bilder zu badewanne

bilder zu badewanne

hello my little friends! you know what i recently did once again? i looked through this book. what i found in this photo album was more than embarrassing. but it's actually really good for you, because i'm going to recreate all these embarrassing childhood pictures of course with my family, my friends, my animals and all the other weird creatures so i would let's start this embarrassing adventure woooow joey: no, don't sneeze. please don't sneeze again. please dont! joey: ewww emy! i just told you not to sneeze!

joey: this was so beautifully warm, so it wasn't disgusting at all felt like someone was peeing on me. this is nasty. eeew there was a dead fly in the bucket. joey: this is really the perfect place to chill. but somehow it's kind of uncomfortable. i need a pillow or something like that. ooooh. you are perfect! 5 minutes later joey: eww. get it off, get it off.

eww, get it off, get it off. geeet it off baaah. it's dripping in the mouth, get it off, get it off. ew ew ewww joey: okay, that's it already. look at that. i can pee through my finger oh my god, is this cold! one, two, three! aaah! this is cold joey: mom, where is this noise coming from? mom: from your phone.

joey: nooo, my phone is over here. mom: mine too. then it's emy's. let's go now joey: you idiot! emy: no! i got it on airplane mode. joey: me too. then it's mom's! mom: mine is just laying.. joey:'s yours joey: no, please don't. please! joey: shut up, dog.

shut up! whaaat? they weren't barking earlier emy: shut up! joey: now. okay. emy, enough. get off, get off, get off joey: sorry because of the bikini, but my wild naked times are wide beyond me. joey: yes, wummel. do i look like an exorcist now? joey: ohh. should i first eat my hand or punch myself?

i'm simply going to do both! joey: because it's summer now and not winter but we need snow we just use bilou come on let's take a cool picture joey: but how should i look at the camera? just try it like that joey: umm.. noo.. joey: now just let the chicken sit on mom's shoulder. mom: noooo! not sitting there.

joey: come on have a laugh mom: yea, but how when the chicken is sitting here. joey: hah, there's a chicken sitting there. joey: what was that noise? i also want a picture with the chicken. ooow! my back! owww! the chicken is on our table joey: emy, you take- you'll never take this stupid chicken ever again

it may look beautiful but it's shit. only the ugly ones and those who smell are nice like this? or the hand bit differently? yeah a bit down. just a bit to the side i'm going to break my wrist, hah joey: come on now. we wanna go now. friend: don't stress so much. joey: come on in. friend: oh man, this is a super tiny space here.

joey: what are you doing- you're destroying my ferrari. friend: your stupid ferrari annoys me. if you were a good youtuber you would have a cabrio or something and no shit like this emy: you two are such dumbasses. you're lucky to have someone like me who thinks for you. here is your cabrio friend: man, joey your sister doesn't know anything about cars. joey: emy? is this what a cabrio looks like or what? emy: are you dumb? joey: yeah, you're right. looks way cooler with a real cabrio..

friend: oh joey. it's alright, it can happen to anybody. emy: what are you idiots talking about?! now, drive! joey: okay okay, chill your base. okay guys, i think that's enough with these embarrassing childhood pictures. if you like this video give it a big thumbs up, i would really appreciate it. for this video i got supported by paypal. so much thanks to the paypal team. i was sitting with them realising that i wasn't on vacation for a long long time because most of you are on summer break now and most of you are probably on vacation and i'm not

we thought about the opportunity to add my body to your vacation picture so it will at least look like i'm on vacation, too. so that's why you're getting this beautiful picture of me which you can screenshot and add into your vacation picture. post your picture on instagram with the hashtag #duhastesverdient and i will take a look at them the winners receive a pretty cool prize from paypal paypal has this campaign at the moment "you deserve it", where you can thank your friends and win a trip to the friendship island. all the other information can be found in the description below. and i think i already talked enough now. don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos of me aaaaand then i'd saaaaay see you sooooon

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