badezimmer klein schwarz

badezimmer klein schwarz

have you ever seen an orange drink that was actually floor cleaner and would kill you if you drank it? three accused of gang rape in monroeville. was it these three, or was it somebody else? have you ever wanted people to be able to watch you poop? this infograph is comparing the skeleton of a man to the skeleton of a horse.

that's it. i don't know what you're seeing, but it's just a skeleton comparison. buy your kids a minions soap dispenser that totally won't give them traumatic nightmares. what you're looking at now is the wild world of crappy design. wow, ethan, great moves. keep it up!proud of you! hila, may i say that you are looking very good, and you're definitely pulling off that vest. thank you.

it really smells like sunscreen from your previous video.-oh yeah.. wow, wow that's strong. [peep n' creep] in the past we've looked at my favorite subreddits, such as "old people facebook" and "mildly interesting." but today we're going to switch it up. we're looking at hila's favorite

subreddit, "crappy design." top post of all time: "how about we make that billboard rotate?" okay... oh my god. -this one is my favorite. wait! it's between two poles!-yeah! -and it's hitting the... why did you bother making it rotate?

why would you invest? *sigh* there's so many questions i have for the architects of this. it's slamming two poles continually. [billboard crashing into lamp post] but to be fair, i mean, some people call it crappy, other people, like myself, say:extremely effective advertisement. because people are stopping and filming it, and sharing it on the internet.

-that's true. that's kind of a great design if you ask me. until someone dies under that pole which is inevitable. but until then, great design! "how do we make it clear that it's a male hand without seeing the nails".. haha, whaat? dublin staff relay.

there's a male hand wearing a suit and tie, on his wrist. that should be a new fashion statement, i could definitely rock that. has your girlfriend or wife ever given you her bag and sent you off to the store to pick up her feminine products?

did that demasculate you? well, you'll never be demasculated again with the mucho-macho-mini-tie! [stylish!] you can buy tampons, and wear rainbow bag and people still know you're mucho macho. "being gay was a sin they said." -oh, it's - oh, it's two male lions.

those lions were definitely getting weird and wild on that ark, i'll tell you what boy. i guess noah it didn't pass biology class. these two gay lions like slip by and noah is like "all right, come on dude, just get on." "you are alone." oh my gosh. thanks for reminding me.

imagine you're going through some shit and then you open that all these smiling ass people came up together just to be like: "you're alone now." "i was looking for those!" white power accessories? what does that even mean? i think it's just 'cause it's white. as opposed to like, black?-yeah. you can see that it's white, you don't

need to categorize them, 'cause then what are they writing on the other one? "black power accessories?" it's all bad. all that shit is bad. excuse me can i get some help over on the white power accessories aisle? is it okay if i buy this? dude's like: i'm sorry sir, jewish power accessories on aisle seven. why is there no jewish power by the way? can we finally

rise up? -no jewish power! "yoga mat is unintentionally pessimistic"... nothing is possible... aw man, i love it so much. that's such a great mantra. nothing is possible. it's kind of deep though, nothing is possible! nothing! just go meditate with the most negative idea, ever- life is suffering, life is suffering, nobody loves me.

nothing is possible. [echoing] nothing is possible, nothing is possible. nothing is possible is like the most like soul-crushing weird thing. nothing is possible. remember little billy: nothing is possible. "poor url choice by faga's"... faga's strap company. info at fag [chuckling]asstraps dot com. i'm just reading the name of this strap company. it's a strap company: fagasstraps dot com. it's about straps. fagas straps.

it's about straps. this is not vulgar. what kinda name is that for a company-replace broken or streched fagas straps. fagasstraps dot com you can't say it without sounding horrible. i wonder if i need to bleep this? fagasstraps dot com. [click] this is 100% legit. guys, head on over to for your poly webbing needs.

"now hiring now right now we're hiring now." what? that is so ridiculous. now! hiring now! right now we're hiring now! it's like they... they bought the sign and they're like we might as well fit in.. fit as many words as we can.-we have space, we have more, space, let's go. it's way too urgent though. i don't i don't wanna work for anyone who's that desperate. i don't wanna work for anyone who's that desperate to hire me. this amazing pregnancy test.

predictor: when you need to know. what am i missing? oh she's already pregnant! [laughs] she's already well pregnant. i don't think there's any surprises there. it'd really be surprising if it said no. just when you need to know. look how surprised they are too. they're so genuinely surprised. they had no idea she was pregnant. maybe you're pregnant.-maybe, let's see what happens

we've got some predictors.-it could... i mean it could be... are you calling me fat though? did you just call me fat? i could just see you on one of these ads. "asked my my landlord to install a lock on my door." whaaat? oooh maaaan... no way-sheesh would you look at that slide right off, huh. wowee.

that's embarrassing, how do you even... how do you even like confront them about that? you're like: so, good job installing the lock.-yeah you installed it perfectly. uhm... -it's a really nice lock the lock is super high quality which i really appreciate. uhm... that all being said: you're a fucking idiot. and i'm moving out. [giggling] what? that poor lady! oh my god, what happened to her? it looks like she was like a victim

of a acid attack or like her skull got fractured. imagine if she wants to show off that she was on that billboard. like she can't even use it.-it's in her portfolio for sure. this hand dryer really blows. what? oh my god!-dude! who are these people? what the... [laughs] it just spews shit everywhere! the world is full of such treasures. you got to love it man, it's so much fun. i have the feeling the

person who installed the lock was the same person who installed this blow dryer. they're out there somewhere and i want to hire them for something.-they're the ones doing everything here on this subreddit. there's just one guy. he's getting around, boy. imagine there's like shit paper like snot in there. just it's ooh...-gross. ooh, ooh [sniffs]

yeah [doorbell rings] somebody's at our door right now. fans... this intermission is brought to you by please don't come to our house. but a message by every youtuber. please don't please don't come to our house. a message from every youtuber to their fans.

you probably followed me home or staked me out, not cool. i love you and i appreciate you watching our videos and supporting us. don't come to our house. a message brought to you by ethan and hila...-by these guys. brought to you by these guys. sometimes it's okay to judge a book by its cover. graphic design. thank god this is like

the shittiest cover i've ever seen.-wow, hila... what is that...-hila's coming out with the fire. attention toilet only for disabled elderly pregnant children. wow that's... that's a really niche group, man. it's nice- i've felt for a long time that disabled elderly pregnant children we're not getting the care and attention they needed.-yeah my wife's favorite wine is very exclusive. best white people's choice award.

what? is that a thing?-i think they mean best white... oh, like wine.-best white wine i think this is my aisle right next to the white power accessories. do you squirt? silent, quiet, un-, interrupted, reading, time. do you squirt? [laughs] i squirt, boy. hila, you know i squirt. pound it, pound it for squirt time i don't know if i can pound...

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please support dollar shave club. hila, touch my fupa. tell me that's not clean. tell me that's not soft!-that is soft. a little too soft.-whoa, hey little too soft. what are you up to? [♪ending music♪]