ideen für kleine badezimmer

ideen für kleine badezimmer

instead of squandering your saving for instant, already-made organizers available at ikea, install one on your own with these space-saving and creative diy vertical organizer ideas for small bathroom and bedroom! you will save money and space at the same time! this is 10 cute vertical space saving ideas you can try yourself at home by small bathroom.

10. wall system hanging organizer the best way to create storage in an incredibly small bathroom is to use every inch of your bathroom wall. use 1x4s pine wood so you will have enough space on the shelves and 1/2” iron piping. hang the shelves on a simple curtain rod with nooks. if your bathroom wall happens to be white or gray then you might

want to choose for a ‘weathered’ look by painting a gray undercoat of paint and coating the edges with paraffin wax. this new organizer is perfect to store towels, toilet papers or jars full of shower caddies. 9. look beyond your space range organizers don’t always have to be on a display. if you don’t want to fill the entire of your bathroom wall with furniture then

consider the back of your cabinet doors. attach space-saving bins on the door with nails and keep your flat irons, blow dryers, brushes, nail clippers and bath items there. 8.shelving baskets think out of the box! baskets don’t just go on flat horizontal surfaces. with a little help from nooks you can make hanging organizers

out of baskets. attach two nooks on the wall and customize the wide with handles of the baskets and that’s it! you can hang several baskets on the wall and use each basket to store towels, toilet papers and bath items. 7.floating mason jars if you happen to have scraps of wooden pallets

at home, you can use them as the surface on which your mason jars will hang to organize your makeup tools. make a square board out of several pallets and group them together with nails. screw hose clamps in the board and make sure the diameter fits the size of the jar. place this hanging organizer on the wall by the sink so your brushes and makeup

tools will always be within your reach. 6.hanging storage case storage cases are capable to hoard a lot of things. for this idea, use a clamp to hold everything together while attaching it with 1.25” pocket hole screws. add the top and bottom braces to attach the cabinet to the wall. add â¾â€ pocket holes to each piece

and fill each pocket with wood filler. use a scrapper to flatten it out. stain the wood in dark walnut or any other color stain. attach the cabinet to the wall using a stud finder to find the studs in the wall and mark on the frame where the studs will be. use wood screws to go through the braces and into the wall attaching to the stud. do a pre-drill before going through the brace pieces

to keep the wood from splitting. you can also add a mirror door if you prefer! small bedroom: no 5. consider the back of your closet door one has to really rack their brain when thinking of space-saving storage for a small room. the back of your closet door should make the cut when it comes to tiny space storage. hang a slim wire basket to store non-heavy stuff

like books, crafting essentials, or your knick-knacks. better to hang one with lots of shelves so it can store many things. instead of having your desk covered in clutter, keep your narrow items in view by storing them in a hanging wire rack. 4.practical shelves floating storage is always a good choice for small space storage dilemma.

instead of crowding your bedroom with horizontal organizers, build a vertical one with two planks of wood boards, make two-tiered shelf with them and mount them on the wall with narrow nooks on both sides. here, your shelves yield a storage for lamp, clock, vases or book collection. 3.or opt for deep shelves above the headboard if small floating shelves just won’t do

for your stuff, then deep shelves above the bed ought to do it. consider removing some drywall to avoid extending shelves into the room itself and turn your room into a mess-free haven. create recessed spaces between the studs and you can opt to add doors to enclose them or install shallow shelf insert. 2.pretty hangers for a quick organizationsolution

if building a diy organizer seems like too much work but buying it is also not an option because you’re quite strapped on cash then what you need is hooks! yup, hang your jackets, hats, bags or chunky necklaces on a grouping of interesting hooks. attach several of them on the wall and if they are decorative then they will serve as wall dã©cor as well!

before we get to number 1, press subscribe button if this channel is new to you and bell icon beside it. this way you'll be notified of the new videos every time i have published it. no 1. vertical bookshelf with only one pallet you can make four shelves to store your book collection. measure the inside of the bottoms of the shelves

so that you can cut 2x4’s to size and screw them in place. otherwise, all the books will fall out the bottom of your nifty new shelf. sand them down to get rid of rough edges and corners. you can scrape the wood with a hammer and some nails to give some more character to it stain them with a brush by running it over the surface of the shelves one at a time, then immediately use a rag to rub in the stain.

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