gardinen wohnzimmer weiß

gardinen wohnzimmer weiß

(whispers) don't kill me...please... *animatronic scream* fuck-ing...! *another animatronic scream, followed by screamiplier* (nick) it's been years, "decades at least," "since i've been inside this house..." "i lived here when i was just a kid," "with my family."

"my mom," "my siblings," "my, uh..." "my dad." "i received a call from tobias, telling me that they were finally ready with the repairs this morning..." "took them long enough." "heh." "it's funny," "even after what happened,"

"in all that time away from home," "it looks just like i remembered it to be." "is my memory that precise?" "ah." "of course," "things like the furniture, and photos," "aren't here anymore," "but hey," "can't blame anybody for that." (nick chuckles)

*nick sighs* "right, right..." "i guess i better use that memory for something useful." "i don't have the full story," "nor do i know why it happened..." "but," "i can tell you how it started." "everything else is up to you to figure out." *markiplier shrugs and pulls a silly face.*

"this is the story of the night i lost my home," "my childhood," "and almost my family." *double chin failed attempt* "when 'five nights at freddy's'..." "...just ended." (mark) wha-? excuse you? you gonna get all metaphysical on me?

hello everybody! my name is markiplier, and welcome to "the joy of creation: story mode". now what you saw in the past about the joy of creation, although it may have been nightmarish, was just a taste-- a demo of what was to come. this is the full release of this game, and so, going into this, i don't even what to expect out of the story.

everything that i saw in the earlier opening video was just kind of an enigma that referred to five nights at freddy's directly; i don't know what that means, so i guess i gotta go into it and find out. le-let's di- *mark spams lmb* let's dive in. i'm trying to-- *sudden realization as music plays* ooooohhhhh...

ahhhh. "the bedroom of the forgotten"? *no, the bedroom's been forgotten, you baka.* that sounds morbid. *innit* that my bedroom? oh boy... *muffled* man: where was he? where did you see him? mark: hello...hi... *muffled* kid: there, there dad! open the door! mark: my name is markiplier, how are you doing? i have hands... *flashlight clicks on. clickety click* man: uh hello? um, what are you doing in our house?

mark: long story--(muffled voice)--oh. *muffled* kid: do they look okay? man: yes, yes he's okay, don't worry he just seems, uh, confused? uh ex-excuse me sir, can you tell me your name? look, man, if you won't talk, i'm calling the police. you can't just barge into someone's house like this. a-are you hurt? do you need any help? *muffled* woman: honey, what's going on?

*muffled, fading* man: i don't know, this man suddenly appeared in our house nick thought-(indistinct words)-but i don't know... stay here- *growing static sound* dis guy: michael! *muffled* man: wh-what? michael: i, uh, i mean, uh, my name. it's michael. uh, michael, i, uh... you, you asked me that, before. *muffled* kid: daddy, michael kind of sounds like you!

woman: excuse me, but... just what are you doing in our house? the sun's about to go down-- i don't think you should be here man: uh, yeah i was just saying that you,, uh... well, you look a little bit roughed up. what happened to you? michael: i, ah, i-i don't know,

i can't remember. i'm sorry, but, but i just... i just don't know... *muffled* kid: michael should get up! the floor is bad. daddy, can we help michael? michael can come in, it would be bad if we leave him outside man: oh, i mean...i...i guess, well can you stand? michael: uh, uh, i think so...a-a bit, i just feel a bit... uh, dizzy...uh yes, dizzy man: come on, man, let me help you up.

mark: okay, this seems weird. so, a stranger goes into your house, passes out-- narrator: after that, dad carried the stranger to our guest room. he thanked me for convincing my parents to let him rest in our house for a night, or, at least...while he collected his thoughts. after that, mom put me in bed. *mark keeps his finger on his lips, before placing his hands together* i can't remember much about michael, but i knew he wasn't a bad person, least he didn't look, you know... dangerous. mark: hmm. narrator: i was young, so i guess i just didn't know any better... certainly didn't know what a burglar was, that's for sure. narrator: um...not that i was implying that he was, i never talked to him again after that. well... except for when the storm happened.

that's when i woke up in my bed, and i saw them... *mark has achieved a new level: genuinely interested* mark: "them"? who's "them"? what did michael bring with him? ff-straight from "five nights at freddy's"? is that what we're supposed to assume here? is that what that means? space bar to stand up or sit down, press left click to interact with objects. look up while sitting and hold left click to sleep.

[x] to continue, [esc] to not show again. i don't know what this is all about, but i'm gonnaaa...go for it, i guess? alright, let's do this! i guess, harumph, i got it. oh boy... michael: uh, hello, hello? um, nick? uh, hey, little nicky! it's me, michael. and hey, you don't say anything back to me, okay? there are monsters around that'll hear you if you do.

now, don't be scared, nick, okay? listen to me, and we can defeat those monsters, all right? okay, so these monsters might look, uh, surreal... don't look at them too long, or you'll feel weird and see creepy things. when you do, turn on your desk lamp next to your bed-- *click* you'll feel safe there. but the more you stare at the scary monsters, the worse you'll feel, alright? uh, um *thunder* okay, first things first, uh...freddy,

the fuzzy brown bear. uh, he's at the window, and, uh, he'll peek inside... close your curtains, and keep them closed until you hear him leave, or else, he'll get inside. uh, then, there's bonnie, the ill-tempered big purple bunny. uh, keep an eye on your door, he'll be there. uh, he's not shy at all. he will knock on the door to let you know he's there. once he opens the door, shut off the lights as fast as you can, nicky;

he can't see you well in the dark and he'll leave. oh, but make sure you're sitting down when you do that, alright? okay, uhh, then, there's the chicken... um, that one's a little bit weird... um, ah, check the closets often. uh, if she's peeking through, make sure to disable the lights. uh, she doesn't want to be seen, but ignoring her doesn't help either if she does catch you with the lights on, she'll scare you and stun you. *sigh* i know this is a lot to take in little nicky okay?

j-ju-just listen carefully and try to remember everything please. mark: okay! michael: *sigh* all right, last is foxy. mark: ueh! michael: he'll be right be right beneath your bed. mark: ugh!! michael: you'll hear scraping from the bottom of the crib when he's there. mark: uh... michael: uh, be watchful if you see his hook on the back of your bed,

'cause soon enough, he'll be right there next to the bed. don't look directly at him, nick-- instead, pretend to sleep, all right? just pretend to sleep, yeah, just lie down without moving too much. look up and close your eyes. uh, foxy sees eyes as if they're *click* big, bright *thunder* spotlights, okay? so if you pretend to sleep, he won't know that you're there anymore. but don't open them until you know that he's gone, okay? okay, uh, so, to recap, um...

freddy is at the window, so if you see him peeking, close the curtains until he's gone. uh, bonnie will knock at the door and open it afterwards; uh, disable the lights and sit down until he leaves. chica will try to stun you by scaring you, so if you see her peeking through the closet, shut off your lights and don't pretend to sleep-- she'll think you're gone. and foxy will appear under your crib and move upwards, so when he's next to your bed, pretend to sleep until you hear him leave. mark: huh?

michael: alright, you got all that? mark: no! michael: alright, good, uh, listen i have to go little buddy, okay? just hang in there, they'll leave at 6:00 am, i'm sure of it. you can do this-- *gets cut off.* mark: uh-uhh you're just going to be cut off right then and there? and i'm going to be left alone with that information?! *click* i've got to deal with all of them right a-waaay *sees something* hello?

*click* i have no idea... i can't remember which is which. swing-swong the swing swong for freddy uhh, lights off for bonnie and chica, but i don't--wait--i--no! nah, ah, lights on for chica. uh... i have no idea what any of this is about or what i'm suppose to be doing here.

uhhhhhhhaaaahhhhhh-kay i don't remember, am i suppose to keep that light on for any par *thunder* ticular reason? *yes, it keeps you sane, mark* any at all? nope? okay. *click* all right. we're just going to pretend like everything's okay, and i'm not about to die! uhhh. what is that? i see something over--oh, *click* that's a branch?

is that a branch? *boom* ah! that's a bran-not a branch! *click* what are you?! euh, i don't *thump* knooaayyyyy! *thump* i, uh, okay! i guess i gotta *click* turn that off and sit down! *window opens.* oh, that's not good...

*jumpscare in 3...* *jumpscare in 2...* *jumpscare in 1...* euuaahh *mechanical scream* ahhh! *sigh* let's try that again, shall we? i don't know what i needed to do... just gonna do this trial by error, because i don't think...

i don't think it's gonna matter what i do because i think i'm going to die no matter what, so, let's just do this. i think i remember it, if i don't, ha, i'll just die, i'll keel over and die. *nervous laugh* that'll be great. actually, i won't keel over and die i'll have my soul ripped outta my body by animatronics. alright, it's for freddy, only when you see him, do you turn... *click*

turn, da, the curtains close. turn off the curtains. you gotta turn off the curtains for freddy. that's how that works and that's how logic is. and then for bing-bong on the door-door, you gotta turn out the lights and make bonnie go bye-bye. ohhh-hi. 'scuse you, what is that? i don't know what that is.

i don't know what you are! is he there? ah! ohhhhhh don't play peek-a-boo with me. okay, alright. well? that's one, for me in the win column! a lot of losses but still, you know?

at least i'm in the game. uh. *thump* ah! *thump* oh! down! *thunder* i'm not here! i'm a sleepy baaabbbby!!! ohhh boo hoo! my nightmares are bad but i'm sleeping! i don't know.

did it work? i don't know if it worked! when am i suppose to turn the light on?! that i don't know uh oh... whoa, that's quiet. you don't need to bu- what was that? what was that? what was that?

okay, alright then. uhhhhh... *honk* okay, honka! it works, still. it still works! still works. who's where and who's what? ohhh huh!

i thought i saw a hook. uhhh... i don't know what the back of my crib is. *thump, thump* oh-kay, that's-- i need to, go now-- *door squeak, click* waah! who's there?! sleeping, snig-snog snoring for me! oh that's... *distant sound* uh oh. uhh?

chica? *scratching* chica? *door slams* ah! *scratching* uh oh! *click* uh oh! uh oh! what do i do?! i'm dead, i'm dead, i'm dead, i'm dead, i'm dead... jump scare in.... 3

jump scare in.... 2*thunder* jump scare in.... 1*thunder* *mechanical scream* ahhh!!! so i- *click* what i don't know is what the lights are for, but freddy is simple- just close the curtains when you think you see him. and i think, i normally see a little bit of a euahhh body there the scraping, i know that's lie down and *thunder, thump* uh... *thump* whaa? *click* di-

*distant thunder* y-you done? y-y-you done? ya donzo? *click* ya donzo?! i don't know. *thump* bonnie hasn't- bonnie hasn't even heeyy! *singing* i don't know what that is... i don't know what you- *normal* oh! you're his arm!

*distant noise* oh, that's ni-mmmmmm! no no no no! you probably don't care if i have my light on or off, it's cause of these curtains you can't see. noah you're still there. uh oh ooooohh! *thump* *breath*

i'm fubberknucked anyway so bring it on!!! *mechanical scream* ah! mm *quiet* try again. *thump* oh hello! *thunder* welcome to the party, sir. good to see you. hey.

no, how boutcha don't, hm? how boutcha don't? if you could not that'd be great. *distant noise* that- oh! that was a sad moan into the darkness. oh oh! crushing disappointment i- is bad! go away, *thump* fred, deal with it, like we all do. i honestly have no idea what to do. what does the bing-bong door mean? seriously what does the bing-bong door mean?

mwa-i don't know. *strange noise* oh okay, alright, m-m-meo-moaning! *thump* *quiet* okay *thump* alright, *thump* again, i don't know what to-- *squeak* hi? hi. no thank you, go away! i don't wanna--! *door slam* okay, thank you.

you actually listened to me! which was nice. eh... i think, for bonnie it's lights out, for chica it's lights on? *thump* oo. *thunder* *thump* oh hi, oh okay, lights out. oh, i can't--

oh, eh! okay. *squeak* oo! hi, hello. li-light, light is not on. oh boy... *quietly* light on? *click* *mechanical scream* ahh! ah...fuck, oh... *ringing* *ringing, heavy breathing and lullaby sound*

oh, wait, i'm not dead! that's right, just stunned! i forgot about that. ohhh. uh oh! *scratching* oh turn out the light. turn out the light!

turn out the liiiiiight! i'm sleeping....i'm sleeping. oh, i'm so sleeping! oh, yawn-a-rama! uh-oh. ok. i don't know if i'm doing anything right, and it's only 1am! what does the yellow light mean?

i have no idea. don't think i'm gonna survive this one *door creak* *gasp* hi, ok, i don't know what to do about you. *noise* oh, duck (door opens) oh *whisper* hello

don't kill meh please *chica screeching* fuckin- uuuughgh! *bonnie screeching* aaaaaa *scared mark* *loud knocking* ok, hi.

you guys actually coming in or-- oooh! *door closes* ok! good job bonnie! go fuuuuuuuuuaammmp yourself. *door creaks* oh hey, how's it going? gonna just not do that.

how ya doin? ya good? ya good bra? ah, ok. all right, well, we got someone on the window... oo, that's a scraping sound. i don't like that but until i see the hook i guess i'm gonna--*oh hell no* *subtle mechanical sound* *freddy moaning* okay. hook? no hook. okay. we're still okay.

that was just a precursor scrape. pre-scrape. uegh. i don't like this. *thunder* i don't like this, but i'm making it. or at least i'm somewhat making it! *banging* okay...*click* lets get some light in here.

yeaaaah. that was good. alright, how 'bout some more? great. 'kay... oh good, the rain stopped! now everything can be happy. right? oooh that's--that's the opposite of good. i'm sleeeeeping

i'm sleeeeeping x2 *kind of singing* can't you hear me snooooring away? *distant girl scream* well that's interesting in my house, where i don't think i have any other... ...brothers or sisters that could scream at that pitch. *bang* *door creak* oooh ok, i'll sit.

heeeeey chicaaaaaa. how you do--ohh, that's not good. that is-- *rain starts again* just gotta sit back down. ok. need to turn the light on. because i think i'm going crazy. oh yeah. i'm shaking! it's amnesia style baby! uh-oh! hup!

mhmhmhmhmhm... how's it goin'? y'know, i'm just gonna not look at cha. what was that shadow that crossed over my bed? i don't like this nun i like this exactly nuuun oh boy--yeah, this is bad, i need to mhmmm that light's good mhmm that light is mhmm- uh-oh. muuh...

oh, why, freddy? why?? *singing* close the do-or, go awa- -i need to get up right now uh! *banging* uhh, false alarm. gimme some light! gimme some god damn light!! mhhm in my eyes! uh-oh... that's... scraping.

ok. it's fine though, it's fine. ahh, good light good light that's good light! why is this causing me to shake more? instead of less? me thinks me go craaazzyy. wooh ok gonna sleep now mhmm lalalalalalala *heartbeats* i am not doing well. *ruffling*

that's a weird sound. *ringing in ear* oh- oh no! *heartbeats still going* oh- oh no! oh no! *loud hearbeat and loud ringing* oh no! i can't hear anything. oh hi! hello! how are you doing?!

that's something at the door. hoo boy, this is bad! oh is that blood?! oh, excellent! a fine vintage, that blood! *click* ho, boy! oh boy, a child should not be seeing blood oozing from the ceiling! i gotta--i gotta be quiet because otherwise i'm not gonna hear anything else. oh, that's baaaaaad

oh boy, that's a lot of blood! *click* that's a lot of ceiling blood! i'm not gonna make it... something tells me i'm not gonna make it. wooh! *click* sorry! sorry, chica! it's okay, don't mind the blood! oh, ffffuuuuuuuuuuu... hi, what is that??

that's--a...thing-- oh! hi! hello...! *rapid heartbeat and other unsettling noises* (quietly) did you go away? uh, y--i think you did, i don't know what that is! oh, n--oh, i can't move anymore! *flatline* i'm dead, i d--i--i dead. i died. okay. well...

oh, what is this? what the hell...!? *thunder* where am i?! whaaat was thaaaaat?!? what was thaaat?? what was thaaat!? okay, all right. i think i know what i need to do. so, i need to keep the light on at all times... *michael voiceover again*

otherwise i'm boned oh boy. yep, that's-that's what i would call bad. ok. hi chica, welcome to the part too. ok. well why don't we just get everybody in here?! i'm about to lose my mind. where's the blood? hmm? *blood starts falling from ceiling* *mark intensifies* there it it, right on que! can you close the door please? *door closes* thank you anyone else here? no?

ok. oh! that's perfect. we're fine. sit. ooh. yeah, that's good *heartbeats continue* oh it is...oh hi, hello! oh my god. oh my god! oh my god! oh my god, that's terrifying. holy fucking shit. that is fucking terrifying. ok. no ones here. no one's here. we're fine! we're fine. we can make it, maybe!

ooh, hello! you're not there! you're not really there! anyway! maybe! that, that was, oh. i gotta, i gotta sleep right? *animatronic scream* oh! no! oh! am i-i'm not dead though! i'm not dead yeeetttt. *heavy breathing* where am i?

oh no. i lost it. oh god dammit! how close was i?! *groans in frustration* i must have been so close! *sigh* i must have been so close. whoop. don't turn it on, turn it off ok. we're fine, we're fine, we're fine! we're gonna make it. we're gonna make it. we're gonna make it. we're gonna make it. we're gonna make it!

oh, the blood's about to start! oh, we're doing much better then we have been in the past! oh boy. oh! is that? that's a...ok. close that. ok. oh boy! oh boy. gotta hold on. come on six! come o-! *mark gets interrupted as 6am arrives* yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

yyeeeeeessssssss!!! what the hell? two years of five nights at freddy's creator commemorates the occasion by releasing brand new behind the scenes scr- *quietly* what?! what does that mean? why is that so meta?! why is it so real world?! what does that mean?! *bell tolling* that sounds like a funeral bonger.

not a happy banger. oh, that sounds like a sad bonger. okaaayy, i guess?! what do i do now!? alright thank you! ok i guess that's that. uuuuuhhhh what is next what is next? the living room.

what is that music? *quietly* pfff don't do that so the living room is next and there's four more levels so i'm going to finish this game this is really good stuff and for being free this game is free like all these five night's at freddy's fan games this is free and it's so interesting and it's good mechanics and it's actually scary so... i can't wait to play more so thank you everybody so much for watching

if you want me to play more let me know down there as well you can find this game for yourself in the description thanks again and as always, i will see you... the next video bye-bye! *outro music*

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