badezimmer klein ideen

badezimmer klein ideen

bathroom…. unmistakably one of the most used room in the house. it’s important to keep everything sorted out because a clean and organized bathroom leaves a good first impression for any visiting guest. with only a little effort and time needed, these 5 diy projects for more organized bathroom will help you create a lush place to take a bath in. as you already know, this list is brought to you by 1. barrel for storage get creative with the things you will use for storing things. your wooden barrel will make a perfect place to store your towels and shower caddies.

slice one wooden barrel to four pieces and add inserts with a single pallet and place it horizontally or use two pallets and make an x shape inside the barrel. mount every piece onto the wall and arrange them however you like. create a statement with this cool diy project idea for more organized bathroom. 2. shelves with tree limbs make a cute three-tiered floating shelf with your old pallets and use stray branches for a charming accent addition. trim the branches to 12 inches long, mark a spot centered 2 inches from one end of each shelf.

drill through the spot and into the bottom of a branch. do the same step on the other end of the board and use a wood screw to secure the branches. position the second shelf then drill and screw down into the attached branches from the top. repeat the same process for every piece of shelf. lastly, add mounting hardware and hang on screws that have been anchored into the wall. 3. a million dollar towel ring if you despise general bathroom fixtures then we have just the right thing for replacement. start by changing your towel storage.

turn your ordinary towel ring into an expensive-looking piece of towel hanger. take off the wooden towel holder with a saw and sand the ring lightly. spray it with the clear sealer so that it stays clean. cut off a part of an old belt and wrap it around the open part of the ring. apply glue and clamp it. you can hang it on the wall when it’s dry with brass screw and anchor. 4. ladder shelf one of the most popular shelving shape right now is that in the form of a ladder. if you have an old ladder just sitting in the back of your storeroom then take it out.

apply chalk-style paint to match your bathroom’s accessories and layer your towels! hang metal planters on the bottom rung and stash your hairstyling aids there. 5. rustic bathroom storage repurpose your old coffee cans as storage to hoard your combs, lotions, brushes, or your curling irons. pretty much everybody drinks coffee so you probably already have coffee cans at home ready to be used. simply glue rope to old coffee cans and you may opt for different sizes of cans to create a unique look. those are all some diy projects for more organized bathroom

that you can try without having to spend a fortune and no spacious room is needed! come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. see you again later and thanks for watching

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