badezimmer klein beleuchtung

badezimmer klein beleuchtung

after the in the most remote regions of space a battle takes place nobody can see it but the scientists they are sure that it is happening and that its end will be very bleak the universe will come to an end it will not happen until thousands of millions of years but it is not output

imagine how it will end is the biggest challenge of the astrophysicists from around the world they run their high-tech equipment towards the heavens to unveil the secret of our destiny music the possibilities scares a possible scenario would be that the

gravity make the universe fall back on yourself similar to when a balloon is deflates the universe would return to its original size is the big branch or big inclusion the end of the universe it would be a big fireball when touches the matter implode would already be very dramatic and there is the bichi or great

cooling the universe will expand until the nuclear kilns that give life to the stars will extinguish and the universe will cool and die a second possibility is actually very sad the universe continues to expand eternally until becoming a increasingly cold and lonely place

as the expansion moves away our closest neighbors and let's end up being one and isolated community of stars and galaxies but the end could also be much more billboard everything will disintegrate until the last comm imagine a balloon that has been filled with

too much air is there is much more dramatic that the bichi and as fatal as the big branch the universe continues expanding but at a speed each fastest time in fact the pace is so fast that even the structure space time not could keep the universe together be whatever the film will be dramatic

to understand how you can finish all scientists turn to how started the ministry starts to settle here in the observatory of mount wilson overlooking pasadena california. in 1929 observing why by then it was the largest telescope the world!

edwin habel made a stranger discovery the universe expands the jabel's discovery led us to a image of the universe is an environment dynamic that evolves changes with the time and that changed the image that the people had previously of the cosmology before jabel the scientists said that the universe was

static and unalterable the jabel's discovery that the universe expands means that it has had a starting point a beginning that was the basis of the idea of ​​why we did not pass the film upside down in the time and we found the point at which started and from there came the idea of fifa big bang

the big bang that fraction of a second in the one that the universe and everything that had in it it exploded into existence from a point smaller than a shot a very common misconception about the big bang is that we can identify a point in the space in which it took place the big bang in fact it is more appropriate to consider the

big bang as a simultaneous creation in all the space that continues expanding to this day scientists theorize that in the moment of the big bang the first and small particles of matter called quarks collided to form the basic components of universe floated in a thick soup of

hot plasma for about 400,000 years the gravity also created with the big bang attracted the particles uniting them over time created the first stars illuminating the cosmos the big bang theory is very solid but what happened at the time of big bang is something that we follow working really we do not understand

if the universe has been expanding from the big bang scientists must keep in mind that stops expanding at some point the question is how the most obvious answer involves the gravity what goes up has to lower the stars the galaxies and everything else you can reverse your address on

universe would collapse in what some scientists call the bicra night a rocket scale can give us a idea of ​​how it would be the vi craig the rockets as the universe expanding in the space after the big bang a bathroom initial allows the rocket to overcome force of gravity the engine explosion makes the

rocket leave the launch ramp accelerates in the air and is released from the force of gravity for the moment it seems that his life never will end but the seriousness of the earth will not allow it to continue eternally with time when i go out of the fuel will continue to rise about few meters separate and will be brought

back to earth that's what would happen with a craig beat the whole universe would be brought essentially towards your platform {0}•{/0} {1}â â â â â â â â â  {/1} {2}launch{/2} the universe has its moment and its own energy was moving out but there's a point where it is possible that the universe stop that movement towards

out like the rocket we've seen and have to implode and go back to collapse under the force of its own sever in this scenario the universe could return to its original state before big band creating the conditions for a perpetual seesaw of creation and destruction

for scientists the theory of the big branch has moved to a second place the cosmologists assumes that there is some form of energy that will prevent it from collapse the universe the existence of said force to the place to new theories about what is made the universe and how can it end the evidence of how it could occur

are found in some of the most powerful phenomena and mysteries of the cosmos the black holes predict what the end of the universe implies the use of the most advanced technology known for the name on the island of hawaii in a remote volcano

the astronomers are monitoring a battle in space that is shaping the destiny of the universe to a height of 4 thousand 267 meters the keck telescopes near astronomers around the world space for a clearer vision of the cosmos they come here because the telescopes work better away from the lights of

the cities and to the highest possible height above the polluted air of the land is hard to work here because to the harsh conditions but for the scientists looking for the big mysteries of the universe is paradise this place is extraordinary clear air is very rarefied by what it is extremely difficult to work here

but these telescopes are surprisingly powerful us we are very ambitious astronomers we do not just observe objects easy to see we strive to see the most objects we have to understand the extremes of the universe the most distant objects that we they talk about the universe when i was very young

here astronomers like richard ellis they work in an absorbing problem for the edwin harel cosmologists know that the universe expands but what they do not know is at what speed until they solve this mystery it will be difficult to predict exactly how the universe will come to an end what we are observing focused on

vehicle 12 that star comes now it's better focused it's been worth it an astronomer like me used a ground telescope as a machine weather we are going back in time to study distant galaxies seen as they were a long time ago richard ellis and scientists like the

they focus their telescopes to light the past are seeing things that validate old theories about the cosmos observing objects that only recently the technology has allowed to see and what astronomers have discovered is that one of the predictions of aã­nsa in particular can be responsible for the end of the cosmos

ansa indicated that there had to be more mass in the universe that we can see predicted that there would be plots of super serious invisible age of those who neither the light could escape one of the distant galaxies that astronomers have found reveals a powerful source of x-rays from something that they could not see was in the

cyrus constellation of the swan and no the voice issued but there was something there that it was emitting those x-rays it had a mass seven times that of the sun of the earth he had no name so he they called it a black hole the black holes offer the scientists an analogy of how the big branch theory works

when certain stars are left without fuel collapse on themselves in a smaller and denser mass that increasingly attracts more matter to just like the big branch the force gravitational is so powerful that anything that falls near a black hole will be trapped for always

not even light can escape is a incredible concept and something invisible be detectable and offer a vision of our style is tarred curtain black represents space space relatively flat to but when we put an object with a large mass in the space is curved this is a penny and north and now

watch how it turns in an orbit precise circular the black hole catches in orbit around it and that orbit as it approaches it is more circular and now the danger and it will disappear entry into the black hole of the sun's the earth distorts the space of shape similar to a black hole only that in comparison it is

cosmically insignificant force gravitational of our sun is much weaker the earth and all the nearby planets are trapped by the strength of the sun but it is so weak that they remain in orbit without being absorbed by sun the mass of a black hole can be a million times the mass of the sun or more

and created a great curvature in space that surrounds you that consumes everything that is he approaches that black hole is wrapped in space and toilets and some matter falls near falls inside and is caught forever something that we can ask ourselves would happen if our universe were it will collapse on itself

what would happen if all the time matter of the universe was enough to cause gravitationally that will collapse into a huge black hole in the end what we would have would be a great uniqueness that is a possible future of the universe that we end up in a singularity we come from one we may end up in

another and that is a way of seeing it at a large scale macroscopic that of some shape the physics of black holes is very similar to the one that gave rise to universe and we may end up like this the holes exist in isolated areas throughout the corpus the strength gravitational of a black hole is a small scale version of the force

that could cause the collapse of the variables that force is dark matter and the dark matter is what scientists often call glue cosmic or we're going to do a little bit of cosmology dark matter attracts other objects while its attraction gravitational is a positive force

there is another force that opposes the gravity and it's dark energy and dark energy we really do not understand what it is but it is a negative repellent effect that move galaxies away from each other the swirl in the demonstration of richard ellis represents strength gravitational of dark matter the

green ink coming out of the syringe shows how the matter of the universe is collapses under the force of matter dark the presence of dark matter acts as the focus for the day of uniting the structure this is how it he developed the milky way to expand the universe little things combining with great things

the positive and constructive force of if this were the only force of universe and the universe stops expand at some point in the future the universe would begin its collapse the gravity would stop the expansion and would join again in the big branch this dark matter is responsible for produce galaxies in a quantity of

finite time if we had to depend on the gravity of atomic matter for produce galaxies we would not be in no part would not exist for asking these questions has not been enough time for the gravity will condense the atomic matter that we know there is in the cosmos why the

dark matter has to exist for participate in the process and accelerate it but the universe continues to expand and does not show any sign of collapse this suggests that the counterforce of dark energy could be more powerful than that of dark matter but it i would need a detective job for part of the scientists for

prove it focus on one of the most violent forces in the universe in search for clues we study stars that explode to try to understand if they can tell us the rhythm that expands the universe these explosions take place at the end of the life of the stars so no very different from our sun

the fuel that these stars they have their center the star is consumed it collapses the outer part expands and the star becomes a dwarf blanca. the white dwarf stars sometimes they have other stars orbiting nearby of them a companion could occur a massive explosion if the

remains of the star that accompanies it fell on the white dwarf causing a spectacular display of fires artificial in the cosmos scientists believe that exploding stars or supernovas just like in these captured images by the hubble telescope the are reliable speed meters that

the universe expands its brief and bright explosion allows the scientists follow the expansion of the universe by providing them with the form of calculate your speed are stars white dwarfs that become nuclear bombs explode with a certain luminosity and for a short period of time it takes a while for

dissipate that luminosity are like candles any of them has the same aspect no matter where you are in the universe astronomers deduce the distance and speed of these stars that they explode by calculating the amount of light red emitting the faster the star is

move away from us more red was swift when we study the spectrum of a supernova we have the indicators of your chemical composition we understand the speeds at which remains of the supernova expand after the initial explosion there are many physical data that we can study about the individualized fact

the rate of expansion of galaxies that contain stars like supernovas can be used to interpret like the rest of the universe it expands we know it because we can compare the speeds of galaxies with their distant as these are the clues that lead to

astronomers to the answer of when the universe will reverse the direction and return to its origins in a bic craig or this information may reach a completely different conclusion the doctor and he is observing clues at the keck observatory in hawaii although the telescope is on top of a great volcano

he is in a room observation in another area of ​​the island johan emission lines where the red in the red zone created at the same time johan richard is in the california technological institute in pasadena evaluating the light of a galaxy distant that the keck telescope has captured in jaguar and try to find out if

any of the known elements coming from the galaxy is in the red spectrum and moving away we can interpret it as speed the one that the galaxy is moving away from we can interpret how it it involves the universe how it expands interpret the displacement towards red is the cornerstone in the

search to specify the destination of the clearer images of the universe that they have only been possible in these recent years have resulted in cosmologists came to the conclusion of that the redshift of distant galaxies is greater than that was supposed and salar mante mante not only the universe is expanding

is accelerating nothing in the cosmos observable suggested the idea of acceleration of the expansion of but the data seems irrefutable this has to mean that a force invisible works against gravity the cosmologists have given it a name dark energy when the universe was young the gravity was strength

dominant what we see here are galaxies like particles in the surface of the water that come together due to gravity but now 17 billion 40 years of age. dark energy and gravity were balanced but the universe continues expanding decreases the density and the dark energy is imposing

and behold, the universe begins to speed up so now the dark energy is the dominant property of the space of universe started with a certain amount en we try to understand how much energy and we know that the universe is being expanding over time

now we also know that the expansion of the universe accelerates but we do not know if that acceleration for slow down or not that's something that we keep trying to understand well for understand the destiny of the universe we have to know how much energy and how much matter the history of the universe is a battle

between dark matter and dark energy these two forces are opposite so that the history of the universe and its destiny is the contention of these two forces the big branch theory was the result of the interpretation of the scientists that dark matter is the dominant force but now the astronomers suspect that energy

dark could be more powerful in that case the end could be dramatic and violent separate solar systems stars and over time acquires so much force that separates the same matter breaking bonds separating atoms and reducing everything to particles fundamental and that is the end of the battle between dark matter the

force that holds the universe together and the dark energy the force that wants breaking it has placed the universe in a path of destruction if dark matter comes out victorious the universe may collapse if dark energy dominates the cosmos could do it shreds the expansion is so strong that it breaks the universe would be

a strange twist of fate the dark energy the force that pushed the matter form a magnificent universe continues to push it towards outside dragging him to his death to know if dark energy is winning the battle the scientists first have to know how fast you are

expanding the universe the most extraordinary feature of the universe is that it is expanding each galaxy moves away from the others galaxies when one looks at the sky at night of faraway stars galaxy clusters of galaxies everything that can be seen by telescope

everything is moving away from us we can illustrate it with this group while we expand it we see that each point of this black balloon as if it were the night sky moves away from the other points music but we know something more of the universe something more about the expansion

and is that the expansion is accelerating the universe is accelerating the size of the universe increases at a rate faster and faster but we do not know the speed of acceleration well it speeds up enough speed could happen something very dramatic the universe could end

shattering with a big beat or a big tear this is perfect is great as you have assembled this is a giant version of the demonstration that i do in class dr. robert caudwell made a terrestrial experiment to demonstrate how dark energy affects the acceleration of the universe used a

paintball gun mounted on a truck and we can adjust the angle how do you want it to look like so i think it would be better to aim more vertically to the ground so to be able to mark it every time shoot the gun so it will be better let the van go down the pending the gravity of the earth

drives the vehicle downhill what it's similar to how dark energy drives the universe out causing its expansion gravity attracts the truck a increasing speed the gun and shoot painting the walkway intervals regular one second caldwell nor of the distances between

paint spots to calculate the acceleration speed of the truck will use the data of the experiment to see if the force of gravity with the force of the dark energy in the cosmos we started thinking about the big three when it was discovered that the expansion of the universe accelerates the degree of

acceleration is unknown and the astronomers make great efforts to find out exactly at what speed the expansion increases what has been the past evolution of universe in detail and starting from that what is the future evolution of universe is not known exactly the acceleration speed

there is some evidence that the acceleration has exceeded a certain threshold and beyond that threshold is produces a breakaway effect that could take place tearing the universe how is it going fantastic i think we have the excellent interesting data because we do not measure it great, kogelo for ends well i'll take this one meter

seventy two and a half the reason for the gun experiment of paintball is to find parallels between the truck propelled by the invisible force of gravity and the acceleration of the universe i'm glad we took the ribbon long metric because now the internships are being much older than

the few measurements the distance between the paint stains almost multiply by seven if the truck be in space at this rate would travel at a speed greater than 160 kilometers per hour in a minute already more than 1,600 per hour in ten minutes each time they are longer here we have 12 meters 20 from in

meters the question that arises to break caldwell is already a cosmic scale the same level of expansion occurs and acceleration since the capsule is made plastic or something like that of gelatin is biodegradable perfect that is, if they wanted, they could eat

these are the data that you collect with eric cumulative distance traveled by the truck as a function of time is beautiful has a beautiful parabolic shape is exactly what could be expected from a body accelerating and here i have other calculations with which worked on accelerating the robert calwell's calculations show

that the forces of the earth are similar to space this demonstration gives idea of dramatic pace of expansion that seems to take place in the cosmos at first sight it can be difficult appreciate how well they match but what true is that the calculations statisticians indicate that a universe

accelerating would match this data the ones like the truck the universe continues to accelerate in a continues within billions of years the universe could tear all stars and distant galaxies they would separate from each other they would move away of us and what is more not we would have time to be cold or

feel alone it will be exciting and dramatic and violent stars torn planets broken pieces and even the atoms be shredded before the end of the universe it will not happen until at least inside of 50 billion years but still this is an interesting destination for the what would some atoms look like

disintegrating objects like cups of coffee are solid the atoms come together to create something that may contain a cappuccino without any filtration entering the square as navigating the cosmos passing the molecules and entering the atoms the solid cup is not more than a fabric of atomic particles that formed

links to become materia if those particles are separated links that hold this cup together atoms would stop working no longer they would associate to form molecules the connection between lowercase particles would dissolve matter with the shape of this cup would stop exist would disintegrate would not exist

this is the dramatic robert estate caldwell foresees for the universe that i would see if i was on earth or in another planet that at that time still was out there it would look something like a wall of darkness approaching as that wall of darkness is will approximate the stars will shut down the galaxies would go out and

over time that wall of darkness would surround the plans very soon the atoms would disintegrate and it's over the wall of darkness would shrink form a point and that would be the end of universe according to robert caldwell that moment is to billions of years with which they have a lot time to polish their investigations in

certain way is like a story of detectives we try to find out what or who is the guilty of the cosmic acceleration we believe that we know his name what we call dark energy but not we know the modus operandi we do not know how exactly what works need is more information

more information about the physics of the dark energy we want to know what it does exactly and what it's made of exactly if we respond to those questions we can know exactly what is the destiny of the universe the big ben is a fair traveling theory above the atmosphere of the earth and looking at the depths of space

the hubble telescope provides the scientists tracks an end of the universe less violent but equally inevitable now the scientists say that the universe expands and depending on the acceleration could end with a big rip when everything would disintegrate it is also possible to continue

expanding but at a faster pace slow but the universe does not it would disintegrate but it would become dark and cold and lifeless it will turn out that the dark energy was constant a constant property of space and continue at the same pace as now universe would continue to expand eternally and i think it would be very sad

in the end it would cool everything down the tests for the bichi or great cooling and all the theories of end of the universe partly come from the hubble space telescope he carries orbiting the earth since 1990 and has an unobstructed view of the cosmos the extraordinary images that neither the earth are amazing for their

clarity and detail and thanks to habel scientists can predict better how will the end of the universe be here we have an example of a field deep taken by the telescope spatial hubble which literally directs the space telescope to a determined region of space and if compare with the typical image of a

telescope on the ground before launching the hub in the first place it's literally the size of a mail stamp suddenly the first deep field of hub that was taken had four thousand galaxies that looked the same as galaxies here that had never been visible from the ground a power

tremendous each of these spots is another galaxy each of these galaxies contains about 100 billion of stars astronomers wait impatiently all the images of the hub each of them brings them closer to solving the mystery of the destiny of the universe

processing the images with computers and detecting the movement with the particle separator taken in different nights we can eliminate the other galaxies of the image and stay only with this stain may not they it looks like a big thing but it's a supernova discovered thanks to the jabe the hub he sees much more than stars and

i may have discovered one of the key ingredients of space a invisible ingredient that could slow down the effects of dark energy and cause a big chill dark matter scientists talk about matter dark as the substance that keeps united to the universe and could avoid the big rip the evidence that matter

dark there are some of the images of nearby galaxies from the hub sometimes it seems that other galaxies the surround but the other galaxies are not there they are only reflections from more distant galaxies that are behind astronomers suspect that this optical illusion is dark matter that

created a strange distortion of light called gravitational lens the light of the most distant galaxies are curved literally because of the curvature of the space caused by stars and matter dark in its trajectory how much more dark matter there between the earth and the distant galaxy more light is curved and greater will be the strength to cause a big

chill the gravitational lens is a extraordinary tool for astronomer because we can calculate the distortion of the background galaxies and use it to locate the distribution of dark matter different scales we are looking at the distribution of some galaxies and made by the sky the

light from these distant galaxies happens to through dark matter groups what what are you really seeing is not there happening is like wearing glasses and not know that the works if you can know how many this curve 'can not' map dark matter and can also be seen if there are dark matter of the universe that surrounds

that dark matter behaves like i should given the seriousness or not if the head were less it is possible that dark energy in those places are changing identify what force dominates matter dark or dark energy provide scientists more security about whether

our destiny is a big chill or a big rip the best tests show that the dark energy is the driving force but as long as this is resolved mystery depends on which astronomers find ways to calculate what speed moves the universe in the land is easy to determine to what speed moves something an airplane by

example is relatively close we can look at it and calculate its speed estimating the distance traveled and calculating how long it takes to go from point to point but the light of the stars can travel millions or billions of years before being seen from the earth when light arrives here it's been a long time

the star has disappeared and is too far to calculate your speed distance traveled with certain certainty the universe is expanding but scientists can not give exact answers about your speed we will get closer to the solution of mystery with images of the cosmos more precise

before the launch of the telescope space hubble could not even be observe the galaxies in this image the recent advances of our technology are amazing we have allowed to do things represent with diagrams the evolution of the universe of way that we would have never imagined clearer images of space

facilitate the estimation of the pace of expansion and over time the universe continues to expand all energy sources the ovens nuclear and the stars would run out and die and the universe would be very cold something would occur called the bichi on the big chill stage the earth could become a planet

lonely and cold as the universe expands the distances between the stars are would increase so much that not we would see over time they would burn and after the whole universe would freeze these are ideas that are derived from the works of einstein and habel although neither of them lived long enough

to see the results imagine what edwin habel would think and albert einstein if they were still alive today in day watching the progress of the subject already they know instant thinking of a universe expands as a natural solution of its equations but surprised because it seemed that the universe did not change its daughter of the desperate to calculate if the

universe slowed down its expansion in fact the two were wrong they it is accelerating when it is still in i developed the theory of relativity it was not known that there were other galaxies out of our galaxy the milky way and we did not know that the universe it expanded in fact the same year time even though his equations

they shouted that the universe had to evolve did not have enough confidence in the result to say that the universe has to expand or contract even so his work resulted in the scientific discoveries that they served to identify the subject dark and dark energy forces

that could cause the big chill this sphere demonstrates the principles behind the big chill the marbles that are coming out of the sphere are like the stars that were formed following the big bag the dark energy proposed to the stars out dark matter slows her down in a big chill the expansion would continue but the

nuclear fuel that makes burning stars would run out from the perspective of the earth the first thing to disappear would be the light of the sun the show would be paid as it was they deplete their nuclear fuel the earth would end frozen and lifeless and billions of years after the

disappearance of the human being the cosmos would continue to expand until disappear maybe there are a few new stars but most time that would have contributed the oven that gives energy the universe would shut down the dark universe would continue expanding a memory the side and inanimate of its vibrant past

existence already with the time to follow so with nothing will change in the composition of the density of the energy of the universe would continue expanding eternally every time it would be colder and at some point our neighboring galaxies would move away of us at such a speed that it does not we could see the the universe would be

dark cold and a very lonely place astronomers still have a lot to learn about the influence of dark energy and dark matter much of this information comes from this shadow of deep space sends information that helps the scientists to interpret history and the fate of the universe

the night sky is apparently a quiet and silent place but in reality there are forces that drive it towards its end new technologies help the astronomers to decipher the great mysteries of the universe including its destination the solution to the enigma of the universe

can be hidden in this image multicolored the amazing thing is that it is a map of the universe at the time it was conceived and even more fantastic reveals a great story that helps the cosmologists to predict how your phil the machine that captured it is called w map

a nasa satellite that works 24 hours a day continuously for map the cosmos its what we are seeing here is the edge of the observable universe is the light that calculated the probe w map the heat remains of the big bang this one is literally the oldest light in the universe we can see this relic

fossil of the early universe tells us a lot about how was the composition of the matter the pace of expansion and which ones will be the conditions at the birth of our universe the w map probe is one of the advances most important gastronomic 21st century

before anything else could facilitate is not such a clear picture of the energy that it was after the big bang energy that the scientists call cosmic background of microwave the probe w map calculates the differences of temperature in the cosmic background of microwave with what maybe you can predict what force dominate the universe

and how that force will take the cosmos to its end the blue spots are regions with light of microwave produced by the big bang and slightly colder than the medium temperature the red spots are regions slightly warmer than average the temperature differences revealed

by the probe w map they tell scientists the nature of the matter and energy contained in the universe so you can analyze the patterns of light and find clues there only about the substance but also about the fate of the universe with our eyes only we catch a small part of the spectrum

electromagnetic but we need longer wavelengths with the probe w we are calculating with the same wavelengths that those we use to heat water in the the w map probe is so accurate that they detect differences in temperature so small as a thousandth of a degree

this sensitivity helps the scientists calculate the reason for dark matter and dark energy forces that will determine the end of the universe we gather all these measurements and we mapped the appearance of said variations up the contrast we can subtract this uniform brightness coming from the big bang and look for the

variations does not seem like much until that gere higinio adjusts the contrast then the image of the probe w ma observe the images of the probe w m㣠s essence step back in the space and time so maybe have new ideas about the fate of e moving away from the probe following the

path of light that collects we pass mars jupiter and saturn whose light reflected takes more than an hour to get to earth then by leaving the milky way we went through andromeda the next closest galaxy whose light takes two million 300 thousand years to get to us what it means that we have

traveled two million 300 thousand years in the time we finally reached 13 billion at the beginning of visible light before that the super hydrogen gas heated was everywhere the w map probe can be traced back to so far back in history confirms important data of the universe and what

it drives him to his end the final act of the universe is more easy to predict thanks to the probe w your information combined with the work of astronomers has led to to some amazing discoveries relative to a universe that expands quickly the rapid expansion supports the theory of dark energy and the

possibility of a big chill or a beep beep now we know from the data we have of the last ten years that there is more dark energy that dark matter in 2 to 1 ratio that is, dark energy is the dominant component of the energy of the the evidence seems conclusive the dark energy is dominating and invites

to astronomers to new concepts about the origins and the end of universe before the discovery of the things will be simpler if we could know the amount of matter of the universe we could talk about their destiny those days have already passed but every time there are more evidence that supports the idea of

that the universe continues to expand but he will do it until he falls into oblivion in the last century we have taken giant steps learning about the evolution of the universe and its expansion but now we have raised more questions than we can answer the next decade will still be more exciting

theorists have not thrown themselves astronomers thousands of challenges and now we try to find out how we can answer all those questions i think that is the exciting future what awaits us because if you can not observe something that in reality is not questioning and of that treats science is expected that the

battle between dark matter and energy dark follow for billions of years and when the end comes, now a lot time that humans will have disappeared from the earth but none search has been more significant for science that understand how the universe arrived how it works and

what will be your end is a search without that's what drives astronomy what are the answers to these deep questions the components of the universe and the nature of dark matter and such time the greatest mystery of all

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