bette ocean badewanne 160

bette ocean badewanne 160

hello. so, is bernd von beyenbach here yet? no. guess what, you were right. == hanna and david?!== mhm. i just happened to see hannaslipping david an envelope == yeah, and?== naturally, i confirmed for myself what it was about. == you opened the envelope?== it wasn't sealed. it was a-- a love letter no, more like an invitation to a tete-a-tete.complete with directions:'rheinallee 392, penthouse apartment' she even included a key to the love nest!

i knew it!! this is really... a low-down thing for them to do hanna i hope you aren't here professionally? it's none of your business well now, if you're delivering meals here,then it is my business. after all, i work here. oh right, i know! you even screwed your own sonover for your little duty post oh hanna, what do you know?

i'll call you as soon as i've had a chanceto examine the necklace. thank you. == bye== goodbye carla, i didn't mean to cause youtrouble by telling david about us but you don't need to snapat me on the phone like that i know the way i behaved was completely unwarranted and i'm sorry i don't know what possessed me i need to apologize to your ex-husband too

after all, he saved me fromgetting found out by ansgar what do you mean by ansgar? oh, don't ask we have way too little time for that i have to leave for moscow today what? you aren't coming tonight?? that's right... your surprise your friend's penthouse apartment i'm sorry

you have no idea what you're missing but there's nothing that can be done maybe there is aha hello, sweetheart, finally free for the evening! and i promise you, tonight i'm not touchingthe opera. i only want to snuggle with you. did hanna cancel on you?! no, why, what makes you ask that? i have had it up to here with your lies!

what on earth do you mean?? hanna and you had a prearranged date,for your love nest did something interfere? excuse me?? i thought we hadfinally gotten this topic behind us?! wow! was that for me? or for the ambiance? you aren't jealous, are you? of course, what do you think?i've lost my lover to a bunch of tiles. == oh, how can i ever make amends?== well, give it a try.

hm, i believe i've thought of something hopefully we aren't pushing our luck charlie did apologize to me, but... and what about lars? oh, let's not talk about lars! == aaahhh!== wahhh! yes? lars, it's me! listen to me, we were wrong. david is here. so the two ofthem have nothing going on.

== are you sure?== yes, very sure! okay. good thing you called. ciao. lars lars, don't misinterpret anything what! you being here with another woman? please, i can explain! how long has this been going on?since the beginning, since those portrait sittings?! if you would please wait outsideuntil we've gotten dressed again,then we'd be happy to sort this out excuse me?!

shit! lars! lars! lars!! shit! shit this cannot be allowed to get around.maybe you can try talking to him. please call me, whenever or leave me the number of your hotel. please, bernd!

why won't he answer his damn cellphone? ansgar already suspects something fishyabout this whole wedding number with bernd,anyway. all he needs is one little hint. == i should have told lars the truth right away.== and lars will just immediately starttelling everybody, won't he? and my father? i don't even want to think about it i'd best just start packing my suitcases what's going on here? i'm drinking my brains out, can't you tell? aha. somehow that doesn'tsound like such a good plan. and why, if i may ask?

i'd like to continue doing so. alone. okay you know where you can find me just in case you have no other man...! lars, let us talk, please, all right? hey, i never wanted youto find out like that please, say something leave it

have a nice life, both of you lars, i hate myself for having lied carla was just afraid it would get out hah, that 'it' would get out? pfff... did you convert her - or she you? no, she's known for a long time you know, for carla this is really hard,her father wouldn't understand-- excuse me - for her this is hard?! lars, i know you're really badly hurt

i'm so sorry i hope i can explain itto you at some point i would really appreciate it if youdidn't talk to anyone about it that's why you're here!like hell you're sorry!! you're just afraid your belovedis going to get in trouble!you don't give a shit about me! that is not true! you think i'm just going to lie around herebottling my frustration up inside? forget it! i'll tell whoever i want! and if it makesme feel better, the whole world!! because for me it is also really hard!!and now get out of here!

no, lars get lost! out! evidently i am the only one inthis house who still eats breakfast yes, come in excuse the interruption, count a phone call, apparently urgent == i'll call back, benedikt.== very well, sir. morning! eighty percent profit increase, i knew...

morning one half hour of peace in the morning, havingbreakfast together. is that really too much to ask?! excuse me please hanna... and? oh carla, he was so irate.i can understand him though. nevertheless, did he agree? with our request? hanna, we have to meet see you then

all right, thanks for finding's gotten to where you're hamstrungwithout one of these things, hm? aren't there any pay phones in moscow? sure! they're really cute-looking too. i'd like to pay, please you have five new messages. first message: carla here. bernd, catastrophe! i know it isn't the most tactful thingto tell you this via voicemail, but... lars schneider caught me with a woman hello, angelo. is david anywhere around?

sorry, he's out - with your sister.not sure, shopping, idea, one of the two. it was hanna, hanna remember, his girlfriend. that can't get around!maybe you can talk to him. please call me, whenever or leave me the numberof your hotel. please, bernd! well, everything good? with you perhaps? yes, everything's great that's about to change...when i tell you that your fia--

oh bernd, that must be very convenientto be able to take all your possessionswith you everywhere you go, no? == have you finally had enough of dã¼sseldorf?== hasn't dã¼sseldorf long since had enough of you? oh bernd, if it were based on that,you would have to join the mars mission so, where were we? you'd better sit down. because what i'mabout to tell you is going to bowl you over. maybe i'm a little square, but getting engagedto a woman who... who's a lesbian?? bisexual, not lesbian yeah, she likes men carla likes me a lot. and i - i love her.

yeah, and carla loves hanna! well, quite frankly speaking, thisthing with hanna is news to me too but you know how it is when you'vereally got it bad for have to learn to be open-minded. 'open-minded'?! you're flying tomoscow for her, so she can stay hereand amuse herself in some pool?? first evelyn, then bernd,... now lars basically, every day you have to dealwith the fact that someone might find out there is one option i understand your anger, but what gooddoes it do to make other people unhappy? pardon my french, but i don't give a shit!

and if you keep quiet for my sake?after all, you still owe me something. excuse me?? yes, back during the legal fight over beatrice's will.your arguments weren't exactly to my advantage. yeah, and thanks to my connections tothe house of lahnstein, now i might geta second chance with beyenbach allmedia so you shouldn't disappoint me again, mr. schneider not again are you trying to blackmail me? what are you thinking? you're right

it's time to go on the offensive at some point they'regoing to find out anyway even if i lose my father over it... he should at least find it out from me i'm going to tell him who said anything about blackmail? i justdon't want you to make a fool of yourself. i'm afraid that's already happened no, up until now only yourego has sustained damage carla and hanna will be carefulnot to make their relationship public

you talk as if you'retotally blasã© about this! oh, you know what, sometimes i simply close my eyesand say: "let me accept the things i can't change" sometimes silence really is golden.and time... heals every wound. yeah. i always believedi could trust hanna, too. and then she disappointed me so badly.i'll never get used to that. and you know what? i don't want to either! but mr. schneider, please! don't worry, i won't do anything rash.for the time being anyway.have a nice evening. == angelo, can i pay, too, please?== of course.

== carla!== where are you? == in the bistro. i just spoke with mr. schneider.== yeah, i was expecting that. how could you have takensuch a risk? i thought you... that's beside the point now. i can'tkeep putting on this act for everyone.i'm going to tell him. who? your father?! listen, don't make any mistake!i'll be there in 10 minutes, all right? carla? carla?! keep the change

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