kleines bad gemütlich gestalten

kleines bad gemütlich gestalten

my name is reã¾at. i'm a human being. i have never been bound to a jobneither have... ...i ever been fond of one. i have other fondnesses. i spend 100 days of the yearout of 365 making bombs. say 35 days with pomping all the time. 45 days i spend with my cousins...you know family heaven. and say 60 days with shopping.

so 125 days is left... what can you do in this 125 days, you can get married,travel round the world, be a professional cook... stock exchange, betting, horse racing,football tournements... ...you can get a fit body ifyou try hard. you can get into a political party andchange into another one... you can get bored of the caryou're driving get a higher model. you can put on weight and lose some,

you can do anything actually. i am the only son of a family inthe outskirts of the city. the only legacy of my deceasedfather was his dreams. we would have an average home, anaverage car and we would live on like that. may he rest in peace, yes in peace.so what? what happened huh? a big zero!that's what we got. boys take their fathers as role models... they walk like them, talk like them,they behave like them. that's good! but what ami supposed to take from mine?

demons are different,faeries are different. do you know what my biggest dream is? to rob this bank. what was it that we werespeaking about? money is printed in the mint, made into notes, signed,stamped and sealed then flows, brot. thousands of clean and dirtyhands touch it. what counts is that one

shouldn't touch the dirty side of money. and if you touch it. dad had a psychotherapy for ten monthsafter eating burcu's soted mushrooms. and after the therapy they split us. they married me with the daughterof mr. kemal yã½lmaz who is a close friend of my father in his business.today we're having our third anniversary... my wife cemile, very elegant,good willed, en exact lady. my mother has died in the kitchen. this marriage is important tomy father dude, and to me my father.

he is a real man. we keep silent and manage itwith a little comission... you know, misery in prosperity... my father-in-law kemal. one of those millenium millonaires whofound the money in the 2000s. land, building, factoring, so he openeda good door for himself in ãstanbul. tough package. to me he doesn'tmake a penny in turkish money. my mother-in-law nurdan. a little while ago papa wasin the need of a little money.

mr. kemal, with a scorpion in his pocket,having at least 5 million dollars,... ...in the bank didn't give a penny. why shouldn't i drink, dude? when it comes to the old case. we keep the three monkey thingy. but one of the monkeys forgot toshut up, so i keep him with me. he is a brave guy but a little nut. good to keep him athand in any case. with the other we meet in ãžahin'sgallery every anniversary of the case.

thank god, nothing hashappened so far. everything seems to be goingswimmingly, unless we make a mistke. don't make me wait too long.i got wild and i texted you this - ã–zgã¼r bey.- yes sir. do you think we can take thiswall down and make a hallstand instead? is there a carriage column here? this is a plasterband as faras i know. i mean we can do something talking toour interior designer service we can offer whatever thecost is and i mean it can be done.

it's ok. we'll see. i can't see the kitchen.where is the kitchen? our kitchen isn't in the up-front.it is a built-in kitchen... what built-in kitchen,i didn't catch it? arriviste kitchen, let me explain. this is the style of our kitchen ma'am. it wasn't like that before. our designers had a group work, and got it this position,and we made up our mind.

well, good job thanks ever so much. shall we get to the balcony? we've got a small balconyhere in the living room. do you know what makesthis house good? its weather. look at that beauty. did you notice something? sorry? like what? tell it me. i'll take care of that.

this is to do with ladies. our house is overlookingthe southern side. i mean it's towards the sun. let's walk to the garden,ma'am, sir. ladies first.after you! all the trees in the gardenare from italy. this tree is called pradamella, it has its own ambience withits afrodisiac scent. ma'am, look at this for god's sake.it is full of oxigene.

i guess the sun is behind clouds. let's walk around the rooms,here we are. - i'll kick his arse soon.- don't he is in love with his mobile. here we have a smallroom which you can use i mean you can use itas a massage room. right next to it is an 80 square metreelegant guest room with an en-suite bath. some ladies complain aboutwater drops on granit. some others say that waterdamages the parquet whatsoever.

here we have a bathroom thatsucks water in. the silicon that's been putin between the parquet parts sucks the water in and there's not even a hintof water that's around. aaah, aaah ah. ã–zgã¼r,you haven't come. i am doing my job myself... what is it with you dude? sorry, are you talking to me? - i beg your pardon!- watching porno all day long eh? no, what, sir! what is itgotto do with it now?

what is it gotto do with it?penetrated kitchen, sucking in bathroom, going up and down, positions,afrodisiak trees? ...absurd voices coming fromthe phone. shame! - do you know who i am?- nope, i don't. we are like neighbours here. this is not the first time we arecoming to check the houses. watch out your tongue. come on muzaffer, we're going. - you bloody pimp.- don't get upset honey.

sir, don't you dare use badlanguage at me. i have not paid any other wordsthan what my profession requires. i am offering youa good quality life here. get outta my way.you take care about your life. - what if i don't?- what the hell are you talking about man? just asking brother.what if i don't care? please, don't, not when i'm with you. look at that pimp.go get your wife's name done first. what kind of a woman's namemuzaffer is?

yes, brand new.not even touched. of course. i mean youcan come and have a look. everything is included in theprice list in the add. exterior and interior,everthing has been finished. we work with finished stuff notthe constructions. yes our interior designers'group work. i can make it tomorrowaftermoon yes. it doesn't matter what timeever it can be, 2 - 3. yes, have a nice day thanks.

- what's up?- where have you been? customers darling.they keep me busy, - what are you gonna drink.- everything. what's up, dude, what's up? look at that. ãžale get this thing outof the way dude. i'll kill it. oh for god's sake. what's thispoor little thing gotto do with you? ain't it my girl, ain't it? don't touch that.don't you dare touch it. you'll get a cyst.

oh come on ã–zgã¼r. - you've got a message.- hey stop it. don't peep! honey, i call you but you don't answer.where have you been? why do you keep seeing this moron? why ishe speaking to you like he is your friend? he is my business friend honey.we're working together, so what? i'll kill ya if you think of himin another way anyway. don't be ridiculous. sweety, my little girl. do sit down on here and watchmummy and daddy, ok honey?

ãžale, what on earth are you doing there? i saw it in a film and i liked it a lot. now i'm applying it to you now...for good energy and positive electric. even gap the power station hasn't gotas much energy as you have. you'll mess up the fruit.it's gonna get some hair on it. come on over here, stop it. hey ã–zgã¼r, don't slow me down please. ok come on then. hey for god's sake.get this thing the hell outta here.

ã–zgã¼r don't be afraid ofher but me! how shouldn't i be afraid of it? theirbite is worth a tone, d'you know that? ã–zgã¼r you told me to see no one,you'd get it done. i mean 40 people are waiting in line.i'm not the only one. my baby, my beauty i've talked about it over and over. i've told them about the thingy. i have called the managersof companies for a week now. but they do not give sponsorshipto women but men.

i guess they are fag.i simply don't understand. hey ãžale! don't you smoke thiscigarette for god's sake... if i had this kinda beautyi wouldn't even touch it. you'll have no kids in the future. it harmsyour hair, your mouth your everything. i don't smoke it because i enjoy it ã–zgã¼r.i smoke it out of stress. hit me if you want then. how much does this video clip cost? i talked with the company. including the montage you signthe contract for 30 thousand liras.

30 thousand? they did the avatarfor 30 thousand. what the hell are you talking about, ãžale?why don't you negotiate? - but it's got animations as well.- so? avatar's got animations all over. 30 thousand.they have never gone houngry then. - hello- hello, arif where are you? getting fuel for the carmr. ã–zgã¼r. yes? if i fall asleep.remind me tomorrow ok? you'll put 30 thousand lirasinto the bank for mme ãžale take it from our advertisementrevenues and i'll get it done.

ok! hugs and kisses. so it's done.what is it ãžale? you're breaking my heart. my love! shall i give you a massage? yes, but look, i'll be going tonightgot guests for dinner tonight. ã–zgã¼r, please don't forgetabout tomorrow. it's ok. gimme the lips.my lady gaga. come on. there's no place like parisfor shopping. have you been there mr. kudret?

after two glasses anywhereis paris for me. such a great man you are brot. do you remember love, we walked all theway to champs elisã©ez that day? how on earth can i ever forget?you drove us crazy that day. i got fucked up all the way forwe went walking around. smell it. see if you shall finda woman's scent? what do you think you're doing dude? i told you to smell youretrying to come into me. she'll call you at 12 tomorrow,so keep your phone off.

all right mr. ã–zgã¼r... i'll have a break from girls.what's this? look at the woman. she's telling me to give her 30 thousandso she could have her video clip shot. we try to make a living ona little commission. i just don't catch it dude. they think life is a feast dayand night. and i go and have a crush with them. right mr. ã–zgã¼r. this kind a things is notfor you anyway.

you have a nice family.you have a nice wife. you might put yourself intotrouble mr. ganyotã§u you are not talkingto the local shop keeper dude. it's ã–zgã¼r here, those who try to put me in troublewill find out what trouble means. i'm just talking about what i have. that woman stinks.i don't wanna go there. i mean we should take our precautions sono one could say anything about us. it's ok. check the acoountat about 12 ok?

- welcome darling.- how are you honey? good evening mr. arif get these. i'll see you soon. see you mr. have a nice evening, so here we have our john trump. donald trump. whatever shit it is. turup murup the beauty of that street.

thousands of shops. channel,dior, hermes hmmm hermes. the same shit chat everwhere dude. - come honey.- good evening welcome son. father welcome. how are you mother. - hi honey.- hi. nice things you've made here huh. honey what's up again?

do sit down son. you've turned the houseinto aã¾k-ã½ memnu. you're kissing everybodylike behlã¼l. thanks to god this hasalso happened to us. - do you wanna have rice honey?- i'll have some of that aubergine dish. what's this? garlic souce...ã–zgã¼r, are gonna eat it? it's on the table, ain't it?i'll eat it then. - but i didn't have it honey.- so what?

the places in ã‡ekmece are opened,for constructions. are they? yes. and the place in beylikdã¼zã¼,remember? you were quiet at dinner. anything wrong honey? nothing wrong. i've got a little problem at work... ...and my fother is constantlyteasing me about work as well, donald trump whatever. as if i shouldforce people to buy a house.

work's going bad.a moron came today. don't worry honey. never mind. no one's buying a house these days. they came and check the granitas if they produced it theirselves. anyway what have you been doing? nothing much. mum and iwent to niã¾antaã¾ã½. we walked around, had a cuppa. ã–zgã¼r it's almost%50 sale everywhere. i got loads of things.we were there almost all day.

got anything for me? - yes i did.- what? gas mask. ã–zgã¼r, can you turn around honey?you stink with garlic. cemile i don't eat it out ofpleasure, honey. i am on streets all day long. it's freezing out there.i mean it's just for antibiotics. i know why you eat it though...but anyway. then why am i eating it?

anyway. ã–zgã¼r, come on darling - good night.- good night. so i am playing a trick with garlic. turn that lamp off. what is this, dude? do we haveto pay everything to the government now? look i'm telling you,you'll declare loss in papers. you come to me with heaps of taxes. i don't have this muchprofit anyway. mr. kemal i do all i can.i try 50 different methods.

i create loads of expanses and stuff. - so what are we gonna do?- actually there is a way. what? mr. hikmet's land, remember? we'll buy that and slip allthe investments there. we can blow up all theexpanses there. the 5 million that camefrom the sale of the business center has already been transferredinto the ladies bank accout. we could put this money eitherinto your groom's acount

or your daughter's in caseit is necessary. so we played a trick in trade. now we're scared the shit out ofus like cowards. turn up the tv. we can't talk the way it should be.they listen to everything everywhere. you're not even ashamed of it, are you?i declare it to everybody, even the media... anyway ã–zgã¼r. i'll get this doneby myself as well... to you we are whore, aren't we? you didn't find a sponsor to get my videoclip shot but i shotyou a very good clip.

the budget is one trillion...you spineless dog. ã–zgã¼r aren't you coming?come on. honey! breakfast's ready. honey. arab customers are coming.got to go. bye. - your face is very pale, why?- why ismy face pale? why pale? i mean the garlic i ate yesterday.that must be it. - got to go. bye- going without kissing me? my baby come on over. sorry.they'll buy 4-5 houses. good morning. mr. ã–zgã¼rgood morning, walk on, walk, walk

kubilay honey, all right i'llget 30 kilo of it. but what are you gonna sendme as a promotion. you sent 4 lousy glassesthe other day. ok. send 15 shot glasses then. oh come on. fuck your limitedamount offer. send15 of it. look who's talking lady ãžale is sending us a threatening mail. who the hell do you think you are. mr. ã–zgã¼r let me take her down.i'll hit her hard.

don't. don't interfere hang on, hang on. i think i'vegot a call. i' call you. - hello?- is ãžale there, ãžale? - mss ãžale is not here.- who is this? - who is this?- it's ã–zgã¼r here. it's mertay here.nice to meet you. - i guess it's a wrong call, sorry.- nope. brot it's not wrong number. i suppose mss ãžale has divertedher phone to mine. ha, ok. what is this now?look at that trickster.

you are the hero of the case. you tell mewhat it is, carry on. speak up. are you trying to create trouble,man, huh? look, tell that ãžale that she hasn'tmet a chap like me before. i'll kick her so hard. so hard!hello. hello, i'm listening. mr. ã–zgã¼r, let me speak toofor god's sake. don't be phone cheesy. tell me where you are.i'll be there in a sec. where are you?

brother, you just don'tlet me go. look cousins have just come outof the jail. they were convicts of murder. i'd pull the triggerright next to their ear. they'd get the shit patatoesoutta their arses. my uncle's sons headbutt withthe bullets. may god put your nose in shit. hello. i didn't talk to you brot.it was a miscall. i'll return to you. oh son! you've ruined the car.

hope it'll be better soon. i'm sorry. a secondabsence of mind. i am an estate consultant.let's get it done between us. shall we pull it over this way so wewouldn't get the traffic jammed? what did you think you were doing man?you got the car all ruined. i swear i didn't know whati was doing mr. ã–zgã¼r. what have you known untilthis day anyway? pull the car over to the side of thestreet. the traffic is getting busy. been waiting for ten minutes already.

pull just a little over sowe can get past. hang on 2 minutes brother.they are in prayers. why are you blowing your hornin this sacred place? what now? aren't we the servantsof god now? what did i say? i told you to pull your car over.did i ask for your soul? and i'm telling you like ahuman being. look the owner of the car is coming. if ihad the keys i would take the car away. it's ok brother. don't hassle with anybodyon this sacred friday. may god accept your prayers brother.

thank you. don't tanglewith people on streets. just be humble son be humble. they are testing our patiencesabri brother. you should get accustomed tothe mosque like i did. if you did 3-2 rakah of prayersyou would catch the ease and peace of your mind and wouldn'thave a row with anybody. my beautiful brother.i love you. may god give you no harm. look thatdivine laight on your features... you see you come to mercy nicely.so my god won't let me have the luck.

otherewise i'd do my prayers totally. - live long tayfun brother...- thanks brother. don't say "live long" it'sunbelievers exclamation. say "thank god". only god himself determineswho' to live, who's not to... that is true. but for example whenyou sneeze they say all your body organs stop. even your heart stops at that moment. for example you'd see anybodywith open eyes when sneezing.

sneeze ruins the metabolism.that's why i said it. otherwise when you go into the depthof your words it is more reasonable to say thank god. is he flying again man? aaa brother. look.i'd be upset by that. i wouldn't do such thingsat the work hours. look i just get some antibiotics. ã–zgã¼r called.hello ã–zgã¼r. brother; why did you put mein trouble with this vile.

what happened? he ruined the 80 thousand euro car.he literally fucked it, fucked it the car is literally split outinto two pieces now. may god let it pass soon.anything i can do? none. there's another thing. go to sahin's gallery. i'll bethere soon. ok, i'm coming over. all right i'll be seeingyou at sahin's hey look! talk about money too.don't get me interfer with that nut. all rigth brother

don't go there alone.take a couple of people with you... ãžale, relax, i know what to dowith bad people pretty well. the cd is here. i'll put it in the safe.let's see how they're gonna get it. look, i'd appreciate if youcould keep an eye on me while i'm taking withmr. nedim. - hey mertay.- what? should we really interfere withmr. nedim? ayy, hope there'll not be a fight. with who? me? what are you talking about.are we in the mountains?

i wouldn't be a jackal to a jackal. ooo ã–zgã¼r welcome selamã¼naleykã¼m, have a nicework ãžahin. brother i'll go to the rest room. oh come on! get the hellwhereever you wanna get. just get away from me. had an accident.the car's been torn apart. oh! may god make you better.you are ok aren't you? i'm ok. no probs. but this morongot himself stuck to the car

the the insurance will takecare of it. - uncle, will you make three more quarters.- ok brot. hello sabri brot. welcome. tayfun welcome. what have you been up to? what's up ã–zgã¼r?what have you been doing? well, got ourselves into trouble.wait i'll tell you all about it. put the phones away. let's havea seat for 5 minutes, shall we? yes, enjoy yourself

brother we will have somekokoreã§, won't we? wouldn't be bad i swear.we will brot what is your problem? do you remember ãžale the woman... - well?- filmed us brother. really? brother, the girl is quirky, she is fullforce on her way playing with two people in her hands. i said, look ã–zgã¼r brother,don't do it.

this girl will make you tornapart, air gas. of course now when conflictingwith the other jerk, sabri brother, tayfun, ganyotã§u,brother believe me for the name of god my metefolismus is torninto pieces. - who's the jerk?- who? me, tayfun, you forgot about your brother.you don't know him. we are as if all by ourselves,ione machines. i guess he is leaning on hisback to somebody. since he's leaning on someonehe must be playing a trick on us.

i feel there's somethingdodgy going on. if my father-in-law, my father hears thisthey'll cut me into pieces tayfun. don't put me in this kindaboy-girl cases. we'll be in loads of shit now.why did you say? why did i say? let tayfun know and lets's go. i really didn't like theenergy of this ã–zgã¼r. whenever i see him i get trouble. it's written in the book brother,in the book. keep away from gambling, alcohol,drugs but flee from adultery. flee!

brother, we are men too.but we know when to hit to brakes. order one more half, no hot spice. uncle, one more half no hot spice. huh, mertay is calling. hey have you come? get off thereyes, right there, get off. - hi mr. ã–zgã¼r.- hi brother. it's mertay, isn't it? come over. got some friends here. come have a seat here.tayfun you come too. so what is the matter?

mr. ã–zgã¼r i don't know what'sall this about. ãžale has diverted her phone to mine. i'd talk about it if i knew. i mean after discussing with you i alsocalled her, i but i couldn't reach her. let me tell you all about itif you don't know. tell that mss. ãžale she is walking on ourtraces. she's gotto go and check it out. well don't i love her, i do. can you have a realtionshipwith no love? no! i loved this girl buti don't want her now.

so this woman is having anaffair with both of us, you and me, at the same time. yes, what else would we speakabout? about the budget? no, in case this is the subjetlet's carry on then. she told me she'd broken up withã–zgã¼r, and that there would be no end to it becauseyou were married. what's this relationship dude?so they shag the same girl. there is a note underneath itwrites "i want one trillion." tell her i'd blow the minds ofthose she leans on

i am that kind of a lad.is it clear enough? i don't know but i'll tell hermr. ã–zgã¼r. what's going on here dude? what's up? ganyotã§u. look, i'll hit you so hard thatyou'll be a medina beggar! who the hell do you think you aregetting organised towards? gentlemen i've come here forbrothership. who the hell are you standingup to?

be civilised, civilised. hang on a sec, hang on.hang on dude. if she doesn't bring that cd i'llblow her mind. now get the fuck outta the way. fuck off. you faggot.bold enough to come here eh? go check it out.look if he got in the car. look at that pimp.let's tidy up around here. gotto hit such man twice, why onearth are you indulge with them? - oh sabri i apologise.- enjoy yourself.

get me a glass of water. i got so pissed off. look at the pimp.he's come all the way to swagger. nedim brother, i've earned my lifebecause of you, and i have been a manager in yourplaces for 4-5 months. have i ever done somethingwrong to you? no, i wouldn't. i would never doanything wrong to you. i love ãžale brother.i really love her. we have a seriously elite relationship.

it's ok. we sometimes getcross and have a row. but we live for each other. i understand. i am also a man. 4-5 jerk jumpedon me brother. the girl says i don't want it.they are hitting her. the girl doesn't want it brotherand they don't understand it, jerks. then he took it as a matter ofhonour. he got obsessive about it. he is a rich, spiled bastard.son of a bitch. - what's his job ã–zgã¼r?- estate agent brother.

he told me he would be a my sponsor,he'd get the video shot. he's kept delaying and when itell him he gets angry. i said look you are men too nedimbrother. would this be by force?i don't want him. i understand honey. i understand...there are so many of them in life. pervert psychopats. which one of them can you punish? jackal. he is consistently yourcustomer, ain't it? yes brother. they come a couple oftimes a month, and his family too.

they are a perfect familyas far as i can see. he is a total trickster. and he did a hidden camerathingy to the girl. hang on, don't say mertaywhatsoever ãžale, i'll talk. what on earth are youtalking about? i swear brother. he is this kind ofpervert. ask ãžale, she saw the camera. i'll make him have some practise here andhe'll tell it to his grandchildren. he is calling.hello, yes brother. yes. are you at the bar?ok we're coming

wait there we'll be there. what did i tell you?cheesy, she's relying on somebody. move, they're waiting for us, let's go. sabri brother.these cheeks are wicked. oh god. have a nice working day. sorry gentlemen. could you keep quieta little. my wife is calling. hello, yes honey. ã–zgã¼r, where are you?

honey i told you we've gotarab customers. we are at kumkapã½. a way to hoodwink.i mean they want 3-4 flats. father said you shouldn't forget thething at the bank in the morning. all right, good evening. see you. sorry. welcome gentlemen.please have a seat. here we are. welcome gentlemen.my name is nedim. - i am the owner of this place.- ã–zgã¼r here. nice to meet you.

although we'ver never met we likethe menu of your place. thank you. it's your beauty. we enjoy it a lot. as a matter of fact we used to. i mean when you started to do fixed menuit started to go bad. sorry mr. nedim. i mean i can'teat filthy things. sorry mr. ã–zgã¼r.you are an estate agent? yes real estate star consultant. mr. ã–zgã¼r we experiencedsomething unwanted.

these things happen.let's bear it and forget. what if we don't? brother, let me finish my words. as i said at the gallery, mr. ã–zgã¼r,i love ãžale. she loves me.she doesn't want you. ok, there has been a mistake,a mutual mistake. then you wouldn't see each other. mertay brother. your energy is blowing up.you've got self confidence. excuse me but we are lads for 3 tens.

let us determine who to talk howto talk brother. ã–zgã¼r brother. can i also talkabout a couple of things? of course.granted. thank you. they are my staff,the two of them i like metay like my brother... he told me about the situation. i am a listener, which doesn't meanthat we'd invite you to our place. and you'll make implications.i don't eat fixed menu, i don't eat filthy food.

i mean the guy is opening the talkto put it into a correct order... ...but you are makinga low-quality speech. i mean excuse me there isno child here. what, am i talking to prince of england? - what are you on about?- what are you on about? you are not to bully here. did you think we could get on with it? wir machen herren zu damen. we have this much under the ground dude.

get it dude... get it get it. take that bastard. take him down.look this is a real bastard. i am not from this world son. look i've got the hospitalreport in my pocket. why did i gather you here now? mertay brother told meabout the thing. you hit a man that's nevergot hit in his entire life, you've shot my italianarchitecture decoration. you've had an intercoursewith my singer.

is it ok now?no! in case you put a hole ina man's place he'll make a hole in your arse. now we'll play "residencefisting" i'll start the music and you'lldance around this. those who can sit on this wheni stop the music will get the bidding. and i'llshoot at those who are standing. brother who's other half isunder the ground, did you get it? i got it sir.

you've made a film, and this ismy film estate agent brother... shoot maestro... go on dance ok we're dancing. turn around yourself,turn turn. turn, turn turn please brother, we're sitting.it's not necessary. if you love your god.brother nedim. i mean my friends have got nothingto do with the whole thingy.

i've got it all. i made a mistake. ã–zgã¼r brother, we nee blood money. blood money, how much? shut up... iook you'll bring 2 million liraon the date. if you do it's ok. i'll make everybody inturkey see this band. find it whereever you want,now fuck off from here. brother the weapons.

come here mertay,look they've shit all around. they've made it looklike ani ruins. get out, get out, get out,come on get out. slow down brother, slow. brother, the key. - gentlemen butler fee.- we're mr. nedim's guests. i'll be making them man 84 times,i'll blow their minds. noone's done this to me. they've shot a short filout of us.

ganyotã§u why are you shootingthe air brother haven't you seen what theydid to mr. ã–zgã¼r? brother let's go to our districtfor god's sake. and let's gather several ladsand fuck the place up. you stupit moron. and you stand up, get away,i got stuck with the leather. look where we are.i think i cut my foot. what did i tell you, huh? what? why are you yelling at me to comeand get dressed lile this brother?

i am also a victim here,can't you see that. gentlemen there's an applicationfurther up there. ganyotã§u bend down. you look likea peacock in the front, moron. volkan pull over to asubtle place. they shouldn't see usin this outfit. ãžahin says the truth gentlemen.if they catch us in this outfit they'll arrest usfor group sex. sorry, gentlemen it's genetical. i hear noises fro the other room.

lady i swear we mean no harm.really. remember me?the estate agent. - so my husband was right.- what happened muzaffer? brother they are maniacslet's flee. the dog's coming, the dog. you maniacs. catch them kont. come back. perverts. perverts.open that, open. get down, get down.open the door, open open. well look at the relaxationof the american society.

look at that police, look look.they go to the crime scene. they have coffee in one hand anda hot dog in the other. wow. as we go to the crimescene we shit in our pants. where is the stones and rocks comefrom, and where the stick from... i have mever eaten anythingin a murder crime scene. look! if there are 7000american detective film in at least 5000of them there is thi theme: the chief goes to the streetand shows shows his id. he seizes a car. when we trythat they say

you provide the fuel, it's not beencontrolled, no insurance whatsoever. chief, shall i get the empty glassessorry there's nobody in the shop. but please tell my special regardsto your master it is perfect. bon appetite.please honour our place one day. you see we never lack donkeys... what kind or people are they? please hold on. the yellow one works. nice engine.

it slips. look i'll be playing withnedim after here. so he'll understand what a ladmeans. he hasn't met yet. - look at me why are you still laughing.- i am not laughing brother. - you are dude.- no, i'm not. - shut the fuck up man- why are you hitting me? how old am i huh? you've put me disguise in a cat'sdress and walking me like a monkey. you should be ashamed of it.

ok brother. we are at thepolice station remember? ok gentlemen, all right. sabri, you are right whateveryou say, brother sabri. look ã¶zgã¼r your life is all in vain, you'rewalking around scratching your arse. ã–zgã¼r honey. it's ok. don't interferewith anything in there. i'll see it done talk brother, sey whateveryou want to say. come on in. yes, what is it now? brother, i'll tell you allabout it honestly.

we are "drunk" queens. we work in the south in summerand in marmara region in winter. what is it like? whatare you doing? dance, music, entertainment,imitations of celebrities. i mean our conceptcovers all this. our car got broken as we weregoing to an opening. and we entered an apartmentwhile were were walking. we thought we should change andnot go to the place the way we were. they why did you get intothe car like this.

now the place we're workingthey have just one room. and because the have a starsolist they keep the room for her. and we were looking for aproper place to change. - you all live together?- yes sir. what's going on here.are they turkish? yes chief. from the pink road, pink. - what are you up to?- we are an animation group chief. what's the thing with them dude?

chief, they fleed from an applicationand entered an apartment like this. what kind of people are they man? - is that uncle with them?- yes chief. - have you checked their ids?- they have no ids with them sir. lock them in. sir, believe me we areone of the rarest talents that turkey has ever brought up.we took part in the police night as well. dudes, let's perform thechief our show. let's not start with me buttake it from the beginning.

come on arif. let's get started. wouldn't you slip into my cinnamon,pump up the volume until it groans. ship's got a drill andi've got a sailor lover, i can't stand mornings osman brother. and you are a liar,i can't believe you. osman brother, aaa, aaaa, aaaa,aaa they call what you did blackmail, and theycall such love a setup. what are you like huh? what are you like?

mr. ã–zgã¼r what' going on here? - this is the show.- what about the women's rights? hey brother we are notgoing into a barn, we're going into the justiceof the state. is this a barn? don't push me. who the hell are you hitting man? man, i'll osculate your man.be a man like a man. - you've got a member of the society here.- be a man not a woman. - ok lad. ganyotã§u. stop it stop stop.- my life in trade.

mr. ã–zgã¼r... fuck your mr. ã–zgã¼r. am i likea mr. ã–zgã¼r right now huh ganyotã§u? may god give you trouble. i swear to god when i get out ofthis place i'll shoot you bothe. then you'll see what kindof a man your sabri brother is. oh! what have i done todeserve this now? gosh whenever i think i gotrid of the whole thing i come accross this lad. look at my mates thati set off with.

may god give me the troublebut you must relax sabri brother. whatever has happened happenedbeacuse of me brother. i know how to get ridof the situation. i mean it. ã–zgã¼r, what are you doing?are you crying? am i a guinea pig.tayfun am i the target? ã–zgã¼r it's ok, ok. don't get upsetplease. don't get upset. what have i done to all that nice men? everything is just because of me.i know that. i am suffering for that. you knowi can't react directly tayfun.

this is the way i am,what can i do? but i know how to get rid of it. i'll find that money andi'll get that video. i'll be taking care of that nedim, mertayand ãžale. you'i not be interfering. i'll be living for revenge, tayfun. brothers i didn't tell you aboutthe thing on the phone. the real thing is big. we can find the moneythe way we want to and we can get the video.

come and listen toit closely, sabri brother. bugger off. ok brother. you'll be telling them then. gentlemen the case is big. if this is heard my marriageand everything finishes. is it clear? my real trouble is myself and my father. father needed money the other week andfather-in-law didn't even give a penny.

he just doesn'tcare you see, he is unworried i love my family and my wife. but i've got nothing. tomorrow he'll transfer 5 millon lira ...through my mother-in-law tomorrow. and he'll get some land on me. do you understand he is loundering money easy come esasy go tayfun. there's no harm in the gentlemen.

i wouldn't get you in if there were. i'm also in anyway. my mother-in-law, the accountantand i are going to the bank tomorrow. if we wait at the gateand find a mask, we'll solve the case. why is money late? i wish i couldget out and have a cigarette. mrs. nurdan, this isthe group day of the bank. ...it must be it. it must beabout to come. what group?

they call group suchpayments as big as ours. if they have other paymentslike that ...they must be late because of that.- so that's it. i'm in a meeting, will call. do you have an initial? nope. my name is altan. it hasn't arrived yet mr. would have been here like at 8:00-9:00. wait, let's check it out in 5 minutes.

all right. how much do you weigh? pardon. i didn't catch it. how many warrantor do yourequire for accomodation credit. in case your trade report is clearwe might not require with no warrontor. all the details are included inthe brochure you've got. sorry, we made you wait a little i guess. we have got some other paymentstoo as you know. excuse us for that.

i appreciate for that. text has come cousin come on. the packets have come down.congratulations. open the window. first text has come from ã–zgã¼r. in a meeting right now, will call. fuck you all. as if we've been robbingbanks for 40 years. so everything issolved when we put this on. dude look outside we are in aplace like a fair.

there are cameras all over the place. you'd come out of the bars at my age. sadri brother. our honour'sgot ruined up. as if we didn't know whatkind of a shit we are in. life itself is a betrayer,what shall we do? if we didn't get the money until tonight they'd hang thephotos of our arses on bilboards. what are we gonna tell our firends? photo montage? i'll take the risk.

gentlemen if you can't grab the bag shut the fuck up. did you get anything in writing whatsoeverconcerning the money from ã–zgã¼r? - no...- very good shit. so you give 150 thousand lirafor a house... ...and in six years you get it backfor 350 thousand lira. can we cut it short saying therecomes a time until when you'll get - shagged but then the shag returns on you?- i beg your pardon? there comes a time until when you'll getshagged but then the shag returns on you?

gentlemen have you got the queue number? everything i have has a number. get down. down down. don't try to be a hero. - what's going on?- they're robbing a bank? fill it in, fill it, turn around. stop. noone moves. i'll shoot the ones that lift their head.

lay down, down. grab the bag come on, quick. let me get the bag. ok. there's some left there,let's get them too, hag on. - open, open.- quick quick. - chief.- yes? we got a robbery warning frompã½narbank, zincirlikuyu branch. what the fuck! damn god.my shift was going to en in wo minutes. - any dead or injured?- no info yet sir!

- gather the whole team right now.- hurry. look at people's faces the nexttime when you talk to them. hurry up! sir. let me get up. i'vegot a platin piece in my leg what are you doing? my aplogies ma'am.the wind. but this is ãstanbul, no need to be an animal. - lady, lady.- what?

i'm already down.don't make me get down. you should be ashamed.you are old enough not to do that! sister, nice sister. you might notwant te keep your sputum. we'll see if you could walkproperly at my age. you are right. what is it got to do withmy age, pimp. what is this madness for man?why are you coming out with the mask? brother please.where are you taking me? what's going on in frontof the bank?

who's that? in that black car over there. get out. get the hell outta here. - what's going on?- who's this fuck now? why are you shooting?goodness gracious. there in the black car. i'd like to complain them. - what's going on?- calm down. believe me. we've got nothingto do with the money.

it's something else that i'm after.it's the honour of my family. if i don't deliver 2 millionthey'll broadcast my sex teyp. my beautiful brother, and i have apre-paid astro pitch football match. - we've got 3,5 minutes.- can i use the rest room sir? well sister, where am i andwhere are you right now? i'm just asking beacuseyou are friendly. this is not a kind of anorganization thingy, is it? cousin. look. i haven't slept for 48 hours,

and i'm tired. where are your accomplices? chief, i guess there is a littlemisunderstanding. we're not guilty and we don't haveany accomplices whatsoever... what's the name of yourorganization dude? we're not an organization sir. yesterday you were wearingskirts and garters. today yo robbed a bank. and now you are concealingmen from me huh?

where are your accoplices? don't sit like that in frontof me, behave yourself. sir, we have no accomplice whatsoever.we didn't even go to the bank. don't speak without you're asked to. is it a circus here mandrake? then why are you walking around in thestreet in front od the bank with masks on. call for the security and thebank manager in... - are these the suspects manager?- yes sir, they are. my apologies sir, they humiliated thename and the reputation of our bank.

i have never been so scaredin my entire life. my officers eye witnessed thewhole thing. tell them son. it's good for you thati twisted and fell over. what are you like? you fuc... what on earth are you saying? shut the fuck up! mr. manager wait a second.it's a shame. let go. fuck of you quitter. have we come yet?

i've got a sick mother.she'd be upset if she saw. let me go sir.i am just a poor man. i am about to be a father sir.please. don't let me die before i have a child.please, i beg you. boys. you are veryu disrespectful. you never listen towhat your elders say. you've been talkingsince the morning. anyone has answered you? why are you keep talking?

you red! why are you carrying on? i've got a bomb on me sir.am i the target now, huh? hey, look aunty.if you utter one more word... ...i'll push this button and... ...they'll find your arse in londonand head in afyonkarahisar. the car's ready. who the hell do you thinkyou are playing with huh? calm down sir. drop off your weapons.take them down.

or i'll push the fucking button. come to yourself. my name is bomb,my surname is death. it's touch operated brother.don't touch it. run, run, run. god, god.are we gonna explode? don't panic brother. relax. that red head. you've got hisadress, haven't you? yes, we have.

don't worry. i'll rescue you.i've got a brother-in-law, he is car electirician.he is an expert. let's get out of here. there's nothing like that. i'll callmy people. maybe they'll help. don't you touch it! it'll explode. right. it'll explode.what are we gonna do? look, where we are? if we go to our placethey'll humiliate us. my mum will be veryupset if sees me.

if we go to the police it'll explode.what are we gonna do? they installed the bombmy body chemistry got broken. i am scattered.my mind has stopped. brother, why is this clock working? what is this? verdict: the accused sabri ã–zalpwill be acquitted due to his age. and other suspects; will be arrested due to therihelp for bank robbery. and the case will be reconsideredon 09. 11.11

long live the justice. i have never seen sucha fast verdicting judge. hey ganyotã§u, why the hell are youarguing with the woman with a mask on? why are you getting panicedthat easily? well my metafolizm is down. as if i rob a bank everyday. it's good for sabri, he did it well. let me tell you. you don't knowthe prison rules. you belong to me. oh come on! everythinghappened beacuse of you.

i tell you. stand closeto the jail master. we're going therefor the bank robbery. they'll think we have money. may god protect us from this please. button your front up. brother i am at your hands. - wait a sec.- what's up man? there has been a bank robbery.and people whom we couldn't... ...identify took us to some placeand installed a bomb on us.

and this guy said my brother-in-lawis exactly the right man for that. brother please rescue us from this. what is this? is it c4,or c5,or c6?i don't know man. look at that, it looks likea chinese brothel. it's a bomb dude. what are you doing brother? is he a maniac? run dude, run! he fleed. i saw him fleeing.

isn't there any other electricianaround here? - there is. but the work hour is over.- button up the front. look what my own brother-in-lawdid to me. he sold me. please brother, don't you ever askto go to a place together, please. did i ask that? look at me.i offer but i don't insist. are you hassling me now? you're hassling, you? me?are you hassling me? hang on brother. eberybody'sturned their back to me. i'm not speaking.why are you opening the boot?

ok! i'm not speaking.what's this dude? aaaa the money from the bank. what bank money! it's my money. what bank? the bank money, hurry up. if you open your mouthi look really,i'm telling you really... ok, i'm already upset.don't hassle me. ok. i'm not saying anything.nothing can be told you anyway. we've listened for half an hour. oh come on! fuck the brother-in-law.what if he didn't.

did i ask him to do it? did i?did i fucking ask him? come on. hurry up. may god rescue you soon. welcome mate. please come and have a seat.please don't stand up there, come! where are you from? ãstanbul brother. - ãstanbul- nice, nice. - where are you from brother?- antalya, kaã¾ mate.

son, give them some turkish delight. no, thanks. ive got fake teeth.it sticks on my theeth. i'll have one. thanks. deliver it to the friends. starving is a very bad thing, very bad.do you understand? of course brother. - isn't it so mates?- that's right brother. yes, the accused are being takenout of the courthouse. they are being transferred to the prison.

son, turn up the tv. i've got seven murders and... ...i'm not as reputed as you,can you believe. all the press, media is talking about you. yes, it occured rightin the where i am now. 3 robbers entered the bankhere and then fleed with... 3 hostages and 8 million lira. thenthey dissapeared from this very place let me tell you you look plumper ontv but you are more lovely like this. that's kind of you sir.

abo hã½dã½r, this countrychick is a cool boy. - hey you, come on over here.- me sir? yes yes. you get up!you come and sit down. - is turkish delight nice gundi?- it is sir. light a cigarette. yes, ohh. inhale it yes.enjoy it! ã–zgã¼r let's get rid of the bombsso we shall get relaxed. we got the money too.my ideas didn't come true. tell me if you have some.i shall respect that.

yes brother i've got an idea. sorry altan. i mean i want to relax.is it clear? there is money in the boot. somethingelse is going on on the other side. it's kinda weird man.i'm troubled a little. ã–zgã¼r brother let me tell one last thing:i am your headache. but i know somebody called mustafa. he repairs even the oldest clocks. he is a family friend you know.he'll stop these bombs too. let's go to him and try our chance.

you could call your home too. brother, right, from right. - who's that mustafa now?- a family friend brother. look this is the last one altan.let me tell you, the very last. mustafa may god give you ease. ooo welcome altan. - mustafa can i make a phone call?- bof course. go ahead. is it good news? mustafa there are two things.

hello, cemile? let ã–zgã¼r finish the talkand i'll tell you. is mother home yet? yes, she is. what about you? good i'm good.no problem. tomato head.it's reã¾at here. what on earth are you looking for at myhome? how did you find the adress? because you are a donkey. you've got something that bleongs to me.bring my thing get your thing back.

or i'll tell your wife whatyou told me in the car. please don't i beg you.i've got your thing. let's meet up whereever you are.look i have called the police. i said i've got a bomb on me.i said come and take it off. i think get the hell outta the houseor you'll get yourself in shit. tell cemile they can come tothe backdoor of kapsul bar. they know the address. come over therethen we can solve the problem. look at me... this is not my phone.let's hang up!

i've got your phone youcan call from there. it wouldn't explode would it?all right broter. he took all my family hostages. really. don't get upset. let's get rid of these andi'll show them. mustafa will you gimmethe phillips screwdriwer... the thin one. look i am solving the problem.

what on earth are yu doing brother? come on is this a stove for god's sake? you're gonna make a mistakeand you'll smash us in. altan said you know electronics. those faggots tied us in thesebombs then they fleed. we have no hidden intentionsor whatsoever. we are not bad peole. we've got something electronic like this. is your mustafa always quiet like this?

mustafa stopped.come on. hurry. actually, we're all relatives first i shot a man thea all followed me. everbody knows us. do you know what our nick is? ali papa and the 40 thieves. sir it's enough, i am done. no insistence brother. i made this for my very special guests.

i made this with the smuggled tobacco.you can't find it anywhere else. do you know what lies undermy interest in you? what's this confidentiality for example? what can it be? we might have been in another prisontogether brother. not possible. i've beenin this prison for 15 years. it's just because of the money you robbedfrom the bank. hopefully, you'll be sharingit with your brother. where did yu say your were from?

there is a little misunderstanding therebrother. we haven't done anything like that. they were born to migrate. they either migrate or they die. the proceed against terrible danger. the elders have experiencedthis many times. the younsters know about the necessityof not tho flee from the pack. they proceed in spiteof the great dangers. they must go on. the world whispered to them.

what on are you talking about?you weirdo! upon the last platform gã¼nbatun is first,ãžahbatun is coming next. gã¼lbatun first, ãžahbatun is coming. gã¼lbatun is first. sã¼leyman with his horse gã¼nbatun takes the10th year gazi race. gã¼lbatun takes it. they pretend to be insane huh? i wish we hadn't fed and watered them. are you pulling my leg, lads?come on! get up! there is a misunderstanding.

hang on. hang on. you see it don't you ã–zgã¼r?it's not pre-known that who's to go first from this mortal world. he's gone with his mouth open. god rest his soul. he's gone like that butdo you know what your are going to belike? i think you should take care of yourself. forensics are going to do jigsawpuzzle with your pieces. they slaughtered my family, my wife now.the took them as hostages. is it clear? i mean i have a bomb on me.

i can't understand your mind now. i'm trying to make a plan for god's sake. as you wish. as you wish. brother you asked for themoney and i've brought it on time. my apoloiges brother but... ...this is all my personal fault. i couldn't resist temptation.that's the explanation nedim brother. i did something i shouldn't have done.i am a married man after all. i have to bear it now.

i mean the 2 millon is here justas you wish. all real. you can count it. let's have no more disturbance.let's shake hands. eyvallah, ã–zgã¼r brother welcome.come and rest for 5 minutes. thanks i have other meetings. this is my business partner,i'll get going with him. the road is frozen.let me get going soon if the cds are here... nedim i'm sorry. i wouldn'twish it would be this way.

you are a good lad brother. i mean say sorry to ãžale and mertay too. they told you the trick they played onme totally as if i am playing on them. that's what am upset about.and i am bearin that too i'm just keeping my mouth shut. eyvallah ã–zgã¼r brother.look the cds are here. these are yours and i am erasineverything form my laptop. so there is no document whatsoever. i'm very sorr brother.they're calling me from work.

hello. it's ok i'll be coming soon. ok. so see you soon. i wouldn't like to have met you this way. bless you ãžale, and you mertay. eyvallah ã¶zgã¼r brother.you can come anytime you like. say hi to the other lads. have a nice work day brother. you see that old cheese, don't you?how he creates dilemma. so it was the right man wedisturbed mertay.

reã¾at i'll eat your shit it's right.i swear to god, if i had known that... ...there was money in the boot of the cari wouldn't have dome such a thing. my enemies send you to me. look i'll kick your arse and... ...you'll find yourself in the space. and you'll be in the historyas the first turkish astronouts. the money is safe in its place, isn't it? there was a police control on the way. altan also knows.

that's why i brought it to myuncles office to make it safe. i mean i worked for you actually. please rescue me from this situation.for the sake of god reã¾at brother! the only thing i want is to embracemy wife. i have no other intentions. you should understand how worthyyour wife is to you. - have her with you.- alright uncle. what about me brother? you'll sut the fuck up and wait.hear that? - nedim brother- what?

a couple of people are hereasking for you. - who the hell are they?- i don't know them. mertay you count the moneyand put it in the safe. what's that? - who's nedim?- it's me. are you ã–zgã¼r's uncle? what uncle brother? his father's brother? wrong address, wrong...

shall keep the level up in our firstmeeting and use a more formal language. are you here for manicure darling? try hard for ten years.make your plans. look at the final point where we are. wanna go down or up! what kind of a puzzle am i in? what the hell are you talking about? are you trying to share my money? - they throw the weapons brother.- what's going on?

ã–zgã¼r run run... hurry up. maniacs... that's what they are, maniacs. what the fuck have you done? get down. all of you.i've got a hand made bomb on me. shoot them. selamã¼naleykã¼m feramuz brother. aleykã¼mselam altan welcome. - welcome. a little disturbed though.- what's up? you can't imagine what i've been through.they beat me they stole our money.

i've been kicked andthey left this with me. - what is it you've got on? is it an atm?- nope brother. it's a clock bomb. what clock bomb!the clock is stopped. it's ok ã–zgã¼r but what are wegoing to feed on? are we gonna ask my father again? cemile now, he's praying for us. we'll be rewarded for that.think like that. i mean are you takingeverything like things. look, the man got all the estate businessof his friends in the constructions on me.

and he is sending a cd. and he is going to the umrah.and he is sending a cd. sabri brother has a good personality.i love him. the debt foe gamblingis a debt for honour, ã¶zgã¼r brother. the new generation is notaware of that. but let me tell you. you skipped your gambling debt threeyears ago and we didn't say anything. and you've tortured me for 2 years,again i didn't say anything. my name is sabri from dolapdere.

wake up ã¶zgã¼r brother wake upl noone can fool me.it's me that fools people around. sorry it's a little sticky. there's 7 million 6 hundresaccording to my account brother. really! it doesn't look that way.you didn't steal did you? it's a shame.could i do such a thing? i'm just saying. ayy there's a nice little greek island.shall we go there sabri?

- let me see...- look. i'm in if it's warm.i've got an arthritis. that stress i had with a nut blew my mind. my body my bones need warmth. i shall lay down on the sand. - you didn't steal, did you?- come on brother. well alright, then.

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