kleines bad einrichten kosten

kleines bad einrichten kosten

it's time for change, to move,into the real work of the universe. and it's time to understand, that,we use the matter-state to reach the level of understandingof the soul of the man. now, you understand, maybe,why the creator has sent his messengersin the name of whatever you have had. it's that they bring the ears, that it can beused when the time of the messiah comes, they can teach the souland the message. not to oppose,but by them understanding through those who have become messiahsto give from their souls to these to elevate.

the job is made easy. the school is there andthe students are devotedly there. then, there won't be any fight, between whatthey call, "the muslims" and "the christians". the lamb and the lion will eat and sleepin the same nest. the christians and the muslimswill sleep and pray in the mosque, then the same church,in the name of their souls, not in the name of religion, that is used to createso much conflict, for the benefit of thosewho were the hyperactive children's.

the time has come,the time of change is here. and as i said,"my wish is my command." if it's your wish to see peace,path of peace is laid very clearly. it's the soul of the collective awareness,by giving will create that position of the change. no other thing. there is no penin the soul of the man. and i'm sure,once you go into the universal community, you will neversee anything written but the balance of the fieldsof the soul of the existence.

try to be humble enough,not to become arrogant in the power that you have understoodand you possess, otherwise you'll fall in the same pathof the church and the mosque. this is what we promised, and this iswhat we have delivered. we have to understandthe operation of the soul. and we have to understand,the soul of the man is a star in the cosmosof the universe. if we compare the soul of the man, andmany of us, 7 billion in one collection. earth is like a galaxy,with so many stars.

when we look in the depth ofthe universe, we see galaxies with hundredsof millions of stars in it. so is the planet earth, carries 7 billion beautiful stars,which are the soul of the man. carries with it, soul of so many trillionsof animals, plants and everything else. so if you look, when someone who doesnot see the physicality of the earth, and its content,what do they see? they see a galaxy, withso many beautiful lights shining. each one accordingto their strength.

each one accordingto their positioning. an infant, has a beautiful soul,so has the old man. to those who do not the physical, who do notsee the physical dimension of this planet, but they see the strength of the fields,we are a clusters of stars. the human race, every single soul. no one from a distance says,that's the soul of a fisherman, that's the soulof the cosmologist, that's the soulof a president. they all shine,irrespect of the physicality.

this is the magic. this is what the new sciencehas to bring to man. when we look through our soul, we seenothing but the star in the other souls. and this is the break,this is the understanding, this is whatall these teachings are about. coming to mature to the next level,to understand in the deep space, the universe is the oysterfor those souls who serve, then, man is readyto go into space. then, man is ready to becomepart of the universal community

which has been promised. i never promised you heaven, i always promised youthe elevation of the man to join the family, and now,you have the key. it's you who has to open the doorto understand, "if i can raise the soul of these peopleor millions of other souls, that the physical lifeon this planet changes, then i'm worthy to bepart of the universal community. to be there to serve,to expand.

to be there to be part,that in the cycle of life of universe, i become, in being part,i become part of the totality." when manreaches that point, a new dimension in the strengthof the soul of the man will appear, which is beyond imagination ofunderstanding of the physical life. it's the gate to the opening of the new life,in the new dimension, which is beyond imaginationof what you might call, "a new beginning", "a new cycle" ,which that cycle carries with itself, the origin of the creation of lifein the universe and in the unicos.

it's the elevation ofthe soul to serve, become the key, not a throne ofthe physical life. the time is right, the time has comefor the man to go through this process. (rc) welcome everyone to the214th knowledge seekers workshop for thursday, march 8th, 2018. one again, i'm your host rick crammond and once again, we will be listening to mr keshe of the keshe foundation and he will deliver today's information and teaching from the keshe foundation.

and i believe mr keshe isready to go with today's activities... mr keshe are you ready? ... perhaps mr keshe isn't quite ready yet.hello mr keshe? (vr) i think, i think he just dropped out for a moment. (rc) okay. i think he had to ... perhaps reconnecthis... his internet there, something, so ... we'll, bear with us anotherminute or two while we connect... and get that going. i understand that today is international women's day,

that's kind of a special day and perhapsthat'll be reflected in today's teaching. and we have several topics that willbe coming up in today's... today's topics. (mk) hello? (rc) hello mr keshe. (mk) can you hear me? (rc) yes indeed, we're ready for you to go ahead. (mk) hello, can you hear me? (rc) yes, can you hear us? (mk) yes okay,thank you very much.

as usual hello, good morning, good day to you. as usual, wherever and whenever you listen to these teachings. as usual we try to... find out moreabout the knowledge of man, in how he can enter into deep space. and, at same time, in the process,we learn more about different dimensions of existence which is in realityhow we live and how we exist. today, we have number of things which is interesting to be able to share and to be able to understand. one of these things ...so first of all, as we heard...

the universal council hadstarted a cycle of work and ... it seems that, once they have signed the...or they come to an agreement with the process of ... universal council charter, they have settled into, gradually, hopefully, they start working in one dimension and that's adimension of finding a solution and a way for peace and for prosperityof mankind on this planet and beyond it. there are a number of ... pointswhich, at this moment of time, we are considering and are developing and, in so many ways,we have achieved so much ...

in such a short timeof the life of the foundation. we got to be proud of every minute of itand every second of it. ... one of ... these points whichwe been striving to do and achieve, has been the establishment or the start of the process where, in fact, we... be able as individualsto write a scientific paper. because a lot of us did notthink is in our capability we don't have anyuniversity graduation degrees and we don't have anything this and that. how can we publish anything that we have discovered?

we became the voice of the silent majority. where this ... what i call,the 'shout loud enough' of the minority, they push their ways, thatthey're the only one who know, understand any knowledge, anything,and they have the last word. with this technology we have moved, we have shifted. everything, a housewife can do a test on a house products which they can do a... test on a product of the, whatever she grows as a vegetation, or, even testing somethingon her children pain, neck or whatever pain, legs or knees when they hurt themselves.

and, we usually have this habit of what you call `grandma tales` if you mix this, if you mix thatif you did that, it used to work. now, we all have become graduates of theschool of what we call `plasma technology` for this purpose, the keshe foundation hasbrought a new direction and, in a way, it's what i wanted to do since, we sawthe situation in 2004-5 when we sent the papers for publication about the creation of black hole and, as we know, an eminent thief scientiststole the paper, went to dublin and claimed that he's changedhis findings after 30 years. this should not happen.

there should not be thief pre-reviewersthat they can steal work of anybody. a housewife, a scientist,or anybody else. for this reason keshe foundationon the back of the establishment of universal council,in giving man free to move, free to discuss, free to teach, free to share knowledge freely to be able to registerthis knowledge that others might benefit by it. as of coming week,opening what we call, the keshe plasma science journal.

it's a scientific journal... many of you have tested magravs,tested ganses and everything else, and, you have writtenin the "testimonials". these people who have never couldimagine anybody can do anything but them, we call them 'scientists'. they say, "testimonials doesn't count but the scientific paper counts". a scientific paper has no name on it; you don't have to be a phd,you don't have to be a doctor, you don't have to be a professor, you don't have to be engineer,

you don't have to be. if you write a paper that scientific canbe accepted - your work is accepted. if this is not so, we should have neverpublished any papers from einstein a bookkeeper should havenever written in for physics. so, we have a precedent casesto be able to do this. so for this reason, keshe foundationis structuring what we call, `plasma scientific journal` that,in this process, we do not peer review. you write your paper in a new way,abstracts has no meaning. you put `my intention ` you start: `what was my intention`

what i wanted to achieve and then, youdescribe how you came to this intention, to this impression, to this thought,and then, you write down the process, the method you usedvery systematical, we have to become professional andthen, you write what you observed. please make sure you do not go beyondthe boundary of trying to explain this is a cure for everything. you always refer in your papers:`this is what we done in our test at home` `what i have done in this testapplies in my case only` then, and you put at the end of it, the achievement. there is no conclusion.

conclusion in a paper,scientific papers, it means, "lies the way the guy who paid me to writethe paper, i'm writing his lies for you." if we go by conclusion, all the productswhich are produced by major corporations, i call them `the lie end`is not conclusion. it is consciousness of lying,in so many ways. so, what we put in the 'achievement'what you have achieved. what was the outcome? and you put it very nicelyand then, we publish it, on the journal.

every week, every dayit will be read. we... only thing we check is for thelanguage that is correct that we and you do not get into any, what we call,'funny ways' with other people who are in different ways of thinking. so, as of this week coming, you should be able to go on the keshe foundation website where it says all that's new withthe publication, education, you'll find a journal, a link to a journal,scientific plasma, scientific journal, what's called keshe foundation, 'kf scientific, plasma scientific journal'. start, even if you haveput in your testimonial,

go back over it and convert your testimonials to scientific paper. it has a huge advantage. you can say, "i have published a paper." "i'm a scientist too,my work counts." if you really want to know, most of the scientific papers are read by one maybe two, and very rarely by ten or fifteen people. so a guy spends three years in university, writing a phd paper, and his life worththree people to read. but the ones who want it, who pay the money,make the conclusion to fit their destiny, their what they wanted. so with this way we don't work that way.

maybe your testimonial will be heard, read by, couple of thousand people. if i have a headache it goes on, theheadache, what you've done with ganses, with magrav systems, with whatever, and is opened up. and, i can read it. then i can copy what you said, and if it works, i'll write my peer review.it worked, thank you very much. but i did this and this and that. we letwhat we said, people to peer review, for themselves, not for us what wedone, they could manage to copy. and god knows, a pharmaceutical might come in, and try to patent it and ask you,"can we draw it? can we work on it?

can we develop it?" this way, we have achieved another milestone in the life of the keshe foundation. we all have become free to publish,and we all are free to publish the knowledge of man for the mankind.and this is a huge step forward. this is a massive step forward for all of us, what i advise you, please, the webmasters are in the background, and the team who is responsible for kf ... all the materials are there.this journal will be published, by the press news which is coming out of united state. so, the finding of the publication of the journal,

goes on the back of the journal with the news, a term which goes out on monthly basis.so you get published in two places, one on the website, and if there is this,they choose certain numbers of the papers, will be released on their list of what has been published in that week, that month, will be addedto the back of the journal. then is for you if you're looking for a headache, you can go to the website and find it. please, please, do not abuse the system. i'm very strict about this, that i don't want to make you,

to get into problem, we don't wantyou to get yourself into problem. do not advise, you state the facts,this is what i achieved, this is what it was, i used three milligrams of this one, two milligrams that one, i used the pad for half an hour, forty-five minutes. do it afterwards, or when you are doing it, and change your testimonial, which are valueless, to those who want to control the mankind, to a very valuablepiece of paper. you never know, you could have found, the way for alzheimer's.

you could have found an easy way for a cancer. nobody can tell us, any of us is wrong, or any of us is right, just because i have a phd, that it happened given to me, by those who have written their own conclusion, in my paper. just because i have to suit them.so, in a way, your papers, are more valid than the papers publishedby many universities, by many phd's, because they have to conform, and conformity is part of the work. they do not like the lies, they do not like anything else, but the good thing with this is, in three months, in six months,

you might see something new. once a paper published, you cannot change much in it, very seldom you can. but this way, you can go and addto the bottom of your paper. these are other effects i have seen.and let it be peer reviewed. some of your papers might be readby tens of thousands of people. does not have to be in a health, it can be in anything which is valid. we try to put the team together, that we can read that the, more or less, the grammar is okay,we try not to do only english,

publish your papersin any language. this is the beauty of it. we are not only english. we are arabic, chinese, french. we try to and we go through it, or somebody reports to us, this needs to be changed,and we ask you to change it. so, in a way, we all have become researchers. and we change this diagram, dilemma, which now says: "testimonials don't count." go back, any of you whohave put a testimonial in,

convert it into a scientific paper, and you can put it in your own. i have published the papers, it's been published on the internet, on a scientific journal. but try to make sure one thing, it brings credibility to the foundation. because if you put rubbish out, then willcome and say, "they publish anything." we have to become self-controlledthe same as we control our souls. we become responsible, this is the responsibility of individual, that we are expanding on. we are not going to close it onif you people make a mistake.

we're not gonna come and shout at you, "why did you do this, we don't like it." we wipe it out." it means or we informyou, you have used the wrong language, or the, whatever it is. don't forget,all of us are hundred percent right, and all of us being a human,can always make mistakes and be hundred percent wrong. but, in that wrongness, somebody findsa good news, a good result. so, as of today, keshe foundation journal, plasma scientific journal, is launched, and i congratulate the... actually, it comes, from one mistake to another,

from ... jon in arizona, the paper they published, the keshe foundation free newsletter, we, as we came to correct it, we saw, this is our time to bring the other one and correcting it, so jon's team is responsible for it,as they are the space research center, they are the most what i call, validauthority [tech issue] publish this paper. we gradually build it up to whatever it is. if you don't put any paper for ten months, it doesn't matter. if anybody likes to do it, you come and put your paper, as a scientific paper, please understand do not make any accusation,

do not make any claims, always refer to, "what i've done," "in my case." then, we have broken through. we get peer reviewed by public, not by those who can steal and then,claim it and go and pay a t-shirt, for the lies they have committed. the other good news which we have for all of you, which is somethingyou been waiting for. we have managed to break through,in what was promised sometimes, was matter of time, position, a lot of other things to come together,

and, we are at the point, that we will announce, in the coming time, in a very short time, of releasing the keshe foundation, what we call 'coins'. initially, we release these coins, as whatis fashionably known, as a 'internet coin', as a bitcoin, we have alreadyprearranged, pre-valued the bitcoins, according to the value of the marketwhich is, with a big difference, that for the first time, since, more or less, when president reagan took the gold,as the backing of the american us dollars, we back the keshe foundation coins,which is called, 'keshe peace coins', by what is commonly known as'mining', which is people do funny things,

there is no reality to it, and theyspeculate on the dreams of whatever, electricity bill or electricity board of one little village, and see how much you can mine. we work for the first time on a real term finances of products. as we said, "we are a scientific organization", and we are backing our funds, the coin, with the output of some three hundred factorieswhich are setting up, and up to five, to ... seven hundred factories, in the coming two, three, four years. so, for the first time,

when you buy keshe peace coins, which will be coming, released, in the market in the coming week, we'll, we'lllet you know when the time is there. in that process, you achieve one point, the coins are there that, you can purchase commodity with it. the way we have set it up and the wayit'll come up in the next few months, is that you buy the... we have valued, we know what's the value of the coin and it goes, not by dreams of digging something and then, as we know, it's going to be lost, there's nothing there to back the gold coin or bitcoins or whatever, we back by the assets of the keshe foundation,

which is every single one of us, it's not a factory. when you buy a keshe peace coinis by, by your intelligence with it. you put your testimonials in, you put your scientific paper in, you're adding to the value of the knowledge of the foundation. so, the keshe peace coins which are in and is getting developed, we give it a final name, we just call it the 'keshe coins', or whatever we might put. we developed this to a point that you canreceive a physical coin in position too. with a difference that many of youwho have worked in the bitcoins

or any kind of ... cryptocurrency,you cannot, you can hardly cash it. you have the money but you don't know where to go, you can't, unless you find somebody who gives you something for it. the advantage with this, that in a coming weeks, in next few weeks, keshe foundation is launching its own international catalog. what this means, that any of you whoproduces anything from a pen, to a pillow, to a gans, to the power, to the water,to any innovation or whatever, you can go and advertise your goods. you can place it on the internet,on the keshe foundation catalog

and, in that process, you can buy and sell goods, you can, literally, buy pain pen,pain pads, somebody sells whatever, power generators, they're selling all sortsof ... gadgets at the moment, blankets, sheets, you, how you can buy a see through bed which has got gans in it and the rest of it. in a coming months, you can accept the coins from the keshe foundation, what we call 'keshebank.com' and thenyou take it across, you buy your shopping, you can go the keshe foundationfactories or keshe foundation, what we call, 'keshebank.com' or .organd, you can physically receive money

from the countrieswhere we are operating. so, if you're living in ghana,the factory ghana is working and you made some pain pens orwhatever you made, and you sold or you accepted somebody's coin that, we have registration on, you can walk into a factory and give it, hand it over to us, we check the validity of the coin and you are paid current value market. this has a big advantage for all of us. this i told you, once the universal councilhas written its charter, we start moving, and you can see how fast we are moving in this process.

so what happens, you can actuallycash your keshe foundation coins, sorry i change that, you can cash inyour keshe foundation or we go to the, what we call the 'coins' and, bring it out to the factory and, literally, receive the currency of the local currencywhich the factories are operating under. this has never been done before. people have a lot of problemin cashing all these bitcoins, are speculating it's 10,000, 9,000 has a market value, has something else, this way, as a whole, we give a marketvalue to our product, which means we are not, fancy mining something to cheat somebody from their livelihood and

sell a coin for 5,000, 4,000 andthere is nothing at the end of it. the only things is, the present currentcoin business is very interesting. have you ever played the musical chair?that's all it is. if i can buy for 1,000 any of thesebitcoins which are in the market, and then, i can sell it for 2,000,i've got 1,000 and the music goes on, when the music stops, the guy who's boughtit for 4,000, he loses all his livelihood, because he doesn't exist, he paid out of his hard work, children's food, that he make something but, in fact, he's the guywho, that's got no seat for him to sit on. as we said, "the music stops and the man loses his life, loses his wife,

loses everything else with this strategic game of bitcoins." with keshe foundation coinsyou lose nothing. you walk into the factory, you boughta coin in dollars, you walk in, it's a coin, we don't know which country comes from,we carry one coin, one nation, one planet. you walk into accra, this is your coin, this is what it is worth, you cash it, if you want you cash it in dollars, you goto the bank and change currency of accra, which is cedis, into dollars, you have your money in your hand. it's the first time ever, any computer line coinsis backed by, financed by, real cash money, from the factorieswhich we are setting up.

this is a major breakthrough and we are sure,as we were discussing it getting set up, many industrial organizations will tryto do this, but you got to understand, they will not be able to do, because theyhave to show profit against the dividends for the shareholders. keshe foundation shareholders is all of us. the profit is the beauty of the knowledgeand what we give and with this process, when you have a keshe coin in your pocket,physical keshe coin which come out of the keshe bank in a very short time, as we are negotiating to finalizethe purchase of the bank, a commercial bank, you can walk into the keshe foundation bank

and get the currency for it, cash notes. we start with a limited number of coins to run, we know the value has been assessed, it's been valued for the first time what it is and what it'll deliver, it allows the keshe coins for us to finance massive factory productions which we are planning, at the same time as the factories comes out of these keshe coins and whatever we do, it increases,guarantees, the payment of your money, in a way, you guarantee your life with it,you guarantee the payment with it. this allows us to create one bank, onecurrency, one nation, then, as we've seen our, many of our friends, peaceful nationshave been trying to come up with new,

new currency and there's a dilemma, "can we back it, cannot back it?" this way we back it,we, as the keshe foundation, our factories, in turning over millions of dollars every day, back every cent, every coin, and, in that process, allows us to establish world peace. there are a number of conditions we have put on these coins which you can buy. if you work for mi... what we call 'defense technology', in filling your application form,you'll not be allowed to participate. if we find out, there's any lie orany discrepancies in your application

we will withdraw your coin and we reissue it and we announce it does not matter how much you paid for it, what you lost with it, because has to be correct.this is one of the first steps for peace. if you work for any defense technology,in any shape or form, you're not allowed to participate, because this is what is called is for 'peace of this planet'. you will have [technical issue] other currencies, the way you createthe materials for others to lose theirs. there's another condition. on back of every coin, the coin of the keshe foundation, as what we produce, has the

logo of the universal council on oneside and the logo of the earth council on the back side, which means isfrom this planet and belongs by the physicality of this planet, to the soul of the man of this planet it has taken me years to establish this and now we are on the process, within next short time, we allow you,we open the direction towards what we call 'keshe foundation coins' that you can purchase the coins, we know we had, we got them assessed at $1,000 us dollars per coin at this moment of time, we ask you, do notspeculate on our coins.

we guarantee on the coins3% deposit return. we are not giving you hundreds ofmillions of dollars, it's gonna be years. the guarantee return [audio break]. on those who deposit their coins for theothers to be able to use as a deposit coin is 2.5, maximum 3%, this willcome out of the profit of the factories. at the moment, us dollars and othercurrencies in europe give you very, very little. 3% guaranteed, as you have seen,when we went out with the power units, with what we had, we refunded,any time there was a problem, refunded. we have guaranteedthat we stand by our words.

we guarantee 3%,now accra, mexico ... italy, hopefully very soon australia and a numberof other countries are coming to line, and, as we said,"you want to track what's happening, keshe foundation global has beenestablished as a shareholding company", which in the very future,near future, you can buy stock,you see it in the stock exchange. so you can follow the strengthof your funds, it is building up, it's going to be very solidand, in one move, by signing the, ... what we call the'universal council charter',

everything has fallen into place,i told you last week, "we've been waiting for this charter tobe written, that we can establish the, one nation, one planet,one race and one peace." and, as a head of the keshe foundation,i thank all the keshe foundation supporters, who have brought us to this point. we establish,we put the companies, which are coming up,as the financial backing to this coin. the first time ever,gold is something which is nothing, coming out of the earth, as a metal,it's the first time, everyone of us

through the science and technologythat, collectively, we have produced, are delivering world peace,through our own factories. rememberwhat we said, "keshe foundation, where theknowledge meets the soul of the man". when we do peace, science, and we say,"science in exchange for peace". our government,our finances, our banking, and our mining of the assets of our own,that everyday, more or less, we can watch how much the factoryhas put out, and how much you're worth, in the back ofevery single coin we produce.

a man having a coin in los angeles,going to accra, has the same values. this is the beautyof what is to come. the speculation goes out of the marketand, we use the coin as a way for peace. [audio breaks]and how we are structuring it. so, in so many ways,we have established a government, we have established a parliament,which is the universal council, through the members of it,across the world. we have, as of today, established a currency,we have established a banking system, we have establishedauthority to be able to do.

in a coming time, we will announcea new educational level for children, which means in education,we done, and will do, one of the major part ofthe teaching will change. the instruction whichwill it go out to the kfssi, and all the teaching sidesof the keshe foundation is, you can teach history, except the murders,except the killing and the wars, and showing, how in history,man has progressed to be where it is. we are not wiping out the truth,we are wiping out, we are letting go what has kept in the mindof the man to fight to, literally, to survive.

as it saysin one of the videos, "we all had to buy it, to survive, to havebread on the table and water and shelter". with this way, that we produce millions andmillions of dollars throughout the factories, and then, as coins,we finance each other in the effort. what i explained toone of the politicians [audio breaks]. (rc) hello mr keshe?think we lost the connection there. (cdr) yeah,we lost the connection. sounds like we have a clear connection from you caroline. (cdr) yes no problem,good morning, good afternoon.

we're just going to haveto be a little bit patient. (rc) okay, no problem. perhaps people can prepareany questions they might have, mr keshe may, may take questions when he... comes back, or at some point later perhaps. (cdr) it will take a minute. just checkingthe chat, and see... if there's anythingin particular, i see ... ... there's somecomments about the idea of the 'blockchain'technology versus the...

regular currency type technology(mk) hello. (rc) hello mr keshe.(mk) can you hear me. (rc) yes, hello.(mk) yes, sorry about that. it seems some people didn't likewhat we were talking about. are you there?hello. (rc) i'm here, i'm not sure if it's ...if they didn't like it or if they just had ... they, they're on thisblockchain thing, and are interested in that ...technology, i guess, many people are. (mk) what it is, with this move,with this action of the keshe foundation,

we have changed a lotof things, and as i said ... "in the past, we heard,when we explained this to some ... people who are wise in theworld of the politics and the economy", they said, "you have changed the game."we have not changed the game, we're introducing a currency supported,not through the banking system, it's flawed, which heavily flawed, and is in theinterests of one group or the other. this way, we spread the wealthacross the whole planet, by all of us, the way we spread the knowledge,taught the technology and [audio breaks]. (rc) hello mr keshe?

(cdr) it might happen a few times,till the network is stabilizing. (rc) okay, thank you caroline. (cdr) carry on rick,what you were finding in the chats. (rc) okay, so, ... well kevin says ...on the comment that, "you can't exchange, mr keshe mentionedyou can exchange the 'cryptocurrency' to ... regular money very easily" but, kevin says "sorry, but you can exchange all cryptos on different exchanges and soon via the universal wallet,'ethos.io', via a 'fiat gateway'".

and he mentions, "my submitted whitepaperto keshe foundation a long time ago", and he gives alink to the document, and goes on to say later,... fiat, fiat currency is debt based, plus quantitative easing plus inflationaryslavery money, crypto on the real blockchain,asset based money and store value decentralized, secure,immutable, transparent and ethical. except for the fact that the whole blockchaincryptocurrency was started by drug dealers. ... that might be truethat it's ethical, but and transparent but ... i'm not sure how that works into ... the ...buying and selling of humans,

and drug trafficking as part of the basis forwhy that cryptocurrency was started in the first place. so, i don't know about the ethics of itand necessarily in that case. (mk) can you hear me?(rc) hello mr keshe, yes. (mk) yes we're trying to,somehow, some people don't like what we said, ... but it's okay, we have to accept it,it's the way it's done at the moment. but in reality, the, we areworking on the same direction, as what we saidfrom the beginning, one planet, one nation, one raceand one currency.

and being able to support thishas been one of the major worksof the keshe foundation. everythinghad to be put together. the education had to be brought inthe right way. the ... what i call,currency that is independent of any earth resources except mans work,which is a mans soul, through it we could establishand it's done. this new currency,will bring a lot of changes. because the major part of it is,that we do not need

to look for something which is rare,they can not be found. we look what is in our hand,which is our effort. what i said it's very recently,which comes, a lot of you will gradually build into itin next 5 or 10 or 20 years is, we need to work very small amount,maybe 10, 20 weeks, maybe 5 weeks a year. serving humanity what is needed,and, spend the rest of time enjoying to develop our soulsto a higher level. not sitting there and prayingwhich we know it doesn't work. but see and giving to our soulto the others,

that with it, they become partof the structure of the living. part of the structure to be ableto live amongst us in peace and tranquility. and this is what is to become. we don't need to work for a lifetime,to be in so many ways, to have just a few days off,just a few weeks, that we can take a day off, a week off,in case it might, we might have,we might not have. this way we guaranteeeverything to be equal for all of us. this will change,i work when i want,

that i can serve somebodyto elevate their souls. i participate in the elevationof the soul of the humanity, in a correct way, and not just for sake ofbeing able to do something. and this will change a lot things thatwe have more time to support humanityto elevate the soul of humanity, to be ableto do everything else. at the moment, i always rememberwhen i used to work in russia, there was a very funny saying,i walked to many offices, and they used to pay 40 dollars,60 dollar, 30 dollar,

to a person, to work,and i asked them, "what you're doing?" he says, "they seems to be paying usand we seems to be working." "they don't pay us much,we are not doing much." and then, they go to another office,in what they do in one week in the office of where they gotpaying not much doing not much, they do all that work in one hourand they get paid much and they do much. and this process is what we are aiming at,this process is what we as a whole, humanity, has to target, that, we do not becomepart of lying to ourselves because we've been lied to,but we develop the technology,

that backs everything.>from the currency, to the government. and, we don't need to rob,because, as i said, "we have put a value on the currency."this currency has to be both, it's what we pay to create peace,on this planet. this is what we need to do,to be able to create peace on this planet. we are not asking anyoneto come and do this and that, we'll give you this and that,we are building it ourselves. we are working, on the back ofwhat we have, what we have built together,and then with it,

we create peace.in a way if you look at it, it's all of us who has contributedin this peace process. in this understanding,of work of our self. in how we will going to organize ourselves,that we as a humanity, will benefit by it. we know what to do,we've been down this road. and now, it gives us an chance to walk it.as i said, "it's the first time ever, a currency now is getting backedby it's labor force across the planet." where up to now,if you did good in germany, germans benefited by it,now if we do good,

across this planet, all the germansacross all the planet, will benefit by it, plus, the british,plus the iranians and the chinese and the rest. this is, this is, we have achieved what we promised,and has been achieved in a very solid way. when you look at the factory in accra,when you look at the factory in ... ... mexico, in italy and other placeswhich are coming up, you'll be amazed.the structure of the accra factory, and the opening of it,will be very soon, in the next few weeks. and then,we all can see what we have achieved.

as many people said, "can we go to accraand get this and that?" you don't need to go to accra,you can go to accra for a holiday, for a pleasure, the factories ofthe keshe foundation will be opened up across this planetin the way we are all doing. so, as i've said the good news has come. those of you who are interested to participatein any part of the keshe foundation work, teaching, being part of the ...what i call, new technologies, of internet to back us to support,working in the factories, working as a management of the factories,setting up research centers,

we have started a new cycle of life andthere is plenty of opportunity for all of us. all of us can be benefited by it,at the same time as i said, we are back to real senses.what it is, is, we back ourselves with our own knowledge,with our own technology. and we back our people,on the same basis. you become member of the keshe foundationwhen you accept coins, you sign the document that you acceptas a member of the keshe foundation to accept these coins,at the value which is set. please do not speculate on them to raise themto 10, 5-20 thousand to make money.

we see such a thing, we'll increasethe number of shares to drop the value. or we allow certain,certain amount of movement. what we don't allow, the what we've seen,in other cryptocurrencies. this is not a cryptocurrency,this is a computer line, what i call currency, which is backed by products, by science,by technology and knowledge. it's not backed by any materialthat it can be perished and doesn't exist. and it's not the imaginarymining something else. the only thing we're miningis the knowledge of man, which changes to productthat brings peace for most of the mankind.

and i congratulate all of you as members of the keshe foundation, as a memberof the humanity. that, we have cometo the point to achieve... the peace. but this way, as i said,"it's collective work." in the coming time,we release the coins. very limited number, round aboutone million coins will be released. something like 5 million shares, in the company to be released, will be released. to be as a stock exchange marketvalue shares. we are appointing the board of directorsof the new company.

and, it will be announced in time, by theman who has been the brain child of him, to do all the, what we call, the 'company financial side', to set it up. and they will explain to you exactly where we are. how we are doing it, all the assets of the foundation, across this planet, joins the... stock exchange. which means, we bring everything under one roof, in different shape or form. are there any questions? (rc) okay. thank you.mr keshe. and i'll remind the attendees you can put your hand up and we can allow you to,

to speak, i see that nicholas wanted to ... (cdr) a question mr keshe? (mk) yes. (cdr) ... when they come, when the, peoplebecome part of the keshe foundation, there is the 'peace treaty', yes? (mk) yeah. (cdr) to be signed? (mk) this is, will be put as part of the venue by the coins. the money cannot be bought, used to finance,

to use for any purposeto harm any being. if you have signed it, you say"i have signed to yourself". is between you and the computerscreen in front of you. or, you can sign yourself, or do it again,to confirm that you're a man of peace. even in the stock share market whichwe release, will be on the same basis. we monitor thatno organization takes shares, that is involved in any kind of defense technology and killing, and the rest of it. we monitor very closely because you got to realize,

those who take part buying the shares,part of the shares of the company, you're talking in the multi-million daily operation. keshe foundation operation of the work ...where, the way we are laying it out, we are talking about tens of millions a day, income. that fund should not be able to harm no one. but it has to be forelevation of it. that's why we put the shares as a thousand value. that, in the break up of it,in the fraction of it, you can give part to the the others who need it,

that they can have use of it. it'll become very transparenthow we work, how is done. in a way,we are not giving as charity. in a way, we understand we need to share, the resource of this planetwhich is the human effort. factories are where man and the planetput the efforts and the knowledge and the entire being ... for the product to manifest itself. any other question?

(rc) ... yes, there's a questionin livestream from freed. ... he says, "the kf coin will begin with a 3% dividend and is that (mk) pardon?(rc) annually?" (rc) he says the kf coin will beginwith a 3% ... dividend or ... 3% interest or whatever,is that annually? is that ... what's meant by that ?(mk) yes, yes. (rc) okay, and will this increase when it's successful, or will there beother benefits? (mk) we look at it,as we go along.

don't forget you are buying into a company organization. this is not a coin outside ...in a banking system. so, when youbuy the coin, you become as part of theteam of the keshe foundation. you are part of the internal structure.is like you become member of club. you go to a petrol station,you sign yourself. and this is,"i buy petrol from you and i'm participating in what isextra to come back to me". but this time, is theeffort of the factories.

you buy the keshe foundationproduct that it goes in ... the, we know we have a rough figure, the keshe foundation team have worked out a rough figure of the return. but you got to understand, most of this return, at least the first,let's say, ten years, will go on giving back, bringing backthe whole humanity into balance. at the moment, the 3% is guaranteed, you become, you don't buy a share and you don't buy money, we are notcurrent exchanging or bank exchanging. you buy a share, you buy a coin,in the structure of the company.

you become part of it. and the company hasbecome a international... quoted in the market, that, we can all benefit by it. we open the purchaseof the coins, as of today. as you've done before, you can purchasefor the delivery next 3, 4 weeks or 2 weeks. depends how the team conclude their position. we are offering in two point destination in the world. the catalogs are two point destination. and, as the factory comes on line,

we only link to what we have s ... given out as coins. those who have the coin. we don't extend the coins that become speculation. we have a deposit structure, or, you take a coin and you play the game you want to see how it might move in the market. but we control it very heavilythat, does not become speculation, that some people, then, they lose their money. this, the progress of the coin, for all of us has to be positive move. not in going up10,000 to 20,000.

a 1,000 this year,maybe 1.005, 1.006, next year. in all the,things we have seen, some of the european nationshave this rule. if you buy a property to speculate, to double it, the government says the inflation guarantee has been so much, the extra is taxed and belongs to the nation. they have takenspeculation out of it. we, control it this way,that we do not allow people to go up. you can increase or expand your income,

but we don't allow speculationthat the points going to ... tens of thousandsand then drops. and people lose their money, commit suicide, the, all their life work goes. these things are finished. you sign yourself to peace. and we guarantee, the factories are there. we are very open, i ... we can release the pictures of the factories. i don't know, even if ...you have received, the picture of the, the workers we saw,we showed last week ...

or, the week before. how the workers in ghana and in nigeria were working. and now if you, look at the, what we call, the structure [audio break] ... i sent you a picture to see, rick if you can load it up please. i don't know if you received it? (rc) the ... pictures from armen?(mk) hello rick. are you there? (rc) the pictures from armenyou mean? yeah? (rc) hello mr keshe, can you hear me?(mk) hello (rc) can you hear me?(mk) yes, yes i can hear you.

(rc) the pictures from armen [inaudible](mk) you got the pictures which is come from mexico to you? (rc) from armen, yes? right.(mk) yes (rc) yes i've got thoselet me get that. (mk) can you show it. (rc) yeah. (mk) this is the property which is, ... bought 100% ownership of the land. is in the hand of the keshe foundation, we paid ... hundreds of thousand for it. as you can see, the workers are at it. the, the land is getting built up ... the ... architects and the engineersof the keshe foundation,

are moving to the site before end ofthis month, to structure it, to plan it. this is past few days.they're immediately back to work. the building has been paid for,and now is running to be open. at least the offices are there. and it's about 7,000 square meters. this become part of the assets of the keshe foundation global. you can see it kf i, mexico.can you go back on it, please? this is cleaning the roof. everything is getting done. we are preparing everything.

we, this is, this is you can see,mexico keshe foundation.org. and, we are there. the land and the property is there. and the factory, in next few months,will start operating. we have committed ourselves to peace. and, in so many way, there is no wayto return back to the past. very soon, we'll show youthe factory in italy. hopefully, very soon we show you the factories ...

in australia and otherparts of the world, which are we're working on. ... romania is on the horizon.many other countries. and now, we have brought a currencythat, we can work, we can change,and it's all of us. and, if you looka... [audio break] i'm here tohelp [inaudible] i'm a member of [inaudible]supporter of the foundation. can i clean,can i paint? [audio break]

(cdr) mr keshe wecan't hear you properly. ... let me see if he's, he's still therei think, hello mr keshe. [echo] (mk) what, yes,if you can hear me? (rc) yeah we can hear you now.(mk) it's what it is. you can walk into, we have ahuge number of mexican supporters, go to mexico, go to thefactory and see what is there, that you can help to develop,and maybe there is a job. the keshe foundation knowledge seekersare eagerly supported to join us, it'll take us 3 months, 6 monthsto lay the factory out properly,

they have started laying out then,we know there is some sort of construction to go to extend the property to a full 6-7,000 square meter of land which possesses, and the land beyond it,and we go in that process. we sit with that process,and as i said, "when we open italy, it's onthe verge of getting opened, italy's on the verge of getting laid out,we are waiting for licenses to move on". and then it's the same, you're italiankeshe supporters, you're looking for a job, you can go to the factory, the factory's well known where it is, we openly announce it.

and ... go in there and say "what can i do,i can paint, i can give my time for it". we are not a charity,we are not there to hand out, because once the factoriesstart cooperating, it makes profit, that profit goes back to italyand the rest, the rest of the europe, plus what it can bringon addition to the others. we are not putting all the profit of the foundation work in the factories and the others, back into paying dividends,we are putting it back into the nation, we are putting it back intosupporting research and development. and i think 2.5-3% is a fair return,for what it sits there,

because, at the end of it,you benefit by the foundation, and the peace, one nationas a planet, is peace for all of us. (dc) hello mr keshe,this is demetri. i was wonderingabout the 'keshe coins', will there be a limit on the amount ofcoins that can be purchased by per person, allowing many peopleto purchase the coins. (mk) at this moment we have put no limits,we, our coins limit, we know what it is. ... we have started with what i call the'vault', we know how much is in our vault. we do not release hugeamounts to create mayhem.

our collaborators on the coin have takencertain numbers as a, setting up of it, which we agreed with them, and atthe same time the whole structure is, please do not go and buy hundredsand tens of thousands or whatever, because you have the money,if you buy it, look at it this way, i'm allowed one coin,because that one coin gives me guarantee forlife in the time to come, and then, you can giveit back to those who can't. i buy ten, ten coins, two of themsupport those who are in africa, two of them is supporting setting up afactory in another nation, in another position.

we just don't teach to be,... what you call, 'in love to be giving',but the giving has to have a structure. you want to buy 100 coins, a hundredthousand euro, dollars, it's no problem. you'll see can go through the banking system, the way you done, you put on the payment,only not through paypal, we do not accept coin payment onthe paypal, will be returned to you. it only can go in thekeshe foundation structure, and ... and then you'll be informed, you'llbe given a number, and when the...

thank youvery much. when the coin is released you'llbe issued by it, you can pick it up, you can buy with it, you can sell with it,and then, if you are generous, you say to somebody,"this is a coin for your wedding", you can cash it in accraor new york in washington, or anywhere keshe foundations areacross the planet. (dc) thank you mr keshe.(mk) we are not into metal, we are very correctin what we are doing. can you repeat?

(dc) thank you mr keshe. (mk) you're welcome. you can block or order your coins,the, the money will come, will go directly intodevelopment of the factories. as i said, "we support them",the team of the keshe foundation, who run the whole organization,you see on the day and night, are well-paid, we don't buy to cheat,the, the salaries are fixed, we take what we needat the time we need, we support ourselves to beable to serve, as i said last time

"it's no use you trying tosupport and starve for yourself", but at the same time, as youcan see, the man is sitting there, that wall paper on the floor hasbeen paid for by keshe foundation, it hasn't appeared there on the floor, thepaints you see on the floor are paid for, and it's paid cashby keshe foundation. we invest everything back,we are open, we are not afraid. ghana factory isdeveloping on its own, ... members of the keshe foundationare traveling around the world, if you knew by the end of this month,how many of the foundation directors,

and the manufacturing directors,and board of directors are traveling around the worldto make sure everything happens. we've taken control over our own destiny,to live a peaceful planet. and we don't needto show any pictures. we said "armen [inaudible]told you mexico is getting bought". we paid huge amount of money for it,but it's getting laid out, very soon, very, very soon keshe foundationclinics from south america will operate, we needabout 6 months. we'll open the first clinics,where you can go for a full development,

with the supportof the governments. there has been major scientific breakthroughwith the support of the governments, government laboratoriesand institutes, and universities. as we said, "we learn from what happenedin tokyo, we do not talk anymore", but, we are exactly knowingwhere we're going ... factories, most of the keshe foundation factorieswill become extremely profitable for humanity. you buy your coin, you spend it, people whogo to catalog can buy and sell goods in coin, and send their coins, this is whati have, to the bank, 'keshe.bank.org', and then, because you become partof the member of the keshe family,

it's not a banking system, it's a'internal trust', that we trust, this is the coin i want to buy, thisis what i pay, you go back to accra, the finances of thedaily finances, they look, we can spend so muchof it to buy the coins back, and it goes back into the bank forthe others to purchase, and we go. which means for the first time youcan cash your money in your hand. you're a housekeeper,you're making ganses, go and advertise on the catalogwhich comes out, you make pillows, you make cushions, you make shoes, you make shoe less slippers,

you make blankets with the gans on it,you make beds which is different, you make medical systems,everything can go on the catalog, because now, we are internationalorganization, and it's on the burden of the, the whole society, to make sure that the bestquality is offered to the market, to the people. and, a man in ... brazil or mexico and,a man in china can all be benefit by it, because we pay out of theresources which we have created. so, as more and more people join tobenefit by the keshe foundation products, and buy in the keshe currency,they commit themselves to peace. as i said "we have authorized 1 million coinsto be released in initial state at $1,000 each".

we are pre-offering it, and whenit's in the market it'll be traded, if you want to trade with it,we control it that it doesn't go crazy, as we've seen with other coins,because it's the first time, we back with our ownfinances from our own factories. most probably cent to a dollar will be backed. where usually, is dollar to a cent backed. and the more products people buy from the foundation they are member of, to support it because it helps them, it's actually somethingwhich gives them better life.

the stronger the structure becomes,the more peaceful we'll become, and the more we get committed to achieve this. (rp) yes mr keshe, it's rui speaking. (rp) ... this means, that we gonna disclose everything that ... factories ... produce, let's say magravs and everything? so ... (mk) of course. we are, the reason iswe are, we, the factories are owned under the name of the public ... registered index quoted on a monthly basis.

we have to report,or quarterly basis. we have to reportevery cent that's spent. (rp) so we don't hold the magravs anymore? is come to the, the public to, to buy and to use it in the cars, in the house and everything, yeah? (mk) let's share, we still sell them. why not? (rp) yes, of course.(mk) at the moment we have ... yeah, everything is sold there. we sell everything on the license.

we know some magravs work in different countries and nations. there is something very interesting. people talked about all the rubbish with the magravs. at the moment, magravs are giving between 30 to 50 % reduction. we are still selling magravs from the factories. and strange enough nobody is returning. in thousands we sold, maybe we have 70/80 pieces, 100 pieces return. and these are mainly the oneswho people took it out they never took indication of the phase, they plugged it in

or the wife took it outor put it back in. were very few on a mass or [tech issue]faulty production, very, very few. so it works because if you, any of you, you buy a ... a pen for 10 cents for a dollar and you take it home,it doesn't work you take it back, you says "i want my money back". if these magrav system didn't work,you would have returned back you all paid 500 and 1,000 dollars for it, so it works. now we have access to 100 % magrav system,

we have access to a lot of new technologies. we have access to new ... systems which can behave as a ... space or a medical system for material production. all these goes to the factories. and ... we are not putting the share in the hand of ... strangers. we have an agreement which, very soon, if the agreement honored, 45 % of the shares on the equivalentbalance of the finance of the others will be returned and exchanged but this will be one of the major operations which you will know.

it's, it's a ... it's very much ... factory share prices we can not disclose. is already being pre agreed. we keep it that way. and they all become assets of the foundation. even the shares in the company will be announced by the people are responsible for it. have been brought in and announced how they structure the shares. this is not a company which we are going to set up, we have taken position fully of a, an open market index company. which means we are not going like alibaba or trying to sell shares, not us, no.

we have taken a well established market, established company. we have paid for it from the assets of the keshe foundation. we are 100 % shareholders of this public company. it takes a lot of bold moves, we, we haven't sat waiting for it to come. there are people in the foundation working round the clock. ... i was working till3, 4 o'clock last night. i started at 4:30 back on an hour and a half and it's still going and it's the same with most of the members of the keshe foundation. we are grabbing sleep, rest, seeing our family

because we committed ourselves to peace. (rp) thank you mr keshe. (mk) you're welcome. when the shares come into the market is on, we have, as head of the keshe foundation, on the market ... with the greatest of pleasure ...our arabic speaking ... member of universal council, jamila, has become the ceo of the international company i thank her for accepting the position. the member boards we are planning out and we receive the pleasure of one of the well known members

of the keshe founda..., foundation from australia, hopefully she'llaccept her position. we bring people from scientific world to be on the member of the boards. it'll be a massive move for all of us. top bankers from africa will be on the board of directorship. i take no seats in the board. it's a commercial entity answerable to the market. i told you when the universal council writes the charter, everything will move. and you've seen what amove in one week.

now, we have our currency, as i said, we have our government, we have our council to guide. we have the structure that is based on the knowledge. not imaginary things to create funds and the metal which has worth nothing. it depends on our worth and our effort on peace. you'll see people will buy the product because keshe foundation product is for peace, only buying it. (rc) let me see mark erb, you had your hand up, i'm not sure if you still, if you're question got answered or not?

you want to ... let's see. yes, i'll allow you to talk there. go ahead. (me) yeah i, i'm wondering if i have this right that ... the coins will increase by 2.5 % per year and the factories, factories will retain that 2.5 % to back the coins, or pay it out if somebody cashes in a coin and they reinvest the rest of their profit. (me) okay, thank you. (mk) it stays that way because is the right, we keep it that way

and ... most of the structure in the first ... years will go in development each factory to set up. we were talking with armen this morning. to, to set a factory up from a to z with the stock running, with the financial backing and the way we pay our staff at the highest rate we need about 50 million dollars per factory. this is understanding that ... the managements are fully paid, in the highest best way our staff are paid. we are, i've, i've had this in, in gambia years ago.

i paid fair wages to my staff equal to european level. in 1999 when they used to hear i landed in the airport they said "the, the white man has come"by the time i used to get to the office, there was a queue ofpeople waiting for work. because they knew they get paid, the, the wages are there and is equal, more or less, to the european level. and that's what we are doing everywhere. in accra we are paying our graduates, more or less, equivalent of a standard, not, not worse than a phd.

and better, better than a what i call ... 'masters' in europe. you have to understand they get paid well. in accra, the first six months after the training ... the staff move especially when they're put in the position of bringing their own innovation and work to something like about two/three thousand a month. but you have to understandin accra, average wage is about 500 to a thousand cedis which is something like 200 pound. we make it comfortable for them to stay and we done that.

we, they, they closed the factory of the accra for us, in august of last year as we saw, in a very revengeful way.what did we do? our staff to today, which is a february now they are back in the factory were fully paid every month. we didn't put them on the street and we still pay them european wages which we agreed with them. i stand a very high ethic... and this is how it should be. and the management of the keshe foundation now running a 500 staffwhich comes into operation.

it's run by them,i went to them, i went to the factory a few weeks ago,i said "i want manager out of you, which one of you would like to managethe factory this week?", and two stood out. why not? they have thedegrees, they are masters, they work in the factory,they know everything of it. why should i bring another man torule them, which has no clue about it? and now they are working,they're getting trained by the team, the factory is gettingset up in different way, they're are still manufacturingin the factory,

in the new premises,and it comes to flourishing. when you think of it, and is for thegood of mankind, it will become of it, and it will come out,and we are coming out. all of us has withstood a lot of pain, wewent through all the pain of what we saw, the assaults and insults, and all of us,the focus fancy names, whatever they did. where are they?we are still here. we are still powerful and becomingmore and more powerful for peace. just wait another few weeks, you'll be proud to be amember of the keshe foundation.

(ab) mr keshe, good morning,... i have a question. ... i'm not familiar, i mean, i'm notan expert in currency or stock market, but, if you go to stock marketand then ... stock goes up, like people ... for example,if it's stock market... (mk) we are, we are controlling the stockmarket very closely, we don't disclose it, we have a way, that we stop thespeculation in the, in the share value. we don't tell you how, but... there is a way, we know the way, we are offering only limitedamount of shares into the market, it will be explained by the experts of thekeshe foundation, when the day is done.

... we are not floating it yet, even thoughwe own it 100%, it's in our possession. ... we are not ... releasing any data,but we control the, as i said, "this is a well established company"it's been there for 20-30 years, there are a number of shares whichare in the market, they can speculate, they can go to, at the momentwe reckon prices, whatever it is, is a huge difference, but we don'tmention, it has to be done correctly, because, i'm not thehead of the new company. the ceo has beenappointed as our, ... one of our favorite staffs, inunderstanding what she does.

jamila is the ceo of the company,she's accepted a move, ... she moves to the headquarters in,... los angeles and ... what we call, dallas, texas ina very short time, ... and then, from then on,it's her decision, she's responsible to report on a daily basison our affairs and even had the pleasure... (ab) mr keshe. (mk) to be withher last week in... (ab) my question is, my question is"how do you, for example, people investing in stockmarket then the value goes

up or low, they lose money,how can we protect people's ..." (mk) this is what, you don't listen,we are controlling it very, very nicely. the amount of the shares in themarket are, literally, very, very low, because all the assets ofthe foundation has to go back for the people to be reinvestedto develop and to grow. it has a value[inaudible] god knows, several tens of dollars,but, we are not interested, and one of the sureities we have from our partners who will come into it, we, none will sell,because we have one aim,

one nation, one planet, one race, one peace. you have to get used to new conditions, and is a peaceful condition, and it has to be correct, the way we are conducting our work. you can buy pre... youcan pre-buy shares when, when they're announcedby the people who control it, they are the masters inthis job, we are what we call, ... 'owners of it', but they decide how toprogress with it, that it doesn't damage the, ... the organizationis headed by at least, at least, by one or twomembers from each continent.

a number of the members who you know,at a high level, are around the world, have been or will be invitedto join as a board of directors. but it, that's the decision as weare putting the whole team together, there are number of meetingsgoing on in the next few days. as i said "the ceo which is the most,... powerful position, has gone to one of the most powerful womenin the keshe foundation", and she knows what she's doing,she has a phd and a background in the world of factories setting up and operation. she deserves the position, wehighly respect her, and is not just,

is there as a woman, if you read her cv,it's better than many prime ministers. (mm) good morning sir,everybody hello ... my name is mehrnaz. ... i just ... i lostthe first half hour, but ... sir i wanted to ask,... how i was, written it for [inaudible] [inaudible] but i read it,how would it sustain after the main group of founders retire? i mean as a purity ofintent and using the finance. most people changewith big power ... unless we...

(mk) ... can i, can i,i'm gonna come in, deliberately, and that is,nobody carries any power, ... this is the beautyof it and it sit that way. ... when the, the way they set up theuniversal council, the earth council, the way we work, and now with thefactories, we are proud to be part of it, but we are notarrogant to be there. and it usually carries on by thewishes of the majority, we see it goes. these are the fears we had, we still have, some, some of us will not be able totake the position and the power of it,

but overall, we'll be there,we'll be there as we've seen. ... if you sit aroundthe keshe foundation, management team isdifferent groups of managers and different organizationswithin the foundation, these communications, work,does not stop you, wonder why, these guys doing 4 o'clock, 5 o'clockin the morning, who's going to sleep where, they're allthere working. they could all sit back with incomes they have from the foundation and waiting for tomorrow, or we justpretend to work, it doesn't work that way.

and it's because it's our wish, it'll happenthe same way, those who come to abuse, will come to, they have to stand their own measures, we, we don't think about it, and don't,there's no use wasting time on it. (mm) well i hope that humanity changes his morals, his values, which he has been raised, because... (mk) we don't hope, we arealready there, it's just growing. (mm) sometime people are good,but after some time there are some, especially the ...deceiving people get closer... (mk) why, why don't you look at the peoplebecome better and they contribute more?

why do we put the seed of negativity?we had enough of it for century. (mm) exactly.(mk) these thoughts, these thoughts starts the seed of thenegativeness and everything, division. if there are those there, always pray forthem, people betray you, just pray for them, they, they, it will become to your benefit,people love you, pray for them, because their lovebecomes your love and it grows. (mm) well i, it's not personal,but it's for again the mass of ... people who don't have anything, and they don't deserve, they don't deserve their destiny,it's there again,

somewhere happened,that they can't get their same rights. (mk) the, the structure of thefoundation, the way it's set up, is very easy, 19% of thefinancial income of the foundation, on the reserve of the 5% goes for a specific jobs. now, we have taken one sectionof the keshe foundation work, which is set up, if you readthe mandate of the foundation, for development ofthe soul of the man now, that increases the power ofthe foundation, in so many ways. 5% is left for administration,with that administration becoming so small,

it becomes the growthinvested in the foundation. so ... we always show growth according to the line which we thought. 3% is there for those who want to take on the year, on year to take. if you make 1.000% profit, we don't give 99 out because we have noshareholders to satisfy. our shareholders as humanity to change. i was talking to some of our people very recently. we see, the streets of europe all lined up with tarmac and everything and the pavement and if, one stone is up and down.

we pretend to fall and claim insurance from it, because it was there. they didn't do it. this is the dream of, accra. to have paved pavement. to have roads which are offthe main road, to have a tarmac. what's stolen from africa has laidtarmac in europe and america. now, from what is gained in africa, we are putting a largepercentage of it to change everyday position of it.

we are negotiating, negotiation in a very simple way, that, we want so many thousand kilometers of the streets, to be laid, paved, at a pricethey have to find out that is good, that foundation can pay.not this for 400,000 kilometer dream of nothing, practical. every african can walk on a pavement, on the road which is not a dirt track, the same as every person in italy does, which is taken orengland, or in france, taken from the mouth ofthe africans for centuries.

we are not coming to europeasking for handout to do it. we are developing it, to be done by the africans, for their own benefit in their own nation. in their own part, because they are part of one nation. i'm not a dreamer, i know exactly what i'm doing. (mm ) and ... another quick, question? is, has there,has it been, is there a model of this outsides, somewhere else? (mk) pardon?

(mm ) is it, is there a model, the same thing, somewhere? is this some... (mk) no, we are setting up the model. the model in the past all failed. that's why we are not there, we can't have any. all the bitcoins have no backing,it's just a dream. let's rob more people as possible till the last man stands. got no chair to sit on, loses his life and his wife and his saving.

now, you purchase the keshe foundation co... coin, you're backed by all sciences which we all have developed. and is now backed by,the income from the factories. don't forget, still pay 20% taxesto ghanaian government for giving us a privilege to be there that we'll spend it on the nation. is a privilege to support a nation. (mm ) has there been in spacesomewhere, this model of light? (mk) we don't have money, these are your human [audio break] as we have to adopt to youbut the good way.

(mm) okay. (mk) any other questions? (mm) by the way, we are rich enoughwith everything you are teaching us. so, [giggle] thank you very much. (jg) good day mr keshe,it's jalal here. (mk) you're welcome.thank you very much. (jg) mr keshe, good day. are you hearing me, mr keshe? (mk) good day. i have a delay time in hearing you.

just carry on please. (jg) i'm sorry.okay. ... this river of kindness. can i, as a person, can i purchase this ... shares, in my family name? so i can put my family name in that? because, this river have,beautiful intention in it. so, it can they benefit from it also?

[audio break] (mk) ... the currency is our...[audio break]. (rc) sorry mr keshe, we, we didn't catch that ... that reply at all. can you hear me? (mk) i said, the backing the...[audio break] ... we ... the, we, we, we have a ...[echo] ... what we call a 'natural asset' ... [echo] ... which is our factories ... [echo] ...we are one nation ... [echo] ... ... we ... we work ... [echo]as one part.

(rc) ... (mk) ... [inaudible] (rc) we just getting cleared up mr keshe.(mk) normal keshe foundation ... ... you can order to block,so many coins, we look at it. we are, we ... use the finances from the coins, for building of more factoriesin a more rapid way. this way we stay [echo] ... we, stay very clean here. [echo] and we control ... all ...[audio break]. (cdr) mr keshe is breaking up rick,and having a bad echo.

(rc) yes he's got two ... mr keshe.(mk) yes we are. (mk) we are running in, we are running in different lines. (rc) [echo] yes both ... yes we are.(mk) can you hear me know? (rc) coming through sowe are getting an echo. and we tried to mute you because of the echo in one of your two instances in the zoom. (mk) okay, is it better now? (rc) okay, sounds good now.thank you go ahead. (mk) okay.

what it is we, we are working on the assets of the nation. which is us. we established the structure for a government, and, this is part of governing correctly. no politics. our politic is a peace politic. our politic isto make sure, the keshe foundation supporters, stay safe, have enough to eat,they have a shelter,

and, in due coursewhen they are ready, they join the universal family. this is part of the work we do. this is part of the work we've always have done. now, we have gatheredenough strength to do it. let those who want to stop, let them try it. how muchhave they tried? establishment of the factories,establishment of research centers, is not stopping is just relentless.

... it, it just, we, every day we open the door, a gift comes in from the soul of the man. is not just one, every one of us is doing it. and this is beautiful, i, i hold my breath, when we get masses moving to join us. we're just getting ready. in somehow, in the history of our work, everything has happened,when we are ready for it. and we are getting ready for it.

and things are coming in line. ... we, we don't ... go out of our way to do anything wrong. we do our best. if things go wrong, it turns out to be for the good of us. we saw attacks on us, so heavily. heavily, relentlessly, set by a king. what did it bring us?more support. governments [inaudible]stood next to us. world leaders,stood next to us.

and now, we have, we'rein that position to do. we have, as i said,everything has set up. in a, in a way if you look at it, the factories are the treasury of man because we benefit by it. we drink the water, we have the system, we have the toys which is coming out. we have everythingelse from it. and then it comes back to all of us. by then you're matureenough to understand

some of this we don't need,and it just goes to the next step. (rc) ... there's is one question in the ... q&a. boris says: "will therebe release of the card, or world citizen document when the financial system starts?" (mk) our team are working on it sorry i thoughtyou finished, carry on. (rc) ... no, go ahead mr keshe.it's just there is a time delay so we have to sort of take that into account i guess. (mk) no i have two systems.

i go back in front with one to another. ... the car systemhas ... been looked into, it's just getting other thingsorganized in the background with it. ... member of, of keshe foundation is working, has worked on it. is just that we are, we need to put a few more bits on. yes, it's been done i think ... stanley would you like to tell us if you are online? if stanley is with us. he's responsible for this ... partof the work of the foundation.

i don't think he is there today. i know they're somewhere ... ... the, then seeing thekeshe foundation ... national, what we call one nation one planetcard and passport and banking, ... is in the handof our team. they are negotiating with the companies which are doing the job and ... stanley can tell us but he is not here, in due course, when it's time for it. yes, it's on dueis involved, it's ...

there are things you need to do tobe able to structure these kind of things. and ... we are on thatmove, we are on that track. we are, we are well on, well, well on it. on, on its way we had to have the government, we had to have a, a what we call a 'governing body', which is the earth council. we needed the structure of the universal council to be what we call 'legislationadministration' together. and now, the bankingthe products the,

the country has an incomeyour nation has income, from the scienceand technology of it, which are the factories which are coming in. and they have been here, thesefactories, in a smaller way, has been here, for past year, year and a half. now with them scaling up and then, you have the way to be able to exchange your efforts for whatever you have. and we are going ahead in a, in a very smooth but much, much faster than we thought.

and, in the next few weeks, you willhear massive changes in the keshe fou..., i've been telling you changes are coming, about to happen. and we needed the pen of the universalcouncil to sign themselves to peace and the humanity to peace in the universal condition. as i said, the move has changed and now we are there where we are. we, in less than a week ... asi said we, we can offer ... the coins. and we are releasing not more than1 million coins that's, that's for sure. ... and ... that 1 million, it'll bekept to create a condition of value. we evaluate it at 1,000 dollar per coin to start with.

it worth much, much more. as we are controlling itwe ask you not to speculate ... we can make things, literally, tobring it back to a price point, if need be but too you canpurchase it... pre-delivery, you can pre-order itand it will stand. it will be ready for next thursday. you can see the coin. it'll be a physical coin produced and distributed by keshe foundation. each one carries a specific number which relates to a passport.

then we explain howthis system will work. do not go and order 1,000 coins. just let it be that's 50, 100 coins. if any of you buy 10 coins, one coin,is there for to bring the change. (rc) ... mr keshe ...(mk) if you look at this sign... if you look at thissign in front of kfm. if you put a time effort on what is made that board on the land stands is over 1.2 million dollars, over that, maybe nearly 1.5 million dollars, paid for.

it belongs to us as a keshe foundation. when i tell you we are,a lot of people made a lot of accusation, a lot of things. if it wasn't therewe couldn't pay. if the money wasn't therethe wall paper doesn't go on. and if the money wasn't therewe woudn't be payable to put the bricks and the factories togetherand employ so many people and every monthpay their wages. you, by you purchasing the coins, itallows us to carry on much more rapid way.

but the same time we would not allow more than 1 million coins, at this moment of time, to go out. we stop at that point and then the position of the, the company which is a public share holding in, in, index. there are millions of shares of it in the market. we cannot stop it. it was released before we buy it over past 20 - 30 years. they will bring huge number of whatwe call it 'people speculating in it', pressurizing the, mostprobably they say,

"you want the companyto release more shares," which we don't seeany reason for it. but, in a way, is good to have these shares in the market. because it gives the best to, what we call 'essence of evaluation of the system'. all the assets you see aretransfered and getting transfered, into the hand of the, the keshefoundation ... as a, as a one entity. we become one of therichest organizations in the world, by our own assets andby correct conduct. armen has spend weeks and somuch travels across to the world,

to make sure these positions,these properties, these factories, take over the right waythe right time, the same time. he's traveled leaving hisfamily, in so many ways. i say, 'i always have to do itbecause is the correct way." i thank you sarah forstanding next to armen. i said to him a few days ago,"i wouldn't stand what sarah hasn't stand, for you to give yourlife for the foundation". families have sacrificed their ex...everything to see peace on this planet and this board...is a sign of it.

is many of us in the foundation who's set the peace work. ... armen's wife has sacrificed a lot tosee this technology to be where it is, armen to be where he is and for them to see the beauty of what is coming out. i always say to armen: "thereis so much thanks to go to sarah, and the boys who havesacrificed so much and to armen. you spent weeks in china, months in china, weeks in af... africa or in ... mexico, just to see things done withoutasking for anything back for it."

then you understand whyhe is so highly respected. many, many of the keshefoundation workers are this way. you are worriedabout if you get 3 %? we sacrifice our lifes andour familys to see humanity changes. there is no much, there is nomoney in any bank to pay for it. (rc) not sure if i missed anybody. oh ... i see that alekz is here. maybe he would ... have a questionor comment that ... would be appropriate. (mk) has ... is alekz there?

(rc) yeah, alekz do you want to... go ahead and say something? (ae) not really, i'm here listening. (rc) i put you on the spot ...(mk) this is another guy who's given his life for the work of humanity. how come you came out of the wood workbecause the rain was so much you couldn't stand the rain,you had to come out of the hole like a mole? (ae) how do you know that mr keshe,it's been raining like, like hell here? [inaudible] (mk) can you tell us what's happening with you?

(ae) ... nothing really, i am making a farm ...for the c, ... commission, i'm making a ...... 50 hectares ... plasma farm. with the control as well. so we just didthe preparation of the land for now, so, maybe in a couple of weekswe'll be planting. so until then there's nothing really to... to talk about. (mk) how, how big is your land this time?i know what we paid for it, but how big is it? it's a 50 hectares i don't know how to quantify 50 hectares ... land it's massive it's big,it's in the bush.

so you can get it for as much as, as you can,it's, it's in, it's way way in the bush. that's why there's no reception thereeach time i'm there, there's never,i can't go online and so on. (mk) do we have to get youa satellite dish? (ae) well, that'll be alright.in that, but i don't live in the farm, that is just the farm, i'm,i'm, just go there to work. because of the preparation,that's why i'm always there now. but when it's done,i'm gonna be back here again. how is the swimming pool you built?... i've not been able to use it'

because of the ... ??? ???.i'm, i'm, building is not done. each time one put some water,it's the men ??? always go to ???. so, i'm holding on till it's done now. (mk) okay. ... what else is happening,you're setting up the factory there now? (ae) yeah yeah yeah, i got ...i got ... ??? ... a 20 ??? ... for the factoryin benin here it's in very, very good ... location ...so i'm, it leaves the east, the west and the north andwe've been about to negotiate with the, ... with the ???,and they never finish ???.

??? i really need and hopefully by next weekall the prepare should be done and, and then we, you know,... just a day from day. i, i, i've.(mk) yeah, [inaudible] background huh? (ae) yeah well, i put it..(mk) [inaudible] i think you better pay a visit to benjamin,see if he can bribe in to speed you up a bit. (ae) ... i'll do it mr keshe, i, i ...i've, i've employed ... some, ... we will change the management teamto take care of that now because i come around itto understand the time so. i'm, more or less ... more or lesswe've found why the money you assigned them

in the dealing with the factoriesand then the administrations and so on. (mk) ... that's fantastic,anything else you want to share with us? as you know in nigeria ...keshe foundation factory comes under cover of the,international keshe foundation. and this is another assetwhich is getting added to what you are become part ofthe share holder of. (ae) yeah well, you don't wanna seewhat i'm doing, there so. there's nothing i'm gonna ???i'm making some plasma ??? while i speak now but, you don't wanna see it,it's nothing really special about it.

(mk) yeah we're there to see your factoryopen up end of this year hopefully. (ae) i hope,i hope so and in that. (mk) ... it's, it's not easy.it's not easy. (ae) one of their visit ???(mk) thank you very much alekz for everything. thank you very much.(ae) thank you mr keshe. (mk) for everythingyou are doing in africa. (nm) there's a farmbelonging to the foundation? (mk) pardon?(ae) ??? (nm) ... does the farmbelong to the foundation?

(mk) yes.(nm) beautiful. [inaudible] (mk) alekz, how much did we pay for it,you paid ten thousands for it? (ae) for the farm?mr keshe? hello?(mk) yes how much did you pay for the farm? yes.??? 7500 euros. and then i'm trying to sink ??? [inaudible]i'm trying to sink a ??? ??? now but. (mk) have you got your truck yet?(ae) not yet mr keshe. we're still waiting on you.(mk) now you baught the land, now we get the factory ??? ???you get your truck to ???.

(ae) okay mr keshe.(mk) thank you very much for everything alekz. (ae) ??? thank you.(mk) thank you again. (ae) well yeah, thank you.(mk) thank you. as you hear,everything is paid by the foundation. we don't, we have no bank borrowing,we don't borrow, we don't go anywhere. [inaudible] in the structureof the members of the keshe foundation, and what we, we create to ... to generatewhat is needed to create a peace condition. any other question?today we be, all became, or what you call, involved in the realoperations like a 5 year annual report of

where the foundation has comein past five years. and we see we have come a long way. and we have a very good team around uswho works and they are working. (rc) ... krashmir has a questionbut it's moving on to ... another subject, which is dear to your heartso to speak concerning the soul. ... do you wanna go with that, or shall ...shall we continue with this for a bit? (mk) no it's okay, we, we reportedor we call, a five year annual report. very soon the head of the keshe foundation,ella, will make a 5 year-10 year vision of as a head of the foundationwhere she sees to take the foundation to.

and ... we'll see, or what we'll do next5 years when we meet again in such a occasion where we'll finda bigger development in our structure. going back to the teaching it's somethingimportant for all of us to understand, is that, where does the heartbeatcomes from? where does thischange comes from? where does we go from gravitationalto a magnetical and a magnetical to gravity, which that switch overcreates a pulse we call a heartbeat? very much maybe forthe first time, again we understand moreabout the knowledge of the plasma

where is the heartbeat?why how is it created? is it, how come it has a lower heartbeatand we have a higher heartbeat? is the lower heartbeatwithin the structure of the body of man or within the structure of the soul,and the higher beat outside or is it in reverse? in so many ways when the magneticalgravitational field balance of one field, or one plasma condition inrespect to its environment, becomes balanced with its magneticalas much with the gravitational, then the switch overtakes over. in the world of physicsor world of chemistry we call it [inaudible]

it goes from alkaline to acidityor from acidity to alkaline this is a heartbeatit's a change switch over those of you who are physically and what i call in the world of chemistryunderstand it, should give you a new insightin how you can change polarity, how you can change acidity to alkalinenessin a flick of a second, even though being in the same present timeposition, pressures and temperature one of the points which we have missedand we will miss, if we do not pay attention to it,is to understand, where is the switch over?

and is that switch overwhat we call the beat of the plasma? but you've got to realizeyou have as much switchover in the outer boundaries of the plasma,than inner boundaries of the plasma. and when these twoswitch and match, you start creating the conditionof the rotation of the plasma, in the direction of the higher strengthfrom the to the lower strength and the order of the magnitudein the reverse condition. then the plasma starts rotating. and depending on what field extensionson the boundary has been

on the time of switch over from what we callmagnetical to gravitational, then that creates the boundary,and the volume and the noise of the plasma in a way it goes shhh,and it goes tchk. it goes up,and it's just like a waterfall, very strong going further and furtherand then suddenly takes a dip into the fall. that point of a dip that point of thechange of the vertical to horizontal, and a horizontal to a verticaleither way you look at it. because as the water goes downthere is a pressure which comes up. but because we don't seewe never considered it.

then that pointcreates a heartbeat in the in the condition of the man,it creates a noise of conversion. so if we understand this, many of uscan control space reactors which are testing on. to be ablethrough the heartbeat of the man to control the heartbeatof the plasma of the reactor which through it would let mecontrol the emotion of the plasma, and speed of the plasmaand direction of the plasma. our vision becomes beyond the boundaryof the reactors or the spaceship. as we see far ahead, through the vision of the soul of the man

and the eye of the man,as many equipment's that we have do not work at these kind of speeds,it's impossibility. so, we become to understandmore and more, that, we need to understand,the truth, the reality and the operation of the plasma. to what extent we can allowplasma to have a heartbeat, to what noise,to what level of ... conversion? to what strength? do we accept a plasma as a living entity

that we can interact with it? and through the interaction,create a condition of controled condition? that, through itwe can create pulses that we decide how much. it's very much like we controlthrough breathing, our own heartbeat. how much can we control the heartbeat? how much can we control the switch over, even the magnetical and gravitational and vice versa? the speed of conversiongives the rate of the heartbeat.

if you have understood this, and you can understand the work of it,it's very easy. remember, why does your heartbeat suddenly change when you see your lover? doesn't need to do a thing.does not even need to make a move. a telephone call with a name brings a heart race. massive increase in the heart noise -"kerch chu chu, cher chu chu, ker chu" so our emotion is a controller of our soulin the dimension of physicality, but we have never understood. and if we can understandthese kind of processes,

then we can dictate the process by whichthe structure of the soul of the man interacts with the structureof the soul of physicality of the man. and how, the heartbeat of one, createsthe motion and the heartbeat in the other, that one cannot exist without the other. the more clarity between the soulof the physicality and the soul of the man the more pleasurable transition shall be. if the soul of the mansees in the conduct, the physicality in what it has beenas part of its ethos, you find thesekind of the end of physicality,

does not so harsh as one imagine.it becomes very pleasant. it becomes looking forward to, because "i invested everything there. now i'm going home". heartbeat, in so many ways, exists with everyplasma entity in the universe. and if you can adjust to it,you can enjoy the pleasure of its existence. and then you can control everything. but does the soul of the physicalitythrough the beat of the heart, allows release ofcertain amount of the fields,

which is the essenceof the soul of the man to be released for the soulto confirm its existence? because now,one triggers the other. and then it allows the soul of the man to absorbs energy of the higher orderfrom the universal fields. then, if we can change the rate of the flow, and the strength of the higher orderfrom the soul of physicality, into triggering the soul of the manto extract more energy from his environment,then man reaches the point of,

literally, joining universal community. because at this pointis the height of the strength is of the highest of any beingon the planet or in the universe. none of you have understood,but soon many of you will understand. (nm) mr keshe, this is nicholas.i have a question that it's been coming for a while now,what you've just shared. and i will put it out.it's, it's a little naive. it's not coming from a physicist science. but in, in terms of the balance,every time that one ...

physicality or, moves back and forthbetween magnetical and gravitational ... there's a point there that,that is, almost doesn't exist. and, in trying to understandwhat we call ... the 'black hole' where everything is, is in absolute balance then, everything would have to have that at the core. and so, in this crossover that,that we see which takes no energy. ... as one moves through, is that pulse in a sense, that, that space ... between ... coming into existence and going out. ... either at a very very rapid rateor a slow rate?

if you understand my question?(mk) if you, if you look at ... "origin of the birth", whenan egg and a sperm comes together. somehow, graduallythey create their own heartbeat, and that heartbeat gradually trans... is transferred into a muscle, we call it the 'heart'. the, the heartbeat comes when the combination of collection of the souls of the, what i call, 'physical matter of the entity',combine together, and, in that process,create a give and take,

or, give and reject,or, take and reject, whatever, in whicheveryou'll call it, and create the life, cycle of life,what we call, ... existence. so, any of us can live in that dimension.any of us can have a heartbeat. any time you put the ganses togetherin a very dynamic condition, they create a heartbeat. the teaching of today, what i just explainedin past 5 or 10 minutes, if you can grasp the whole concept,and the idea of it, and the essence of it,and the knowledge of it,

should make many of you man of space,many of you man of space. have we gone? (rc) no, still, still here mr keshe. i'm trying to find the ...question that i had lined up earlier ... (jg) mr keshe,i think i have an idea in that. let me see. i will work on it. (rc) okay, here's the question ...i'm not sure if it connects exactly with what you're talking about right nowmr keshe, but from krasimir,

his question earlier, was ... on another subject. "i was wondering about emotionsand the connection with soul. "when we talk about elevating the soulwould that mean "that we would elevateour emotions as well so we stop feeling the "bad emotionsof guilt, shame, anger and the rest"? "or would we stillhave to experience them? "so there are bad emotionsthat we would have to overcome or all emotions are important,and, we somehow need them?" (mk) it's so many ways emotions don't ...

what, what we got to understand,why do we look for emotion of negativity,sorrow and hate? why don't we look for the emotion ofpositiveness, to give, to be happy? to rejoice, to be able to share,to be able to give, to be able to do and ... and to be able tojustify to our own soul and nobody else. how many of you have walkednext to your wife and says, "i just love looking at you?" or to your child? how many of you have stood and said,

"i love the way i spend my life in lovingmy family or my children or whatever?" or anybody else? loving is a privilege,and the man has never appreciated it. loving or, what we say, "we give,"is something which is the gift to humanityand man has abused it against himself and then, he suffers with it. when you fall in love you suffer,when you fall in love this happens. why, why don't you look at whenyou fall in love, you learn how to give, how to s... how to be a generous to yourown soul because you give it from the soul

but ... we always look at the negativityand people gonna do wrong now something else gonna happen.there's gonna be a sorrow and pain? if is gonna be, if you change it, it's not there, it's another position. a few days ago, where in past 48 hours,24 hours ... it was amazing when i stand and i see detachment and i say,"i'm just maturing, i'm getting there. not yet, but i'm getting there." i was in a place, a very crowded placeand i, i had my mobile phone in my hand, and ... suddenly it wasn't there. and i thought it was lost.i asked,

"have you seen my phone?anybody seen any mobile phone here?" and then i stood still,i said, "what am i gonna learn from it,there is a reason for this? so is gone, it means i can live without it if it comes back,if it's here is here." and then accidentally,i was with somebody i was with. it was picked up by. and after when i received iti looked i said, "do i need this?" if a year ago, two years ago,six months ago, ten years ago,

you lose your mobile phone - it's the end of the world. and it was so nice... i,i had no attachment to it, if it's gone something means, it's not timei have to forget about some people or some things the way it happen. and it became a joyful time,i, i've crossed another detachment, i was, you get so muchattached to this little thing, then you need it, when without it,i cannot speak to you. and ... but you've become, it's amazing how detached we've become, nothing it matters. it matters to seethe work, that the peace is done,

it's matters to seewe set the factories up. now, serving humanityhas taken priority. because it's not that, there'sgonna be not much time, it's, we need a lot of timeto change so many little people. we need to understand, we need to, come to a conclusion, there is no need for sacrifice. very little left. because, when you give from your soulyou already given, there is nothing left to sacrifice,because there is no more left

for sorrow to give on condition.you have given everything. shall we call it a day? it's nearly two and a half hours. (ab) ... mr keshe...(mk) today we had, yes azar. (ab) ... mr keshei wanna clarify something, i, i , i kind of talk about itin the medical teaching but, ... i know...(mk) can you... (inaudible) (ab) yes, can you hear?(mk)... speak louder please? (ab) yes ... of course ...so, so i was thinking when we,

when we look at our field,that field is a extension of our soul, ... because i noticed... when i for example ... i meet you, for example,i meet you or i meet someone else, my field ...kind of mesh with your field. if you look at it as a, like a spider web,or like a rubber band, when you move to the other side of... (mk) hello... (inaudible) (ab) hello?(mk) can you speak louder? (ab) ... yes, can you hear me? ... okay so when i, when i move toanother part of the world, say we met in rome

when i come to new york,that connection never goes away. so it's just like a meshit's get stretched. so when i give from my soul, i mean this... giving or loving ... just like a ... if you look at the ...like a nervous system or a synapses, is just like a highway or a train track,they're always connected. so we always can give and loveand this just like a blood flows from one personto another person. so, for example, if you are connected toa million people, and i'm connected to a million people,this connection also get connected

to the people i never met because i,you and i got connected in one point. so we practically connectedto everything and everything. so this giving and,(mk) how you passed your exam as a dentist? (ab) what do you mean? mr keshe? (mk) you understood the essence of creation,we are all connected to each other. (ab) so, so so...(mk) we're all connected to each other. (ab) but my loving and giving is constant 24/7, the minute i set my mind in it and then, the problem is, i mean this is kind of like imagining as a train track

that you created itbut you never had a train. now this train track was ... hide under dust and debris. now, since we know this, we kind ofclean it up, we clean it up and constantly give and the more you give,it's just like a muscle you never trained. now it, muscle gets stronger so this giving, like for example if i have joy in my lifeand i have joy in my soul and heart, and this joy constantly goes.for example, if i have seen a man from ... syria who just came from ... a war zonewhen i, when i touch, when i get meshed with his field,my joy goes to his field and from him,

goes to the thousand people who in syria,and suddenly a woman sitting in a rubble, in a middle of nowhere,suddenly that woman feels joy out of nowhere and she feels love, where did it come from?because it comes from us. so we kind of,if we have more joy and love actually, there is no placefor anything else. and that's cause you, cause you. (mk) you women are so romantic and todayis the day of the woman, we allow you to be. ... no, it's just that, if you learn,and we are learning very, very rapidly, it's not me anymore, it's us,but through us, is my soul,

that it can come ... be in contactwith all of it, then it solves a lot of it. who likes to shoot himselfin a foot? "i'm not a marathon and hope to win,"as i always say. so, if you understand,if i hurt in another soul it's my soul which is getting hurt by it. would you like to hurt yourself? unless you are a maniac and you've got something wrongin your structure of the thinking. if it's the pleasure in pain. so, we are all connected.(ab) also, at the same time,

we don't have to worry a man holding a gunbecause the minute he holds a gun if i give from my soul to the,to this connection, he's gonna drop the gunbecause he's, he...he, i...i can increase his field so it's easy to do. (mk) in so many ways,but we have to mature it's, it's time of maturity, it's time of maturity. (rc) there is ... a question mr keshe about... can you tell us ... about addictions and how ca...how ca... we can help ourselves and others. and i know you mentioned about ... a new... a group that might be forming and so on,

maybe you can give us,is there any more details about that? (mk) can you ex,can you repeat the question please? (rc) can you tell us about addictions,and how could we help ourselves and others? it's from fernando. (mk) addicition? (rc) yes ... we, we were talking aboutaddictions ... i think in the last workshop, and you mentioned about ... there is,some mention about possibly getting a... a group together ... of,maybe in facebook or private ... teaching. and it could help people in, in ... with addictions or compulsions,

and that kind of thing. (mk) yeah, it's possible this ...we haven't had much time. you got to realize most of the time,most of the effort of the foundation, is going on this ... factory in accra, and the thingswhich are happening around it. and ... there is a lot of need for lookingafter things and getting things done ... ... in so many ways,you can get rid of all addictions. all addictions are reversible.doesn't matter what, except one. one addiction, the pay... the what i callthe paymaster of it, is so strong,

which is embedded in our rna,which is the cornerstone of, of all the structure of the creation of the man, is the addiction to reproduce.because without it we don't exist. doesn't matter even those who do not want to reproduce, but the, in totality, we always see reproduction to leave a fingerprint, it's part of our responsibility,finding the pleasure we get from reproduction. [inaudible] the headaches of bringing a child up for twenty ye. (sc) ??? break.

... it appears we might have a,let's have a look here. we might have temporarily lost himfor a minute or so here. (mk) here sometime, and thenat the end says, "how why..." [technical issue] (rc) hello? oops, i think he's, popped off the list temporarily, so he should be back in a minute here. i see ... jubani, i'll allow you to talk. it seems like you have your hand up there, and ... we'll wait for mr keshe to come back.he should be back shortly.

(ab) rick, please don't forget theearth constitution in danish. ... jens is waiting.(rc) ... where is ... jens? (ab) oh he's here. (rc) with you, okay.(ab) he's with me, yes. (rc) as we couldn't find him in the listand we're getting a little ... (ab) because i invited himto come over last night, so he woke up with me,that's okay (rc) okay perfect then.thank you for you letting us know that. (ab) no problem.(rc) we'll have to let mr keshe know and i,

i think he'll be okay with that.(ab) thank you. (mk) why we, why we, the, the physical anxiety and the detection and what i call,it's the soul which needs, to be satisfied on a physical s,of the body of the man. and if he cannot satisfy it, becomes addicted, because the soul is aware of it, but the soul of physicalityis not aware of it and they try to match. and that matching needs additional energy. because it's it's a matter-state, it's on the gans matter level,

so you can subdue it,or you can increase it, by a physical matter like sugar,or chemical binding. because is a rapid release of energyin the structure of the body of the man. every addiction is reversible,is a alcoholic. we have had cases that, they are twenty years,thirty years addicted to ... drugs, and ... within twenty four hours, they cannot even stand the smell of it. because the smellis part of the emotion of the man, in the dimension of physicalityand the soul of physicality. you can stop any addiction, but some addictions when you stop,

is too dangerous, depending if it's too late. if you've been a smoker for forty yearsand you want at age of fifty to stop smoking sixty, god help you,you write your own death sentence. because the body has to reverse back in, and then it creates mayhem. addiction, we have to understand, is coming from the soul of physicality, to the physical soul.one is what created by your heart, and one what is created bythe matter-state of the body of the man. then you can overcome anything.why some drugs are so effective? because you just touch them, they could just some

nettles or whatever you wear under your,under you clothes or, next to you,and you get that dimension. every addiction is reversible. everything else we see with addiction, falling off, spending the money to get it. doctors do not understand. satisfy the soul of the man, satisfy the soul of physica, soul of the man,soul of physicality of the man. when you bring at least two out of the three, and they're controlled the right way, you push the other one to fit in, you're done, there's no addiction.

if you want i can tell you how to do it,but i'm sure you all know how to do it. (ab) mr keshe, i think when you were talking about this ... you were talking to yourself, because we couldn't hear you. you came in the middle.(rc) yeah, we missed the first part of your discourse there mr keshe.so not quite. (mk) ... it meantgod didn't want you to listen as usual. (ab) ... mr keshe,that was a important part where the. (mk) how do you know it was important?if you heard what you heard, every sentence, every word has a meaning,it means you got to learn from it.

what i explained is very simple. addiction comes, addictions, azarjan. ... you see, i call azar azarjanjan in farsi means my dear. ... jan is my life. ... the, the, the, the addiction comes,it's nothing to do with emotion. it's nothing to dowith the soul side of emotion. it's to do with the soul of physicality, and the physical soul of the man. and they try to match, and when they cannot, they cannot match, we try and we createa matching time for a short time. and the further you are strongin your physical soul,

and the soul of physicality,understand the separation. soul of physicality and physical soul are totally separate. one is to do with the physical body which we leave behind, one is to do with the soulwhich collects, effective life of the physical lifeof the man creates. and addiction is to do with this part,nothing to do with, the soul of the man. the minute you go into the soul businessyou'll find out the addicts are lost. if you can go in the direction ofimproving the soul energy of the both side, that is the physicality of the man,and the energy of the soul of the man,

or the physical soul, then you see you can walk away with it. it can be reversed in seconds. what we look foris that matching, we cannot match our physicalsoul to the soul of physicality, so we try harder,we look for energy, which is drugs, sugar,which is the alcohol. the, what does a drug do? it raises the level of energy. and that's what we are looking for.so it has to do, it has to be, a physical entity matter,not with the soul matter.

souls don't get drunk, and if youwant to see one your quite welcome. drug, sugar, adrenaline we call it.why do you get adrenaline to go and get? number one do we get in dopamine and the other things we get to gamble. because is the energy which pushes the neuro system of the body of the man, on the physical soul level, to the soul of physicality, we want to bridge it to make it one,and it doesn't happen. you can help a little bit from the soul side, but you cannot do much for it, because is the interface between two different levelof entity of energy.

that's why addictionis so hard to reverse. and when you look at it, if you understand it, why do we get addicted to sex? why do you do it regularly?why do you get involved with another partner? what's the payment?the adrenaline, that giving, that love, which creates, and it's all physical. your soul does say, "oh, timeto go, make love, find another soul" it's your physicality, with the soul of physicality and physical soul, which, they have to confirmeach others existence, we confirm.

and you do it with anotherphysical bar... [inaudible] [inaudible]or satisfy the [inaudible] (rc) sorry mr. keshe, you broke up there,at "we do it with another physical body". last sentence. (rp) rick, i think he was doingthe, another physical soul. (mk) [inaudible] but through it,you create a condition from your soul,to ??? ??? else. you see [inaudible]am i [inaudible] (rc) you're breaking up mr. keshe, it's hard to hear the complete sentences.

well, we're not hearing you now. (mk) yes, my phone got excited, you see? this is the problem,because i'm holding it, it's part of the physicalentity of its own soul, and it gets in touch with my soul,and my soul just pushes, creates a way. it says, "this sound their not supposed to hear, this part, so you don't hear it. (ab) mr. keshe, mr. keshe thank you. canwe, can we read the danish earth constitution? in danish please, now [inaudible](mk) pardon? (mk) pardon?(ab) can we,

can we read the earth constitutionin danish now? (rc) the earth constitution in danish,she said, she has the person there to read it. (cdr) ... rick, hello? (rc) yes. (cdr) ... did you receive...(mk) i'm losing you, i cannot hear. (cdr) did you receive the requestfrom sandor, for hungarian today? (rc) ... sandor said...(sk) ... lets put that for the next. sorry. we discussed before, and we agreethat today, it's a good day for the danish. and ... i'd like ... to read the hungarian version on 15th march. (cdr) okay, thank you .(mk) hello?

(cdr) i wasn't notified about it.(mk) hello, good afternoon. (rc) hi mr. keshe. (mk) i'm back. sorry about this, we just, i, the phone got excited, i can't help it.(rc) yes. azar we was talking about ... the danishversion of the earth council constitution. (mk) ah okay, you can carry onwe're nearly in to three hours, ... two hours and a fifty minutes or whatever.(rc) yeah. (mk) i say goodbye because i know it's gonna be a problem, ... keeping online, some how the lines drops.(rc) yeah, that makes sense. and i say good bye to you, and thank youvery much, you listen to that region

... what you call, the council,... what they are sitting for. ... support the keshe foundation,what we set out to do. your supporting a lot of things,which we've be waiting for, this time around. we are doing it very smoothly,very quietly. we need a lot of supportin every shape or form, from teachers to transcribers to... what we call, the computer people, the management, in setting upof the factories as the factories open up. do not go to the factoryexpecting to get a job. go to the factory with the soul, that i'm here to make a change,

and if there is something therethat it might bring you, a pleasure of existence, as a job or whatever, it'll come to you. when you make your way,i'm going there to get a job, you'll find out there is no job,but if you're going there to see seriously, with sincerity to participatein bringing the change, you'll find that italways a job somewhere, something, you can been, give you,this instruction of physicality. i thank all of you, for whatyou've done for the foundation. we have achievedenormous leap in one week,

the keshe, the coins, the start of setting up of the bank, the catalogs, the shareholding of the,what you call, market shareholding company. and if you need to purchase or if you see a way you can, you want to do it, please do it in a way, it's not that, i'm investing for my future. how many people haveinvested and they've lost, and how many of us,given to bring a condition of peace, and we gain much more. the coins if you want to take any, you can go only through one account, which is the keshe foundation account, is pre offer, we are not selling it,

and when we reach the number we have, we stop giving it out, because we have to block it,for the reasons we know. we allow one million shares,which is nothing, one million coins to be going into the market, and we guarantee only three percenton the coins, and no more. till the time we decide to change.so it's an investment, if anybody calls on it, they can go to the factories and geta covalent to the money, where it is, and at according to what it is available. as it keeps us to be ableto keep a very high level,

of investment in changing. we invest in the future of humanity, not in one place, we invest in one nation. it shouldn't be said, why you spentso much in africa and not in asia, because ... or in europe,because you already paved your roads, how many times you want payment, the more on top of each other, just to confirm you've done something. and, let's see where we go. thank you very much for today, and i leave ... the norwegian people, by the soul of the reading in a language, chased by many souls

that they might changein the right direction. thank you very much. (rc) okay, thank you very much mr. keshe, once again. and ... so now we'll have areading of the danish version of the earth council constitution, and ...can, can you maybe ... introduce that azar? (ab) yes.(rc) for... (j?) yes, hello. ... is jens here.i'm ready to read it up. (rc) okay, if you could introduce yourself. you're ... jens from? (j?) denmark, ... originally.(rc) and you're the danish ... earth council?

(ab) no.(j?) no, i can't, i can't pride myself of that. but ...(rc) okay. (j?) i am following the teachings.(rc) okay, thank you. now, do you have a copy of the ...document that you want to show? (ab) ... rick...(rc) or i can, i can show it otherwise. (ab) yeah, you can put it up please. (rc) okay, just a second here. okay, i'll get that shared.i think that's it here. (j?) okay.(rc) there we go. (j?) yes, so i start.(rc) ok, just let me know

when to turn the page, okay.(j?) yeah, i will. thank you rick. [reading in danish] next, next page please. next please. (rc) ... sorry, i lost the place there, just a minute. is it the next page after this? that one? (j?) yes, i think so.(rc) okay. move it a little bit thank you. next.

a little more, please. stop,a little too much. thank you. (rc) thank you, thank you very much. okay, that'll bring to a close today's214th knowledge seekers workshop, for thursday march 8th, 2018.and i believe we'll have some music and ...(fm) yes. (rc) slides to go out with there flint.(fm) yes. (rc) great, thank you.thank you everybody for attending and ...

being here for today's session.thank you for the questions, and if there's any questionsthat we didn't cover, carry them through till next week.okay, bye for now. now, you understand,maybe, why the creator has sent his messengersin the name of whatever you have had. is that they bring the ears,and, it can be usedwhen the time of the messiah comes, the school is there and the students aredevotedly there. then,there won't be any fight,

between what they call,"the muslims" and "the christians". it's the soul of the collective, awareness,by giving, will create that position of the change. and we have to understand,the soul of the man is a star, if we compare the soul of the man,and many of us, 7 billion in one collection. we see galaxies withhundreds of millions of stars in it. to thosewho do not the physical, who do not seethe physical dimension of this planet, no one from a distance sees,that's the soul of a fisherman, when we look through our soul,we see nothing but the star in the other souls.

the universe is the oysterfor those souls who serve. then,man is ready to go into space. that their physical lifeon this planet changes, then i'm worthyto be part of the universal community. to be there to be part,that, in the cycle of life of universe, i become, in being part,i become, part of the totality." when man reaches that point, a new dimension in the strength ofthe soul of the man will appear, which is, beyond imaginationof understanding of the physical life.

it's the elevation of the soul,to serve, become the key, not a throneof the physical life. subtitles by the amara.org community

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