glas übertopf für orchideen

glas übertopf für orchideen

good morning~ happy valentines day galetines day ashley is trying to get an amazing photo. let me show you from this angle hi, ashley but yes galetines day~ christine: you guys are my valentines christine, what are you doing? no no no salad i'm down for a pizza, like a pasta

guys, we can eat this we can eat this wow its so beautiful. i just wanted a cheese pizza. this is amazing. look at this jar of pickles and radish, right ashley: yeah christine: (in korean) it's pretty yeah, we also ordered kimchi fried rice and pasta so letting go no one to impress on valentine's day

yeah, i gotta take out some of the cheese cause i said some of the chesse not all of the cheese we are pretty much done with all of our food christine: pizza, pasta i didn't know that's a thing. sorry. yeah, all right here we go hey, that song is perfect for us today *sings* i need a boy~ oh yeah right. yeah that's a perfect song for us today this is good! wow

we did it~ cheers to that! joan: a lot of carbs. christine: i can fall asleep while i'm walking. joan: yeah, no but we're gonna get coffee to wake us up so since today is valentine's day. i'm wearing heart earrings love society joan: i'm wearing heart socks too. christine: oh my gosh. joan: i can't do it. ashley: cute christine: it's cute and my pendant on my bracelet also has a heart on it christine: and your heart right here. the biggest heart! our child is weird ashley, our child is weird no. you're forever our child

before we get coffee ashley is getting her ootd christine fighting ashley is actually really hard to please but all for the aesthetic photo. is it open? yeah ok yeah, that's cute alright. let's go in there. i want this home chuck cake that's what i want so we're at a cafe hot americanos and the cake looks so yummy but yeah, we're having a great valentines day so far, galentines day

all the single ladies, all the single ladies literally the whole time were like this is this is why we're single. we had a whole plate of pizza yeah, that was huge we just- there's a reason why we're single coffee, it's hot good good good good is that pepper on the top. i think it's earl grey tea - yeah, no it's pepper on the top it doesn't taste like pepper. --i taste like pepper are you sure? --that's black pepper, really, i taste black pepper, it's spicy.

ashley has to leave for practice so it's just me and christine. --our baby adios friend adios mommy noo i'm your child. --oh! adios bebe lol bebe really sexy ashley has left the building and we have like i don't know you have to go home and i have like a meeting that i have to like go to so um

that's not going to be that interesting for me to take them to a meeting yeah, we're gonna see each other later, so we thought we will do the valentine's day tag. i've never done this before. -- me neither so let's try this out. -- okay so first question, is valentine day overhyped or a fun way to spread the love? overhyped. i think it's overhyped. you can show love anywhere everytime, --everyday! --i love you. --yeah okay, but today was like fun because we're like okay guys it's valentines day, be my date. i know. and have like brunch, so it was good to like have a galentines day brunch yeah number two. what was your favorite valentine's day memory? next question, sweethearts or chocolate covered strawberries?

choccolate covered strawberries! she is definitely my child i don't i sweethearts because it's like all sugar. yeah. i'm not a fan of like the texture like no. --not really into that four. choose a celebrity to be your valentine ok, i'll guess yours, and you'll say mine, ready. one two three. --taeyang! --nam joo kyuk. taeyang's married! oh! oh crush. --yes nam joo hyuk for sure yeah

who are you celebrating valentine's day with this year? --and ashley! alright next one is what is your valentine's day dinner plan? sushi, sushi with all of the guys. sushi. yeah, but uh we're seeing each other later at night. should be fun. it's gonna be alex and a few other guys yeah, next one is red or pink? one, two three, red! girl! --my child for sure. --of course okay, flowers or candy? one, two, three, candy! i'm allergic to flowers. no i don't like flowers cause they die! i only- that's true! - i only like peonies and hydrangeas because i'm not that allergic to those yeah

i like orchids cause it grows for a long time. for sure yeah. oh my gosh. yeah, candy for sure candy or chocolate? chocolate. yeah chocolate. okay, that was an extra question. okay sushi or pizza? we're having a both today oh wait. that's kind of hard. --we had pizza today, and we're gonna have the sushi later if i have to eat it for the rest of my life, probably sushi. pizza. i love bread for the sake of my health i would choose sushi because like rice is better than flour, but.. --you're lactos i know! the final question is, beer or wine? one two three, j: wine -- c: beer this is like i knew.. i was thinking about wine, but now because i love beers i love wine yeah, but hope you guys enjoyed that that was only like three minutes

yeah, that was a quick valentines day tag, but she's gonna go home now and then i'm gonna go home, and then go to my meeting and then meet up later for dinner and j: then we're gonna leave the guys. c: you'll are gonna see some cute guys in the vlog. j:are they really cute? j: no! yeah they are, they might think they're cute. yeah they might, i mean they're our friends, so we're not gonna be like oh my gosh fangirling, but yeah, so it should be fun so i hope everyone by the time this vlog is up like had a great valentine's day remember you don't need to have a significant other to fill in the blank like -- it's all about chocolate-covered strawberries, candies chocolate no no flowers no letters no

it's okay to be single. all the single ladies~ good evening everybody so after i had brunch with ashley and christine. i had my meeting and that took a long time and i felt so tired afterwards so i just came home and then i decided to go watch black panther and the movie was great so i highly recommend that you go watch it but then after that i just wanted come home and rest today so um the vlog is going to end here i guess i don't really know how long this vlog is going to be but this is how i spent valentine's day. so right now, i'm just going to remove my makeup and instead of filming it for this vlog i plan on filming another skincare routine for my main channel about glass skin because that seems to be

trending right now, and i looked into it and it's honestly all about moisture and i thought maybe i would share my way of achieving that glass skin look so maybe by the time this video is up. i don't know if it's up i'll link it up there. if not stay tuned for it on my main channel, but yeah that ends the vlog today i really want to thank you guys for tuning in. here's the shout out did for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here i am seriously so thankful everytime i approve the subtitles because i know how long it takes to do those. so thank you so much for doing that and i'll see you guys in my next one. have a joan day. bye

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