bette one badewanne 180

bette one badewanne 180

(two days and one night) (you can enjoy the blue sea with female divers) (and the great taste of fresh seafood here.) (we are leaving for jeju island.) (welcome to jeju island.) hyojoo! - hyojoo! / - hyojoo. - hyojoo! / - where are you? hyojoo.

this is where she used to sit. - there's hyojoo. / - what? where? that's right. she's here! - hello. / - she's finally here. it's hyojoo! (this is the place where they met hyojoo.) congratulations on our first anniversary. - this is the place. / - she was here. - congratulations. / - he pioneered a new way.

welcome to jeju island where he found the new heart. - he was the first person / - right. whose heart rate slowed down in front of hyojoo. do you really want to do this? but his heart rate went up as he saw joonyoung's face. (despite hyojoo's warm hands,) (jongmin's heart rate stayed stable.) (however...) (as joonyoung stared at jongmin,)

(his eyes started shaking.) (jongmin's heart rate soared up like lava.) he was carried to the hospital. i'm sorry. this is the best tourist city in the country, jeju special self-governing province. with its rapidly growing popularity, the province now has about 660,000 people. - 660,000 people. / - right.

it is about ten times the population of yeouido. but unfortunately, this province has the lowest viewer rating of "two days and one night". - what? / - really? - in jeju island. / - really? (what does that mean?) it means people in jeju island are less likely to watch our program. what do they like to watch then?

they wouldn't want to watch tv in jeju island. - we don't know that. / - what if they don't know us? so we've come to jeju island this time to capture local residents' hearts. it's called two days and one night, win popularity special. i'll win over people's hearts! is it something like this? - he's good, / - let's win popularity!

you want something like this? - win popularity / - look at him. (that's too much.) - what was that? / - that's terrible. stop it. (unashamed) - follow him. / - why? it's so embarrassing. let's just get this over with. to win the minds of people in jeju island!

- ♪ win popularity ♪ / - ♪ win popularity ♪ it's so embarrassing. i'm so ashamed. so ashamed. (the coastal roads stretch along the blue sea.) (they look at the view in admiration.) - gosh, look at that. / - what's that? - it's the sea. / - i can smell the sea. look at the color of the sea. we're in jeju island.

- i smell seaweed. / - it's perfect for taking drives. - the coastal roads. / - right. for this win popularity special, our viewers sent us a diversity of opinions. just be straightforward. - don't say anything about me. / - so we can feel it. i want you to read and answer them yourselves. - junho, please read it for us. / - okay.

comments from our viewers. "please be more firm and harsh." "make sure to have them skip meals" "when they lose games for more fun." "please don't forget your original goal and ask" "for more trouble. that's two days and one night." "but they don't have a morning mission these days." "they just sleep and go home." "i want the morning mission to be tougher."

we came up with our own rules to make sure to have us skip meals when we lose a game - last week. / - that's right. (we'll receive reports about members who eat secretly.) (the informant will get to eat instead.) we've always had morning missions, but we got those parts cut because of limited time. we never skipped it though. i slept in the ballpark,

- but that part got cut due to time limit. / - it did. (the morning mission in live and die for baseball) (if you want to find more about the morning missions,) (please visit kbs noon.) - and now / - there's more? we have comments for each member. (comments for each member) first, it's for taehyun. "taehyun doesn't need to do anything else."

"i just want him to keep laughing." - what? isn't it a good thing? / - it's good. "i wish he'd laugh more, but he doesn't anymore." you should make me laugh. - that's not my fault. / - you should be funnier. i'm always the same. - it's junho's fault. / - i can't force a laugh. - junho is not funny. / - junho is so... you don't take off your clothes nowadays.

as a comedian... - it's his fault. / - i'll take off my clothes today. i'll even skin myself. our viewers might not like it. (the viewers would probably have a different opinion.) - the comments. / - "stop taking off your clothes." "stop taking off your clothes." "to junho." "he is like a playful little kid."

so far so good. "i like that about you." - that's nice. / - i agree. "but he takes off his clothes quite often." (getting to the point) "if it's what he wants, he should lose his belly fat." "he should lose his belly fat." (that's brutal.) the intra-abdominal fat.

i'd like to have abdominal muscles, but i need my belly fat as a comedian. can you get those muscles in six months? he's too old now. - i'll exercise as much as i eat. / - okay, got it. then... i'll make you do sit-ups whenever you take a break. that must be painful. - whenever he takes a break? / - yes.

"i like it when he works hard and looks passionate." "but the big worrier is gone." the big worrier is gone? "he doesn't worry anymore." - do they want me to worry? / - is that it? are you seeing someone? - let me see. / - i'll make him worry. they want me to be funnier. - he didn't read this. / - i did.

"i like his forever single character." "forever single character." why didn't you read that? that's unbelievable. he hid it. he skipped it. - you can't do that. / - you lied. wait. let me read the comments about him. why did you skip the words, "pig" and "forever single"? he was worrying about those already.

- he's right. / - that was good. he was worrying about the comments. he's a big worrier. - big worrier. / - all right. i accept everything. i'll try harder. it's jongmin's turn. no, we should talk more about defconn. (what are you talking about?) it's really fun. he's a big worrier

and forever single. let's talk about that. this gets us exciting. (these are the funniest words in the world.) i feel like a million dollars. (everyone is excited except for defconn in the bus.) (they keep reading the comments that hit the spot.) "jongmin" "is the original member and living witness" "of this program."

"however," "he's become weird since he won the grand award." you've become weird. - your character was a pure and naive fool, / - a fool. but you are not like that anymore. (he was so passionate that he even folded his spine.) (he also managed to conquer his fear of heights.) - he gained a lot of weight. / - right. our viewers wouldn't...

that's your opinion. only read our viewers' comments. - he changed. / - that's what i mean. you shouldn't be lazy. - don't you remember? / - are we playing "your flaws"? after your military service, many people asked you to quit saying you're not funny. why would you bring that up? - because you're not like before. / - we have to. - his eyes have changed. / - you shouldn't do that.

- i think you work too much. / - he has to change. we have many viewers in different age groups. - it's just... / - you have to promise it. promise you won't be in other programs except this. promise us. i can't be in other programs? - why? / - you should do that. return to your original intentions. - you used to be in this program only. / - right.

you think you were good enough to win the grand award? - you won it thanks to our viewers. / - i know. - you should do better. / - you should thank them. you have to buy all our viewers some drinks. - you have to do that. / - show them your gratitude. - how much is 500ml of beer? / - it's two dollars. - that means... / - there are 40 million people. - then how much is it? / - that's 120 billion dollars. - you should buy drinks. / - i can't do that

even if i appear in all the programs in this country. - i promised i'd do press-ups. / - right. defconn promised to keep worrying and not kiss a woman. (defconn is not allowed to kiss a woman.) (laughing) what about you? what's your promise? - are you sure about that? / - what's your promise?

if you do that, i'll quit all the programs except this. i can't do that. it's joonyoung's turn. "joonyoung is an immature playful boy," "but he is lovely when he's being warm and thoughtful." - right. / - you got it. and? "i just want him not to put his hands in his pockets." (he always puts his hands in his pockets.)

you're rude. we have senior viewers too. he also folds his arms. he can't do that either. - it doesn't say about that. / - just don't do it. you have to keep your arms straight. - just like this. / - that's a good idea. - or fold your hands. / - just like this. - be politer. / - you shouldn't look rude. you'd better not attack me. - it's for our viewers. / - keep your arms straight.

just be polite. - it's not hard, right? / - if you... it's siyoon's turn. "siyoon doesn't need to try to be funny." "he's not funny when he tries." (not funny) (poor siyoon.) oh, no. that's mean. "it's fun to watch the others tease you."

"siyoon, good luck." - so this... / - this viewer knows you so well. - so... / - the viewer doesn't want me to try too much. - if i force it... / - he knows of these reactions, so he tries harder to be funny and make others laugh. i know, but it backfired every time. (no words can comfort him.) the viewer loves it when we tease him, so let's do that a lot today.

let's be cruel and harsh on him. - let's be cruel. / - wait a minute. - don't say a word. we'll tease you instead. / - right. don't even talk back. just don't do anything. - can't i even react to your words? / - don't. you're our toy for today. - stop him when he says something. / - toy siyoon. - tell me if i should be humble. / - wax your legs.

- you always have to laugh. / - if that's the case, we'll pull a bit of your hair out. okay. - really? / - yes, i'm serious. - tell me first if i'm not being humble. / - nice. - tell me first. / - sure. always remember your original mindset. can you clap once for the slate? why aren't you offering to do so?

- see? / - is it because you won the grand award? - take that. / - how dare you. get ready to lose some hair. i'm so sorry. - i'm really sorry. / - you're in charge of this now. in one, two, three. - this is your job from now on. / - okay. (meanwhile, while reading the viewers comments,) (they drew closer to their destination.)

(jeju hallim five-day market) (at the corner of the market,) (the two days and one night squad arrives.) don't open the door yet. - please don't. / - what's going on? - what's with all the secrecy? / - what's there? what are you planning? you're at jeju hallim five-day market. about 1,000 customers visit the market per day.

1,000 customers a day? today, you'll find out what they think about our show. - by doing an interview? / - yes. won't they know it's us though? there's a show on jeju kbs called "treasure island". - "treasure island"? / - we have the reporter on board. two of you will disguise yourselves as staff and... - we'll play rock-paper-scissors. / - right. we'll play until two are chosen.

- until two are chosen. / - the same one. - the same one? / - until two play the same card. ready or not, rock-paper-scissors. (it's defconn and taehyun.) goodbye and get to work. (them again?) i knew it. defconn and i always end up together. (the two keep teaming up.) - get to work. / - is it me and you?

i won't be recognized if i take off my glasses and put on a mask. - i'll take off the glasses and put on a mask / - okay. i could hold the light. (i'll shine the light on your worries.) beforehand, you'll meet with the actual reporter. - hello. / - hi. - welcome. / - hello. - welcome. / - welcome.

- can you introduce yourself? / - all right. sure. hi, i'm jung shinji, the reporter who reports news - all around jeju. / - shinji. (she's the gem-like reporter who introduces jeju.) (in jeju, "uncle" is used to address anyone older.) - are you from jeju? / - i am. so you were born here. what are some words we might not understand?

- "goodness". / - what? - does it mean "how many"? / - no. - does it mean that our heads are cracked open? / - no. (heads are cracked open?) - no way. / - what does it mean? - you say it when you're surprised. / - i see. - "goodness". / - "gosh". - "goodness". / - that's right. how do you say, "it smells"?

"it stinks". - "it stinks". / - "you stink". "you stink". that one's quite cute though. - you stink. / - "i stink". (junho, you have bad breath.) don't be upset if they don't recognize you. we really don't care. - they won't know who we are. / - they may seem abrupt,

- but they all mean well. / - of course. (taehyun takes the camera.) (defconn takes the light.) - get going then. / - win them over. do your best. (jongmin's dialect) look at taehyun. defconn, you look too obvious. - what? / - i agree.

- then... / - it's just that... - is it my body? / - yes, it is. i know, so i'll hide behind this. (defconn will hide behind the light.) will this be all right? hello, uncle! do you know me? i'm the big mouth reporter from "treasure island". - hello. / - hi. i recognize you.

i'm here to do a survey on variety shows. i'm here to ask if you watch any of them. do you know taehyun from "two days and one night"? of course, i do. - do you really? / - of course. what does he look like? i know what he looks like. are you sure? - i've known him for a while. / - i see.

do you know who defconn is by any chance? do you know him too? - i don't. / - you don't. - you only know taehyun. / - yes. she doesn't know defconn. "do you know defconn?" - keep up the good work. / - of course! you should when you're still young. - good luck. / - thank you.

take care, ma'am. i wish you the best. she really doesn't know me. the lady doesn't know who defconn is. (smiling) she knows me though. (taehyun's recording) hello, i'm a reporter from the show "treasure island". what shows do you watch on sunday evenings? what variety shows do you enjoy watching?

shows like "two days and one night". so you enjoy "two days and one night". (finally!) is there a member from the show you adore? - the ditsy jongmin. / - jongmin. jongmin? yes, jongmin. what about you, sir? - i like jongmin too. / - really?

why is that? he's genuine and not pretentious. that's what i like about him. i like everyone else as well. - anyway... / - taehyun. - do you like taehyun? / - i do. what do you like about him? he's handsome. (she likes him because he's handsome.)

so that's what you like about him. all right. i'll now move on to talk to others. (if that's the case...) this looks delicious. it does look delicious. would you like to take home a set? - isn't it delicious grilled? / - yes, it is. (he even asks the recipe.)

that's right. (if this were a real show, he'd be ruining it.) it does look tasty. it's very good. if i weren't working, i'd buy a set. - tell me about it. / - right? how about after work? take one. i'll give you a discount. - he wants one too. / - maybe after all the interviews. - should the staff be talking this much? / - take care!

(you'll get caught at this rate.) the products here are of great quality. i think defconn's worried that no one has mentioned his name. he keeps on talking to them. he's deeply worried. is this supposed to be a popularity contest? what's this about? (earlier, he said he didn't care)

(if they didn't recognize him.) (however, when they didn't recognize him at all,) (he couldn't help but be worried.) (the worrying pig on vacation in jeju island.) i'm from "treasure island". hello. is there any show you watch on sunday evenings? i watch shows like "two days and one night". (bravo!)

(thank you so much.) - thank you. / - this is great. if you watch the show, there must be a member you particularly adore. i like every one of them. (who will she name this time?) first, it has to be yu jaeseok. yu jaeseok. but i also like that singer.

- the singer? / - jongmin. - jongmin? who else? / - yes. - haha. / - the others... (worried defconn) - yes, haha. / - that's right. - haha? / - yes, haha. is haha on "two days and one night"? (oh, dear) - she's confused. / - she's confused.

who do you like out of the "two days and one night" members? - jongmin. / - i see. - jongmin? / - yes. - why do you like him? / - he's still young. i'm ditsy, but so is he. (he's ditsy, but adorable as well.) thank you so much. let's take off the masks.

isn't he talking too much? (his worrying makes everyone flustered.) it looks refreshing. it looks great. this is quite heavy. can i take off my mask? i don't think it'll matter. hello, everyone. - i'm from jeju kbs. / - hello. what do you watch on sunday evenings? i'm hurrying off to sleep.

you're just like me. - then... / - i have to wake up early in the morning. i see. sir, what about you? i have to wake up early in the morning too. - ma'am, what about you? / - me too. oh, i see. do you often watch "two days and one night"? i watched it years ago, but not so much now.

- not these days? / - not really. (sighing) people tell me that a lot too. (flustered) do you know which celebrities are on the show? you may not watch often, but is there someone you like? kang hodong. (the second blow) (i see.)

kang hodong? - i like taehyun. / - taehyun? i like those who are handsome. (thankfully, his name was mentioned.) your husband must be jealous. it's heavier than expected. (they head out with their heads hanging low.) - ma'am. / - yes? do you know "two days and one night"?

yes, of course. that's the only show i watch. - really? / - yes. - that and the baby show. / - the babies? - the baby show. / - "the return of superman"? - it's always on that channel. / - oh, that one. i watch it on kbs2 as well. - really? / - i watch it every day. who do you like the most on "two days and one night"? do you really watch the show often?

jongmin! lee jongmin. did you say lee jongmin? (lee jongmin?) i like lee jongmin. jongmin. lee jongmin. (lee jongmin is popular in jeju.) - i like lee jongmin. / - you could run for president. why do you like him? he's healthy.

i like him a lot. you like him a lot? siyoon is a genuine man. he's a nice guy. (she even knows siyoon.) is he a genuine and nice man? - she knows me. / - he's not funny though. i watch it all the time. do you like all the members then? i love all the members.

i also like taehyun. - you like taehyun as well. / - i do. he's a nice man. taehyun? he's nice and trustworthy. - does he look trustworthy? / - yes, he does. soochan is so nice. not to mention the cute daughters. my goodness.

she even knows soochan. - she's amazing. / - she's a real fan. you must be a big fan of the show. - i watch it every day. / - every day? ma'am, what about the big guy? the tall and big guy. the guy who looks like a bear. aren't there only six people on the show? i know only six people.

- who are the six? / - taehyun, jongmin, siyoon, and defconn. (touched) - defconn. / - defconn. yes. the pig. (he's the big worrier.) - pig? / - pig. defconn is also a nice guy.

- he is? / - who else is there? (he's mentioned for the first time today.) my memory is not so good sometimes. there are two more. who are the rest? that guy. the comedian guy. i remember now. he's the weakest guy. he's so weak. (it's so obvious) (who the weak guy is.)

the weakest guy. what was his name? - junho. / - junho! you say as if he's your grandson. (the weakest man) there's a handsome man left. who was the handsome man? - you know, / - the thin man. - the good-looking guy. / - he's very skinny.

the young guy who speaks very good english. he left the show and then came back. - what was his name? / - she knows so much! of course i do! - i forgot his name. / - joonyoung. - pardon? / - joonyoung. - joonyoung. / - right! joonyoung. she related me to "the good-looking guy". did you hear that?

she remembers me as "the good-looking guy". i like the handsome guy. i love "two days and one night" and "the return of superman". i love watching donggook's five children. - i see. / - i like it. those are the only shows i watch. i mostly spend my time at the senior center. - you're amazing. / - i don't watch anything else.

watching "two days and one night" and the kids gives me energy. are you filming "two days and one night"? no, we're filming "treasure island". it's "treasure island" aired in jeju. - when is it aired? / - at night. - on kbs1? / - but you seem to watch only "two days and one night", not my show. - "treasure island". / - i don't watch it.

i knew it. i don't watch "treasure island". - it's fun. / - you only watch the shows from seoul. i do. - you should watch the shows from jeju. / - i'm sorry. i will watch "treasure island". don't do that. keep watching "two days and one night". - i'm upset. / - i think i heard taehyun's laughter. - bye. / - stay healthy, ma'am.

stay healthy. thank you. - you love watching tv. / - is it on kbs2? yes, it's on kbs2. i'll watch it. keep watching "two days and one night". thank you. stay healthy, ma'am. her laughter sounds just like yours. maybe i can put on my glasses. i think i can even take off the mask.

it'd be fun to invite her to the show. - she even knows your children. / - i know. what do you watch on sunday evening? - i watch animations. / - i watch animations. - do you watch animations? / - yes. - yes. / - my mom loves it. your mom loves it? my mom likes the show. - my mom... / - my brother likes it.

your brother likes the show? who likes "two days and one night"? why do you like it? because my brother likes it. what kind of show is "two days and one night"? - i don't know. / - they keep doing fun things. (they keep doing fun things.) they keep doing fun things? some guys are on it.

some guys? do you remember any of their names? what is this show? - who do you remember? / - jongmin. (moved) - jongmin. / - jongmin. (lee jongmin!) (jongmin, the earnest entertainer) (turns out to be the most popular member in jeju.) (his trace is...)

(two days and one night's history.) (even when things are tough,) (he always smiles. he's a super entertainer.) jongmin. do you like jongmin? (she shakes her head.) - you don't like him that much? / - no. - he's funny. / - is he funny? he's funny, but you don't like him?

i see. you don't like him. what did she say? she said she doesn't like me. let's say goodbye to the hard working staff. - stay healthy. / - goodbye. they're so cute. (they're back at the fritter shop.) how about we all take one fritter each?

sounds good. your hard work deserves some food. among the members of "two days and one night", who do you want to give the food to? to whom would you like to give a fritter? for free? - no. / - no, they will pay. i will give it to the handsome man first. the handsome man? so defconn doesn't deserve it because he's ugly.

- he'd like to buy some fried chili peppers. / - gosh. how much do you want? - three dollars? / - yes. i will give you the big ones. - big ones, please. / - okay. stay healthy. - i like him. / - no. she said she doesn't like "two days and one night". call taehyun here. bring him here.

bring taehyun. is taehyun here? - bring taehyun here. / - hello. (welcome) taehyun is here. taehyun from "two days and one night". (nice to meet you.) it's taehyun, the handsome man. you deserve a corn dog.

- guys. / - my goodness. - nice to meet you. / - you said you didn't like them. (nice to meet you, ma'am.) i don't deserve the food because i'm ugly, right? i don't deserve the food because i'm ugly? (take my heart instead of the corn dog.) it's defconn. you can eat all the food. i already heard what you said.

you look better in person. we're here to promote our show. we want you to watch our show. please watch our show. where is jongmin? - jongmin? / - you said i'm too ugly to eat the food. i'm disappointed. it's too late now. - stop being so clingy. / - how much is one corn dog?

(how much is a corn dog?) ten dollars. ten dollars? (surprised) a corn dog costs ten dollars? i see. it's ten dollars for ugly people. it seems like it's a popular restaurant by the way. - hello. / - there are a lot of customers. make sure to watch our show every week.

please watch the show. we'll work harder. i guess i should start watching it again. - please watch it. / - thank you. - come on. / - let's go. (all six members are gathered up.) two days! - and one night! / - and one night! oh, my. thank you.

(jongmin, what are you doing there?) he's campaigning. - jongmin, this way. / - okay. jongmin decided to run for the election in jeju. no way. you will play "lunch game" with jeju citizens to get closer to them. - okay. / - it's going to be an individual game.

from now on, please bring one vendor each whom you want to team up with. after the team game, the winners will get to eat the jeju set. - i'm hungry. / - i'm hungry. we prepared seven games for "lunch game". check them out. "lemon eating contest", "fish sauce coffee", "jegichagi", "losing rock-paper-scissors",

"spitting watermelon seeds", "eye fight", "guess the person". dear jeju citizens, today, here at jeju hallim five-day market, the members of "two days and one night" are visiting. - hello. / - we love you! - jongmin! / - jongmin! - they like you, jongmin. / - we are going to play "lunch game"

with the members here from now on. the members will come and hold your hand to play the game with you. so don't be shy. if they hold your hand, just come and play the game. do you understand? - yes! / - yes! she said, "don't be shy." shinji, pick a lot to decide which one goes first.

the first player is - defconn! / - defconn! defconn! it's jongmin. - it's going to be a close match. / - it won't be easy. now go bring your partner as quickly as possible. - ready. / - hello. (empty)

ma'am. hang on. is there anyone who is good at "jegichagi"? (he looks for his partner.) ma'am, would you like to play a game? what game is it? it's just a game. it won't take long. - it won't? / - no, it won't take long. - he already found one. / - see? impressive.

is there anyone who is a vendor? are you a vendor? do you not own any shops? hang on a second. do you own a shop? he's brought a big guy. you shouldn't do that. here we come! - goodness. / - gosh.

- hello. / - hello. - he's very confident. / - i see. (he's rolling up his pants.) (he looks like he's extraordinary.) - you look like you're good at everything. / - yes. please introduce yourself. i'm kim soonae. i run a kimchi shop. - a kimchi shop. / - yes.

i run a hardware store. i'm park jungsik. - i see. / - a hardware store. i was on my way to look for a game mate and someone called me from behind. (a helping hand) this gentleman found defconn. - you two look like a team. / - yes. - you guys are / - don't we look

- similar in size. / - good together? if defconn's team wins, this gentleman - will receive a gift card. / - you'll get a gift card. if she wins, she'll get the gift card. - nice. / - you can get a gift card. - just try your best. / - okay. please throw a dart. - all right. / - there you go. - it's good. / - ready.

(what will be the first game?) - "drinking fish sauce". / - "drinking fish sauce". that's a great one. (big physique is no use.) because she makes kimchi, - she knows fish sauce. / - you're right. - she's an expert. / - do rock-paper-scissors. - rock-paper-scissors. / - okay. we won't let you pick first.

sir, pick one. - wait. / - sir. - tell me which one. / - pick carefully. pick the one without fish sauce. - the one without fish sauce. / - this one? - why this one? / - sir, you're being too rash. - that was too quick. / - why did you pick this? - why this one? / - he's going straight for that one. - because of the color. / - the color?

- then what is this one? / - that's coffee. - is this coffee? / - and that's fish sauce? - that one is fish sauce. / - do you think this is it? that one? wait. she looked at that one - and said, "that one is fish sauce." / - really? - i see. / - that one is more translucent. (is the translucent one fish sauce coffee?) all right. one, two, three!

drink it. keep going. (is his color theory correct?) (is her translucent fish sauce theory correct?) (they're drinking) (and having an eye contact.) (defconn is acting very chummy.) (frightened) (the other team looks gloomy.) (they have the fish sauce coffee!)

(groaning) (spitting) (the scent of fish sauce spreads.) (defconn's team wins!) - yes! / - we won! - you said that one was fish sauce. / - i thought so. - you picked the right one. / - here's water. - i lost. / - it's okay. he got it. he picked it right away.

that was close. i'm sorry, ma'am. i'm sorry i won. - it's okay. / - they're so nice. (he's so witty.) do you use fish sauce a lot? i use ground anchovies instead. right. that's what you use. that's why i couldn't tell. defconn wins the first round and gets lunch.

- hoorah! / - yes! (they get gift cards as promised.) - thank you. / - thank you, ma'am. - thank you. / - thank you. - all right. / - joonyoung! - there. / - junho. (joonyoung versus junho) he's not lucky these days. come this way.

look at whom junho brought. (he brought a younger man.) - i run a flower shop. / - pardon? - a flower shop. / - a flower shop. look at the jewelry he's wearing. (he loves jewelry.) he's completely decked out. i'm from ulsan. i came here with my wife. - he loves markets. he's a market mania. / - yes.

- i see. / - all right. (this time shinji throws the dart.) - there. / - all right. come on, "jegichagi". - "lemon eating contest". / - "lemon eating contest". - do you like sour food? / - i don't know. - excuse me. / - bring out the lemons. - quickly. / - there are three? two lemons?

- goodness. / - i'll explain. the two teams will start eating at the same time. our guests will eat a lemon first, then "two days and one night" members will eat one. - whoever blows whistle first wins. / - okay. ready. (start!) go! - be careful. / - goodness.

- gosh, look at him. / - goodness. - he's eating it deliciously. / - gosh. - great. / - it's like he's having a meal. he's like a human blender. - all right. faster. / - there are seeds. (he's done in no time!) - no. / - wait. - there's some left. / - no, there isn't. - look. i saw it. / - no.

- look. / - here. (while joonyoung stalls...) - hey. / - eat quickly. (choking) (taehyun shudders.) - he's spilling. / - no, you can't do that. - he's spilling. / - don't do that. he has to drink the juice. swallow it. you just have to swallow.

- swallow. / - gulp it down. - you're going to lose. eat it fast. / - what is it? - eat faster. / - goodness. - that's sour. / - he's going to lose. - who will win? / - it's a close match. (a very close match) (coughing) (this is a chance to win.) (he chews quickly last minute.)

(with a red face, junho does his best.) he can't swallow. (i can't believe eating a lemon is so hard for you.) (their jaws are getting an exercise.) i swallowed it. (no way!) i did it. i swallowed it. - joonyoung isn't lucky anymore. / - thanks. - thank you. / - we shouldn't be near him.

joonyoung has gotten weak. what a baby. i couldn't help it. i'm not good at eating lemons. only the two of you are left. - taehyun and siyoon. / - all right. let's go play a game. (who is taehyun's partner?) it's me! (the fritter shop owner) hello. could you play a game with me?

- me? / - yes. he's really well built. i live in nabeup-ri, aewol-eup. i'm lee sooyeol. - hi. / - nice to meet you. i met her a while ago. did you? (her favorite member is taehyun.) (she's shy.)

- we met him earlier too. / - that's right. i'm nam gwangil from panpo-ri. - hi. / - good to see you. i'm bad at playing physical games. so i chose him. all right. let's choose the game. i'll spin it. - good. / - nice. - please. / - let's see. - "losing rock-paper-scissors". / - okay.

this is a hard game. it's really difficult. it's hard to explain. please show us. - i'll go first. you have to lose. / - okay. rock-paper-scissors. (the offense goes first.) like this. you have to go as soon as i blow the whistle. - each team has / - gosh.

five chances in total. the team who loses more wins in the end. talk among yourselves to decide who will play and the order of the players. rock-paper-scissors. go ahead. (success!) - nice. / - gosh. if you're slow, you're out. (i think i'm getting lunch.)

(fail) - do it again. / - rock-paper-scissors. (she fails every time.) - she's angry. / - my goodness. - this is hard. / - okay. - you can do it. it's okay. / - don't worry. we'll go first. (siyoon's team will be the offense.) - we go after them. / - do we?

(taehyun's team has to lose.) - this is the first round. / - okay. (i won!) (goodness) - good. / - good job. - will you continue? / - no. - am i the offense again? / - goodness. it's okay. he's not good at this. (is this rock or scissors?)

why is it so fast? (he won.) (taehyun is terrible at "losing rock-paper-scissors".) (please give me strength to win.) (taehyun gets ready.) okay. i'm the offense. (what happened?) - what? / - wait a minute. (all he did was stay still.)

(but he won!) (a rock of miracle!) - goodness. / - is this for real? - nice. / - that was good. paper isn't good because he just stays still. - you should go. you can do it. / - go ahead. - pick one and hold it out. / - okay. i'll go with scissors. (sliding)

did you see that? - she's good. / - it's okay. you have two chances left. (taehyun is the defense again.) - you can do it. / - rock-paper-scissors. - gosh. / - goodness. - i saw rock and went with paper. / - good. - i think you're better than me. / - well... - jongmin, go ahead. / - wait.

i think you're better. - goodness. / - you're much better. - what's the score? / - you lost twice. - is this our last chance? / - yes. - this is your last chance. / - is this it? - is this the last game? / - it's the final one. - anything. / - anything. go with anything. don't think. - rock-paper-scissors. / - let's see.

(scissors versus rock) (fritter lady wins!) she's so good! - you did it! / - we won! - i did it! / - yes! (she lost all the practice rounds.) paper. (the sliding method worked.) goodness.

this is awesome. we found a new member. - amazing. / - you're better than us. - how did you do it? / - goodness. - she's really good. / - i'm so happy. how did you do it? why are you so good? we'll switch roles. get ready. (at that time)

(what's going on here?) (a lady appears.) (he wins.) (how did i win?) that was too quick. (she's thrilled.) (they're good.) you played too quickly. (he switches with siyoon.)

i'll try it. (i'm siyoon.) (i'll show you how to play it.) keep your hand ready. - the rock is better. / - this is better. - he might play something else. / - it may be paper. (he wins easily.) (i knew it.) what?

(screaming) (he misses it.) what did you do? (people don't change easily.) she's very good. if she wins again, the game is over. i know. stay focused. i bet we'll win. the game is over.

(she's startled.) (he wins again.) (he feels terrible.) (she's the queen of "losing rock-paper-scissors".) we won. (good job, everyone.) thanks to your great performance, - taehyun's team won. / - thank you. thank you.

- thank you. / - enjoy the meal. come back and take a photo with us. please watch "two days and one night"! - two days! / - and one night! the winners of "lunch game" are defconn, taehyun, and junho. the rest of you will starve. the younger ones can starve. we'll be humble and starve completely.

don't give me any food. we won't. we won't give you any. - i was going to give some. / - be humble. i'll just take medicine for enteritis. we'll get going. i want some noodles. why are you so quiet, siyoon? what do you mean?

why? you should talk more. as you aren't talking, i worry about not being funny. (defconn gets defensive.) that was funny. i'll exercise before i eat. i should tap your stomach. he won't eat lunch to lose his belly. i'll exercise after eating.

- i'll exercise after. / - donate your meal. it's a traditional meal in jeju. food in jeju is delicious. i have to eat some. you should be funnier. (he teases siyoon.) you should be funny. is it wrong to say that food in jeju is delicious? exactly. can't i say that? say "i'll enjoy food in jeju."

that sounded like somebody who has been single. it's something you'd say to yourself. i'm worried. it's beautiful. look how blue it is. that's the water in jeju. it's so blue. there must be many who play in the water. it's summer. it's so beautiful.

- it's amazing. / - seriously. the color is beautiful. it's like the maldives. (there's a huge difference.) - it looks great. / - are you happy? (a loaf of bread's better than the song of many birds.) - we're here. / - they're going crazy. move out of the way. what is it? - look at that. / - what are they?

it's hairtail. (it's broiled hairtail that's famous in jeju island.) (it's braised mackerel.) (it's spicy seafood stew full of fresh seafood.) (they're made with fresh seafood from the ocean.) (it's jeju full course meal.) (the winners are happy before the feast.) we had to win today. let's keep the same team.

- what? / - why not? it's an abalone dish. have some abalone. the nutty smell of sesame oil smells good. (they're impressed while the others are jealous.) - that's cute. / - it tastes familiar. drink some water. (i'm hungry.)

try some cold raw fish soup. it's squid. - it's not squid. it's cuttlefish. / - cuttlefish? - cuttlefish? / - i'll try some. this is painful. (savoring) i'll try to be humble and not eat. - the texture is great. / - the broth is tasty. (he enjoys the cuttlefish in his mouth.)

(they're very jealous.) (they keep on eating.) (his mouth waters.) (let's try the hairtail from jeju.) look at that. look at the meat. (it's very meaty and plump.) try some. that looks delicious. i agree.

however, i'll follow the rule and not eat. it's like galbi made with hairtail. you can eat it whole. (i love it.) goodness, the view is delicious. the view is most delicious. i'm full from looking at the view. (they feel bitter.) it's beautiful.

only the young boys can't eat. only the older ones get to eat. that's true. - young boys? / - call us young men instead. - old men and young men. / - they're rookies. - only rookies can't eat. / - he's married. they're all married. all three of them are married. he's inexperienced but married.

he's married to aska. their souls got married. (we wish you happiness.) - look at the fish. / - it's full of omega-3. (it looks too delicious.) i can't hold it anymore. we'll do our best and win in the evening. joonyoung, the three of us are a team. we can do it.

let's defeat the old boys. cut the squid for me, jongmin. i'll cut it for you. it's very refreshing. (he's a slave to the old boys.) don't block the view of the camera. - are you full? / - i feel great. did you leave rice? it's because of my belly.

i'll listen to the viewers. you should exercise now. - it's time to exercise. / - take it off. hurry up. do as you promised. if you don't, we won't try to be humble either. then i'll eat the food. i'll try to be funny too. - i'm ready to laugh. / - what should i do?

(he exercises to lose belly fat.) do it in full. my stomach hurts. how many did he do? - he hasn't done any. / - not at all. - do 100. / - stop it. (he's not funny.) you'd better be humble. wait and see what i do.

(do whatever you want.) (he gets playful.) (struggling) taehyun isn't laughing. he laughs easily, but he isn't laughing. - it's really hard. / - do it until taehyun laughs. no, taehyun must laugh no matter what. he's not funny anymore. - he's not funny? / - junho is no longer funny.

let's wrap up. how about his belly? he needs to lose belly fat. my belly? (he should exercise more.) (the sound is loud and clear.) - be gentle. / - let's see if the viewers comment. - okay? / - goodness. viewers made a comment which we didn't tell you.

"it's uncomfortable to see you upset." - right. / they asked you not to get upset. have you gotten upset? i've never been upset. i've never been upset on tv. it's just for laughs. come on, we're older than 40 years. of course. (that's right, jongmin.)

(win popularity special) (they move to another tourist spot.) (it's difficult to win popularity.) (after a long drive,) (they arrive somewhere.) is it seongsan ilchulbong peak? where are we? (it's a beautiful view.) i'm not sure.

we can't go in the water. - it looks amazing. / - it does. it's selected as one of the top 100 most beautiful roads in korea called sagye beach. - sagye? / - sagye beach? you can see yongmeori coast and mount sanbang. (the view of sagye beach is marvelous.) this is win popularity special. this place is deserted.

is there anyone here? there's no one here. there's one man who's fishing. is he catching snails? what do you think of when you hear jeju island? - samda island. / - abalone. - jeju island? / - female divers. - wind. / - my home. - stone statue. / - is it true?

- dekopon. / - we have to catch female divers? - is that what they said before? / - no way. we have to catch female divers? - how can we? / - how? there's a fisherman. - we think of female divers / - fishing? - when we hear jeju island. / - gosh. you'll try to win popularity among female divers. that means we have to go into the ocean.

that's how it is on two days and one night. do we really have to dive? - i can't dive. / - so what? we'll pick only two members. it'll be okay since i'm lucky today. - they'll be joonyoung and jongmin. / - goodbye. it's your first time meeting female divers. to feel close to them, it'll be better to change into diver outfits.

- is it what junho wore before? / - yes. (it's similar.) by the way, the water in jeju island is cold. (do i have to wear it again?) are there names on them? do we change? the first person to put on the diver suit... (the first person?)

the one who changes into it first will be exempted from going into the sea. as soon as you're done, come to the front and line up. (ready) ready, go. (rushing) it's easy to wear. (they're changing into it quite quickly.)

(all of them are done with the bottoms in ten seconds.) (why are they so fast?) (when alphao did it,) (it took him a long time.) (they're supposed to struggle like this.) (they must really not want to go into the water.) (he's done with the hood in 20 seconds.) gosh, it's hot. (this is bad.)

(i'm sorry, but you can forget) (about this mission in five seconds.) line up, please. (let's just say he is bad at it.) defconn, - you passed. / - okay! (defconn changes into it perfectly and gets exempted.) before we move on to the next mission, let's meet the female divers we will work together with.

- all right. / - let's welcome them. - please come. / - nice to meet you. - come on. / - welcome. did you think we wouldn't look so good? - what? / - did you think we wouldn't look so good? what did you say? (they can't understand the dialect of jeju.) the thing that you said at first. - what does that mean? / - what does it mean?

what does it mean? - what? / - what does it mean? the one i said? you just said it. where did you learn it? you said we looked good. you said we looked good earlier. - did you think we wouldn't? / - what? we look as good as you. (let's learn the dialect of jeju island.)

gosh, you all look great. (did you think we wouldn't look so good?) - what does that mean? / - what? (where did you learn it?) (you look dumbfounded, junho.) you just swore at me, didn't you? - she swore at me. / - she meant... - i spoke korean. / - you look confused. why do you look so dumbfounded?

do you mean he looks sly? - she means you look sly. / - he's a sly man. - she says you're sly. / - i guess people here think he looks sly. did she mean he looks sly? - i think so. / - i see. - it's amazing. / - please introduce yourselves. look at the camera and tell us about yourself. - about myself? / - yes.

okay. my name is jo jungsoon. i was born here. i've been a diver for 45 years. she's ms. jo jungsoon. - born in jeju. / - nice to meet you. it's nice to meet you all. - you too. / - she's been a diver all her life. hello, i'm kim yeonseon. i'm 65 years old. - oh, my. / - how long have you been doing this?

i've been a diver for about 50 years. - 50 years? / - 50 years? - gosh. / - it's been almost 50 years. my name is kim sooseon. i've been a diver for 50 years too. i'm 68 years old. - you're 68 years old? / - yes. i'm 68. - i was born in 1950, so i'm 68. / - so you were a student when you became a diver?

we didn't even go to middle school or high school. we graduated from grade school and became divers later. we've been in this island all our lives - and met great people like you. / - all your lives? are there young female divers in their 20s or 30s? there aren't such young divers. there are some divers in their late 50s, and the rest of us are in our 60s. who would carry on your profession then?

why don't you come and learn it? - do you want us to do it? / - us? isn't that why you're here? - you're right. / - we'll try it first. we'll try. now, since they have introduced themselves, i'll tell you the second mission for the exemption. the second mission is "sit on the swim ring".

it'll be a good game since i won't be playing. - you're right. / - we'll play the music. when the music stops, you have to sit on the swim ring quickly. one of you won't have swim rings to sit on. the one who survives until the end will be exempted while you're playing, the three divers will closely watch how well you dance. the one who captures their hearts

will be exempted as well. that means only three of us will go into the sea. i'm sure junho will try to act cute. whom will you pick? the one who tries the hardest? the funniest one? what are the criteria? that's up to us. - we'll know when we see it. / - why do you ask? (they don't like his question.) - it's up to us. / - i'm sorry.

why do you ask such a thing? - i'm sorry. / - we'll know - who to pick when we see it. / - junho. it's our own business. - why do you ask that? / - she's right. she doesn't want you to stick your nose in it. - we can sit on any of them, right? / - yes. this is the first round. there are four sets of swim rings for five of you.

- one of you will lose. / - pick the cutest dancer. music, please. ♪ pick me up ♪ (as soon as the game starts,) (they try to win the divers' hearts with lame moves.) - you should go around. / - go around. one, two, three. here we go. dance like this. (the highlight of the song is about to start.)

- ready. / - get ready to jump. - let's go! / - come on! here we go! (it's the dance of female divers which is hard to see.) (this is fun.) (last minute dancing) (startled) you have to go around. you can't stand still.

you have to go around. go around. (dance time ends.) this is mine. (even if someone is already on the ring,) (they can be easily dragged down.) get up, joonyoung. sit on jongmin's ring. get up now. sit on jongmin's ring. go for jongmin's, joonyoung. (joonyoung takes his swim ring.)

get jongmin's. jongmin. throw a stone at him. (junho attacks jongmin.) jongmin, throw a stone at him. i sat on it! - he did. / - the rings fell. you have to sit on top of it. (junho loses the first round.) now...

let's go. - my gosh. / - what are you doing? - he looks like your son. / - this is nice. - this is nice. / - what is he doing? - how nice. / - they're going to pick him. start the music. ♪ all the single ladies ♪ (exciting music plays) (and they start to get into the rhythm.)

move your legs like this. there you go. you're good. (a dance fever hits jeju island.) - what dance is that? / - come on. (at the center of the fever,) (there is junho, a man of deadly charms.) (he set fire on the hearts of the female divers.) (he's the cutie on sagye beach.)

- are you a party of three? / - they're with me. (junho gets all the attention.) (they're in different worlds.) - this is fun. / - oh, gosh. oh, gosh. (for someone, it's about who takes the seat.) two strong men will fight over it. (for someone, it's about whether he can) (sit on it at all.)

will siyoon lose? look at him. siyoon. what are you two doing? (why can't you sit on it?) - excuse me, sir. / - go and help him. - sir. / - what are you doing? - this is your last chance. / - sir. what are you doing?

(giggling) (he can't play the game anymore.) that's cheating. - director. / - yes? - i give up. / - isn't it hot? - what? / - i give up. you have the swim rings. - you have them. / - i can't sit on it. - i'm exhausted. / - he's exhausted.

get up, joonyoung. sit on jongmin's ring. joonyoung. why does it keep falling? (he's like a dung beetle.) - come here. / - it's so hard to jump. gosh, he's out. (taehyun gives up due to exhaustion.) let's start. start the music now.

(while they play the game,) (junho worries about the next dance.) "amor fati". (just like the title of the song, "amor fati",) (there is so much love and excitement here.) (they're lost in the dance.) look at sooseon dancing. (at that moment) that's great.

(junho gets up on the chairs.) (he shows off his deadly charms.) they all like junho. put your hand on her head. (this is how fun people in jeju island are.) (they make a perfect team.) (they forgot about it because of the dance,) (but the game is still on.) i won!

(jongmin loses the third round.) jongmin is out. this is the final round. (there are one set of swim rings) (and two people.) (the ones who lost don't care about the game.) dance like you're stretching your arms. one, two, one, two. can we even finish the game?

(the competition is fiercer here.) - this is the last dance. / - all right. - goodness. / - look at them. they jumped at the same time. oh no. (joonyoung manages to stay seated.) - joonyoung wins. / - siyoon loses. siyoon loses once again. gosh.

it's not time for them to choose their favorite member. who will it be? please come over here. - choose whomever you like. / - here. ma'am. (they'll probably choose junho) (because of his undeniable charisma.) stand here with your eyes closed. - who do we choose? / - the madam leader

will place a sea squirt in the winner's mouth. - he will win immunity. / - sea urchin. here we go. (who did the ladies choose?) i think... hold on! (i believe in you!) (but she passes junho.) (taehyun is chosen!)

- who ate the sea squirt? / - is it over? see? it serves you right for doing body rolls in front of them. i am upset! i'm upset too. (their relationship was strictly business.) now there's only three of you left. this is your last chance to win immunity.

"pick sea cucumber". - "pick sea cucumber"? / - another game of luck? - with our hands? / - after you say "go", - at once? / - you'll have three seconds to pick it up. you succeed if you hold it for another three seconds. you'll play rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes first. - then... / - it's a game of sudden death. - really? / - so the order matters.

- let's decide then. / - it's not easy. - rock-paper-scissors. / - it's not easy. - rock-paper-scissors. / - rock-paper-scissors. (jongmin's in last place.) - jongmin... / - you'll go last. (junho wins!) it's junho. yes, i'll go first. - here we go. / - all right.

(pick it up in three seconds) (and hold it up for three seconds.) ready... off you go. one, two... - go. / - one, two, three. three. look! one, two, three.

(we're doomed.) (it's not my fault i succeeded.) - can everyone do this? / - probably. is it that easy? (everyone can do it.) - i knew it. / - are you kidding me? - what is this? / - see? the game's over. it's over. (only he couldn't do it.)

(oh, happy day!) let's dance. (the couple reunites.) come on. (junho wins the last immunity.) great. let me tell you where you'll go fishing. it's right behind you. you can walk over there. - over there? / - right there?

it's shallow. they should dive at least 30m. can they at least go over there? - cut us some slack. / - all right then. let's clean up and head to work. if you want to relax, do so. (to win over the female divers, they go fishing.) (to encounter the colorful sea of jeju,) (they head out to the waters.)

(are you filming me?) (the others are delighted to swim.) if only i can be neck deep. - my head can't go underwater. / - that's not possible. - she's right. / - just up to my neck. how does that count as diving? at least let me breathe with my nose. - let's go. / - if you think you're going to drown, lie back and you'll float.

- hurry up already. / - i'll be terrified though. so lie back and float. (the ones with immunity enjoy a swim.) - it's completely waterproof. / - it's not cool at all. yes, exactly. (i came to swim because it's hot.) it's completely air-tight. - is it that great? / - yes. hold on. i feel the cold.

(junho must adapt to the water well.) (the ladies have already started to fish.) (the female divers are at their best game.) (they spot something!) (it's a sea urchin.) i caught a big one. do you want to try it? yes, i do. it should be delicious. (he tastes the salted fresh sea urchin roe.)

there must be a lot to catch here. can we eat it on the spot? (yummy) - the sea urchin is delicious. / - what did i tell you? i want some more. okay, come on over. keep it down a notch. (meanwhile, siyoon is helping jongmin out.) you're good at everything.

place them first, and then put them on. which way is the front? hold on. - come on. / - my gosh. (siyoon dives in first.) - what now? / - my goodness. (since he's done this before,) (he makes his way down deep.) (he's off to fish first!)

what's taking you so long? (meanwhile, here's jongmin.) come on in. (will he dive before the end of the day?) is there something out there? ma'am, did you catch something? - over here. / - here? i caught an octopus. look. (she caught an octopus!)

- that's huge. / - gosh. (junho is amazed.) (taehyun remembers being sick last week.) how on earth did you catch it? look, i caught an octopus. that's amazing. ma'am, you're the best. (murmuring) here.

come over here. (defconn is caught off guard.) (take that!) (she's satisfied.) it's an octopus man. (defconn with an octopus hat) - give junho one too. / - no, i'm good. please don't come near me. (junho's survival instincts kick in.)

(no, please don't!) (it serves you right.) look at me. look what she did to me. get this off me. give me that. (why not?) (i hope you two grow closer.) don't do this! - look. these are the suckers. / - i want to as well.

- really? / - here. - i can't see a thing. / - what? - i can't see a thing. / - clean your goggles. - how? / - clean it with water. clean it with water and then put it on. like this. slip it on your arm. (he puts it on like she told him to.) (he stares into the water.) it's a sea urchin. i saw it.

- catch it. / - i saw a sea urchin. - i'll catch it. / - sure. (are you that happy?) go ahead. (he dives to catch the sea urchin.) (did he catch it?) it won't budge. i can't grab it. (she seems to love how cowardly jongmin is.) this one is easier to catch.

come on over. - do you see the conch? / - not yet? (will he succeed this time?) it's too big. the sea urchin is too big! (she laughs at everything he does.) you can do it. (meanwhile, taehyun explores the sea.) (look at that.)

(a shoal of fish swims right past him.) (taehyun enjoys the relaxation below the surface.) (even though he has immunity, he took over the waters.) (what's that?) (an octopus is hiding in camouflage.) (taehyun misses it and swims past it.) - where can i find an octopus? / - a conch! - an octopus. / - i have a conch! (thank goodness...)

what's that? (meanwhile, siyoon has been awfully quiet.) siyoon, have you caught anything? - no. / - no, not yet. look closely. there are a lot down there. (sea urchin) (sea urchins) (conch) (so many can be spotted.)

(siyoon just swims past.) (meanwhile, the female diver catches a sea urchin.) (siyoon is practically lost at sea.) (meanwhile, she catches another one.) (siyoon is unlucky once again.) (we'll lose daylight at this rate.) (i can't let that happen.) a conch. i caught a conch. i caught one. i've cleared the mission.

bring it over. this? (will he catch another?) - what are you doing? / - stop it. (joonyoung stares from a distance.) - hold on. / - don't you think this is too shallow? (it only comes up to my ankles.) bring it here. try somewhere else. like over there.

(only siyoon needs to catch something now.) (she pushes him down to help him.) (he finally catches a sea urchin.) (breathing out) (proud) it's not finished yet. you have to go down again. (he catches another one.) (he successfully caught the sea urchins.)

(they are back on the land after fishing.) you should eat the sea urchins later. - it has roe in it. / - this is what i caught. try it. - i caught two. / - try it. i tried one. junho. i tried one earlier and it was tasty. - was it? / - it was tasty.

(she treats him like her son.) - it has a unique flavor. / - right? it's what i caught. try this. ma'am, i took off my boots and found this. there is an ocean in junho's boot. (while others were struggling, he secretly caught one.) (it seems like everyone is talented.)

- thank you. / - we'll get going, ma'am. - thank you for your hard work. / - thank you. - stay healthy. / - goodbye, ma'am. (they successfully won the female divers' hearts.) it's written here. it's off to mara island. is this the dock for boats going to mara island? the final destination of today's trip is mara island. have any of you been to mara island

for shooting "two days and one night"? we've been to mara island. - we tried but failed. / - mara island? - we tried, but we failed. / - because of the weather. we couldn't ride the boat because of the bad weather. (three years ago, they almost made to mara island.) (they had to look) (at the picture of beautiful mara island instead.) whenever we tried, we couldn't go due to the weather.

but as you can see, the weather is good today. let's go ride the boat right now. - we're finally going there. / - the weather is nice. isn't mara island the southernmost part of korea? - it is. / - it's the southernmost land. it's known for having good jjambbong. - right. / - jjambbong sounds good. - hey. / - thank you. - give me the ticket. / - i'm ready.

(it takes 30 minutes from jeju island to mara island.) did anyone order jjajangmyeon here? hey. (they head to the top deck of the ferry.) what is this? (excuse me, but who are you?) you're sitting on our seats. - did you buy tickets? / - what's going on? (they don't answer.)

(they don't say anything.) what's going on? i know them. who are they? (taehyun seems to know something.) - who are they? / - do you know them? - do you know them? / - yes. - who are they? / - who are they? who could they be?

thank you for your hard work in trying to win popularity in jeju island today. the six people here are fans of "two days and one night". (i love two days and one night.) at the same time, they're fans of yours. (they're fans of two days and one night)

(and the members.) - nice to meet you. / - thank you. (today in jeju,) (jongmin was misunderstood as kim minjong.) (do you like taehyun?) (sucking) excuse me? (someone was defeated by a drink.) (since you all worked so hard today,)

(we invited your fans.) i know my fan. - what? / - how do you know? of course i know my fan. so we're supposed to find our fans, right? it's a piece of cake. i got it. (except for taehyun, they have no idea.) i'll be so hurt if someone i choose is not my fan. - i'll be so hurt. / - this is so easy.

do you know who your fan is? - i know. / - i have no idea. is only one of them my fan? what should i do? now, you're going to find your fan. do you remember the tv show, "happy together friends"? - my friend. / - my friend. (if the person is a fan, he or she will greet back.) (if the person is not, he or she will say,)

("it's my first time seeing you.") i don't know any of them. he says he's sure who his fan is. i'm so sure. it'll be funny if the person says, "it's my first time seeing you." "i'm someone else's fan now." - "i'm jongmin's fan now." / - jongmin? - you never know. / - i'm not sure about that.

(it's possible the fan has changed his or her mind.) the fan could have changed his or her mind. "nice to meet you. i'm not your fan anymore." if you find your fan at one go, i will give you ten dollars. with the ten dollars, you can buy some food - in mara island. / - i want to win. i think i've seen two of them. the guy wearing a checked shirt

is not looking here at all. (he looks blank.) i think he is junho's fan. he looks like junho. i can feel it. i'm so sure of it. i think the guy in the middle is jongmin's fan. i know exactly who he is. you do?

let's start. - who goes first? / - defconn. defconn. actually, i do have a lot of male fans. people who look like him take care of me a lot. i'm telling you. if he's not your fan, it'll be so awkward. i'm so sure he's my fan. (i know the answer. just tell me i'm right.)

(he checks out the women just in case.) (he tries sitting next to them.) (go away.) (he winces.) she doesn't want me to sit there. she's not my fan. she can't be my fan. she can't be. she was looking at you like, "what's wrong with you?" (another woman looks at defconn, looking innocent.) your eyes are red. is it because you wanted to see me?

you couldn't sleep last night, right? (her smile tells me that she's my fan.) say, "hi, my fan". hi, my fan. (he shyly extends his hand.) it's my first time seeing you. (it's my first time seeing you.) (i fell for it.) defconn is out.

(she feels sorry.) what's wrong with you? you're a celebrity. defconn, go back to your seat. (next week) (the trip continues) (in the beautiful mara island.) (everyone must have dreamed) (of having a sweet date with the star they like.) (the fans and the stars have a good time together.)

(see you next week.) ("a daily song" by hwang chiyeul) ("wind" by ftisland)

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