blühende hecke das ganze jahr

blühende hecke das ganze jahr

did you try that yourself? high growing flower plants looking like a fence when grown up today a story from a corner of my garden which i usualy do not show stay tuned everybody has got a corner in his garden, which is of no big use that is mine behind me there have been standing ugly coniferous trees which i dug out now i am trying to make something useful with this patch of land

it will be flowering hedge this year sunflower, marigolds etc size is about 40 centimeters until around the corner may be 6 m2 altogether three weeks ago i sowed the seeds here what you think how many seeds you sow when you scatter these seeds half a package of this seeds hundreds or thousands?

let us have a look what ist left of all the seeds i sowed fantastic idea i thought. 2 meters high hedge along the border to our neighbors growing only one year, not big problem the package is for 40 m2. i have used half of it on this let me say 6 m2 because i know it does not work anyway many many seeds i have used left are not only a hand full of plants it is empty just some weeds have grown here

one corn plant still living :) this one not yet dead and the reason for that for that the weeds do not grow that much near the border to the neighbours i have mulched with straw i have had snails. incredible numbers of snails i have used a half package of slug grain regulary

it did not help i have observed snails climbing over the poison on to the plants which grew one day and disappeared the next day every evening when i feed the animals, i come along here and have a look a hundered snails on this little patch has been common yesterday pariculary bad. i will show you some pictures. 24 snails heading for this one plant. no plant can survive that coming from all directions i have heared, there are people who have no problems with slug

may be on higher altitude i have even heraed some people have solved the slug problem here i will never solve the snails problem. it is the biggest and most serious problem in my garden that are the tiny residuals looks great or not? even corn, which does not attract slugs normally, has been eaten almost completely just explained what happened here last year i planted sunflowers that high two days and they have disappeared completely

i have had runner beans too they have made it about 2 meters high and i have found slugs in 1,50 meter hight that even because of the fact, that runner beans are growing fast. but i do not give up. i will try again first prepare the bed and once again :) better more than too few let me use all of it

seeds for 40 m2 used on 6 m2 rake it in little bit of pressing and water thoroughly flowering hedge. do you think, there will ever be a hedge growing here? i doubt it just a little anecdote from my garden one day, i show you around when i go out catching slugs and you will see, it is all but funny

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