badezimmer klein ikea

badezimmer klein ikea

this is japanese ikea. sooo many people! how do you pronounce this name? in america it's eye-key-uh. in japan it's ee-kay-uh. i haven't been to ikea in america. this is also my first time going to ikea. you can return within 90 days. "it's okay if you change your mind"

it looks like an american store. yeah, it does! jun, we're going to play a gamecalled "how do you pronounce this." "four-sick-tig?" "forushikutigu" we can finally wash our windows well! got the squeegee. squeegee squeegee *squeegee noises*

you're really good at that. jun it's that salad spinner! for only $4! so you're going to make salad yourselfand eat more vegetables now? no. there's no point. it's the little plastic shapey things. they're only $1!

oooh i like this. our cat will eat it. right. he'll play with it for sure. yeah. "fahr-grick" jun, look at these! i like these coasters! they're metal. $6.

for this. we could get pillows for our couch. feel these! it feels nice. haaaahhh (*â´â–½ï½€*)~ we should janken to see which three of us get inand which one of us has to push. i doubt one of us could fit in here. oh my god we're only here. uaghh

we're still here?! yeah i know god i know jun, i really like those plants. oh, it's bamboo. that's why i like it. oh, you didn't notice that it was bamboo? see, i just naturally love bamboo. yeah mirrors

mirrrrrors i like this color. huuuuu mirrors! i like the lighty ones. the christmas lighty ones. oh, look! they got a floor lampfor the christmas light ones. christmas lights... look at all these! we don't have enough room in our apartmentfor these kind of fancy lamps.

i like... lamps. i don't know wh- i love lamp. this is just too fun to look at. i like seeing all these designers. i know! every time you say the word "designers"it reminds me of tim gunn for some reason. designers hello designers.

good morning. make it work. that one's kinda like a jellyfish! this looks like a lawn. yeah, it does. i like it. oh yeah we don't have a welcome matoutside our door yet. this reminds me of like a moroccan... do you wanna hang a picture on our wall? we can't.

oh yeah, we can't. dangit. i wish i could just screw everything into our walls. i know. it shows all four different colors. i like it.there are four?! or maybe at least two. look, you can see itreally well on the camera. woah. i know, isn't that weird?

sometimes the camera just shows things better. it's like an optical illusion!you can't see it in real life. plants and candles aghthis is our place. i like these giant vases. woooow there're so many. i like that blue color. this smells nice. that's cute. i kinda like the birdy thing.

they're so cute!they're so tiny! these are real ones. oh, these are real? oh yeah. pachira. it's easy to spot. we're at ikea. why are we suddenlyeating food? look, you can get chicken fingers! we just hand them these tickets...

two hot dogs please! okay! thank you~ yahhh sweet. are these all for you? yep. that's a lot.five hot dogs. is this what they had in your school cafeteriain america?

you could get hot dogs or hamburgers. you can get carts to put your trays on? like this! "please use a tray cart" is this beer? you can get beer here. this looks kinda good. i kinda wanna get this. cheesecake? man so much salmon! that's my favoritething in the world! (*â´ú¡`●)

oh my god. what have we become how are your meatballs? it's good. it's made to suit japanese tastes. five hot dogs, cheesecake, a cinnamon roll...and some meatballs. how is the ikea beer? it's really good. oh, sweet.

light taste. this is thicker. this is so cool. this is awesome! there are arrows on the floor.we're going the wrong way. we have to follow the arrows. "loh-torp" oh what!! that's insane! that was the coolest thing everdo it again it's three it again

ha ha this is awesome. what color should we get?"stop-klock" white or black?vak-nah! look at that little kitchen! that's adorable. oh, this looks nice. i like this closet! yeah, right? woaaaaah

omg the light came on. "pax..." "in... fyor-den" hi! i like the led light. yeah i do too. i like this store. i don't wanna leave. "god... kan-nah?" what are you gonna do with it?!

you sit on that. oh.oh really? it seems like apparently it's made of banana. made of banana plant? i don't want a banana stool. i like these weird lamps they have all the time. but you'll never get them anyway. no, i would never get it. but it's kinda cool.

couches? these are so cheap! woauuuuhh this is nice. we need this. they also show how big the size it. oh nice! it's like an image. if your house is like this big... this is so cool! i feel like i'm in a mini house! it's so fun, right?

yeah, this is a lot of fun. oh look! i'm going into the bathroom. how is it? you guys can go shopping.i'm just going to rest. i'll sit. i want this! i want this mirror so much! uwuhh jun!

it's got this giant mirror in it. is that not perfect? it's a fake outdoors! hallway... and... it's an office! this looks nice. it does! they make it look spacious. i could live here.

you could live in this room?where would you sleep? under the desk? where's the bathroom? beepbeepbeepbeepbeep note: because jun's so tall i beep for himwhen he's in danger of bumping into something. watch your head. bathroom. oh i like this sink... i liek it

wooooahh so thin huh? that is crazy cool. it's a really good spotlight.look at how bright it is. i like this. i like that lamp. looks like a pumpkin. i don't know what to choose.i think that's what i hate. that's why i leave everything to ayaka.

because she knows exactly what she wants,and i don't know what i want. i know, right? it's like the perfect fit. is it good? you should try it. okay. i like it. "po-ahng""po-eng" it looks like it's massaging the chair.

i really like this giant lamp. we'll get one of these. we'll putit next to your bamboo. my bamboo yes there's plastic over it so we don'tdamage the tatami. i feel so uncomfortable standing on tatami right now. i'm so confused.i don't know which way we're going. i legit thought we were going backwards. i keep seeing the same lamps over and over again... and now i don't know where i am anymore.

"de-tooooooo-uu-ru-fu" floor map we're halfway through- no, what?! we're not even halfway through the top floor! we still gotta go all the way... oookay. jun, do you wanna look at kitchen racksand spice stuff? no, it just makes me jealous of theseawesome things.

woah, i like these chairs! they don't look comfortable, but that looks cool. are you buying it?yep. is it okay? is it led?yeah. okay. where are you gonna use it?aquarium. oh, okay. sure! "fa-ku-ta-mu-ne-ku-sas" oh, kitchen stuff everywhere. have fun, jun!

go! be free! yay~ oh, we need one of these, rachel. oh yeah, we do. how much is it? jun it's 79 yen (64 cents) we found another chair massage machine. i like it! i want it!

i actually like this. that's so cool! we need this in the future! i love this, look's like a glass drawer. this is the coolest thing ever. oh it's not that expensive. less than $1,000. we need to buy lots of jewelry for this. this is chris, and look at what theother kids are drawing on here.

we got like jibanyan and doraemon. and what is this?! is this like a reindeer?! meow~ yours is the same! it's the same! isn't it cute? the face is exactly the same. we finally made it!

it doesn't look big on the camera,but look at this compared to the size of people. and then you will understand how large it is. it's all outdoor places now~ this is cute. i wanna get lights to hang outside. just these, i guess? three? yeah, this is all we got. to the self-register! where my barcodewhere my barcodescan me

i did. ok. where my barcode aaaand pay. do you have a bag? no bags. we had to pay for oneso we'll carry it. here, put it in my purse. this won't fit in. you can put this in there...

and you can put this in there.the $3 clock. and then you can carry that. okay.yeah. aaaaand want hot dogs? nooo i don't want anymore hot dogs! was it a successful shopping trip? yeah, check it out. in an ikea bag. plants... smelling things...

so, that was the japanese ikea. or, ee-kay-uh. this way, this way. thanks for joining us at the japanese ikea~ here we go. oh it's nice. nice weather. free wifi?! what?!we had wifi this whole time?! "free wifi service" you tell us now at the very end... okay...

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