kleines bad günstig einrichten

kleines bad günstig einrichten

♪ i was living here ♪ ♪ till you disappeared ♪ ♪ the house i used to know ♪ ♪ you're always bringing me down ♪ ♪ take me all the way home ♪ ♪ home, home, home ♪ ♪ we wrap these songs in ribbons and hopes ♪ ♪ hurricanes and first dates ♪ ♪ photographs of birthdays, there it goes ♪

- were you just staring at me?- uh, what? man:what's going onover there, lo? alex is always staring at me. he's, like, obsessed with me. no, that's not at all what-- which is amazing,because i've been in lovewith you for forever. are you serious?i thought you didn'tknow i existed. how could i not noticea guy in our gradewho has a thousand views on his lastleague of legends stream?

- how do you know that?- check out my lock screen. oh, my god,i've been waiting for this momentmy entire life. ♪ take me on a-- ♪ - that's a bop.- nice. - bravo. bravo.- alex finn! what, what, what. it's not what it looks like. i mean, i've heardof online dating,

but this is ridonkulous. be carefulin detention, alex. man:i suggest if you wantto pass this class... they'll eat you alive. shut up, darius.at least he got herto look at him. maybe i should startmaking out with my phone. it's probably your best bet. man:all right, guys,peep this. "multimedia me."

your final project ofthis section is to combine everything you've learnedin the last two months into a presentation about, as the name suggests, you. alexa, what'sthe weather today? voice on phone: currently, it's 69 degrees with clear skies. yo, what's up, players? first day of the week.it's gonna be lit.

darius: um, what's up, guys? reporting from rupertbailey high school. today, pretty nervous,i've got a quiz. i'll report to youthe details. sounds good.hello lo. finished painting my nails. what's up, ladies? what? no. it's 7:30!i'm gonna be late.

what's the rush? school startsin a half an hour. can't mom and dad take you? they're about toleave for the airport. oh, right, the honeymoon. boys? boys! honey,they're just sleeping,they're not stubborn. - all right,- what is this, tmz? hey, dad.

you're gonna make us takeour luggage down ourselves? come on, boys,lyft's waiting. all right,call my cell phoneonly in emergencies. it's two dollars a minute. and be sureyou turn all the lightsoff in the house, otherwise you'll bepaying the utility billwith your allowance. yeah, roger that. and i want to see pictures. of us just sittingaround the house?

no, i just liketo see your faces. oh, sweetheart. i'm gonnamiss you so much. and you're gonna be tallby the time i get back. probably. and remember to pick upyour bother today after school,5:30 p.m. sharp. - 5:30.- 5:30. and don't forgetto feed milton.

i'll remind him. all right, i'm givingyou $200 for food. don't blow it allon steak chips and gelato. you'll be eating dirtfor the rest of the week. where you going, arthur? just pretend youcan't hear him. - be careful with this.- um, are you serious? he's gonna blow it allon in-app purchasesand zit cream. uh, you trybeating candy crush

without the goldenpineapple, mister. ej, i'm trusting you,all right? just don't be yourself. you got it, dad. they play nintendotoo loud! tell them i won'ttolerate that. - what's that, bernie?- where are you going? maureen and i areheaded for the bahamas - for our anniversary.- hi, bernie.

who's watchingthe youngsters? they're 17 and 24. they're perfectlycapable of taking-- i don't trust the small one. thank you, mr. delaney.awesome. all right, boys,no horsing around. and you know what?turn off those machines every once ina while and go outside. there's a whole worldout there thatyou're missing, huh?

- i agree.- yeah, okay. bernie, you'rewatering your shoes. gosh dang it. - bye. we'll miss you!- bye. bye. maybe. woo! no parents. come on, man,don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining, you're my go-to guy,brother.

i gotta say, man,i don't like what i'm hearing. ej, what's the statuson the sushi? the meeting's about to start. i'm on the phone withthe delivery guy right now. - should be here any minute.- bring it in right away. and please button your shirt. you look like a child. ( ringing ) spalding capital.

one moment. man on speaker: who hears that? yeah, we're not hearinganything on this end, owen. exactly. that's the sound of gray pop doing nothing to change the world. why haven't i heard of a single app worth submitting for general electric's innovation challenge? actually, sir, i do have-- sorry.so i take it you weren'timpressed with the ideas

that i sent over to you, boss? i actually was impressed by how astonishingly off the mark you were. you're thinking inside the box, people. we need something that leverages their cloud technology to make this planet greener. - i actually got this.- deadline's this weekend. shut up! jesus! - what's that, gentlemen? - no. no, no, no.

i'm sorry. sorry, boss.not talking to you. i was talking tothe receptionist. he keeps coming in and outof the conference room. - i'm very sorry. - the reception's fine on my end. now get to work on this innovation challenge. it's not rocket science. it's data science. yeah, of course. yeah, i know the differencebetween data-- - ( line clicks ) - okay, great.

hung up. good job, guys. smooth move, jonathan. shut up. man: broadcasting from the middle of my class, this is eskn. what's up, fam? i got my hair on point,know what i'm saying? this is eskin radio... there's no way that'smr. eskin's real hair.

do you think he gotplugs or something? they can turnthe scalp around. it has to be extensions. eskin: hey, shh!i'm trying to podcast. okay. nice hair. does anyone hereknow how to paste an instagram photointo a document? yes, yes! i mean, yes.i know how. i know how. i'm alex, by the way.

i know who you are, alex. we've had, like,10 classes together. actually,13 if you count p.e. or is it 12? anyway, ballpark figure.anyway. instagram.okay, let's see here. whoa! no. you have 72.4thousand followers? shh, that's my other account.i'm really into nail art,

so i madean instagram about it. miley tweeted about it onceand it kinda blew up. why do you keep it a secret? well, it's nota secret exactly, it's just when people find out,they treat you differently. it's gross, actually. but it's a big partof my life, so i thought i would putit in the presentation. that's so cool.if i had a fanbaselike that...

- there he goes!- he's doing it. oh, uh, embedding.yes, of course. see these three dotsright here? okay, so whatwe're gonna do is we're gonna clickthose three dots, boom, and we're gonna copy,boom, paste, voila! whoa, you are reallygood at that. looks like i'm not the onlyone with a hidden talent. yeah, i don't liketo brag or anything.

it's just more of likeit's a thing, like i-- - oh, my god.- i'm all right. i'm fine. i'm fine.i didn't break anything. i'm good. i'm good. - okay.- thank you. talk to you later.okay. ellie, ellie, ellie,ellie, ellie. what's going on? what are you doingin my office, jonathan?

i thought i'd just stop by and see what you'vedone with the place. i really, really like it. especially that bookshelf.that's nice. that's great. can i help you with something? no, i just--i wanted to jump in here and let you knowi wouldn't worry aboutwhat owen said. personally, i think you'redoing a bang-up job, so--

what are youeven talking about? you know, about howyou haven't brought in any worthwhile companies,and how you've been pretty much useless duringthe innovation challenge. you didn't hear himsay any of that? no, i didn't. yeah, like i said,i wouldn't stress it. and, honestly,if all else fails, i'm sure there willbe a receptionist jobopening up soon.

yeah, that's a window. i'd put some stickerson there or something. it's a little misleading,and dangerous, honestly. - get out.- mm-hmm. ellie, hey. let me get that for you. - what do you want?- to congratulate you. on what? ej! - oh, my god!- i'm so sorry.

hang on.hang on. i got it. i'm aboutto show you something that's gonnachange your life. i don't have time for moreyoutube fail compilations. i have a meetingthat i have to go to. no, no, this is serious! okay, so... i saw you talking aboutthat ge whatchamacallit challenge about the app,but it just so happens

that this folder, whileappearing to be your run of the millsopping wet folder, actually contains severalbillion dollar ideas. and the best part? i am giving youthe first look. oh, come on!this thing has your namewritten all over it. actually, ej, my nameis written with two ls. you don't even knowthe parametersof the challenge. this is not justany random app.we need an app--

that leverages ge'spredix cloud software to lessen our carbonfootprint while enhancing everyday life throughinsights and solutions that leverage real-time data. yeah, i read theall-company emails, too. granted i had to googlemost of those words, but i am 90% certainthat there is a unicorn hiding inside these pages. you just made the bestdecision of your career.

debatable! i have to say,my camera roll from this past yearwas on fleek. i mean, me and my sisteron stage at comic-con? and our family tripto harry potter world? - expelliarmus!- hey, were you bummed when the sorting hatput you in hufflepuff? okay, how are you guysnot stressed out about this? what?

we can bang this projectout in our sleep. i'm not talking aboutthe technical aspect. photos and videos thatcommunicate who i am? what am i supposedto show, this? oh, but you love pow pow. yeah. or this? - that's crushing it, though.- yeah. - what about this?- a-plus. i am not laughing, okay?

i could humiliatemyself in front of lo. relax, her bestfriend is lamey jamie. hey, hey, jamieis not that lamey. okay, and as i was saying, maybe she has a secretattraction to ninja coders who rocked bracesfor nine years. - thanks, darius.- yeah. don't worry, there arepeople in this school way more suss than we are.

darius: yeah, like,uh, like the math nerds. how about the foreignexchange kids? and the drama geeks. okay, okay, i get it,but you're missing the point. all of those cliqueshave a thing. they're all unique. i'm just some kid. not everybody's a thing. look at bernie davis.

nah, he's onthe basketball team. um, spencer boyle. he's super into jesus. - ariel green.- oh, she talks loud. hey, tara!save me a seat! oh, yeah. oh, i've got one.cole winnard. and then she said,"are you just happy to see me or is that your phonein your pocket?"

i didn't have my phone! i mean, he doesn'thave a thing, and considering the factthat he's friends with lo, i mean, he's doingpretty good for himself. mmm, he throws parties. see ya!have a good trip! woo-hoo-hoo. - dude, there's your answer.- what? throw your own party.

aren't your parents outof town this weekend? okay, there'sa lot of legal risksassociated with-- don't ruin this one for us. look, the guy who throwsthe party gets the girl. that means we do, too. ain't happening. a, our guild practiceis this weekend. b, i have no ideahow to throw a party. can we forget aboutthe stupid guild for once?

how dare you speak illof the crusaders of xenith? we've played thousandsof hours of warcraft, and what do we haveto show for it? a high rankingand literally the love of thousands of ukrainians. i'd rather have the loveof a few irl for once, and you should, too. what if nobody shows up and i'm the laughingstockof the school?

dude, are you seriouslyconsidering this? ( muttering ) yes. yes. ♪ doo-dah, doo-dah ♪ ♪ camptown racetrack'sfive miles long ♪ ♪ oh the doo-dah day ♪ ♪ gonna to run all night ♪ ♪ gonna to run all day,i bet my money ♪ aah!

are you kidding me right now?was that even real? please don't sneak upon me like that. ah! yes. so i see you haveperused the x-files. i have,and most of these ideasare absolutely terrible. hey, hey, look, ellie. facebook wasn'tbuilt in a day. actually, it was. - it was?- it was.

i mean, come on, ej. look at some of these ideas. an app that monitorshow much gas you pass when you eat certain foodsso that you can track your carbon emissionsand improve your diet? yeah, i stand byoutsmart your fart. lyft for couch potatoes? sometimes the remotegets stuck on the otherside of the room and you gottaget somebody to go get it.

i guess there'sreally only one in here that actually kind of works. really, there is? monitoring your device usageto save time and energy. ah, yes, okay. so that little gemcame to me when my dad started yelling at mefor spending all my free timeon my cell phone. and i thought to myself,what if i could develop an app that would encourageyou to go offline

but then alsoconserve electricity? so, do you have a prototypefor this earth-shattering idea? - yeah.- can i see it? yeah, it's, um, right--this guy right here. no, ej, i meant a minimumviable product, okay? a working versionof the app. yes, i totallyhave that, too. the only thingis that my developer is working on fixingsome bugs right now

and i can't deliver anythingless than perfection. okay. thursday morning then,before the staff meeting. thursday, yeah.okay, great. thursday it is. mother... (sneezes) sorry, my sisterwas hogging the bike. it's not your fault.

ej was supposed to pick me up. don't worry, i got you. ♪ when i was growing up ♪ ♪ i had a lot of dreams ♪ ♪ my mama told me, son ♪ ♪ you could be anything ♪ ♪ go ahead and spread your wings ♪ ♪ i know one day you'll be great ♪ ♪ just wait, soon you'll aim up at the sky ♪

♪ and i'll watch you float away ♪ ♪ i don't want to worry 'bout nothing for a while ♪ ♪ i just want to play around, living like a child ♪ ♪ with old tunes jamming on my walkman ♪ ♪ and some sour patch kids and a coke, yeah ♪ - (whistling)- welcome home. aah! what is wrong with you? were you seriouslyjust sitting in the dark waiting for me tocome home, you freak?

aren't youforgetting something? is it national sibling day? you were supposed to pick meup from school, you jerk. ah, that explains it. i wrote down "pick up alex"on my hand, but it smudged, so i thought it said"pick up a lox." i bought all thislox for nothing. you are literallytoo dumb to get mad at. no, no, no, wait.dude, no, don't go.

i need your helpwith something, okay? it's for work, and i promise,i can't pay you right now, but shares ofmy future companycould literally be worth billions of dollars. trillions of dollars,dude, come on! - nope, not helping.- please? i guess it's justyou and me, lox. i still think thisis a terrible idea, but if we're gonna do it,we should do it right.

so, i ran a twitter searchfor the hashtag "sickparty", then aggregated the results, and what i noticed werethat ping pong ballswere featured a lot. so we're definitely gonnawant ping pong balls. - i love ping pong.- me as well. no, no, no,we do not have timeto crunch numbers. let's just think aboutall the rad parties we've been to in the past. oh, my cousin allegra hada piã±ata at her quinceaã±era.

now we're getting somewhere. piã±atas are a bop.do you guys not watch cw? it's all about foam parties. look in that book.i guarantee you it'ssomewhere in there. look at it. oh, that looks unhygienic. how about glow in the dark? we whiten our teethand we get an advantage over all of the other guys.

i can't believei'm friends with you. okay, stu, search yelpfor party planners. i'll put an adon craigslist. darius, keep an eyeon lo's snapchat. all right. is it on? the camera? oh! hola. hi, how areyou gringos locos? so i've seen thatyou've posted online that you need helpfor this fiesta, right?

what's up, guys?it's barry the beat-boxer. heard you need a little"eh-wuh-eh-wuh" entertainmentfor your party. and if that is the case, then you go no other place than kudro the cowboy. hello there.i'm rickets. like crickets,but without the "k". i'm a software developer.

i made a gamecalled duck hunter. apparently therewas already a game called duck hunter out there. i was not aware of this. although we are nottechnically conjoined,we act as though we are. you can reach meon my facebook page, or i got a soundcloudbecause i'm also a singer. ♪ you were the first ♪ ♪ so was i ♪

( beat-boxing ) ( coughs ) hey, it's me!reddy the clown. hire me for your party. hire me! please!i need the work! i'm just kidding--but i'm not. i got lots ofspecial skills. i can dance,i can do balloon animals, i'm good with kids,archery, hiking.

i used to be a barista.i don't know. i come with allsorts of fun stuff. i, lady maybelline,can make your party lit. - i'll bring yogurt.- broken legs. i even havethis pretty sweet thing. (coughs) it's make me coughwhen i go too hard. anyway, hire me. go no place elsethan kudro the cowboy.

- call us.- call us. i'm coming. hit me up,reddy the clown. and 200.now, you're sure you can get thisout by thursday? yeah. don't beso paranoid, man. - you're in great hands.- that's fantastic. i'm sorry,i'm just a little nervous about givingthat much money

to someone i never meton the internet. why? dude, we could askcole winnard for help. he's not gonna help us. that's like kylo renhelping jar jar binks. that's like taylor swifthelping hannah montana. - whoa.- oh. what happened with you? craigslist.

why do you lookall depressed? - all: craigslist.- for what, pokã©mon cards? if you must know,we're throwing a partyon friday night. you mean,like a mario party? no, no, no,like a real party. cool kids, lit music,glow in the dark, baby. l.o.l.! big-time l.o.l.! - you guys can't throw a party.- watch us. no, i'm not saying you don'tknow how to throw a party,

though you don't knowhow to throw a party. i'm saying that dad willfreak if he finds out and i'm not puttingmy butt on the line. dude! all: dude! oh, come on,i'll do anything. i'll cook dinnerfor the next week. shh! hold on, it's coming.

wait, wait. shh! yep, i got it. light bulb moment! what are you talking about? you know that appyou didn't want tohear about? i need it built, fast. you guys build mea prototype, i'll let you throwyour dumb party. what's the app?

basically we usege's cloud technology to monitorthe town's power grid. when demand surges,everybody's devices turn off except for emergency callsand taco bell. we all conserve energyand you guys have to go out and do stuff that doesn'tinvolve being on your ipads and xboxesand what have you. have some decency, man. okay, i am not interested inthe peanut gallery right now.

can you build it or not? when do you need it by? thursday morning. - thursday?- it's doable. i mean, i'm down,but we need to set upfor the party. don't worry about that.i got a guy. - a guy?- a guy. get in here. (whispering)

we need to spit upthe server, then write the javascript, then darius and stu canhandle it from there. okay, so what does that mean? we accept your offer. woo! come here. you know what?no, forget it.just get in the car. - get in the car.- see you, guys. - see you, alex.- come on, let's go.

- later, nerds.- bye, ej. - is it good yet?- what? the app, is it good? it's literallybeen three minutes. - are you?- nine. come sit with me. over there. you go first. so you're ej'slittle brother.

yeah. you wouldn't lie to me,would you? - no, sir.- you wouldn't lie to me? i would not. so why don't youlook like that? okay, the timeris locked and loaded, the css looks sharp,and the ajax is all set. how's the firewall tracking? oh, it's all the way live.

mother, i don't wantto practice the piano! is someone at the door? you want to do somethingdifferent, you know? something they'regonna remember forever. everybody's tweeting.nobody's doing this. oh, my gosh,that's insane! what is your problem?i just want people from my high schoolto show up, not random strangers.

you're in high school? huh. i mean, i guessit's pretty cool. - how'd you do it?- i know a guy. so, the ge cloud notifies us when the townis using too much energy, and then every devicegets a two-minute warning. then for three hours,we're all stuck in real life. - huh.- not bad, huh?

i have no idea whatyou're talking about. oh, my god. we'll text youthe cliff notes. it's right here. how? it's ej, bro. weather forecasts,grid maintenance, scheduling and outages,all processed in real-time through predix, to our users because life is much betterlived than watched.

nice. that's it. you may applaud now. calm down. owen: do you have a technical cofounder? yes. yes, we do.it's this buddy of mine. he dropped out of stanford,total rock star. this guy's still at google but he wants to come onfull-time once we raise money.

- money.- enough. and what do you call it? - excuse me?- the app, genius. - what's the name of the app?- right. yes, okay. we're calling itthe cloud maximizer 2.0. cloud maximus 2.0. that's not evenwhat he said. shut up. these things take time. based on what i'm hearing so far--

where's the market value fit? i mean, how many kids arevoluntarily gonna use this? that's a fair point, jonathan. - well, we haven't really.- right, you know what? owen, you are askingall the right questions. is it okayif i call you owen? - sure. - fantastic. it just so happens thatactually we're throwing the world's firstunplugged party

where all deviceswill be voluntarily powered down for three hours. genius. that's genius. some people arealready calling it the party of the decade. you wanna swing by? witness historyin the making? there will be live music. - kids love live music.- do they?

well, this is the closet thing i've seen to a good idea and ge's deadline is this weekend, so you got your shot. jonathan and i are having dinner with a journalist from tech crunch. why don't you and ellie join, and then we'll head over together? i'm sorry to interrupt, sir, but what about thatvegan delivery concept

that we had beentalking about? i've seen 12 competitors already this week. owen, it is brilliant decisionslike this - that demonstrate why--- you may leave now. yep. 'kay, on my way. good? right, guys? cloud maximizer 2.0. that sounds lit.an undergrounddisaster party? this could do irreparabledamage to our social status.

you do irreparable damageto our social status everyday. oh, hi. hey.hello, lo, jamie. - hey.- how are you guys doing? i have to get to calculus. hey, so do we.you wanna come with? um, sure. uh, were you eating lunch? no, i just like to carryaround an empty tray. i'm actually an alienwho doesn't eat,

but don't tell anyone. stupid question. how's the projectcoming along? i don't know.it's kind of hard to sum myself upin one presentation. kind of stressing outabout it actually. same. yeah.i mean, kind of, but-- i'm having a house partytomorrow night, - if you want to join.- really?

didn't take youfor the house party throwing type of guy. well, the parentsare out of town, so i thought it'd be coolto betray their trust. can i bring jamie? yeah, absolutely. you know, friends,acquaintances, mortal enemies.come one, come all. i've been lookingto smooth things over

with my enemies,so perfect timing. awesome, yeah.it's the time. okay,i'll see you tomorrow. yes, wouldn't missit for the world. - okay.- ow! i think that man justhit me with a muffin. it's not a man.it's my brother. i'm sorry.let me go talk to him. are you trying toruin my life?

there's my favoriteand only brother. don't you wanna knowhow the meeting went? don't you wanna know howthe party planning is going? actually, yeah,that's why i'm here. well, we've done nothing. nine is useless. all he's done is send metext messages of gifs. well, in his defense,nine is a gif god. the partyis tomorrow night!

chill, chill.that's where i come in. what are you gonna do? well, what if therewas a secret password and only people who know itwill be admitted? so like unlocking a hidden levelor something? precisely.yeah, yeah, yeah. but stay with me though. what if insteadof a password, it's actually an app?

and if you don't download it,you can't get in. - wow!- shut up, shut up. i thought you actuallycared about my party. i do. no, it's all aboutyour stupid app. hey, mi app es su app, bro. my new company,your big party, they are flip sidesof the same coin. let me show you howa ceo gets things done.

come on. you want a great party? you can't just invitethe people you think should be there. if you wantan instant classic, it's all about the peoplewho shouldn't be there. start with a clique thatnever gets invited to parties. stu: i used to be in the drama club. perfect.

while you guys all reminisce about that8th grade production of "annie get your gun",casually drop that you got invited to a partytomorrow at alex finn's. got invited to a partytomorrow at alex finn's. wasn't it leibnizwho said music is a hidden exercisein arithmetic? darius: i am on the calculus team. and as everyone knows,there's only one word

that's exactly the samein every single language. fiesta? partido? fete? and from there,my young padawan learners, the word is outand the party is on. nobody knows who's hosting,and nobody cares. but come tomorrow night, everybody's gonna be there. alex finn's having a party? ( no audible dialogue ) you really thinkthat'll work?

it already has. ♪ from the spires in the sky ♪ ♪ down to the corridors beneath ♪ ♪ there's an energy that vibes ♪ ♪ in the faces that you meet ♪ ♪ golden face that divides us ♪ ♪ is calling and making me ♪ ♪ we're on fire ♪ ♪ burn the ashes when it's over ♪

♪ the voices getting closer, closer ♪ ♪ we're on ♪ alexander finn! did you want tospeak with me? what's up, dude? - nothing much.- 'sup, dawg. boom. 'sup, dawg?how you living? - just busy.- oh, really? busy?

heard you mightbe real busy. - planning something.- i mean, um... i know about your littlesoiree tomorrow night. i didn't mean for itto get this big. i invited a couplefriends here and there, and all of a sudden everyonejust wanted to come. i don't want to hear it! look, dude, i get it. i was a kid once, too, dude, allright?

so i'm gonna be straightwith you, alexander. i'm not gonna bustyour party, dude. really? you're not? dude! come on! who am i? remember whoyou're talking to. yeah, man, i'm not whack. i'm lit.i got a mixtape man. it's fire. but look, i do need toask you a question.

and i need you to be100% straight with me. okay, all right. is it cool if roll through? uh, sure. that's, that's cool. sick, dude! whoo! yeah! i needed this.thanks, bro. awesome.so i'll just come by.

what time's the party? - 8:30.- 8:30. okay, on the late side. you can come whenever,though. it's not-- seven o'clock?help you set up? yes. am i dismissed now? - yeah, fam. fo' sho.- okay. fo' sho! see you atthe party tonight, playa! rock on, fam.

dad on speaker: hey, boys, it's your dad. how's it going over there on the home front? i haven't gotten any calls from the police, so that's a good sign. anyway, i hope mr. delaney isn't giving you too hard of a time. oh, remember to set the a/c to away mode if you're both leaving the house. and no ordering any on-demand movies unless you pay for them

too much camo? so, uh, what else? yeah, um, we're about to hit the hay. love you both. good night. alex? lo? the party doesn't startfor four hours. what are you doinghere so early? i just wantedto give you a kiss.

oh, lo. i love you. shh. that is way too loud. no. hi, lo. it's me, alex. hey, no. hey, what doyou guys think? - oh, alex.- a-sharp.

- on fire.- i'm digging it. now aren't that cute? ej:what up withthe headphones? makes it looklike i don't care. look, i'm noteven plugged in. nah, lose 'em. all right,party's about ready. nine, you're workingsecurity, man. keep everybody outof the front yard.

make surethat nobody gets in unless they'vedownloaded the app and their data's disabled. no disabled people, got it. that's not what i said. stu, you're handlingbugs and glitches. if i'm not too busyfinessing the ladies. i am not joking, stuart!this is serious! darius.

you're monitoringthe back end, buddy. i have been training forthis moment my entire life. good man. - alex.- yes. try to keep in mindthat this is notjust a house party. this is the mostimportant night of my--of our careers. i know. make sure youdon't burn the houseto the ground. try to havea little fun, too.

- all right?- all right. i'll be monitoringeverything fromthe milton cam. uh, guys?i think we might havea minor, minor issue. dude, i don'thave time for issues.what is this? look what happenswhen i click ona user's profile. - oh, my goodness gracious.- yeah. i'm kidding.i have no idea whatyou're trying to show me. are you seeingwhat i'm seeing? we have full accessto people's phones.

i mean, what happened tothe privacy firewall, stu? did i forget to plug it in? uh, all right, look,all i know is that this is super secure cloud software and if you guys figured outa way to muck it up-- okay, stu screwed up,but it's an easy fix, and we're gonnaget on it asap. all right.i'm gonna be late. you twerps got this?

just go. i'll patchthe security network. it'll take 15 minutes. now we're talking,patch adams. i will see you guysat around nine. you will text me if thereare any other problems, okay? ellie on speaker: ej, it's ellie. we're running late. jonathan insisted on telling the driver how to get to the hotel and got lost,

and then of course blamed me for giving him the wrong address. anyways, can we please just impress the pants off this writer and owen tonight so i can prove jonathan wrong? i mean, let's kill it. you're gonna kill it. we have a great idea. so meet us at the bar, and maybe go over your pitch again,

and again, and then, like, maybe one more time. and please don't say anything weird tonight, okay? oh, and don't order anything too strong before we get there. i need you focused. oh! oh, scrumptious. oh, that's fire. yo, before y'allfinish that patch, let me hit a lick andjust get like five minutes

to peruse a few girls' albums. you are such a creep. you're telling meyou got full accessto lo's entire phone and you're not gonnado anything with it? that sounds a littleirresponsible to me, alex. i couldn't do that to her. ten toes down, i can. - he doesn't want to.- come on. ooh, looks likeshe's into astrology.

looks like we got a virgoon our hands, fellas! - resist the temptation.- but i'm a virgo, too. based on her"recently watched"on netflix, we got "rick & morty","archer", "parks and rec",and "workaholics"! she likes allthe same shows i do! yes. - yes!- ( knock on door ) - ( doorbell rings )- people are here.

- i gotta finish this.- right here. look, it's right here. ( doorbell rings ) do you mindif you guys stall? i just want totake a quick peek at, you know, lo's phone. here's to the best nightof our lives, players. let's ball out.come on, darius. for the record,i think this isa terrible idea.

(gasps) 'sup? just-- it's fine. chilling.how are you? cool. - ...shiatsu message?- yes. - there he is!- ah, this guy. - you still rich?- duh. - you are gonna love him.- oh, thanks. i'm excited. isn't that the nextmark zuckerberg

standing on the furniturelike an oversized child? he's weird. i like weird! ( video game music playing ) guys, i can't believewe actually did this. i know, this partyis amazeballs! group effort, players. there's nothing we can't dowhen we put our minds to it. - what is this?- i know.

this party's pretty lit, huh? do you want meto tell the peopleout front to leave? all: who? we're gonna needa bigger house. ( "jaws" theme plays ) our business is like a shark. if we're not movingforward, we die. which is whyi'm always looking forthe next big thing. - carrot!- ej?

oh, yeah. yeah.absolutely. synergy. - innovation.- ideation. - okay.- intubation. right? listen, owen already leaked yourapp concept to me, and i'm a bit skeptical. i mean, every kid i knowis glued to their phones. how are you gonna makethem turn them off? look, i was partof the last generation to grow up withoutthe internet.

we had to have funthe old-fashioned way. cow tipping, prank calls-- we didn't need tweetsand listicles to let loose. still not sure i'm following. you know what?everybody close youreyes for a second. just close your eyes.stay with me here. jon, close your eyes. ellie: jonathan,close your eyes. - all: close your eyes.- close your eyes.

all right, all right. now, wait.wait for it. okay, open your eyes. you're still here. ha, ha, ha. yeah.you smell that? - um...- mushrooms? - they're right here.- ej: no, no! that's not what it is.you know what it is? it's a whiff of the future.

look, it's not justabout shutting down. it's about savoringwhat comes next. i'm getting excited. and when i get excited, i gethungry. - cucumber, now.- is a half one okay? - do you want more?- no. ( chattering ) stu? can you two get a room?

just not my room though. i will free you fromthe shackles of your job. i feel so unburdened. - stu?- hey, there you are. he told me you'd find us. alejandro.ale, alejandro. ale, alejandro, eh? live and dance.lose yourselfin wild romance. fiesta, caramba.

- forever!- forever! alejandro, i have traveled long and wide to meet upwith you esta noche. tonight, your man ej, he will confronthis own destiny. without him, you will faceobstacles of your own in order to realizeyour dream. so it's time for youto put aside the chico, to put aside the baby,

to put aside the niã±o. and become the machoyou're meant to be! ( dance music playing ) fiesta musica! party loco! ( music continues ) ( distant music continues ) alexander finn. yes, that's it.you hit the nailon the head, owen. in a world dominatedby virtual reality,

who needs a self-driving car? i hate to interrupt,but i still don't get why kids are gonna willinglyturn off their phones. that's wherethe parents come in. yes. see, thatis exactly right. you are living in aweb 2.0 world, my friend. the next erais all about focus, efficiency,undivided attention. ( phone ringing )

you know what?i should take this. just one second.so sorry. just one second. you've gotta bekidding me. there's somethingabout this kid. sorry to interrupt, bro, but alex don't got any sad, old 70-year-old, divorced, bald-lookingwhite friends, do he? i don't know.i mean, he met upwith some old guys

at a world of warcraftmeetup last year. does one of themlive next door? nine! that is a code 374! repeat, 374! i'm sorry, 37 what? nine, stop whatever it isthat you are doing, and go find alex asap, okay? it's so crowded,i can't find lo anywhere.

she's always with jamie. how am i supposedto fulfill my destiny? i'll run a diversionon lamey jamie, you just go in for the kill. - stu, you're just--- i know, i know. i'm no hero. anyone in my positionwould do the same. no, no.what i was gonna say is you're a littleout of your league.

oh? we're about to find out. they're right over there. - go get 'em.- all right, let's go. wanna go outsideand get a little air? you can go.i'm just gonna hang here. whatever. hey, you havinga good time? other thanthe secondhand anxietyi'm experiencing watching people trashyour house, totally.

we've been throwing bangerslike this for a minute. awesome. here, come on.i'll tell you all about it. great. i could never havea party at my house. i would just befollowing people aroundwith cupholders. you sound like a virgo. i am. that's so random. are you into astrology?

yeah, i dabble. that's so funny,i've never met a guy who was intothat sort of thing. it's usuallysuch a girl thing. oh, yeah, actually,i don't know. i was kidding about that. forget i ever said that. not much forbig crowds, are we? nope.

you wanna gosomewhere quieter? fine.this party is lame. sick! hey! yo, we're going upstairs. - oh.- yeah! let's go. so, what tv showsdo you like? i'm a big fanof "parks and rec", "ricky and morny",

"workaholics", and "archer". wow! you and my little brotherwould really hit it off. those are literallyhis favorite shows. uh, your brother? i kinda watch those shows, but i don't reallywatch those shows. i watch thoseshows sometimes. is everything okay?

yes. i gotta go. - aww, hell no.- crap. yo, alex, we gotta endthe party right now. that dude busted usback in '08. his own childrendon't even like him. oh, no. we gotta endthe party now, man. stop playing.tell everybody to go home. hey, i got an idea.

what's up, homies? can i get through herereal quick? hey, everyone! everyone! yeah! ( crowd cheering ) if you don't wantthis party to end-- yeah! let's never leave! yeah, so give me twominutes of silence. ( crowd booing )

i will destroyeverything you hold dear! i need you guys to be quiet. i don't want to heara peep from you. shh! shh! i'll be right back.it's fine. shh! - guys...- ( knocking on door ) oh, hey, mr. delaney.is everything okay? no, everythingis not okay. you and your brotherare creating a racket

like i have never heard. now how, how-- how many hooligansdo you have in there? i'm sorry you're notable to sleep, but my parents are alreadyback from their trip. let me talk to your father. of course, yes.let me go get him. dad on speaker: hey, how's it going over there? is that you, arthur?

hey, how's it going over there, mr. delaney? i didn't realizeyou and the missusare back already. yeah. do the boys havesome people over? because i've beenhearing this noise. no, we're about to hit the hay. are you sure? - he already said that one.- i know! - change it up!- i'm trying. shut up!

i can only keep thisgoing for so long. - well, keep doing it.- okey-dokey. good night. love you. all i had was "i love you." he didn't recordanything else. he thinks we love him now. good night, mr. delaney. ( hip-hop music playing ) ♪ dance when the bass hit, dab on a spaceship ♪

♪ me and all my homies going hard ♪ ♪ i'm hella high, brah, i cannot lie, brah ♪ ♪ i've got that mad look in my eye, brah ♪ ♪ pull up in their skirts, got your main thing ♪ ♪ looking at us like, "what's up?" ♪ ♪ spinning all these bad soldiers ♪ ♪ girls, they showing love ♪ ♪ how can i be down? every day i'm calling up ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3, 4 shots, we don't give a --- ♪

♪ just left miami ♪ ♪ i'm going back to cali ♪ ♪ in the club with my family ♪ ♪ going hard with my family ♪ ♪ i don't need a lot, just a few... ♪ crowd:nine, nine, nine, nine!nine, nine, nine! ♪ party to the late night, yes, we --- do ♪ ♪ do we need another round? yes, we fucking do ♪ ♪ yes, we --- do ♪

why did i do that? ♪ i'm higher than my penthouse ♪ ♪ with the city view ♪ ♪ party to the late night? yes, we --- do ♪ ♪ do we need another round? yes, we -- ♪ ♪ dance when the bass hit, dab on a spaceship ♪ ♪ i've got that --- look in my eye, brah ♪ ♪ how can i be down? ♪ ♪ we don't give a --- ♪

- ♪ we don't give a ---♪ - ( blows horn ) ( cackles ) ♪ i don't need a lot, just a -- few ♪ ♪ a few loyal real gs, that's my --- crew ♪ ♪ party to the late night, yes, i do ♪ ♪ do we need another round? yes, we do ♪ ♪ me and all my homies going apeshit ♪ ♪ i've got that look in my eye ♪ ♪ every day i'm calling up ♪

hey, whoa, whoa! don't you thinkwe're moving a littletoo fast? stop being a wussand just kiss me. no, no!i have somethingi have to tell you. you don't want to kiss me? no, no, i do.i really do. but, no, no, no!i never kissed anyone before. you what? i mean, i knowit's shocking, but--

i've kissed my mom,obviously, but not a girl, like,from school on the lips. oh, you're soadorably pathetic. that's okay,we don't have to do anythingyou don't want to do. i'm sure alex and lohave kissed by now. - wait, what?- well, lo was complaining about how she wantedto kiss alex, but you two are alwaysattached at the hip.

so i had to runa diversion. no, no.i was distracting you. whatever you want to tellyourself, loverboy. oh, hey!whoa, whoa, whoa! i'm gonna ride youlike your skateboard! well that went amazing,am i right? you're right.it did go great.there he is. what's the addressof this party? - i've got a lyft on the way.- 1538 sycamore.

so, tiny little disclaimer,before we go, the party thatwe're going to might or might not bea high school house party. i'm sorry,is it or is it not a high schoolhouse party? it is. of course it is.i never thought of itbeing anything but. look, teenagersare the ones dictatingthe trends anyway, so why not test it outon them, am i right?

now that's what i calla killer instinct, huh? no, it's great.it's a brilliant idea, a bunch of unsupervisedhigh school kids partying. yeah, it is, grandpa.we're gonna havea good time, so let's go. you know what?i'm gonna go tothe bathroom real quick. i'll justmeet you outside.one second. yo, this partyis totally lame,am i right? wait, what? this party,it's lame as hell.

why would you have a partyif you can't snapchat it? my parties,on the other hand, are lit! my bad, dude.who are you? it's me, mike,you know who i am. it's cole.you know, cole winnard? you come to my partiesevery weekend. i took your sister to prom. right on, man.i'm gonna jet over here. i'll see youa little later.

yeah, you will. yes, i'd like to report an out of control partynext door. yes, definitelyunderage drinking,possible drugs. yeah, just send someoneover if you can. thank you so much. chill, chill, chill.yo, yo, yo. so i had a wild timeunplugging with you guys, but as of right now,all your phones are back on.

( cheering ) i can't believe it's beenthree hours already. time flies whenyou're having fun. hey, let's turn offour phones and keep the no phoneparty vibes alive! pull out your phonesand power down! before we power down,do you want to take a selfie? definitely. ♪ all night ♪

♪ i think about you, baby i think about you, baby ♪ ♪ i think about you, baby, i think about you, baby ♪ - ♪ all night ♪ - oh, my god. oh, my gosh,are you kidding me? lady, back off. i'm sorry about that. it's fine, seriously. do you want me to lend youa shirt or something? that might not be a bad idea.

man:yo, yo, yo, alex finn! if you inthe house right now, darius needs tosee you right now. not again. okay,meet me in my room. i'll be right there in a sec. good luck. god, you're so sexy. you got this.you can have lo, i can have every girl i want.does alex have these?

what's up, girl?how are you doing? hey, i'm cole,but you already know me. alex: okay,i'm trying to havea good time at my party but you, captain buzzkill,comes in here and ruined it. darius:you asked for my help. i'm just trying to bea good friend to you, but you don't even careif i'm having fun! do you think i want tospend the entire party monitoring the app?

as a matter of fact,yes, i do! if you're gluedto your phone, you don't have toactually talk to people. are you hearing this, stu? stu, what's wrong with you? nothing,for i have blossomed. you guys have been cool for literally,what, 15 minutes, and you're already actinglike complete jerks?

don't forget,if it wasn't for the stupid appand the privacy bug, you wouldn't haveeven been able to snoop throughlo's phone or talk to her. - ( knock on door )- sorry, i was-- - hey, thought you were--- alex? we were doing thisas a favor to you and ej. we don't even careabout the app. and some help you've been.

the party was nonexistentuntil ej got involved. the security bug wascaused by you idiots. some guysare just desperate. i'm sorry you hadto find out like this. i know, it's justi thought he was oneof the good guys. those are the onesyou have to watch outfor the most. - what are you doing?- i just thought-- you thought me in tearswas a good time to kiss me? maybe?

do you want meto walk you home? that's the last timewe ever do you a favor. that cinnamonreally messed me up. if you guys reallywant to do me a favor,you'll leave me alone. thanks for havingmy back, dude. stu! hey, did you find a t-shirt? alex: oh, my gosh,this is interesting. holy guacamole.

i didn't know youwere like this. ej: all right,come on in, guys. here we go.hey, how's the party? okay, i guess some peoplejust aren't ready to unplug. mi casa es tu casa, bienvenidos. this fiesta is gonna be mucho caliente! go crazy loco. you know,we could have a fun time if you'd just lighten up.

- lighten up? really?- woo! this party is insane! woo, woo, woo! is that a full-grown man? girl: you've neverbeen this goodof a kisser before, vin. - you're not lo.- you're not vinny. i'm vinny. and i'm scared. yeah! now, as you can see,

nobody here is somuch as texting. told ya. man: cops! - aww, come on!- hey! policia! oh, my god,i'm gonna be fired. don't touch me. it's okay. it's okay. everybody, just chill out.

( shouting ) watch it! - you! creepy guy.- me? no, you. come here. nope, no, no.get back here. no. don't youmake me tase you! - okay, okay, okay.- what happened? don't tase me, bro!don't tase me, bro! i was the firstmoney at facebook!

this is a huge mistake. owen? owen, are you mad? owen, please don't be mad. i'm sorry, owen. officer,you don't understand. we work fora venture capital fund and we were justthrowing an event. lady, look,i don't understandfancy words

like "venture capital"and "event". all i know isyou got a house full ofout of control kids, and these two bozossitting therewatching the action. they're coming with us. owen, i'll callthe attorney, okay? ♪ i can't imagine ♪ ♪ life on earth now ♪ ♪ i just want to know ♪ ♪ is my bedroom still there? ♪

♪ is it still standing there? ♪ ♪ is the tree ♪ ♪ that i planted still there ♪ ♪ in the backyard? ♪ ♪ i want to know ♪ ♪ are things still burning? ♪ ♪ still burning ♪ ♪ still burning down ♪ ♪ burning down ♪

♪ down, down ♪ ♪ i can picture my mother ♪ ♪ killing black widows ♪ ♪ with an old broom ♪ ♪ i'm making all the neighbors laugh ♪ ♪ i was laying in the blossoms ♪ ♪ when the sky went black ♪ oh, you're back. jail was great.thanks for asking.

where are the dweebs? they're not talkingto me right now. i take it thingsdidn't go so well with-- lo. yeah, no. all right, well, at least we goteach other, right? that's got to countfor something. besides,we'll win 'em back. all right, look, iknow you idolize me,

so i'm gonna go aheadand drop a truth bomb here. remember when we were little, and mom would buy usthose nutty bars, and they would becompletely gone after like a day? and i would accuse youof taking them, and dad would accuse meof taking them, and we never quite figured outwhat was going on? alex: yeah.

yeah, well i was hiding themin the laundry closet. i knew it. well, what doesthat have to dowith anything though? seriously? who did you inviteto this party? that's just gross. all right, look. in the same way thati didn't let anything get between meand those nutty bars,

you can't let anythingget in between you and something you want. oh, so you're sayingi should lock lo in a secret compartment. yes! maybe.that could be illegal. you know how manyapp installs we got? oh, i don't know actually. let me check. - did you miss us?- you did get taller, didn't you?

- arthur? arthur!- yeah, hi, bernie. didn't i just talkto you on friday? uh, i don't think so. no, no, i did.i definitely did. you were in the window,and i said-- yeah, that's great,bernie. that's great. we'll talk to you later. we're gonna be thereourselves pretty soon. you know what?

i think he is finallyreally starting to lose it. wait. smell that? - that's the--- i can explain. you can't take the smellout of a man's home. - it's in the walls.- that's right. i am so happy to be home. who wants chinese foodfor dinner? that sounds so great! eskin: hey, kids, monday morning here

on eskn, eskin radio. welcome back to reality. did your brains turn to mush? 'cause it's monday, baby. hey, heard things got a little out of hand this weekend at alex finn's. we're hearing some disturbing reports of phone hacking? not cool, alex. not cool. - hey!- oh, ej! you don't know whento concede, do you? i don't even knowwhat that word means.

- seriously.- it's over. we already submitteda different app forthe innovation challenge. yeah, i figured,but, look, forget aboutthe challenge fora second, okay? we accomplishedsomething awesome. spalding would be stupidnot to invest in us. this is not just my thing.this is our thing. we did this together. i just need you toget me into the room.

i'll take careof the rest. okay, peep this, guys. tomorrow areyour "multimedia me"presentations. if you have not started yet,i strongly urge you to control, alt, deleteall recreational activities. ♪ ..body you can trust me with your body ♪ ♪ i'm not a doctor but i got that prescription ♪ ♪ im not a builder but i fixed your broken bridges ♪ ♪ trust me with your body you can trust me with your body♪

♪ maybe you can find someone who's not just tryin to hit and run ♪ and as they say in st. tropez where, if you lookon the screen, i've been there-- si este la vie. which in french means... ...i live a crazyawesome life. thank you everybodyfor coming out. winnard out.

thank you, cole, foryour enlightening speech. definitely follow himon instagram. he's got a numberof pictures of makingduck faces on there, so you're gonna wantto check those out. next up, alexander finn! i actuallyspent an embarrassingamount of time stressing aboutthis project. i was so obsessed withcreating a character

that you guys wouldthink is cool. but, in doing so,i realized i'm not cool. this is the headgeari wear for my teeth. i'm supposed towear it every night,but i'm a bad boy, so i wear itevery other night. i don't reallyhave any talents that will get meinto college, but i am pretty bombat world of warcraft. i don't go to cool partiesor go to exotic places,

but i like my lifebecause of the peoplei get to spend it with. i might notalways feel specialor like i have a thing, but that's okay, becauseas long as i'm myself and i treat others the wayi want to be treated, i know that peoplewill always want tobe my friend. i guess whati'm trying to say is... well, i just hung upon mark cuban, so this better begoing somewhere. ...when i stopped obsessing

over what everyoneelse was doing, i realizedhow great i had it. all it took wasgetting off my phone and living in real life. and i needed some helpto learn that. is this serious? i have a lunchwith dan ratherin 45 minutes. thank you, alex. oh, c'mon, what is that?

life doesn't happen here. i'll try that that again. it happens here. here.and, yes, even here. we set out to leverage the best data scienceon the planet to make for a moresustainable environment. and while therewere a few missteps, - the fact remains...- hey, i look good.

the technologythat we created not only metour expectations, it exceeded them. - i just--- shh. 8,356-- the amount ofkilowatt hours we saved by having everyone ontheir devices power down. trust me, these areexaggerated numbers. not now.yeah, yeah, yeah. 4,234-- kilogramsof co2 we stopped

from poisoningthe atmosphere. 517-- the numberof hours people weren't ontheir devices. but wait, there's more. 10,000-- the number of timesthe app has been downloaded only by word of mouth. why choose betweensaving humanity and saving the environment, when we can do both?

- yeah.- yes, that was lit! - thank you.- this could be big. yeah,the three of usback together, just like old times. just like "entourage." thank you very much.where were we? hey, guys.how are you feeling? great, great.owen, pleasure. uh, excuse me,do i know you?

so, are you in chargeof this venture? yes, sir, i'm the ceo. got a good team? meet our head of marketing. he organized the house party. - lovely.- what about a cto? meet mr. eskin. he teaches multimediato high school students, so he's basically a genius.

do you seewhat you're doing? you're not reallygoing to invest in these half-wittedlosers, are you? look at them! i've been inthis game a long time, and i think i knowa good business opportunitywhen i see one. you have lost your mind.you've lost your mind! what your problem isis that you let your egoget in the way of business. so guess what?you're on time out.go sit down.

- no, no.- yes, go sit down! i will not, becauseyou're come over thereand you're gonna fire me. and you know what?you can't fire me,because i quit. i quit.don't say anything. i quit, i'm done.i hate this job! ( owen laughs ) i never likedthat guy anyway. looks like we havea pretty big openingat spalding capital. how do you feel aboutthat big promotion?

i would loveto take it, sir. as for you three...you're funded. yeah! yeah! we're committed toa half million dollars on a pre-money valuationof two million. - don't let me down, boys.- nope. can i? - yep, bring it in.- thank you. not you. not you.i don't like you. eskin: okay.

well, i guess that meansyou're not my boss anymore. actually, we now own20% of the company, so get back to work. i don't recall giving youpermission to use our image. yeah, i reckon we gota lawsuit on our hands. okay, let's settleout of court. i'll offer up my friendship and unlimited snacksat my house. and a video gameto be named later?

deal. so are we millionaires now? well, if youvalue the company at about, what,a billion dollars? what's up, nerds? that was interesting. interesting asin you'll forgive me for being a complete jerk? interesting as ini'm glad i havethe opportunity

to get to knowthe real you. selfie time. let's just livein the moment. all: nah! yo, get it right here.there you are. right there, right there. - duck face?- duck face. hey! ♪ the voices getting closer ♪

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