badewanne gegen fieber

badewanne gegen fieber

zashib! i went to a bachelor party! in short, the common cold. with the support of a group video vine. it was a wednesday. i lay in bed and coughed quietly into my pillow. whatever nastya did not hear what i was ill, if she finds out, it will not let me on the stag, and i can not miss it. i've already imagined how it starts me treat all known to her ways or something worse he will call me to treat my mother, and then i do not survive. nastya from the kitchen to eat called me. i got out of bed,

he shook himself, walked to the mirror. i look not very good, but as always. i went into the kitchen. nastia has prepared a corporate dinner called heated eaten breakfast. i had no appetite. nastya asked why i do not eat. i said that it is a pity such beauty digest. she said do not worry, more will prepare what would distract nastya i said that will be a surprise in her room. she ran away. while it was not i spilled dog food. damn, we also do not have a dog.

it seems i have a fever. i gathered everything and threw it in the trash. i threw pieces of paper on top of everything that would not exactly nastia burned. nastya returned to the room, he said that there was nothing there. i made a frustrated look. and he said that perhaps it was stolen owls. lord, what am i? what fucking owl? but nastia hugged me and thanked for the care, i said that i would not get upset.

all the same, it is sometimes good silly. nastia decided to brew tea. wow, that is exactly what what i need now. stir until nastya its sugar, i still drank tea and asked for more, and more and more. nastya asked why i drink so much tea? i said that a long time ago not drinking tea and decided to catch up with him in our

relations. then nastya asked to wash the dishes. i sneezed, and again, and another and another. she asked what happened? i said that i'm allergic to dirty dishes. once again, sneezed, and i noticed that it's the truth. nastya with suspicion i asked why i say in the nose? i said i want to voice militants nineties. i went into the bath to wash and rinse your nose. nastya held

past the bath. i asked what a strange sound. i said that the campaign clogged pipe from her hair. nastya began to cause plumbing. i stopped her and said that i am a man in the house and do everything myself. nastya sneezed on the truth. while i pretended that chinyu cock, i felt dizzy and was cold. i decided to take a hot shower. it seems to feel better. came out. i went to the room - it was lying under a blanket nastya and with a thermometer in his hands. i said that warning that can not be in the same dress in the evening for a walk. nastya sneezed on the truth.

all right. now bachelor exactly canceled. in short, the common cold.