darf baby born in die badewanne

darf baby born in die badewanne

hi, my name is liz. i'm from scotland.i'm a reiki master healer. today, i've been baptized withthe holy spirit. i've come to christ and haverepented from my sins. leave her! come out, in jesus' name.demon, go! if you read in the bible, it's a form ofwitchcraft, voodoo and things like that. when i saw that, i went, "oh, my god.i've been doing that." that day we know one thing:guilty, guilty, guilty. i am guilty and deserve hellbecause god is good and i'm not.

i was leading everybody away from jesus,away from christ through other forms of healing. but wheni saw jesus healing on the streets myself be healed, right now. it's fine.- really? look at that. look how simpleand beautiful that is. i can't wait to tell my story. i'm liz. i used to be a reiki healer...until two weeks ago. just two weeks before that, i foundsome videos on youtube about healing people on the street.

and you feel it now? god, i thank you,because the pain is going to go right now. try to feel the pain now. yeah, it's loose. where is the pain? now it's gone. now it's your turn. where do you have...- in my head where do you have pain?- like right here. god thank you for healing. thankyou because the pain is going to go. try to feel the head. no!

i don't feel no pain, bro. now the pain is gone. i'm serious! i don't even know him. i could see instant healing,people being healed on the street and i just thought, "oh, what's this?" every pain has to goright now, in jesus name! for real? amen. check it. it's gone.

amen seriously? amen. yeah, sure.- that's weird, man! with me being a reiki master,a reiki healer, it's like... why isn't that happeningwhen i treat people? people feel nice and relaxedand calm when they leave and have great testimonies at the end, but, they don't get completely healedwith the reiki healing.

and i felt, "this isn't right. there issomething not right here." it just doesn't sit right with me. i kept watching torben's healing videos. and i thought, i want to do this. i want to see instant healing. while i was a reiki healer,i had courses on the website. people can get the coursesall over the world. this lady bought one of myreiki healing courses. she emailed me and said, "liz, i didn'treceive the download of the course."

i thought, normally everybodygets the download. that's the easiest one. i never haveany problems with that one. i emailed her back,"can you give me your address and name and things like that?" so ican send her a distant attunement. so, she did and i went to the toilet and said to god in the toilet...it was only in a couple of minutes. god, what do you want me todo with my business? do you want me to goto aalborg, denmark? i want to see torben, but i don'twant to travel there on my own,

and i'm scared to travel there on my own.and i said to god, do you want me to go toaalborg, denmark? i went back to my computer. the lady that bought the coursecame back to me straight away. i saw her name,and her address was aalborg, denmark. oh, my god. it wasn't just aalborg, denmark. it was like, aalborg, denmark! something inside me went...

right over me.. and i said to my husband,"honey, honey, honey..." "what's wrong?" i said, "everything isokay, i just need to come to myself." i was in shock and didn't know what to do. i said, "god has spoken to me."i felt the power of his words. it was like these words werehis words coming inside me. you've got to see torben in denmark. so, this morning, torben and mesat around a table. come and let's talk. and explained the gospel to meover a table with some cups and cakes.

he explained it so simply that anyone,a child, could understand it. i use the illustration of playing chess.do you know chess? yes. playing chess is like.. i move, and then liz moves. then it's my turn.denmark against scotland. then it's her turn. am i now allowed to do this? no. i'm not allowedto move three times. why?

because there are rules. what if i really, really, reallywant to do it? i'm not allowed to do it, still,because there are rules. those rules are there. they don't haveto do with how much i want to do it. it has to do with the rules. so the rule is: i need to wait for liz tomove before i'm able to move again. the same way with god. now liz, or another person has sinned. i'm god.

it's not good. but i send my son, jesus,to die for her sin. can i then: i save you, i setyou free? no. i'm not allowed. no matter if i really, really want to. god wants to; he wants to savemore than we want to save. god wants to, but i'm not allowedbecause it's not my turn. i've done everything that should bedone from my side, sent my son, jesus. now the bible says,it's up to all man to repent.

liz has to move before i can move. but i guarantee you, as soon asshe moves, god is moving. as soon as she repents,god is moving. as soon as she gets baptized,god sets her free. as soon as i lay the hands,god is doing it. because god is not the problem. god has already paid the price for lizand for everybody here. because many are thinking, okay...god doesn't want me. he doesn't care because he hasn't come to me.

but it's not god's time to move.it's your time! what i'm going to do now, liz,i'm going to show you the rules. because if you don't know the rules,how can you move? but as soon as you know the rulesand know the next move, then as soon as you move, god is coming. so the gospel is: this is god andthis is man. god created man. when god created man,man was open to god. and man walked with god. that world was perfectbefore sin came into the world,

without divorce, murder, suicide,and what we have in the world today. god created the worldand the world was perfect. and man walked with god. this is thegood thing, man walked with god. there were a lot of trees in the garden. there was the tree of life, the tree ofgood and evil, and a lot of others. man was supposed to eatof the tree of life and live forever. but they sinned. they broke god's lawby doing what was wrong. before, they were open to god,without sin. but now they became closed to god,with sin.

god then said, if man now takes of thetree of life and lives forever, we will always have a problem with sin. because god doesn't want menwho have sinned to live forever, he threw them out of the garden,away from the tree of life. suddenly, we got a world that was sodifferent, where we were divided from god. they got kids who killed each other,and got kids who killed each other. so this is where we are now. we are here in a world that is differentthan the world god created. i met many people who say i can't believein god because so much bad is happening.

read the bible.it's just going to be worse. because this world's god is satan. we are fallen and are divided from god. the problem is sin. but we don't understand sin. why? because when i'm here, and shouldcompare myself to people around me. look, i'm not so bad.i'm like him and her. he's worse then me. i'm not like him. we are standing in this world andcompare ourselves to people around us

and think we are okay. but what if we compare ourselves to god?or to man before sin? suddenly, we get a totallydifferent standard. sin.. we have to talk about that. jesus said, no liars are going toenter the kingdom of god. every liar will be throwninto the lake of fire. we then think, come on, lying is not sobad. it's not like this and this. you have to understand somethingabout sin that's really important. it's not so much about what you andme and others have done.

it's also who we have done it against. i have a daughter who is 10 years old. if i lie to my daughter, she cannotdo anything; she is just 10. if i lie to my wife, i can get problems. if i lie to my boss, i can get fired. if i'm in court and lie to a judge,i can go to jail. so we are talking about the samething: you may not lie but the punishment is sototally different. not so much what you do,but who you do it against.

the more authority a person has, thestronger is the judgement going to be. the bible says that if we lied,we lied against god, him who gave us life, air to breathe,our mouth to speak, to worship him. and we have misusedwhat he gave us against him. jesus not only judges us out of whatwe do, but also our heart's desire. jesus said, "you will not murder,but i tell you, if you have hate in your heart,you are already a murderer." you may not do adultery. but anybodywho looked with lust at somebody have already done this in their heart.

maybe we have not physicallybeen out doing it... for god, it doesn't matter. this is so important becausei always thought i was a good person. really, a good person.but when i saw the standard... this is important. you're from scotland.when i go there & drive on the wrong side i should drive on your side,but sometimes i forget it and i drive on my side,and i get problems. if i get problems, it doesn't matterif i say to the policeman, yes, but i'm from denmark-we do it like that in denmark.

he doesn't care where i'm from. now i'm in your countryand i have to obey your laws. one day we are going to standin front of god. he doesn't care about our standard. he doesn't care about whatwe think is right or wrong. he cares about what is right and wrong;the standard he has set up. try to imagine that i, in my phonehere, have a special app. and i can take a picture of youand take your whole life and put it on my computer now.

i know you've done a lot of good things;a lot of amazing, fantastic things and helped people. but the problem is, i don't see it. because when you are in a court,in front of a judge, you are not there because ofthe good things you have done. you are there because of thecrime you have done. this is the only thing i see. i put your life in my computer. not onlywhat you have done physically, but also what you have not done,what you should have done,

what you have said andthought in your life, and i make a video about your life. the unclean things... we talk aboutsexual things, evil things. we talk about lyingand stealing and cheating. and i only focus on that, and i showthat video on the big screen behind me in front of all those people here. would you like that?- no the interesting thing is,you would not like it also knowing that everybody inthis room is guilty as you are.

but you would be ashamed infront of those people here. anybody, who would like it? no, nobody here.i would not like it either. so we would be ashamed in this room, when people around us sawwhat we have really done with the door closedand the light turned off. we would be so ashamed. try to imagine that you are ashamedhere among sinners. and one day, stand totally naked in frontof a holy god, who sees everything.

that day, we will not say, "it was myparents' fault or my husband's fault." "i didn't mean it; i'm not so bad." that day, we will know one thing:guilty, guilty, guilty. i am guilty and i deserve hellbecause god is good and i'm not. and this is the problem. god could take everybodyand throw everybody to hell and still be good and loving,because he is not the problem. we are. we have sinned. the bible says, if you have broken oneof the laws, you are guilty of them all.

it's not that you can have 2 out of 5,and so on... one time. maybe you have not murdered,but had sex outside or before marriage, you are guilty of them all. and it's only one time. god could throw everybody to hell,but he didn't. he did something amazing,something different. he sent his son, jesus christ. he came down here; not born in sin,of a man, but born by god. he walked here among us, as a man.

without lying, without stealing,without having sex before marriage, looking with lust at somebody. withoutdoing the things we have done. when he was 30 years around,he got baptized in water. when he rose up again, thespirit of god came over him and he got filled with the holy spirit. from that moment on, he wentaround preaching the gospel, healing the sick and commandingpeople all over to repent. then he was hung on a cross and he died. if he had one time lied, one time stolen,one time done what we have done,

he would be guilty. but because he wasthe only man ever without sin, he rose up and is nowsitting beside god's right hand and sent his holy spirit down here. what do we need to do now? the bible says we have to be born again. we have to repent towards god. then we have to getbaptized to jesus christ and then we will receivethe spirit of god. what is repentance? it is torecognize: i have sinned,

not only against man,but i've sinned against god. i've broken god's law. i have sinned. and you recognize that and turn awayfrom that sin and ask forgiveness, and put your faith in jesus. when you do that, somethingamazing is going to happen. god takes the stone heart outand gives you a new heart. it is like our conscience.. when a baby is born, they don't recognizegood and evil. they are without sin. they run around naked.

i didn't have problem with being nakedand running around when i was a child. my daughter simone is 10 now.if she takes a shower, i can still go in and do other things. but i guarantee you, my daughterwho is 14, "go out, right now!" because there comes an agewhere they recognize good and evil. they recognize sin.they become conscious against sin. it has to do with the conscience.i remember when i was a child, i stole something in a shop. it cost ahalf pound or something; just nothing. but when i came out (it was a accident)and i saw it was in my jacket.

i'm a thief. i've stolen something. for me it was like... i'm a thief. but i guarantee you, that later,when i got too much to drink, i stole a bicycle. later, i stole onebecause i didn't want to walk. and i stole one morebecause i've done it before. and it was not a problem anymore. this is what we see today.there are people who do things, we don't see as a problem anymorebecause the conscience becomes round. it's not sharp anymore.it's not new anymore.

it has been destroyed by things we havebeen doing and seeing, and other things. this is the conscience. when we get born again and repent,we get a new heart. god has written the law of godin our heart. and we get a new conscience. i remember so clear, that after ibecame a christian, i repented... after repenting, i had friends overand said, "let's see this movie." "i love this movie. it's one of myfavorite movies. let's see it." i put it in. i just remember,it's a good movie.

i was ready to see it.we started to watch it. i was like, "oh no, why are theyswearing all the time?" "no, they don't have any clothes on.it's porn!" what am i doing? i looked around.is it okay we stop? yeah. thank you. before, it was my favorite movie.but now i could just feel inside, aaah. i cannot anymore. why? my conscience has been cleaned. but there is a problem still.

the life is inside, but the body is dead.what do we do with a dead body? we bury it. burying a dead body is like..the law of gravity. the bible says, whoever sinsbecomes a slave to sin. when we have sinned,we become a slave to it. it's like the law of gravity. there is a law of sin. if i say, i don't believe in the lawof gravity. see what happens.. i don't believe it.

it still falls down. because it doesn't have anything todo with what i believe or not believe. i really put myself together...i still fall down. because there is a law working here. in the same way there is law of sin. the one who does sin,becomes a slave to sin. but this is where baptism comes in. because we die with christand we rise up with christ. baptism is two things:washing away and a burial.

under water, after you have repented. but what then? you go down and come up. then you get the holy spirit. it's not that you get a tiny holy spiritand jesus, a big holy spirit. you get this holy spirit. he's a person.you don't get a little of him, and you can never get more of him.you have him. so you get the same spirit as jesus. the bible says again,we get filled with the holy spirit. when is this cup filled?

when do we know it? here? no. here? no. when are we100% sure it's filled? when it's running over. the same... as soon as it iscoming out of the mouth.. as a new language,you know you are filled. then you are filled. then the bible says,like the father sent me, i now send you. so now you are christ,jesus' body here on earth. his body, sent in his place. now you are going arounddoing the same as jesus.

healing the sick, preaching the gospel.you are jesus' body here on earth. today, i got to repent from my sins. i just said 'no' to the reiki healing.deep down i knew this wasn't right. if you read in the bible, it's a form ofwitchcraft, vodoo, things like that. when i saw that, i went, "oh my god,i've been doing that." i said, "that's it. i'm finished." closing the shop, closing downmy business, my websites, everything. it was like a radical change.i just went, sort that of. i just thought, i have to closethat down and start with god.

what choice do you want? there isno half 'n half; it's either this or that. today i was baptized with the holy spirit. i repented from my sins,for leading people away from christ. i didn't really realize that until today,that that was what i was doing. and i was happy to do that. to say, i'm so sorry for that. i'm sosorry that i led so many people away. now i want to lead people back to christ. this is liz. i think it's really amazing. before you came, we talked aboutwhat she needs to get delivered from

and what sins she wants to wash away. one of the things she said was that she,through her reiki healing, has led people away from god. i think it's a really strong confession,to recognize that this is wrong and this is sin. and now, with everything else,we wash it away. you don't get baptizedto a church or religion. you get baptized to a person;that is jesus christ. the bible says that when werepent and get baptized,

god will give us the holy spirit. we will now baptize liz and then we laythe hands and pray for freedom over her and pray for the holy spiritto come and set her free. so we baptize you to jesus christ.just go down. die with christ, up with christ. (praying in tongues) freedom!we command every demon, go! i felt that when i was in the bath tubgetting baptized, it was like the demonsof the sorcery were all around

and were sticking to meand clinging to me. i was doing like that,trying to get rid of them. come out, now!we command this spirit to leave her. we command this reiki healing,come out! it was nice to be ableto be free of that, free of that stickiness, the connectionwith them, the ties to them. more! freedom! freedom! freedom!i command this spirit, go! freedom! freedom! come out! come out!more! freedom! let it out!

let it out! come out! come out! leave her!come out, in the name of jesus! we command this demon, go! come out! go! freedom, in the name of jesus!be quiet. be quiet and come out. come out. every lying spirit, come out. holy spirit, fill her up.speak in tongues. let it out. speak. more.

we command healing.every hurt, go. hallelujah. when i was reborn, i felt this total peaceand being filled up with the holy spirit and.. i still feel it now. it's lovely. how are you?- lovely. thank you. can you see?there was a battle; there was something. it was confusing,and now the holy spirit came.

and then, today it was the day for mewhere i got baptized with the holy spirit, when i was able to repent from my sins. i got baptized in water and gotbaptized with the holy spirit. and today, i went out on the streets. on a scale from 1 to 10, what is it now? 10 being really sore, and 1 not at all.- six we came across 2 young guys sitting on abench. we asked them if they had any pain. one of them had pain in the ankle.i got to pray for him. we tried a couple of times,and nothing happened.

i command you right now to behealed. thank you, jesus. test it. i still feel it.- you still feel it? the third time i prayed, i put my handon his ankle and speaking in tongues, silently to myself.the next thing, it was healed. ankle, be healed,in the name of jesus. right now. go, right now. pain, go right now,in the name of jesus. leave right now, in the name of jesus. thank you, jesus.

it's fine. what?- really. gone? i told you, jesus heals.- jesus heals. yeah. wow! i'm overwhelmed, myself here.this is the first time i've done this. i'm not a religious person.i don't read the bible. well, i didn't read the bible, buti started reading the bible now, reading god's word,because god said.. when god came down to earth,he sent out his disciples to do his work.

do you want to walk and have a check? yeah, it's.. it's ehh.. it's amazing. that was proof to me,that jesus was working through me. i wasn't doing the healing.it was jesus doing the healing. and it just felt so right. it's somethingi want to continue and see people's faces like shocked, and lead them back to jesus,where i've lead them away before, and now it's time to come back to jesus. for you out there,

i just want to say to youthat god is real. that he wants to be in your life.he doesn't want you to suffer. he just wants you to be happyand not have any stress in your life. he wants you to trust himand believe in him, that he's gonna take care of you, like he always has done.he's already taken away your sin, paid the price of your sin. and now, we have to takea step towards jesus, like he's made that step towards usby taking away our sin.

we make one step toward jesus,he's gonna come. and if we ask for forgivenessfor our sins.. all the reiki healers, anybody that'sinto new age, crystal healing, anything to do with spirituality:you're being deceived. it's not real. it's other entities. youdon't know who's coming through you. you don't know who's guiding you.you're asking for beings to come in. but do you know who they are?how do you know? the proof is, once you have the holyspirit, you feel renewed and reborn.

and just know that god is going tobe there for you and guide you.

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