badezimmer klein ohne fenster

badezimmer klein ohne fenster

have a beautiful good morning! from minsk oblast right on the border of minsk in belarus and i'm going out right now on my sun terrace, this is afternoon sun here. in the bedroom i have afternoon sun. and in the living-room i have morning sun and in the kitchen also morning snack. in my opinion, no one at all sense, i can not explain why which is made, but here you have a very nice winter garden, loggia i would not call it now.

so look this out here, waving from my penthouse, i'm pretty high up here, down here is the road and there is a large park. yes, this is my "hood" my "neighborhood". and i'm shooting the video for the second time. because the first time i forgot to turn on the microphone. my bedroom with the loggia. there is my closet, order in the closet, as you see, is extremely important to me. here i have extremely much to hang out.

just a wooden clothes hangers and a plastic clothes hangers, and i have it then just left the same. since i still have a closet, i mean the idea pretty good though in principle bad. so it looks, if one has in the living room morning sun, is just a bit pointless. you can basically spend the whole day in the bedroom spend. this is my outlook, here, with the main road, it will not get boring in any case. and it's already 4 o'clock today.

i got up early today and then i've done a few things, and then i went to sleep again. because i signed today my lease, but i have already moved in three days ago, easy for the reason that the owner did not have time, but i got the keys already. this is my fridge, i like it all with pleasure. the apartment here, if i have one in london apartment take, which is always very dirty, no matter where i go, it is not always maintained and dirty, and here everything is really extremely clean.

here, the cleanliness is outstanding. the only thing that is not good now is the mattress perhaps the owner has thrown out the good mattress, and for the tenants a bad, but the mattress is really a madness. this is the view to the other side, people hang up their clothes. i was told that this apartment is very old, it is already 30 years old, 30 years old house! incredible!

this is already antique! if you do not know my bathroom yet, it is a very normal bathroom, with everything you need. bathroom. i showed you the apartment yesterday, so it does not matter anyway, in principle. whatever that is, to lie in the sun is not particularly good, but i would like to do that now. anyway, i'm eating grapes, and... i have made tea.

here with the chainsaw and everything, but it is actually quite nice to sit, so it's actually a bit me now hard now is going to go. i'm ready now, then i'll get ready and then we'll see each other on the streets, see you then. so, i have still eaten a mozart ball, which i took with me, from austria. i have now decided to first just take a walk around the block, which is also interesting, if i am still motivated, then i can still take the bus to the city,

for a ruble, i might do it. the last bus back is at 1:30 in the morning. if i would show you this way now, i think you would not guess where i am, this could also be seen in germany, the windows here are always very good, so, even if the apartments look bad, normally they have really good window. when i am in an apartment in england, the heat mostly not and the windows are bad.

they do not heat here, but only in summer, but they are also extremely frozen. what happened to me now, when i did in the airport in kiev was, i "roam" actually always, because that is very favorable in europe, in the european union, but as soon as you leave the eu, it will very expensive. and, i just arrived in kiev, and had immediately 10 euros. i then have two sms in short get it to sleep. if you get no warnings, or something something that can go pretty in the pants, then you have a tausendeuro account. and of these dwellings like this one here, there are incredibly many runs around minsk.

and here are two points that go into google maps are drawn, i could not really say what it is, maybe one school. i do not know, i make two photos, i'll show you the same, but it certainly looks very interesting, with the giant residential blocks round about. i mean, this is the building, and then we roundherum such huge residential blocks. but, is quite nice with the hill in the middle. ok, now i have again passed a faux pas, i forgot my memory card at home, now i have to go back.

this is also really nice, one sees with us rather not so beautiful, at least in the municipal buildings, here with the small benches, and the plants, the round path, really very nicely done xd [cat crosses the road] this is a brick building, not only looks like this, these are really bricks! and i've seen this elsewhere in construction, at the moment this is being built, which is a big one steel stand stands,

and then around the steel framework the bricks. in the new building, this is already a hundred years old building, it has been built 30 years ago, i do not know if the technology was already so far. so, i've come back to the place where i was before, this time with camera. and that is very dear here, with the little one entrance. i wanted to film now and actually make photos, but now suddenly incredibly many children on the way

and i look at the later again (not), this is definitely very nice, here. definitely worth seeing, no typical tourist attraction, but definitely what you should see if at least you live there. next apartment block, which is now interesting, an old trabbi or so, the car here. really very interesting. a vintage car. this seems to be a school, and it seems here always to be so, that round about residential blocks are built, and in the middle is a bit more valuable, more interesting.

i am finally at home, where i wanted to go. there is a larger supermarket, there rear bicycles are repaired on the street, since there are quite small, quite a lot so small shops, as on the grazer hauptplatz. there is now the supermarket, which is nevertheless not as big as he looked from afar. i think it's even the same who i have, just stop another house. that's the same as the supermarket which i have and i've seen a few things i wanted to have. oh, there's a meat dealer there i have to look.

this one. so, my purchase! what the things have cost individually, of a few things i know it, but i can say what it cost, so, a bottle of sparkling wine, since there are quite a lot of different types, that is cyxoe (gesprochen (spoken suchoe) which i have i have to look. ham dip, for 16 byn of kilos, so the thing has tasted here, 4 rubles! the thing has tasted here, 4 rubles!... the one sausage halt.

so, a bottle of sparkling wine, since there are quite a lot of different types, that is cyxoe (gesprochen... all this together, that was now no great purchase, has cost: 41 byn. i have now made potato chips, this is basically what british, i believe. you just have to cut them thinly and fry them in hot oil, for ... half an hour or so until they look nice crispy, and do not cut too hard, and at any rate look at them like this. a good appetite, a bit of salt on it, with ketchup, who likes it, and a nice evening and until tomorrow. so why do i show this? unbelievable what there may be for problems, which can happen at all.

but! the bathtub plug is not tight :( and if you want to swim, you have to let the water in for an hour because it is only slowly running out, and constantly water runs off this is insane. is unfortunately so. you have to stop, uh, plan early. so, my pancakes here seem a international product, because the description here is also printed in german.

let's see where it comes from. coming from russia? i think it comes from russia. stuffed pancake roll with meat, frozen. so, three to five minutes, at 810 watts. ahhh, of course, is not like much watt the machine has. then we just make four minutes, and.. now testing. well, outside, that definitely smells like palatschinke.

not bad, but, i believe it is not meant that you eat that alone. there's some sauce. but what? hot, hot, hot. but certainly quite close. pancakes dough, there is meat inside. it does not taste particularly good, but eating microwaves is not so stunning anyway, normally. for the backpipe, i think there is better stuff.

microwave is a bit tricky. i've seen that, and i have somehow pleased, actually but i wanted to have real pancakes, and not something like that. preview of an upcoming episode. subscribe :)

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