geschenke für muttertag

geschenke für muttertag

hi lovelies, thx for tuning in :) i wanna introduce 12 gift ideas (some for men and some for women) to you guys today there is still some time until christmas but i have many birthdays coming up that's why i find such a video really helpful i will introduce some ideas to you that you can make yourself hence, diy ideas and some ideas that you can buy in case you don't have time in case you've missed it: i have my own blog now i post almost every day a new blog post

i also have a new facebook page in addition to instagram i'd be super happy if you followed me on both pages moreover check out my blog occassionally now let's start i first wanna introduce a cool gift idea for all beauty girls it's a box by lipsmacker it contains different lip balms i also like that it comes in a cola box the great thing is that it contains different lip balms

6 different things as you can see it's fanta, sprite and of course coke it's a great idea, especially since it is not very expensive i will write all products in the infobox so i won't explain where i got everything as you can find all links in the infobox next i have an idea that is a perfect gift idea for your boyfriend or your brother, father etc. selfmade cups my boyfriend made them for me: one with "good morning handsome", the other one with "good morning beautiful"

of course you can make different things you don't need to make these, you can also make others they are quite easy to make you only need to buy waterproof pens you can get them on amazon, find the direct link in the infobox that's how they look like they are perfect for painting on porcelan it's quite easy you can draw hearts, a saying etc.

i think it's a great idea and it doesn't cost much but it has a large effect everyone would love it then i have a cool gift idea, a gift that i've received myself where i was really excited about it i think it's really nice if you don't only receive gifts the day of your birthday but also later this is possible with glossybox some of you might already know it you receive once a month a box with lovely cosmetic and beauty products

and i wanna make a small unboxing video today how my october box looked like the theme is "wellness" which is totally my thing so i'm super curious to find out what is in the box i will open it with you guys now like mentioned i haven't opened it myself and i'm super curious to find out what is in the box initally it looks like this, usually the box is pink there is also a nice notepad tada... that's how the box looks like

like mentioned it's a pink box... already the box is beautiful you can use it for various things for instance your makeup etc. so i always keep the boxes now let's have a look first it looks like this... it contains a booklet i will show it to you later again but we will open it together now like said it is always wrapped like a present so i'm always excited once a month when the post man rings

the poor guy always needs to walk to the fifth floor without elevator but it is worth it that's how it looks like i will show the different products to you guys now the first one is from talika it's quite an expensive brand it's called photo hydra day it's a moisture mask which is convenient because my skin in winter is quite dry

so i will definitely test it next there is a shower gel by kneipp it's supposed to lift your mood i'm curious to find out how it is and i will try it out in the shower tomorrow there is also some wellness bodylotion quite a large bottle... 200ml by dove as you can see glossybox does not only contain samples, most products are quite large there is also a white eyeliner in snowflake i will definitely try it out

there is also a haman glove it's supposed to be for peeling maybe also if you go to the sauna i'm not a huge sauna fan but that's also something that you can give as a gift to somebody or i will use it myself when i do a peeling at home next there is a sample: body butter and last there is also a nice bracelet because i'm friends with the founders of glossybox you guys get if you sign up now my favorite lip gloss as a gift

you get it if you sign up via the link in the infobox then you'll get the gift on top i've found many of my favorites through glossybox as you can see it not only contains samples so it's really a great thing then i have a great idea for men of course it's also for women but i find it especially great for all guys it's a diy idea i wanna show you how to make such a travel glass of course you can decorate it differently

i will make it for travel addicts so i'm using such a map you can get it from amazon or just print it out then you'll need some glue... multi purpose glue is totally fine and in the end a nice glass you can also get it from amazon... find the link in the infobox i've already prepared something and i'm gonna cut it out now otherwise you can also cut it in your desired size like said you can write what you want next add glue

double sided tape works just as well now add it to the glass so you've created in less than one minute a very cool and also cheap gift another gift idea are my selfmade floral nikes i've already posted a tutorial and that is also an amazing gift idea here is another idea for women my macarons video has become your most popular video now i have an idea: why don't you give away some heart-shaped macarons

or what is great for people that like to bake: that you give away a macarons baking set this is from amazon, find the link in the infobox it's a heart-shaped baking mat if you use my tutorial these will give you heart-shaped macarons so like mentioned make some heart-shaped macarons as a gift or just give away the whole baking set for somebod who likes to bake... i'm sure many people would love it i also have a gift idea for men who like aviation i gave this to my boyfriend it's a set from design 4 pilots

it contains many cool things first there is a pendant for the suitcase with crew you add the address so you'll know whose suitcase it is next there is a passport cover i also like it with the pilot sign down there it's a great gift idea for all men i will show it to you how it looks in total you can find the link in the infobox

next there is another idea for women i've introduced my heartshaped bowls to you guys before you can also have them decorated a really nice girl on instagram made this for me you can order it from her she made one with an airplane and hearts you can get it customized i think that is a great idea another idea is using those ceramic pens that i've introduced to you guys in the beginning

than you can decorate the heart bowl individually but like said you can do whatever you like what you can also give are those heart-shaped muffin forms you can get them quite cheap from rewe or amazon so you can make heart muffins or give them as a gift for those people that like to bake themselves i have another idea for men it's a bit more expensive but sometimes you can give in a group i've received this from my boyfriend to my birthday you wonder what that is... it doesn't contain cds :p

it's a diving licence with diving log i was really excited about this gift because we will fly to maldives now so it was perfect timing he also bought my own stamp with maddi munich and the turtle because turtles are my favorite animals that's really an amazing gift so like said if you wanna gift something larger for a special occassion or if you're gonna give with several people

than this is a great idea of course you may give away a sailing licence but a diving licence is for most people really cool then i have a gift idea for all girls that like jewellery like myself it's jewellery from @bodibyalexandra find the link in the infobox i know her through instagram and she has amazing jewellery i like aquamarine... so she gave me the necklace + bracelet it's a great gift idea for moms

i gave it to my mom because her favorite stone is the aquamarine so it's a great gift idea for almost all girls or women here is another gift idea for all fitness guys who are also into nutrition i gave it to my boyfriend and he was super excited about it it's called fitpak not sure whether you know what that is it's a mealprep bag for all fitness fans i will show you how it is it has different storage units

the front is for little pills or supplements there is a large storage unit for all drinks so they are kept cool but the best one is in the front you can open it from above and from the front it contains different boxes for salads, fruit etc. i took it with me to lake garda where we went on a boat i brought our food for the whole day

it kept perfectly cool it's also great for traveling or for all boys to take it to work etc. of course it's not only for guys, also for girls but you can definitely surprise your boyfriend with that :) so lovelies that's it i hope you enjoyed watching this video if you wanna see more diy or gift idea videos give me a thumb up

i also hope that you visit my blog or my facebook page and i'm wishing you a beautiful day :)

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