bette morrison badewanne

bette morrison badewanne

>>yvette: you guys! we're here! it's happening! how are you? i'm yvette nicole brown, thanks for coming you guys. we're about to start the most amazing panel at comic con, i don't care what anybody says. so let's get started. where are all my oncers? [crowd cheers]

alright, you guys, i wanna just get started and just bring everybody out, so we're gonna start with the creators of this fabulous show, let's bring out eddie kitsis and adam horowitz. hello, handsome fellas. next, we have the one that is charming and wonderful, mr. josh dallas. making her triumphant return to comic con, give it up for ginnifer goodwin! snow white!

next, we have the rogueishly handsome captain hook, colin o'donoghue! please keep your applause going for the beautiful and newly dark emma swan, jennifer morrison! we have the vivacious and redeemed evil queen, lana parrilla. we have the man who only takes for the good of others, our robin hood, sean maguire. we have the beautiful one who makes us green with envy because of her talent,

bring out rebecca mader, the wicked witch! please say hello to the winsome and graceful belle, emilie de ravin. and last but not least, the man whose heart is now as white as snow's last name, rumplestiltskin himself, robert carlyle. i, to start, you know, that doggone author has been a problem for me anybody else got a problem with isaac, the author? he's a problem. so what i need to know is, how much of what we've been seeing and enjoying

has been his hand, and how much has been free will and fate... help me, adam and eddie, help me. >>adam: well for the most part, it's been free will. >>yvette: okay. >>adam: and isaac, as we saw last season, decided, you know, like any good author, that he was going to change things for his own betterment. and once he did that, things got out of control. but, he wasn't pushing things and changing the free will of the characters, the characters have been operating under their own free will, and desires, and falling in love, and all that other stuff without, you know, his push.

and then we saw, hopefully, in the finale last year, how he kind of molded things to his own betterment. >>yvette: okay. so he's not purely evil. i don't like him, y'all. i don't. not a fan. [crowd laughs] not a fan. love the actor, hate the character. okay. >>eddie: never trust a writer. >>yvette: i want to throw this down to emilie, um it has been quite a year for belle, um, she has been profoundly betrayed by her love,

she found her power by banishing him with the dagger, she journeyed to arendelle to try to find information about her mom, she found rebound love, um, it was a rebound y'all, that's not real, that will thing is not gonna last. what do you, emilie, want for belle in season 5? >>emilie: a vacation. [laughter] maybe the bahamas for a few months. uh, yeah, no she has, wow, when you list it off, huh.

damn. [laughs] you know, she's forever, um, forever holding herself together, taking care of this one, and, you know, she's a strong young woman, but there's also a point where she really has to put her foot down and make probably the biggest decision of her adult life, um, in regard to, not just her relationship with rumple but with her relationship with herself of where she's gonna head, what's important to her, and, uh, yeah obviously, as everyone else, been thrown into a massive situation of us all trying to help miss swan not >>yvette: there's shenanigans down here on this end of the stage.

>>eddie: sorry emilie. >>ginnifer: we're so professional. >>emilie: we started the name swapping, guys, okay? >>lana: can you tell that we've been working together for quite some time? >>yvette: i wanna, you guys, before we go any further, last year we had everyone line up for questions early on, so if you guys have a question, can you guys find your way to the, uh, the mic now? well you don't need to run, i just...safely! i don't know. she...i think she should be first. she's working for it, you guys. she wants it more than you guys do.

okay, um, robert, when we talked last year, you and i, yes, you and i, when we talked last year, you said that rumple was an addict. you said that he was addicted to magic and to power, so now we see that he's kinda lost both. so how do you think that he's going to deal with the loss of the two things that he loves the most, or he's addicted to, i should say. >>robert: well, that's a difficult question to answer, really, without giving too much away this time around but he, uh, the incarnation of rumple this time around is slightly different from what you guys have been used to seeing. um, he has lost his mantle as the dark one, but that's not to say that

he still doesn't have that same kind of, um, trickery about him. he still has that. um, adam and eddie are the ones to ask about how this thing's gonna go, and as regards to mr. gold, he's presently in a coma, so he's not doing too much. >>yvette: since we're gonna stay in the "lost" area, i wanna come down to miss lana parrilla. i'm gonna jump around, i didn't jump over those two wonderful newbies, i'm coming back to them, i just got this question for lana. >>fan: happy birthday! >>lana: oh, thanks!

>>yvette: lana, this year we got a further glimpse into what regina has been through in her life. um, even the author said that out of all the characters, regina has been screwed over the most. yeah. um, i was moved by the realization that even your mother, cora, told you "you're not gonna be happy. you don't know how." so how does this affect regina's-- i know it's horrible! it's her mama! >>lana: i think it made for a very difficult life. >>yvette: yeah. how does this affect regina's way of looking at life and what she thinks is possible for her?

>>lana: well i think she deep down, felt, at one point, that she can never truly be happy, and, um, and that's why she was so bad and evil, and committed all these horrible acts. but, um, it's being surrounded by the heroes, i guess, that have-- and really emma and henry, that have changed this sort of perception. but hearing that, for her, growing up, by her mother and her father wishing happiness upon her and her going in an opposite direction, um, you know, she's come full circle. but i think it's having the familial support that has really given her hope. and, she found love. i think she's really now starting to embrace it and accept that she can be happy.

>>yvette: i mean, since you threw to him. i was gonna go to him later but he's right there. um, i want to know... this is a tough one. sean maguire, who do you think is robin hood's true love? because i see the connection that he has with regina, but, you know, >>sean: colin, stop looking at me. >>yvette: listen here, rebecca. rebecca, rebecca, don't you start, rebecca. don't you start, rebecca. look. there's been some trickery... >>sean: are you asking me my peronal opinion?

>>lana: answer this very carefully. >>yvette: i would like you to answer as yourself and the character, please, since you brought it up as an option. >>sean: i only go by what adam and eddie write. >>yvette: good answer. >>sean: and the way that i've read it is that he's pretty madly in love with this one. i may be wrong, but that's how i interpreted it. this one's just a meanie. and rather deceitful. >>yvette: yes. i'm still gonna hold off on rebecca, i need some time before i get to you, i gotta...

i gotta get my mind right girl, i gotta get my mind right. i'm gonna bump over to something that was very delightful for me this year. um, i loved everything you guys did. i love the show, i'm a oncer, but my favorite scenes this season have invariably involved ginnifer and josh being horrible. snowing's descent into criminal mastermindom has been just my favorite thing. i wanted to know, how much fun was it to portray the darker sides of snow and prince charming? y'all were wretched. wretched at times! >>ginnifer: i could do that all day, every day.

>>josh: every day? like in real life? >>ginnifer: even at home. um, i would like to give an answer full of artistic integrity, but the truth is, i mostly break out into giggles, because it's so much fun. >>jennifer: the cameraman's confused because we messed up the names. sorry. sorry buddy! >>eddie: finally. >>josh: find us now. >>yvette: what was that, "adam"? >>yvette: he's got adam.

>>lana: josh, your name's adam. >>jennifer: you'll just be jennifer morrison. >>josh: what? >>lana: you have adam horowitz instead of you. >>yvette: adam, how was it for josh to be evil? >>adam: it was good. >>josh: yeah, it was great to be able to explore a different side of him, for sure. and if we get the opportunity to go back there, it would be great fun. >>ginnifer: yes please.

>>yvette: yes. >>jennifer: i think josh really liked the guyliner. i think he was happy to have the guyliner. >>ginnifer: the guylliner. >>josh: guyliner. guyliner is, hey, i was against the guyliner for a long time, but now i kinda like it. >>ginnifer: even at home? >>adam: we doubled down on the guyliner. we said, "josh, more guyliner for you." and he loved it. >>ginnifer: more manscara. >>colin: whoa. whoa. >>adam: no one's gonna take yours away, colin.

>>josh: i said i like it, i like it. >>yvette: this question is for jennifer, our emma swan. no claps? i'm gonna clap for her. she's gonna go dark. let me say that name and y'all don't give her what she's due? okay, jennifer, emma finds out this season, last season, that being good and the savior was not exactly born in her, that there was some trickery by these two that caused it to be so strong. has that affected her confidence in being the savior and what she means to the residents of storybrooke? >>jennifer: uh, yeah. i mean, i think a lot of season 4 was about her confidence really being shaken because when you believe that you've overcome obstacles on your own, you believe that you've found

that strength within yourself. and so, not only did it feel like a betrayal to think that her parents, who she built up to be these really idealist, good images, had, you know, hurt her, um, she felt like this was not necessarily her own accomplishment to have stayed good despite all of the things that had happened in her life. and so, um, that definitely undercut her confidence in her belief in her strength and in herself. >>yvette: i, um, something just came to mind as we were talking about this. storybrooke is not exactly safe. i don't know if anybody's aware of that. it's not safe, stuff happens all the time. >>josh: really bad sheriffs, really bad sheriffs.

>>yvette: some bad stuff went down last year, there was ice walls, and the churnabog, and stuff happened, and cruella, a lot of stuff. and at times people can leave. not always, but sometimes they can leave. and i'm trying to figure out why people stay. >>adam: that's an excellent question. >>yvette: why do they stay, adam and eddie? >>eddie: that is a great question, and think we have a video-- >>yvette: is there a video? >>adam: yeah. >>eddie: i think we should ask some storybrooke residents why they stay.

the people that you don't see. for all the heroes, they're the people that are cobblers, and have real jobs. >>adam: there's many, many people who are suffering in storybrooke. >>eddie: yeah. let's see what that is. >>adam: we have the writers of "once upon a time," are here, we don't do this by ourselves. >>yvette: stand up, you guys, where are you? >>eddie: stand up, writers! let's see where you are! >>yvette: oh, hey guys! >>eddie: there they are! >>yvette: thank you for all you do.

>>eddie: we are up here but we could not do it without those people right there, so please harass them after. >>eddie: let them know how lovely they are. >>yvette: um, this question is for colin. hey, colin. um, for all of hook's previous scoundrel-like tendencies, he's proven this year to be an upstanding guy. so what do you think has been his greatest challenge to achieving complete redemption? is it his temper? cause that flared up this year. is it pride? that came up this year. his fear came up this year. what is it?

>>colin: can i just say you look wonderful today, yvette. >>yvette: why, yes, you can. >>colin: i think, you know, hook has sort of been battling darkness for hundreds of years, and he found love with emma. so, i think, you know, he's desperately been trying to hold on to that, trying to be a better man, to keep her heart sort of safe, much like, you know, charming and snow, he wants to protect her. but he has been a villain. and his girlfriend's nasty now, so, i mean in a good way. >>jennifer: oh yeah. okay. >>colin: so, who knows what's gonna happen. but i think he really struggled with trying to stay on the right path last season.

and it'll be interesting to see where he goes now. >>yvette: okay. i, um, you guys, there's something happening at comic con that's been selling out. are you guys aware of these funko pop? cause, um, there's one of regina i know this is not about me, but i feel like, for being here, somebody should've gave me one >>eddie: they didn't give me one. >>yvette: why i gotta beg for stuff up here? >>lana: i think we could make that happen... >>yvette: what? what now? say what? what's happening?

>>lana: ta-da >>yvette: what?! >>yvette: thank you, pumpkin. >>eddie: hey, there will be a set of six "once upon a time" funko pop dolls available online and in stores early october, so oncers, lets show funko how strong we are. let's buy these and have them sell out. >>ginnifer: i can tell you they're actually already available for preorder online because our son already has a set coming. >>adam: there was supposed to be one of me.

nah. no there wasn't. >>yvette: before we go to the audience questions, which will be next, i gotta go down to rebecca. hi, rebecca. >>rebecca: hello, gorgeous. >>yvette: you scare me a little bit. i'm a little scared of you. i mean, don't look at me like that! >>rebecca: you should be scared. >>yvette: i should be scared! okay this is serious. look, i think you're great and i think you're an amazing actress, >>rebecca: but. there's a but coming, isn't there?

>>yvette: but you scare me a little bit. this is what i wanna know. this is why you scare me, cause you're brilliant. zelena has been a bratty child, and on a dime, she has shifted to being the most evil, scary, wicked thing you've ever seen. i'm an actor. i'm a hack, i'm not that great, i'm not as great as her. but i know, as an actor, it is very difficult to make that turn. so i wanna know, what has that been like for you, as an actor, as a thespian, on "once upon a time"? >>rebecca: it's been wicked! it's so much fun! this is the best character i've ever played in my life. i love playing someone just so batshit crazy. it's so much fun. zelena is a complete psychopath. this is the best thing that's ever happened to me. i think the reason it's so easy to play someone so awful is because she thinks she's delightful.

i mean, she is totally incognizant of the reality of who she really is. and she is on a mission, she believes she's her own hero, so i just trust in that. rather than trying to play awful, i trust in the fact that she needs to vindicate herself and find her own happy ending because she feels incredibly wronged, and she is on a mission to get what she truly deserved cause she believes she's right. >>yvette: tell me this, i notice things, you guys, i'm a nerd, i watch, really, for the minutia. zelena's been looking at us directly in the camera. has she not? she looked at us in the hospital, and she looked at us in that mirror. you guys notice she looked right at us? >>rebecca: did i?

>>yvette: i'm not crazy! >>yvette: she looked, there are two-- go back and get your dvrs going. there are two moments when zelena looks into your soul. i'm not kidding. she did it in new york twice, when she's in the hospital with rumple she looks right down the barrel, and there's a moment when she's hugging robin hood and she looks in the mirror and she looks into your soul. >>rebecca: oh yeah! thank you! >>sean: i felt like she was looking right at me too! >>yvette: i know i didn't miss this. alright, this is my stuff, i gotta get-- this is my time with him too!

okay. you did that, i know you did. >>rebecca: no, no, that was a really fun day at work, when sean had to kiss everybody in the room. and there was this moment where we like, switched, and so maid marian and me were all kissing him, and there was a mirror right there, and i was like, "ooh, that would be really sick and twisted if i just like opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. >>yvette: and she did! i'm telling you, she did it. >>rebecca: it made it really, really twisted. >>yvette: she looked right at us. okay, let go to an audience question. are you there? hi, honey! >>katie: hi, i'm katie.

>>yvette: hi, katie. >>katie: my question is for colin. if the author was real and you could have him change one thing about your life, what would it be? >>colin: about my life, as colin? about my life? wow. >>jennifer: that's deep. good luck with that. >>colin: let me answer that as captain hook. i think i would like to have two hands. i think that would be probably the thing i would say. dear mr. author, please could i have two hands so i can feel something with my left hand.

hey. hey! >>yvette: heyo! >>colin: stop it! i genuinely actually didn't mean to make a joke there. i'm just incredibly funny. >>yvette: wow. y'all don't even know. okay can we do another? let's do another. >>marissa: hi, this question's for-- oh, my name's marissa. >>panel: hi, marissa. >>marissa: and this question's for jennifer. so since colin, you have to fake an accent in your show, i wanted jennifer to try and do the irish accent.

>>colin: yeah!!! >>sean: well done. >>adam: i think we all would. >>lana: oh no. >>colin: starting with easy questions. let's be having you. >>jennifer: let's be having you. >>sean: irish swan. >>colin: say "conas atã¡ tãº." >>jennifer: what? what was-- is that english?

>>colin: conas atã¡ tu. >>jennifer: conas atã¡ tee. >>colin: yeah. conas atã¡ tãº. >>jennifer: say it again? >>colin: conas atã¡ tãº. >>jennifer: conas atã¡ tãº? >>sean: yeah! >>colin: that's irish for "how are you?" >>jennifer: oh! conas atã¡ tãº. conas atã¡ tãº. conas atã¡ tãº.

conas atã¡ tãº. >>adam: and scene. >>yvette: let's do one more, since we have the light. go ahead, honey. >>jaimary: hi, my name is jaimary. my question is for jennifer, and i wanted to know what your reaction to the season 4 finale was. >>jennifer: yeah, i um, i'm really excited. as an actor, to be able to start season 5 of a show doing something brand new is so exciting. and i've really, i've been so enjoying playing emma and everything that's come along with it. but, um, now i get to sorta try something totally new and different and, um get to have the fun that these guys have been having. you know, there is some fun to the villainy.

um, and i've spent the whole hiatus kind of digging up my thoughts about it and figuring out what i want to do with it and uh, yeah. i'm just really excited. i think it's a really great thing. and i think that also, you know, emma went through a lot in her life, and she had a tough childhood, and she's had to overcome a lot of things, and she's always tried to be the bigger person, and she's tried to be the good person, and now that she's tethered to the darkness, she's sort of free of that and, um, i think that in that space, she's gonna face some of the darkness in herself and figure out what that means, and figure out how to truly overcome it instead of just repress it. so, um, i'm excited to see where this journey takes her. >>yvette: i think this is a great time to segue into the dark elephant in the room, the swaniness of it all, the dark swaniness of it.

you guys. it's happening. >>adam: would you guys like to take a look at emma as the dark swan? >>eddie: who wants to see the dark swan? let's do it. >>adam: should we show you? okay. >>yvette: alright. >>eddie: all you had to do was ask. >>eddie: everyone up in vancouver, steve, and our crew up there, we couldn't do it without you.

>>jennifer: amen. [applause] >>yvette: you know what, i'm gonna be honest, i'm not okay. i''m not okay. i had to resist every black person urge i have cause not all of us, but some of us talk back to the screen. not all of us. this one does. and i wanted to tell him not to go in there. i wanted to save my brother, don't go in-- okay. i'm done. i'm very disturbed, and jennifer, now i'm afraid of you. okay. i wanna ask this question of the lovely jennifer, who scared the crap out of me a second ago. in my opinion, i felt that emma sacrificed herself for regina. i felt this entire season was a great pairing of you two in various ways, i felt like a friendship was truly formed.

a love was truly formed. you guys actually care about each other and i felt like in that moment, you gave up everything for regina. but you have some other thoughts about it as well in that moment when she became dark swan. >>jennifer: i mean, i think that if regina were the only person in danger she would still have made the same choice. but from a storytelling perspective, i think it's also important for people to know that the darkness was threatening the entire town. >>yvette: right. >>jennifer: um, so, although with the friendship that they have formed at this point, and as much as she's seen regina go through, she would absolutely have made that choice either way. you know, she had to make a split-second decision, knowing that if that darkness wasn't tethered to one being

that it was going to consume everyone in town. >>jennifer: and everyone would have been lost to it. so it is sort of twofold. >>yvette: twofold. okay, i wanna go back to eddie and adam. hi guys. >>eddie: hello. >>yvette: have i told you i love you lately? i love you both. >>eddie: thank you. >>yvette: i do. has the hundredth episode been planned yet, and if so, what do you have in store? i didn't say i loved you to get scoop, i just feel like we deserve some scoop. >>adam: well, i mean, all we can really say right now is we want to make it very special,

and we're planning to have the hundredth episode be our spring premiere, so, um, you know, we're hard at work at not telling you anything right now. >>eddie: but we're very proud that we are entering our fifth season and that we are approaching our hundredth episode. and for a show that everyone predicted to be cancelled first, i think it is a testament to you, oncers, >>adam: thank you all. >>eddie: so give yourselves a round of applause. we did it. >>yvette: yes. let's bounce to another audience question. hi, honey. hi! >>grace: um, i'm grace. my question is for eddie and adam.

as someone who's made lifelong friends through the fandom, what do you think it is about this show in particular that makes these strangers into a family? >>adam: oh, that's really wonderful to hear. you know, i don't know, it's like it is magic to see you guys and to see this fandom, it just blows our mind every time. >>eddie: i think that this is a show for believers and people who want to believe, and i think that it united a lot of people who are tired of cynicism and believe in magic. and i hope it did bring you all together, and i hope you gained lifelong friends because i think the reason that we created this show is to add a little hope to the world in any way we could. >>yvette: uh, this question is for ginnifer goodwin.

yes, she's amazing. >>fan: i love your hair! >>ginnifer: thank you. >>yvette: we all love her hair. >>ginnifer: it's hiding the gray. >>yvette: okay, this is not a question so much a a kudos. when you had to channel regina, and you know that scene, you guys, where she's speaking? right? that is some of the most amazing lip-syncing i have ever heard, and i believe there's some information you wanna tell us about how that scene came together.

>>ginnifer: it was, i mean, it's a bit of a trick. um, lana actually gave me a recording of how she was going to perform it later, so i imitated her on camera by listening to something on my phone, and then she went back and did what we call adr, which is the voiceover done after the fact and she lipsynced her own voice back to my lips. >>yvette: and i have a tip. when i did my little small cameo, which i loved, as ursula, lana had already been ursula, she had already done her scenes. and so i ran into her randomly at a party, and i said "hey, how did you do it?" and then i mimicked her as my voice of ursula. so we all just wanna be lana parrilla. [cheers and laughter]

this is a question for robert. hi, robert. >>robert: hi. >>yvette: you recently directed "the legend of barney thomson." it was your feature film debut. your directorial debut. is there any chance you'd direct an episode of "once upon a time"? >>robert: well, i guess that's a question for adam and eddie but they have to see the film yet. so i don't know. >>yvette: it's been getting great reviews, don't even try it. i really enjoyed my experience directing it, it's something that's been on the horizon for me for quite a long time, but directing television is a far different thing from directing a film. i think you find that television is a producer's medium, which is a different thing from film, which is a director's medium. so, we'd really have to go through an awful lot

of different people before it came down to me. i don't know. didn't need to ask. >>yvette: this one is a question-- it's for emilie, but i don't know this is something you can even answer. it's a question about when she was at the well, talking to rumple. how in control was belle? or was she doing regina's bidding the entire time? can you answer as an actress what you knew? >>emilie: yeah. i love that scene, thanks guys. >>yvette: it's a great scene. >>emilie: um, yeah. you know, she basically was under regina's control. yvette: the entire time? >>emilie: you know, there's still, from my perspective and how i played it, there's still an element of

who belle is as a person there. obviously, she's still there and it's not somebody that's completely taken over her body in any respect. but, yeah, you know, still not able to vocalize exactly how she would deal with that situation. let's put it that way. so, not terribly in control. >>yvette: awesome. >>emilie: but yeah. >>yvette: sean maguire. >>sean: yes? >>sean: thank you. >>yvette: um, he's gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. hey, i've been a fan of his since "eve," by the way,

it was a sitcom he did. yeah. y'all know. upn. it's long gone. um, he's in a situation now with regina and zelena. and i found robin hood to be a very honorable man. so what is the honorable decision in this? he's got a baby coming, he's in love... >>sean: well, i think it is complicated and i think that, you know, when you have a situation like this, the best way to deal with it is to go on a show like maury povich and just have him figure it out for you. because then you can just sit back and go, "i don't know. i like them both." no, um, i think he's in love with regina and you know, he-- i got a lot of flack, well robin hood got a lot of flack for impregnating zelena. but he didn't know he was impregnating zelena. he thought it was his wife. he was trying to do the right thing. he was trying to be honorable. even though he was

in love with regina, he thought "oh, i'm in this new world, i'll be with my wife, i'll do the right thing." and then turned out, it was her. >>rebecca: sorry. >>sean: uh, so it's caused a lot of problem, but i'm pretty sure adam and eddie'll figure a nice perfect way... >>adam: thanks for spoiling the maury povich for me. >>sean: sorry! i tipped it didn't i? sorry. but no, i think he's like any decent person, he's trying to do the right thing, but life is messy, and

complicated, so he'll just have to follow his heart. >>yvette: alright. and speaking of following their heart, regina has to now make some decisions, because her sister's back, and her baby's on the way, and it's not her baby, and she can't have babies, or can she have babies? can she have babies? can she reverse it? can she have babies? i'm looking at you, adam. can she have babies? perhaps? maybe? okay. back to lana. i know. i wanted a little baby regina. >>lana: we'll see. maybe a potion can change that. >>yvette: yes. um, what i loved about the season 4 regina is that ultimately, she found out that her happiness has to be found within. it's not a person, it's not a place, it's not a situation,

it's-- right? come on! it's her realizing that it has to be found within and she's turning around all this different programming. so, in a certain way, robin was there for some of that, but i think it's more than that that made her flip that switch. in your mind, what was it that made regina go, "no no no, this is what it is. this is what a happy ending is for me." >>lana: i mean, i think it was an evolution and happened over the course of the seasons. this change, you know, i think emma had a huge influence on her, i think henry, predominately, had the biggest influence. the fear of losing her son is really what prompted her to take a look a herself and start changing. like regina says, robin's just a part of her happiness, but he isn't what really-- i mean he makes her happy, but i think it's that self-growth, and you know, taking a look at oneself and

really trying to do the right thing and then reaping the benefits of that. and the outcome for doing the right thing, you know, what she receives is love, and friendships, and family, and so it's kind of like a no-brainer. so she, yeah. but it's really because of the family that she's inherited that i think has made a massive influence and change. >>yvette: speaking of family, henry... ugh, henry. i know, isn't he great? >>lana: i know. >>yvette: jared's great. okay, um, he snapped the quill. he became the new author, and then he snapped the quill. and the apprentice still said, "we've made the right choice," meaning he was still the author, even though he snapped the quill. so my question is, is he gonna blog the story now, is it internet? how are we gonna get our stories without the quill?

>>yvette: thank you. >>eddie: i don't think he thought that through. you know, henry was making a heroic gesture, and he decided to do the right thing, and i'm sure that won't come back to haunt him. >>adam: yeah, he's not gonna regret that at some point. >>eddie: no, nothing will happen this season that will make him regret that. >>yvette: no good is coming. >>eddie: i think he's gonna text the story. or tweet it. >>adam: a hundred and forty characters. >>eddie: we're gonna tell it in a hundred and-- how many characters?

>>adam: a hundred forty? >>eddie: a hundred and forty. >>adam: i think so. >>eddie: yeah. >>yvette: um, i'm gonna keep asking this question every year. and if you want me to stop asking this question, you either need to do it, or stop adding musical people to the cast. musical episode. look. look, man. >>eddie: i mean.

>>yvette: look at these people. they want it! you got sean, you got colin, you got josh, there's so many musical people-- >>eddie: we really do. >>yvette: their voices, all the accents they do-- you know they can sing, everybody up here can sing. come on now. >>eddie: you guys wanna sing someday? >>cast: yeah! >>yvette: they want to do this! >>eddie: well, you know what, it would be great to do a musical episode, i don't know really even where to begin. does anyone have any songs?

>>adam: are there any songwriters out there? >>eddie: any "once upon a time" songwriters out there? "it's beginning to look a lot like a dark curse is coming" would be, i think, what we would open with. and then, go, "it's a good time for granny's." >>jennifer: "purple smoke." "purple smoke" would be a good title. >>yvette: uh, i have a quick camelot question. does this exist in the same time that killian was in the royal army-- navy? navy? is it possible that our hook-- colin? >>eddie: camelot's going to exist in a-- adam why don't you answer that because i don't know how to say it.

>>adam: camelot exists in a parallel timeline-- >>yvette: parallel timeline. >>adam: with everything. so it's existed, and how we portray it in the show, you'll see that's existed long ago, short ago, present ago, >>yvette: short ago. >>adam: and maybe in the future. >>adam: but, uh, yes, it may have coexisted with that time period. >>yvette; okay. and, um, this is another question i got on twitter from a lot of people. is there an illustrator of the story book?

>>cast: ooh. >>adam : an illustrator. >>yvette: you guys, look, there's pictures. it's not just words, it's pictures, too. >>jennifer: an illustrator. >>lana: i love that question. >>yvette: isaac didn't look like he was an artist. >>eddie: this year, the search for the sketch artist is on! >>yvette: send your rã©sumã©s. >>eddie: it's a good question. we gotta look into the illustrator.

>>yvette: i wanna ask this question for ginny and josh. this is a quick one, we're gonna do this quick. how has being parents in real life changed how you're parents on "once upon a time"? go. >>josh: how has what? >>ginnifer: how is being parents changing your life as charming? >>yvette: you didn't hear me, josh? >>jennifer: they're so tired they don't understand the question. >>ginnifer: we're just-- >>josh: i do it with lots of sleep. a lot of sleep. no, it changes everything. it changes how you think about everything. literally everything.

the world, what you do-- >>ginnifer: to see your heart beat outside your body, it changes the stakes, i feel. i mean, i don't have to imagine anything now. any threat to emma and i have a full-blown panic attack, just as i would for poor oliver there. >>yvette: there's a couple of housekeeping things i wanna do first. first off, i wanna tell you that those of you in florida-- in lake buena vista, florida, mr. gold's pawnbroker and antiquities dealer storefront display is open at disney's hollywood studios. that's the first thing. second, we did not get a lot of questions in from the audience and i'm sorry, but there was a reason i didn't pick a lot. and the reason is this: the next ten people that were in line are getting

tickets to the signing. so i didn't call you because i wanted you to get to meet them. now you love me. now you love me. and you guys wanted to say one more thing? >>adam: yeah, there's one more thing we wanna show you. so, if you just hang around... it's a little bit of a surprise we hope, and we hope you enjoy it. it's a little peek at something we're gonna be doing in season 5. and thank you all for coming, and thank you all for watching. >>yvette: thanks for coming, you guys! >>cast: thank you!

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