badewanne beschichten selber machen

badewanne beschichten selber machen

alfer⮠– infinite possibilities! today we are bringing order into a garage with a corner shelf unit that you build yourself of aluminum profiles from the logika⮠system. yeah! for this there are many clever hook systems from alfer⮠and a practical aluminum storage possibility under the ceiling. today i am traveling through the tranquil waldshut district,because bernd needs help with his chaotic garage. and i am curious to see what's waiting for me there! here he is, the proud garage owner! ooh, this is what i call a mess!

i have been thinking for some time that i ought to get this place in order and into some kind of system. so that i can find my stuff and above all, so that i can finally park my car in here. i understand. we'll do it. we'll get it done. no problem! great! i'm glad.we will make this wish come true, but as a team: do-it-yourselfer elena, all-rounder steffi and my little contribution! let's get going! we start with a highlight:a self-constructed and individual corner shelf unit with profiles from the logikaâ® system from alferâ®. we build the frame for our corner shelf unit with aluminum angle profiles and u-profiles.

first, elena cuts them to the right length with a miter saw. these profiles are also available as square tube profiles or flat bars. and the entire logikaâ® system is also available in steel. now elena and steffi are screwing the finished profiles together. the easiest way to do this,is to fix the nuts in place with the right wrench. practical: the distances between the pre-drilled holes are always 25 millimeters for each profile. thus different types of profiles can be screwed together. our first shelf board enclosure is finished!

we built others according to the same principle. with long angle profiles and t-profiles a shelf unit is now produced. t-profiles are very practical.they make it possible to extend the shelf unit as desired. and they ensure high stability. simply bolt the t-profiles vertically to our shelves and: that's it.great. to make this a corner shelf, we now are connecting this shelf unit to a second shelf unit, which we have also constructed from angle profiles and u-profiles. practical:the distances between the shelves can be freely selected,and so can the depth of the shelves.

here are the shelf boards!great! we have just finished. by the way: you can have these cut to the desired length in a home-improvement center. the self-constructed corner shelf unit of aluminum profiles from the logikaâ® system. is a stylish and practical storage space idea. if you want, you can tightly screw down the shelf boards, but even without screw fastening they are bombproof a clever idea: rubberized hooksfrom the versatile alferâ® product line can be fastened on the shelf. and they offer enough space for helmets, tools, and other things. oooooh! yeah!

the generously dimensioned corner shelf unit offers plenty of storage space for everything that previously was just lying around and at a single blow brings order into what was formerly a chaotic garage. one of many practical ideas from alferâ®!

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