kleines bad gemütlich machen

kleines bad gemütlich machen

oh did i sit on something? on your head we're dressed the same oh, we're all blessed. oh my guys. why do we look [like] we should be in a jay-z video [playing] *music plays (from jay-z)* [this] our new pet this is our new pet right here our new pet [dug ] more [god] [does] [jimmy] [know] does like the *thinking about the dog's name* new key dvd the yugi welcome to another episode of reading mean comments *music plays* mean comments, mean comments. don't let it get to you! hey

we know how much you [guys] love when we read the mean comments, so we're gonna do it again today, and boy, oh boy. do i have some gems let me pull them out of the vault i got some good ones today we had some good ones today guys all right regardless of how stupid and [cringy] this is [i] wish my family was this close [ah] you guys are so dumb you suck at youtube go back where you belong go back where we belong? where's that? vine? right shit [boss] family

here hello alright, let's go back to youtube guys alright i hate all [of] your videos the most boring is miss monkey and the boy freaking losers if you don't know to [make] videos stop don't make more videos all of your videos are boring wow now [founder] [anti] poop. [it's] a double yeah. yeah, wow wow [a] purple one. wow wow tell us how you [really] feel now are you so angry [don't] be angry?

this person doesn't really know proper sense of representative structure *laughing* gammer! grammer! i'm sorry that we make you so angry [i] actually heard a really good thing when i was in jordan if you spot it you got it it's not an amazing thing if you spotted you got it yeah, so for the people who hate online or wherever usually when you spot something because you got it if you thought goodness and people and happiness and joy and kindness because you also possess that so if you think about it that deep knowledge, if [you] spotted you got it wow man slow clap

why make your daughter so ugly faces question question question dislike *singing fail music* i think [you] are half human half doe i want to be known for the person [whose] unique and weird like be weird like it's okay, they're not alt ugly faces are called funny faces [their] weird faces they're awesome faces if you're weird wish me we'll be together forever slow clap slow clap i like so oh [cringy] it's just weird and don't even correct my spelling

because that just makes you look bad no, it doesn't no one correct my spelling because it is like you know what i'm going to hate on this and i probably have really bad grammar or spelling so just in case you better not hate on me because i hate you just don't tell me that. i'm not good at spelling can we take a moment of silence for public education and teachers and schools all over the world moment of silence grammar please education education [oh] i thought i

feel that we don't try to post anything that gives you a bad feeling or that makes you sad or uncomfortable we try to give you lots of fun while you're watching our videos nice. look wow this is like slow clap version okay tell your daughter to stop singing it's stupid there goes a bigger winter tray like always the same old bread and roll doodleball morning, just the same things in the morning [then] we came to this provincial sound good morning back horsham is chris

charming but she doesn't know let him to chapter [3] yeah, i don't think she's not [stopping] [yes], sure sure this family [is] so stupid the only reason they're famous there they're famous is because they're suckers for money. [they'd] probably [drop] out of school okay, first, okay

there are so many grammar mistakes on this comment that is annoyed like i am to the point where i am just fed up there are three bears there's as in someone else possession with an eye there are the one as in they are four with an apostrophe, and then there is their like there's a bike over there no, no, no, they don't know they don't know the meaning for any of the dare. so they're famous we never did this to become famous [we] just wanted to make videos and have fun and share them with the world [and] you guys [enjoyed] them so that's that nothing more nothing less. we have fun, and we're not so good for money

i want to talk report or not. i friggin hate your stupid ugly famous wanna kids who thinks they can [sing] for what is a mad? woman, what has he got if not himself? then he has naught to say nothing he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels the record shows i took the blows and it my

way the thing here is whether you can sing or what you can't sing? it doesn't matter as long as you have fun and if it's something you love to do then do it just doesn't matter what other [people] think yeah, [do] what makes you happy yeah, you know what i think you're right. they are wanna kids they want to sing you ruined the whole song? the whole song well is the whole song oh wait, we all have [holes]

we have these hole all we have below and we also have a hole over okay. this is from froggy [biggest] spiders are cool, but your channel is leaving stupid that's why i'm going to tell my dad to shut down this channel. he works at the youtube company you believe what are you talking about? got it there's the stupid family on youtube. can you still make them? still we go discover so annoying a so cringy just done it did i

think your daughter needs to learn some manners burping like that after drinking coke [i] think you need to learn how to spell *talking and burping at the same time* outro time thanks for watching everybody, please do like driving [leave] [a] comment down below if you haven't [subscribe] yet please click on the icon on the left and a little thing will pop up and use it subscribe if you already have subscribed please forget everything that i have just said (i don't know that to put here) random person: is my radio board? another random person: no, it's not.

okay, and... ...bye *end of video*

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