badezimmer klein kosten

badezimmer klein kosten

*high five* top of the mornin' to ya laddies, my name is jackepticeye, and welcome back to sort the court i tried this game out once before i *clapping* i tried this game out once before didn't do very well shit ton of fun doing it, but people got mad i didn't take it seriously, and then i ended up getting my kingdom destroyed, but this time i'm back and the game is madly updated since the last time so i want to try it out again and i want to try and take it a bit more seriously this time. i even have a crown! i am the crown king jacksepticeye :d the guy. of sort the court if you step into my court i'm gonna sort you up, so let's get crackin. are you a king or a queen?

hmm i'm a queen i'm a queen slay queen oh god what the hell is wrong with you? okay, my lady. i'll help you rule your kingdom, but you have to make the tough choices just say yes or no understand y! imagine if that's how you respond to everything in real life it's like you wanna go get coffee. y dude! although then it would sound like why why would i get coffee with you steve? ( poor steve ) what if i said no would it just be like okay? bye! our city is still very small right now, but it certainly has the potential to grow

perhaps one day. we will have a bustling metropolis, and you'll be invited to join the city the council of crowns there's no city in there. the only city is the one in the clouds for now all you need to concern yourself with is keeping the citizens happy and growing our population oh, i know how to grow a population all right stock markets. that's how you do it. that's how you grow a population any mysteries afoot? i can do some snooping for a small fee if you're interested what's the small fee only ten coins, i'll uncover the truth and report back to you okay, good. thank you skeleton bones. he's gone off to find them secrets with dem bones! my lady, i wish to embark upon a treacherous quest

okay, you didn't ask for anything. i'm gonna just say y it's like. okay. bye you later what are you gonna do for the kingdom? i shall return to you lady did i? okay, this is going well so far. i feel like i'm really sorting this court out ahem. might i get you a cup of tea my lady? i'm okay for now no another time then you know why because i think that tea had a poison in it and i don't want to be a king that got a poison what the fuck is that a robot with no legs hey hello, i can't i can't hear well with this this is a look big mood right now hello, i am

serial number ld 3 it stands for loser dick 3000 ( í¡â° íœê– í¡â°) point 4 c - c - c- can you f - f- fix me um i mean, i don't really have the expertise to fix a robot um i'm a try i i lost a hundred coins :o but i can't fight people thanks friend. i am become fixed (speech 100) we fixed his body, but we couldn't fix his language processor really i am become fixed now i am become fixed destroyer of worlds alright well, i lost a shit ton of money population zero happiness +5 i didn't get people. i just got happiness, but it says i have +3 people people are happy the city is growing

okay, i lost 110 wealth though hmm oh oh my god it's chicken! it's running wild should we try to capture it? yeah, let's capture the chickity this thing is dangerous did it kill someone? what ahh slimey blobby monster winston come on we talked about this last year slime day is not a thing you can't just make up your own holiday, and then barge in here and demand money i forgot about the music in this game [time to appreciate the music]

oh my god i forgot umm but sure what are you thinking -5 but +2 people thanks winston you're such a darling see that's the thing winston's like the germans sounds angry sounds like he's really attacking you all the time but really just a sweetheart deep down come on germany how about you fix it the intonation in your language - so it doesn't sound like you want to kill me all the time? i just wanna be friends with german bros bonjour and my name is madame abeille don't worry how to pronounce it my parents didn't know either, and i've come to join your court

will you have me not only? will i have you but i'll have you (what?) don't murder anybody though. okay? now that i think about it. you look like a bee why do you got a honeycomb on your head right why are you dressed like a bee with a lollipop. that's untrustworthy how sweet, i'm sure many wonderful adventures await us bonsy you're back! reporting in i found a way to summon people from another dimension want me to summon some folks cuz just summon me like a burger could you summon me more money? that would be great. i would love more money uh

y why not? woohoo magic of questionable origins was it from stephen king did you unleash the mist oh hi uh? my boats too tiny to catch any many fish can i have some gold to upgrade it. i'll pay you back i swear how much we talk about though it doesn't say? oh? oh i'm in debt. oh you know what's come you know what they say those who are in debt soon comes death (perfect logic) that's what they say people say i'm not i'm making not this up. oh, you won't regret this you will see

you better come back. with alot of fishers population plus 20 happiness plus 5 people are happy the city is growing my wealth is dying. i am miserable what about my happiness? huh? what about em e my enjoyment? should we sell off our construction supplies to get us out of debt? ah no! that's what i'd hoped you say, but we still need money somehow ok bye little penis hat ( í¡â° íœê– í¡â°) thanks but my lady i have come across a chest of gold in my adventures. will you please accept this gift? i knew you'd bring it back sir knight. thank you for bringing this back into my glorious court i'm sure not this isn't questionable at all. i'm sure there wasn't a dragon looking for that gold. it is my pleasure to serve you hmm it is my serve to pleasure you

peanut ook ook ook! he's got a shiny coin! he's got a shiny coin yes, he does ok i got 5 [jack has reached his final form] ok peanut the fuck out of here, man skelly's back you have got a skeleton of your own. you know don't you find it weird that you can't see it you know what's skelly. i'm not gonna lie it's weird to just have meat on dem bones

i'm justt a walking meat sack you're walking around fine without flesh without needing sustenance without needing any of that stuff. you don't need a drink. you don't need a food. you don't even need to sleep what am i doing over here like a big old dumb meat bag? yeah, it's pretty weird don't think about it too much well well now you said it it's in my brain i'm gonna have dreams about this man? aww mrow. can i have some food? i it's like that that egoraptor character went venusaur. i say come on man

you're supposed to make fucking attacks, so i mean venusaur cats like mrow can i have some food? sure, why not love for all everyone is welcome in my kingdom even the kitty cats are you no i was gonna say are you dora the explorer's boots, but that was a monkey mrow okay bye i love all the creatures i certainly hope so that all the creatures are fine people are happy the city is growing my wealth is up 103. you know what else is up my self-esteem hey, we're doing fucking find abbie dozy a petition to bring the circus to town is circulating could attract tourists. are you interested?

i'm interested. i'm gonna slap a big old green. y on that one, but i don't know if that's gonna cost me a lot. oh oh, it give me beans give me everything let the people have their circus then thank you royal advisor. oh you're back you got a shiny coin, okay fuck i'll take your five coins thank thanks, thanks peanut, i don't know what his deal is ahem might i get a cup of tea for you my lady butler i said no

how about you clean up the big old dumper doo i did in the bathroom? huh no another time then see i don't know what the things do do you guys are gonna have to help me at home? oh god uh oh um you guys are gonna have to help me at home because a lot of you have probably played this already know what the different characters so tell me what to look out for tell me if his tea has got zee poison should we listen to their demands okay? it's only 50 gold. that's not too bad to keep the people happy in the kingdom of

chilladelphia i agree, we should do everything we can to keep them here. i mean not everything if they're demanding my head no bonjour i've just finished moving in but i would like to request an assistant of my own may i have but a one-person okay, what are you gonna do with them? thank you my sweet don't don't kill them. the circus is in town bringing joy all of those who visit it wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. let's do this announcer: the circus is in town bringing joy to all those who visit it also happens to bring in a nice bit of gold okay, thank you, announcer man sweet circus is in town. i love the circus it's got clowns and everything

dude, we're doing okay. i'm doing way better than i did the last time. oh the little fang guy um hello friend care to gaze into my magical vampire crystal blah blah sorry, it is habit the thing you didn't know is that all vampires have two dates um okay, why i? i see fame and fortune for you bleh one fortune two fortune ok lil fang get out here. ld three-point-four, you're up and runnin you got legs i mean

shit, but that's fine. i am truly sorry about earlier my circuits were quite fried i offer my thanks for your help yes, i will take your thanks. thank you quite logical. thank you ld 34.7 - - firmware update 3.4. i was just passing through, and i thought you might like some magic anything could happen gandalf, red gandalf, i'm not gonna lie gandalf the red just came in offered me some magic i'm gonna have to slap a big old green y on that one you see you take risks you get rewards. that's what it's all about. i am the king the queen i'm the queen ah interesting looks like it went well for you

wait, what was that ominous laughter about? wizards chess get back here. what fuck? he's gone chester you ever see a treasure chest do a back flip i happened actually well, you're not gonna oh i said no cuz i thought he was gonna do it ah (jack becomes pennywise) hiya, georgie hey, bud care to flip a coin with me heads, i give you a bunch of gold tails

i take a bunch of your people's souls i i don't know if that's a good risk but like my mother said if a devil comes up to you and asked you to flip a coin. just fucking go for it titties ohohoho its tails i'll be taking those souls better luck next time announcer: the circus is in town, bringing joy to all those who visit! it also happens to bring a nice bit of gold [pennywise intensifies] thank you announcer man appreciate it ok circus is in town! it's full of fun it's full of all of things to see for the people

man this game is fun ah i was considering opening up a soup shop, i think it's a good idea. i'd need some gold grandma willis, i think that that is a fantastic idea the people they need some soup all the people are there all of you you want soup right? yeah, the grandmas gonna make us some soup tasty, i mean it's gonna cost some gold, but you know what it's an investment an investment into grandma's little bakery, chicago, illinois okay, very well. i'll sell my soup in the town square i didn't read it wrong. i'm just senile and old think it's just here to pay a visit should we leave it be? is it gonna kill someone again

hey you gave me gold this time it left behind an egg oh god, what did you fornicate with what's that gonna turn into military general? we've captured some foes in the battlefield shall we bring them home and put them to work bring them in all are welcome those who are my enemies yesterday our friends today? everyone's welcome as long as they don't have a fucking mutiny i hate mutinies not again, i don't know not after last time. not after alexandria. we'll get them into town then okay. thank you oh that's a little slime boy you haven't been talking to skelly have you? yeah kind of have skelly's my boi cuz he don't got dem meat on dem bones oh

here take this i was never here, okay, okay, bye alien there's a bunch of goblins in the lower quarter i'll slay them for a few gold coins if you want um i would like to make some friends with the gobby's i do like me some goblin friends but i also want to see you work your magic and i want to make you feel validated feel like you're useful part of the community, so yes gunna cost some gold but we got some more happiness out of it. i'll show those creeps okay, thanks. bye announcer: the circus has packed up and left town but not without leaving behing even more gold coins! where is that guy (i don't know) jesus kay thank you thank you circus it made me feel great

was andy there? i hope andy was at the circus. i sure do love me some andy serkis some villagers are threatening to leave unless we pay them a sum of gold should we listen to their demands? sure, why not please let them take six gold then my day would be complete also my town is getting big they took fifty they took 50 cent goddamn it. he was the best rapper in town. i agree. we should do everything we can to keep them here who did that? oh ohooooo might i borrow some gold for new juggling balls. ha ha no problem you don't need to borrow some gold you just need to borrow these balls. here you go

they belong to the king before me um but yes that's only ten coins oh very good you better come back and have a juggling act i oh my god baku. go is that you? jesus christ, okay, sasuke hey dude my rhythm you would have fucking l on your chest you're always losing, but you still got a positive attitude drummer. dude and as a fellow drummer myself. i respect that that's what i like to see love my fucking yeah he's gone now he's my new best friend yes, cuz you're a sneaky girl, and you got a knife, so i'm afraid that you're gonna go on a stabbing spree

specifically in the butts wait how much gold it's only 25 i can i could do that you're supposed to be a sneaky girl and then i give you a very deep voice apologize for that the people have started a petition to ban pineapples in the city shall we do it what! d:< i think today is the day i take off my crown well this is awkward are you coming back? no ok then

first of all how fucking dare you declare pineapples to be bad second of all fuck you! pineapples go great with everything put it on a pizza that's yumalitza you put it on a burger. that's yummger but yeah sure why not gotta keep the people happy. i guess the pineapple trade would suffer, but the people demand it i i mean the ten coins for pineapple trade oh announcer: the workers we captured and recruited have sped up our building processes resulting in more tax income

that dude is really good at this thanks announcer: gossip is spreading about a heroic purple, witch slaying goblins in the lower quarter. she's become something of a folk hero you guys know where that guy is his voice is everywhere he's cool okay, thank you purple lady day seven complete we didn't get any more people, but we got a lot o happiness we got twenty five people at the end though and 75 wealth. okay. we're staying above we're not not only are we are we keeping afloat we're actually swimming towards victory right now, and that's a good sign but i'm gonna leave this episode here because i did a lot of court sorting today. and i'm a little tired

i i gotta go back. i gotta pull my feet up i got to get my jesters to come in dance around make me happy and then have somebody draw me a bubble bath i deserve it. i'm a good queen. i deserve the best anyway thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss! and high fives all around thank you guys and i'll see all you dudes in the next video!!

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