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he ho manga he ho manga this hurts my hands you guys caught us in the middle of sound so as you guys know we put up this pulley system yesterday from my dog kong so i don't have to go down there in the morning. it's all about efficiency 2017 the merchants i got church status site yeah, but we got the freshest joggers in the game the maverick joggers sister v next we got the pink hoodies and stuck the favorite hoodies aren't stuck y'all. they can't stop us, baby. it's a movement it's a revolution two maverick people who are thinking differently doing things differently to accomplish their goals maybe that's what it's all about looking for that kind of slash shopping link in description now prime example of a maverick is my dog

don't move don't you move no don't throw your money, i told you not you're crazy little puppy, but you're a maverick and i respect it right guys we got stuff to do so we're gonna go do that stuff but if you're not a part of the low game make sure to subscribe it's days like these that i realized truly how weird my life is we got the cinquecento next to the yeti next to the cool bus yo like four years ago. i was a kid in college in ohio studying engineering okay, the three tokens vehicles on the black, but every about to take the cinquecento to get some breakfast and we need the squad you wanna get breakfast with us we got the perfect car for you

evan back here is like we actually have a lot of room like we're kind of scissoring, but it's cool. let's go get some breakfast like a good old sunday morning cinquecento dry guys also we have a big week coming up so guys this week as you know i'm starting shooting off for my movie the thinning - it's the sequel to the first thinning as you guys know your boy is an actor and it's so good my character play grunting is coming back dropping the no handlebars music video. i read your comments i know a lot of you are waiting for it, so that's pretty cool. i think my man evan is it is grossberg wait for the past 10 years hey everybody want to be a maverick yo we have a giant massive mega biggest ever merge drop we've ever had on wednesday you guys know like black friday's coming up cyber monday is coming out

so we're just discounts new stuff love up why can't i talk? discounts new stuff. it's gonna be epic um i hear something funny to happen though my man evan ordered two chocolate chip pancakes but they mistook that for two orders of chocolate chip pancakes. it's actually six pancake collectively this food like it weighs more than you also weigh before you drink that i think maybe it's a little kiddie there you go again logan you okay, so i don't know how to describe this we came back home, and i looked over there, and there's a girl oh my my sophie dawson, what are you doing up there? do you guys set this up in my yard? how is this stable sophie is this stable i

think evan could fit in the bucket and we could like do the same thing we did with calm with how did that remind you of that? so let's try it you're a bro. i want to try something, bro he's not complaining look at it you got it sorry i got sidetracked sofia no, it's now actually like a zipline, okay? here's we're gonna use it for obviously we have to test this out, so we're gonna put ourselves in a hypothetical situation and i'm talking like extremely hypothetical. let's say your friend is down by the pool. he's not wearing maverick again hypothetical obviously he would be but let's say he's not he's talking to a girl right picking roses whatever he's doing

so we take the marled short throw a little pink hoodie actually wrap it up with a dad hat danna okay, skip the dad hat for now let me just take it don't forget something don't worry about it why do you always make me do this yo, that's crazy, i would just pop down you broke anyways selfie wanna see my trick okay, right? i'm not really sure how this is gonna work i forget my name is jay paul jay coming at you. it's everyday, bro i felt like my face was wanted to just leave my my bones just like everything just wanna fly off, but i'm pretty sure i drooled bro. fish are truly a lot replay was happy you didn't puke on us why not we good content

yo, real life that was actually crazy sophie. i don't i don't think i've ever been that dizzy ever yeah again just not sure how that's good hey yo, i wish my little sister was this cool didn't have a little sister now there's only one way this can give better i'm just kidding. i don't know if he get any better than that bull it can't get better okay so you look down look at sophie's got her famous bow and arrow if you guys remember this girl shot a pineapple off of my head with your feet though

right it's all cool fun except. i'm over it bro. i'm done with the fruit no more fruits so today i'm gonna catch it with my god darn pan sorry for swearing. i know you're young wish me luck i'm suited up ready to go sophie's gonna hang by her neck yeah you go ahead and do that yo, so sophie's gonna hang by your neck and be casual. no. i'm not nervous i'm just like i've never caught an arrow that's been shot at me by feet before and like i saw the tip and it's actually sharp honestly worst comes to worst bro, but deflecting with the rolex

you know it is platinum, so i think okay, so it's gonna be a thing, bro first time first time do it, okay, so that was awesome i caught it with my maverick merch sophie darcy you're a true maverick here maverick women's leggings take them put stuff as usual that was amazing oh interesting okay before we sign off you guys know i always have people coming in in and out of my house so i put on my boy mac you look what are you? look it's a maverick jumpsuit. it's just maverick down the sleeves with the logo, and he's got a matte black maverick on the back okay low gang that is the vlog we're ending in a bit early today, cuz i'm going somewhere - no thank you mac i'm going somewhere tonight to do like a sort of a bigger vlog. it's gonna be fun

so if you're not a part of the logang trust me you want to subscribe you do not want to miss it i've said it a thousand times today i don't even need to say it, but i'm going to you on the way to get the marshal involved i got slash shop join the maverick revolution i'm excited to see that it may be like 10 to 20 years which one are you gonna be inspired by my vlog and who of you in the low gang is gonna change the world low gang i love y'all no give me a minute, man, i might need a bit more peace of mind all right on the rickshaw oh, don't

endure a pigs flying my mind, and i live for the prophecy is true

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