eames stuhl daw

eames stuhl daw

hello we "architector" interior center came over to the office chairs and the owl for ottoman let's see what there is like it? what do you think? here i think to take or not to take an owl in the office

to be able to put bags in the following video you whether in the office will be a night owl? yes, now we think, whether or not to take it with you pretty this is already home, white we produce owls good evening we have arrived now "wowhouse", to choose paint for furniture we have a design project is located in novy urengoy

and the customer decided to order the furniture here this story it turns out that he orders furniture here in ekaterinburg and i need to pick a color and paint to coordinate in general, we have chosen to paint now it will be possible to tell the customer that all agreed and now they are sent to the factory agreed to paint should be done before the new year, we furniture and she will go where? she will go to novy urengoy

the customer does not know what his will color i all agreed with it, choose the model and size furniture is made in chelyabinsk, then going to take delivery in novy urengoy more information about the mine project design and order your interior you can on our website. reference herein to the video thank you very much for your attention

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