo opposite it's just like... i don't know how to explain.(mk) you cannot become the end tothe beginning, huh? so you must be beginningagain to become a end. you see the, the whole structureof the operation of the universe is extremely simple. and that is,we are part of a totality.

and without one the other partscannot exist, cannot operate otherwise it has to finda new position, new manifestation,new way of showing itself. and this is the difference. having one trust in it's own existence isthe key to the operation of the universe. when we trust in what we do is rightand when we trust in what we say is right when we trust in what we act is right.we are right. we exist. we have, we don't needto confirm we are better, we're the beginningor the end.

it's the processwhich never finishes. you're the beginning of something,but you become an end of something to become beginningof something else. physicality of life finishes,but now becomes the freedom of the soul to start a new cycle,so there is no end. it's the container which changes.when the man realizes this he'll, he'll progressvery rapidly. it's just the same in different dimensionsand containers and presentation. if i put you as a water in a pink jug,or a white jug, or a grey jug

in a green glass, or a pink glass doesn'tchange the essence of the water inside it. our existence is like a cup,of different colors, in different dimensionsand different sizes. it's us whohave to understand this. otherwise in essencewe're all the same. you put the cup in the fridgeor you keep it on the boiling water. it's all the same,it's still water. it's the environment which changes, itshows itself as a ice, or it shows itself as a steam...or a boiling water.

the sooner the man understand thisthe less problem man will have in progressingto the next level. azar you are very special, but...(ab) thank you mr keshe. no [laughs] no, not special. [laughs](mk) [laughs] because you're so special you find yourself a verya special husband. so ...(ab) mr keshe, you know, my soul talks to me? and i got the testimonialthat my soul talks to me. and i'm so happy for itbecause you know it's, it's so amazing

i'm supposed to be ...(mk) you found your soul you mean. (ab) what happened? hello? (mk) if it talks to youit means you have found it. (ab) no, you knowwhat happened, mr keshe? i'm supposed to be on my way,(mk) if you have... i'm supposed to be on my way to brazil. and i went 2:30 in the morningto the airport, and then ... they phoned mei need visa for brazil.

so, i came back home and...but believe it or not for the past two nights, i wake up in themiddle of the night a couple of times and i, i just, my soul constantly wakeme up, and i didn't know what was going on. and i, this is notthe first time it's happening but i got the confirmation.that's why it's happening. and then when i went to the airportthis happened, then i understood. it wakes me up and tell me somethinggoing on, i have to take an action, and i wasn't taking any actionuntil i got to the airport. (mk) [laughs] this happens a lot of time,we, the thing is the more we become aware

of our existence the more we becomeaware of non dimensionality of it which means ithas no dimension. you don't need to get to the airportto understand there is a problem the soul already arrived.he knows. this is the beauty of it. the more we become aware of it,the existence of it, we expand. it doesn't need to be a fieldthat you can see, then it shines. it's says, that'smy atmosphere. it means, the more you becomepurer, the more you feel the distance.

you understand itbefore it happens. i have created a lot of problemsfor a lot of people this way. but they don't understandthat the presence of the soul reaches the physicalitylong before the physicality arrives. i use a special terminology.some people are close to me, they know what i mean. that...has driven a lot of people crazy. because, i do not needto be at the point, my soul has expandedthat is at the point. i don't hear with the ear, but i hearthrough the ears of the soul,

the understandingimpression of the soul. and the sooner we understand thisthe much easier it becomes. at the moment thatwe reach to that point... it becomes the point that the physicalitydoes not need to be there because you can expand itthe way you want to. i have to apologize,i have to go off again. we are trying to do these thingswith this press conference today. i'll come back to you when i get a chance.(ab) thank you. (mk) thank you.

(rc) okay.thank you, mr keshe. (cdr) 'saved on the nick of time',as we say. [laughter] (ab) thank you carolina. (cdr) you're got saved, darling. (ab) ... carolina can i,can i say something? (cdr) of course you can. (ab) okay, so i have a, is it, there is...there is something that i always ... had problem with, not problem,i didn't understand. why people arethe way they are?

and this is, this is i still trying to findout... people should question everything. because... when i was 21years old andfor the first time i was traveling from istanbul to new york becausei got my political asylum from here. see i was, i left...i left tehran, iran... at that time, when my daughterwas 7 months old, ...i walked from border of turkey to...from border of iran to turkey five days with my daughteruntil i got to istanbul. and that was a journey by itselfbut, then again when i traveled, i stayed there six months when i got here,political asylum, i got here

i flew with the plane, on a planefrom turkey to here is overnight, and the... you have to sleepin the seat on a plane at that time i didn't know the plane has,was my first time flying with a plane, i didn't know a plane haseconomy and first class. but my question was "why the planeare so uncomfortable, you cannot sleep?" i didn't know they have a first classand they have all different classes some of them will have beds. later on, when i found out that ... planeshave like a first class, business class i couldn't understand why noteverybody can sleep ... on the plane.

why somebody has to pay more for the seatof a bed and somebody else has to seat, and then, when i look at people,when i found out, when i look at people, people think is normalsomebody has a bed at night and somebody sitand sleep at night. and i didn't know whynobody questioned this thing? why somebody, i mean why it makesomebody entitled to have that and they don't see themselves not to have it?because anything your mind creates belongs to everybody. all the goodthings we create belongs to everybody. we have to question it,we can't just say,

"oh this is a business class, peoplewho have more money they can have it." it's absolutely wrong, we haveto push and everything exist. if there is anything wecreate as human, we have to make it for everysingle person in this planet. and i think people should startasking any questions, don't think about. "okay, because i don't have the money,i shouldn't be having it." you should have it,because we made it. (me) right, anybody who wantsan unfair advantage over somebody, will have somebody havingan unfair advantage over them.

(ab) because... because you know we...we got trained not to question, so... i... if there is any flight going on anywhere,overnight for seven hours, you should have a bed on the plane,that's as... is a human right. i mean we are human,you have to be comfortable. (me) the dense physical realityis what traps us in these shells. it's very slow in thephysical reality that we're in. (zm) hello.hello? can i? first of all, i... first of all ...plane are pollutioni... i'm very in ecological matters.

and the only thing i do which isnot ecological is that i take planes. but i'm sorry i've...but, first of all, second, airplanes...the airplane are very limited in space. so not anybody canhave a bed in it. unless... unless theyhave their own private jet. secondly, i say somebody wholives in ecological way and hopefully againstthis culture, of everybody has to have money,to have beds in airplane. well, i see rather,like my brother takes first class,

rather take first classbecause he very away... much away, ...but i prefer to give mymoney to an orphanage in iraq, rather than pay afirst class ticket to sleep in my plane. i think this kind of luxury's,even if it's free... i've never accepted it, becausei feel bad in my conscience. who am i to have a bed in my trip, andpeople don't have beds, don't have food. they are... they haveproblem of health, they don't have medical things, they don't have anything to eat.

and then, i neveraccepted first class. because my conscious has pain,i feel pain. even when i go to places that peoplehave no employment, things like that. i don't wear any bags, any rings,or any fancy clothes, i'm really... i feelreally bad to do it. when i see theydon't have it, so what, they look at my ringand my ear ring? and they feel worse, because theycan't offer themselves? i think chile isdoing a good job,

to tell anybody, "just get money and spend"for their commerce. i don't want to do that,i don't have a tv even, in myself. because, moneyis not happiness. and what if people can't get a job,they have to steal to get money? they have to doprostitution to get money? why money is so important? as long as somebody has honestlywhat he has to have. so, what about thosewho don't have a job? what do they do?

what should they doto have a bed in airplane? i think, we live in a world,which is so much rich, there is so much unjust treatmentto human, to women, to children. even in the us,80% of people are poor. they have just have a rationto... they have the ticket to eat. and nobody sense about those poor people,or people in our... in wars. (cdr) they... may i come forward please,it's caroline? (zm) yes please. (cdr) you know,we all know this platform.

we know allthe levels of suffering. we know and wefeel it in our bones, feel it in our physicality. we are here in the blue print teaching weekto create the path of change. so, i prefer you to comeand bring what you gonna create as a new path, than actuallylingering what is not right. because talking, from what the situationis today, we will not move an inch. what i've been tryingto bring and mr keshe, is you need to create thechange from within you, now.

not tomorrow, notin a week time, but now. realizing what will i bring,that i will change, and i will do to open the doorfor it to be able to change? because if you havean idea how you will change and how you can bring the change,if you just think about it and talk about it, wewill not change nothing. so, i prefer you to bringand say, "listen, i have done this,i had this idea, and i am doing this." because that is theconfirmation of your existence,

and you re-creating the path,because when you start with yourself, then you will affect so many others,this was why i brought this topic up. you pay it forward for yourself not only,but for all the others around you. but you have to move! you have to get out ofyour house, you have to talk to people. you have to do it, you haveto become a doer, not a talker, not a philosopher. you have to literarymove your physicality,

and reach your hand out, put yourhand out and start creating in the matter though your first thinking ofcreating the idea and then walk the path. i think all will feel much betterthan going where it is bad, because i thinkthat's the task of the politicians, that's the taskof the newspapers, that's the taskof the broadcasting system. you as a human,what it your decision? how are you gonnastep out of this box? i am stepping out of it everyday

making sure that it changes and so many othersare walking out of this box. so, we know where the problems are,i don't wanna hear about those problems. i want the people, that's why ieven created these chat rooms, the universal councilchat room groups. in facebook, title always started "i am creating this in the light,you bring solutions,." you create solutions,you bring positive. (zm) i think...(cdr) because that is the energy

of your fields of what you want,what you really want. then you will stay in the black boxand you'll never walk out of it. but i'm walking out of it. so, don't talk as magnas just said, i walk outside, i make surethat smile ends up with somebody, because i changed his fields, becausefirst they try not to look, but then they are happy and they...give me the smile back. i told you the same thing when you go tothe cashiers in the... warehouses.

they are 30-40 cashierssitting all in the row, all doing "tick tack tack ding dong..."the whole day. you do a shift of eight hours justgoing this "ding dong" through your head, and i'm thinking about those people,i don't even go to the others, sections. and you just come at line,point of paying. do you pay attentionto the cashier and say, "how are you" ormake her to feel good? to change her point of energythat she at least can survive the next 100 customerswhich will follow behind you?

because she's flat battery. will you help a childto be quite in a warehouse, not to bother the mama? will you reach out if somebody dropssomething on the floor, to pick it up for them? will you help them carrytheir grocery to their car? or is the distrusthave become so bad that you don't even dareto reach a hand out to help somebody? these are all the little things thatyou pave the path of the change.

i am the example of the change,but i am doing it, i am bringing it. because sitting and talkingand lingering about whatever, has been or is,will not change. i just given you the most beautiful giftthis morning, to realize you are the change. don't make it so complicated because your lightyou shed on any single thing. you've changed their energy change their light to shine more. that's your gift. so the more you become helpful,the more you reach out your hand,

the more you feed a hungry person,as giving a shelter, clothing, shoes, wherever they need it,that's your positive point of change. not talking about it,not fantasizing, "i'm, i have to think about to change".no, no, you have to be the change. then it is the change. so, if you take the responsibilityof you are the change, then you walklike a proud human being. become first a humanto talk about humanity. and this is exactly when we ask youto look in the mirror.

create your full cupof love and care. you care so much about yourself that you can start sharing it toevery single soul around you, to uplift their souls.that's the change. don't bother aboutthe politicians. don't bother aboutthe structure. i just given you the gift that at homeyou can make from your children phd's. in any level or any platformyou can imagine, they cannot achieve iteven in the universe.

within a few weeks you havean agriculture specialist. you have afood specialist. you have agans specialist. you have anano-coating specialist. you have astar-formation specialist. you have amagrav specialist. you have anenergy specialist. you have aspace specialist. i can just go on.

and in the first place of allyou have created a new human being, a beautiful soul which will shine with whathe has received as a gift from you, he will pass it on so fast. do you know what children like? to be confirmedthat they exist. that they carry something whichis more beautiful than another child. so they will infect themwith their knowledge. and it's so enticing to learn fromsomebody, something you can do yourself,

and then go home, maybe hidden,but then start doing it yourself. and then becomea beautiful scientist yourself. this is the giftwhat you're passing on. so how can you stopthis snowball effect of creating for your childrenbecause you stood still today and you analyzed,this has to change? so people, move! move the bodies, but move the bodieswith pleasure and beauty. and with a song,some people say.

go and look in the mirror,and as dr gatua explained, he said, "i just bursted outin laughing, my ribs were hurting". sure. because for the first timeyou even allow yourself to exist. so don't think about others.why and how? i stopped that long time ago. sometimes it still bothers me,but you know something? if i don't make the change,however is gonna change? it won't movebecause you don't bring the energy,

because the world you're inis your creation. you have created the peoplewhich are interacting with you. you have manifested themfor them to confirm you exist. they have created you, them to realizethat by your feedback they exist. this is the play what i just explainedto you with the children. they are so eagerto be confirmed they exist you give them the tools of existence,and be creators then they becomereal humanity. you the same.

so take responsibilityof your own existence first. and then go and share itwith so many people, that they realize they are existing,and that you confirm they exist. because you made themto realize that they exist. and then they can shine,and then they can start activating, igniting, resettingso many other souls. (jw) i would like to add we all,we all have to change. this is for a czar. who saidwe have to have a bed to sleep in? if you walked from istanbul to, to, nofrom tehran to istanbul

you might have sleptwhile walking. many people have slept during a walk,especially during the wars. who said you have tohave a bed to sleep in? kids, babies sleepin any position anywhere. we have just become comfortableand have to sleep on a bed. i personally can't sleep on a bed.i sleep on and easy-chair, or i sleep sitting on, at the table. i haveno problem sitting ... sleeping anywhere. we have to learn how to stop eating,stop breathing, and if we have to sleep we can learn how to sleepanywhere in any position.

uh, this is...have you got this clear azar? (jt ) hello? hello mr rickhello everybody. jibani from togo. i want to share a something about ahow to feel, feel of the nature. uh, sometimes if somebody feel this situation is not good for him. i suggest a it's my experienceto concentrate yourself and take the energyfrom the universe and say that, "this situation that i'm feeling, i exchange it forgood health, for good way."

and ... have confirmation thatthis will be done now, now, now, small time afteryou cannot feel your situation change. if you feel pain it means that you are,like mr keshe say, "you are the reactor yourself." feel this situation you have to takethe energy from the universe, and the situation change. another experience that i have for havinga feeling, the situation of the nature. ...last year, 21st july i traveli go north of togo, dapaong. and then after few minutesi received message by the nature

sending a,"see what happened in the sky." and i see and i begin to receivethe manifestation of the light. i have big lights who is coming,and i take the pictures. and i ... give it, i send it toour team, paul and he gave ... alli don't know if this webmaster he told me,you have this image. last time in lomã© 14 july again i still have this manifestationof the light. so i go and it's beginand light coming, coming and then i see

i take pictures again, you see smallsome, like spaceship is coming i have all these pictures.i want to tell everybody that light manifestation exists. me, i am the example. i have the all imagethat i'm talking here. no, no, no, no. but i will ask the ... rick and ... mr kesheor miss caroline ...after i will join paulto send webmaster and we will analyze in back officewhat i'm talking, if it is a really a good idea to showthe public, you can publish them how a person ...see the manifestation of the lights.

really, how lights iscoming up, all pictures. so, i want to tell everybodythat this technology or this way to feelthe field of nature you have to concentrate to manifest him,and the situation only stand intention. "i am a sick", "i feel bad","i'm not feel well", i just exchange this situationby giving love, because all is love. giving love, giving peace,and asking the compensation of this situation. if i feel bad i say, "okay,i take goodwill from the universe." all intentions sending, and feel it,small time, this bad situation go,

and i begin feel well,and the life is go on. so, that is the experiencethat i want to share. if everybody allow, i will send after,to rick or i don't know, by the way, to show what i'm seeing, the manifestationof the nature, the manifestation of the light, you will see everything, sun,how sun is shining, you will see swallow manifestation sun,on the earth i have on image, that's why i want to share to everybody,i finish, thank you everybody. that's what i want to add for sharingto all of, everybody of keshe foundation. (rc) okay,thank you very much,

we'll have a look at thatin the background i guess, and present it. we've got, erik had his hand upand wanted to say something, do you want togo ahead there erik? (ek) yes i, i would like to supportwhat caroline just said. we, we can observe a lot ofunjust things in society, and we have to understandthat all these things we see, that are unjust, are a part of thesociety engineering, done by a small group. and what they want,is to make limitations on resources, because that isa part of the control scheme.

that's why you see first and second class inplanes and trains and everything. because you have to acceptthe principle of non equality, in order to make this society workas it does today. and if you haven't studied a lot of timeto find out how society is, and you don'thave time for that, my advice is to lookat the teachings of mr keshe. because when i seewhat mr keshe do, i understand that hehas analyzed this very carefully. and all the teachings mr keshe has given,contains elements

that is part ofbreaking down this system. so, without having anydeeper understanding of the society, you can just pick some of the teachingsfrom mr keshe and say "this is what i can do". and then do it,that's the important part. because as long as you just talk,nothing is changed. you have to be a doer. you have to select somethingthat you can do with your skills andabilities and economy, whatever. because when everyonein this world do what they can from mr keshe's teachings,the world will change.

that's for sure. and, you know, the governmentsand all those in control, they have their very lucrative systemand they are not going to stop it. we have to changefrom below upwards. i know mr keshe says that, "you haveto go to the general to make changes," but if the general doesn't want to makechange, then you have to come from below. and ... i see no problem in ... doing both things. the more we do the more secureand the faster we get what we want. that was just what i will sayand i say, thank you caroline,

because this is very importantfor people to understand. this... this not just ...another tv show, it is something that youhave to take to yourself, the parts you can manage to do,and do it. that's the very important partof it. thank you. (cdr) you are more than welcome sir,because i have tried to get... maybe you canexplain it in a different way. i have tried to open a doorof people realizing that, even the are standing on their ownand even they feel they are abandoned

and even they are feeling that nobody'slistening, or nothing is changing. but what i have tried to bring into evenmy private teachings, in the background, is when we all confirm as we have donein the last few days, "i am present," you don't understand whatthe power carries, "i am present." because, that means thatyou unite in the field of re-creating or changing a pathof a certain direction. with a three soul, thethree wishes for the children, to bring them under our protection,we have created that ... plasma field and itis already finding it's way.

it is already penetrating , because thedesire to change this horrible point, which is nothing compared toanything else, has started working. because, an enormous amount of peoplehave stood up and said, "i am present." i am trying to conv... to explain, to express,we are already a majority and you can not stop a majority. and this is what the keshe foundationas a family is, a majority. how many world leadersdo we have? let's say, which really dominateand which really try to dictate. how many do we have in realitythat we can acknowledge,

they have a finger inwhat we say, "the soup". does any body have figure in their head? (ek) according to ...the informations i have ... it's not the leadersthat is the problem. that is the... thepeople behind that, that pulls that springsand it's about 8,500 people and you can compare...(cdr) 8,500 people, okay. let's make it 10,000,we gonna be generous. we gonna be extremely generous,we gonna give them 10,000.

now you calculate in...since the blueprint started. how many times, how many soulshave put up and said, "i am present." how many people havewritten it in the chat rooms, because they couldn't comeforward with their voice? how many people have beenposting in facebook, "i am present" ? without even beingpresent in the teachings, but they listened afterwards andthey come back and they post and they confirm to me "i am present caroline." we have the universal council members.

now, if rick or vincecan give a rough idea, how many people do we reachthrough these teachings? in general...(mk) according... according to the services, which monitorour program, our reach... outreach. because they assess, if we are a riskto a government or not? we reach on average, anybody clicks on keshe, keshe foundation... (cdr) hello?(mk) regular continuous annual people who, in different countries,different ways read at least one page or a paragraphon the keshe foundation

last year in 2016, past 150 million.we reach a lot. we reach amazingly a lot. this is why governmentsconsider and sit around us. we are considered asone of the most influential scientific organizationsat the present time. this is what i get, i continuously ask,even from our webmasters. what hits we have on one. you have to consider,that's all the keshe foundations, all the keshe foundationorganizations,

people who sell products ofkeshe foundation, use our name, refer to us and everything else. the security structureof number of governments consider us as influential,but not in public domain. (mk) the problem with the keshe foundationis that we are spread very, very what i call, 'across the universaldirections of the humanity'. the hundred and fifty millionis the minimum which was reached, and we are growing, so this series madeto a hundred eighty million, people who read,at least one page or a paragraph.

the statistics coverschinese network too. (cdr) now...(mk) so we reach a lot. (cdr) yeah, i know. i just wanted to bringforward that, i have a keshe facebook, keshe foundation facebook page.yeah? just where everything about the keshefoundation things and information passes. i nearly, i have reach sixty thousands'likes', that means people have seen... or confirmed that they have read the page.otherwise you don't like something if you have nothing to do with it,if you haven't open it. we... you just talked about eight thousands.for by... sector, one topic,

one level, we already havegone in the majority. by my calculations, always majority win.they always have a stronger vote, they have a stronger just to direct the intent, and i think the knowledgeis a correct intent. would you agreewith that sir? (ek) are you asking me? (cdr) yes sir. (ek) yes, i fully agree that, therehave been studies that has shown, that when about eleven percentof a population,

agrees on some agenda,then you cannot stop it. that's a tilting point of a society,and i think we are going close to that. and, what we do nowis not just a matter of opinion, and in the ordinary senseof changing society wi... via press and organizationsand interest groups because mr kesheso skillfully has done, is to give us the technology,and the technology will speak for itself. as... as it progresses.i, i, i must say i'm very, very thankful forwhat has been given.

i can say that i started it,to follow these teachings, year,and unfortunately i didn't start 2012, because iwas occupied in other projects. but has been a tough learning curve,and i still have very much to learn. but now, two days ago i succeededgetting heat in my house. the furnace was not so goodthree months ago, and now it's summer, so it's acceptableeven in denmark we have green winter, at the moment, so it's notvery hot and you usually has to put some fire on, on the furnace,for, for having a nice cosy environment,

but now after i got the magrav started,it's not working right yet, because you cannot assemble a magrav,without hurting the nano-coatings, so it has to sit there and repair itself,quiet and... but the... the fieldis sufficient together with the gans packsin the rooms to create heat. i am an engineer, i have learnedto calculate insulation losses in a house, and a lot of other stuff and it's not normalto have a non-traditionally heated house, with a cellar floor temperatureof 22 degrees. i have never seen that before and itcomes almost instantly when you start it.

it's, it's amazing, and i will expressmy very big thanks for this. and what i save here, i willspend to use and help others. and there's alot of people in need. and i can only say to a lot ofother peoples, you have to be doers,you have to take the technology, learn it, maybe not understandit deeply but at least go so far that you can build,and you can get it to work. because when you reach that point,you will remove, you remove... you removeone of the control pillars on you.

you get independenceand that is what we all need. because when we are independent,then we are in a totally different position. today society is controlled by turningoff electricity, turning off the oil. if, if that is done the societyhas hunger in less than fourteen days. and a lot of people will die. that is a control mechanismso terrible. and i don't think a lot of people areaware how, how vulnerable they are,in this society. if they do, don't dowhat they are told to do,

and the controllers decide to stop it,they have all the means to do it. that is why it's so important to be a doer,because when you get yourself independent from the control structure,being able to heat your house, being able to getyour own energy for light, and maybe even raise your soulto a level, so you don't need any of it. that is what we have to learn,and before we... the sooner we do this, the sooner weget the world we want. because theseten thousands people, what can they do about it,when we come to that point,

and when we raise the soul of mostof the society, they can do nothing. and that's... i understand,i think i understand fully, what's the purposeof mr keshe's teachings is, because he has put inso many elements, of removing the control pillarsof the existing society, and i'm very thankful for...for having these... these advices. i know it's a bit hard to get to the, tothe very deep points of all the knowledge, because mr keshe teachesthe way he does. but i think it's the only way to do it,if you really want people to understand.

it limits the amount of peoplethat will get the knowledge, but those who work hard enough, they willget some insights that makes them free. and i'm very thankful for that,you must know that mr keshe. thank you. (vv) but i think that everybodyis dropped in these teachings, is to enlighten somebodyalong the way. (ek) yes i agree, and there are so manyroles in doing this in practice. it all depends on your situation,and, and, and what you have learned, in your previous life. i know that,i know that there is a road, i'm aware there is a road, where you don'tneed any physicality to get there.

you just need your, your brainsand your emotion, and practice that. but for most people that isa utopia right now, as it is. but, as previously toldeveryone can learn to make a gans. and when we see,when we see in the health section, what ganses can do to health,it's marvelous. i, here in copenhagen, we, we are startingto use these materials to help people, and, and it works. and it's fantastic!but it takes time to, to release, the full potential of this knowledge.cause there's so many applications, there are so many corners of the technology,that you have to, to

to know, to use it very good.but, even simple measures, just simple pads, what they can do. i... i can just mentionthat my friend christian, he had an illness when he was young,and it has two options. when you gets this illness,even you die of cancer or your skeleton gets locked up, all the bones growth,grow together to one solid thing. and he employ's health pens,and ganses and pads, and he has got hairon his bald center of the head,

he has been ableto spread out a little more, get his, his chest loosened up a bit, and heexpect, expect this process to continue, so that he will restoresome of the, of, of, of a flexibility, that he has never hadfor many years. and people also beginning to find outthat, that there are some new options, and people become, begin coming slowly,but you know, that's no commercials there, it's just spread by wording from one helpto another that needs help. so, that's a lot of work for him,but that is, that is a very good decision. i, i had, i meet him when i sawthese possibilities to contact him,

and use him as, as a mediumfor spreading this knowledge, because it will be spreadto a lot of people this way. and regarding the other things,that is just a workshops. we have to, we have to have some people,that spread this knowledge, and i'm in the processof doing that. this is what we need. and it's...(ab) mr. hansen good morning. this is azar. (ek) yeah.(ab) you live in copenhagen? (ek) no, i live outside of copenhagen,but near it. (ab) whe.. where? which island?

(ek) i live... i live aboutthirty kilometers north of copenhagen. (ab) oh, i see. because my sisterand my nieces, they live in copenhagen, they need a mentor, maybe perhapsi can give your information, they can come and visit you? (ek) okay ... (ab) because they start you learn aboutthe keshe, but they need some information, somebody who can,kind of, you can take under yourwing and teach them a little bit. (ek) the problem is the numberof assignments for what to do.

i was... this morning, i was thinking aboutthe things i was promised to do for others, and... and there is a lot of things.maybe we could have just one day, with several people coming,so i don't spend so much time, because i have a lotof assignments to do now. (ab) i think... i think what they needto do, they want to know where to buy, buy the material to makeganses and coil and stuff like this. some small things,that you can make them... (ek) i can, i can giveinformation on that immediately. (ab) that would be great.thank you so much.

what i do is, there is a scrapyard,or metal shop, whatever you want to call it. it's located in bagsvã¦rd, rightthe side of medical giant novo nordisk. and if you get, you are allowed, you cango into the office and you're allowed to, you are allowed to gointo the yard and find things. and to more precious things are locatedinside the house were the office is. and there i buy the copper and i buy zinc,and they have a lot of other things, and you get this for the scrap price, not forthe, not for the ordinary retail price. and you can go there, and you know, all thepeople, craftsmen's that use these metals. when they have some remains for gap,they put it there.

you can find the metals, you can seethe stamp numbers on the plates, specifying what is the material. and, and you buy it for. i think it's in danish krona,is forty krona per kilogram of copper,that is not expensive. and you get, it's like's just, they had a big plate and they cut off a piece,and it cannot be of use for anything, and then they go and sell it to themetal shop, and they can sell it to you. and this way you can get first classmaterials for a low price.

and when, when,i went to togo, i, i, i came there and i bought ten kilograms ofcopper and two kilograms of zinc, and took with medown there. and it's, it's very seldom you come thereand there's no materials. and that, that what we always have to do,because we live in a society, that is engineeredto limitations. so, wherever you,you have a possibility to... to bypass that mechanismand get things at the right price, low price, you have to do's located in bagsvã¦rd,

and i don't rememberthe exact name, but i can, i can find it, and i couldput it in the chat. then they know where to getthe materials. and regarding the salts and the,the naoh, you can buy everywhere. the koh you can buy onebay from germany site there you can buy,a kilogram costs around ... yeah what is it,maybe thirteen euro? that's not much, and you can doa lot of ganses with one kilogram of koh. so, that's how i do this part of it,but even though mr keshe says,

that we,"live in a village with a matter-state," in many cases we need it,and especially in africa. i have, i have seen this countrywith marvelous people, kind people, nice society,but a bit poor. not poor as a human,but poor materialistic, and, and scarcity of, of tools,and all the practical things you can do, to better your life,and we have a big task to do for africa. they have been robbed and plunderedfor hundreds of years. and now we have to change it.i fully agree with mr keshe.

and it's also is a bit sad to seeso many people looking down on what they calldevelopment countries. as i see it, the mental richness of africa,fast supersedes western europe. when i look at the other citizensin this country, very, very few hasthe conscience level of africa. they are closer to nature,they understand more, they destroy lessand we need to spread this knowledge. okay, i'm talking so much,but maybe you can, you can, sent a message on my zoomaccount for... for your family,

and then i will seeif we can find a evening, where i can collect a few,number of people, because many wants, the.. the more knowledge you get,the more people wants to talk with you. so, instead of havinga lot of individual meetings, i could maybe have a meetingwhere i collect a few other men, and then give some information.thank you. (cdr) thank you so much, sir. you broughtsomething very, very important forward. you know even people which have problemsto buy the materials,

they actuallythey don't need to. they can go to the yardswhere they collect old materials, broken televisions, broken fridges,they can recuperate so much copper, in those places,before get it gets destroyed or reused. and they can always talkand have a friendly word, with the peoplewhich are collecting it. to have it for a far lesser price,than what they should buy in the shop. so, it's a good ideato go where it gets dumped, and then recuperate and recycleand become a recycling machine yourself.

because, you can make somethingso much more beautiful out if it. i heard you saying something about... do you have any expertise with bees? did i understand correctly? (ek) i have know the special knowledge of bees,i know some people that have bees. and i've seen a little bitbut i will not call myself a bee expert. all i know is that the beesget destroyed by chemtrails, which is a very important subject, ithink mr keshe should think a little more about,and all the...

you know i'm an electrical engineer,and for a period i was ... measuring people's homes,how high the radiation level was. that is in germany are some very skilledpeople, they call themselves bau biologists. and one of the jobs they do iswhen people want to build a house, they examine the piece of earthwhere they want to raise the house. if it's safe place to build? how is the radiation level? what are theplans for the area? where are the high tensionelectrical system located?

what about other stuff, as the...the fields from the earth, and so on? and they have collected a wealthof knowledge for well-being. and then, theyhave recommendations. and i can tell you with theseexpensive experiments, that are expensive equipmenti bought from germany for measuringmobile radiations, you... you're looking througha terrible situation, because almost everywhere in copenhagen,you have a radiation level, ten thousands time the recommendationof the german bau biologists.

ten thousand times. and that's one ofthe reasons for the cancers in society. while the mike is open i would liketo tell you a little story, if it's okay. (cdr) sure sir.feel free to share with us. (ek) there... (clears throat) thereis an organization in denmark, that is 'open mind conference',they are arranging this every year. and i, i, i, i have a punkedbecause i said to them, it's a very, very big mistake, youdon't include keshe technology this year. but they haven't done it.and i don't participate this year, because i think this is very wrong.i will spend my time on more good things,

than coming when they can't recognizethe importance of this. but the previous year there wasa swedish engineer and mathematician. and ... and mathematician. and ... he was pensioned, and he has workedwith assuring quality, all his life. he has done statistics on productsfrom electronic factories, and this, these statistics are veryefficient tool to determine, if there are problems with designor problems with the production of theelectronic devices,

and they really earn their moneybecause they can pinpoint problems, that otherwise would cost a lot of moneyto fix for the factories. and now, when he got pensioned,he was bored. so, he started again just for his own,he acquired health databases, for scandinavian area and i thinkalso germany, and some other countries. and then he started to workwith the numbers. and he found out thatwhen you sleep for example, you, you do not spend as much time on oneside, as you spend on the other side. and he said the reason for thisis that the heart

is not locatedin the center of your body. and if you...there has been studies, that has measuredhow long time you sleep on left side, and how long you sleepon the right side. and knowing his metierand how to work with numbers, he started to find correlations.and he was interested in skin cancer. and he sawhow is it with skin cancer? then he started correlatingthe numbers for skin cancer on left side, and skin cancer on right side.

and he found out the numbersexactly matched, with very high correlation, the time you sleep on one side,and the time you sleep on the other side. then he was thinking:how can it be that this matches? then he found out, that these springmattresses, they work as antennas, and the part of the body that ismost separated from the springs, is where the field is the strongest.that's why people gets skin cancer. correlated to how muchthey sleep on each side. when he found that out heshowed us a picture where he, he ... put in his mattressin the garbage container.

because he wouldn't run that riskhe saw the numbers was too high. he also found out other thingsabout the mobile radiation. actually, if you live too closeto the antenna towers, that is not good. and it's not good eitherto live too far away. because then you have a much strongerradiation from your own phone. you have low radiation from the tower,but if you use the phone a lot, then it's much higherin order to reach the tower far away. he also correlatedthe danger of tobacco. he found out the tobacco is not dangerous,at least not the natural form.

but when you put additives in it, and when you startedall the broadcasting, the radio signals, then there was a kind of, whatdo you call it, this 'cocktail effect'. and he with his numbersshowed the delay... there was... there way a lot of peoplewho has been smoking all the life, and when you introduce the mobile phone,the problem really exploded. it's started already in 1920 when,when you got all the ordinary radio, and then it increasewhen you got the television, and forty, fifty wire netor anyway, it was around that time,

and ... when the mobile phone come,the caved in, then it exploded. there was a delay that took to developthe units, and then the numbers exploded. also for the, the people that has beensmoking many, many years without problems, when the radiation from mobile come,then the numbers grew. and from my previous work i know,that mobile phones is a very bad thing. it is directly, i will come with a postulate,that i think is backed up if you dig into it. i have got informationfrom other channels, that mobile phones theyare designed to make you ill. because, as alexander... what is a...the german, the german scientist,

mr keshe know the man, i knowhe has spoken about alexander... i can't remember the last name.i've spoken with this guy several times, and he says the mobile phonescould be made so they were not harmful. but they are not. and evenall the new phones contains generators, that if you are problem to the system,they can turn it on, and it would, it will reduceyour ability to make a clear thought. and i have avoidedmobile phones. i have used an old, very nicenokia phone, for many, a lot of years, but nowwhen i communicate with works

with my work, togetherwith that i need a newer phone, and then i hate the phone.i know, i spent three days on androidand found out that it's not possible to have any kind of privacy on anandroid phone. not possible. (cdr) may i, may i come in,and give some additional advice. (ek) yes. (cdr) especially for peoplewhich are working with iphone's, working with androids,whatever name you name it, your computer systems, your home switch,are not in safe positions.

when your even position near these towers,which they call 'death towers'. please, just go through the simpleapplication of creating the infinity loop,with nano-coated wire. so, you take yournano-coated wire, as you coat just like every single othernano-coating material process. when you fold the ends,let's say twenty centimeter, you make the ends meet,you don't cut the rope or the wires, after they are nano-coated, you justsimply fold them like they become a loop, and then you give them one flip over,that they become like an eight,

or an 'infinity loop' as we call it.i have them on my phone, double. i have them on mycomputer front and back. i have them around my bed. i have them especially, when i spotthose towers even in a far distance. i make sure they are even hangingin front of my windows, and they are attached in back of my seat,of my office chair. because they createhuge amount of headaches, illnesses and all the rest,which you just tried to explain. with putting the infinity nano-coatedobject around you in your purse,

around your phones,everywhere you can imagine, if yo... even on the attic,on the bottom, under the carpets, you are creating a field whichwill absorb what you do not need. my phone i cannot evenhold it in my hands, if it is out of its protection bag,because it is just goes boiling hot. it makes me sick, i need to throwthe phone out of my hands. since i have put this protection layers,on the bottom and then in the flip, that is double, i can use my phone,and i have no more hot, hot phones, i can work around the phones,

i can work around my computer, i am comfortable. so please,if you have, and are not even in the positionof changing your bed, then put some of those infinity loops,under your bed or just under your sheets, where you sleep. you will create the protection fields,because they absorb, and if you are such an engineerwith those expertise, and you have the people we have, whichcan go and measure this kind of knowledge,

please do and come back with the feedback.because it works. so, you can release a lot of stress. you can create a calm environment, just with the simpleinfinity loop nano-coated, in a plastic bag that it doesn't rub ofthe nano-coating layer, and you're okay. what do you think sir? will you be able tocome and give a good feedback on this one? (ek) i, i, i suppose first saythat it's a very good advice, when it helps for you, because many,many people, in society today, are electro-sensitive.

in sweden it's actually recognizedas a disability. i don't know where it is on swedenbut there is a town in sweden totally without electricity,for those who live there, that cannot standwith electric fields anymore. i myself... have workedwith electricity for a long, long time. i'm a retired engineer now,and i have worked a lot with electricity, worked long hours all my life,and done a lot of experiments, and i'm also electro-sensitive. but somehow ithas been reduced by the...

some people thathelped me with health. it has, is somethingthat can be changed in a way. and the... about themeasurement equipment, i... firstly i think it's,it's very hard, to measure objectivelythe effect of this infinity loop. i expect so, i haven't tried. the secondproblem is the equipment i had i sold it, because it, it took a lot of energy,often it was so when i came to house, it was all... often the wife, that wasvery concerned about the mobile radiation. and the man didn't care.

so when i come to search a home,and i go through the house, that i measure the levelsin all the rooms, i get the appreciation from the wife,and i get the, not so pleasant reaction from the husband that think i'm an idiot,and i'm just a crack hit that comes with, just like snake oil in old westerns. and they don't recognize they don't recognize the amountof knowledge behind doing that. (cdr) yes. (ek) and it drained my energiesso i sold the equipment.

(cdr) aha. i want to point somethingvery important at you. and this is something not many peoplehave even stood still with. whoever has built a magrav system,and you have connected... is getting nano-coated,so you are becoming into the fields, the same as the infinity loop. because the wires are runningeverywhere up and down, you just need to switchto different contact points, because you know there are two circuits,one switch or supplying you with

your plugging in of your systems likefridge and television and whatever, but then you have a second circuit,which is connected to your light switches. so you have to apply the system twice,to nano-coat completely your house. with nano-coating which takes aboutlet's say six months to nine months, depending on the beautiful creationof your magrav system, your whole house becomeone protection dome. people have not stoodstill by that. is not only that you're reducingyour energy bill, but the magrav is servingto so many other things.

it is also at the same time nano-coatingevery single copper wire in your house, which will and is creatinga protection shield. and i'm for one hundred percent sure sir,that you'll be able to measure that. if you have a magrav or you knowwhere the magrav are working. (ek) i have, i have a very simple device,just a little screw driver, from the company i have,and that's very sensitive, and the problem iswhen we make the magravs, and especially when theyget transported a long way, the nano-coating is hurt.

and from my understandingfrom previous experiments, not in the keshe technology,but in other fields, and, and i have a spectrum analyzer,i'm able to measure several things, but these high frequencymeasurements equipment, that was something special, because itgave an average of the level of radiation. but i fully agree, the magravdoes something certainly, and you feel it,the field is so big. i live in a relatively big house,and the, and one end of the house i have the magravs, and i alsohave to say as a bit of warning,

the person that has made this,may be listening. i have a friendthat was very impatient. i said to him, "wait, wait,we make the magravs ourselves." "no, no" he said, "i want it now."and then he bought two magravs on ebay, from a person that have beenin keshe foundation. and what he delivered to mewas two magravs. and i know from things he presented,that he knows better. i got magravslite brown some places, i could see the copper,and they don't work.

of course they don't work.i have them here in the house, and one magrav i builtand i sent it here monday evening, it is connected to these two magravs. andi hope in time they will get nano coated. but they are not now. they are even madeso it is short-circuit between metal rods and so. and he gets a lot of moneyand i would bet that keshe foundation has neverseen a dime of that money he earns. that is very bad.but he gets his karma for that. (cdr) why don't you returned those magravs?you're not suppose, you're not supposed accept somethingwhich is not first of all

met by the standardsof the keshe foundation. secondly is not because... this isoutrageous because they can't do. just please return them, becausethere is not good point for you keeping, a magrav which is not assembled,first of all in the right way, and secondly he has to dealwith his creation. but you don't need to suffer becauseof his creation which is not correct. (ek) yes but you know, on ebaythere is no return option on this buy, so you cannot do it. you can only...(cdr)... you have return first. sir, i prefer to send youa perfectly working magrav,

from austria, from the team,from the doctors, but please do return those two magravs,from where they came from. let him deal with it, with his own creation.we will provide you with a new one. and i'll assure you they will be therein few days. we will take care of this. they can not do this and i'm gladyou brought this forward. but we...(ek) yes i think... i think it's bad because,this guy he is... he... i think he's a quite old studentand he knows a lot about this technology. but in germany there area lot of poor people,

germany is a much worst statethan mass media tell you about. they have been, you know,israel they want greater israel, they make havoc in middle east, generatea lot of refugee, kill a lot of people, and a lot of them has ended up in germany,and germany suffers from the expenses of all these people, and it has resulted inpoverty in germany, that is you know about. and i know that a lot of peoplein germany, they have to fightfor a living every day, and probably this is also for this guy,but it is does not, it does not make right that he sells things,that he knows better, to do it right.

the problem is i can sent them back to him,but i will never get my money back. (cdr) you don't need to sir,we will make sure, because we havea very beautiful team. we have different beautiful teams. and that is, that when peoplecome to certain positions, we as a foundation asknowledge seekers, we are there. so you will have them,somebody will contact you in background. i'm already on to it and pleasereturn those two faulty magravs. we stable, never dowhat they are supposed to do,

and the intentthey were supposed to be built for. so do not worry... we will sendyou two working magravs. and then you can give us a feedbackin a few weeks or a few months, because it takes time for themto settle at your home. but they will be created withthe right intent, and right knowledge, and the way amagrav should come. because it's from themoment you make them. it doesn't matter inwhat position you are, it is the intent, because you gonna gothrough the process of making, creating them,

you spending the money on the material,buying, making, waiting, assembling. a least then do it inthe right purpose of the intent. this is all what a magrav needs,for them to go and shine and serve, for what the purpose it was built, let the person to receive them back. i promise you.(ek) okay. (cdr) you will have two correctbeautiful working magrav systems. and in a few weeks or a few months,please return at least the information, how they are doing,and if they are enjoying to be with you. (ek) of course i will...

(cdr) thank you very much. (ek) i can also saythat these are not sold for free. two magravs that was declaredto deliver 3,2kw they cost... together these two magravs costone thousand and thirty euro. that's ... quite good price when you justthrow things together without doing it right. (cdr) it's not even the point,that they have been thrown together, it's the point that theyare not working with the ethos. because even if you make mistakes,and you can't work the right way, of assembling or you don't havethe complete knowledge to make,

the magrav you ignite with your intent,no more, no less. and this is the full secretbehind the beauty of magravs. (ek) yes.(cdr) if they don't produce, and you just keep them plugged in,they change the fields, they are already in operation. but if your intent is correct, for whatthey are supposed to serve, the purpose for whatthey are supposed to serve, as we explained in the medical teaching,as dr klaus brought forward, even a full medical system,to be as a health system,

is changing owner. because it can't servehis purpose. this is the beauty with the knowledge, inconnection of the ethos of the foundation. we teach both. if you follow the true,before you start creating, and become a creator of anything,a pain pan, an infinity loop, your intent is so important,with the feeling, and how you gonna make itfor what is supposed to serve. that man even if it is need,if he is putting the right intent, the magravs will find the wayhow to produce, to overcome his...

whatever he's short off.but it still will serve. they will still do their job. so, don't hesitate and just return them,to wherever they come from. even people which have andare in this kind of problems, please don't hold on to somethingbecause you paid for it, because if the intent is not correct,it will not do its job. (ek) yes, that's, that's,the thing that i have been thinking about... i don't think i say too muchwhen i have learned nano-coating, from an 'expert' asi would call him.

and he told me,that when you nano-coat, and you nano-coat by fire,you see the color of your aura, in the colors you makewhen you nano-coat with fire. and the field you have in your body,at that time is impregnated in the coil, and that's why it is so important. if you have a bad day, you are angry,you should never make a magrav coil. and i think the materialistic teachings,you now, i went to engineering school a lot of years ago and i learnedto think the traditional way. then in ninety-eighti was on a business trip to china,

i got vaccinatedand lost my health. and a natural practitioner restored myhealth in three months. that change my life. i recognized thatsomething was not right about the society. i had lived a good life, earned a good wage,and got lot of good things about me, around me,but i recognized this is bad. and when, when we lookat the system today, said, christen there is not calling itthe 'health system', he call it the 'sickness system'. just like the drug dealers in denmark,they, the authorities promote the vaccines

that is proven tomake young women ill. he has a list of five hundred now,my friend. and it's so terrible, we needto get a way to help them also. but, thanks to this materialistic view,i think it's beyond many people's apprehension, that the things they have taught,been taught all their life, a big percentage of that is lie. and i think that is one of the mostimportant problems we have in front of us, when we try to spreadthe keshe technology. is that this perception of the worldis so wrong.

they are not open to the reality. then if you consider everything,dead things, you will never, never ... you'll never get... you'll never get the tips of the technology.(cdr) that's why we... and the more, the more i workwith this and study this, the more i understand,is about the frequencies, because i, in my view, i considerthe ganses as frequencies generators. they have the frequenciesthat are good for the body. and just to mention the mobile phones,you have electrical specifications,

of the radio waves you transmit,it's a digital phone, digital technology. and by... and when you makea mobile phone, you have to make the... the circuit so,that it keeps to the specification, that's a lot of timing specification. and you can slightly modify this timing,without breaking the specification. but what you dowhen you change a little bit, you change the frequency spectrumof the mobile phone. and i have seen the benefitsof frequency treatment, of the human body, not keshe technology,but i got my health restored by a machine,

that, that didthe frequency treatment on me. and i've seen how,how good it was for me. and i know equally that the mobile phoneit's... emit the frequencies, you can get headache, and get ill,and get cancer, all these things. and, you can so easily, the produceror the controller of the phone, can so easily reprogram the center circuit,to make bad frequencies for you. i think that is alsoone of the control mechanism, that unwanted people get by phonesreprogrammed, so that they create illnesses. that's another thing, doesn't just an extra information.

but i... while... while i haveyour attention caroline? i... i think it was february.i bought three science books from you, but i have notreceived anything. i don't know is a problemwith the book or is... just a long time to,to do the order processing. i would like to have the books,but so far i have not got any. (cdr) i'm sorry, i got kicked out, so i missedthe last five minutes of your explanation. (ek) okay, i'm... yes,five minutes is a long time. (cdr) it's, it's...(ek) but, yeah...

(cdr) it's work which is ... kicking me out,that i cannot do anything about it. (ek) oh this... actually if you...(cdr) what was ... stop. (ek) if this sending should bemore secure, then you need an... i think you need a lot of technology,to do that with parallel circuits, and, and i worked as something in,in the communication industry. you have to make special protocols,and encrypted channels, and have maybe five or ten channelsencrypted with an extra protocol, to ensure safe,undisturbed communication, but that's also a big job to do. and manywants to harm these senders. we see that.

but i will say thank you very much,for your kind offer caroline, and i will see if i can getthe address of him, because he didn't wantany communication with me. he wouldn't give mean email address or anything, i will check if i have the box,still have the box, and i can have an addressto return the magravs. you're probably right...(cdr) yeah! (ek) maybe they are impregnatingmy house with the wrong intents? (cdr) they... you don't know the sourceof how they were created.

the magravs themselves are unfortunately,you can, you can, you can hold on to them, and see if you place them in a corner,and pay your positive intention to it, if you can't return them,and when you receive the other magravs, maybe they will and create can we say, a protection support systemfor those too, because they don't feel happy in this,in their being either. so maybe we can do somethingfor them being, beings, because they are created,they are shielding, they are vibrating,they are alive.

which my sound very... (ek) now, now you dropped out againcaroline. can you hear me? (rc) hello? caroline, are you there?see the microphone, but i think she did... have a little intermission time here. (ek) yeah. but maybe i,should also shut up. you know rick, i'm terriblewhen i start talking. (rc) well, sometime that's whena good information comes out, when we get overour initial hesitation and then, it starts kind of flowing outsometimes too.

so, it's important that let it go sometimes,and other times we need to cut it short. so... anything elseyou would like to add to that, while you have the mike open?(ek) i just say that what, what caroline was going toexplain now, is very important, and when she comes back... are you back?(cdr) i am back. (ek) okay, what you startedto explain about the magrav, i think this is a very important information,i think you should continue with that, and then i think i have to consumedmore than enough time today. so, i will shut upand listen to your explanation.

(laughter) (cdr) the magravs...i will bring you back to the beginning, of the blueprintfor the magravs. when mr keshe explainedthe beauty of the magravs, you all can go back to that teachings,the time around before, and the time of the map...the blueprint of the magrav. he explained,when you create your first magrav, you give it away, to your neighbors,to your family or to somebody in need. and then you createa second one for you.

so there is already the secrethidden within that system. if you understood the ethosof what you create as a creator, a magrav system is a full universe,working independent to serve humanity, or to serve for the purposewhatever you created for. because a magrav will be,and can be a full oasis system. if people rememberthe old pages on the first websites, we always talked aboutan oasis system. if you can find those picturesback from that time, an oasis system is a full stationof supplying, supporting, creating,

every single need you need,when you are in difficult, or let's say you have been an earthquakezone, or a devastation, disaster. that's what the name oasis was called for.your magrav has the same ability. it has not been yet, come forwardand the teachings completely, but it's a full station of feeding,it's a full station of energy, it's a living creation. the intent of your magrav, before youstart, is so extremely important, because you have to dedicate ita target, a destination, a creation for itto be able to serve.

otherwise it cannot take its pathfor what it was created for. now outsiders sometimesgo and say, you know, "your magravhasn't been completed," or "there is something wrong with it." you can adjust your systemwith your intent. you can even reconnect to the personwho made them with the wrong intent and say, "you know, i will take care of this." i will receive another oneor i will create another one. to at least replace, becausei need to supply my house,

i need to be safefor the winter to come. but i will take care of those two babiesand i will see what i can achieve by changing with my intent,their fields to become comfortable and maybe to go back to the onewho originally created them. to bring his peace as, his soulat peace, and his physicality at peace. that they can change,you will change them all. [dog barks] just one second pleaseotherwise you are going to go deaf. [silence] [rumbling sound] thank you so much, rick.

i can see, i can see that, yes,exactly, this is the oasis system. now look, look what this creation is beingexplained, how it's being explained. now it's time maybe, for you allto realize that your magrav system is so much more thanjust an energy supply system. it can feed a whole city, let alone thatit will supply you only in your house. this is the wonder behind the knowledgewhich mr keshe has not revealed yet. because the first pon... the first step whenyou become a creator you have to walk in the correct intent ofthe ethos of the purpose of your creation. otherwise you will create mayhem,you will create chaos

and this is not the purpose ofthe knowledge which has been taught. and yes sir, it is extremelyimportant to understand, that is not foolish to havea magrav sitting in a corner, which is crippled, or notbe able to function properly, and that you can position yourself togo and to direct your intent how to change or alter orwhatever your intent is to support. because, not only you will supportthe soul of the creation of the magrav, which is an entity, which was veryclearly explained by mr keshe. do not deny, do not pretendit is not there because it is there.

it is more than reality thatyou are not a fool when you direct your intent to somethingwhich is a living creation. if you understand the magnificent workbut that creation can serve you forthwith, you will sit down in your sofaand you will say, "mama mia!how is this possible?" now you have not even been ableto tap into the full potential of your magravs, because themost important thing of the ethos, the intent, was notthere from the beginning. that's why it doesn't go andexpanding more

until you get onto the same platform to be able to go to tap into thisknowledge for it to be opened up. as we are trying to synchronizeone with another that the knowledge can openand take you to a higher level. as mr kesheexplains sometimes, "i cannot make you to walk when youstill are in the infancy of crawling." it's impossible. now i'm trying to give you a viewwith this gentleman bringing this kind of topic forwardwith two magravs.

you can and be... youare the creator of it. so what... what your intent is with theethos what been taught by mr keshe? give your first magrav away,which means, your sec... your first one, and yoursecond one should be working 100%. because of theintent of the ethos that you confirm you givefirst before you receive. that's the ethos,how it works. that's why a lot of peoplehave much more achieved

but they will not step forward. somehow, they stay behindthe screens not to share yet. but i invite you to come forward for the ones we have seenthe wonders of the magravs. who have seen the wonders of whateveryou have been able to create. there are so manyin the background - [dog barks] just one second please. [silence] it's not so much - sorry, i'm back - i justdon't want you to hear topoli going mad.

it is so unbelievable that notonly the reflection of the mirror with your own eyesto confirm "i exist", through your handsyou create. when you make food, create somethingwhich is a portion of love, or a portion of hate. or aportion which will detest this taste. or they will scrapethe pot out and say, "mama, do you have more?" or"papa, do you have more?" and this is somethingthat is seem to be very difficult for a lot of peopleto come to grasp, that it is this simple.

bless your tools, bless your food,bless your handshake, bless the house you're goingto walk into, be full of gratitude. create the environment because, even yourown house is your field, is your environment. this is where youfunction as a family, that is where you decidehow this environment will be. and when it starts gettingpenetrated by outsiders, you still have tocreate a stronger field, which means you'regetting tested to see where and how, what an atmosphere you'regonna create within your own environment.

some houses you walk in, they...they feel like home because theyhave a kind or warm, because everything has beendone with love and care. and then you come into houses"huhhh hahuhhh...", they're like a fridge, because they'respotless, there's not a dust. everything is is in its place,but its like a showroom, there is no life in it, thereis no feeling in it. you have the same with shopswhich are working very intensive. you know the kassa which keeps onringing "ting aling" because they're selling.

people just keep on working.why? because the soulswhich are operating in that shop carry the right charisma,they carry the right intent. that's why their shopis working so good. when you run a business, yourbusiness can only flourish, can only grow and be... and... from the fields whatyou're shining out in that, what you create within. the same is with the magrav,the same is... this is the ethos of life. ethos is a combination of supportingfor you to understand

that you're the part wherethe pivot point sits, of the needle of the compass,[clears throat] pardon! which directionyour going to take. you gonna go north,where it's cold, or you gonna gosouth where it's warm, or you gonna to staysomewhere in the between and make the balance,to be balanced? these are all your creations, every single step, everymorning you wake up.

that's why, i try to passyou through the mirror, in front of the mirror,to change your "cup of life". because, if you make your soul,your "cup of life" to be full of joy, then you will start touching things,talking, seeing things communicating with people on a differentlevel because you're so happy inside. your creationsare incredibly important. we're bringing continuously feed-backfrom people which are doing it, how they are doing it and we're tryingto expand for you to understand, "yes i can change that notchand then this fits into my life

and i'm learning from this, this iswhere we are synchronizing with each other". because, certain topics come on the tablefor them to be opened up. if you look at the oasis system,you have more... than a pot of gold in your housethrough a magrav system. but it hasn't be touched yet, because(inaudible) really. a lot of people know, that they're not handlinga magrav's which for such a beautiful gift. they haven't been able...they haven't been handled the right way, the intent hasnot been taking up.

i don't name everybody. i do not judgei do not ...know but everybody knowssomething is wrong. it's for each individualto go back and say. can i reset my magrav's,can i reset what... maybe, i didn't understandfrom day one? or i didn't even hear it when it wasexplained, or i wasn't in that teaching. so don't start feeling guilty,don't start panicking. but, now you knowthat you can reset the system. you can re-trackyour steps and restart

and the magrav will bemore than willing to help you, to support,to walk in your path. and even as this gentlemanhas received it from somewhere else. the best intent is:if you don't find a way back for him to understandhe made something, or did something wrong,for whatever reason. then, maybe you can nourish them,like two handicap or crippled babies and re-bring them orregenerate them, give them time. or through the magrav's reach the person,because his energy is still there.

maybe, with your love and careyou can reset his intent. that from now onthrough your wish you reach him, to make sure thathe thinks and he stands still, that he knows the difference,the awareness of the difference between right and wrong. so that he can he can start makingthem the right way for everyone else. pardon. because whatever you go wrong,for whatever, there is a correctioncoming back on your path

which will make you to stand still,to reconsider, to regurgitatewhat have i done wrong? where have i been wrong? now you're all witnessof this beautiful picture which was the first one,which is the oasis system. it's been therefor years as a picture. you have managed to create it, you have managed to built it,but it's not okay yet. when the majority comes to understandwhat i was trying to explain

that is not foolish talk toand communicate with the magrav system. then you will understand whata beautiful entity you have in your home and what it canserve you in time of need. because it's fully explained on this websiteor in this picture, to serve humanity. and i’m so glad sir, that youbrought your frustration forward because it synchronizesa lot of other things which maybe were missed intentionally,not intentionally doesn't matter. but a lot of people, which were maybenot present or taking certain things up, that now they can knowand how to reorganize and how to re-change.

even the... in the soul in the housewhere you gonna live. because, you can make your homea safe haven from the energy which is... beams out from inside. you might try to find the right place,that you're far away from the... so far away from the... and that the groundis this and this and that. but, if you still build it with a empty heart,then you will still have an empty house. so what you bring into the house is moreimportant and can overcome so much more. but we're slowly all on the path ofunderstanding and sharing. so, if somebody else can come forward andshare something else, and i thank you sir.

and if you know one thing, that's why i was asking you if you know anything about bees, advise the bees, the imkers to wherethey have their ... boxes where the bees go. please ask them toadd water with the ganses. they will receive all the fields fromthe ganses by drinking the water, to stay healthy and to stay secureand to protect themselves. they will receive the ch2... throughthe ch3 they will receive the energy. the co2 will give them the power,zinc will balance them in their emotional that they can't find sufficient food. so, through those three you will balancethem, you will support the bee population.

if there are alot of imkers on and, or know imkers, you cansupport them with pleasure. just deliver them the gans waters, put themnear their cave or their boxes, whatever. you can serve the bees, for themto survive this difficult time, and to even increasetheir population. the birds, the fishes. the plants,they will all enjoy it. and, i found a secret that... it is summer time people have hotweathers in certain places on the planet. if you have a swimming pool just dump a5 liter bidon with the four ganses in it,

gans waters in it, leave little bitof mixture of the gans itself in the bidon and just let it float or sinkinto the bottom of your pool. you stabilizes... it stabilizes the water. if you position two or three and youdon't mind swimming around the bidon's water from distilled wateryou can use them. just drop them in your swimming pool,you will see the change in your pool. that's another sharing from somebody else. (rc) i've got a... sorry.(cdr) and winter... (rc) i was just gonna interject that i'vegot a great pool report ...

>from the ... there's a placethat we're converting. we're gans-ifying everything andthere's a pond and a pool and so on. so, the pool has been treated withgans water on a daily basis and the person that... that ... own theproperty is just raving about this pool water, because she can go in and ...she finds it's very ... soothing and ...leaves her skin feeling smooth comparedto the... the chlorine based pool, because they stopped using chlorinein this... in this pool as well. and ... the big thing she noticed,which you wouldn't think of normally is ...she... she's ... tends to burn easily,

she has fair skin and tendsto burn in the sun easily. so, she noticed when she goes into the pool,comes out, her skin doesn't burn, instead she tans and doesn'tget the peeling on the nose and the peeling on the ...shoulders and so on that, that someone that's sensitiveto the sun normally gets. and i'm thinking,well this is a double bonus, because we don't really want peoplethat are using the skin... the sun-blocker or oily skin creamthings to go into the pool, because it leaves a slimy oily filmon the top of the water.

so, if you can usethe gans water in the pool and it ends up giving you a good tanand you don't need the tanning lotion. mm-hm, that's a double bonusfor those people that want the best ofboth of those worlds. (cdr) you don't evenhave only this rick. when you have a pool like this,it is a health station. and the water becomes satin soft,you can feel that the water is different. when you have peoplewhich are not feeling well, let them bathe in your pool,they will come out so different.

if you take a bath with the gans water,let's say a normal bathtub, and you can add two liter to three literof gans water, even just simply co2. when you come out of that bath,after let's say ten, fifteen minutes, you glow for about two hours. you can sense your own energy fieldsas a warmth, like a blanket around you. it is absolutely amazing. so, people which are low in energy,just go and bathe yourself in the gans waters. fill your pool up, and keep it stable withthe bidons of distilled water of flask, plastic flask filled with the gans water,you keep your water stable.

but it's the fields which they are inreturn giving to you, it is absolutely amazing, because, topoliwould never go near the swimming pool absolutely horrified from water.i don't know, where he picked it up but he would not, absolutely notthat was a boy who was he was a ... he was terrified,"no water for me mama." and when we start treatingthe pool in italy, he start moving towards the poolto drink from the water he was preferring my pool waterto be drinking, than the water bucketi was placing in the kitchen for him.

so, why would an animalwhich has a water fear go near such a big hugeswimming pool? on the border and reallyhad to reach a little bit down than his own body size,to be able to drink the water. preferably above the water, i was freshlyputting in the kitchen for him every day. he wasn't touching it. so, animals know. and it show you something,if you pay attention you pick up a lot of information.

so, your magravs,do not underestimate them. when you're all ready to work within thesame and the correct intent, just read what is in,on this page. it is absolutely astonishing tobe able to have such a system. and we all know we have this kind ofdevastation zones on this planet, because she is moving,is normal. but we can give themthis kind of systems? wow! so, please even the ones whichmaybe were not there,

don't matter, you can restart,you can reset all your magravs. don't be scared about your mobilesdon't be scared about the external fields because your magrav or nano-coatingyour whole house because it's all copper wired. so, at a constant demandyou create protection. but with your intent,with your creation. there is so much more hidden inthis knowledge, you can't even imagine. and this is only in the physical matter. so, now can start imagining whatit will do in the non-physical matter.

it's a beautiful pathand it's a beautiful day and it's a beautiful journey and i cannot say enough to my parents, "thanks god i was born inthis time period of life." because, it's thanks tomy parents i'm here. and that's where the gratitude goes backto whoever was here before me. no matter if they're still alive orthey are already have past over. i still express all my gratitude to mygrandparents, my great grandparents. and whoever was before them.

because, it led to the journeythat i could appear here today. and elevate their souls. because of the knowledge i receivedtoday at this moment. i'm so happy. and this blueprint weekhas shaken me a lot. it has woken up parts of mewhich i was not even aware of. it's continuously opening doors of wisdom,doors of understanding, doors of connecting,doors of synchronizing with all of you. i'm on a beautiful journey, i hope you'reon the same beautiful journey as me.

yesterday we had a ... (technical issues) (ek) certainly caroline, and i must saythat when i started to study from keshe foundation,this has changed my life completely, taken a completely new direction. and the benefits of this technologyis so beautiful. there is so muchand it is more than true that mr keshe says, "you get from thistechnology according to your abilities." this is certainly trueand i think, one of the things i learnedin my previous life was,

a surviving course by these..these.. soldiers, you know, what's called thesespecial soldiers, 'special task', they are trained very, very, hardin order to survive in terrible conditions. and they had a course,such a management course and i was on such a course and the main thing they wantedto teach us on that course, where we get almost no food andalmost no sleep and was pressed utmost, it was, that the limits you seeyou create in your own head. you are the limiter of your life.

if you understand thisyou can move the limits. so, wherever you want. and when i listen toyour teachings, caroline and all the beautiful informationyou have given today because that is so important informationyou give today. i can also say that christian is,is in the very near future beginning to treat,with people bathing in water. and i can only recommend accordingto the knowledge i have got so far, that if you have a pool and you put inthe ganses and you swim under the water,

that will do very good for your bodyand your whole condition. and i... may i add also that the housewe have in sweden, we have a well and the water is badbecause we don't live there everyday and use the water everyday. and, i got some information that if youtake 2 bottles same size and you fill one bottle, and youfill a third of the other bottle with some gans water60 % copper oxide, 30 % coâ², 10 % zinc and you put it into the well. you have a wire connecting the bottlesso they are separated by some distance

and you of course have the wire up, so youcan put it, take it up again if you need to. if you put this into the waterthen you will have two different masses of waterso you will have a gradient, you will generate a field andthis will clean your water in the well. it is so simple to do and i gothere this week and i think and i will put it into the welland see the benefit, one more benefitof keshe technology. and thank you very much for theinformations about the magravs. i, when i look at themi think of them as my little friends,

and i want to see if i could get itto work and i am very thankful that you emit this informationthat it's actually possible to change the initial impregnation ofthis little living soul as it is, because you create the plasma inthe middle and then it is a soul. and it is possible to change this soul,so that it fits your own needs. i'm very thankful for that informationcaroline, thank you. (cdr) you are welcome, and for peoplewhich don't have a well you can go into where the connection ofyour water comes into your house you have a meter, behind the meteryou can attach the bottles

with a tape or a rope in the sameposition, but i would add even châ³ to it because that becomes a feeder for youand it is also working in a different field as we have received tests backthat châ³ is also removing bacterias and is re-stabilizingthe water. so, if you put your water,little bottles of plastic, filled up with differentlevels of gans water and you tape themaround your water pipe, which then will supplyyour whole house, your water ispassing the fields.

and they have shown itso beautiful in aquaponics in australia. they're working with it, they're harvesting,they're increasing their harvest. now, i have a few more tips, which maybepeople because they don't go to peswiki or they don't go to testimonies... if you place gans in your fridge,bottles of gans water, they can be small, you will keep your foodfor much longer time, preserved that it doesn'tgo off so fast. you can even spray your food if youcan't place your bottles in your fridge. if you go out, you can protect yourself andyour children not to get salmonella

when you go traveling on holidaysby just simply taking a spray of ch3 wateror cuo water. i am emphasizing the water.just spray on your salad, spray on your eggsbefore you eat them. you will prevent yourselffrom trapping salmonella, or any other, wherever it occursbecause they are not hygienic. you can spray your toilets. you can spray your bathrooms. you can spray your shower units,to be safe and to keep yourself safe.

if it is even so bad, that...spray it on your hands because you touch yourface continuously if you are not in a safe environmentwhen you go traveling. i will put this warning outbecause i know that the south of france, the sea,is contaminated with salmonella very bad. and i mean extremely badbecause i experienced it myself. not through me butthrough my youngest one. you go sick for three days, diarrheaand throwing-up, and high fevers. and it is salmonellabecause you can smell it.

you can reverse or prevent this conditionbefore you go in the water, to drink your waterof gans, and if you come out of the water,to make sure, to reset the process again. that's how you will protect yourselfto have a pleasant holiday. and, people with suntan,or sunburn problems, just spray your bodywith co2 gans waters, before you go in the sun, before youexpose yourself to the sun. you will be protected. and when you come out of the sun,and you have sunburns,

or your skin is itching, just use thecombination of co2 and zinc. please, if you see people sufferingfrom sunburn, don't let them suffer, because it's very painful.just hand them a bottle of water and say, "just put it on a tissueand keep it in place so it can heal." the next morning there areno blisters, there is no pain andthey will have a beautiful suntan. so you can be a walking med,on the beach, in a paradise. and maybe you didn'teven stood still by this. when you burn your hands in the kitchen,or you cut yourself,

just put your handstraight away in co2 water. you will see whatthey will do to you. it removes the pain,the stinging and the burning... it heals your skin so fast, that youcan use after ten fifteen minutes your hand again,with your fingers. and then on top of that you don'thave blisters forming on your skin. because i had thatproblem in desenzano. i burned myself badly and i only hadthe co2 kits around me producing gans. and without even standing still,because pain was so bad,

i just put my hand straight-awayinto one of the kits. i stood there for a minute. and when the pain was easing,i dared to pull my hand out. and then after half-an-hour i noticed,that i could use my hand, even on the burn spotwhich was so bad and i was so amazed. but all these arein the testimonies. when children have fevers,please wash them with co2 water. it will bring thetemperature down. still, do not hesitate to informyourself on medical level or, don't hesitate toeven contact the doctor. no.

but, you can react faster than whenthe time you can get them to a hospital. just put towels on themwith co2 water, cool the body down,but the gans will do its work. and if they can drink a little bit,let them drink gans water, co2 and zinc. you have becomedoctors of knowledge, you have becomescientists, you have becomeengineers. i cannot emphasize enough whatyou can do with this knowledge. when you go travel to...

i hate to use the word"third world countries" because that doesn't exist. this is something whichthe western world has created to show that theyare "better" than them. but i prefer to say,"if you go to africa, or india," "name it for the place whatits supposed to be named." as dr gatua brought so beautiful forward,in one of the universal council meetings, "why do we need to be called,'third world countries'?" "what is the meaning of that?i'm a human being. i am from there,"

"and i have this need, and i come thereand this is my origin!" "why do i need to be called and pushed ina corner which i don't even belong in!" "but where you go to this placedo not be fooled," "because the poverty among you, is muchbigger than where you gonna travel to." so open your eyes and try todistinguish where the real poverty is. poverty in what youdon't have on matter? or the poverty of the souls,that cannot serve? are you blind or have you reachedyour vision to see? that's the difference. travel with your gans kits.

when you go to africa,you go to india, you know that this problemis imminent, you gonna be facing. the please do, take enough gansesin your suitcases and be very generous withyour ch3, your co2 and your zinc. and your cuo you'regoing to need too. but be very generous and if you can findthe time in your own holiday time, to teach one soul,then he can teach so many, you already changedyour world of your part. because you are paying forwardfor that next generation,

that they don't needto suffer of hunger, or medical. you are the walking scientist, you arethe walking doctor, you are walking knowledgeable are a human. i always say, mr keshe always say,"we are too much human." and i couldn't understand this andhe was repeating this already for quite a few years.i could never place this, i said, "yes, of course, i am a human.i look like a human, i talk like a human, i walk like ahuman, i eat like a human." but i could not understandthe essence,

what he was trying to explain with,"being a human!" now i do. now i fully understandthe concept of what it is to be a human. that is to serve the purpose,why i am born as a human. to acknowledgewhere i can give. not to stayand sit in my chair. but to get out of the chair and just walk,and work on my pathos, so... so many thingswhich are so beautiful. and you become part of itbecause you want to connect.

as the gentleman before me said, "you are only your own limitation.and you have to have no fear to expand." to see that there areno limitations, or nothing. that's what exactlywe encourage our children. we teach your childrenthey have no limits. they can go up the ladder and climb,they can take the risk of falling down, they can go and play footballand break a leg. why don't we expand our own limitations,which we have created by building up walls? you're your own existence.

so, shall we do a lot of correctionswith the magrav's please. we build them, how we makesure they reach other people with the right intent,that at least we can discover the knowledge of what their trulyintent was when they were created. that they can serveas oasis system. that ismy wish... today, that the peoplewhich are creators start creatingwith the right intent, that we can go to ahigher level of understanding,

that the doors of knowledgewill open up to us, because we will make thatlimitation to disappear, to receive more. because, this is exactly what is hiddenin mr keshe's knowledge. you make the first move,i can open the fields. i can inspire you more becauseyou brought it to, in front of me, because i can'tdo it for you. you have to give me the initiativefor me to give you more. because with what you give me, i can understand the level ofwhat you have reached.

the platform you haveachieved to become and there he is out ofnowhere poof! [snaps fingers] he just appears and he opensa door which you say, "my god!" that's whywe have evolved. you know, everybody whohas been in the teachings, especially onthe thursday mornings, have witnessed something,if you can recollect in your memory. every time we were, let's say even thetime when we started the magravs, the enthusiasm, the interest,the sharing, the building up of it.

suddenly, mr keshe startteaching in different levels, he brought different topics,he was opening so many doors. we, we were like on a wave of elevatingto a higher level and we all sensed it. and then it returned again with the,unfortunately, the accident with fabio. the death of fabio had broughtsuch a change into the foundation it is hm...unbelievable! i hope and i wish we will share the videoof naomi. she has changed so much. i informed giovanni, that we will bringit forward, because he shared it with us. but i want mr keshe to be therefor him to share it with us.

because i have to feed you but i willnot take the honor because it's his work. i... i respect his workwhat he's done with naomi because i saw itbefore with neela, i've seen a girl coming backto life which was... a vegetable. now, we have thefull reversal of coma. we have the potentialof fully reversal of autism, of people which didn't do the switchby birth, from the water world to the air. we have receivedso much wonders! now, do we have to worrywhat is going wrong?

or, shall we startworrying what we can do? because we can'tmeet the needs fast enough by being creators anddelivering the knowledge. i think we should be moreworried with the last one. because the more we deliver, the fastermr keshe is opening more doors to teach. he brings you every timea higher level of understanding. he brings you,he serves continuously. he's bringing you up in aupward spiral of knowledge. and if you haven't noticed, butin the last 3 years we have gone

continuously like a wavethrough the whole foundation. oh there we go again.and everybody feels so good. this is what thisblueprint is bringing it just moves us so much forward,it's a wave we're getting pushed. our souls arereally pulling us! now, if we restart from tomorrowor tonight or this afternoon and we are really aware whatwe create and even from our creation that we will give it to something elseor hand it over to somebody else but with adifferent intent,

you will see what youwill start receiving more from the foundationthrough mr keshe. there are so many gifts ready to begiven to mankind, you have no idea! he debriefed vince and rick and meand a few others in the background. i have so many more gifts toshare with you in the next few days. so be ready with your intent,that those gifts will be revealed for humanity andfor each one of you. the first one whichwe dedicated a wish to, is... thebanking system.

if you analyze that wish? the purpose of the wish is that"not a single soul will suffer". so, what we were trying to start talkingabout, what is wrong in the world. this is the reverse of it becauseit has already been created as a wish and it's beenconfirmed. my wish is my commandthrough all of you in unity that, when the banking systemopens its doors and is ready to go and when it gets activated,not a single soul will have to deal withstarvation or any shortcoming.

the second part is... that humanitywill make sure it keeps its abundance. for every singlesoul on this planet. what can youwish more for? why would you worry for what youstill notice today in the physical world? when you actually already changedthe whole environment of energies for this tobe changed. why do you havedoubts about yourself? i bring back to 'pay it forward',that boy didn't see it either but at the same time, simultaneously,it was working so fast, and it was

touching so many souls,because he was the ignition! so, the foundation,mr keshe is the ignition. we will and wealready see so much witnessing so much changesand still there is a doubt in your soul, and there is a fear in yoursoul as a knowledge seeker? and there is still a but! i don't understand... so, i think we're going to haveto pass the mirror a little bit more few times a day,to fill up our cup of life,

that even, that doesn't evenhave an inch of a drop to put the fear in it, adoubt in it or a but in it! that you can walk withthe full cup of life, the whole day, asthe boy created. as mr keshe has createdthe same path for all of you. we even tackled one of themost difficult points yesterday. we alreadyworked on it. and that is that we are evenin three wishes, make sure, that we make sure theydo not touch children anymore,

that they come to thepoint before they do that they realize the differencebetween wrong and right or rightand wrong. the second wish is that we arealready protecting our children. and the third one is, that the oneswho already have been victims of that will be releasedfrom their suffering. now, maybe you thinki am a fantastic? but no! you have to because of yourconfirmation, "i am present", you have to letgo of that energy

to give it to the universeto... for it to be created. for it to manifest itself in thematter-state because you are a creator, so you need time for it tocome back to manifest itself. if you hold on to it and you neverlet it go because you're scared and you have no trust, and you have fearand you have buts for this and that. how do you want to create when you don'tlet it go for it to be able to manifest? when i create a soul,when i create a wish. i make sure mywish is complete. i finish my wishand then i let it go.

because when i let it go, i give it thetime, the fields, the energy, the intent and i distance myself, i do notmuddle anymore on that wish! because if i change the fieldi'm going to delay my wish! it's like ordering something on the internetand you keep on changing your order. when are going to receive it?never... or in six months time. because you're causing a lot of problemsfor the one who is receiving your order because he doesn't knowwhat you want to do with it. because you keep on changing your mindfrom yellow to red, from red to brown, from brown to doesn't work.

you can't muddle anymore once you havecreated your, what you want to create. you got to let it go. give have to give... let it go! let it manifest and thenyou will see the fruits of it. because then it comes back and you knowwhat the beauty is of it, 14 days! you don't needto wait a lifetime, you don't need to wait months,you don't need to wait years, you don't need to waitfor next generations, because it will manifestin front of you... in 14 days you will see the energies taking shapeof your wish, which is your command.

if you let it go. that means youhave given it so much energy, that it can manifest itself, and detachyourself from meddling with it! changing it,because you're not sure. if you understand the way of wishing, howit works and how you can create. my god! we can change this planetwithin 14 days... all my loved ones! all my beautiful souls, you have the powerin 14 days to change the whole, everything on this planet, but we haveto unite, we have to know what we're doing, we have to understand what we're doingand then we can release it. and then not to worry about anything,because it's already done

because you confirmed"my wish is my command." shall we do this? shall we unite ashumanity to confirm we are this powerful as creatorsto achieve this level? that by the 2nd andthe 3rd of august we have a completionof world peace. that's my wish! as humanitywe will reach peace for every single soul, everysingle being on this planet.

my wish is my command!i am present. (rc) thank you caroline,i am present [chuckles]. (vv) thank you caroline,i am present. (sk) thank you caroline,i am present. (fm) yes, thank you caroline,i am present, flint. (ek) and erik is present.thank you. (kp) this is klaus,i am present. (jw) my wish is my command.i am present. (cdr) this is the blueprintweek people.

this is the manifestation fromhumanity for humanity on this planet. and everything which isworking, living, sharing with us, to become peaceful creatures,in full understanding. mr keshe always said, "the real intentwill manifest in the creation of it". you cannot createif your intent is not present. that's why you confirmwith "i am present". (vi) i am present in your wish caroline,this is from valerie in tenerif. and this is a beautifulblueprint teachings or these are the beautiful blueprintteachings which mr keshe ignited.

it's unbelievable, what we are sharing,what we are present in. we're not onlyreceiving knowledge we're not only receiving windowwhich is beyond our imagination we are receiving so manygifts from each other and we were creatingthe biggest gift for mankind for humanityand for our planet. and you're all inthe process of creating it. so, every morning whenyou go and stand in the mirror, for the last few daysof the blueprint teaching.

i hope when you say,"i'm beautiful" i hope you will attach the same wishof, "i wish peace for humanity" and "i am present"because you reflect yourself. that beautiful beingwhich will start smiling and then walk the rest of the day,"i'm a peaceful human being". "i acknowledge thati am a wisher for peace". so, you will multiply your creationsby continuously feeding it. and letting it go. but when you look in the mirrorand you look at yourself

and you look atthe stars in your eyes... have you seen children which areabsolutely healthy, absolutely joyful? their eyes are not eyes,their eyes reflect stars, they have lights in them. now one day, you will comeappear in front of that mirror and you will see the same reflection ofthat beautiful stars, gazing back at you. has anybody elsesomething to share please? (at) tonight we arrived itsthreshold of the knowledge. everyone, i know that everyone feelsin their heart, in their whole existence

that this, tonight's understanding, every dayis a new day, every knowledge is a new day, every day is a new us, but tonight'sis like we're, we're biting out of that, the... the knowledge, amount of knowledge,the understanding has come to a point we can see that threshold,we really do at the moment and for the onesthat are new listeners, whoever is joined,just now, just take it as it is, because everyday is being repeated with an intention,intention it has to be inflicted. tonight was just like,"oh my goodness",

is, it's up to my... my throat,is i'm about to cry. it's something thatcannot be expressed. but, it is what it is,we have to take it. if you're a new listener,just take it as it is, and take your days, is going to be understood and it is going to be very easyfor individuals to digest it that... i couldn't stop myself! thank you...i'm stopping now. thank you very much. (??) hello(cdr) why would you stop? why would you stop you haveso much more to share?

(at) i know but... it is... i alwaysfeel like i'm ... occupying... (cdr) no(at) and forcing in kind of way and... yeah. (cdr) no! you don't... (at) okay thank you.(cdr) because you hit the... you hit the point, at the right point!so, please do share more. (at) well... okay. well when you say that,that change... it changes everything [laughs] that's the... that's the,i... i burst it out, it... it had... the... the drops,the knowledge ... where we use the,

other words, it's justcame out of me, i couldn't stop it... wha... what i couldn't stop was... was ...the understanding, the feeling that, the emotion that i... i carried andi cherished and i have understood, i just came to a point that i couldn't takeit any more, like i had to say something which i have and i would love to inflictand... give the inspiration to others to be able to... understand it, not,nobody has to come out here but... (cdr) this is exactly whyi brought you back because you were exactly expressingyour emotion, which is beautiful! (at) well thank you. this is, this iswhat has to be, come to a point then.

...who's going to reach that point whenand how, it depends on the understanding and how you digest it. you can allowyourself, it is really possible, you can allow yourselfto be able to understand it! and you can justkeep telling yourself. what is keep telling yourself?is actually, is your soul wants to... you know, talk andunderstand and everything else. thank you, i... i... i am,like i did the other day, i don't want to go into very...because i lose it, the emotions as you said, thati can't stop, cannot be stopped! [laughs]

unless i, unless i... say so... this isour free will. i can do that easily and... but, well we're going parallel aren't we?i love the... because of you that i'm, i had to do this, so why am i... why, whyshould i push it? it should go parallel, i... i wish other people would enjoysharing, is something where you can be able to control your drama within youto be able to stop your emotions ...where your physicalitywants to outburst. i know i really do feel thatlike it can never be stopped, as i have described it,but physicality can be contained, nothing can bestopped but contained

you can contain it and thenjust like hold it and release it not in one go but in slow... out ofslow bursts, so that you don't... you... you... you willenjoy talking otherwise. (cdr) [laughs](at) yes caroline that is all i have to say [laughs] (cdr) thank you so much!where are you from, sir? (at) i'm from istanbul, turkey. (cdr) you're from turkey and yourname please, if we may know? (at) my name is alper tetikoäÿlu...yes alper.

(cdr) we communicate a lotin the background sometimes. (at) i know that's my containing,that i can... i can that much contain! (cdr) [laughs](ap) if i'm talking believe me i'm out of. (cdr) you're a waterfall(at) pardon? (cdr) i said, when your talkingyou're a waterfall! (rc) [chuckles](at) very liquid, we can describe that. (cdr) [chuckles](at) yes, liquidity is the... is... i don't want to open it up... that'smy emotion you see, i can't stop it, i have to open it upand just reveal it , as if i am...

but this is being liquidity,as it comes from, floats from... ...taking the whole common denominatorof whoever is listening right now, it's not just us, is the ears and the eyesthat are reading are being affect within me and within us, all of us,at the same time simultaneously, so that i get this in... inspiration,otherwise, no one should really reveal themselves super heroesbecause there's no such thing! ...what we're talking, what we haveunderstood within our community, within our... what i'm... meaning bythe community is earth, whole thing! it's not part of us, it's not just us. atthis very point, it's just perhaps our...

soul is looking towards everything.thank you so much. (cdr) thank you so much alper. thank you(at) i love you, bye. [laughs] (cdr) love you... bye bye.(mr) hello, can you hear me? (cdr) yes who is speaking?(mr) my name is marius and i am from romania. and... i honestlyi am very glad to hear you all... all these days in a row, i don'tknow how many and... some of you becomevery, very emotional and that has beentransmitted to me as well, least the other day... i havesome experiences to share as well.

...i am very new to applyingsome of the keshe foundation because i'm still trying to understandmore and more, everyday. my first gans that i producedit was a... zinc oxide, so... just in a couple of weeks,it changed my wife's family's... let's say... state of being,they are more peaceful in a way and... it solves alot of... soul problems. and... what i was shocked was... thissunday was my mother-in-law's birthday. so she... she was given, a bouquet of flowers and ... they were almost out of life,i don't know the term in english,

but they were dying, let's say,so when we reached home, we put these flowers into water, aglass, and that was zinc oxide water.. it was in my very own eyes,in the front of my eyes, in a couple... in a... in a... in a half an hour,the flowers came back to life, they was, they were growing in frontof our eyes and we were just watching and we were amazed.just in a half of hour, they were like glowing and opened andthey smelled very, very beautifully. and... and i think this is the proofthat... when we... create these gans and put our intentionsand our love into it...

it ... gains more power and ... thispower is transmitted to everyone. and... i think... among all of theseingredients we put into ganses, we might put some intentionsof, or sparks of creativity because we now can doall sorts of things for people and i'm glad that i'm here with youbecause i can hear ... people haven't lost their souls andthey are very, very great event they want to, to dosomething for this world. and ... i think our creativity can bringsome changes into the next years on our planet, because we seethe roads are full with cars.

we don't have anywhere to go becauseof the cars are being part of the.. i don't know what it's called,we don't have where to go... so, if we have levitating cars, let's say,or we have different transport which is more friendly to usand more safe... safer ... i think this willbe an improvement. if we bring our imagination inbuilding houses, more friendly houses, more safer place to live in ... to improve our educational systems, to improve our health,

...agriculture, when i say health, i'd say hospitalsand way of treating people i think we can build these deviceswe can come up with different ideas on how to build some, let's say,machines or chairs, different designs, and everything, becausewe have all we need to bring this. we just need some courage and a bit of... imagination and creativity to come forward. ...maybe the world as it's ... now, let's say ... you know,as this system, how it works now ...

there's ... institutions that are... responding to governments and governments responding to, let's say,other entities which are not ... you know cases in our favor,they don't work in our favor they just need new, let's say,clients for the pharmaceutical industry. and, if we manage to have this institutionto work for us and not against us in those cases i think our worldwill be pretty much changed. i touched a lot of subjects, i thinkyou all could get something from it. (cdr) we are already inthe changing process that's for sure, and asmr keshe had announced

we are already progressingin all this different levels, to tackle and to removewhat is harmful for us, because i think... i think... sorry to bring it forward,but maybe it may be a wake-up call. and this is ... not to put fear, no way. but to remind you of something whichmr keshe brought in his public teaching, on a thursday morning

when he brought japan on the table. when the first, adversary camewith japan he said,"they have a different agenda." they have acknowledged,that the knowledge. pardon! will bring and will be workingin the benefit of humanity. maybe a lot of knowledge seekers havemissed the point, what he added to it. he said they havea different agenda. they want todepopulate this planet,

because they think we're gonnabecome with too, too, too many. that the resources will not be available,that this will be and this will be. and they want to keep thatfreedom to their disposition, as they are the rulers of this planet,or they even have the right to take that kindof position of power. this is why this blueprinttoday is here, already for so many days. to bring the change, that everysingle soul that has the right to be born on this planet, has theright to have a position,

has the right in freedom to haveeverything it needs to be a happy soul. this is what they understood. and they haven't accepted it,that they don't need to live in fear that they will nothave enough, and that they will want to carry onwith the structure they were building. they're trying to maneuver in everysingle level and every single form for humanity toexpand as beautiful souls and don't even have the rightto be born and emerge on this planet. when mr keshe said,"this is a nursery station for every soul."

and the more souls which are comingand emerging on this planet, are more than welcome andneeded for the balance of the universe. so, what the heckare they trying to play? maybe none of you stood even still,but i did. i have a very funny problembecause i always listen to what is said. somehow i understand every single wordin the context it's being said. and it doesn't go over my head andsomehow, somewhere it gets registered and now today it justpops out of my main, my mouth. something just brings it backbecause you brought these topics up,

it triggered a memory thatthey are planning to depopulate a nursery of the universe,a nursery of beauty. a nursery of beautiful souls,beautiful creations. they want toput a restriction on it? that is not possible,they can forget about it because you can't stop life,you can't stop creation. have they been able to stop the otherplanets and other universes and galaxies to emerge, to create, to come tofull blossom of their own creation? do they have a say in their log bookshow much you can produce about something?

i don't think so? now maybe, you will come to understand,why we have a universal teacher amongst us who has that freedom. when you realize this,this is our 'freedom key' but in the right position,not on and in what we see and does. not to become an example of whatthey have tried to show us to follow. they blinded us, they diverted us,they misguided us, they misinformed us they restrain us, we aremore than aware of this. because you bring it forwardin every step, you can feel the pain.

you're trying to bring forwardwe're suffering from this, we are suffering from that,we are suffering from vaccinations, we are suffering this,we are suffering from injustice but you never stood still,why is this all in place? it is in place because a feware thinking that they can restrict the abundancy of creation. they are thinking that theyhave the right and the power to restrict thesource of creation. no way!

i'm sorry,it's not working that way. it cannot be. because the universe will loseso many beautiful souls and every soul is so importantbecause it's an energy it feeds the whole galaxiesit needs you all, every single one of you to recreate, to become something newin a different platform. this is what this teaching hasall been about with mr keshe. he's explained your journey he's explainedwith what and how you can become creators. and what your destiny is,to become a new planet

a new life form, a new source ofwhatever you decide what you wanna be. as a creator. this is just a physical stationbecause this is where souls are created. so you don't go andslaughter a nursery do you? now maybe you will come tounderstand why mr keshe has emerged here. with what he is carrying today ... no way ... he can st... no way they can stop this abundanceof flourishing beautiful souls. if you go back to theteaching after the death of fabio,

he explained very clearly, how they and where theyhave been misguiding humanity. go back to that teaching please. do not inter... misinterpret the handsigns of the universal council language or universal community languagethat you need to learn as a soul. because it tells a lot. all the information isin those few sentences which are next to those pictures. learn them by heart.

that's your conduct as asoul through your humanity, through your physical vessel. you apply that languagewherever you wanna go. even on planet earth you will alwaysbe in respect of any other creature. you can't go wrong. they have molded and dis-formed, you can see it in thepictures even in the last g20. people even made it a very funnything to be very careful with glue. now ...

if you go back to the intent,what they will trying to massacre here on this planet. and now you connectedto the beautiful teacher, now you understand whyhe emerge among all of us. because we are treasured rightacross the universes and the galaxies. because we are acreation systems of new souls, we are a creationsystem of beauties. but, now we are receiving at the sametime, because we are diverting the path through the true sense ofwhat we are created for

and why this nursingsystem of souls is here. the whole universe, the whole galaxy,the whole community they are all present. the ones which were in dubaiknow they have seen them, they welcomed us. because we stepped on aplatform of change of evolution. we have elevated our souls because wewalked on a platform to start the councils. the councils carry one message to bringbalance on this planet in it's full beauty to express the colorblue which is love. they are here, they are present, theyare among us, they are supporting.

we open the doorsthrough our wishes. we are manifesting the reality of atrue nursery from the galaxies, universes because they need those, they need usnew souls to come and recreate and expand. if we are not born we can't exist. then everything will cease to exist. now you understand theimportance why you're here? the beauty you are? it is in the teachingshe explains it every day. in every teaching he is expandingto for you to come to understand

who you are, what you are. i brought it back in my firstor my second teaching i said, "you are so important,you are so beautiful." you have such a beautifuljourney in front of you. you are the creator, "you just need to come to understandhow you can create, where you can create." but, you're in a training phase you' we're infants. our babies don't start walkingwhen they're just born do they? as we on a nursery they evenwanted to stop us being a nursery,

because theywant to decide how many ... energy is in full abundance, theynourish and they treasure every single inchwhat is called energy. because it's a light. they cannot discolor it,they cannot stop it from shining, they cannot stop it from emerging, because this is what thiswhole creation is about. creating, recreating, supporting,giving, sustaining, recreating this is how this whole whateveris existing from the source.

you can not change asingle grain in goods creation and gods creation is all of you. so, if you can not takeone grain of sand because you will change the imageof the creation of the souls of the intent of the totalitywhich is including all your souls. that means you can't steal. so, don't pick up this grain ofsand which is not yours because you will change the image andthan the whole beach is changing. so keep all your grains of sand in theright place where their supposed to be.

that's why this teachings allgoing higher and higher and higher. because the protectionhas arrived for this nursery to keep on creating beautiful lights. they need guidance, they needdevelopment, they need taking care of but they are doingit with love and care. now if you come to understand to nourishevery single soul which is getting born in all its respect of his beauty. these are our wishes whichwe are creating every day and when are more creatures which isare coming different parts and different...

because, you're bringingthe needs on the table so we create the wishfor it to be changed, all of us. we just form the words but you're creatingit by saying "i am present." nobody has the right tochange if you wanna call it 'god' i'm ... more than welcometo use the word god. if you want to callit 'creation', no problem. if you want to call it'source', i have no problem. if you want to call it a'universe', i have no problem.

we are creators. you can't changethe image of its creating. they wanted to reduce anursery producing beauty? i can't imagine. it's not allowed because the wholepurpose of the source, creation whatever you name it. is there to operate to becomeabundant in more and more and more. because there is no end onexpansion. there are no limits. you have the ability tobecome a new planet like earth.

now can you realize. you as a single soul canbecome a full planetary system with all the abundance whichmother earth has been providing us. that's you. and they want to contain it,they want to reduce it, they want to eliminate it?excuse me! now you come tounderstand how beautiful you are? why you're nourishing each otherbecause you all felt the danger something is really,really, really wrong?

now go back to theteachings he explains it to you. you are important ...importancy of existing. creating more souls,emerging more souls. you are protected, you are guided. now it's time to grow up. now it's time to takeit on your shoulders to create the abundance of infinityfor whatever you gonna travel. they're not going to shutdown this nursery, are they?

i don't think so. we have so much more to learn,we have so much more to give. we have so much moreto create and to be grateful for. does anybody from you remember thething when he said, or a different topic? or, can you add to this, whatyou think how we will develop? or, where we are going in our journey,how did you or how do you feel? can you come andshare it with us please? (at) intention shapes your words. words are a breath, which beingshaped by your physicality,

your throat,heaps it all out. when you look at it into themicroscopic level, your every moment, is being detected by the science,today's science, as a muscle reflexion, like, its pumping. our intentions reflected by ourphysicality, if you would like to... what i'm saying byintentions is our soul, i mean we came tothis point haven't we? is reflected by it and your words comesout your... comes out of your throat by an effect of your soul's reflection,by your intention, from your physicality.

it's like a mirror, as we mrs keshe said, "look at the mirror",that's what it is! you... that's what you look at in a, into aloop of, of... interaction, all the time, that's just what we do really, won't we.what... is that what we're not doing? i don't know... have we notcame to this understanding? wake up, just do the loop,we're doing it, aren't we? every time, simultaneously, doingthe same thing ... within the ... moments, moment by moment that we createthis reality before ourselves... is just, it makes it some kind of,when you come to a point,

you, you play with your... toys, andcomes to a point where you get bored and then you understandit's your illusion. [laughs] it's like, okay, where was i, like,it's like, it's a deep... ... ...stop point. that's what happens.we're playing with our toys, it comes it has come to a point wherewe need, really need to stop and continue, isthe intuition isn't it? is it not? it's the intuition... is,is really, is teasing at the moment because of our knowledge,knowledge came to a point with...

...keshe foundation... with our living,everything is combined, it's not just. foundation, it's every, everyone of ushas our own gathering, it's inevitable. up until to a point ... what is inevitableactually is, is that we're in the segment of the ... understandingthat is going to grow. that's how we have to take the ropefrom now on, to be able to... just pull it, really and... and we're...we're here. thank you. (cdr) you're welcome.thank you. anybody else? (ek) ...allow me to mentionone thing i forgot.

(cdr) yes.(ek) ...i have... tried and tried to figure out... why i onlygot limited heat in my house. we got the explanationabout putting the ganses and we got the explanationabout putting nano-coated plates but i don't thinkit's the full story. my understanding,when we harvest energy. and heating the house isa form of harvesting energy, this happens because wehave interactions between fields. and, in my understanding, in order toharvest energy, usable energy, you need... one situation atleast what i understand, you need a static field andyou need a dynamic field. in the magrav you have the three balls,with different materials in them and it creates a gradient and the gradientis the cause of the field of the balls. you put the balls in thecenter of the... magrav coils so, the environment for themagrav coils is the static field. then when you connect your magravto the grid, you add the ac voltage to it and it's around... plus,minus 330-40 volts and together with the gansesand the nano-coating on the coils

you get a dynamic field. this dynamic fieldgenerates polarization and from this polarizationyou generate extra plasma. and by converting in the plasma capacitorsyou get usable energy for your house. when you are a newbie to this andyou have never had a magrav you don't have the fieldsof the magrav in your house. and if you listen to the teachings,put the gans bag in your room and two nano-coated plates,you will experience a little, but not sufficient to heat the housebecause the fields are too weak

and the amount of energyyou can harvest is too little. the lady i learnt from, she hadpreviously made magravs, so i think that her apartment has been impregnatedwith the fields from the magrav. so when she added these plates,it was just a minor addition. what was really working there was all thefields having a very strong static field and the fields from themagravs that has been there plus the ones that wasthere, not connected. in all my trouble to find out whyi didn't get heat and there was heat otherwise, other places,i had been thinking a lot about this.

and as soon as i gotthis assembled magrav, that i brought home from africa,and i assembled it here. as soon as i got that working,the temperature was there. so, it is a matter of how strong the fieldsare because if this... it, it's, in my mindit's very logical that if you have weakfields, you harvest little energy, if you have strong fieldsyou harvest much more. so, for all of you who wantto heat your house with this, you have to make the ganses,you have to make the gans water,

you have to position the gansin your rooms, as you should. and it has to be orientated accordingto the magnetic field of the earth, to get the best results andyou have to add the magrav, in order to get thestronger dynamic fields. then you obtain the interaction between thestatic fields in the rooms and the magrav. and it's surprising how strong thefield is from the magrav even though it has a lot of hurts in the ... in thenano-coating and not perfect yet that it can reach from oneinto the house to the other. that the cellar floor...

(at) magrav unit has no polarity. (ek) no, no i ...(at) magrav unit has no minus and plus. magrav unit initiates itselfwithin its understanding from its observational point of theperson who interacts with it. what you are expressing your interactionmeans your understanding of all. your interaction is unique. every persons interactionwith magrav is unique. there are no polarities,there are no minus and pluses. where we cometo understand ... am i ...

have i been, am i talking? (ek) yes, you are.(at) can you hear me? okay. (ek) yes, i think,i think you have to, you have to understandwhen i talk about polarity. this is created from thealternating voltage you put to it. i have worked with this for manyyears without nano-coating and this is not the ohms lawor something like that. (at) yes sir. (ek) there are scientificpapers on this also.

(at) well yeah i know,i know those. (ek) i don't, i don't need. maybe i shouldnot speak about this in this forum but ... but the key point, in my understandingis that you have a static field and a dynamic field and the interactionbetween those two fields ... (at) what we, what, what weare talking about is the third-state or the within theunderstanding of today’s physics. what... when it's been nano-coated it,it leaves this earth, it goes on to a statewhere it is i, i say is the forth. is not the name that gives the stateof it, it's the gap that it's been created

by the interact on of the extensiveheat creates that space. once that ... we need to understandour ashes better, carbon. we need to understandour essence of our creations, mud and water and,and the other, other materials, that all combined and never mind aboutthem we are on different level right now. and we are on a spacein between the forth matter. that's all i can say and we're moving ontowards the fifth one, the... to the plasma-state wherewith mrs caroline keshe's... all those understandingand tellings, it's all...

all towards that mission,all towards that ... i'm sorry winding, polarity,where are we now? i wanna understand...(ek) yes, but... (at) what, what physicsare we talking about? where have we arrived? and material sideof it, is an essence of when you look atit from the, from the ... the ... eyes of, of ... at least pretendto look at it from the other side when you see it, it makes...makes it all obsolete.

i donna, i don'tknow what is. (ek) i think with all respect, i thinkwe misunderstand each other a bit because communicationis difficult. communication is what we say the gest...gesture, is the intonation, the emotions and the previous knowledge. when i talk about fields idon't talk about electric fields. i talk about the plasma. that's one thing ... and there is also ...(cdr) one thing i ...

(ek) one, one, one more thing.i also describe myself as an 'newbie' but as soon as i get some workingdevices i start measuring them. because, i also want to put a littlebit of ... new things into the knowledge because i want tomeasure and understand more and it can be measured i'm sure. because there will alwaysbe an interaction between the plasma andthe ordinary electrons. it cannot bypass completely. you can make something thatcan react to it, i'm sure and i will try.

i ... in many discussions ihave met this people accuse me of thinking fully traditional but ihaven't done that for ten years. i have learned a lot about ordinaryelectronics, ordinary radio waves and ordinary emissions. but i think i have lifted myselfabau... abo... above that now. but the problem is that,all the equipment we have so far is working in theordinary known world. what we need is methodsto measure the plasma to in order to be able tomeasure what we create

in order to make some other creations,compare them and improve them. (at) well, that's so simple,method comes under the each individualsatmospheric condition. that is unique, that condition is belongabsolutely and wonderfully just to you. but the totality of the understandingis general that collapses everyone. that's your own uniqueformula we are talking about. that's where, where, where youare living is your own ... serenade, that's your own beauty, that'syour own creation is unique because you're an individual.

are, are we allrobot, robots or ... how can we create a formulaare we all robot... robots? it's impossible...(ek) no, no ... (at) no way, we are all individuals. so therefore all the systemcollapses because of it. that's what we'retrying to do. we are all individuals, we are bring...we trying to un... bring down the understanding to individual... affection, love. what is the combinationwith all that?

what we can ... just within your littlecommunity is being able to create this ... i talking to a wall?i don't know. am i talking to a,a crowd? i don't know. i'm just talking from myheart, whoever guess it. i'm not again anybody but justbursting yer out of the ... is just ... i can't say, "i don't love you man."(laughing) i just so love you because youlet me talk, you let me talk like that. do you know what i mean? this is the ... this is theinteraction that we're having and ...

whatever yousay i'm so loving it. so that you loving me with myunderstanding i can give you an answer and ... that is the, that is theunderstanding, that's what i understand. am i wrong? i don't know. but you, you're, what youtalking about is me, actually. you're talking about me. (cdr) the beautiful thingis that these gentleman the, the, i cannot pronounceyour names because i can't read it, i ... you want to combinethe two in expressing, thinking

in the two differentstates in the plasma. but trying to come and bring it inthe communication for the ones which are not aware ofthe plasma fields to become, to try to bring it into a tangibleexplanation that you at least can manifest what thiswhole topic is doing. what you are sensing, whatyou can see, what you can register. you are trying very hard to find a wayhow to express it in the matter-state that you can visualize it andbring it in a visual point that people can cometo understand.

but you are correct inwhat you have explained, you need to create that it canstart moving, that's the dynamic. if you don't, the doctorsare explaining it very simple, if they start talking aboutexplanation about anything, but on medical level theyalways say your position 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 or 3 to 2because you need to create the dynamic of the fields. and i think that is what youexactly wanted to express into your magrav systemwhich is so dear to your heart

because you have beenworking in that environment. so you really on a quest to combinethe two which are so different. and try to find a wayto express its that. in the matter-state the peoplewhich are still in these field that they can at least connectof a point of understanding. but you are correct thatyou need create a dynamic otherwise it will not work. that's why you need toconnect the magravs to a fridge because there is a pulse inthere which makes it to move.

it's like a heartbeat. if you can't find a heartbeatin your magrav system it won't work. that's another thing, that'swhy the advices came out when you connect yourmagravs connect the first thing in the first plug to your fridgebecause your fridge has a thermostat. that thermostat switcheson every time the temperature is not cool enough in yourfridge, so it gives a pulse. so you create aheartbeat of feeding. your physicality is alsokeep on going through a heartbeat

so it has to have a pulse. the pulse has been verywell explained by mr keshe in the sequence how it works. your magrav is no different. you can not activate somethingwithout giving it the pulse of life. but your firstpulse is your intent. and then you can start exploringwhat you want, how you want it and then you can seein the state you created what pulse is gonnagive you a feedback.

you're a cheeky one, you're a naughtyone, you're a very energetic one so it will nano-coat yourhouse in a minimum of time. you're a patient, more quiet personyour house will go most probably very calm nano-coatingsprocess. so, it reflects the creator,it reflects the intent, it reflects what you gonnagive it because is a give and take. it has received life from youbut it needs a kick-start point for it to feed you back. so it's a give and take

as it was explainedto the mozhans. now you have to learnhow to fill up your own cup, to get kick-started to become abeautiful walking magrav system or whatever you wanna call it. but you're not feedingyour own soul for it to grow. magravs are workingon the same level, star-formations areworking on the same level. if you can understand the interactionof how it should be very easy for people to come to understand how theycan kick-start the magravs from today.

how to surround them withthe love and the care by you giving they will return the gift. that's the purposeof this whole energy. you always receive it, created fromsomewhere to come back, to give it back in this generosity, nowhow generous are you. how generous are youin your giving to create. because now it's relayingback on you how generous are you towardsyour own soul. this is what mr keshewas trying to teach.

first give to learn how to receivefor then in exchange to give more. that's how you increase your fields,that's how you expand your fields. and it is beautiful the differentpaths you're working of thinking and trying to analyze andtrying to position yourself. keep on going because nonis wrong as mr keshe said. it's just what path are you walkingfor you to create your reality. keep on feeding itin the correct way. nobody is misunderstandingnobody. it's just an addition to a gift

which has changed thepolarity to bring something else. (ek) i fully agree caroline. and we all have to recognisethat this technology is the. totality of life and creation. and, considering the complexity ofthis, not maybe not in the basic principal but in the ways we canuse this for the benefit of this planet andits, its inhabitants. there is so many angles to it. and i'm in the lucky position tohave equipment, so i can measure.

and along the way i, i create morethings that works ... the keshe way. i will try to quantify it in a wayand i think it's the right thing to do because we need, we need other meansto get more people to involved in this. just think of the teaching the otherday where you could, where you could illustrate this water is notordinary by a ph meter. that convincedpeople or the ph paper. this is just ordinary water, howcan it change the ph value so much? and not even beingin contact with it. and i think the same is for themagrav and a lot of other inventions.

and by studying this thoroughly andunderstanding the principals behind it we can create more things. but of course as a newbiei can not keep up with the, with the cadence thatmr keshe put out new things. but i, i should notbe paralyzed by that. i, i have to work with this toincrease my understanding and maybe come into a positionthat i one day can create a new thing tothe benefit of some. that's the purpose i do.

and i think it's the right way to do it,because there's so many people in need. (cdr) that's why the reversal has tobe dead that mr keshe was very explicit. he really repeatedthis quiet a few times. he says do not become"monkey see, monkey do." that's the most importantthing because otherwise we can just become a photocopymachine and we are not. each one is adding its own flavourand please don't call yourself a newbie because you're more than understanding,you're more than capable of what you're, already haveachieved is such a short time

of understandingin working, creating. and you know something that evenis relevant because you express the most beautiful thingwhich was, "i'll teach people." "my intent is to givemore knowledge out." and that makes you unique in who you areand what you are and you will achieve it. because you workwith your heart, because you ca... youfound the combination between what you really loved to do and yousaw the need and the importance of it and now you are expressing it intoyour wish and you're creating a new path.

and it cannot be more beautiful. so please don'tcall yourself a 'newbie'. you've gonna touch a lot of newbiesbut you are not no longer a newbie because you are workingwith the full ethos of the intent. (ek) everything is relative caroline. i, i wish ... i had the knowledge of myfriends, friend in africa but i don't but i have other thingsand that's the beauty of it because there was adanish businessman that said. "it's amazing what peoplecan do, especially in teams"

and i also heard mr keshementioned it, this to the chinese and i can repeat it. if you try to be anexpert in everything. regard it as a group,you will not progress as fast, as if you make somecommon training to get the grasp, not very detailed, but the big pictureof the technology. and then, you specialize into separateareas, in order to obtain a common goal. this is a way that would generatea faster progress for everyone and he mentioned this tothe chinese and i fully agree.

this is the way to do it. (cdr) thank you for sharing, sir. and, thank you for bringingmore light onto the magravs. because, they're such a beautiful beingsand such a beautiful creations. and now, if you even sprayyour windows with cuo, especially for winter time onthe outside with cuo water, gans water and you wash your house, you knowwhen you do your cleaning up, normal daily cleaning,washing with water, add ch3 and co2 and zincto your washing water.

put it in your washing machine, put it in your bucket whenyou gonna start cleaning. spray your walls and sprayyour windows inside and outside. the outside with cuo,because they definitely will not freeze,and on the inside with co2. you're creating a field,which will stabilize more and will generatemore warmth in the house and it will keep it stable. because your nano-coated plates,which are hanging in front of your windows,

now will interact with all the restand you create the fields. i positioned in each corner of the house,the four ganses in bottles. on each level and if i can,i even cover each room. so, you by just putting them in position,you create the fields. when you wash your clothes,start adding gans waters in your washing machine,before you start. because you baptize, you immerseyour clothing with the fields. you... you become walking genies...sunshines, because the fieldsare covering you.

you can never receive too much, becauseyou are only gonna receive what you need. because, it's a balancing processand they're there only to serve. so, whoever you touchor whoever comes in touch with... taking your armor shaking your hand you are already passing onthe information of connection. a lot of peopledon't stand still, paul in togo brought it forward,washing, drinking, inhaling, cleaning. to bring them each level of assistancein your physicality. to emerge or submerge it with the fields,that each part can take it's fields,

in proportion what it needsto re-balance itself. so, it is that simple, but it's a matterof finding the application. when you start spraying your gardensbefore winter, your plants will not suffer from frost,especially when you're using co2. if you use cuo you will... you will havenot animal life because they don't enjoy those fields,they... they don't like it. if you have trees or plants or grasswhich are suffering, even through theheat of the sun.

when it's cool at night goand water them with your ganses, especially ch3 water. you are feeding them that they cantake the energy what they're short of, they will re-balancethemselves. a fruit tree, if it doesn't bearits fruits anymore, and it starts suffering,even old apple trees. just give them a patch of ch3 orgive them the water around their roots. you will see them changing. they are just short of energy,they can't produce or whatever

because of their age, or the conditionswhich are not good. you re-balance,everything around you. it is amazing what you canbalance, just by making the step to take time to spend five orten minutes in your garden. makes sure your neighbor receivessome of your gans waters in his garden that he can enjoy his garden. although maybe, you don't even talkabout keshe foundation or the knowledge. but let them enjoy their beautywhat they will give. try when you go to farmers

to leave water somewhere behind,that the farm can breath. and regenerate new energy,because the fields you leave behind, it gets absorbedby it's environment. but, if you don't place them there,they can not be used. go and talk and explain to farmers,say, "you want a better crop?" "you want to start earlier withyour harvest?" "soak your seeds, for let's say ten minutesor go to the agriculture site," "ask them; how long the seeds needsto be soaked, for what effect?" he's can... he can start harvesting earlierbecause his plants will not freeze.

he will have a quadrupleor double harvest in potential. because a lotof farmers are suffering. go wherever, open your eyes,see what there is around you. and see where you canstart working and functioning, by reaching andgiving it, a hand of gift. you don't need to be scared, if they say"no", that means that they are not ready. but that doesn't mean,"i can use your bathroom sir", "yes". so, pour some gans water in the sinkand through the toilet. his whole farm will change,you give a gift, you leave it behind.

with your intent, not to force,but as a gift. you can bring so much change,in very simple ways, by just touching. it doesn't need to be complicated. (ek) you are right caroline. it is amazinghow much knowledge you have given today. may i also add that, i added...some moths ago i promised to try, to get keshe foundation ...farming technology into danish television, via this ... young farmer thathas a very high viewer number, on the... on the danish national tv,but unfortunately he wouldn't use it. he said,"no, i don't want to use that"

and i was a bit... feeling a bit sorryfor him, because he doesn't know what he will... he will miss. (cdr) did you, beforeyou approached him... i will tell you a secret. (ek) i did, i did not approach...(cdr) did... (ek) sorry, i did not approach himpersonally, i used a friend in contact. because, you know, when youget famous and you have ... maybe 25 % of the populationwatching your programs, you so many phone calls, emails ...people coming to your house.

so you... you ... keep distance. so, in order to reach him at all,i used a friend who had been on contact with him earlier on. and i wasnot aware, what you tell now. that the friend... he also only contactedper phone, he wasn't there physically. (cdr) okay. now i'm gonnagive you a gift. maybe, you can do it again, but now you will look at it from atotally different platform or position. you can reposition yourself with this person,just by the simple meaning you send the wish,before you gonna contact him.

in full honesty, for what purposeyou wanted to be served for... in connection, how many peopleit will benefit, for him to open the door ofhis program, for the knowledge to be able to emerge,from his status or position. because, you've got to createa path before you reach it. so, when you walkthe path in thoughts before and you create as a wish,the doors will open up automatically because you are creating,you 'pay it forward' by already giving him all the information for what he cancreate with it, as a gift from you,

through the knowledge,what you're going to hand over to him which will benefithow many farmers, how many people will start eatinghealthy food, nourished food, which are really nourishingthe physicality and the soul because they've been coming in touch withthe ganses from the seed point of view. now, everybody can open the... any door! there will be no more doors closed,for nothing you want to achieve. because we come back to the point,"you are the creator" you just need to know, understand, how to createyour path what you wanna walk.

this is how you openthe doors on your path. because you're the creator,you are in charge of your environment, the direction you want, you just need toknow and learn how to open these doors. i just given you the key. you can open any door, at anyplatform, at any level at your wish. that's why a lot of knowledge seekers,and a lot of people in public, sometimes gets offended, the waymr keshe talks from such a confidence! because as he speaks, he creates it,he confirms it, and it's a done deal. and a lot of people don't like it. a lotof people think this is arrogance. no way!

he is the creator in his positionand he creates what needs to be served for what purposeand he paves the path. that's what we are learning. that's why weare here together conversing, exchanging, and emotions go up and downand knowledge is coming in flow and that's what i saidthis morning. i said, "people if you step forward, we willjump from one platform to another," and the knowledge willjust keep unlocking and you will just be receivingcontinuously". because why? because you bring the gift of the questionof the curiosity of what you need.

as a gift for it, becauseyou're a knowledge seeker and you already have given somuch for that what you need for the purpose that it can serveyou back, as a gift you're receiving. if you understand this platform of howwe are continuously elevating, every day, and... believe merick can confirm... we know the difference ofwhen we had a teaching and how it went atthe end of the day. we sense it through our bonesbecause of our experience. so when i encourageyou to come forward,

you share, i share, this oneshares, that one comes. we synchronize,we are tuning in each others fields, for whatever field is a little bit short,it gets tipped up, it gets filled up, it gets exchanged. it gets given, it''s a continuous feedback of giving. sir, you can open the world, you haveno limits in your creation, in your wish, of what you want to achieve, and where youwant it at the place of point of receiving. because, it leaves you from the pointof giving to create more as a gift to so many or more to be as a benefitin each level you can even imagine. now go back to the ganses,what they do,

if you can impregnate or soak a seed, asingle seed, let's say grain, it produces how many grains?i don't know, 20, 30? that one singleseed is multiplying. it's the same way as pay...'pay it forward'. it's the same technique,if you understand it better. now, with your generate...generating of these kind of wishes which door willstay locked for you? i don't think a singledoor will stay locked. your potential has no more endbecause it serves it's giving.

when you come to understandthe point where and how you give you, you automatically should start goingin a gear which is speeding up beyond. but you always have tobe fair, just and correct. in the measurement of your creation,it has to stay in balance, to serve where,to give where. when you get to understand this key,you have the key of everything. you have the keyof the universe. you have the keyto the galaxies. you have the keyto everything!

nothing can limit you down,to be restricted in no field. because you start the point,as mr keshe says, "giving... by giving you receive more"so you multiply. now if you re-positionyourself in your fields with your intent, which maybeyou didn't understand how to do, i just given you the keyhow to unlock that beautiful guy who is giving sucha beautiful presentation, who's touching so many farmersand so much people in public. he's going to become, through your intent,a true server of humanity

and full of knowledge. because you gonna re... be able to serveit to him on a 'golden plate' as we say. because it carries all the ingredientsof your heart, your intent and your wish. so what is holding you allback to make your wishes? (ek) yeah as i said previously, "the only limit you have is the limityou create in your own head". (cdr) now you're receivingall the keys! (ek) yes.(cdr) there's no more back. (ek) i will... i will do a new attempt buti think this time i have to do it myself.

i have to find a way meet him personally. (cdr) first create your path, give ittime to, in the field, to be able to manifest withyour energy, your wish. and then somehow, usually,these people come across your path without you even believing it. a door opens up because youhave created the door to open up! that's how it works. you open your own doorsof your creation. if you understand.

(cdr) i try to...(ek) yes i tried to bring it as anexample in the last few days you know when i starttalking about 'pay it forward'. i stayed up till 3, 4 o'clockin the morning. i... this movie just out of nowherejust... popped up in front of me and when i saw the title pay it forwardi thought this is a very awkward title for a movie. i said i will takemy time, you know ten minutes, to see what it's about. when the movie started,it started in the classroom.

so, i had straight away the ignitionkey of what this was all about. i said, i'm going to stay up,i'm not gonna go to sleep because this is somethingi need to see or i need to receive. so it appeared in front of meand i don't watch movies. i don't watch television.i don't watch news. but the television was still on becausemy computer screen was connected through the teaching and after the teachingthe screen was still on. so i was flicking it trying to switch itoff but it switched on to a program which apparently was a film station,it just gives films one after another.

and that one particular, just emerged wheni was actually making everything to close down to go to bed. i watched the movie,it was not a short one, so it ended up me going to sleep4 o'clock in the morning. and as i was going to bed, this wholemovie, just was going through my head, back and forth, with all the details,whatever i could, you know, grasp the truth of it and the...the... the intent which was behind it! i said "this will be a beautiful openingfor a start of the teaching of blueprint." and that's why i'm bringing itback today, every time, because you know,i have no script i'm reading off.

i do not think what i'mgonna bring tomorrow. i never re-chew in my head whati'm gonna speak about. i don't. because, if i allow myself to go, going itthrough my head, by tomorrow it's gone. i don't even remember what i haveconversed with myself because it's gone. so i have learned,not to be busy with anything to do with teaching,or when i have to speak. i let my, who... soul to speak. so it's not me, but it's usingmy physicality to express, that's the simplest wayi can express myself.

so, i never need a paper,i never take notes, i never create a conceptwhat i'm gonna say, how i'm gonna say,when i'm gonna say. i even have hard times that isometimes in the background, say please remind me,i would love to bring that topic up, because, something important about,but i don't know the full content of it. and the funny thingis that in my first teaching when there is scheduling of the teaching scheme,about that i did my first teaching, i allowed people to comeand ask me questions.

and the first questionthat came on the table, i said,"my god, how is this possible?" it was a learning path for me too. because they asked exactly whati saw or noticed the day before. as i brought this titleof this movie pay it forward, i saw it the night before,the next day was in the teaching, and it suddenly, somehow it wasso important for it to be shared. what you need will come,you soul brings it on your path, just trust it. it willnever abandon you.

it will never leave you in the dark, if,if you are there, to connect to listen to. how can i say, to be as closeto yourself as you can be. so when you create,what i was trying to explain, the path will open itself,because you will sit down, you will recreate your intent,you're full aware of what you want too. now you know the keys, the tools,to make it complete. that even you addition to your wish, thatyou want to meet that person in person. i'm telling you, you willsee the doors opening up. >from the minute you have createdyour wish, for it to serve, to give,

you will see, and i hope you willcome back to confirm to us, how beautiful your wishhas revealed to you, your purpose ofgiving, your intent of giving. never doubt, that itwill not be on your path, to support you,or to guide you. it's there, you just need to learnto look and to listen to it. (ek) and one important thing also is,that if you try to do something, and you do not succeed the first time,then it's quite necessary to try again. if you want to... to get successand you are right, this is so important,

it's... it is a way to openthe eyes for many. because most people they don't know,what a ph meter is, or they don't know what polarization is,even though it's a lot of papers on that. and there is, they...they position themselves according to whatthey can experience. and there's a lot of peoplewho love their garden, and if they see the plants growing andflourishing, that will open their eyes, that was the intent behind, trying toreach the young farmer, because he, he is employingold principles of farming.

not the green revolution, that is designedto steal the soil from the farmers. (jg) erik, sorry erik, i would sayi am present in your wish. (ek) thank you. but i think also, wehave to recognize that all is an illusion. our souls they emit fieldsand we have the transparency. we have just been programmedin this society to lose these abilities. and i think it's important that i spendsome time in trying to reach his soul. try to 'open the door' as you say,because i think it's possible. maybe, he will get a dream about someonethat can help him or whatever. and i will also try to getsome help from my african friend,

in this, because heis a master of this. and, then we hopefully can get it through,because i think if this succeeds then the program is viewedin denmark, sweden and norway. very high viewer, that could be an opening. one thing i have experienced is,that the control system arms, like a, you now like a,what is it called this... 'octopus', it goes far down from top of societyinto the farm unions. when you go there, i know, i know,a highly educated ... man, who is a consultantin the farming industry,

and he says, this is so conservativeand if you have something new, it's impossible. and that is becausethe control is so complete. and it's a saddening thing, and i thinkthat a young farmer could break this a bit. so, this is my wish to do also.i have to spend some days to get to him, and, and see what i can do,but i think i have, a little bit of meditation and wishin order to get to that point, because there's too many peopletrying to contact him. i must do something special. but, thank you caroline, you have taughtso much today, given so much.

(cdr) you will be able,you will find your path. don't make it complicated.just create your wish, that on time, they will receive, the farmers,the right knowledge, and then the path willunfold itself, because they are suffering...through restrictions. also, one very important thing,which maybe, i hope i can pass on to you. when you get to that point,to reaching this person, you can reverse a lot of problems,with the animals on the farms, with the milkand the manure.

go into ouragriculture department, go through the veterinarian department,you can even go and reach the animals, the environment, the environment,and even the... humanity again, which will not suffer fromthe suffering from the animals. that's a very, very important thing,not only to look at the harvest, but the completecomplexity of farming. and that will be a beautiful wishfrom me, to release the animals, from those burden of discon...whatever. it's not is not just, it's not correct.

if you can add this to your wish,and include the wisdom with it, when you start talkingabout the knowledge. he will reach a lot of people, and a lotof farms which can change their way of... whatever they've been taught,and in being put on the wrong path, can be changed. most probably you might be,one of the first ones which will talk, which will touch this topicand make the change. and whoever is a farmer in the backgroundpresent in this presentation, you have the keys to reverse the problems.

talk to other knowledge seekersto find the right solutions. not only you gonna remove the sufferingand the pain from the farmers, the lands, the harvest, but also from the animals,the environment and humanity. (ek) thank you caroline.may i mention that the young farmer, he treats his animal very well. they... the animals on his farmthey live a good life and i think it has been a bitbig impact, there you see because ... the super markets andthe factories they pick this up very fast. they write on the eggs, eggs from,from ... hens walking freely around

and whatever,they write ... about the... the good life of the animalson the products. so they picked it up and's a slow process but i think it will eventually,stop the big factories of food. the very bad thing...they have... (cdr) how many people go to the markets?sorry, i interrupt you. how many peopleare going to the market? on friday mornings, saturday mornings? how many people go tothe fact... to the markets?

now, all those people, especially whenthey are bringing and delivering vegetables and fruits,especially summer time, they try to keep themas long preserved as possible. now, if you hand them a bottlewith gans water in a spray bottle and ask them to test, when they just spray,because they only see water. don't give them no explanation. just ask them if they want to do a testfor you, even you being just a buyer, just give them a bottle,a small bottle with gans water and ask them to spray their vegetables,their greens, whatever.

and to bring back confirmationthe week after you can find themon the same spot again. and see and say, that they evenuse it on their other ones, which have to wait before theycan go to the other market. the stock, to spray it and seehow long they were prolonged, preservation, of theirfoods in a good state. so, if they're reducing thatthey don't need to throw away, the vegetables or fruits,whatever they spray, or you gonna use it on it,will reach so many other people.

so you create a new chain of getting peoplein touch with the fields of the ganses. not only by pouring them in the waters,and in the seas and the rivers, and the fountains, and throughthe sink and the toilets and the plants in yourgardens and the medical. just hand them overwith no charge. just ask them, "we are running a testwe would like to find out." "would you please confirmand just apply it please?" and the farmers, don'tgive them the full explanation, just ask them to soak a few of the seedsin water before they plant them,

and ask them to keep an eye on itor to plant them separate. go to bio gardens, people whichstill try to work on a clean, or a cleaner environment. go out, give your bottles out,your spray bottles with ganses. let them try and see for themselves,you don't need no convincing nobody. you don't need to goand pull above your energy to try to make them to understandsomething, they don't have no idea. they're... the... the processof explaining is too much. you will start explaining andthey will start coming on board

once they see with their own eyes, whichyou are trying to do with your magravs, to give people an ideain the materialistic position, how a magrav can produce andwhere it shows it's energy point. now i've given you so manyother different levels of platform, where you just get the proofwith no effort, no material, just visually, it'sthere, just apply it. you change the farmers life,you change the one who comes and sells his vegetables and his fruitand then when you have family, just ask them to puta small bottle in their fridge.

to see if they canpreserve their food longer. these all are tiny little, tiny things,which you bring them in contact with. something they are not aware of,without much explanation, without you looking, you know,your coming from another planet. because a lot of knowledge seekerscame forward, continuously complaining, "my god you know something?they don't want to listen to me," "they don't even wantme to talk about it." i said, "give it for free." them go through the process,that they witnessed the change.

then they will come back. the giving, to receive back what youwanted originally to achieve. then the pleasure will be there,of open sharing. or somebody complaining about arthritis,just don't even explain say, "i got this and i don't know,could you try it for me, please?" you'll see, they're gonna come backand say, "my god what is this?" "can i have one more, because i know somebodywho's suffering from arthritis too." or, "i know somebodywho's suffering from..." whatever. then your path will find a wayand pave the path for you,

in such a beautiful easy way. (ek) a few days ago,my neighbor reported that the pads i made forhis bad knee, is beginning to work. he was happy because hehad pain from his knee, it's, it's ...some... some ... chronical, chronic stateof his knee, he has had for years. things that have lasted for a long timetakes more time to heal but, he reports that now he hasless pain and he's very happy. he says"i sleep with it almost every night." and, i have given it for free,like many other things,

and i think you are completely rightwhen you say that, "when you give you receive more" because,people are very happy when you can give them somethingand it can reduce their pain or ... help them in another way's a way forwards. that's the thing that is wrongwith this society, every, the sky... scarcity has been created,everything put in small portions and you haveto pay for everything. and it has changed people to be greedyand only thinking about money. and in this way we all get more poor,everyone of us.

by giving we become rich. (cdr) because, they have changedyour point of perception, you... they...they give youan image of being limited. so, you don't look anymore, becausethey give you the correct imprint, what you want to thinkand how you have to think. that's why therebels are so free. they don't haveproblems with that, because they don't letnobody to limit them. that's why you see studentsalways going into protest.

they're walking on the fields,but if they would walk united with the understanding andthe ethos that should be correct. they would achievewhat they wa... came in the first placeonto this big huge protests. i tried to explain thatthrough the explanation of meditation in groups or being guided by somebody. i tried to explainthat when you march, you know those white marchers with thesewhite flags for peace, it has no impact. because, you got to go and analyzehow many true souls are walking there,

and with what intent, and how have theyprepared themselves to be there? are they talkingabout the neighbours? are they talking aboutsomebody who was sick? or they talkingabout children? in what true sense arethey present in their quest, that they're walkingfor this purpose? that's why itdoesn't get realized. that's why it doesn'tchange, it doesn't move. they are lacking what we're tryingto bring in this... presentations.

you see there areabout... how many... a thousand monks,two thousand monks, or children. they have trained them and trained them tobe able to repeat, repetitive, one prayer. they're sitting on that, all peaceful,all in the same clothes, all with their eyes closed.but... the whole problem is they are not one direction. [topoli barks] they sit as individuals onthat square for what they been taught, what they been explained,and the purpose. but they have not appeared,nobody has ever explained to them,

how to come to this planeand what they have to be aware of, what they gonnabring to wish to give. that's why theteaching explains, that's why i try to get youto stand in front of the mirror. their cups are not full, they allhave their own... whatever. they are lackingthe 20% energy. they’re sitting there andthey're getting acknowledged. so they are receiving via, by theacknowledgment that they are in a big team they're sitting there, butthe whole purpose of the intent gets lost.

that's why it's not working.[topoli barks] now, if each child would've been explainedto go and stand in front of the mirror to fill up its cup and the full explanation,to walk and to sit on that plane, to go in one unified wish, the right way,but first being a full cup that it can spill over. thenthey would have had the affect. then it would have worked.that's why i came back and said, "we already re... achieved the majority,we are already changing the reality because of the majority". but, becausewe have done it in the right way, because we understood, once youunderstand, you know how to apply it.

everyone of you who stands upand says "i am present", you're all in the full presence ofunderstanding what's going to happen, how you're creating it and how you'resupporting it. that's why it works! that's why you createyour real intent of creation. you teach that to the thousands,souls which goes on that square, every single child getsdebriefed how to do it, with the full understanding whythey gonna go and sit on that plane and what they can achieve afterthey have filled up their own cup. then you will seehow magic will happen!

now you come to understand that all theserallies, all these protests, all these... it doesn't work because theydidn't understand how to do it. i don't blame them becausetheir intent is okay. but you can't give ifyour cup is not full. that's why i kept on asking you, "go, whenyou pass the mirror, fill up your cup" because when you come back here,with a smile on your face, sitting in this teaching,in this presentation. when a wish comes up, you're a full cup,so your... wish will be as a giving, because you have that extra energy to give,because you're a happy soul sitting here.

that's why it gets more, no less. because i try to get you full from in themorning before you come in the teaching, that there is enough energy...surplus that you stay comfortable. you stay in balancebecause you filled yourself up. and that there is so muchto spill over to give to others. that's the working of the gift. anybody else wants to comeand share something? hello my beautiful souls! (rc) i think you've ...struck them all silent.

(cdr) [laughs] (rc) it's hard to follow upon that one! [chuckles] (cdr) can you...(fs) could i come forward. (cdr) yes of course you can, why not?i'm going to be silent for 5 minutes. (fs) [laughs] i try to keep it very short.caroline thank you so much for the many hours of beautiful teachingand of course also mr keshe. i'm a long time listener and i hopei can contribute much more. but, ... what i would like to drawthe attention these things... [background interference](cdr) can i have...

(fs) yes please.(rc) ...go ahead freed, i think caroline just had her microphoneopen there, she's muted now. (fs) okay. ... i would like to draw theattention to an additional thought. we are connected in unimaginableways to whoever... to whoever we met in our present life,we have made a connection. but, we can go further, not onlythe direct meetings but also the ones they ever met areconnected now with us. so, yes we are connectedbeyond any possible imagination. and when we have this intent, thatcaroline helped us to build up, and we...

we ... we stay in the presence of who,how many people we... we can reach through our connections that we ever hadin our life and they had in their life. we have, we are all, we are all, everybodyeverybody knows about this. yet, they only don't real... don't understandyet that they know about it. we are the world, thatis what i wanted to share. (at) birds are chirping here incalifornia, very early in the morning, mr rick has his own early morning, aswell as every californians on this side. i love you. thank you so muchfor sharing everything. it wasn't easy to... stay awake all night,but it is a privilege.

it's... it's, it's something very specialwhen i wake my, when i open my eyes i feel... special. i feel that i know alittle bit more than i knew last night or yesterday.a little bit. that brings me to the, i really hear the chirping birds. [chuckles] i love you.goodnight. (cdr) is this tony?(at) that's alper from california, caroline. (cdr) ah... no problem.(at) okay, thank you. (cdr) you're welcome...(k2 ) hello caroline. (cdr) anyone else? yes.(k2) hello this is klaus 2 from austria.

hello rick, hello together(cdr) hello, you're the tall klaus. (k2) yes, the second [laughs]ah... oh i stop my engine. ...we found a way to show the functionof the ganses with... quantum resonance analysis systemfrom russian's military force. and ... it's a cheap system and we want toshow it in the evening on the german site. it's for all of us a very interestingmethod to show how the ganses work. i make little patches and put it on themeridian points and we analyzed the people before and afterand we see very interesting results. so we can show at first ...

very easy and all ... at the gansesand how they work. and it's very interesting and that iswhat i want to say, "i am present, i'm here." (cdr) you're welcome and i think mr keshewill like you to make a presentation about this. (k2) yes, i can prepare this ...i'm the next days on the road but for next weekmaybe i can ... fix this. (cdr) yes please. (k2) okay, is very easyand very nice. and we can ...(cdr) he always ... works. (cdr) he's always enjoying... works,.. so..

(k2) okay. yes, this is einfach (just), this is ... you canshow so much about the human being ... what is in this state ...and how easy it is to change something. okay, thank you. (cdr) i said, "mr keshe is alwaysenjoying your beautiful work." (k2) yes, thank you.(cdr) so it would be... more than welcometo share it with us. (k2) ... yes, we can,i show it on, on next thursday. ...or on the private... term.

(cdr) oh we will get in touch,don't worry. we will get in touch no worry.(k2) okay. thank you. (cdr) thank you klaus.(k2) good. bye, bye, i'm on the road. (cdr) bye, thank you. that's wonderful news. sir, you got part of your wish [chuckling] (ek) yes everything is connected. and you know what?i think that somebody told me once that

if a person or a human here on earth gets an idea approximately one thousand people willpick up the idea at the same time. people who are lookingin the same direction. strange, right? (cdr) how can you put this as strangewhen i just explained to you that it's synchron...synchronizing in the fields. (ek) understand, understand methe right way, caroline this is not strange. but you know, with the insights and theknowledge you have, this is natural.

but remember there's a lot of people,think that it is nonsense. and to them it is strange. (cdr) does it stop me? no.(ek) no, no, of course not. just to understand that not all peopleare on the same level. (cdr) yes, that's for sure,but this is the beauty that you and me conversing with the ideaswe are affecting them we are infecting them, because we bringthem under our umbrella of understanding. we touch them. (ek) yes we do, i think when we emit,when our brains work

when our soul works,we emit fields. and these fields,they hit everything in universe. also... also the many people here ...has no idea of what keshe foundation is and how it can improve their daily life,to start learning about it. we...(cdr) now await... the secret...(ek) it's only a matter of time. (cdr) i will tell you a secret. because you keep on reminding me,you're new, you're fairly new, maybe you missed thepresentation of mr keshe,

that when you... how can i say? we have dispersed the gansesin the waters, seas, rivers... i will even give youanother extra tip. when you're on holidaysdo not hesitate, when you walk in the sea or the oceanor the river or the lake a huge mass of water, when you walk in ...(ek) caroline, caroline... please let me interrupt youi lost my internet connection,

you... the last thing i heard was you said,"now i want to tell you a secret" (cdr)'s a beautiful secret. if you understand,it is beautiful. i said it before, but yeah,i don't mind repeating it because it'sa very beautiful one. and that is when're all going on holidays because it's the time of, you knowspending time outdoors. please sleep in your tents as low asmother earth can allow you to sleep, to become healthy,to recharge.

but, if you're spendingyour time on lakes, if you're spending your time on seasor oceans or rivers. when you walk physically in the waterlet's say to about knee high, if you can't swim, and you bend forward and you place yourtwo hands as low as you can in the water, you reach thegans-state of the water. that's where the level of the wateris in gans-state. now you can wish, while present,standing in the water with your hands and your feetor sit down or swim in it

and you materializehe wish in your head, for... as a gift to humanity,for all on this planet. to express in that wish, for the waterto receive your intent as a gift, to receive the intent of your wishwhich is, i give you an example. to receive my energy of intentto serve humanity, plants, life form, animals every level on this planet, to receive my gift through the wateras a gift. for when it evaporates and goesinto a different state of condition,

when it rains down, to become downlike a gans water, to embrace all on this planet, wherever you will come down again,with my wish or blessing, to serve humanities, to serve and embraceanimals, plant life, minerals, whatever. for it to be in the benefit for themto receive the elevation of their soul. that's my wish. now you can imagine, when this water goesby the vapor of the heat of the sun, by your bodies going in the waterit starts already vaporing because your body temperatureis higher than the water.

because, you touch the gans-state,the water is already in the co2 gans-state with whatever other gifts it has it has the complete, how can we say,"soup" of everything you wanted to add which you can't just take out of. it has gold it has silver, you name it,it is present in the water. so, with you creating your(inaudible) through the water and it vaporized and it rains down,it covers the whole planet. huge parts of the planet. because it's your wish,it will start raining down

in the partswhere it's most needed. and it will start feeding,in creating your wishing process of well-being, of balancing,of peace, of nourishment. because you connected you, with your wish,and your totality as a pure soul of giving for it to reach so many more,through your gift of wishing. (ek) thank you caroline.(cdr) now... now, i will exp... yeah. (ek) yeah, i was just want justwant to say, "thank you" and maybe tell another little secret,just very shortly, before you continue.

and i was shown, that when you havethe full moon, and you have the earth. you can observe interactionbetween the fields at the... at the equator,the equator, you can see creation of ch3in the atmosphere. creation of co2 in the atmosphereand see the interaction between ofthese two ganses create clouds. and when these give rain, you geta lot of ch3 and co2 to the plants. and you get very sweet fruits. i have have totally tastedthe difference between fruits,

here where i live and in africaand the difference is very big. (cdr) yes, the... the thingi wanted to come back, but i had to pass this first one on,because otherwise most probably, wouldn'thave come back. is, you're explanation aboutthe levels of the others, that i have to be,or we have to be aware of, that they are noton the same level. because, we are emerging,the whole planet and it is already done. the shield is already therethrough the gans fields,

because of the immense of pouringganses in the water systems, in the seas, in the oceansand the fountains, the first field isalready been done. then, this field is connecting with allthe magravs which are already in position, for the magravs then,to connect with the star-formations. you with being present todayand formulating and supporting or creating and... your wishes,you are the fourth reactor. so, we are elevatingevery single soul. nobody is behindand nobody will be left behind.

we are elevating the souls to all cometo the same level as everyone else. but as i explained yesterday,they have a slightly different tune. they vibrate on a different level, but thatdoesn't make them any different than us. they are a soul, they're a lightand they will start shining as more as we go out and disperse the gansesand the waters and the magravs. and we change our point of view,the way we look at the magravs or our star-formations. jon is a beautiful teacher when he startstalking about his star-formation in arizona, he talks with passion,he explains it with passion,

because he sees,he's within the fields. they talk, they correspond. what we're trying to achieve withthe blueprint teachings is with all the fields of the gansesalready in place covering the whole planet, and the magravs whichare as light beams everywhere, in each house where they havebeen placed and functioning, or even still asleep, they're still there,they're are alive because... is not because you haven't plugged them inthey are not alive. and the so many thousandsof star-formations,

which keep on getting builtand put on position. now, the only ignition key we are missing,is you humanity, as souls to fill up your cup. you filled up the cupof your ganses, you filled up the cupof your magrav, you filled up the cupof your star-formations. now you are the only missing link. you got to be filling up yourself, to make the balance ofthe 20% which we are short of,

for your cup to startbeaming as your magravs, for your start-formationto function the way they give. for your ganses which arealready doing their performance. we're.. we're the only creatures whichare behind. with only 20%, so if we can start doing and refillingour cup, which is the most easiest way, to just to go in the mirror andburst into laughing, in beautiful adoration of who you areand look in your soul, because you gonna look in your eyes,and emerge and increase the fields there, for this, just a tiny little 20%,we can achieve it.

that our cup can start running overso generous, as the magravs. as the simple little tiny ganses,which are so beautiful and so powerful. now, if you ignite your soulto be as equal as whatever you haveput into your creation with the right intent towardsyour own soul, you elevate your soul. then we're gonnabecome one light. we are waiting for you. i gotta a confirmation from topoli,he goes, "woof". (rc) maybe he hearsmr keshe in the background?

no there is no noise,he just went "woof". (rc) well mr keshe apparently, has comein here in the last while so... maybe it's time to hear from him? (mk) good afternoon. i was trying to sneakin very quietly, i can blow the whistle, (cdr) you get... .(rc) the dog... the dog blew the whistle, yeah. (cdr) topoli knows...(mk) i was enjoying... i was telling benjamin, i can eat my's very nice ... thank you very much. ...carry on, i'm just listening.

(cdr) are you think you're gonna getaway so easy with it? i don't think so... you've got a surprise for us.oh mehran we can not forget... please, giovanni mostprobably is online. he knows we're gonna talk aboutand share the beauty of naomi. (mk) is he there,can you see with us? (cdr) you can call himin the background. (mk) he's busy today?he usually come on. he's sorting something else out,i don't know where he is. yes, we can share that tomorrow morningwith him. there is no problem ...

(cdr) yeah, we have to inform him.i'll see of i can get... (mk) yeah, i hope heard or you had access to hear. we had a successful press conference, fullpacked room, with the people and the press. ...we hope we'll see werea good response back. we laid out the positionof the foundation and why we are here andwhat we are here to do. and it was important because they are...always heard one side of the story. in an way, it's good for us that welaid out our road-map for ghana. what we are going to do hereand what is our intentions.

i don't know how much you heard,it's been recorded. we will release the recordingfrom the press. this will create a lot of(rc) ... mr keshe? positive move for us and in timeyes? (rc) yeah, we haven't heard anything yet,i don't think? at least most of us haven't heard any...(mk) yes. (rc) any. we haven't heard any details yet,so... go ahead. (mk) ... so what. i don't know is lasted for about an hour and a half, an hour and three quarters.

but, it was good for us, that we laid outexactly what we're going to do. we announced the establishment of thekeshe ghana global, that we move all the activitiesof the manufacturing, the headquarters ofthe keshe foundation to ghana. and, we announce the opening of thekeshe foundation banking system in ghana. this is what we promised will go. now weare negotiating with the banks to move. so, the bank of keshe foundation bankingsystem which we promised to start here. we announced what we call the 'blue phones'to be produced, to be distributed. which means we give ablue phone to every needy.

they don't need to know, once we havetheir id and we know who they are, they are given a blue telephonewhich means they can get 50... dollars till they sort themselves out and theycan pass the phone to somebody else. is the ethos we haveto start teaching. this way we share the foundation assetsor income, we leave some for the growth and the rest of it goes in helping exactlywhere we came, what we promised to look after needy andafrica is a good place to start. not many children go to sleep starving butmany children don't have, or many people live on a very short,just enough to live.

we try to change that they become partof the society than being on the fringesand outside the society. at the same time, we announce theopening of the new factory in ghana which will employ 400 people. thefactory is very nice, extremely beautiful. if i can share part of it... we expectto move to this site very soon. this is the site of thenew keshe foundation... i don't know if you can see it.can you see the picture? hello?(me) yes. (rc) it's just coming in there.(mk) this is the new site of

the keshe foundation factory which isgoing to be equipped in the coming weeks. armen and klaus will move intoghana to finish set up and then we hand it over to the ghanaians to run.... it's a six thousand square meter. we expect, now we received the licensingfor all our products and new products are going in, so we increase our workand commitment to ghana. the investments which we estimate will bearound about 20, 30 million will come in and at the same time the foundationand the back up of whatever we have will start, what we call,'feeding back' into the society., hopefully we start the firstclinical trials in conjunction with the

governmental officials, thatthey monitor the whole thing. we ... we start trialsin different locations, we do not announce anymore as beforethat it can create problems but the... the supervision of the clinical trials isin the governmental offices or officers. this is important aswe extend the knowledge and the... the outcomeof the knowledge. the most important thing for us wasto show that we are committed to ghana. we're committed to ghana production systems and... the beauty of it is, as we explained to them, we pushthe workforce to 2 to 3 thousand

with the research centers next year. thiswill change a lot of things for us here and for ghanaian where we announcewe only employ elite, master degree plus scientists. our workforce very near inthe... press conference, so they could stand up and be proud thatthey're part... [inaudible][no sound] (rc) hello mr keshe,we missed that last sentence. (rc) hello?(mk) [inaudible] (cdr) he's breaking up.(rc) uh-hm. (cdr) i'm trying to get giovanni,the minute he comes in,

i already sent youthe video rick. i just want to wait till giovannicomes in to share it with us. (rc) okay.(mk) [inaudible] ...and we will see where we go. we'll see how... [inaudible] [no sound] (cdr) yeah he just lost it. [laughs] he lost the connection.

you hear me rick? (rc) uh-hm. yeah we'll have to... just wait a minute and seeif he comes back in i think. (cdr) yeah, he will try to get back in.i'm trying to find... giovanni somewhere, through giuseppe, it all depends wherethe... where he is at this moment of time. anybody's short questions please? (rh) i have a wish carolina. (rh) my wish is that all of the gans,we have released in the waters, connect and uplift the souls,in the same way i was uplifted.

this technologyhas changed my life and i do, i would love to say,"thank you carolina, and rick crammond". for which, again forgive me,my heart is just pounding but... name is rick harris,i'm from morgan, usa. and i just would like to thank youcarolina, rick crammond for your diligence in keeping this going, mr keshe. and i have a story.our story is about our cat. and we received this cat, about a yearand a half ago, from our, our... my son's which through moving aroundin young adolescent ages...

he gave up the cat'cause he didn't feel comfortable that he was treating it properly. so we took the cat in andthe cat had a serious attitude. ...certain times of the dayhe would just really get ornery, even to the point he wouldattack your leg and draw blood. but, we forgave him for that and continuedto love him. well about... 4 months ago, i had an idea of putting a zinc tubearound his neck as a collar and so i did this and i put my... myintent upon this wish, upon this collar to calm him andmake him more loving.

well, in the beginning i reallydidn't notice a difference but the more and morei evaluate this cat, the attacks have stopped [laughs]the attaps... the attacks, the morning attacks have stopped,probably not two months ago but his rubbing is more constant, he willalways walk and make contact with you. he's not a lap cat by any means,he sits on the outskirts of you. even when a group of people,he won't come in the group, he'll always sit on the outskirt. but, i believe, this zinc [laughs] willchange people and that is my wish.

my wish is that all of our ganses, thathave been released, can uplift the souls at least to the elevation that ihave achieved, and that is my wish. thank you for your time. (rc) thank you rick.(cdr) you're... thank you. you communicatewith the animals, you are all capable of communicatingwith your animals. you have to acknowledge forwho they are, what they are. and i can tell you a story as well becausei noticed, i... i actually watched it, about a black panther.

and, he landed in a... in a care facilityfor wild animals, somewhere in, i think it's south africa,i'm not sure. and they had huge problems with himbecause they could, only could feed him even from a distance, they could,nobody could go near him, he was always continuously growling,on his guard. he was not at peace. and because the person who was runningthis shelter had a good relationship with all the other animals,whoever they took under their wings, you could see there was harmony,there was communication, they came to cuddle orto express their feelings,

but this black panther would not moveand he said, "i'm at the end of my latin,because he has no life." "he's locked up, he doesn't even come outof his cage, he, he's, this is not good." and he got an offerfrom somebody, to bring somebody whocould communicate with animals. and he expressed himselfvery clearly, "i don't understand i don't believe in it,i... it will have no results" or whatever, so, he was a non believer,non accepting. and then the lady with non-verbal,she just looked at him.

she was communicating on the leveland he was giving through her, because she was expressing it in thelanguage of human to the owner where he came from and what has happenedto him and who he was and what he was, and what he expected. and she expressed, because she said shereceived the information through images he was sending to her. so, she could see the pictures of what his,on his communication level. and she was interpreting the picturesand as she was explaining them to the owner of the park,

he had to acknowledgethat what he was saying was correct. and through the days she coached themhow to start communicating with him. with the black panther. and at the end, the explanation wasthat he was a very, very powerful being. and that he wanted to be acknowledged that he was that powerfuland that beautiful. and he was. and he was very, you know, full of majestyhe had an aura beyond... and the owners started building upthis communication with him

that he was acknowledging,that he was such a strong animal and that there wasno intent of harming or hurting, that they were welcoming him,but not on a 'pussy-footing' way. he made sure that the communicationwas on the level of respect. so the guy even acknowledgedto the panther, i will respect you for your, who you arein your strength and your beauty. and he just became so calm. he stopped growling at people. he start making...he stopped making these funny noises.

he start going out of his cage. and he starts taking his position on a bigyou know, like a cut off tree. high in the sky, three metres highand overlooking his territory. but because of the fact that he wasbrought into a point of respect his whole behaviour changed. and then the interviewshows the guy explaining, "i could not believe this,i didn't even imagine," "could not even imaginethis was possible." but there you havethis majestic animal

black as anythingwith beautiful eyes and a force, believe me, when you see it and youcome across it, it is a marvelous animal. now everybody found peacein this rescue farm. and he has found his own positionbecause he's been acknowledged for who he isand what he is. but the funny thingin the whole story is that, he just wanted to be respectedfor the power and the force he had in him. and it was acknowledgedand that was it. that they didn't expect, ah... that was,that one of the most underlying things

that nobody expectedanything from him. just for who he was and what he wasand how powerful he was. so, this came alsoin the expression of the, the guy who was running the placehe said, "we do not expect nothingfrom you." "you don't need to do nothingjust being who you are." he took marvelously his position andeverything just balanced. they have a wonderful beautiful animalwhich is peaceful, by just finding the correct pathof communication.

because the owner without actuallyrealizing he created the path. because his wish was to havea peaceful farm for rescued animals which went already throughsuch a horrible path of their life. getting lost, their mothers getting killed,being abandoned, being abused in circusesor whatever. he wanted peace for those animals,that was his wish. and then, because of his wish,because he couldn't deal with this animal, because he would not bend nowhere,he was uncomfortable with it. the lady appeared on the pathof the animal as well as the owner,

because he was so caring for these animalsthat he found a path of the solution. that's the beautiful pathof how you create a wish and how you confirm the wish andhow you realize it and how you create it. anybody else wants to share something? (rh) thank you carolina,that you explained our cat, very well with the power of your soul... ...another thing i'd like to mention is,is again thank you for the conversations that we've hadand how you've directed me. and another person i'd like to thank,is i'd like to thank fabio.

because i know fabio's ascensionhas lifted many, many people and when we lost him, i didn't realizedwho he was but i learned more about him, and i wanna thank him,because he has uplifted many souls. god bless him, thank you. (cdr) yes, he did andi thank you for bringing this forward. because, he brought a huge change. and if you watched thatfirst presentation of mr keshe after this happened you feel the power of whathe has brought as a gift to humanity.

he has explained youthe gift of true communication. that's why i wanted rick to gofind these pictures, clean them up, bring them ina better focus position, because i think in the path of theblueprint of peace we're gonna have to go a few steps.through these pictures. and if we are lucky for mr kesheto be present, to come and guide us more, in the communication,the universal language. there's so much moreto learn about this, because each picture, each way of theposition, is the position of your energy,

your soul through your physicality,how you can express yourself. never mind what they tried to divert itas rick was trying to pay the attention bringing the attention forward. we don't stand still with that rubbish,because the text next to the pictures, and if you go back even to that teaching, you realize the amount of informationand the beauty which was in it. it was more than a gift. and as the gentleman justbefore me said, "if fabio wouldn't taken the position",he took in the whole event,

how it happened, what happened. mr keshe would have never goneto this level of teaching. and he was very clear about it. it was like mr keshe received a force ofmixture of giving, but it changed the path. it definitely changed the path, becausewe all got pulled into a higher level. and it didn't stop anymore. we still are in the continuation from thatpoint, which it got increased so much, thank you for acknowledging,thank you for bringing it forward. it was a painful process,and that's why i wanted to bring most probably,

that's why i'm searching for giovanniin the background to come forward, that we can share the beauty,the other beauty which came with it. which is now getting realized,the changes with naomi. it is absolutely incredible. it's beautiful. if giovanni can reach, be reached,i asked giuseppe to try to find him, i don't know, sometimesit's not easy to get him. but we will definitely present it,or today, or tomorrow. anybody else who want's toshare something please?

is mr keshe back? (rc) we do, we dosee his name up there. hello? hahaha.(mk) hiding very quietly. (mk) i have to get off in a few minutes.just wanted in coming, just listening. (cdr) can you enlighten more, with theuniversal community language please? (mk) i have two minutesbefore i catch a flight. so, i don't have the time.(cdr) good enough. (mk) universal communityhas it's own way of interaction. in a way the interaction is onthe level of the soul more than anything else,

because we don't understandthe language. we go by feeling, we feel it in ourselves,we fear the communication through our souls. it's the only way to interact. there's no other way, they don't speak english,they don't speak chinese. and they don't understand us. and so, they see our soul, they seethe reflection of the emotion of the soul. i have to leave to catch a flight,we are back in, we are back in a few hours, then tomorrow morningwhen we teach we speak about it. thank you very much.

(cdr) thank you. i will remind you.i will remind you mehran. topoli, yes.(mk) yes, yes papa is here topoli. okay, we'll see you later on,thank you very much. do you have a chargerwith you by the way? (rc) okay, thank you mr keshe.(cdr) yeah, topoli thccht. (chuckles) (rc) thank you caroline.(cdr) you just... you just move your headphones awaybecause he's very loud. and just as i reopen my microphonehe just went "woff" again.

because he canhear mehran so, "shht tcssht". "shht tcssht" papa's gone,it's okay, playbird. you are a playbird, he is gorgeous,he's absolutely adorable, mmn yes i know. somebody else wanted to come forwardto share something with us please? (at) how can anybody stop themselvesbut talking? it is very special, i mean ... now,everyday is a different day, and every accumulation ofthe knowledge is a different day, and it's being supported byat the end of the day, perhaps by mr kesheor somewhere else, someone else.

it's a privilegeto be able to understand, to be able to feel the interactiondown to its core for my perspective, as i always reflect what i feelfrom my perspective. what his joining means, is adding,that's wh... that's how i see it, it's like whenever he, he,whenever i hear his voice, i feel like he's joining into another dimensionto be able to support ... ...something thathe already calculated. very early in the morning of,of the california. of the.. all of the peoplewho are staying waking,

staying awake,at the moment ... i just wanna thank you,it's quite difficult ain't it? it's like i'm gonna go to work, so,it's alright, really i'm an, i'm a... most people like they're perhaps listening,but don't care, why? because peace is more important for themselves,within their heart, it resonates peace, just a word, such a delicate word,that trembles, yes i'm gonna go to work, real, california, come on,trembles, really affects. i always wanted to think about mr keshe,i always think about mr keshe, all the teachings that i hear,... it's a different world...

we always havetwo different personalities, it's to combine findingthe right balance, in between, in this early morning,and ... it's quite easy with you. really i'm smiling like as if i'm all, i'm,i'm gonna go and brush my teeth in a minute. it's if i'm look,i was about to look at a mirror, yes i see myself,the eyes that look at myself. there is a question, are they my eyes?am i looking at myself? yes i am looking at myself,i'm confident, and thank you for the knowledgeand ... all the interaction.

it's all because i can't stop myself,with all my beautiful intentions, let it be, guys put our handsunder this tones, and just feel the pain, just tiny bit of it,it's to be able to reach, no matter what,we're after peace. piranhas all around us,in terms of, we have our own protection, but imagine a, tons of piranhas,just trying to bite out of your field, and those fields are protectedby our intentions by our... it's just like this,those conditions we're talking. caroline, oh my goodness caroline,you talk hours and hours,

and, nonstop, literally and, what i mean is,all which is, actually is a long time. you talk and talk, you have to gatherall the information and understand it, within your intuition you reach,you pass out of that threshold, you reach billions of nosy rosewooddescribe your telling. thank you so much,i love you all... birds are all around meat the moment, not anything supernatural, but it,it pulls the goodness that have in you, means, it's an informationthat is being resonated by you, and it will pull all sorts of creaturesaround you, it's inevitable. yeah?

...yeah and you can't stop it,you go out in the out of the wildness, you'll see many creaturesare approaching you. deer's approach me,approached me. male of it just to find out whether...if i'm okay? and the rest, the familyis this, this is not a... i happens to all of us on every level ...a fly approaches, approaches you it's the same thing,deer approaches me. it's insignificant,that you think ...

and then i takeeverything as equal and miss caroline's words are golden,when mr keshe joined it's... times by two us, intuitions,think about it. we're all here as, as, as... we're real, thank you sir. (rc) okay, thank you alper. ...i'm thinking that we should probablyphase out of our program for today. what you think caroline ?

(cdr) have you reached the end ? can you hear me ? (rc) yeah, uh-hm. (cdr) have we reached the end ? ( rc) i think we've reachedthe end for now. there are other things, there's someimages and so on from jibani from togo. but, we could have themin the next session, would be nice- we're not gonna start a know topic.uh-huh not today any more... (laughs)

(rc) right i think we're ... hm-mm i think we are...(cr) i think we all needed time. (rc) yeah, i think our software andhardware all needs a 'time out' now. (laughing) (cr) did you had enough coffee supply? (rc) yeah enough coffee! (cr) ah, you're cheatyou're cheating because you couldwalk away darling. ( jg) caroline you need to think about thetranslators and the transcribers

they will have... a big time (cdr) it's beautiful,i feel good to end the meeting. we restart tomorrow and witha fresh mind, a fresh cup of tea fresh smile on the face,after passing the mirror. joined us not with a full cup of coffeebut also with a full cup of soul. i think that will be more importantthan anything else, but the two combine very nice, a full soul and afull cup of coffee uhmn... (rc) yeah(cdr) i thank you team.

(rc) go ahead.(cr) i thank you team, for being so patient today. you've been very, very,extremely quiet i know you've been doing a lotof work in the background, so we come backwith a fresh start tomorrow. i salute you. i honor you i love you. i hear your need,i feel your pain.

but i will join your soulin your source. see you tomorrow.thank you everybody. (ek) may i also say thank you caroline,you have lifted me a lot today and not only me but all the restof them that listens to this. and also, i would send a thank youto my african friend paul who has teach me so much lately.and it's big left forward for me and for all of us because paulenlightens us very much also. thank you all. (rc) very good.thank you erik.

...maybe we could all ...give a group 'i am present' for that one. so, let's close today's session with. 'i am present' and we will be present alsofor tomorrow's session. at, starting at 10 am central european timefor the blueprint for peace for humanity. and we get lot's in store forthat session, so don't miss it. "i am present"(me) "i am present" (cdr) "i am present", caroline. (gm) "i am present", gatua, kenya. (jw) this is john, "i am present"from argentina.

(at) "i am present" from california,naturally from istanbul turkey. (vv) "i am present", vince from canada. (sk) "i am present", sandor from hungary. (ym ) i am present, (inaudible) "i am present", thomas from switzerland. "i am present", flint from united states. "i am present", mark from virginia. "i am present", mahnaz from franceand thank you caroline. you listen to what i asked god

and you answered me and i see the resulttoday, thank you very, very, much. (kp) "i am present", klaus from austria. (jt ) "i am present". "i am present", pia from denmark. (rc) okay thank you everybody.i think we'll close it now and there's many people presentas suggested before, in both the livestream andthe chat and ... all over the world. so thank you everybody forattending today session which is 182nd knowledge seekers workshopthursday , july 27th , 2017

i am present stefania from italy (rc) thankyou stefania and... yeah so just once again we'll be broadcasting againat 10 am cet ...tomorrow on friday. all right thank you everybody and i'll end thelive stream now subtitles by the community

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