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hello, today we're going to take a quicklook at the amazon show. the amazon show is an alexa integrated speaker with atablet type screen at the top it's quite a chunky device but that means it's notgoing to fall over at all it's very sturdy. power cable in the back, there'snothing else around the back nothing on either side and you get controls on thetop for volume up, volume down, and also the mute button for when you don't wanther to be listening in. when you press that you also see a little red lightconfirming it's in mute mode. the screen is really great for seeing your upcomingappointments and you can easily add to them via voice command.

add to the calendar. "ok, what day and time?" today, 2.30. "and what's the name of the event?" review the amazon show. "i'll schedule review theamazon show today at 2:30 p.m. ok?" ok. "ok, i've added that." this will synchronize with your phone calendar if you've setit up correctly and will appear on your

phone as well as on the shows screen andyou can very easily scroll up and down to view your upcoming appointments. by default it'll show some random pictures in the background but if you use primephotos you can set this up to show those as well.you've got a range of options you can use this with bluetooth, it can suggestthings to try, you can adjust the sounds, if you go to home screen and backgroundsyou'll see the bottom option is prime photos you'll need to have uploaded someand you can then select either albums or all photos i've set up an albumspecifically for the echo show, so "echo show photos". return to the home screenyou'll then see your photos in the

background. the screens also good forshowing videos, specifically amazon prime videos show amazon prime videos. "here's what i found." once it's loaded up you can scroll through the videos either using your voice to say'play number one' or you can touch the screen and scroll across as well.typically it will show you things that have been watched recently and you can alsodo a search if you look in for something in particular. the little screen isactually really good, i've been using this in the kitchen to watch videoswhile i'm preparing food. keep in mind

that at the time of review you arerestricted this won't play youtube videos and when you ask alexa says:"google does not currently support youtube on ecco show." as with otheramazon devices that have alexa built in this can stream music from amazon musicand spotify it's really nice to see the screen used with amazon music selectionswhen you ask it to play a popular song that it has the lyrics to you'll see thelyrics in the background, so it pops up with the title and a second...there's thelyrics. if it doesn't happen to have the lyricsbuilt-in you'll just see the album art

only you won't be able to have a littlekaraoke party. it's pretty good at showing you some things... "show me a penguin" "penguins are a group of aquaticflightless birds" ...but it's pretty bad at showing other things for example askingfor a map of london came back with 'a map of your current location' and no actualmap. if you have multiple devices these can be used together in some reallyinteresting ways

for example calling each other. call the kitchen echo. [ringing] the show is capable of videocalling but you will need another show in order to activate that but you canstill use the calling feature in voice only. you can also set up a multi roommusic group, this is really good, if you've got a few of these devices headto the app, head to the group section, connect them together, so i've got theecho and the show connected up, and when you play music it will play out of bothspeakers at the same time.

alexa, show my kindle books. i had hoped to be able to viewbooks on the show, so be able to view recipes for example, like you would on anipad, but instead its reads it out to you. "...two food storage containers to store andorganize all your tasty meals..." however if you install certain skills you can inthe functionality of this so i've installed the recipedia skill and thatallows you to view recipes on the show. "welcome back! you had previously chosen aamerican pancakes recipe" this works slightly better than using an ipad as thescreen stays on all the time it gives you very clear instructions and you canuse your voice to flick to the next

instructions. "to move between steps say next step, previous step, or repeat" this is a big advantage over using an ipad asit means you have to touch the screen at all you can just use your voice to moveon. i've got this in the kitchen and i'm finding it quite useful, it's a littlebit clunky so you are going to need desk space. i like the fact that it can be adigital photo frame and you can view your pictures. i also like being able towatch the videos on here but it does still feel like it's missing a killerapp, especially given that the cost is much higher than the other amazonproducts and really hope that in time the software will develop to make thescreen a must-have bit of gadgetry.

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