in die badewanne bei fieber

in die badewanne bei fieber

(music playing in background for entire video)benedick: ok so it turns out parties aren't this hub of b: of teenage life b: they're just this b: gateway to a spiral b: of doom b: awkwardness and- (door opens and music gets louder)b: and broken claudio: oh sorry i didn't realise you were already there, i'm sorryb: heeyyyy man! b: it's ok, it's ok, i'm not, i'm not taking a bath

b: you silly billy c: are you drunk? b: i am a little tipsy, yes c: are you in a bath? b: god he's stating the obvious now, isn't he? c: right, ok, i'll see you later b: n-n-n-n-no come back, come back, come back b: sit, look, sit down, sit down b: sit down

c: come on, the door(door closes and music gets quieter) b: ah, would you like a drink? b: i don't actually know what it is b: but it's so good, it makes my tongue go all tingly c: nah, i'm alright mate b: you sure? c: yeah, yeah b: alright, okey dokey c: are you filming this?

b: god well, you're really only stating the obvious aren't you? b: yes i am, the camera b: the camera b: it's very b: thera- c: therapeutic? b: therapeutic b: you're so smart b: therapeutic, it, it takes your sadness

b: and it makes it go b: sssssshhhhhhzzzzzz b: ssshhhhzzzzzz b: sshhhzzz b: poof b: like tears in the rain b: ohh, pretty c: he lied to me b: who did? the camera?

b: ohhc: no, no c: not the camera, the captain c: our captain b: pedro? c: yeah b: well what did he do? i mean he's thrown this exhaustively downer party c: yeah, he's only gone and gotten the girl of my dreams b: was that not the plan though? b: so there's nothing to worry about, right? a-

b: ohhh b: unless he hasn't b: gotten her b: for you, he's gotten her c: fromb: from b: you b: see this b: is what i'm talking about ok b: the party has been infected by

b: a thing, a b: a sadness bug b: i mean it's got claudio b: claudio? claudio b: (indecipherable) b: i mean have you ever seen him this sad? b: look at his little face c: that hurts b: i know it does buddy but you will get over it

b: cause you're a brave little soldier b: you're gonna be okay c: yeah i just, i think i need a minute to myself mate so b: oh yeah, yeah, course man, course b: course, of course c: like seriously,can- i- j- b: yeah, yeah, yeah, no, go for it, go for it b: i'll, i'll take care of the camera b: it's ok, you go, you go

c: just um c: say goodbye to hero for me i guess b: okay (door opens and music gets louder)c: see you laterb: seeya! (door closes and music gets quieter) b: alright then b: that's done and dusted, we're gonna end that and i'll see you again in a bit

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